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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

    Updated: 08/17/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        G A B R I E L   K N I G H T   I N . . .
       |  (¯  / /) / (¯   /¯¯) /¯¯   ¯/¯ /_/ /¯¯   /¯¯ /¯/ ¯/¯ / / /¯¯ /¯) (¯ |
       | \ ) / / \/ \ )  (  / (¯¯    /  / ( (¯¯   (¯¯ /¯/  /  /¯( (¯¯ (¯\ \ ) |
       |  ¯          ¯    ¯¯                 ¯                     ¯       ¯  |
     Spoiler-free FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova/P. Summers   (shotgunnova@gmail)
        I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
      III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT
           01) Day 1 ........................................................ WK01
           02) Day 2 ........................................................ WK02
           03) Day 3 ........................................................ WK03
           04) Day 4 ........................................................ WK04
           05) Day 5 ........................................................ WK05
           06) Day 6 ........................................................ WK06
      III. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
       IV. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
        V. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
    I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
     The controls for this game are pretty simple, since it's a point-and-click.
     Left click is the 'use' function for the currently selected action, which
     depends on the icon. Right click cycles through the available icons; this is
     actually much slower than selecting the icon from the toggled upper-screen
     menu, unless you're really good at it.
     The icons are as follows:
     FOOT -: Used when moving around
     MASK -: Used to inspect things from afar
     ? ICON: Used for interrogations (for suspects, people with lots of info)
     ! ICON: Used for light chit-chat (particularly for random NPCs/strangers)
     HAND -: The grab/take/sometimes-action function
     DOOR -: Opens things, such as doors, envelopes, books, etc.
     COG --: The "operate" function, usually for mechanical/electronic devices
     PUSH -: Used occasionally for particular puzzles
     PACK -: Reveals the full inventory
     TAPE -: Reveals tape-recorded conversations
     To access the main menu, hit the lever icon on the upper menu. This reveals
     the "R" (Restore/Load) and "S" (Save) icons, as well as allowing the player
     to toggle other options such as walking speed, sound/music levels and animated
     details. Those playing with the CD-ROM can also toggle voices; those playing
     on DOS (w/o CD) have no voices by default.
    ____________________________________________________/ II. WALKTHROUGH [WLKT] |_
    01) DAY 1                                                                [WK01]
     Most people playing this game nowadays are probably doing it through DOSBox,
     an emulator that helps newer systems run these old games. Supposing you are,
     make sure to get the patches for the game first, lest you encounter some
     rather annoying glitches later on (such as the freeze during the start of
     Chapter 5). You can find all the necessary patches/updates here:
     I can vouch for their authenticity; that's how I got past the aforementioned
     freeze myself. And, in the same vein, I probably wouldn't have been able to
     get past without having a few fallback saves. I highly recommend keeping a
     new save at the start of each chapter, regardless of whether y'want to get
     points. This walkthrough does show how to get all 342 points.
     Other than that, some events are necessary to end a day ("chapter" in this
     game's terms) while some events can be put off for many days. I try to list
     the earliest possible times to do this stuff, even if its use isn't apparent.
     For instance, on Day 1, you can take the Flashlight; this isn't used until
     much later. Doesn't matter, really, I guess, eh?
    [001/342] - Read the newspaper
    [002/342] - Take the TWEEZERS on the coffee table
    [003/342] - Take the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the coffee table
    [004/342] - Read the book on snakes (upper-right corner of background shelf)
    [005/342] - Read the German poetry book (upper-left corner of background shelf)
    [007/342] - Ask Grace about messages twice (hear message from grandma)
    [009/342] - Ask Grace about messages twice more (message from Mosely)
    [010/342] - Open the register and take the GIFT CERTIFICATE
     Asking about Mosely opens up the Police Station on the city map.
    [011/342] - Take the HAIR GEL from Gabriel's bathroom
    [012/342] - Take the FLASHLIGHT from Gabriel's dresser
     The following places are now open on the world map. To see the Greater New
     Orleans Map, hit the icon on either side of the world map.
