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    FAQ/Walkthrough by lukecharman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                              `Hit the Road`
    Sam and Max Hit the Road
    FAQ / Walkthrough by Luke Charman
    1.0	- Everything is all shiny and new.
    Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Walkthrough
      Part One - Introduction
      Part Two - Sam and Max`s Office, and the Street
      Part Three - The Kushman Brothers` Carnival
      Part Four - Snuckey`s
      Part Five - The Kushman Brothers` Carnival
      Part Six - The Gator Golf Emporium
      Part Seven - The World of Fish
      Part Eight - The Gator Golf Emporium
      Part Nine - The Mystery Vortex
      Part Ten - The World`s Largest Ball of Twine
      Part Eleven - The Mystery Vortex
      Part Twelve - Frog Rock
      Part Thirteen - Bumpusville
      Part Fourteen - Savage Jungle Inn
      Part Fifteen - World of Fish
      Part Sixteen - The World`s Largest Ball of Twine
      Part Seventeen - Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit
      Part Eighteen - Celebrity Vegetable Museum
      Part Nineteen - Bumpusville
      Part Twenty - Savage Jungle Inn
      Part Twenty-One - Celebrity Vegetable Museum
      Part Twenty-Two - The World`s Largest Ball of Twine
      Part Twenty-Three - The Mystery Vortex
      Part Twenty-Four - Savage Jungle Inn
    3.	Legal Information / Contact
    1. Introduction
    It`s 2004 (at least, it is when I`m writing this, I`m not planning ahead for my 
    time capsule of walkthroughs to be dug up in 2012), and Lucasarts` classic 
    adventure Sam and Max Hit the Road is still, in my opinion, the best point and 
    click adventure game of all time. It has everything you could want, even 10+ 
    years after its creation, one of the most obscure yet genius plots ever 
    conceived, superb voiceovers, and those lovely pixellated visuals ;) A second 
    Sam and Max game is in the works, and after looking at the current walkthroughs 
    for this game, I felt like writing one myself, since it`s probably my favourite 
    game of all time. Hopefully it`ll prove useful to someone, and, perhaps amusing 
    to someone with as weird a sense of humour as myself (hey, you`re playing Sam 
    and Max, expect weird senses of humour!).
    2. Walkthrough
    Part One - Introduction
    The game opens with a fairly frightening sight, a `marginally volatile hostage 
    situation`, as Sam puts it. A mad professor is about to horribly murder his 
    date! Sam and Max barge in (quite literally) just in time to save the day. Max 
    pummels the bad guy, and, after decapitating him (well, he is a vicious little 
    bunny), the duo realise that it`s not a head, it`s a time bomb. The guys take 
    off quickly, with the head, leaving the lunch date still tied to her chair. Let 
    the credits roll :p
    Sam and Max return to their office and discuss the previous credit sequence. 
    Remembering their ticking predicament, Sam drops the head from the window, 
    destroying a bus in the process. Suddenly, the telephone rings, and as usual, 
    Sam wins the fight to take the call. Looks like you`ve got another assignment! 
    Max notes that this `sounds like a fiercely thickening plot`, and you are given 
    control of the pair.
    Part Two - Sam and Max`s Office, and the Street
    Once you`ve gained control over Sam (the dog, if you hadn`t realised by now), 
    take a moment to familiarise yourself with the controls. Right-clicking your 
    mouse will cycle between the different available cursors, Walk, Look At, Pick 
    Up, Talk To, and Use. First things first, see the mouse hole at the rear of the 
    room? Go jam your fist in there (that`s the pick up cursor), and Sam will flush 
    out your loot. Click on the cardboard box in the lower-left of the screen (i.e. 
    your inventory) to deposit the item there, until you need it.
    There are a few fun yet irrelevant things you can do in the office, using the 
    dart board, for instance, and turning on the television, then using the coat 
    hanger antenna (who IS that horse?) to get a picture. There might be a message 
    on the answering machine, if not, don`t be disheartened, there probably will be 
    later :) Take a walk over to the right side of the room, if you haven`t 
    already. Take a look at the tuna sandwich on the floor, and Max will grab it 
    and hand it to his mighty army of roaches, who will carry it down into their 
    farm, after some cheering. There`s a blacklight in the closet, you can either 
    grab it now, or head over to the door on the other side of the room and turn 
    out the light for a groovy throwback to the 1960s. Once you`re done playing 
    around in here (yeah, the dartboard IS fun), open the door and head out into 
    the hallway.
    Walk down past your neighbouring detective Flint Paper`s door, and you`ll 
    witness him.. *ahem* interviewing a client. The poor sap ends up hanging from 
    his chin over the balcony, and a pretty smiley face of bullet holes is fired 
    through the wall. You can see why Sam respects him, eh? Before we carry on, I 
    know you`ll all want this itch scratched; you sickos, so use the client, and he 
    shall be plunged to the floor with a sickening thud. Happy now? :) Walk down 
    the stairs (don`t worry, no more bullets), and out onto the street.
