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    Walkthrough by Overseer

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    @|	 The Complete Guide to Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis     |@						     |
    			     By The Overseer, aka J.R. Chen
    |       CONTENTS	     |	
    2-2 SECRETS
    3 - THE GUIDE
    3-3 NEW YORK
    3-4 ICELAND
    3-5 TIKAL
    3-6 ICELAND 2
    3-7 THE AZORES
    3-9 THE PATHS
    4-2 ALGIERS
    4-3 THE DESERT
    4-4 THE DIG SITE
    4-5 MONTE CARLO 2
    4-6 THERA
    4-8 NAZI SUB
    4-9 CRETE
    5-1 ALGIERS
    5-3 ALGIERS 2
    5-5 THE DIG SITE
    5-6 CRETE
    5-9 NAZI SUB
    6-2 ALGIERS
    6-3 THE DESERT
    6-4 THE DIG SITE
    6-6 CRETE
    6-8 THERA
    7 - ATLANTIS
    7-3 CANAL
    |   1. INTRODUCTIONS   |
    The following is a helpful guide to the classic LucasArts adventure game Indiana Jones and the 
    Fate of Atlantis. It's actually a major update of something I wrote years ago under a 
    different alias. I put it up on a personal website and on the America Online File Library.
    It stayed online to the best of my knowledge, but I honestly didn't expect anything else out of
    this walkthrough.  And so it stayed, unchanged for years.
    So why revive a long neglected strategy guide for an old game?  Well, I recently stumbled upon 
    my walkthrough posted at GameFAQS.com among other places, (who submitted it there is beyond me). 
    But I suppose there's nothing wrong with that, I wrote the thing to help people after all. 
    Also, I have received reader e-mail concerning the old file even to this day, saying that my 
    work was helpful but could use even more refining. This proved to me that there were still 
    people out there just discovering this age-old gem, and that was reason to get me interested 
    in that guide again. So seeing as how I have some free time, I have decided to redo the file 
    and make it even better and hopefully the best resource out there for anyone interested in 
    this great game. 
    Here's some boring, standard history stuff.
    FATEHELP 2.5, 12/29/2001 - The next large scale revamp of this file. Added a little more 
    division in between sections for organization. Once again, various parts have been updated for 
    clarity in response to reader mail. Added SECRETS section for hints & tips not particular to 
    any section of the game. Put in a notice about the randomness of certain puzzle solutions. 
    Updated contact info and such. Some aesthetic stuff added.
    FATEHELP 2.01, 11/26/2000 - Got a number of e-mails regarding the same subjects, decided that a 
    little more explanation and clearing up would be useful. Partially written out, not truly
    FATEHELP 2.0, 2000 - Guide is neglected for years, major reconstruction due to more reader 
    response. Attempts to add more detail and a smoother more narrative feel, thanks to author's 
    improved higher level education since then =P.
    FATEHELP 1.5, 1997 - Reader comments encourage author to clarify certain parts of the guide 
    for easier reading and updated contact information. Later discovered on various gaming web 
    FATEHELP 1.0, 1995 - Basic walkthrough that covered all paths. Released under the alias 
    "EnforcerJC" on AOL as part of a ZIP package containing saved games.
    Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis was a classic style graphic adventure from LucasArts. 
    Released back in 1992, this game gained a lot of awards for it's excellent storytelling and 
    true "Indy" feel. It's by no means a cutting edge game anymore...I believe the original needed 
    only a 286/12 Mhz to run. Don't let that fool you, some of the graphic effects are pretty 
    advanced given its age. Anyway, it had me hooked for days on end when I first got it, and I
    played through it many times, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Having played many of the old 
    Lucasarts adventures, I know that at many points the games could leave one stumped with no
    idea what to do next.  So I decided to write up this guide that would ensure success for anyone
    It's 1939, the eve of World War 2. After defending good in the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones is 
    back at Barnett College. But adventure is on the way, because Nazi agents are about to get 
    their hands on the ultimate weapon, something more powerful than the atomic bomb. So Indy's 
    got to go save the world again, before the Germans gain the deadly secret that sank Atlantis 
    and use it to win the coming war. 
    | 2. BEFORE YOU BEGIN  |
    Before I start of course, let me remind you to read this file at your own discretion. Figuring
    stuff out yourself is the best way to go and you'll feel a lot more satisfied if you do. But I 
    know there are hard puzzles in this game. Sometimes I'll try to key you in on things of 
    importance without necessarily giving away the solution. Then you can have a head start on 
    solving the puzzles yourself. Always read only what you feel is necessary before going on.
    Also, you will find listed before each section's walkthrough a list of important items. They 
    may just get you started in the right direction as well.
    Now before I cut to the main part, let me give you a couple of things to keep in mind while 
    playing this. 
    -Explore everything. Look at everything you can, pick up every item lying around (there's no 
    limit), talk to everyone you meet, and use what you find in every conceivable way. Sometimes 
    the weirdest way is the best, and if it isn't you might get a humorous line of dialogue.  
    The game engine gives you a lot of options...take advantage of it to uncover every facet of 
    this large game.
    -Is there an alternative? Some puzzles in the game have different ways to solve them. Look 
    around, you just may find something different if you play again.
    -Fighting...there is a simple strategy for getting past most fights in the game...just punch 
    away. Never mind that you won't always hit with full force, chances are your enemies can't hit 
    you if they're being hit themselves. You could also with instantly by tapping "0" on the 
    keypad in some cases, but it's not guaranteed. Also, try talking, you don't have to always 
    take the violent way out. And remember, save before any risky encounter. 
    -Once you gain Plato's Lost Dialogue, read it! The book has a decent bit of background 
    information, clues on using certain items, not to mention the correct alignments for the stone 
    disks used here. You can try to align them randomly, but that's only asking for a lot of 
    trial-and-error...and this game can be frustrating enough without that extra stuff.  
    -IMPORTANT: The alignments of the stones change randomly from game to game! I got a lot of 
    user e-mails requesting "the solution" to the alignment puzzles...there's no way I can answer 
    that without knowing what the dialogue says. So just a reminder before you fire off that 
    message to me looking for a fast answer: include the text from the dialogue.
    -Also, a * by a locale denotes multiple solutions to certain problems in that area. Read 
    -One more thing: At some points in the guide where I describe certain steps like "place item 
    here" or "throw thing x into thing y", it usually means USE the item, I just don't like 
    reusing the word "use" all the time. And in most other cases when I may use a synonym...you're 
    probably smart enough to figure what I mean. Fate of Atlantis is a thinker's game after all.
    Here's a little section I added in for the newest edition of this file. This is a collection
    of little known tips and tricks designed to make gameplay a bit easier and smoother.
    -Right-clicking on an object will perform the "common" action on it. Open/Close doors, Use
    device, etc.
    -This isn't really a secret so to speak, as it's often mentioned, but in case you still 
    didn't know, tapping 0 on the keypad will instantly win MOST fights. So if you're such a wuss
    that you can't win the battles in this game, now you can.
    -Press [Insert] and [Alt] during a fight to gain unlimited health. (Note: This is an unproven
    tip I heard online somewhere. I haven't had the chance to check this out yet...If someone can 
    verify this for me, it will be greatly appreciated.)
    |    3. THE GUIDE      |
    (It's possible to skip this little intro section of the game by pressing ESC.)
    You begin your quest in a deep, dark corner of some forgotten temple...OK, so it's actually 
    just an attic. Look around if you wish, and then click on the PECULIAR STATUE. You'll fall 
    into a lower room. Now you'll want to crawl down the gaping hole nearby, but Indy says it's 
    too dangerous. Instead, pull the rope and you'll find yourself in the university library. The 
    main exit is blocked, so do what you usually do anyway, explore. Check all the bookshelves...
    you'll find yourself a way out of this place soon enough. 
    Now you're in the basement. Do those cat statuettes look important? Try taking a look at all of
    them. After that you'll fall down a coal chute. Ignore the furnace and look at the lockers. 
    You'll quickly find what you need and finish the section. Now that was pretty straightforward, 
    You're back in your office where colleague Marcus Brody and a man named Mr. Smith are waiting. 
    The object you found in the lockers is a small statue. Smith inserts a key into a hole in the 
    piece and removes a coppery bead. "Jewelry, perhaps?" says Marcus.  Suddenly Smith draws a gun 
    and steals the statue. Watch the cool fight sequence and follow-up, where you discover that 
    "Smith" is a Nazi spy (big surprise) and his name is really Klaus Kerner. You'll also see an 
    issue of National Archaeology which introduces a young woman named Sophia Hapgood, a "spoiled 
    rich kid from Brooklyn".   She just happens to be a "psychic" now. Whoopee. Anyway, you're off 
    to New York City to find Sophia.