     * Police Station
     * Napolean House
     * Jackson Square Overlook
     * Jackson Square
     * St. Louis Cathedral
     * Historical Voodoo Museum
     * Dixieland Drug Store
     * Grandmother Knight's House
    [013/342] ASK Det. Frick about photographs (obtain ENVELOPE)
    [014/342] ASK Det. Frick about Det. Mosely
    [015/342] ASK Det. Frick about the crime scene
    [016/342] Open the ENVELOPE
     This reveals a photo of Mosely and a photo of a corpse, the latter relating
     to the murder.
    [018/342] ASK Grandma about Harrison, Philip and Margaret Knight
    [019/342] PICKUP the attic SKETCHBOOK
    [020/342] OPEN the SKETCHBOOK
    [025/342] Solve the attic clock puzzle
    [026/342] Take first PHOTO from clock
    [027/342] Take the LETTER to Heinz Ritter from clock
    [028/342] Read the letter
    [030/342] Ask grandma about Heinz Ritter
     Since Gabe's shut out of the police action, he has to find where the crime
     scene is. The only lead is the cop in Jackson Square, but he won't leave his
     patrol bike. To rectify this problem, find the mime in the NW area and get
     him to follow Gabe down to the policeman's position. This is easiest done by
     going clockwise and sticking near the center fountain. Get too close to a NPC
     walking by and the mime will start mimicking him/her instead, then run back
     to his initial position once yelled at. (You can try saving ever screen if
     it gets too annoying.) Also, sometimes Gabe tries to leave the screen but it
     doesn't take -- try putting the icon right at the screen boundary, or try
     moving along that boundary until he leaves. NPCs can walk by during this time,
     but that's a risk one has to face.
    [035/342] Distract policeman with mime
    [037/342] Operate motorcycle's radio
     * St. Louis Cemetery #1
     * Crime Scene
     Mosely heads back to the station now, and invites Gabe over, too.
    [038/342] Take some CLAY from the Lake Pontchartrain's shore
    [039/342] Use MAGNIFYING GLASS on right-hand grass patch
    [041/342] Use TWEEZERS to take the SCALE
    [043/342] Use SKETCHBOOK on sand markings
    [044/342] Ask Mosely about patterns on bodies, then "other six patterns"
    [045/342] Ask Mosely about coffee
    [047/342] Ask Det. Franks to get VOODOO MURDERS FILE
    [049/342] Ask Mosely about photographs; agree to do cop-author photograph
    [---/342] Choose to go check your hair
    [---/342] Take the VOODOO MURDERS FILE back from Franks' desk
    [054/342] Use VOODOO MURDERS FILE on the photocopier to get PHOTOCOPY
    [055/342] Put VOODOO MURDERS FILE back on Franks' desk
    [057/342] Ask Willy about the Voodoo Murders
    [058/342] Read lagniappe notice on counter regarding St. John's Eve
     Reading the notice unlocks SJE as a dialogue option forevermore.
    [060/342] Use SKETCHBOOK on tomb markings
    [061/342] Take brick fragment by Laveau tomb
    [---/342] Enter right-hand dressing room
    [062/342] Take the PRIEST'S SHIRT
    [063/342] Take the COLLAR from the closet's box
     The collar is automatically placed on the newly-acquired shirt.
    [065/342] Ask Grace to do research on Malia Gedde
    02) DAY 2                                                                [WK02]
    [066/342] Get Malia's address from Grace
    [067/342] Read newspaper
     The Gedde Estate is now available on the Greater New Orleans Map.
    [069/342] Ask Dr. John about Voodoo, then Current Voodoo (x2)
    [071/342] Ask Dr. John about Historical Voodoo until he mentions Marie Laveau
    [073/342] Ask Dr. John about Marie Laveau until he mentions the cemetery
     Talking about current voodoo will open up Magentia Moonbeam's Residence near
     the book store's location.
    [074/342] Ask groundskeeper (Toussaint) about Marie Laveau
    [075/342] Ask Toussaint about other marked crypts
     If you didn't use the Sketchbook on the tomb markings, or take the brick
     fragment by Laveau's tomb, on Day 1, do so now to catch up with the tally.
    [077/342] Ask about St. John's Eve
    [---/342] Ask about Snakes
    [---/342] Ask about Grimwald
    [---/342] Ask Magentia to show how she handles Grimwald
    [080/342] Take the SNAKE SKIN from Grimwald's cage while Magentia dances
    [081/342] Use MAGNIFYING GLASS on the SNAKE SKIN
    [084/342] Show SKETCH of Laveau's tomb markings to Magentia
     Note that St. John's Eve won't appear as an option unless you read the
     lagniappe notice at Dixieland Drug Store.