    Let`s start looking for this, what was it, bonded city courier? Well, I see a 
    cat, and not much else. Go have words with him (What? Sam`s a dog, Max is a 
    rabbit, you didn`t expect much conversation from a cat?) and you`ll get a shiny 
    look at the game`s conversation interface. You can ask a question, make an 
    exclamation, say something utterly random, or say goodbye. Other icons will 
    also appear here when there are other, more interesting things to say. Ask him 
    whether he is your courier, and he will admit to it. Unfortunately, the 
    retarded cat has swallowed your orders, and can`t seem to spit them back up 
    again. Well, I`m sure Max won`t mind sticking his hand in there and retrieving 
    them for you, so use Max on the cat (just get the use cursor, click it on Max, 
    and he will be treated as an inventory item), and he`ll get your orders, and 
    toss the cat aside. Looks like your new orders relate to the carnival, and some 
    bizarre happenings therein (as Max says, I kinda thought bizarre was the point 
    of a carnival). Place your orders back in your inventory box, and head over to 
    your squad car. You can walk into Bosco`s `Guns, Liquor, Baby Needs` superstore 
    if you wish, utterly hilarious :) Jump into your car, and we`re off to the 
    carnival (cue kids in the back seat screaming with terror).
    Part Three - The Kushman Brothers` Carnival
    Upon reaching the carnival, you`ll witness Conroy Bumpus, one of the chief 
    nasties of the game (nasties?), and his assistant Lee-Harvey. Looks like 
    whoever they were waiting for hasn`t shown up, so they head off to find him, 
    bumping into our heroes in the process. `Demonic little imp`, I love that line 
    :) Head to the right and speak to the fire breather, Flambe. Ask him if you can 
    go in, and he`ll refuse you, for insurance reasons. Even asking him for a corn 
    dog won`t get you inside! Perhaps it`s time he learned exactly who we are. Open 
    your inventory, and hand over your assignment from the Commissioner. Well, he 
    WAS going to run them by the boss, but, looks like you can go in anyway, lest 
    his boss finds out about his ineptitude. I love Max`s line about his pants, 
    funny. Whoa, what the heck is that thing? Those things. Shep and Burl Kushman, 
    carnival proprietors. They`ll let you know what`s been going on. Seems that 
    their main attraction, Bruno the Bigfoot, (no, not the block of ice), has 
    escaped, and taken Trixie the Giraffe-Necked Girl from Scranton with him! Hehe, 
    Scranton, I wonder if that`s a real place. Sounds like some town in the North 
    of England. Sam and Max agree to locate the missing freaks (fun!) and the deal 
    is sweetened (or, deep-fried), when Shep hands over an All-Day Free Pass to the 
    carnival! Y`know what Max, I think Koran DID fight Godzilla :p
    Put the free pass in your inventory, take a look around at the freaks if you 
    want, who could pass up such an opportunity? Make sure you pick up Jesse James` 
    severed hand (still twitching!) from the case next to Insect Lad, it`ll come in 
    handy later, in more random a way than you could ever predict. One more thing 
    to grab in here before we leave, there`s a piece of Bruno`s fur and mange on 
    the floor in front of his stand. Once you`ve grabbed it, head outside via the 
    opening in the tent next to Shep and Burl, not the one you entered by.
    You`ll find yourself in the main section of the carnival, right next to 
    Trixie`s caravan (or, trailer, if you`re American). Go try to open the door, 
    there might be clues in there. Ah, no, it`s padlocked. Oh well, we`ll come 
    back, don`t you worry. Here`s something you could easily overlook, pick up the 
    fishbowl magnifying lens to the right of the Wak-A-Rat game. Speaking of Wak-A-
    Rat, who fancies a go? Use the game, and provided you click at least twenty of 
    the filthy rats, a prize will drop into the collection point below the game. 
    Grab your prize, ooh, a flashlight.. with no bulb. Useful. Well, luckily we 
    have a bulb of our own, so open up your inventory and use your black light with 
    the flashlight. Et voila, working flashlight.
    Take a walk to the left and you`ll encounter a carnie (resist the urge to punch 
    him). Talk to the guy, and ask him for help. Ask him about Bruno the Bigfoot, 
    and he will suggest you try the Tunnel of Love for more information. Ask him 
    about Trixie too, and the Cone of Tragedy. The guys will go strap themselves 
    in, wow, that looks like an enjoyable ride. I`m loving the whole Swiss-Army 
    Knife effect. Watching this kinda makes you wonder HOW Trixie`s neck got 
    stretched to giraffe-size. Take Max`s comments about emptiness seriously, and 
    check your inventory. Uh-oh, looks like your carefully collected box of useless 
    junk has gone missing (well, except for Max). Go talk to the carnie again, ask 
    him for help, and report your missing stuff. He`ll give you a claim ticket for 
    the lost and found office.
