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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tricky

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/26/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version 1.00 - By Tricky
    | Index:                                                                       |
         Introduction to this FAQ and the game ........................... IDX01
         Part One: The Largo Embargo ..................................... IDX02
         Part Two: Four Map Pieces ....................................... IDX03
         Part Three: LeChuck's Fortress .................................. IDX04
         Part Four: Dinkey Island ........................................ IDX05
         Sub-Part: LeChuck's Voodoo Doll ................................. IDX06
    | Introduction to this FAQ and the game                                | IDX01 |
    Monkey Island is one of the good old adventure games of long lost times. 
    If you wonder how to get this game, I cannot help you, I still got my copy from
    times this was still in store. I'm sure there are sites you can download it 
    from, but since I cannot support software piracy, I cannot give you links.
    If you can give me sites on which this game can be bought/downloaded from
    WITHOUT VIOLATING COPYRIGHTS mail me, and I'll add those to this FAQ.
    Also note that since this game is old you may NOT be able to play it on modern 
    machines. You may need an emulator to play it.
    One of the best out there is DOSBox.
    Download it from: http://www.dosbox.com
    I recommand only to use this FAQ when you are stuck, or else this game will be
    no challenge at all. If you are stuck look at the index on what you are doing
    and look at the IDX code. Open a search window (Ctrl-F in Windows and Linux and
    Apple-F in MacOS).
    There are a few things you should know though.
    - All items you pick up can be dropped anywhere you want. Please note that in 
      most cases you can come back for those items. However there is one point in
      which you need to check before continuing or else the game can NOT be 
    - There are jewels everywhere across Kyrandia. They appear at random so I cannot
      tell you where to look for those. Only a few specific ones can be found at
      fixed places. You can do well, in collecting those, but since you can only
      carry 10 items, you may want to store them all in one location as long as the
      game allows it. There are only two tasks in which these jewels have value
    - This game has a dozen of areas or "rooms" as we call them in adventure 
      programming terms. Each time you get into a new room I start with "-" and the
      name of the room, so you can check if you are in the right room.
    Lastly there's the diffrence between the easy game and the hard game. 
    When you choose the hard game you get the game as you're supposed to get it.
    When you choose the easy game a lot of puzzles have been either simplified or
    removed entirely. Therefore I may put some boxes in my FAQ which are marked
    EASY or HARD. When a box is labeled EASY then the stuff I wrote there only
    applies for the EASY mode, and the when the box is labelled HARD then the stuff
    I wrote there only applies for the HARD version... Easy huh?
    Well, that's all folks...
    Let's get started on this
    | Part One: The Largo Embargo                                          | IDX02 |
    The first two parts are the most chaotic ones of the game, so I'll try to put
    in all steps one by one. The game is written that way that you can redo what you
    forgot, so don't worry looking things back up when you missed something.
    - Cross the bridge and Largo will rip you of all your money.
      (Same will happen when you try to walk the other way).
    - Once Largo's gone take the shovel from the sign
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Walk to the most back ship                                                 |
    | - Pick up the bucket and the pirate will object. Say the next things:        |
    |   = "Sorry is this your bucket?"                                             |
    |   (You can also beg it out of him, but that takes a very long while)         |
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Go to the hotel ship                                                       |
    | - Pick up the rope holding the reptile                                       |
    | - Examine the bowl to get some cheese squigglies                             |
    | - Enter the hotel room                                                       |
    | - Take the shirt from the bed                                                |
    | - Take the toupee                                                            |
    | - Leave the ship                                                             |
    - Go to the middle ship and sneak in by the window
      (You'll be in a kitchen. In the easy mode there's nobody, in the hard mode
      there's a cook working here. Ignore him, he's not important now).