    [085/342] Turn thermostat up (anything higher than 70, the default)
    [---/342] Enter Mosely's office
    [---/342] Ask Mosely to get some coffee
    [088/342] Take the BADGE from Mosely's coat when he leaves
    [---/342] Operate door knocker
    [091/342] Flash Mosely's BADGE to the butler
    [093/342] Talk with Malia until she outs Gabriel as a fake cop (haha)
    [094/342] Give GIFT CERTIFICATE to vendor to obtain the LUCKY DOG
    [095/342] Give LUCKY DOG to annoying tap dancer
    [---/342] Witness artist's event in NE part of park; follow west one screen
    [---/342] Attempt to retrieve the sketch
    [---/342] Ask tap dancing kid to retrieve the SKETCH 
    [097/342] Give SKETCH back to the painter
    [100/342] Give the Lake Pontchartrain SKETCH and PATTERNS SKETCH to artist
    [---/342] See scene with Madame Cazaunoux (if you haven't already)
    [102/342] Ask about Animal Masks, then Willy Jr.
    [104/342] Ask Grace to research Madame Cazaunoux
    03) DAY 3                                                                [WK03]
    [105/342] Get Grace's info on Cazaunoux
    [107/342] Read newspaper (unlocks Tulane University on map)
    [108/342] Get RITTER'S NUMBER from Grace (ask about messages x2)
    [110/342] Sell Bruno the painting for $100, if he walks in
     Gabriel now has a crapload of phone numbers to sort through, accessible by
     reading the note and directory page in the inventory. Remember to hit the 'on'
     switch before putting in the number!
    [112/342] Call Wolfgang Ritter (49-09-324-3333)
    [---/342] Call Madame Cazaunoux (555-1280)
    [---/342] Call the animal clinic (555-6170)
    [114/342] Inquire about Caxaunoux and her dog's dance lessons
     Caza's address is now obtained, but let's not go there yet.
    [115/342] Get the reconstructed VÉVÉ from the artist
    [---/342] Speak to fortuneteller to make her start dancing
    [116/342] Use the 'use' icon on dancing fortune-teller
    [117/342] Take the VEIL she drops
    [---/342] Use the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the VEIL
    [119/342] Use the TWEEZERS on the VEIL to get a 2nd SCALE
    [120/342] Use the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the new SCALE
    [121/342] Return the VEIL to the fortune-teller
     Exit Jackson Square and return again to the fortune-teller, who's returned.
    [124/342] Speak with fortune-teller for ominous message
    [126/342] Ask Grace to research the vévé
    [127/342] Give the $100 to Willy to obtain the CROCODILE MASK
    [128/342] Obtain the MASTER GAMBLIN' OIL lagniappe (automatic)
    [130/342] Go two screens east for scene with Malia Gedde
     Note that when going east the second time, put the icon in the very SE corner
     to get the 'exit' prompt to appear. (This isn't actually necessary if you make
     Gabriel hit the screen boundary, but I thought I'd mention it).
    [132/342] Enter Mosely's office (BADGE is returned) for an interrogation scene
    [134/342] See Voudoun lecture
    [136/342] Show Prof. Hartridge the corpse photograph
    [138/342] Show Prof. Hartridge the VÉVÉ pattern
    [139/342] Ask Prof. Hartridge about Cabrit Sans Cor'
    [140/342] Ask her about Wolfgang Ritter
    [141/342] Put on PRIEST'S SHIRT
    [142/342] Use HAIR GEL on self
    [143/342] Operate door knocker & pose as Father MacLaughlin to gain entrance
    [145/342] Ask about Cabrit Sans Cor', and reveal its meaning (goat w/o horns)
    [---/342] Ask about Black Voodoo, Real Voodoo Queens, then Voodoo Hounfour
    [146/342] Look at Cazaunoux's snake bracelet (automatic)
    [148/342] Use the CLAY on the bracelet to make the CLAY MOLD
    [149/342] Ask Stonewall about Voodoo, Bar Patrons (x2), then Sam and Voodoo
    [150/342] Give the MASTER GAMBLIN' OIL to Sam (say "ever wonder why Markus...")
