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    Walkthrough by Volume

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        The Secret of Monkey Island - LeChuck's Revenge
        General advice
        The game sometimes requires you to talk to somebody and mention 
        certain thing before a certain option is advailble.
        Part I - The Largo Embargo
        Scabb Island
        Acessible locations - woodtick, beach, swamp, cemetery, pennisula.
        Acessible Locations - toll bridge, woodsmith, bar, kitchen, map 
        maker, inn, laundry.
        You started with lots of money in your inventory, though you are not
        going to keep them for long. Largo will come and take all your money.
        Walk to the right. You'll find a map of the island. Move the cursor
        around to check what places you can access.
        Walk to boathouse. Talk to Captain Dread. He'll tell you to get rid
        of Largo before you can get out of this island.
        Walk to coffin. Use coffin. Row to the right until you have reach
        the shack.
        Walk to the right and talk to the voodoo lady, Mojo. Ask her about
        the voodoo doll. You'll get a voodoo shopping list from her.
        The 4 items are from the dead, head, thread and body.
        1. Item from the dead - Largo's ancestor.
        At the toll bridge, look at the sign. Pick up the sign, you'll get
        the shovel on it.
        Walk to graves. Look at tombstones. Locate Largo's ancestor grave.
        Use the shovel to dig the appropriate grave. Get a bone.
        2. Item from the body - Largo's body fluid.
        Go to Wally's place (the cartographer). Walk to the pile of papers.
        Pick up a piece of paper.
        Walk to the hatch (bar). Talk to bartender. When you mentioned Largo,
        Largo will appears and spit something on the wall. Wait for him to
        leave. Use the piece of paper to get the spit on the wall.
        3. Item from the head - Largo's hair
        Walk to window (just beside the hatch). This will let you enter the
        kitchen. Walk to table, pick up knife.
        Walk to the inn. Talk to innkeeper. Use knife on the rope to release
        the alligator. The innkeeper will run after the alligator so you
        enter the Largo's room. 
        Largo's room. Walk to the plastic head. Pick up toupee.
        4. Item from the thread - Largo's clothing
        Walk to laundry shop. Walk to the left, pick up the bucket.
        Look at swamp. Use bucket on swamp to get a bucket of mud.
        Largo's room. Close the door first. Put the bucket of mud on top of
        the door. Wait for Largo to come in. This will dirty Largo's clothing.
        Follow him to the laundry. Listen to the conversation.
        Go back to Largo's room. Close the door. Get the laundry ticket
        behind the door.
        Go to the laundry. Give the ticket to the old man to get Largo's
        Talk to Mojo. Give her the four items. She'll give you a voodoo doll
        and some pins.
        Largo's room. Use pins on voodoo doll. This will get Largo off the
        Talk to Captain Dread. You'll need to find something for him first.
        Walk to Wally's place. Talk to him. Make sure he has nothing more
        to tell you. Wait for him to put down his monocle. Pick up monocle.
        Give the monocle to Captain Dread. He'll will need you to get 20
        pieces of eight first.
        Walk to laundry. Talk to pirates. Agree to buy wood polish. 
        Walk to woodsmith's place. Talk to him and buy the wood polish.
        Walk to laundry. Use wood polish on peg leg. You'll get a piece
        of eight each time you do that. But that don't give you sufficient
        money to pay the Captain.
        So, you need to find a job and earn some money.
        Pick up stick.
        Mojo's place. Look around. Pick up string.
        Walk to inn. Look at bowl. Pick up cheese squiggles.
        Walk to laundry. Open box. Use stick on box. Use cheese squiggles
        on box. Use string on stick. Wait for the rat to eat the cheese.
        Pull the string to catch the rat. Open box. Get rat.
        Go to the kitchen (enter it from the window). Put rat in the pot.
        Walk to bar. Talk to bartender. Ask him about the stew. He'll check
        the stew and find the rat in the soup. As a result, the cook is
        fired and you got a new job. The bartender will give you 420 pieces
        of eight.
        Talk to the Captain. 