    - Pick up the knife from the table
    - Sneak out the window
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Go to the hotel ship                                                       |
    | - Cut the rope holding the reptile                                           |
    | - Get the chees things from the bowl                                         |
    | - Leave the ship                                                             |
    - Go to the cartographer
    - Steal his monocole when he puts it down
    - Leave the "city"
    You'll be on the Scabb Island World Map. Go to the graveyard
    - Find the grave of "Marco Largo LaGrande"
    - Use your shovel on that grave to dig up a bone
    - Leave the graveyard
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Go to the swamp and fill a bucket with swamp water                         |
    | - Go back to Woodtick                                                        |
    | - Go to the hotel boat and enter the bedroom                                 |
    | - Pick up the toupee                                                         |
    | - Close the door (the door will stick)                                       |
    | - Put the bucket of mud on the door                                          |
    | - Hide behind the dressing screen                                            |
    | - Largo will fall for your trap. Wait till he leaves                         |
    | - Leave the ship                                                             |
    | - Go to the back ship and hear Largo argue with the dead laundry washer      |
    | - After Largo leaves, go back to his cabin                                   |
    | - Close the door and take the laudry ticket from the door                    |
    | - Go back to the laundry master and give him the ticket and you'll get a     |
    |   bra.                                                                       |
    | - Leave the city                                                             |
    - Go to the swamp                                                            
    - Use the coffin and row to the shack                                        
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - In there get a piece of string                                             |
    - Meet the Fortune Teller in the back
    - Hear her out about Largo and get her to give you the recipe for a voodoo doll.
    - After you got the shopping list leave the shack and leave the swamp
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Go to the beach                                                            |
    | - Get the stick                                                              |
    | - Go to Woodtick                                                             |
    - Go to Woodtick
    - Go to the cartographer and steal a piece of paper from him
    - Go to the bar
    - Hear the bartender out until Largo comes and spits against the wall
    - Use the paper you stole from the cartographer to scoop Largo's spit from the
    - Now make all the way back to the Voodoo Lady
    - Give her the next items
      = Toupee
      = Largo's spit
      = Bone
      = Bra (Hard mode) or Shirt (Easy Mode)
      You'll receive a voodoo doll of Largo and a set of needles
    - Go back to Largo's room in the hotel ship (Woodthick)
    - Use the needles on the voodoo doll. After a short sequence you'll end up
      at the Voodoo Lady's place.
    - Leave the swamp and go back to Woodtick
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Go to the back part of the city (where the laundry guy is)                 |
    | - Open the box (Don't move, the lid will close if you do)                    |
    | - Put the stick under the box lid                                            |
    | - Attach the string to the stick                                             |
    | - Put the cheese thingies in the box                                         |
    | - Make distance from the box and wait until the rat starts eating the cheese |
    | - Pull the string                                                            |
    | - Open the box and get the rat out of it                                     |
    | - Sneak into the kitchen of the bar (by the window, remember)                |
    | - Put the rat into the vichyssoise to create vichyssoise avec rat            |
    | - Sneak out of the window                                                    |
    - Go to the bar and talk to the barkeeper
    - Ask for the stew (and watch the cook getting fired if you play Hard Mode)
    - The cook will offer you a job. Ask how much it pays and accept the offer
    Not much to do, but you just needed some cash and now you have it.
    - Sneak out of the window
    - Leave woodtick and head for the peninsula
    - Enter the boat
    - Talk to the captain
    - Say you want to charter a ship
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Give him the monocole                                                      |
    - Now charter the ship (and accept the price) and this part is finished.
    | Part Two: Four Map Pieces                                            | IDX03 |
    This part is the most complicated part in the game. There are very many routes 
    to take in random order. I had to decide on one route for the good of this FAQ.
    This part starts with a small cutscene. After that you're on the boat.
    - Pick up the parrot chow.
    - Go to the bridge
    - Ask the captain about the islands you can go to
      He'll tell you about Scabb Island, Booty Island and Phatt Island
    - Go to Booty Island (Shortest way will be taken.... NOT).
    +----- EASY -------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Enter the store on the left                                                |
    | - Buy the map piece for 100 pieces of eight                                  |
    +----- HARD -------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Enter the store on the left                                                |
    | - Buy the horn                                                               |
    | - Try to buy the map piece the the price is too high.                        |
    | - Ask if the storekeeper accepts Visa. Then ask about what trade-ins he'll   |
    |   accept. Then ask what he wants for the map. He'll mention a sunken ship    |
    |   he wants the figurehead for. Inquire more until he mentions Mad Monkey     |
    - Buy the sign near the bird.