    [152/342] Watch Sam's checkmate event
    [153/342] Give the CLAY MOLD to Sam
     Gabriel should automatically head home at this point.
     There'll be an event with Malia here (heh heh) automatically. If it doesn't
     play, it's because you need to ask Grace to research the vévé first.
    04) DAY 4                                                                [WK04]
    [154/342] Get the NEWS CLIPPING from Grace
    [155/342] Read the newspaper
     There'll also be someone standing outside the window, who won't leave even
     if yelled at. Huh...
    [156/342] Get the BRACELET REPLICA from Sam
    [159/342] Operate leftmost binoculars to see scene involving Crash
     In case you were wondering, you can only spy on him in this route. If you
     go into the Square, he'll recognize Gabriel from the interrogation and
     conspicuously walk away, coughing all the while. (The coughing is annoying if
     trying to put in commands, too.) What an idiot... If you follow the same
     route he took, y'end up in...
    [160/342] Show Crash the BRACELET REPLICA
    [162/342] Ask Crash about the drummer
    [163/342] Ask about the voodoo hounfour
    [---/342] Look at Crash and open up his shirt
    [165/342] Use the SKETCHBOOK on his chest to get TATTOO SKETCH
     Gabriel should head back home and end the day as soon as he returns to the
     world map, supposing everything's been done in this short, short day.
    05) DAY 5                                                                [WK05]
    [166/342] Get Wolfgang's package from Grace
    [167/342] Read Wolfgang's letter
    [168/342] Read Wolfgang's journal
    [169/342] Read the newspaper
    [171/342] Ask Grace to research rada drums
     Note that for unpatched versions of the game, things may freeze immediately
     during the opening scene, after the phone rings. If you have an earlier save
     (one on or before the bloody 'Day 5' interstitial can suffice), try reloading
     it after getting the patch. A save right at the glitch will NOT be able to
     work any longer!! Another freeze remedy seems to be loading an earlier save,
     turning the Detail slider to its minimum, then turning Speed to its maximum.
     I've never tried it myself, but others have attested to its potency.
    [173/342] Take the PAPERS off Hartridge's desk
    [178/342] Turn on the light switch
    [180/342] Use the SKETCHBOOK on the Laveau's tomb's new markings
    [182/342] In inventory, use 1st tomb marking sketch on 2nd tomb marking sketch
    [187/342] Write new message on the tomb (use BRICK FRAGMENT on current message)
     Upon trying to write the message, the translation notes will appear -- it's
     kind of like a substitution cipher. The messages say, respectively:
     From this, one can infer the missing letters are Y, U and M. The message Gabe
     should write is:
     How is a layman supposed to figure out this "puzzle"? Well, the previous
     messages indicate the brevity of the messages, starting with "DJ" [verb].
     The missing letters are supposed to indicate the word to be used. Definitely
     a toughie, although I hear the manual/guidebook flat-out gives the answer.
     Once the message is placed correctly -- there's no spaces in-between words --
     hit 'EXIT' to complete the message successfully. The final act of the day'll
     be sharing info with our detective buddy, but technically there's something
     that must first be done...
    [---/342] Watch scene with Grace
    [188/342] Use TWEEZERS on desk ashtray to get 3rd SCALE
    [191/342] Use MAGNIFYING GLASS on two similar scales to get the SCALES PAIR
    [---/342] Ask Mosely to reopen the case
    [193/342] Show Mosely the SCALES PAIR
    [195/342] Show Mosely the NEWS CLIPPING from 1810
    [197/342] Show Mosely the reconstructed VÉVÉ
     Note that you must ask Mosely to reopen the case before introducing the three
     pieces of evidence. After doing so, Mosely starts to believe the situation,
     and Day 5 will draw to a close after exiting the precinct. 
    06) DAY 6                                                                [WK06]
    [198/342] Get RADA DRUM BOOK from Grace
    [199/342] Take ENVELOPE dropped in mail slot
    [200/342] Open ENVELOPE to get the KEY and MOSELY'S NOTE
    [201/342] Read MOSELY'S NOTE
    [202/342] Read the newspaper
    [205/342] Use TATTOO SKETCH on Grace (answer "I'm going to..." & "Well, if...")