        Part II - Four Map Pieces
        There are three islands you can access: Scabb, Booty and Phatt.
        Outside the boat. Pick up parrot chow. Read the book about Big 
        Whoops to find out who are having the map pieces.
        1. Map piece from Rapp Scallion the cook.
        Booty Isle
        Enter antique shop. Buy the well polished saw (near the door).
        Scabb Isle
        Walk to laundry. Use the well polished saw on peg leg.
        Walk to woodsmith's place. He'll be out for emergency service. Pick
        up hammer and nails.
        Booty Isle
        Enter Stan's coffin shop. Talk to him. Ask him to show you the coffin.
        When he is in, close the coffin. He'll give you a hankie. Close the
        coffin again. Use the hammer with the nails to trap Stan inside the
        coffin. Get the crypt key.
        Scabb Isle
        Use the crypt key to open the crypt. Enter the crypt. You'll find
        many coffins with quotes on them. You'll need to find out which
        one is Rapp's coffin before you can open them.
        Phatt's Isle
        Once you reach the isle, you'll be captured. In the jail. Open 
        mattress. Pick up stick. Use stick on bone. Give the bone to the
        dog. Get key. Use key to open jail door. Get the envelopes. One
        of them contains your personnal item and the other contain a
        banana and an organ.
        Walk to the library. Borrow a few book. Get a temporary library
        card from the librarian. Borrow the book on voodoo "receipts: the 
        joy of hex".
        Open gate. Walk to door. Enter door. Talk to guard. FInd some reason
        to get him away. Go upstairs. Use book (any one will do) to swap the
        book from the governer. Look at the book. It's contain all the
        famous quotes of many pirates.
        Scabb Isle
        Look at the coffins. Open the coffin of Rapp Scallion. Look inside.
        Pick up some ash.
        Go to Mojo's place. Look at the jar. One of them is the ash 2 life
        potion. Talk to Mojo. Give her the ash of Rapp Scallion and get the
        ash-2-life potion from her. Use the book of voodoo receipts when
        Use the potion on Rapp's ash. Talk to Rapp. Agree to check up his
        hut and get a key from him.
        Use the key to open door to the weenie hut. Use the knob to turn
        off the gas.
        Talk to Rapp again. He'll give you a map piece.
        2. Map piece from Young Lindy, the cabin boy. 
        Booty Isle
        Walk to antique shop. The map piece is on sale there for 6 million
        pieces of eight. You'll need to find the head piece from the Mad
        Monkey to exchange for it. Buy the horn.
        Talk to Captain Kate (the women with the big hat). Get a leaflet
        from her.
        Go to spitting contest. Try spitting. Walk to the flags and look
        at them. Try to pick them up. Use horn. All the people there will
        be distract for a while. Pick up the flags and shift their position.
        Try spitting again. You will do a bit better, but not good enough.
        Scabb Isle
        Go to the bar. Show the library card to the innkeeper and this
        allow you to buy drinks from him. Buy the blue drink and yellow
        drink. You'll be given a crazy straw. Use the blue drink on the 
        yellow drink to get the green drink.
        Booty Isle
        Go to the spit master. Use the crazy straw with the green drink.
        This make your spit thicker. Try the contest again. Not bad, you
        got second place. Try spitting again, this time spit only when
        you find the women scarf is flying (this indicates that it's
        windy). This let you win the contest. You get a plague.
        Go to antique shop. Sell the plague to the dealer for 6000 pieces
        of eight.
        Talk to Captain Kate. Charter the ship but don't go to sea yet.
        Phatt Isle
        Borrow the book "Disaster : Great shipwrecks of the century". Read
        the book and note down the location of the sunken monkey.
        Booty Isle
        Talk to Captain Kate again. Look for sunken treasure.
        Go to the location indicated in the book. Dive for treasure. When
        you have found the ship, pick up the head piece. Use the anchor
        to go up.
        Go to antique shop. Give the head piece to the dealer, get the
        map piece.