    - Put the parrot chow near the bird on the wall, so it'll move away from the 
      mirror. (Place the chow where the sign used to be).  
    - Take the mirror (you gotta pay for it though).
    - Buy the saw
    - Leave the store
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Talk to Kate (the woman with the flyers)                                   |
    | - Talk a leaflet out of her                                                  |
    - Take the ship back to Scabb Island
    - Go to the sleeping pirates in the back of Woodtick
    - Saw the right one's peg leff off
    - Leave the area (The pirate will shout and the woodsmith will go to him)
    - Go to the woodsmit's place
    - Steal the hammer and the nails
    - Okay you're done here, go back to Booty Island.
    - Go to Stan's 
    - Talk Stan into demonstrating a coffin
    - When he is in the coffin use the hammer and nails to lock in in the coffin.
    - Take the crypt key from the back wall
    - Leave the shop
    - Set sail to Phatt Island (upon your arrival you'll be arrested and thrown in
    - Pick up the matress
    - Pick up the stick
    - Use the stick on the skeleton
    - Use the bone you get to lure the dog (he'll drop the key and leave)
    - Pick up the key
    - Get out of your cell
    - Pick up the enveloppes (there are two in the hard mode, one in the easy mode)
      and open them to get your inventory back and a banana and an organ (you can 
      only get the banana and the organ in the hard mode).
    - Leave the prison
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Put Kate's leaflet on your wanted poster                                   |
    | - Now go to Dread's ship and watch Kate getting arrested                     |
    | - Enter the prison                                                           |
    | - Pick up the enveloppe containing Kate's belongings and open it             |
    | - Release Kate and leave jail                                                |
    - Enter the alley closest to Dread's ship to find a man with a wheel of fortune.
      You gotta win all prizes you can win here, but the way to do it depends on the
      mode you are playing in.
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | Just play. Whatever you bet, you'll always win.                              |
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | In the hard mode things are more complicated. You see a man always winning   |
    | here. After he played follow him to the other alley.                         |
    | You see that he gets all winning numbers from a mysterious guy behind a door |
    | Knock on the door and he asks the password. Now it works like this.          |
    | - The man shows two numbers with his hands by holding his hands up saying    |
    |   a number. Ignore the number he calls, just look at his hand in the         |
    |   position it is first. The number of fingers he holds up then is the        |
    |   password. The first time you'll have to do this 3 times, the later times   |
    |   only one. When you answered correctly you get the next winning number.     |
    | Bet on that at the wheel and you'll always win.                              |
    | (Any other way to try to win will always lose)                               |
    Of all the prizes you can win, the invitation of the Governor Marley's party
    is the most important one.
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Go to the library                                                          |
    | - Open the model lighthouse and remove the lens from it                      |
    | - Examine the card catalog.                                                  |
    | - Make Guybrush memorize a random book and the book "The joy of Hex"         |
    |   (You can find it under the "R" of "Recipes")                               |
    |   Also memorize "Great Shipwrecks of our century" (under "D" of Disaster)    |
    | - Talk to the librarian and get her to make you a library card               |
    | - Now check out all books you remembered from the card catalog.              |
    | - Leave the library                                                          |
    | - Go to the mansion of Governor Phatt                                        |
    | - Enter the mansion and go to the Governor's Bedroom                         |
    |   (The guard is easy to distract. Fire in the kitchen will do that)          |
    | - Swap the nonsense book with the book on the Governor's belly               |
    |   You now have a book with pirate quotes. You're gonna need it soon.         |
    - Go to Scabb Island
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Go to the bar at Woodtick (you're gonna be fired, but that's no problem)   |
    | - Use the banana on the metronome and pick up the monkey                     |
    | - Talk to the bartender and order a drink.                                   |
    | - When the bartender asks for an ID, show him the library card.              |
    | - Get the drinks Yellow Beard's Baby and Blue Whale                          |
    |   (You can order Bloody Stump, but you don't need it)                        |
    - Go to the graveyard
    - Use Stan's key to open the crypt and enter.