    NEW YORK *
    LOOK FOR: Newspaper, backside crates, stage levers
    Sophia's speaking at a major theater, but "The show's sold out, sir" is the only thing the 
    clerk at the ticket booth will tell you. Pick up the nearby newspaper, and head around to the
    back door of the building. Note that there are a number of ways to get in, what you choose is 
    up to you.
    1. You can open the door and run into Biff the Doorman. He's not much for chatting and wants 
    nothing more than to keep you out. To persuade him to let you in, start complimenting Sophia. 
    Experiment with the dialogue choices a bit, and you'll find that saying she's the greatest and 
    that she makes things easy to understand will wow this guy. Biff will let you in after that.
    2. Or, you can go ahead and start being rude to this guy. Pretty soon he'll want to fight you. 
    He's easy to beat, but if you lose you can try again. You won't get this luxury much elsewhere;
    lose to a Nazi and it's back to your last save.
    3. There is yet another way in. Check the crates, and push and pull them a bit. Eventually 
    you'll clear a path to the fire escape. This allows you to bypass Biff entirely.
    Now that you're inside, you'll see Sophia onstage. A stagehand is also there, viewing the 
    speech. In general, keep bugging the guy. You can also watch Sophia's presentation on Atlantis 
    or skip it. It's allright the first time through with rants about "Nur-Ab-Sal" the Atlantean 
    god and such. You want to reach Sophia, but the stagehand won't let you. You'll have to dive 
    into your inventory to get you through this one...is it really that hard to figure out what to 
    use? Didn't think so. In any case, give him the newspaper and he'll leave you alone beind the 
    stage. You still can't walk up to Sophia, but notice the levers for the props nearby. Play 
    around with them until they become green (duh),  press the button....and you can sit back from 
    After the whole deal onstage ends, you'll be in Sophia's room, only to find it ransacked. It 
    had to be Kerner. Watch her do the neat little trick with her own orichalcum bead and talk 
    about Plato's Lost Dialogue. After this sequence you'll have a new option on your world map.
    Head off to Iceland.
    Look for: Dr. Heimdall
    Go into the digsite and talk to Dr. Bjorn Heimdall. He's chipping away at some obscured object, 
    and he's pretty rude as well. You'll be able to ask about a number of things, including Plato's 
    Lost Dialogue, an old Greek book. Most of his speech is just filler, but once he refers you to 
    Felipe Costas or Charles Sternhart, you will have the option of going to either the Azores or 
    Tikal. Choose Tikal.
    Look for: Sternhart, jungle rodent, parrot, kerosene lamp, spiral symbol, animal head, 
    orichalcum bead.
    Make your way through the jungles. You'll find the correct path, but there's a chasm.  There is 
    also a tree in plain view that could help you cross it, but a giant anaconda happens to be on 
    it. Anyone who's watched the movies will know the problem with that. You could try an whip the 
    snake, but it's no good. Go back into the jungle and notice the jungle rodent. When you whip it, 
    it will move into one of the pathways. Can you see where this is heading? Just use your whip on
    it repeatedly. When you manage to get it into the correct path, the snake will grab the rodent 
    and you'll be rid of them both. Now use the tree to climb it and cross over.
    Sophia will join you. Now try to approach the temple. Sternhart will appear and he won't allow 
    you to enter the temple unless you can correctly name the title of Plato's Lost Dialogue. 
    Naturally you'll have no idea, and keep in mind none of your dialogue choices are correct. 
    But the parrot in the background...when you say something about the title, he might just 
    repeat the word "TITLE!" back. Talk to the bird instead and when you can say "Title" to it, 
    make note of his response (Hermocrates) and tell it to Sternhart. You're in.
    Inside the temple, the tactic of examining everything you can becomes important. You can't do 
    much with Sternhart looking over your shoulder, so talk to Sophia and have her keep Sternhart 
    occupied. Now you have complete freedom.  Check out the spiral wall designs...now check them 
    again. All of them! If you've noticed that one of them is different and more deeply etched, 
    try to take it. There is tarnish on it that prevents you from grabbing it.  Go back outside and 
    look around. Try the items stand and grab the only item of importance...a kerosene lamp. Once 
    inside, open it. Sternhart will make a remark about you stealing it but who cares? Use the lamp 
    on the different design and the kerosene will remove the tarnish, allowing you to take the wall 
    -Now what will you do with the spiral?  Check around some more. 
    -Now what does the spiral shape resemble?  Perhaps an elephant's trunk? 
    -Examine the animal head mounted on the wall. Indy will say it "needs a nose". 
    -Well what would the think look like with a trunk? An elephant.
    -Do you really need to be told what comes next? Use the things together!
    So form an elephant head and pull on the nose to open a hidden tomb. There's an odd stone 
    inside that Sternhart will snatch and escape with, mumbling something about a "worldstone". 
    Forget the guy, you can't follow him. But don't leave just yet...he forgot another small 
    orichalcum bead there. Take it and return to Iceland. You can leave easily by going off to 
    the right of the temple.
    Look for: eel head
    Looks like Dr. Heimdall has been frozen solid! Well he was pretty useless anyway...but he has 
    partially uncovered the ice obscured object from before, it's an eel head with an open mouth.  
    You can't pull it out, but there IS something in your inventory small enough to fit into that 
    statuette's mouth. Any guesses as to what that little thing is? Use the bead you found in Tikal
    with the exposed mouth. 
    Once you've used those things together, the eel will burn itself out of the ice in a great 
    steam cloud. Take it and go to the Azores Islands.
    Look for: Costas
    This area looks big as you touch down, but there is really only one spot to explore, and there's 
    not much there to look at either. But in any case this is a critical area of the game. You're 
    here to speak to a certain "Costas", and this is his home.
    For best results here, tell Sophia to talk to the man. You could try as Indy, but you're 
    probably not going to get anywhere. Costas will come out and ask for your Sophia's necklace, 
    she'll automatically refuse. Ask him if he'll do business with a friend though. Now return 
    control to Indy and try trading the Eel figurine for Costas' information. Costas will tell you 
    that Plato's Lost Dialogue (which is what you're looking for here by the way) can be found in a 
    certain collection (Pearce, Gray, Ashkenazy, etc.) Remember the name mentioned, as you'll need 
    it very shortly, because Indy thinks Barnett College owns that collection.
    Watch the story-advancing cutscene with Kerner and Dr. Ubermann if you choose, which (naturally)
    thickens the plot. 
    Look for: Mayonnaise, arrowhead, urn key, totem pole, coal, oily rag, gum, bookcase, wax cat, 
    locked chest, attic chest.
    First, go into your office before attempting to search the college. Look in the icebox and 
    take out the jar of mayonnaise (Yeah, the one that looks like motor oil).  Now return to the 
    main building. Now there are a whole multitude of places where Plato's Lost Dialogue could be 
    hidden, so try them all, until you find it.
    Go upstairs and you'll be in the library again. Climb the rope (which you ought to remember) 
    back into the upper floors. You should explore the attic again, but it's too high up...got to 
    climb up there on something, but what? 
    -What is nearby and tall enough to boost you up? The totem pole.
    -It's too heavy for you to pull. So what should do do? Lubricate it's base.
    -Now what do you have that is greasy enough to let the thing slide? Mayo.
    -Use the mayonnaise with the totem pole to lubricate the totem pole and pull it up. You'll have
    to do it twice to get the thing underneath the opening. Now you can reach the attic.
    While searching through spots where you think the dialogue may be, remember the name of the 
    collection Costas mentioned. Now LOOK AT any of the objects you're interested in examining. 
    Indy can identify which collection those things belong to. If it's a match the dialogue is 
    probably going to be in there, now you just have to figure out what to do with it. But anyway 
    here's a list of possible locations.
    1. In the attic, search the urn. You should find a key. Now go to the candleabra. Pick it up 
    and open the chest. The dialogue MAY be there. If not, head back down into the room with the 
    totem pole. Move the crate, and you'll see a locked chest. You have a key and a lock. Hmmm...
    use the key on the locked chest and hopefully claim your prize.
    2. Still no Lost Dialogue? Look around this room on a shelf for an arrowhead, and pick it up. 
    Go back into the library and check the desk for a wad of gum. Sure it's disgusting, but you 
    may need it.
    Now the Lost Dialogue is a book, so you could try looking at the shelves. One is fallen over 
    on it's front, so you can only see the back. 
    -The backside is held down by screws.
    -You don't have a screwdriver, so do you have anything sharp and hard to wedge in there? Sure, 
    the arrowhead.
    -The thing is sharp after all, and Indy needs hand protection. So search down inside the 
    furnace room, and you'll find an oily rag and a lump of coal. Pick them up.
    -Return to the library and use the arrowhead with the rag. Now you can use it on the screws and 
    pop the back. 