    Walk to the left of the carnie, pass the Tunnel of Love (we`ll come back once 
    we have our stuff), and to the left. You`ll emerge back at the entrance to the 
    carnival. Head past Flambe to the right, and enter the small green tent. It`s 
    the Lost and Found. You`ll hand over the ticket, and be given back everything 
    that`s dropped from the Cone of Tragedy today. Check your inventory, sweet! 
    Looks like you`ve got something new, a fish-shaped magnet. Well, I say fish-
    shaped, it`s a regular U-shaped magnet with googly eyes and fins, but hey, the 
    fish effect is there. Take a look at it, and it`ll add the World of Fish to 
    your map. Right, now we`re equipped with our useless collection again, let`s 
    head out of the carnival, there are one or two things we should do before we 
    visit the Tunnel of Love.
    Part Four - Snuckey`s
    Head to the burger icon at the top-right of the map. There`s a Snuckey`s cup 
    (almost the size of Max`s head) on the floor, grab it, it`ll stop the litter 
    problem if nothing else. Head inside. Ooh, pointless merchandise! Grab a 
    bootleg Sam and Max Portable Carbomb game. There`s also a box of pecan-
    flavoured candies on the other shelf, grab that too. Max keeps telling you that 
    he needs to use the bathroom, so we`d better to something about that, and, uh.. 
    pay for our purchases too (walking out of the store without them is fun, I 
    suggest you try that first). Talk to the guy behind the counter (it`s Bernard!) 
    ask him something, then pay for the Carbomb game and the pecan candies. You can 
    ask about Bruno if you want, but you won`t learn much. Ask about the bathroom, 
    and the employee will give you the key, with a large rasp attached to it. 
    Quickly say goodbye to the clerk, then head outside, and talk to Max before he 
    has a chance to go back inside and give back the key. Ask him something, then 
    suggest you keep the key, and, more importantly the rasp. Head back inside, (he 
    won`t remember the key), give him your Jesse James jar, and he`ll get the thing 
    open for you. Deceptively strong. Get back in your car, and if you feel like a 
    sense of completeness, go purchase the Office Bootleg Sam and Max Paint by 
    Number book from the Southern Snuckey`s, and the Bootleg Sam and Max Dress-Up 
    book from the Snuckey`s in the West. They`re fun, if nothing else :) Head back 
    outside, get into your car, and drive back to the carnival.
    Part Five - The Kushman Brothers` Carnival
    Right, we`re back at the carnival, anybody in the mood for love? Nah, didn`t 
    think so. Oh well, head over to the Tunnel of Love anyway, we need to go in 
    there. I think that must be the only Tunnel of Love that I`ve ever seen with a 
    Satanic head laughing from the top of it. The swan looks a little worse for 
    wear, looks to me like someone`s tried to wring its neck. Well, use the swan 
    boat and the duo will gleefully climb in and go floating off into the 
    spookiness. I`d ride the Tunnel of Love all the way through the first time, 
    just sit tight and look at the weird and wonderful scenery. I`ve never been in 
    a Tunnel of Love, but, I`m guessing they`re not supposed to be like this. Go 
    through again, and as soon as you get inside, open your inventory and fish out 
    your flashlight. You`ll get a lovely little illuminating glow following your 
    cursor. Take a look at old Mr. McReedy in-between the first two displays 
    (funny), and, more importantly, the fuse box in the second gap. Quickly use Max 
    with the fuse box (make sure you do it before you float past, if you miss it, 
    go back and try again until you get it). A hilarious little act ensues with Sam 
    dipping his partner`s head into the water then using him to short-circuit the 
    Tunnel of Love. You`ll automatically climb out of the boat and walk over to the 
    last scene of the room. There`s a little door to the left, that`s where we need 
    to go, believe it or not. Max seems to love climbing all over that statue of 
    the executioner guy with the axe, looks like he`s trying to pull the axe down 
    on the poor woman below, but that`s obviously not how it works. Looks like the 
    King, the other guy in the scene, is the key here. Go use him, Sam will give 
    his beard a little tug, and off comes her head. Oh, and the door opened, 
    whoopee. Walk through the new little door.
    Looks like we`ve made it into the control room of the Tunnel of Love. Also 
    looks like there`s a little couch potato man thingy sitting here eating candy 
    and watching television. Have words with him, ask who he is. Aha, Doug the Mole 
    Man, however could I not have realised! Ask him about Bruno, and, much to Max`s 
    horrific dismay, Doug will tell you a long story about Bruno. Seems Doug isn`t 
    too sure where Bruno`s gone to, but he suggests you ask his uncle Shuv-Oohl 
    (Doug and Shuv-Oohl, quite a pairing, eh?) for more information. Seems he`s 
    really into bigfoots, and seems that he disappeared after helping to build the 
    biggest ball of twine on Earth (cue new map location). We`ll find him later, as 
    Doug just gave us a far more interesting assignment. Go fetch him some pecan-
    flavoured candies, and he`ll give us a key to Trixie`s trailer (the one we 
    couldn`t get into earlier), and tell you a big secret. Seems Max should just 
    beat the snot out of the little guy, but, oh well, seeing as we already have 
    the candies he craves so much, click on them, and hand them over. Key? That 
    looks more like a crowbar to me, but hey, whatever works. Uh-oh, another story. 