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Search the coffins until you find "Rapp Scallion"                          |
    | - Open the Rapp's coffin                                                     |
    | - Pick up the map piece from the ashes                                       |
    | - Close the coffin                                                           |
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Read the book of pirate quotes and memorize the quote of Rapp Scallion     |
    | - Search the coffins until you find Rapp's quote on it.                      |
    | - Open that coffin                                                           |
    | - Pick up some ashes                                                         |
    | - Go to the Voodoo Lady's place                                              |
    | - Examine all potions in the bookshelf to find Ash-2-Life(TM)                |
    | - Pick it up and the Voodoo Lady will call for you. Give her Rapp's ashes    |
    |   Now she'll ask for some check up in the book "The Joy Of Hex". If you      |
    |   followed this FAQ you should have it by now. If not you can get it at the  |
    |   library on Phatt Island. If you got everything you'll get the stuff.       |
    | - Go back to Rapp's coffin in the crypt.                                     |
    | - Use the Ash-2-Life(TM) to revive Rapp.                                     |
    | - You need to convince him he's dead, and to try to talk the map piece out   |
    |   of him. That last thing won't work, since he'll make you a request. Offer  |
    |   to check the gas for him. He'll turn to ash again (after giving you a key) |
    | - Go to the beach                                                            |
    | - Open the door of the tower with Rapp's key                                 |
    | - Turn the gas off                                                           |
    | - Go back to Rapp's Grave and use the Ash-2-Life(TM) to revive him.          |
    | - Tell him you turned off the gas and he'll give you the map piece and       |
    |   go back to ashes again.                                                    |
    - Time to go to Booty Island
    +----- HARD -------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | Let's get on the spitting contest shall we.                                  |
    | - Go to the field where the contest is held and blow the horn. The cannon    |
    |   at the dock will be fired and the referee will check it out. Use this      |
    |   oppertunity to move the flags (in your advantage).                         |
    | - Now mix the blue and yellow drinks (from the bar at scabb) to create a     |
    |   green drink.                                                               |
    | - Drink some (by using the straw) and you spit will get thick. Now           |
    |   participate in the contest. The first time you always lose (dramatically)  |
    |   the times after that it's a matter of luck if you win. Just keep on trying |
    |   until you are victorious.                                                  |
    | - Go to the store and sell the prize you won at the contest.                 |
    |   (You may have to talk your way in doing that, but in the end you get       |
    |   6000 piecese of eight for it).                                             |
    | - Now read the book about shipwrecks and memorize the coordinates it         |
    |   mentions.                                                                  |
    | - Talk to Kate and charter her ship                                          |
    | - Tell her you want to find the Mad Monkey. When she asks where it is,       |
    |   give up the coordinates the book stated.                                   |
    | - Dive down                                                                  |
    | - When you reach the wreck remove the head from its bow.                     |
    | - Use the anchor to make Kate pull you back up.                              |
    | - Go to the store and trade the monkey head for the map piece                |
    - Go to the costume shop and tell the owner you want to rent a costume, he'll
      refuse. Show him your invitation. He'll get you a costume. Now to leave town.
    - Go to the mansion (you'll be stopped at a checkpoint).
    - Tell the guard you're going to the party. Show her your invitation and your
      costume (you'll get "properly" dressed). Now the guard will let you through.
    - Continue your way into the mansion.
    - Pick up the map piece from the board on the left
    - Try to leave and the garderner will stop you and lead you to to governor.