    3. If it's not there, then return to the furnace room. There's one place you haven't explored 
    again yet, that's the room underneath the bookcase. You got down by way of the coal chute, but 
    it's too slippery to climb up. What's sticky in your inventory? The gum. Use the gum with the 
    chute to create a sticky spot you can climb on. Check the entire place out, and then the two 
    remaining cats. One will be made of wax. Take it to the furnace and toss it in, it should melt 
    to reveal the dialogue.
    Those are the only places I have found the dialogue before. I doubt there are others but you 
    never know.
    Return to your office with the dialogue and watch the sequence. Sophia will make a prediction 
    about your quest, and you must make a choice on how you're going to approach the rest of your 
    adventure. Sophia's vision may allude to a certain path, but don't feel obligated to pick what
    she suggests.  Your choice, not hers, determines how the rest of the game will play out. 
    Do you want to cooperate with Sophia, maybe increasing your odds? Or maybe go it alone, 
    using your own intellect to lead you to Atlantis? How about using your strength to 
    overcome the enemies? Each path has it's own unique challenges, which increases the replay 
    value of this game. Which path you take is your choice, FATEHELP covers them all. 
    If you choose Wits, read right on. 
    Go to section 5 for the team path.
    Go to section 6 for the fists path. 
    Now make your decision and get going, as your quest is just beginning.
    |   4. THE WITS PATH   | 
    So you think you're a smart one? This is definitely the most puzzle intensive way to get to 
    Atlantis, but don't worry--there's actually some interesting story stuff and a driving 
    minigame available only here.
    You have the Lost Dialogue, so do what any educated man would want to do...read it thoroughly. 
    It's information is critical to finishing the game. You will have the option of going to 
    Algiers or Monte Carlo. Pick Monte Carlo.
    Look for: Alain Trottier
    You're here to find a man named Alain Trottier, who may know something about Atlantis. The 
    streets are full of strangers, so you may have a hard time actually finding the guy. Some 
    people will give you hints as to his appearance. In any case he's the old guy with gray hair 
    and a brown suit. Once you find him, start talking to him. Modesty is the best approach to 
    take, if you speak of yourself too greatly, he may get pissed and not talk to you for a while. 
    If you get him mad, it's an inconvenience, but not the end of things. Just bother him some more 
    until he calms down. He will then ask you a question about Atlantis, the actual question 
    changes from game to game but if you read the Lost Dialogue you should know it. Trottier 
    reveals little about Atlantis, but he does give you a business card. Then he'll leave, not 
    showing up until much later in the game.
    Look for: red fez, Omar's house, pole, statues, hanging cloth, camel
    Make your way to the back alley to find the shop of Omar Al-Jabbar, a merchant with strong 
    ties to Trottier. The worker won't do anything until you show him Trottier's business card. 
    He'll leave and then return, saying that "Mr. Al-Jabbar is very busy and he can't see you 
    right now". Tell him to check again, and he'll say exactly the same thing. Great.
    You can try to follow him when he leaves into the streets, but there's no way to tell who he 
    is in the crowd. Now sometimes a man with a bright red fez will appear in the marketplace. I 
    suggest saving your game before approaching him. Talk to him about his fez, and say it makes 
    him look festive. If you say the right stuff, he'll give you the fez. Now return to the shop 
    and offer the fez to the worker. He'll want to know why he should take the fez, the correct 
    answer is random. But once he takes the fez, ask him to see Al-Jabbar once more. Now when you 
    follow him he'll show up as a bright red dot, and you can track him to an obscure house. Be 
    sure to stay close when doing so. Now enter the house the servant ducks into.
    Inside the house, you'll see the servant talking to Omar. The servant leaves to alert the 
    police, and you'll be left alone with the merchant. He's a pretty hostile guy, and as you walk 
    around the house, he won't let you touch anything. Walk over to his closet, and he'll follow 
    you there. Once he's inside, close the door (be outside yourself of course), and you'll have 
    him trapped. You may want to pick up the 2 statues in the room to make things easier in the 
    future, although they're not essential.
    What's left? Move the cursor about the room, note that the hanging cloth high above is 
    highlighted. What's so special about that cloth? Better find out, but first you've got to get 
    it down.
    -You need something long.
    -Something you can apply force to.
    -It's not your whip.
    -The pole nearby is long. Use it on the cloth to bring it down, and you will have Al-Jabbar's 
    The map leads to somewhere important, so click on the camel outside the window to head off for 
    it. Note: Look at the camel a bit to learn about dromedaries.
    Navigate the camel throughout the desert, but watch out for trouble in the form of legionnaires. 
    If you get caught you're apt to wind up back in the city. If you picked up the statues from 
    Jabbar's house, you can bribe the legionnaires into letting you by. Stop at each of the nomad 
    camps. Friendly people there will give you directions to that X on the map. Eventually someone 
    will tell you that you are very close to the site, and the X will appear on the screen for you 
    to go to.
    Look for: hose, clay jar, orichalcum bead, fuel, generator, horned statuette, spark plug, 
    ship rib.
    Someone's been excavating this area recently. Make a note of the truck here. The truck is 
    missing essential parts, and if you return to where you came in, you'll see that your camel 
    is gone. Guess you're stuck for now.
    Go down into the mining area. You can't see, so feel around. Pick up the clay jar and rubber 
    hose. You'll also find an orichalcum bead. Get the ship rib as well. Also there's a big metal 
    thing in the middle of the room...possibly a portable generator. That could give you some much 
    needed light down here. But it needs fuel. 
    -Now what nearby also uses fuel?
    -The truck.
    -But how will you get gas out of the truck?
    -Ever heard of siphoning? Use the hose on the gas tank to get some out.
    -Do I really need to tell you what you use with that combo to put the gas in?
    -The clay jar.
    Now return and open the cap on the metal box and use the jar of gas with the filler pipe to 
    the generator. Flip the switch and watch the underground glow eerily. Walk up to the painting 
    on the left and press the circular object they're shown throwing. A secret compartment will 
    open. Take the horned statuette. You've found everything you need here in the dig site, but 
    how will you get out? Examine the truck and you'll find out it's missing spark plugs and a 
    battery. Now where will you find those?
    -Something needs to return a favor.
    -That thing shares several things in common with the truck.
    -You gave it fuel from the truck.
    -Go to the generator and obtain the spark plug from it, and install it into the truck.
    Then, place an orichalcum bead inside the statues mouth, and it will start giving off 
    electrical energy. Use it with the plugs in the engine and the truck will start. Open the door
    of the truck and you'll find a message. The letter you found contained orders to kidnap Alain 
    Trottier. You've got to rescue him!
    Look for: Alain Trottier, sunstone.
    Find Trottier again and tell him about the plot to kidnap him. He refuses to believe you and 
    waves his sunstone. (If you read Plato's Lost Dialogue, you'll know that the sunstone is one 
    of 3 magical disks needed to open the gates to Atlantis.) That's a bad move, and suddenly Nazi 
    agents grab Trottier and shove him into a car. Now it's up to you to chase them down.
    Try to outmaneuver the Nazis through the streets and ram them with your own vehicle. Try to 
    observe the various paths and choose when and where to hit them. Eventually the car will blow. 
    The Nazis escape, leaving Trottier behind. Now the businessman is willing to talk. He tells 
    you about the island Thera being a lesser colony of Atlantis. He doesn't have the sunstone, as 
    he threw it out the window during the car chase. Alain will tell you the street corner he 
    dropped it at, so go about searching. Read the street signs to see where you are. Once you're 
    at the right corner, search the gutter to find the sunstone. Now Thera will appear on the map.
    Look for: balloon, basket, invoice, stone tablet, entrenching tool, spindle, fishing net, 
    gas vent.
    There's no way off Thera, or so it seems. Make note of the crate, which contains a hot air 
    balloon. Combined with that nearby basket, you have potential transportation. The 
    Port Authority will tell you that you need an invoice to claim the balloon. As for the basket, 
    he will trade it for an artifact from a archaeological dig in the mountains. So get going!
    There are 3 spots of interest in the mountain: a cleft, notch, and gap. Check all of them. One 
    of them is the dig site. Go into the cave. You'll see a walled off section. No way through 
    there. Close the door, and a small section in the wall will open. It's a spindle! Now what do 
    you have that fits on one of those, hmmm?
    Use the stone on the spindle and then look at it. Rotate the stone into the correct alignment 
    at then push the spindle. The Lost Dialogue should tell you where to align the horns. Since 
    there are only 4 options you could simply try them all without consulting the dialogue at all. 