        3. Map piece from Captain Marley.
        Phatt Isle
        Go to alley. Talk to man. Play the game. You'll always lose in the
        game. Notice the little guy always win. So, something fishy is
        Follow the little guy to the another alley. Observe what he do.
        When he had left. Knock on the slot on the door. Ask about the
        next winning number. You'll be shown two signs. Always answer
        with the number of fingers you are shown previously, i.e.
        if he show you 4 then 5 answer 4
        if he show you 5 then 2 answer 5
        if he show you 1 then 2 answer 1
        Remember the number and go an play the game again. You just need
        to win the invitation card. There is no need for the rest of the
        Booty Isle
        Go to custume shop. Give invitation to man. Get your custum.
        The guard will stop you and demand an invitation card and a custume.
        Wear the custume and go to the governer's mansion. 
        Go to the side of the mansion. Open door and enter the kitchen. Try
        to get the fish. You'll be chase outside. This time try to pick up
        the trashcan. This irritates the chef and he will chase after you.
        Run round the mansion and enter the kitchen again. Pick up fish.
        Enter mansion. Pick up map piece. Exit the mansion. Try to get away.
        The dog and the gardener will stop you and bring you the Elaine.
        Talk to her as sweetly as possible. The distance between you two
        should get as near as possible. After she have thrown the map piece
        outside the window. Pick up the oars. Exit mansion and try to pick up 
        the map. The wind will blow it away to the cliff. Pick up the dog.
        Walk to the side. Look at the map piece. You'll need something to
        get the map piece.
        Phatt Isle
        Walk to pier. Talk to fisherman. Bet with him. Give him the fish
        to get the fishing pole.
        Booty Isle
        Walk to the side of the cliff. Use the fishing pole on the map.
        A bird will take the map away.
        Big Tree
        Walk to the big tree. There is a plank in one of the hole. Pick
        up the plank. Use the oar in the first hole. Walk to the tree
        and then stand on oars. The oar will break and you'll have a
        dream. The necessary stuff will be written in the piece of paper
        in your inventory.
        Scabb Isle
        Go to woodsmith's place. Give the oars to smithy. He'll fix it
        for you.
        Booty Isle
        Big Tree
        Use oar in first hole. Stand on oar. Use the plank in second
        hole. Stand on plank. Pick up oar and put in in third hole.
        Stand on oar, pick up plank and put it in fourth hole... etc
        until you reach the top of the tree. Enter door. Look at the
        pile of maps. Use the dog to get map piece.
        4. Map piece from Mister Roger, the first mate
        Booty Isle
        Big Tree
        Pick up telescope.
        Go to antique shop. Buy the sign beside parrot. Notice the hook
        behind the sign. Use the parrot chow with the hook. The parrot
        will turn to look at it. Buy the mirror.
        Scabb Isle
        Go to the bar. Use banana on metronome. Pick up monkey.
        Phatt Isle
        Use leaflet (from Captain Kate) on poster. Exit the island. 
        Captain Kate will be captured. Enter the jail. Use the key
        to free her. Pick up the envelope with her belonging. There
        is a bottle of half grog inside.
        Walk to the path above the waterfall. Use the monkey on the pump.
        The water will stop flowing.
        Enter the cave. This leads you to the cottage.
        Talk to man. Try the challenge and see what happened. You'll 
        definitely lose if you don't do something. Take the challenge
        again. Pick up mug. Use mug on tree to empty it first. Use mug
        with bottle of half grog. This allow you to win the contest.
        Walk to the trapdoor. Push the brick. You'll fall straight 
        through the tunnel. Ok, let's try that again. Open the window
        first. Use the mirror on the mirror frame. Go outside the
        cottage and use the telescope on the groteque statue. The sun
        ray will burn a hole in the brick. Push the brick again. Look
        at the skeleton. Pick up the map piece.
        Phatt Isle
        Go to the library. Open lighthouse model. Pick up lens.
        Booty Isle
        Go to Wally's place. Give him the lens. Give him the map pieces.
        He'll ask you to run an errand for him.
        Talk to Mojo. Get the juju bag. Look inside it. There's a love
        bomb and a box of matches.