    I think Max is going to be sick. Him or me anyway. Apparently, Trixie had 
    fallen in love with Bruno, and his icy prison was preventing her from being 
    with him. Flambe, our favourite fire-breather, freed Bruno with his fiery 
    breath, and the two escaped. Well, that`s about all of Doug I can take for now, 
    so pull the lever to the left of the door to restart the machine, and then head 
    back outside. Walk to the rear of the screen, over to Trixie`s trailer, and, 
    uh.. unlock it, with the crowbar. After Sam has cleaned the egg from his face, 
    head inside.
    Max immediately makes himself at home on Trixie`s bed, so open the blue chest 
    with the star on it, and grab the stiltwalker`s costume found inside. Open the 
    pink cupboard to the right of the trailer, you won`t be able to look inside, 
    but if you take a look at the piece of paper fixed to the door, you`ll see that 
    it`s a golf scorecard, from the Gator Golf Emporium in Rheumy Eyes, Florida. 
    Another new place to visit! That`s all for the trailer, and the carnival for 
    the moment, so head out to your car. You can confront Flambe about your new 
    knowledge of him freeing Bruno if you like, but it won`t do much good. Get in 
    your car, and drive to the Gator Golf Emporium.
    Part Six - The Gator Golf Emporium
    Ooh, Gatorific! Yup, I`m aware that Gatorific isn`t a word. Anyway, head to the 
    left, past the Dunk the Beast sign, and take a look in the trash can to the 
    right of the Pro Shop here. Grab the item inside, open your inventory, take a 
    look at it, and you`ll see that it`s a broken golf ball retriever. Speak to the 
    fat guy in the Pro Shop, and ask him something. Then ask him about your new 
    golf ball thingy. He`ll explain what it is, but we already knew that, right? 
    Ask him about Bruno too, and he will tell you that he too had a bigfoot who 
    escaped. Max, and anyone with more than three brain cells, is sensing a theme 
    Walk down under the large yellow Gator Golf sign, and you`ll once again run 
    into Conroy and his lackey, Lee-Harvey. Seems Conroy is out to obtain a 
    bigfoot, which would explain why he was at the carnival. Also seems that he`s 
    going to leave the Gator Golf Emporium empty-handed. An argument ensues between 
    Max and Conroy, which turns into a fight, which Sam and Max lose. He hits a 
    nice shot, and Max ends up in the Dunk the Beast tank at the far end of the 
    driving range. Looks like we need to save him before we go anywhere else. You 
    can grab a golf club and try to hit the button with a golf ball, which, despite 
    being funny, won`t save Max. Maybe we need to get over nearer to him to find a 
    way to free him. Dazing the alligators with golf balls is fun too, and it does 
    look like they would make a good path over to Max, provided we found a way to 
    line them up correctly. You`re going to need to hit something else into the 
    water to get them to move, and you won`t find it here. Leave the Gator Golf 
    Emporium and head to the World of Fish.
    Part Seven - The World of Fish
    As soon as you get here, move forwards a little and you`ll witness a helicopter 
    come by, pick up a large net filled with fish, and fly it away. Take a look at 
    the buckets on the floor near the Fish Feed sign, and grab one, they`re filled 
    with fish too. Alligators eat fish, perhaps they will prove a more alluring 
    bait for them. Hop back in your squad car having witnessed the helicopter 
    scene, and taken the fish, and run back to Gator Golf.
    Part Eight - Gator Golf Emporium
    Walk back down to the driving range, and place your bucket of fish on the 
    floor, (pick up the bucket of golf balls first). This bit can be kind of 
    tricky, but, the red flag cursor is where your fish will land. You want to move 
    the alligators so that they form a path along the middle of the screen. You 
    will need to move the first, second, fourth and fifth gators, but not the 
    third. Once you`ve got all your gators lined up along the centre of the screen 
    (they will all be more or less exactly in line, so you`ll know if one is out of 
    place). Max will tell you once you`ve made the path, so that`s another way to 
    be certain you`ve done it right. Sam will walk over there automatically, mm, 
    dunking Max is even more fun from close-up! Do that as many times as you see 
    fit, then use the door and Max will let himself out. He`ll also give you a 
    second sample of fur and mange he found in the booth. In case it wasn`t 
    painfully obvious when Max opened the door, the frame of another door has now 
    opened in the wall. Use it, and move Sam aside so you can get in there. Ooh, 
    shiny item. Grab it, and you`ll see that it`s a snow globe from the Mystery 
    Vortex in scenic Gullwump, Washington. Groovy. There`s a note on the bottom to 
    Elmo the bigfoot, from Shuv-Oohl (that`s Doug`s uncle, lest you`d forgotten). 