    - Whatever you tell her, she'll always end up in throwing the map out of the 
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Go back to the governor's room, and get the oar from the wall              |
    - Leave the mansion
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | Pick up the map piece and your set                                           |
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Try to pick up the map piece and it'll be blown away.                      |
    | - Go to the back side of the mansion                                         |
    | - Kick the garbage can and the cook will come after you. Go around the       |
    |   mansion to distract him and enter the kitchen which is now unguarded       |
    | - Steal a fish and leave.                                                    |
    | - Go to the front of the mansion and pick up the dog                         |
    | - Now leave the island                                                       |
    |                                                                              |
    | - Go to Phatt Island                                                         |
    | - Talk to the fisherman and get him to challenge him to catch a bigger fish  |
    |   then he can.                                                               |
    | - Show him the fish you stole from the governor's mansion. This makes you    |
    |   win the bet, so you get his pole as prize, as the bet stated.              |
    |                                                                              |
    | - Go back to Booty Island                                                    |
    | - Go the cliff                                                               |
    | - Use the pole to get the map out of the cliff (bad luck again)              |
    | - Go to the big tree in the middle of the island                             |
    | - Use the oar in the lowest hole in the tree.                                |
    | - Stand on the plank then the oar, and you'll be knocked out.                |
    |   You'll meet the ghosts of your parents who'll sing you a song. The lyrics  |
    |   contain a clue on LeChuck's castle later in the game. You don't need to    |
    |   memorize it. Guybrush will write the lyrics down for later refferrence.    |
    | - After the sequence is over, pick up the broken oar.                        |
    | - Let the woodsmith on Scabb Island fix that oar and return to the tree      |
    | - Use the oar on the tree (lowest hole).                                     |
    | - Remove the plank and put it one hole higher. Now do the same with the      |
    |   oar and Guybrush will automaticly do the rest.                             |
    | - Pick up the telescope at the top.                                          |
    | - Enter the middle hut                                                       |
    | - Use the dog on the pile of papers and he'll get you the map.               |
    Alright, in as well the easy as the hard mode you should now have three pieces 
    of the map. The las piece of the map can be found on Phatt Island so let's go
    - Go to the waterfall.
    +----- EASY -------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | There should be a cave entrance by now. If not, go away and come back        |
    +----- HARD -------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Climb the mountain                                                         |
    | - Use the monkey with the pump                                               |
    | - Go down                                                                    |
    - Enter the cave
    - Follow the tunnel until you get on a small island
    - Go to the house
    - Enter the house
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Open the trapdoor in the back of the house                                 |
    | - Take the map piece from the bathing skeleton                               |
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | In the hard mode you won't get it so easily. An old man is going to hold you |
    | up.                                                                          |
    | - Tell him you're looking for a map                                          |
    | - Say "I'm Guybrush Threepwood. Prepare to die".                             |
    |   He'll challenge you to a drinking contest. Wait until he served your drink |
    | - Put the drink into the barrel with the dead plant                          |
    | - Put in the fake grog (you got from framing Kate before) in the mug in      |
    |   stead                                                                      |
    | - Now wait for the old man, and the contest begins automaticly. You'll win.  |
    |                                                                              |
    | That solves one problem, now for the map                                     |
    | - Put the mirror in the mirror frame                                         |
    | - Walk outside                                                               |
    | - Open the left window                                                       |
    | - Put the telescope in the hand of the statue                                |
    | - Enter the house and push the stone the light of the telescope pointed at   |
    | - Take the piece of the map from the bathing skeleton                        |
    - Now that we have all map pieces go back to Scabb Island.
    - Visit the cartographer
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Give him the monocole back (unless you didn't steal it)                    |
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Give the lighthouse lens (from the Phatt Library) to the cartographer      |
    - Give a map piece to him
    - Go to the Voodoo Lady and ask her about the love potion the cartographer 
    - Row back to the shore
    - Enter te crate you see here to end this chapter.
    | Part Three: LeChuck's Fortress                                       | IDX04 |
    This is the smallest chapter of the game, and also the most straight one.
    You start this part in the main hall of the fortress.
    - Leave this room
    - Go into the tunnel
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | Follow the way until you reach the big door                                  |
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | Now it's time for the song your parents sung. Its lyrics are on the piece    |
    | of paper (which you used before to scoop Largo's spit).                      |
    | Take of every line the first bone called until you got the verse complete.   |
    | Then look at the doors. Take the door on which the bones are ordered in the  |
    | order of bones you get this way. When you got the right door, go to the next |
    | verse. Do all the four verses untill you reach the great door                |
    - Open the huge door
    - Enter the room behind it
    - Pick up the Voodoo Key and you'll be caught by LeChuck.
    Now LeChuck has a very special way to kill you. How to save your life (and 
    Wally's) depends on the mode you're playing in.
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | Talk to Wally and get him to put out the candle.                             |
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | In the hard mode, Wally has no clue on putting out that candle, so you'll    |
    | have to come up yourself with a brilliant idea.                              |
    | - Use the straw to drink the green drink                                     |
    | - Now keep spitting the shield until you hit the candle.                     |
    - Open the JuJu Bag (If you didn't do it before).