    [---/342] Speak with beignet vendor
    [207/342] Convince vendor to relocate to police station (through dialogue)
    [---/342] Use RADA DRUM BOOK on drummer in eastern section
     Gabe will then have to listen to the drum beat and discern what message he's
    [212/342] Select "Call Conclave," "Tonight," and "Swamp"
    [214/342] Enter Mosely's office
     To do this part, wait until the beignet guy distracts the coppers, then slip
     to Mosely's door and unlock it with the KEY he left. It shouldn't be too hard
     if you got the DOS patch, since it doubles the time until the officers return.
     If by some chance you miss the timing, leave and re-enter -- Frick will start
     to doze off, giving a chance to enter the office.
    [215/342] Open the desk drawer and take the TRACKER and 2 SIGNAL DEVICES
    [218/342] Use a SIGNAL DEVICE on the sekey madoulé
     Bayou St. John is now available on the world map.
    [---/342] Use the TRACKER
     A small radar screen will show up, with the blip indicating the whereabouts
     of the sekey madoulé. Simply walk in the direction of the blip to enter the
     new screens.
    [221/342] Find the ceremony
    [223/342] Don the CROCODILE MASK before entering
     If you walk in as-is, Gabe gets strangled -- d'oh.
    [224/342] Answer "Damballah."
    [225/342] Answer "Ogoun Badagris."
     Answering incorrectly also gets Gabe strangled, albeit in a much funnier
     manner. Either way, once the festivities are done, the day ends.
    07) DAY 7                                                                [WK07]
    [226/342] Read the newspaper
    [---/342] Call Wolfgang Ritter (49-09-324-3333)
    [229/342] Ask about Tetelo, Talisman, Tetelo's Remains, then African Homeland
    [231/342] Open the Gedde Tomb (go east two screens, remember?)
    [232/342] Use Flashlight
    [234/342] Shine Flashlight on middle tomb and operate it
    [236/342] Open middle tomb again and take the WALLET
    [237/342] Open Wallet (get AMERICANS REPRESSED credit card)
    [---/342] Call the travel agency listed on directory page (585-1130)
    [242/342] Book a flight to Rittersburg, Germany
     The New Orleans Int'l Airport is now available from the map, although it's
     not explorable.
    [---/342] In the chapel (right of entrance), look at the wall panels
    [---/342] Upstairs, look at the inscription on the locked door's archway
    [243/342] Ask Gerde about the Portal Poem
    [244/342] Ask Gerde about Chapel Panels, and Initiation Ceremony
     Note that there may not be a 'ding' for the Initiation Ceremony clue.
    [---/342] Open the upstairs bedroom's window
    [245/342] Operate the snow outside the window (Gabe washes his hands w/ it)
    [246/342] Take the SCISSORS off the sink
    [247/342] Use SCISSORS on Gabe's hair
    [248/342] Take the CHAMBERPOT off the sink
    [249/342] Take the SCROLL out of its display case
    [250/342] Take the SALT SHAKER by Gerde
    [251/342] Take the DAGGER by the stairway's lion statue
    [---/342] In chapel, put the CHAMBERPOT on the altar
    [---/342] Pour the SALT SHAKER into the CHAMBERPOT
    [---/342] Use DAGGER on Gabriel
    [---/342] Operate the altar (Gabe kneels)
    [256/342] Use SCROLL on Gabriel
     The day automatically ends now.
    08) DAY 8                                                                [WK08]
    [257/342] Take the DRAGON KEY from the small bedroom table
    [260/342] Unlock the ornate bedroom door with the DRAGON KEY
     The door leads to a library. The next portion is done in a particular order,
     since each book defers to another. You can use the 'look' icon on a bookcase
     to see if Gabe needs to read a book; it'll say something about a book catching
     his eye if it's currently readable.
    [261/342] In background's middle shelf, take book on Benin
    [262/342] In background's rightmost shelf, read "The Primal Ones"
    [263/342] In leftmost shelf, read "Ancient Roots of Africa"
    [264/342] In background's leftmost shelf, read "Sun Worshippers"
    [265/342] In background's rightmost shelf, read "ANCIENT DIGS OF AFRICA"
     After reading all the books, Gabe will take the last one.
    [---/342] Use "Ancient Digs of Africa" Book on Gerde
    [267/342] Pick "We can use my credit card."
     That effectively ends the eighth day.