    Max suggests you visit the Mystery Vortex now, and I do too. Mosey on over 
    there now.
    Part Nine - The Mystery Vortex
    Oh my God, a possessed outhouse! And, some dancing objects! Could this GET any 
    better? Well, let`s head inside and see. I don`t like this place, lemme out of 
    here. Looks like Sam and Max are being resized as they walk around this place, 
    maybe that relates to the different sized doors with different colours on them? 
    Well, before attempting any doors, go use the mirror in the centre of the room, 
    and you`ll emerge in an underground chamber with three huge magnets in it. Each 
    magnet has a lever, and pulling these will turn on each magnet`s colour. Now, 
    I`m hoping you know how to mix colours. You need to make the colour of the door 
    you want to walk through upstairs. First of all, make white, turn on all three 
    of the magnets. Walk back outside, and try the white door towards the right of 
    the area. You should be the right size for it when you get over there, so head 
    This is Shuv-Oohl`s room, and the hamster-mole-man hybrid there is Shuv-Oohl 
    himself. After Max satisfies a more rabbit-like urge, ask Shuv-Oohl for his 
    help in locating Bruno. He`ll go all psychedelic on you, and say he`s getting a 
    karmic link to Bruno at Frog Rock, between two places. They`re random every 
    time you play, this time for me it was Mount Badrich and The World`s Biggest 
    Stump, could be any other one for you. He`d give you more information, but he 
    lost his mood ring inside that big twine ball thing, y`know, the one we haven`t 
    visited yet? Hint hint.
    Part Ten - The World`s Largest Ball of Twine
    Now THAT`s impressive. What do you mean you can sense the sarcasm in my typing, 
    I was being sincere! Head into the little building built onto the side of the 
    ball, and speak to the old guy sat there. Ask him a few things, about Bruno, 
    Conroy, and the fish flying past the window. Seems Bruno and his bigfoot 
    friends helped to build the ball of twine. Also seems that this particular ball 
    o` twine is the longest in the world by 92 yards. Interesting information. OK, 
    entirely uninteresting information, but, you might need it later. Head back 
    outside, and hop into the cable car at the front-right of the screen, to ride 
    up to the revolving restaurant atop the ball. Climb the stairs first, if you 
    keep missing the cable car. As you reach the top, Max will spot the end of the 
    ball of twine, and also you will see a chef rather poorly butchering fish, the 
    remnants of which we saw earlier. Click the shiny black and silver tube, and 
    you will take the elevator up to the revolving restaurant.
    You should take note of a few things up here; first of all there are the 
    exposed electrical wires on the floor. Second, there`s the pair of binoculars 
    mounted next to the window near them. Third, there`s that weird spoon-bending 
    bloke sat over the other side. We can use those binoculars to search for Frog 
    Rock, (remember, Shuv-Oohl mentioned it earlier?) but the restaurant is 
    spinning too fast to see anything. Take another look at those electrical wires, 
    seems they may be part of the control mechanism. Grab them, and use them with 
    the binoculars. Now that`s finished, we have, essentially, a remote controlled 
    revolving restaurant. Nifty. Use the `controls` again. Left clicking your 
    mousey will spin the restaurant counter-clockwise, and right clicking it will 
    spin it the other way. Looks like we`re not zoomed in enough to see anything 
    too clearly. Ooh, we grabbed something for magnifying in the carnival, 
    remember? That fishbowl lens I said was hard to find, use it with the 
    binoculars. Much better, now we can see all the bizarre local landmarks. Look 
    for the monuments that Shuv-Oohl mentioned earlier, in my case it was Mount 
    Badrich and The World`s Biggest Stump this time, it will be something different 
    for you. Left and right click your mouse until you have found them both, and 
    you will see Frog Rock located between them. Yay, shiny new map icon, and new 
    place to visit. Press Escape to leave the binoculars. We`ve got one more thing 
    to do before we leave this area. Talk to the spoon-bending guy, ask him a 
    couple of questions, and you`re get a lovely bent spanner (or wrench, for the 
    Americans reading this). Head back down the elevator (use it, don`t walk into 
    it), then the cable car.
    Once you`re back downstairs, it`s time to find Shuv-Oohl`s missing mood ring, 
    so he can help us out in finding Bruno. Head back into the old guy`s little 
    shack, and try using the ball of twine, chances are the mood ring is in there 
    somewhere. Hmm, maybe Max could fetch it. Nope? Looks like we need something 
    more snake-like. It`s time for our first bout of random item combining, and 
    this is going to need three parts. Something long that we can reach into the 
    twine with, something to attract the mood ring, and something to hold that in 
    place. Start off by using your severed hand (well, not YOUR severed hand, the 
    severed hand in your inventory) with the broken golf ball retriever. Try 
    shoving that into the ball of twine. Hmm, you can see the mood ring, but 
    there`s no attraction. The ring`s metal, maybe it`s magnetic? Use your World of 
    Fish magnet with your new contraption, then stick that in there. Success! Mood 
    ring collected, and, new invention to patent.. later. Head back outside, and 
    hop into your car, it`s time to give Shuv-Oohl his ring back.