    Of course later puzzles will be much, much harder. Now push the spindle. You will hear a 
    clicking noise but nothing else seems to happen. When you open the door there will be a stone 
    tabet with a weird inscription. Take it, and pick up the nearby entrenching tool. Suddenly, a 
    cave-in occurs. You're sealed in, but how to remedy that should be very, very simple. After 
    unfolding the tool you'll find a note from Sophia. Watch the sequence with her, Klaus, and 
    Dr. Ubermann. Now use the entrenching tool to get out. Once back outside, close the nearby 
    crate to find the invoice for the balloon.
    Return to the port. Give the invoice to the port authority to get the balloon, and trade him 
    the stone tablet for the basket. Pick up the fishing net too. Using the balloon with the 
    basket directly won't work. Instead use the net with the basket and THEN with the balloon. 
    How Indy could carry all that realistically is a good question. You have a balloon, but no hot 
    air! Return to the dig site and look around. You'll see a gas vent. Now how will you get the 
    hot gases into the balloon? Take the hose from desert and attach it to the vent. Then use it 
    the balloon to inflate it. Now you're out of there!
    Now you're drifting aimlessly over the seas. Move along by venting hydrogen or dropping 
    ballasts. Watch for the winds at the edges of the map. There's nothing on the islands, but 
    find the submarine. Vent hydrogen until you land on it.
    Look for: moonstone, cold cuts, bread, torpedo instructions, clothesline, oily rag.
    Indy will beat up the sailor and take his uniform. Climb down into the sub and talk to the 
    guard. He'll tell you that he's guarding the moonstone. Plato's Lost Dialogue said that a 
    moonstone was necessary to open any Atlantean settlement greater than an outpost or lesser
    colony. You'll need to get it. 
    -Move along to the kitchen and observe the cold cuts and bread on the table. Go ahead and make 
    yourself a sandwich.
    -Bet that guard's pretty hungry from standing there eh?
    -What would make him even more distracted?
    -Knowing that you have food.
    -Eat (Use) your sandwich in front of him
    -Then tell him to go make his own. Now he's gone from the moonstone! Take it.
    In the cabinet there is also a booklet titled "Torpedo Instructions". Take that up too. Now go 
    to the right side of the sub and pick up the clothesline. You'll see Sophia, but you can't do 
    anything about it. Now go to the far right where the captain is, and pick up the oily rag. 
    Return to the far left. You'll see a damaged torpedo tube. Try using the instructions with the 
    control panel. You'll activate it. At this point you should know that the sub has stopped at 
    Crete. Now you'll have to get off, but there's a guard on top. Now what? Check below for hints 
    to this very long process.
    -There's just one other way off this sub.
    -It involves firing.
    -The torpedo tubes, of course! But the captain is over there.
    -You've got to get him away from that area...you need a distraction.
    -Remember the damaged torpedo tube? Pull the lever and you'll see...sparks!
    -Well sparks can create fire, but you'll need something to burn.
    -Grease burns.
    -Do you have grease nearby?
    -You've seen it before at Barnett College.
    -The oily rag is the key.
    -Use the rag with the damaged wires and pull the lever to start a fire. It will lure all the 
    guards over to it.
    -Now the working torpedo tube is unguarded. Open it up, and use the instructions again to 
    activate it.
    -But you'll need to close to tube after you get in. No one's gonna fire the thing outside for 
    -You've got to do something to let you fire while inside the tube.
    -The clothesline, perhaps?
    -Tie the clothesline to the lever, and then pull it to be shot off the sub.
    Look for: pedestal with spindle
    Don't bother going to the left, there's nothing there to find. To the 
    right there is a pedestal, use both of your stones on the spindle. The alignment required is 
    RANDOM, so consult your lost dialogue for the answer. Some examples I have encountered are 
    listed below, however.
    Plato: "With the darkest night healed by the full moon"
    Answer: Align the "Darkness" symbol on the sunstone with the full moon on the moonstone. Put 
    them both with the tall horns.
    Plato: "With pale dawn shredding the darkest night"
    Answer: Match the rising sun with the tall horns, and then place the new moon with it.
    Once you've done it correctly, a secret door will open. Enter.
    Look for: stone heads, minotaur statue, Sternhart's note, wool scarf, comb, staff, worldstone, 
    gold box, orichalcum beads, microtaur, subway.
    Some colony...it looks just like a big cave. Now you'll see 3 stone heads on a pedestal. Now 
    these things are essential to the game, but if you pick up all 3, the gate in front will close. 
    So only take 2. Now head into the next room. Look closely from where you came and you'll still 
    see the remaining head. Use your handy whip on it to bring it over to your side of the door.
    Explore the place. You'll come to a room with a minotaur statue. Examine it, and you'll find 
    that it's head looks wobbly. Now remember what you do with stone heads? (If you don't know the 
    answer, that's pretty sad. Look at the previous paragraph). Once you've knocked the thing's 
    head off, it will land on a certain section of the floor that sinks a bit. Go over to head, 
    and the floor will sink further below. You'll find a dead Professor Sternhart. You can't help 
    him, but do read his note about static electricity's response to orichalcum. Pick up the wool 
    scarf, comb, and staff. And don't forget the worldstone he stole back in Tikal. You now have 
    all 3 disks needed to reach Atlantis. 
    The next room has a gate, but ignore it. Instead, return to the previous room and look at the 
    waterfall. You'll see a chain. Use it. Now explore some more until you find a room with a shelf 
    and stone head on it. Use your own heads on the shelf to open the gate. Go on, taking the top 
    path. You'll see a counterweight. Use the staff from Sternhart on the chock. Then return and 
    take the lower path. You'll find another statue. Use the staff on the statue's mouth. You'll 
    lose the staff but you can go up and get the gold box. There's orichalcum there. Now head up 
    into the next room. You'll see a microtaur, but upon opening it you'll find that something's 
    -It's not a mechanical problem...the thing just doesn't have power.
    -There's no electricity in the cave to get the thing going...or is there?
    -Nope, the static electricity from the detector won't cut it.
    -But you HAVE used this source before.
    -Dig site, remember?
    Take the statue you found at the dig site and charge it with another bead. Use the statue on 
    the device hatch and it will dig ut a tunnel for you. You'll emerge inside the map room. Use 
    all 3 stones on the spindle and as usual check your Lost Dialogue for alignment. Once you've 
    got it, go through the door.
    Now remember the deal with static electricity and orichalcum? If you use the clothesline with 
    the comb and rubbed the wool scarf on it, you've made yourself a temporary orichacum detector. 
    But it always points to you...since you are carrying orichalcum yourself. Now put your beads 
    into the gold box and close it. The box blocks out the energy from your beads, allowing the 
    detector to do its work. 
    Use the detector and it will point to the next room, and once inside it will point to the bones. 
    Search the bones to find more beads. Place the bead inside your blocking gold box and return to 
    the previous room. Use the detector again. It will point to a wall that wasn't detected earlier. 
    Use the ship rib to dig into the wall, and you'll open up another route. You'll find a strange 
    subway. Pick up the bead that was sensed, and then use it on the mouth of the subway car. Get 
    on, and hitch a ride to Atlantis.
    That's it for the Wits path! All the paths re-converge at Atlantis, so skip to section 7 for 
    complete help for the last stages of the game. Now, lets check out the team path.
    |   5. THE TEAM PATH   |
    This path (obviously) fosters the most development between Indy and the bothersome Sophia 
    Hapgood. As you may have guessed, several puzzles here will require teamwork, and you may just
    hear some hilarious dialogue from these co-stars. Anyway, now that Sophia has joined you, she 
    tells of two leads...Alain Trottier in Monte Carlo, and Omar Al-Jabbar in Algiers. Head for the
    second option.
    Look for: knife thrower, Omar Al-Jabbar, grocer, death mask.
    This locale is markedly different from the other two paths. Go to the center of town and watch 
    the knife thrower. Tell him he has nice knives. He'll tell you he needs an assistant, but you 
    can't be one since you're not a woman. Really now, eh? Then talk to the grocer and learn about 
    his squabs for sale. He'll also tell you that Omar Al-Jabbar's shop is at the end of the alley. 
    Go to the shop and talk to the shopkeeper, and he will say that he needs a stone disk as proof 
    of your sincerity in looking for Atlantis. Maybe someone in Monte Carlo can help you. But grab 
    the scary mask off the shelf before heading out.
    Look for: Alain Trottier, flashlight, fuse box, bed sheet, sunstone.
    You're looking for Alain Trottier here, since he may have the disk you need. Sophia will go 
    into the hotel to set up for the meeting, and Indy is out on the streets trying to find the 
    guy. Trottier looks the same in all 3 paths, so he's the guy with the brown suit. You can ask 
    the people if you wish. Talk to him and be as humble and friendly as possible. You won't be 
    able to convince him to see Sophia though, so run up to her room and ask her what to do. 
    She'll tell you to mention Nur-Ab-Sal. Return to the street and tell Trottier about Nur-Ab-Sal. 