    09) DAY 9                                                                [WK09]
     Here's the map for the next place. Its design is a twin ouroboros, or a circle
     encompassing a smaller circle. There's twelve rooms in each circle, so the
     easiest reference point is that of a clock. The bracketed [] numbers denote
     the rooms, the roman numbers (I, II, etc.) represent the numbered plates.
     Note that plates that don't have to be removed AREN'T listed.
                                    [11]    [01]-IX, IV
                            III-[10]            [02]
                     VI,ROD-[09]                     [03]-VIII
                           V,II-[08]            [04]-XI
                                VII-[07]    [05]-I
    [---/342] Enter the Snake Mound
     The gist of this puzzle is to pick up the etched stones and see how many
     snakes are enscribed -- that number corresponds to its placement in the grid.
     Again, it's like a clock, so anyone should be familiar with the concept. The
     rooms mostly look alike, however, so it's very confusing! The starting room
     will have a bluish entrance on the screen's left-hand side, so use that to
     get yer bearings, eh?
     Note that any stone on the ground can be picked up, but some in their slots
     cannot be -- this is good, because those are the ones that don't need to be
     moved. Going counterclockwise (east/SE) is a good idea here. Try to follow
     the instructions exactly so as not to waste time.
    [---/342] In the entry room, take the ETCHED STONE (#10)
    [---/342] In the next room, take the ETCHED STONE (#1)
    [---/342] In the next room, take the ETCHED STONE (#11)
    [---/342] In the next room, take the ETCHED STONE (#8)
    [---/342] Two rooms down, take the ETCHED STONES (#9/#4); Insert the #1 STONE
    [---/342] Put the #1 stone into its slot there
    [---/342] In next room, ignore the immovable #12 stone
    [---/342] In next room, insert the #11 STONE
    [---/342] In next room, take ETCHED STONE (#3); insert the #10 STONE
    [268/342] In next room, Take the SNAKE STAFF
    [---/342] Take the ETCHED STONE (#6) and insert the #9 STONE
    [---/342] Take the ETCHED STONES (#5/#2); insert the whirly #8 STONE
    [---/342] In next room, ignore the #7 stone (already placed correctly)
    [---/342] In next room, place the #6 STONE
     With that, the player's already done a full rotation, and should be able to
     do the rest without a guide's instruction. The remaining stones are #2-#5, so
     it should be quite simple to finish, eh? A satisfying 'ding' plays when all're
     set satisfactorily.
    [271/342] Complete the snake-stone puzzle
     If you've been doing the walkthrough verbatim, then you'll have finished in
     Room #2.
    [---/342] Go north to Room #3
    [276/342] SAVE YOUR GAME!!! and Use SNAKE ROD on etched stone plate
     This will open the creepy-looking door at Room #7; if you tried to use the
     rod elsewhere, nothing would happen. Of course, this also breathes life into
     all the cave's "denizens," who will kill Gabriel if they catch him. Reaching
     the target room is as simple as heading "north" four times. If the "denizens"
     are catching you too easily, TURN YOUR SPEED ALL THE WAY UP and Gabriel will
     blow past 'em like he's running the Boston Marathon.
    [---/342] Reach Room 6 (entrance)
    [278/342] Use the overhead VINES to get past enemies and reach Room #7
    [280/342] Use the SNAKE ROD on the newly-opened door's knothole
     Gabe and his ally will be safe in the next 2-room area.
    [---/342] Look at the table's trough
    [281/342] Look at the sacrificial table's inscriptions
    [---/342] Grab the sacrificial table's lid
    [282/342] Grab the metal bar hanging on the wall
    [283/342] Grab the 2nd metal bar hanging on the wall
    [---/342] Attempt to operate the metal bars stuck in the table
    [293/342] Use the KNIFE on the corpse
     There'll be a scene where the TALISMAN is obtained, and Gabriel will be on a
     flight back to New Orleans.
    10) DAY 10                                                               [WK10]
    [294/342] Read newspaper
    [295/342] Take the note on Grace's desk
    [297/342] Ask Mosely to "make a plan"
     You can also return Mosely's wallet/credit card before making a plan, but it
     doesn't serve much purpose besides lightening the inventory.