    Part Eleven - The Mystery Vortex
    Wander back inside, and head back through the White door again (you should 
    already be the right size, if not, go tinker with the magnets to make white 
    light). Bigger than three bread boxes, wow, this game just keeps getting 
    better. I mean weirder. Give the ring back to the little mole, and, provided 
    you`ve been doing as I tell you, Sam will tell him that you`ve found Frog Rock 
    too. Shuv-Oohl tells you that you will need three bigfoot fur samples to smear 
    over Frog Rock, and some mystic Mole Man powder, which he proceeds to give you. 
    Well, we still need one more bigfoot fur swatch, maybe there`s another one in 
    this building somewhere. Head through the curtain at the back of the room 
    (doesn`t matter what size you are), and you`ll emerge in an upside-down gift 
    shop room thing, with, yup, another icy bigfoot cage, Bert`s, this time. These 
    names get worse. There`s another tuft of hair on there, so grab it, and walk 
    out. Head out of the Mystery Vortex, and mosey over to Frog Rock. Time for some 
    fireworks :)
    Part Twelve - Frog Rock
    Wow, this is interesting. If we didn`t know something far more important was 
    gonna happen here, we might be mistaken for thinking it was a pile of crap! 
    Walk over to the rock, and dump all three of your sasquatch swatches onto it, 
    one by one. That`s gross, Sam! Once you`re ready (take a deep breath), and use 
    your powder with the rock too. In a miraculous cut-scene, it gets dark 
    (quickly, as Max points out) and the stars illuminate the sky. An alien 
    spacecraft hovers over Frog Rock, and another Mole Man (Doug`s astro-cousin?) 
    emerges, sucks up all your hard-earned junk, and flies off. Fortunately, he 
    leaves you a clue, a rather large clue. GO TO BUMPUSVILLE. Go on, I wasn`t just 
    reading it out, go there, now!
    Part Thirteen - Bumpusville
    Okay, before we do anything here, best joke of the game in my opinion. Walk 
    over to the well near the front door, and use some of your money with it. Whoa, 
    this game is easier than I thought ;) This must be the most literal well in the 
    world! Put some more money in if you want, although the second joke isn`t as 
    amusing as the first. Enough procrastination; put your money away and head 
    inside. Groovy, look at all this stuff. Head into the door at the far right of 
    the hallway, on the top wall (you can see a green curtain from the hall). 
    That`s Lee-Harvey, in case you forgot, Conroy`s bodyguard and assistant. Speak 
    to him, and ask him about the virtual reality headgear next to him. Seems that 
    VR system is the key to the house`s security. Head back outside and into the 
    door on the right wall, with the horns above it, Conroy`s bedroom. SUNDAY! 
    SUNDAY! SUNDAY! I love that truck. Climb up onto the bed, (well, escalate up 
    onto it anyway), and grab the pillow with the green stuff on it, it`ll come in 
    handy later. Stay up on the bed, and use your golf-ball retriever contraption 
    again to grab one of the books from above the doorway. Absolutely magical, Sam, 
    absolutely magical. Sam`ll head down the escalator and take a read of the hefty 
    tome. Fifteen hours later, Sam`s head is filled with new information, on 
    programming that little cleaning robot you may or may not have noticed 
    wandering around the house.
    Now, wait around for the droid to come into that room, and when he does, use 
    him. Now, we want this droid cleaning all the rooms in the house, so plug the 
    blue and grey wires into the brain. Press Escape, and a cut scene will 
    commence. Wow, it`s Bruno and Trixie, although our focus has somewhat changed 
    to wanting to have a go with that Virtual Reality headset. We`ve already 
    programmed the robot to cross over the security beam in the other room, which 
    will send Lee-Harvey running off to see what`s going on. Quickly walk back into 
    the VR room and use the headset. Whoa, check out those polygons! Pull the 
    golden sword out of the rock, walk forwards a little, and a fearsome dragon 
    will appear (well, I say fearsome, more polygonal). I didn`t know dragons could 
    use swords. Regardless, use your sword on him and you`ll slice him up, 
    revealing his heart (You got a PIECE OF HEART! Collect four of these and... ah 
    never mind, wrong game). Go pick up the heart, and a key will come out of it. 
    This is the security key, and we need it to free Bruno and Trixie. Walk over 
    towards the left of the room, the side we haven`t explored yet.
    Grab the painting of Join Muir. Oh, God, I was wrong, THIS is the funniest 
    scene in the game. Edutaining, and utterly side-splitting. Put your John Muir 
    portrait away, and walk through into the room the animal heads are surrounding. 
    Bruno and Trixie are in here, but you already knew that :) Uh-oh, Conroy is 
    too. I`d find this scene funny if LucasArts hadn`t actually included this song 
    as an audio track on the Sam and Max CD. Anyway, once he`s slimed off out of 
    his little trapdoor (or dog-door), use your key in the silver device in the 
    lower-right corner of the screen (don`t cross the green beam as the robot did). 