        Go to Wally's place. He's captured by LeChuck.
        Notice that there is a box laying near the swamp. Look at it.
        Open it and use it.
        Part III - LeChuck's Fortress
        Walk to the right. You'll find a lots of signs there. Don't enter
        it yet. Walk to the right tunnel. Look at jail. Talk to Wally.
        Walk back to the signs. Enter the back tunnels. Look at the piece
        of paper you have. Push bones according to what is written on the
        piece of paper. You'll need to do it 4 times, each time using one
        of the verses.
        You should find a huge door. It may look complicated. But you
        simply need to open the door. And this let you a doggie door.
        Pick up the jail key. It's a trap and you'll be hanging in the
        air in no time.
        You can't move now. but you can still use your mouth. Use crazy
        straw on green drink. You can spit on many places but you just need
        to concentrate on two places: the pan (just below Wally) and the
        shield (to your right). Notice that they changes their angle
        slightly every time you spit on them. Spit on them to adjust their
        angle. The correct angle will let you spit on the shield and it
        then bounces off to the pan which in turn send it to the candle.
        This turns off the light and you manage to escape. 
        In darkness, use the box of matches to light up the place. Oops,
        seem that you have done it at the wrong place.
        Part IV - Dinky Island
        Talk the Herman. You must talk for a long time before you hit the
        right answer. There are many thing on the beach. Pick up crowbar. 
        Pick up martini glass. Use glass with ocean. Use glass of sea water 
        with sill to get distill water. Pick up bottle in the ocean. Use
        the bottle on the rock to break it. Open barrel to get cracker.
        Give cracker to parrot. Note what it says.
        Enter jungle. Walk to the left all the way to the big tree. Use
        the broken bottle on the bag. Get the cracker mix. Use the distill
        water on cracker mix to get two crackers.
        Walk to the pond (Walk right three times). Pick up rope. Use
        crowbar on the box. Get dynamites. Follow the direction given
        by parrot. You should find the parrot there. Give another
        cracker to it. Follow the direction given by parrot. The parrot
        should be there. Give it the last piece of cracker. You should
        find the big X.
        Use shovel on big X. Use matches with dynamites. Use dynamites
        with hole to blow it up. 
        Use crowbar with rope. Use crowbar 'n' rope with metal rod.
        Watch what happens.
        In darkness, move the cursor around until you find the light
        switch. Turn in on. Oops, Lechuck is here. He will zapped you
        to a random room. So, try to get familiar with the different
        places and do thing fast.
        In the first aid room. Open trashcan to get 2 surgical gloves.
        Open drawer to get hyppdermic springe. Pick up skull.
        In the room with many box. Open all the box you can opened.
        Pick up root beer, voodoo doll, balloon.
        Do this in any room you find LeChuck. Give hankie to LeChuck,
        he'll blow his nose and give it back to you.
        In the room with the broken grog machine. Use the helium
        tank with the 2 surgical gloves and balloon. This make you
        lighter. Use the coin return. A coin will drop out. Wait
        for LeChuck to enter the room. He'll bend down to pick up 
        the coin. Pick up his underwear.
        At the elevator, enter it. The 3 balloons you have with you,
        will let you use it to go up. Wait for LeChuck to come in,
        use the lever to go up. This shut the door and you'll get
        LeChuck's beard.
        Use the juju bag with the voodoo doll, beard, underwear,
        used hankie and skull. Mix them to get the voodoo doll of 
        Now, it's revenge time. Walk around to look for LeChuck. When
        he enter the room, use the springe on the voodoo doll. He'll
        run away from you. Walk around to look for him. 
        From now on, you can sit back and go through the end game.
        Well done, you have completed the game.
        special thanks to those who help me out during the game:
        Stephen Lau - lauch@wiliki.eng.hawaii.edu
        Wesley Chang - 128a-21g@WEB.berkeley.edu
        Fractalman - wxw6348@ultb.isc.rit.edu
        Sam - doodsf@gaia.ecs.csus.edu

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