    He'll agree to come up to your hotel room. 
    Back inside, tell Sophia to take care of him. You'll control Sophia as you talk to him about 
    various psychic stuff. You'll discover soon that there is little she can do, but if you want 
    to use Sophia, then you need to have remember what he said to Indy outside. Answer his 3 
    questions, and then a random number to get the stone. This tactic hardly ever worked for me, 
    and I found myself in a lot of tedious save & load situations.
    For a much more reliable method of getting the stone, have Indy take over. While Sophia keeps 
    Trottier occupied, check below for some clues on getting the disk from Alain.
    -You'll have to tilt the odds in your favor to get the disk.
    -You can't directly do anything, since he won't let you come near.
    -What can you do? You could scare him somehow, but not by yourself.
    -A scary disguise maybe? Like a ghost?
    -How might you make your own ghost suit (that's a tough one)?
    -Grab the bedsheet off the bed.
    -That sheet alone won't fool anyone. You need to add to it.
    -Remember the death mask from Algiers? You'll need it.
    -Open up the cabinet and grab the flashlight.
    -We need some darkness here.
    -Open the fusebox and flip the switch, darkening the room.
    -Use the sheet and the mask together. You're pretty scary, but it's not enough.
    -A deadly demon needs glowing, evil eyes.
    -Use the flashlight with the costume, and get out there!
    You'll scare Trottier off, and he will leave his sunstone. Pick it up, and that's it for 
    Monte Carlo.
    Look for: Knife thrower, bloody knife, desert map, squab, beggar, balloon ticket, balloon, 
    random item.
    Back in Algeria! Tell Sophia to assist the knife thrower. She'll tell you not to PUSH her into
    his...hint, hint. (I almost GAVE Sophia away to the guy once and got a pretty hilarious 
    response). At certain times she'll be close to the knife thrower, push her into his path and 
    watch the thrower perform his routine. You'll be rewarded with a bloody knife. 
    Now go back to the shop and show the man your sunstone. He reveals himself as Omar Al-Jabbar, 
    and he gives you a desert map. He offers you a trade for the death mask used to scare Trottier. 
    Accept what he gives you. Now go outside to the grocer. Ask for a Squab on a Stick. The man 
    doesn't take US currency so try giving him what Omar gave you. Most likely he'll reject it, 
    so take the item back to Al-Jabbar and trade it for something else. Now repeat the process. 
    If the grocer says the item is a good color though, only accept further trades from Al-Jabbar 
    that are of that color. Eventually you'll have something the grocer wants and you'll receive 
    your Squab.
    Walk to the beggar and give him your squab (it's not like you really need to eat food in this 
    game). He'll give you a balloon ticket. Go upstairs to the rooftops and give your ticket to 
    the balloon man. He'll let you ride. Now cut the rope with your knife, and you'll fly off.
    You're looking for the X on the map, which marks a foriegn dig site. Land at each nomad camp 
    for directions. When you find one that tells you that you are very close, the X will appear. 
    Land on it to get shot down by a gunman. 
    Look for: hose, clay jar, ship rib, wooden peg, generator, truck, amber fish, distributor cap, 
    spark plug.
    Your balloon will conveniently land on top of the gunman, crushing him. But you can't leave, 
    so explore the site. Sophia will fall into a hole, and you'll have to get her out. Note that 
    the truck here is missing a spark plug and a distributor cap. Go down into the mining area and 
    feel around. Pick up the long tubular thing, the clay object, sharp wood object, and the short 
    thing. There's a large metal object here too, a portable generator. But it needs fuel to run. 
    Go back up and examine your items: a hose, clay jar, ship rib, an wooden peg.
    -Now what nearby also uses fuel?
    -The truck.
    -But how will you get gas out of the truck?
    -Ever heard of siphoning? Use the hose on the gas tank to get some out.
    -Do I really need to tell you what you use with that combo to put the gas in?
    -The clay jar.
    Now that you have gas go into the underground again and open the cap, then pour your gas into 
    the filler pipe. Now hit the switch (a small thing on the generator)and you'll have light.
    Creepy place down here. Examine the painting on the left if you want. Push the round object 
    and a secret panel will open to reveal...nothing. Now go to your right, and take a look at the 
    crumbling wall. Your ship rib is just right to pry apart the cracked wall. Behind it is an odd 
    mural with the island of Crete on it. There's also a tiny hole; it's not hard to figure out 
    what you might stick it with. Once you've place the peg inside, you've created a makeshift 
    spindle. Omar told you that this site was an OUTPOST of Atlantis, so place your sunstone on 
    the peg and rotate to the correct design. Try consulting the Lost Dialogue for the correct 
    alignment. Then press the peg and a door will open, revealing Sophia. She'll hand you a 
    distributor cap for the truck as well as an amber fish. Add the cap to the truck, but you'll 
    still need a spark plug.
    -Something needs to return a favor.
    -That thing shares several things in common with the truck.
    -You gave it fuel from the truck.
    -Go to the generator and obtain the spark plug from it, and install it into the truck.
    Now you can head out to Crete.
    Look for: surveyor's transit, mural, bull's head/tail statues, moonstone, pedestal with 
    Well obviously you can't leave the island, so explore. Head for the ruins to the left. First 
    walk across the bridge and pick up the surveyor's transit, it's good more measuring angles and 
    laying out straight lines. Now search throughout the ruins until you find a rooom with a mural. 
    It's a strange looking thing, with a drawing of a bull's head and tail at edges of the base. A 
    line comes from each, converging at the top to create a triangular point. In the center of the 
    triangle are tall horns. You can probably infer that the horns in the mural represent the tall 
    statues in the center of the ruins. But what about the bull's head and tail? Well, search 
    through the rock piles scattered around the ruins. You'll find a bull's head and tail statue 
    under of them. For tips on what to do next, read below.
    - Allright, you've read the mural and the statues you found have something to do with the horns.
    -Remember the lines and the triangle inscribed on the mural?
    -Have you got anything that has to do with straight lines and angles?
    -The surveyor's transit does.
    -Use the transit on the bull's head statue and align the crosshairs with both horns. If you do 
    this correctly an X will shoot out.
    -Can you guess what you do with the bull's tail statue?
    If you've done the procedure correctly another X will shoot out and mark a point on the ground. 
    Use your ship rib to dig in that spot and you will find the moonstone.
    Now, go to the spindle on the right side of the island (near where you landed) and use both 
    stones. Look at your lost dialogue for the alignment. If you did this right, a door will open, 
    and you can proceed.
    Look for: stone heads, minotaur statue, staff, worldstone, gold box, oricalcum beads
    Once inside, pick up 2 statue heads. If you pick up the third the gate will close. In the next 
    room, you can still barely see the remaining head. Use your whip to knock the thing over to 
    your side. The door will slam shut, but there was nothing left over there anyway. Now explore 
    until you find a room with a minotaur statue. Indy will say it's head looks wobbly...now 
    remember what you do with stone heads? Once that's done, walk onto the sinking floor panel to 
    go down with Sophia. You'll find Sternhart's corpse, pick up his staff and worldstone. Look 
    closely at the waterfall. There's a chain running up behind it, so climb. Now above find a room 
    with a shelf. Place the 3 stone heads on it to open the gate. After that, take the high route. 
    Find the room with the stone shaft and counterweight. Use your staff with the chock. Go back 
    and take the low path. Use your staff with the statue's mouth and you'll go up. Pick up the 
    gold box. Also take the orichalcum beads. Return to Sophia. 
    Now return to the room beyond Sternhart. Tell Sophia to climb the hole so she can open the gate 
    from the other side. It will take a bit of convincing and you can insult her if you'd like. 
    Eventually she'll go up and open the gate for you. Now if you use the amber fish, it will 
    detect orichalcum. But it always points to you, since you're carrying some. Use the beads with 
    the gold box and close it to block out the energy. Sophia's necklace also throws the detector 
    off, so talk to her and ask to put the necklace into the box too. Now shut it and your detector 
    can work properly. Use it in the nearby rooms, and it will point to a solid wall that didn't 
    appear when you moved your cursor over it before. Use the ship rib on it to dig through. You'll 
    now be in the map room of the greater colony. Use all 3 stones to unlock the door.
    Look for: Crumbling wall
    The villain Kerner will enter and kidnap Sophia. Hand over your stone disks or you'll be shot. 
    After he leaves, the door you came in through will be locked. Check the crumbling wall on the 
    right, and use your ship rib on it. You'll dig your way out, right by a Nazi U-Boat. Go up to 
    it, slug the captain, and you'll assume his position unofficially. Get into the sub.
    Look for: cold cuts, bread, porcelain pitcher, battery acid, plunger, metal box, key, 
    broken lever, steering wheel.