    Hooray, you`ve freed them! Game over? Nah. Seems Bruno are off to a party in 
    Nevada, let`s follow `em. Well, not out that tiny door, go out of the main one, 
    it makes more sense, since your car`s out there anyway :)
    Part Fourteen - Savage Jungle Inn
    Walk in through the little door near your car, and you`ll find Evelyn Morrison, 
    famed B-Movie star, and a bigfoot guard. Speak with Evelyn, ask her a load of 
    stuff if you want, then when you say goodbye, she will give you two pamphlets, 
    for the Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee Jumping National Park, and 
    the Celebrity Vegetable Museum. Head outside, get back into your car, we`ve got 
    a little trip to the World of Fish to make.
    Part Fifteen - World of Fish
    Now, last time we were here, we didn`t have Max with us. This time he`ll prove 
    invaluable. See the huge fish in the river, the plastic one, with the open 
    mouth? Get your spanner and use it with the metal pole attaching the fish to 
    the floor. Now use the fish, and Sam will climb inside it. Use Max with it too, 
    so you`re both in there, and get ready to float off downstream, scaring the 
    heck out of that fisherman. I want to be an ubertrout. You`ll be flung out of 
    the water, and picked up by the helicopter you saw earlier, and taken over to 
    the Ball of Twine. Wheeeeeee!
    Part Sixteen - The World`s Largest Ball of Twine
    After the chef runs off inside to find a bigger knife with which to chop you, 
    quickly use Max with the loose end of twine hanging below the rail. Max will 
    chomp a piece off, 91 yards to be precise, meaning it`s still the biggest, by a 
    yard. After you regain control, and you`ve got your car back (magic), climb in, 
    and drive off to the Dinosaur Tarpit.
    Part Seventeen - Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit
    Bungee jumping from a former President`s nose must feel so exhilarating. I 
    mean, more exhilarating than a regular bungee jump might. Walk over to where 
    the dinosaur and mammoth are located; you`ll see them near your car. Use Max 
    with the mammoth, and Max`s mighty incisors will free some of its hair. Put it 
    away, we`ll need it later. Turn your attention to the T-Rex there, push the 
    little metal button near it, then quickly right-click at a point where his 
    mouth is fully open. Grab your twine, and use it with the dinosaur`s mouth. Sam 
    will make a lasso and hook it over one of the dinosaur`s chompers. Use Max with 
    the twine, and get ready for the full. It`s like pulling teeth. No, wait! It IS 
    pulling teeth! Sam will throw Max up to the car, who will fix the other end of 
    the twine to the door, and slam it shut, wrenching one of the dino`s teeth 
    clean out.
    Right, we`ve had enough fun with prehistory, walk through the doorway near the 
    bungee jumpers, to the tarpit. I never got to play in tar when I was a kid, 
    look at him, he`s having so much fun. I want some tar, I have to have some! Ask 
    the kid at the end of the line if you can have cuts, hmm, guess not. We`ll have 
    to find another way. There seem to be bungee jumpers dropping over the pool, 
    maybe we can bungee our way down and grab some tar. Yep, it`s time for 
    everybody`s favourite contraption again, the broken golf ball retriever thing. 
    Attach that big Snuckey`s cup to it, and it`ll make a perfect reticule to store 
    tar. Walk to the right, and climb the bungee elevator to the top floor.
    Speak to the blonde woman here, ask her if you can bungee. Uh-oh, bestialist. 
    Well, ignore her attempts to seduce Sam, and ask her again if you can go. Use 
    the stand thingy at the back of the room, and Sam will kit up with his bungee 
    jumping paraphernalia. I`d get your cup invention out of your inventory now so 
    you can access it easier, since you only get a few seconds to click on the 
    tarpit and grab some of the black stuff. Once you`ve got it, you`ll come back 
    up. Open your inventory, and straightaway use the tar with the mammoth fur. 
    Sticky mammoth fur! Next step, use your tar-and-hair with the stilt walker`s 
    costume. Et voila, it`s a bigfoot costume! Perhaps this will make getting into 
    the bigfoot-only party we heard about easier. We`re done here, so go back 
    behind the curtain and get changed, then head down the elevator, past the 
    tarpit, and back to your car. Our bigfoot costume needs one more touch before 
    it`s totally ready, an authentic hairpiece.
    Part Eighteen - Celebrity Vegetable Museum
    Walk to the right as soon as you get to this bizarre place, ooh, your likeness 
    from a picture! Talk to the woman behind the.. counter, thing, and give her 
    your picture of John Muir, since he`s the closest to a celebrity we have. 
    She`ll tell you to come back later for your vegetable, so grab one of the 
    Conroy Bumpus eggplants from the bin to the right. Speaking of Conroy, we`re 
    heading back to his house now.