    - Use the matches
    This will end this part.... (That was awfully short wasn't it).
    | Part Four: Dinkey Island                                             | IDX05 |
    Well, this the is the island where "Big Whoop" is hidden. 
    Let's get on with it, shall we...
    +---- HARD --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Pick up the martini glass                                                  |
    | - Pick up the crowbar (You can best leave Herman Toothrot alone. As always,  |
    |   he won't make any sense).                                                  |
    | - Pick up the bottle                                                         |
    | - Break it on the rock                                                       |
    | - Enter the jungle                                                           |
    | - Exit west                                                                  |
    | - Exit north                                                                 |
    | - Use the broken bottle to cut open the bag haning in the tree.              |
    | - Pick up the box that falls out of it                                       |
    | - Go back to the beach.                                                      |
    |                                                                              |
    | - Fill the martini glass with ocean water                                    |
    | - Use the ocean water on the strange machine                                 |
    | - Use the distilled water on the cookie box to get yourself two crackers     |
    | - Open the barrel to get yourself another cracker                            |
    | - Give the crackers to the parrot to get yourself three hints on how to find |
    |   Big Whoop.                                                                 |
    | - Enter the jungle                                                           |
    +---- EASY --------------------------------------------------------------------+
    | - Pick up the crowbar and the martini glass                                  |
    | - Open the barrel to get three crackers                                      |
    | - Give them all to the parrot to get clues to find Big Whoop                 |
    | - Enter the jungle                                                           |
    - Exit east                                                                 
    - Pick up the rope from the chest                                           
    - Use the crowbar to open the chest                                         
    - Remove the TNT from the chest.                                            
    - Exit east                                                                 
    - Exit east                                                                 
    - You are at a dinosaur. Exit north                                         
    - You are at a dolphin. Exit north                                          
    - You are at the pile of rocks. Exit east                                    
    - You have reached the X                                                     
    - Use the shovel to start digging
    - Light the dynamite with the matches
    - Put the dynamite in the hole you dug
    Well, congratulations. You've found Big Whoop, at last. 
    - Attach the crowbar to the rope.
    - Use the crowbar and rope on the metal pieces above
    Well, that shows how you got hanging there, as you saw at the start of the 
    story. Now a sub-part will start.
    | Sub-Part: LeChuck's Voodoo Doll                                      | IDX06 |
    This is a sub-part. The game doesn't mark it as a part, but for this FAQ it's 
    easier this way. I got to note that from now on there's no more diffrence 
    between the hard and easy mode. All is the same now. I must say that this part
    is very annoying to write a FAQ on since every 5 seconds LeChuck will pop up and
    warp you to a diffrent room. You can prevent it by going to a diffrent room 
    quickly. I'll try to adjust my FAQ as well as possible to this bizarre sitation.
    You start in a dark room. Try to spot the light switch and turn it on.
    LeChuck will be there, and his haunting you begins. No matter what you say 
    you'll get warped to a random room by LeCuck in the end.
    Now the object is easy. Make a Voodoo Doll of LeChuck.
    You know the recipe.
    = Something of the thread
    = Something of the head
    = Something of the body
    = Something of the dead.
    I'll try to sort them out one by one:
    = Something of the thread
      - Find a room with a Grog machine
      - Use the coin return and a coin will fall on the floor
      - Wait for LeChuck, when he comes he'll be distracted by the coin
      - Steal his undertrunks (you'll get yourself warped out of the room).
        This takes care of this ingredient.
    = Something of the head
      - Get out the medical gloves from the trash can in the first aid room
      - Go to the room with the boxes
      - Open a box and get a balloon from it
      - Go to the room with the grog machine
      - Fill both gloves and the balloon with helium using the helium tank
      - Go to the elevator
      - Open the doors with the call button and enter the elevator
      - Wait for LeChuck to come, and when he does go up with the elevator so that
        his beard will get stuck in the elevator doors.
      - This takes care of this ingredient. 
