Review by odino

"A classic"

This game is pretty old now, but it continues to spawn new sequels.

Gameplay: 10/10
Fighting is excellent, but pretty boring if you are good. There are only 4 special enemies that can actually give you a good fight, the rest will go down in no time. Fattie is the one who you need to plummet down to his death and push the button, the Level 8 Sword Master is pretty good too, the Skeleton that doesn't die is fairly easy and the final boss will put up a fight as well. Level design is good, the game can be tough and unforgiving and those slicing traps drive you mad. Only downside of the gameplay is the saving system and the time limit. You need to start from scratch if you die, and the time is taken off. So usually you don't have troubles with the time limit but s minor mistake in the later levels can cost you a good 10 minutes to replay all, and rush for the rest. I guess that can also be a good thing. Other notes about the gameplay, it becomes pretty easy after a while. There are things to enhance gameplay such as trying to push enemies into spikes and cutters and exploring the maps for more hidden potions etc. A final note goes on controls, the keyboard is not so ideal for arcade games.

Graphics: 9/10
So the Apple has better graphics that this one, even the PS2 version didn't include that one in the bonus game. They are still good don't take me wrong, and some stages boast vivid colours. It's sequel had much more improve graphics however, and one can only feel they are sometimes boring.

Sound: 9/10
Ah the sound of the cutters is extremely annoying. But that's good. All sounds are top notch, especially for a game this old. The music is great and sound effects all match to the game. Only sometimes I get the feeling this game was held back by the sound board's lack of good output.

Overall: 9/9
It's a great game if only we wouldn't be know the great graphics of modern games, especially the first sequel that followed shortly. The Mac is superior in graphics but that doesn't keep this from getting a top grade. Highly recommended for old skool gamers.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/25/05

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