    Part Nineteen - Bumpusville
    Conroy Bumpus` awful hairpiece looks somewhat like a gorilla might wear it atop 
    their head. Guess what? We`re gonna lift Conroy`s wig! Go inside the house, to 
    his bedroom (room on the far right of the hall, remember?), and take a look at 
    the toupee at the right side of the room. Now, you can try to grab it if you 
    want, but, you`re gonna set an alarm off and get thrown out. Take your Conroy 
    vegetable, and use it with the toupee, and in a feat that would make Indiana 
    Jones jealous, you`ll obtain Conroy`s hairpiece. Hop back in the car, we`re 
    done here. You`re off to the bigfoot party now!
    Part Twenty - Savage Jungle Inn
    When you get here, add your toupee to the bigfoot costume to complete it. Head 
    inside, and use your costume with Max. You`ll hop in the phone booth and get in 
    your costume. The gorilla will applaud your efforts, but unfortunately he`s 
    just not gonna be that nice unless you help him out. Well, it looks like his 
    feet are in some pain, how about giving him your lovely raspy rasp? Hand it 
    over, use your costume with Max again, and, you`ll be in!
    As soon as you get in, a speech from the grand master bigfoot thingy will 
    begin. Boring as anything, but, pay attention. Seems the bigfoots are dying 
    out, and after an abrupt end to the speech, you`ll regain control of your 
    guys.. guy. Bigfoot. Go grab the bottle of wine on the table, then walk through 
    the little door at the rear of the room. Take the icepick from next to the 
    freezer, then try to walk out of the door at the back. Uh-oh, it`s Conroy and 
    Lee-Harvey, and they`ve been totally fooled by your costume. Seems Conroy has a 
    stunning device, and he`s holding us hostage! Well, we`re NOT a bigfoot, so 
    open your inventory and use the costume. You`ll strip back to your normal 
    attire, and Conroy and Lee-Harvey will head into the freezer to get changed. 
    Talk to Max a couple of times, or use him with the door, and he`ll slam it shut 
    and turn up the coldness. Not only do we get to freeze two people, we get to be 
    made honorary Yeti chiefs? Sweet. Head back out into the main room, and you`ll 
    be announced as chiefs. Seems the only benefit is the ability to walk around. 
    Follow the chief out, and he`ll share his biggest secret with you. Four huge 
    totem poles, each one containing a riddle. Seems it`s up to us to solve it. We 
    need to find an item for each of the four totems, and then go give them to the 
    chief. Well, in our collecting we`ve already managed to obtain two of these 
    items, so click on the red slide and you`ll walk over to the pool where the 
    chief hangs out. Conroy`s icky pillow is the solution to the fourth totem (the 
    one with a bald guy and a hair-ridden guy on it), and the dinosaur tooth is the 
    solution to the second totem. Hand both of these items over to the chief, and 
    he will throw them into the pond. Seems that`s eliminated totems two and four, 
    we`ve got one and three left to go. In case you hadn`t figured it out already, 
    the third totem has a picture of John Muir on it, so let`s head back to the 
    Celebrity Vegetable Museum to get our carving. Click the red slide again to get 
    back to the totem area, then the left side of the screen to get back to the 
    party, then from here head outside and to the car.
    Part Twenty-One - Celebrity Vegetable Museum
    All you need to do here is walk up to the woman who took your portrait, and ask 
    about your vegetable. She will hand it right over, and we`re done here! Get 
    back in the car and go to the Ball of Twine.
    Part Twenty-Two - The World`s Largest Ball of Twine
    Get in the cable car and head up to the restaurant. We need to open that wine 
    bottle we got, but we don`t have a corkscrew. A corkscrew is essentially a bent 
    piece of metal, and who do we know who bends metal? Hand your icepick over to 
    the guy here and he`ll corkscrew it up for ya. Use it to open the wine, and 
    you`ll get the cork. Use the cork with your snow globe, there, that`s sealed it 
    up. The first riddle has some sort of tornado on it, similar to what you might 
    see inside a snow globe. Where might we find a tornado? Well, the only place 
    that comes to mind is the Mystery Vortex, so let`s head over there.
    Part Twenty-Three - The Mystery Vortex
    Go straight inside, and into the curtain at the rear, to the gift shop. Use the 
    Mini Vortex in here, and whilst you`re inside, whip out your snowglobe, and 
    you`ll capture some inside. Perfect, it`s the solution to the first riddle! 
    Well, that`s all of them now, so head back to the back garden of the Savage 
    Jungle Inn.
    Part Twenty-Four - Savage Jungle Inn
    Head over to the chief, and hand him your zucchini and snowglobe. That`s it, 
    endgame, you`re done :) Congratulations. I won`t spoil the ending here, suffice 
    to say that it features the Sam and Max wackiness you should be taking for 
    granted by now. All is resolved in the end, and the world is saved thanks to 
    our heroes. Well, I say saved. You`ll see :)
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    I did it, and if I find out that anybody has thieved it or is charging money 
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    things to them.
    If you do wish to contact me, for game help or whatever, or you want to use 
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