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"A hilarious game from Lucas Arts"

Though old, Sam and Max is still an incdredible game, and one that deserves to be played. Combine a hilarious plotline, hilarious voice acting (for all the right reasons), and hilarious gameplay, and well, you've got youself one hilarious game (I will try to stop using the word 'hilarious' so much). The game centers around a private eye named Sam, and his partner Max. The thing is, Sam is a dog and Max is an insane rabbit. Of course, Sam walks upright, talks, and wears a classic private eye getup (Max goes around naked). Your quest begins with a phonecall from the feakshow manager of a local carnival (This all happens after the hilarious opening, of course... dang, said it again). It seems one of their main attractions, a frozen bigfoot named Bruno, has escaped. So, it's up to Sam and Max to travel across the US and find Bruno.

Sam and Max is an adventure/puzzle game where you manipulate objects and move Sam or Max around by clicking various places on the screen. Collect items, and try everything, because the puzzles are tough. However, the game stays fresh because every scenario is funny, and something wacky is always going on. All the dialogue in the game is spoken, and the voice actors do a great job. This game will have you laughing to the end.

Gameplay: Funny and interesting. The puzzles are tough, and you will spend a lot of time backtracking, trying to find items or events you may have missed. Fear not, because each location is easily accessible with your map of the USA. Great fun. The only complaint is that this game might be a little too hard to figure out some times (the dino tooth thing is a real killer). 9/10

Graphics: The graphics are great, and have a humorous cartoony look to them that suits the game well. If you saw the TV show on Fox Kids, you know what the game will look like. Each location has something outrageous in it, from the world's largest ball of yarn, to the bigfoot reunion party. All locations are interesting to see and funny to behold. 10/10

Music/Sound: Perfect! The voice acting is incredible, and the music is too. The tunes suit the game well, and there are other assorted sound effects that are all well done. 10/10

Overall: If you can find this game, buy it! It is well worth it, and it should be cheap, too. Finding it might be hard, though.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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