    If you go down too far, the Nazis will spot you. You've got to get them somewhere else. 
    -You're the captain now, right?
    -Well, captains give orders.
    -How would you get your message to everyone in the submarine?
    -The intercom.
    -Use it and tell everyone to go to the aft torpedo bay for instance. You can now proceed.
    Go to the kitchen and pick up the cold cuts and bread. Use them and make yourself a sandwich. 
    Pick up the porcelain pitcher. Go below the trap door and use the pitcher with the leaking 
    battery acid. You now have some corrosive acid contained on you. Go over to the wall near 
    Sophia and talk to her. The guard won't notice. Tell her to distract him. Now go up and around 
    to the area where the guard and Sophia are...he won't see you. Pick up the plunger. Go back up 
    and pull the lever. It'll break off! Move to the right of the sub and open the trap door there. 
    Use the acid jug with the metal box. The acid will eat through the metal to reveal your stone 
    disks and a key. 
    You've got to get the sub moving but that lever broke off.
    -You need to find a replacement.
    -Something thin, holdable, and smooth.
    -It's not your peg (if you brought it) but it's close.
    -The plunger will work. Stick it into the panel and you can operate it.
    But let's not forget Sophia. Go there and the guard will see you this time. When he asks you
    questions, mention something about a "pail". Sophia will knock the guard out with a bucket. 
    Now use the key with the steering wheel to unlock it, and you can now drive the sub. Drive it 
    into the airlock. It's a tad tricky to do but you'll get it eventually. You're now in Atlantis, 
    skip down a section to Part 7 for hints.
    |  6. THE FISTS PATH   |
    Naturally, a whole lot of fighting will occur on this path. But don't expect finishing the game
    to be as simple as that--this route presents its own set of mental challenges as well. As
    always, make the trip to Monte Carlo.
    Look for: Alain Trottier
    In Monte Carlo, find Alain Trottier, he's the guy in the brown suit with gray hair. Passers by 
    can tell you what he looks like. Ask him about Atlantis, and he'll give you a business card. 
    Go to Algiers.
    Look for: Omar's house, hanging cloth, camel, wooden pole
    Make your way to the shop in the back alley. Give the shopkeeper Trottier's business card and 
    ask him to go see Mr. Al-Jabbar. Now he'll never return with a "Yes" answer no matter what, so 
    follow the guy yourself through the streets. Stay close, and eventually the servant will duck 
    into a house. You can now enter Omar Al-Jabbar's home.
    You'll find Omar and his servant being confronted by a Nazi. Save your game, and beat the crap 
    out of the bad guy. As I said before, just try to overwhelm your enemy with hits. After the 
    battle, Omar will tell you of a Nazi dig site in the desert. "They seem to have discovered an 
    outpost of the Lost Kingdom", he says. He will talk about giving you a map and a camel, but he 
    leaves. Guess you'll have to find the map yourself. Notice that the cursor says that the 
    hanging cloth is important. Better get it down from it's high spot to look at it.
    -You need something long.
    -Something you can apply force to.
    -It's not your whip.
    -The pole nearby is long. Use it on the cloth to bring it down, and you will have Al-Jabbar's 
    Now use the camel and take a ride into the desert.
    Use the camel to navigate the desert. But watch out for Nazi patrols. Look for hard to see 
    paths along the mountains for quick escape if you need it. If you're caught, you'll have to 
    fight them, and if you lose you die. Visit the nomad camps and show them your map. They'll 
    point you in the right direction. One nomad will say that you're very close, the X will appear 
    on the map and you can go there.
    Look for: generator, ship rib, wooden peg, clay jar, painting, sunstone, mural.
    Ignore the truck, it won't run again. Go down into the mining area. It's dark, but there seems 
    to be a metallic object in there, a portable generator. Flip the switch and you'll have light. 
    Pick up the ship rib, wooden peg, and clay jar. You'll also see a shiny orichalcum bead. Walk 
    to the painting on the left and press the circular object. A secret panel will open, containing 
    the sunstone, your first magical disk needed to enter Atlantis. Now move to the crumbling wall 
    on the right and use your ship rib on it. You'll reveal a mural. It's got a picture of the 
    island Crete on it, along with a small hole. Not hard to figure out what to "stick" into it.
    Place the sunstone on your makeshift spindle, look and align it according to your Lost Dialogue, 
    and press the peg. A secret door will open. Pick up the sunstone, but NOT the peg, or the door 
    will close again. Go into the secret door. You'll climb out of a hole, where you will be 
    approached by an ARMED Nazi. Don't try anything with him or you'll be shot to death fast. It 
    will eventually come to a standoff...you not moving, him keeping you down. What to do now?
    -You can't just sit there and wait.
    -You need to defeat that guard, but the guy's got a gun.
    -You need to separate the guard from his weapon.
    -You could knock it out of his hands.
    -With something long, strong and flexible. (Keep the comments to yourself, please)
    -With something you've seen Indy use many times before this game.
    -Use your whip, and you'll disarm him. Now beat him up in a fair fight. Climb the rope to get 
    to a hot air balloon.
    Get the balloon to fly in a northeasterly direction. You'll be blown off to Crete.
    Look for: surveyor's transit, mural, bull's head/tail statues, moonstone, pedestal with spindle.
    You'll land in a grassy field. Head for the ruins to the left. First walk across the bridge and 
    pick up the surveyor's transit, it's good more measuring angles and laying out straight lines. 
    Now search throughout the ruins until you find a rooom with a mural. 
    It's a strange looking thing, with a drawing of a bull's head and tail at edges of the base. A 
    line comes from each, converging at the top to create a triangular point. In the center of the 
    triangle are tall horns. You can probably infer that the horns in the mural represent the tall 
    statues in the center of the ruins. But what about the bull's head and tail? Well, search 
    through the rock piles scattered around the ruins. You'll find a bull's head and tail statue 
    under of them. For tips on what to do next, read below.
    - Allright, you've read the mural and the statues you found have something to do with the horns.
    -Remember the lines and the triangle inscribed on the mural?
    -Have you got anything that has to do with straight lines and angles?
    -The surveyor's transit does.
    -Use the transit on the bull's head statue and align the crosshairs with both horns. If you do 
    this correctly an X will shoot out.
    -Can you guess what you do with the bull's tail statue?
    If you've done the procedure correctly another X will shoot out and mark a point on the ground. 
    Use your ship rib to dig in that spot and you will find the moonstone.
    Now, go to the spindle on the right side of the island (near where you landed) and use both 
    stones. Look at your lost dialogue for the alignment. If you did this right, a door will open, 
    and you can proceed. On the Fists path, a Nazi will step out. No big deal, floor him and be on 
    your way.
    Look for: stone heads, minotaur statue, staff, Sophia, worldstone, gold box, amber fish, 
    Pick up 2 of the 3 statue heads. Picking up the third will close the gate. In the next room, 
    you can still see that third head...use your whip on it. Now explore and find a room with a 
    minotaur statue and a sinking floor panel. Use the whip on the stautue head. It will fall down 
    and land on the panel. Now go to the panel, and you will sink down to the floor below. You'll 
    find thew dead Professor Sternhart. He knew a lot more than he let out, but not enough to find 
    a way out. Read his note. Then pick up his staff. Look at the waterfall. There's a chain 
    running up behind it! Use it and climb out. Find a room with a shelf. Use all 3 statue heads 
    on it to open the gate. Inside, take the top path and find the room with a counterweight. Use 
    the staff on the chock to free it. Return and take the bottom path. Use the staff on the statue 
    mounth to activate the elevator. You'll go up. Get the golden box and the orichalcum bead. Now, 
    find a room with a doorway blocked by a heavy stone slab. How do you get past it?
    -Well, the fists path requires strength.
    -Perserverance, as well.
    -Combine the two to solve your problem.
    -Push the stone slab, keep pushing until it finally falls over. 
    You'll now be in a room with a giant chasm. Notice the stone outcropping. In a trademark Indy 
    move, use your whip on the stone to swing your way across. Go into the door, and you'll find a 
    room with a hallway. There are two Nazis talking at the far end of the hall. When you walk by, 
    one of them will come to investigate. If he finds and fights you, you may lose due to his long 
    health bar. Instead, hide behind one of the stone slabs. Notice where Hans is standing. Push 
    the stone slab, and it will fall on Hans, crushing him. With that problem solved, head down 
    the hall to meet Franz. He's much weaker than Hans, so you won't have much trouble beating him
    After proceeding, you'll be in a room with four doors. DON'T go right just yet. If you enter 
    one of the 2 doors on the left, you'll meet up with a guard. Just kill the guy if you do. Now 
    the second from right door leads to a series of rooms with guards, just fight them and move on. 