    [300/342] Use SNAKE ROD on right-hand confessional booth
    [301/342] Use SNAKE ROD on confessional bench (left behind)
    [302/342] Use SIGNAL DEVICE on confessional bench
    [---/342] Exit east
     This next area bears a resemblance to the Benin snake mound, although there's
     no more stupid puzzles to sort through, and it's much sleeker overall. There
     are no enemies in the hallway, either, and each door (opened with keypad) has
     a number above it -- that's how they'll be referred to. For reference, here's
     where each leads to:
     01: Treasury (Locked)
     02: Prayer Altar
     03: Malia's Bedroom
     04: Office 1
     05: Office 2
     06: Elevator (Entrance)
     07: Dressing/Storage Room
     08: Bedroom 1 (Locked)
     09: Bedroom 2
     10: Animal Pen
     11: Morgue (Locked)
     12: Bedroom 3
    [---/342] Room 7: Take the WOLF MASK and BOAR MASK
    [303/342] Room 7: Take WOLF ROBE from rack
    [304/342] Room 7: Take BOAR ROBE from rack
    [306/342] Room 4: Take MEMBER BOOK from desk
     Okay, in the circular hallway underneath Jackson Square, you may be see what
     looks like a hallway offshoot on the right-hand side -- and it is! Walk toward
     it to find a corridor leading to a central sacrificial room. It's accessible
     every 3 segments of the circular hallway, essentially connecting it to the
     entire "wheel". Anyway...
    [---/342] Operate the drums
    [311/342] Drum the phrase "Summon Brother Eagle" (need to use both books)
     Doing this gives the "a door opened in the distance" message -- this is DJ
     being summoned to the central room from Room #2. He'll kill Gabe if they meet,
     so we'll want to avoid that. The quickest way to Room #2 is taking the NE exit
     out of the central altar, then going north 1 screen in the circular hallway.
     Again, if your Speed slider is set really low, that can damage the chances of
     success here; flip it high to blaze through!
    [313/342] Room 02: Steal the KEYCARD hanging on the wall
    [314/342] Room 01: Unlock with KEYCARD
    [315/342] Room 01: Take a handful of MONEY (can do repeatedly, haha)
    [316/342] Room 11: Unlock with KEYCARD
    [317/342] Room 08: Unlock with KEYCARD
     Gabe will happen upon our kidnapped princess at this time. What happens next
     depends on if Gabe left the Snake Rod and Signal Device in the elevator. If
     he didn't, DJ appears and it's game over, man! If he did, Mosely appears and
     things are gravy.
    [319/342] Use the TALISMAN on Grace
    [320/342] Give Mosely the BOAR OUTFIT
    [321/342] Have Gabe don the WOLF OUTFIT 
     The ritual will begin once everyone's put on their costumes and whatnot. Note
     that, if you're too slow in waking up Grace and such, Dr. John enters the room
     anyway and kills everyone. It's worth seeing at least once, just for the sheer
     hilarity of Mosely's demise.
    [324/342] Use the TALISMAN on the person holding the knife
    [327/342] Use the TALISMAN on Mosely
    [332/342] Grab the IDOL from under the altar, when able
    [342/342] Use hand icon on Malia
     Alternately, you can try to use the KNIFE, but this leads to the bad ending
     and y'miss the final ten points. Still, worth seeing at least once.
     THE END!
    III. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                          [FAQZ]
     [Q] - How come I can't talk about St. John's Eve
     [A] - You must first go to Dixieland Drug Store (French Quarter) and read the
           lagniappe notice on the left-hand counter. This opens up the dialogue
           option for Dr. John, Magentia, etc.
     [Q] - How come I click 'EXIT' but Gabriel doesn't leave?
     [A] - You need to be _right_ at the edge of the screen. Sometimes 'EXIT' will
           come up but it still needs to be positioned just so.
     [Q] - In Day 9, how do I get past those things in the mound?
     [A] - If you're getting caught too easily, turn your Speed slider all the way
           up. It makes so much difference, it's insane. (On a sidenote, what's the
           point in walking ridiculously slow? Why not just have a fixed speed for
           Gabe? Sheesh.)
    IV. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
     08-13-11 ----------------------------------+ Started walkthrough
     08-16-11 ----------------------------------+ Finished walkthrough
    THANKS TO...
     • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my crap
     • Sierra & Jane Jensen, for the awesome Gabriel Knight game. Definitely one
       of the more enjoyable point-and-clickers I've played in my day.
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