    You'll come to a ledge above a guard named Anton. Now if you had gone right in the four door 
    room, you would have met up with this fellow. He's a tough one in combat, although I've gotten 
    through him before. But there's an easier way to beat him. Notice where Anton is standing--just 
    underneath a sharp column of rock, or a stalactite. Push the rock, and watch as Anton is 
    impaled from above. Now return to the four doors and go right. Be sure to pick up the 
    stalactite from Anton's body.
    In the next room, take the passage on the left. You'll reach Arnold, a drunk singer. You can 
    give him a song and he'll be happy, but you really need to get by the guy. If you try fighting 
    him though, you'll find that his strength is twice yours and his health meter is insanely long. 
    There's no way to beat him physically. So you'll have to think. Go into the right doorway from 
    the previous room and you'll find a boulder...it's strangely familiar looking.
    -Think of the boulder. Arnold's tough, but not tough enough to beat this thing.
    -You could crush Arnold with it.
    -You'll need leverage to move the boulder though, and you've got things to provide it.
    -One came from the dig site, and other may have been used to kill a Nazi nearby.
    -The ship rib or stalactite, both work equally well.
    -Use one of them on the boulder. 
    -Crap, the stalactite (or ship rib) broke. Now it's rolled backwards and blocked the doorway 
    you entered from.
    -But you have 2 things to provide leverage, right?
    -So use the remaining item on the boulder.
    A nice cutscene will depict the singing demise of Arnold. Now Arnold is dead so you can pass. 
    But LOOK at his corpse and you'll find an amber fish and some orichalcum. Plato's Lost Dialogue 
    says that amber is an orichalcum detector. 
    The next room is the map room, which needs a worldstone (third disk) to be activated. You 
    don't have one, so go back a room. This is a good time to try out your orichalcum detector. 
    Place all your beads inside the gold box and shut it. Now use the fish. It MAY point downwards, 
    if not, walk around the area into any room with a pit (nothing special, it doesn't have to show 
    up on your cursor). Keep using the fish. If it points down, go over and TALK to the pit. Yell 
    something. You'll hear an answer from Sophia...looks like the Nazis got sick of her too and 
    threw her down there. You'll need to get her out. If you keep talking, she'll reveal that she 
    needs a short rope to get out of there. Well, use your whip with the pit and she can climb out. 
    Sophia will give you the worldstone, which is just what you need to proceed.
    Now go to the map room and use all 3 stones on the spindle. As always, look at your Lost 
    Dialogue for the right way to do it. After unlocking a door, grab your stones and head out. 
    Finally, the exit of this giant labyrinth. But where to now? Look at the stone pointer, 
    according to the inscription it's pointing to the Lesser Colony of Atlantis. The closest 
    island to the north is a volcanic island off the Greek coast called Thera. That's your next 
    stop then.
    Look for: Tire repair kit, punctured diving suit, air hose.
    On Thera, take the path into the mountains. Explore the gap, cleft, and notch in the mountains, 
    the one you're looking for is random. In one ot them you will find a Nazi jeep and a tire repair 
    kit. Pick the kit up.
    Return to the port and talk to the captain. Ask him to take you to Atlantis. He will ask you 
    where you need to go. Consult the Lost Dialogue. 
    The procedure for this is a little trickier than usual. For example, if the book says "The 
    Lesser Colony is 260 miles northeast of the Lost City", you would tell the captain to take you 
    26 miles southwest of Thera. Plato's numbers were way off target thanks to a TENFOLD error, 
    (you did catch onto that by now, right?), and 26 is 260 divided by 10. And you would go 
    southwest because from the side of Atlantis, you'd be going northeast to reach Thera.
    Now hop onboard and sail out to sea. At the water's surface you're on your own. The captain 
    won't help you any more. That's alright, open up the locker to find a punctured diving suit. 
    You'll need something to seal the hole, like a tire repair kit maybe? Use them together and 
    you'll have a working suit. It will need air too, so use the air hose with the suit. Don't 
    forget to turn on the air compressor switch. Now use the suit and you'll control Sophia. Use 
    the hoist to drop Indy into the water. Now as Indy, you'll see a cutscene of a German submarine 
    overtaking the boat. Kerner boards the ship, takes Sophia and cuts your airline.
    This little section is quite simple...go to all the caves ASAP. One of them will lead you to 
    Atlantis. Now read right on for the next step.
    |     7. ATLANTIS      |
    The paths have finally re-converged. Atlantis is a huge place, and some of the most challenging 
    puzzles yet are located here. There is a sense of great evil throughout, and that's not 
    referring to the Nazis. You're close to the truth, but finding it is getting more dangerous 
    than ever.
    Look for: ladder, metal rod, spindle.
    In the TEAM path, Sophia will join you briefly and then be kidnaped by the Germans. In the 
    WITS path you will crash in via the subway car, and in the FISTS path you'll make your way in 
    through the cave. Regardless of how you got in, the strategy is the same. The first room is 
    dark and you need light. Search around and pick up the wood thing--it's a ladder. Use it with 
    the rocky incline and get up. Now OPEN the stone thing and remove the metallic rod. But what 
    do you do with it?
    -Notice the design of the rod.
    -Indy will say it has an opening in one end.
    -Well, this thing is Atlantean, right? What do Atlantean objects need?
    -Use a bead on the rod to produce instant light.
    Now you can see Atlantis. It's not quite the paradise Sophia had thought it to be...it's 
    crumbling apart, but there is still some air pressure keeping the water out. Pick up your 
    ladder and go to the statue. There's a spindle on it, so use your disks...a task you're well 
    experienced with. What...it didn't work?
    -Check your lost dialogue, and carefully.
    -At one point it says "final entrance only yielded to contrary minds".
    -And what does contrary mean?
    -So rotate the disks 180 degrees from the past position.
    The mouth of the statue will open, and--you guessed it--feed it an orichalcum bead. Then the 
    doors to Atlantis will open before you. Don't forget to take that ladder, you'll need it several
    times before you're done. Now enter, and welcome to the beginning of the end.
    Look for: See below for complete room lists.
    Allright, as you can see this section of the game is BIG. The "?" spots that appear in various 
    spots are places you'll need to explore. Some of the rooms are special, and some of them aren't. 
    But you'll probably explore them all just to make you haven't missed anything. As a general 
    rule look everywhere, go into all the grates you find, and pick everything that can be picked 
    up. Also on occasion you'll run into Nazi soldiers in the halls, after beating one check out 
    his body for a bratwurst sausage.
    Below are important actions listed in the order I try to do them. Of course one could very 
    well find them differently, since the rooms are randomly placed. Therefore just make sure that
    you do all of them at some point.
    -ROBOT ROOMS (2): There are two separate rooms with a dismantled Atlantean robot in each. Take 
    the small bronze gear from one, and the spoked wheel from the other.
    -EEL ROOM: Crawling through a grate, you'll find another room containing an eel sculpture like 
    the one found in Iceland. Take it.
    -SUBWAY: The subway is always in the same section, it's in the outer ring at the low part of 
    the maze. You'll see a skeleton on the floor. Pick up it's rib cage.
    -CRAB ROOM: There are crabs in a small pool here. Take the rib cage from the skeleton you
    found in the Subway, and bait it with the bratwurst from the soldier, or the sandwich you made 
    (on the TEAM and WITS paths). Place the baited cage into the pool and catch a crab. Now take it
    with you.
    -STATUE ROOM 1: There is a large statue across a chasm. Use your ladder on the chasm to cross 
    it. Then take the stone cup the statue is holding. Take the ladder with you before you leave.
    -STATUE ROOM 2: This statue has the head of a fish. Take the head.
    -LAVA ROOM: This room seemingly circulates molten lava throughout the Atlantean complex. One 
    might figure that being able to obtain lava will come in handy later. You'll need something to
    hold the lava. You can try the clay jar if you want, but it'll melt (no big loss). Instead, 
    use the stone cup from the statue, use the fish head statue with the plaque there, and you'll 
    get a stream near you. Then you will have a toasty mug of genuine lava. You can come back as
    often as you want if you need more lava.
    -MACHINE ROOM: You may encounter this room fairly early, but it should be one of the last ones 
    you interact with. You'll need to have visited the Statue, Lava, and Robot rooms before doing 
    anything here. This room contains a giant machine. It's missing a part though, look at the 
    gear on it to figure out what it's missing. Anyway, place the spoked wheel on the missing 
    portion. Go up to the top of the machine, and pour your cup of lava into the funnel. You will 
    be rewarded with several orichalcum beads. There's a limit to how many beads you can carry at
    once, but you can come back for more as often as you want, if you have more lava and the spoked 
    wheel. REMEMBER: Take the spoked wheel before you leave!! 
    -PRISON ROOM (Grate 1): By going through a grate you'll find yourself near Sophia's prison. 
    Unfortunately you can't do anything from here. Note the Nazi guard and the large statue near 
    another grate.
    -PRISON ROOM (Grate 2): This grate also overlooks Sophia's holding cell. Your grate is right 
    by a sentry statue. Give it and orichalcum bead and watch what happens to the Nazi soldier. 
    -SENTRY ROOM: On the lower right side of the maze. The door is partially submerged in the 
    water so you can't open it. Now what? Remember what happened in Iceland? That eel figurine 
    melted a lot of ice when fed a bead. Maybe your eel could turn liquid water into steam? It's 
    worth a try. After giving a bead to your eel, it'll get hot and you throw it in the water. Now 
    the door isn't blocked, but it's still locked. Place a bead into the smallest statue's mouth 
    to open it.
    -PRISON ROOM (Main): This is where Sophia is being held hostage. If you haven't given the 
    sentry statue here a bead, you'll encounter a very nasty guard. He's immune to your 0 key 
    "sucker punches", and he has a big life meter. Fighting him is not the preferred method here. 
    Now if you HAVE used the bead on the robot statue, search its wreckage and take the robot part. 
    This should be the last thing you do. Ignore Sophia's cries for now and go to the canal.
    Look for: diagram, crescent gear, chain
    There's a giant octopus in the canal. Can't cross that. It's probably hungry, so throw the 
    trapped crab into the canal. That will calm down the octopus and allow you to cross. Just 
    click to move to the other end and Indy will obey. Get on the crablike raft and use a bead on 
    it's mouth to start it up. Notice the spindles? Use the stones on them to get them open. 
    There are two places of importance on the canal, marked by stairways leading up. One of them 
    contains a cabinet with a crescent gear. Take it, then CLOSE the cabinet. Then LOOK at the 
    cabinet itself. Note the design inscribed on the cabinet door, it's importance will be 
    obvious soon enough.  Write it down, draw it, or whatever it takes to remember.
    Now go to the second place of interest, marked by a door with an archway. Go in. You'll find a 
    set of large double doors. A sentry robot is nearby. It seems to be nonfunctional. Use your 
    ladder on it and climb up. Open the chest plate and take a look at the inside. You should have 
    all 4 gears (small bronze, spoked wheel, gear from the fallen robot, and crescent) and a bead 
    of orichalcum before attempting any more. (If you ever need beads just get more lava and run 
    the machine again.)
    Now remember the diagram? It tells how to place the gears inside the statue. Also it tells how 
    to enter commands. Place the gears and beads in the appropriate spot, and then give the command 
    to have the robot lower its left arm. Once it has, attach a nearby chain to his lowered arm. 
    Use the other end of the chain with the bronze loop on the door. Return to the inside of the 
    robot and rearrange the parts to give the command to raise him arm. The robot pull up his arm, 
    bringing the door with him. Debris will fly off, among them is a hinge pin. Pick it up.
    Now you have a choice, you can go back and rescue Sophia or go the rest of the way alone. This 
    choice DOES affect how the rest of the game will play out. If you intend to go it alone, skip
    the following section.
    Return to the prison room. Give Sophia the hinge pin. Open the cage, and tell Sophia you have 
    a plan, and she must brace the cage with the hinge pin. She will do so and escape. Open the 
    cage again and the pin will fall out. Retrieve it and be on your way. 
    Look for: scepter
    Make you way (with or without Sophia) past the broken doors. If you don't have Sophia, go into 
    the room with a lava pit and pick up the scepter. Then proceed. If you do have Sophia, at this 
    point something very odd happens.
    At this point, Sophia will begin to sound a bit hoarse. Follow her into the lava pit room. You 
    will soon discovered that she is possessed by something...the god Nur-Ab-Sal whom she reveres 
    so much. Some god he is. But how can he control her and not you? It's gotta be her necklace. 
    Take a look at her, the medallion's glowing. You've got to get it off of her...but how can you 
    do that?
    -What's one thing that causes people to drop what they're holding?
    -Heat. You have to make the necklace hot.
    -To do that, think of what has caused energy reactions from the necklace before.
    -Insert an orichalcum bead. Now it's hot, but Sophia can't get it off...the control is too 
    -You'll need something to stop Nur-Ab-Sal's controlling force. 
    -What has blocked the power of orichalcum before? It could work against Nur-Ab-Sal.
    -The golden box! Use it with the necklace to initiate a sequence that ends old Sal.
    Now, pick up the scepter. While you're at it, check out those bones...Nothing human looks like 
    that. Now proceed on.
    Look for: Atlantean drawings
    You'll soon come to a giant machine, sort of like the one you saw on the Greater Colony in the 
    WITS path. Take a look at the Atlantean incriptions on the floor. They're vital to starting 
    and stopping the machine. The two different marks in each inscription indicated where the 
    levers need to be. Now get on the machine and use the scepter and hinge pin as the 2 levers. 
    The machine will start to move after some fiddling. You will start moving about, put the 
    levers into the position shown earlier to stop it. You will crash through a stone wall into a 
    giant room of lava. Move down into the heart of Atlantis, going across the bridge to the middle
    tower-like structure.
    First off is a maze of doors. It's confusing, but trial and error will eventually get you 
    through. Then comes the lava pit with the vanishing tiles. When you step on one, another 
    nearby may disappear. Try to navigate a route featuring two possible steps from the next tile, 
    to double your odds of one of them staying. Once again, trial and error will work here.
    Before you head any further !!! make note of the background !!! You'll see three concentric 
    circles with designs inscribed in each. Remember that pattern.
    This is it. The very core of the mighty Atlantean city. There are only two interactive parts 
    to this place, one of which you can clearly see. Go to the spindle and place your stones. Now 
    what is the combination here?
    -Plato's Dialogue won't help you.
    -But then again, you don't need it. The solution is quite easy to deduce, actually.
    -It's in plain view, although not inside the Colossus.
    -Remember the background with the 3 circles in the fire floor room? Did you ever really doubt 
    what they stood for? That's the correct alignment.
    Now the Colossus is on. The Nazis, Klaus Kerner, and Dr. Ubermann all appear. The Doc explains 
    that the Colossus was used by the old Atlanteans to manufacture gods. That sounds rather...
    impossible. But they need a test subject...you. But Kerner gets into the machine first. Watch 
    the sequence as Kerner talks of becoming a god. Say something about Plato's tenfold error, and 
    Kerner will forget about using ten beads. He wants one bead to power this giant machine. Now 
    sit back and see the Nazi agent transform into an almighty...goat. Yep...real good machine. 
    Now Dr. Ubermann wants you to step into the machine.
    --How do you survive in the Colossus?--
    There are many choices of dialogue that will lead to your death here. So...
    -First off, refuse any answer that tells the number of beads you want. Just keep stalling until
    you can say you hope the machine doesn't work for his sake. Go on and threaten him about 
    sending him to hell.
    -Eventually you'll be able to mention the wrath of angry gods to Ubermann. And that is the last 
    decision you'll make in this game.
    The ending will be different depending on whether you rescued Sophia or not. Either way, you'll 
    find yourself escaping as a huge burst of energy starts a chain reaction of destruction 
    throughout Atlantis. 
    You've won!! Enjoy your completion of a pretty challenging game. Celebrate, grab a bite, and 
    get back into the real world.
    |    8. INFORMATION    |
    I hope you've enjoyed using this guide to the game. E-mail me at
    overseer@jimmyeatworld.net if you have questions or comments related to this guide. When 
    writing, please include any information that may be pertinent. It gets somewhat frustrating to 
    receive lots of messages that say "tell me where a gear is" and then just stop. Don't worry 
    about including too much, better safe than sorry.
    And a special note about the alignment of the stone disks, I have said it before, but it 
    warrants a repeat. The alignment of the stones is totally random from game to game. There is 
    no one solution, so don't just say "It won't work" and demand an answer. Give me the text of 
    the dialogue and maybe I can help you.  If you don't tell me what is needed, don't expect your 
    problem to be solved.
    Thanks to Lucasarts for creating this great game.
    Thanks to everyone who wrote in with questions and comments, especially prior to the 2nd
    Edition of this guide. This really showed how many people were out there still playing this 
    old classic and encouraged me to make my efforts even better.
    And thanks to you for using this guide. That is its purpose after all.
    This guide may be distributed, but not modified in any way without explicit permission from the 
    author. I've seen people credit some VERY similar material not only in content but in terms of 
    organization and word choice to themselves.   
    This some very simple advice about plagarism: Don't.
    This guide, FATEHELP was written by J.R. Chen, aka The Overseer. 
    (c) 1995, 1997, 2000, 2001 J.R. Chen/The Overseer.
    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a trademark of LucasArts.
    Game (c) 1992 Lucas Arts

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