        (You can go outside here to get in a place you were before. Remember the
        ally on Melee Island in Monkey Island 1. You don't need to be here though,
        though it's a place where LeChuck will never come, so it is a handy place
        to come to mix the ingredients once you got them all).
    = Something of the body
      - Wait for LeChuck to appear
      - Give him your hanky (the one you get from Stan), LeChuck will blow his nose
        in it and return it to you. That takes care of this ingredient. You will be
        warped to another room, though.
    = Something of the dead
      - Find the two skeletons in the first aid room
      - Remove a bone from them
      - That covers this ingredient
    Okay, now we got all ingredients covered, we only need a few more items before
    we can beat LeChuck. Let's get to this.
    - Go to the room with the boxes
    - Get a doll out of the front box
    - Now go to the medical room
    - Get the hypodermic syringe out of the drawer
    - Now we got all the stuff we need. I advise to go to the MI1 ally since that's
      the place were LeChuck will never come to disturb you.
    - Put the doll, the underwear, the beard, the skull and the hanky with bogers
      in the JuJu Bag to create the voodoo doll
    - Now go back into the bunker and wait for LeChuck
    - As soon as he comes use the hypodermic syringe on the voodoo doll
    - LeChuck will get hurt and leave. Search for him.
    - Tear the leg off the voodoo doll, and LeChuck will be defeated
    - Obbey his request to take his mask off
    After this it doesn't matter what you say any more. Choose what options you 
    find best and watch the credits roll.
    | Copyrights and permissions                                           | IDX10 |
    This FAQ has been copyrighted by Jeroen Broks aka Tricky, formely known as
    Tricrokra. This FAQ may be viewed, downloaded and printed for personal use
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    If you do, please check if the question you want to ask hasn't been asked 
    before. :)
    If you want to inquire about me as a person, or when you have anything to 
    say about the FAQ itself, like asking permission to host, got suggestions
    for this FAQ, something like that please mail it to
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    If you see that I missed things in this FAQ, then in stead of calling me
    names, you may tip me about that part, or if you want even come up with 
    a complete workout of that part, that I will copy into this FAQ (I may alter
    your lay-out to make it fit with the rest) and even credit you for your
    trouble. This also goes for alternate boss techniques.
    I get a lot of mails in which I must guess which FAQ it is we're talking 
    about, and since I'm very busy as a contributor for GameFAQs, and ocasionally
    other sites, I have quite a lot of FAQs here. So it will help me a lot when
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    And one last thing. Below are remarks I got a lot about my FAQs. Some are
    funny, and some are just plainly too stupid for words. I don't want to be
    an arrogant bastard or anything, but some of them tire me a lot.
    So here are those mails with my standard replies:
      M: Fix your English
      A: Some people say they hardly hear the diffrence between me and an
         English speaking fellow. Others say it sucks. Well, I honestly don't
         care in which category you are. English is NOT my first language. If 
         I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read my FAQs at all.
      A: Anyone who sends mail like this won't receive a reply. In fact they
         will be banned from ever mailing me again. I can understand you do not
         agree with my technique. There are as many as there are people. I can
         also agree you detected that I made a mistake. Well, I'm human you know.
         Making mistakes is part of my nature, as much as it's yours. If you 
         detect errors in my FAQ you can tell me about it in a civil way, and 
         I'll fix it if I agree with you.
      M: Are you a man? A woman? How old are you? Where do you live?
      A: I really got that kind of mails a lot. I don't mind that you know.
         I was quite amused by such mails actually.
         Well, my name is Jeroen Broks. I'm not going to give my private adres
         in this FAQ or anywhere else on the internet, but you may know that
         I live in the Netherlands, I am a man, and I was born in 1975. So on
         the moment I started on this version of this FAQ I was 31 years old.
      M: Fsdasdadasf afsdfasd afdfsaf
      A: Whatever you say I don't understand it. If you mail me, please only do
         so in either English or Dutch or if you really need in German. 
         (Be perpared that if you speak German to me, you might get an answer in
         English, tough).
         I don't speak any other language.
      M: May I translate your FAQ into another language?
      A: If you ask my permission, mostly no problem
      M: Why is Neoseeker banned from hosting your FAQs?
      A: That's something between me and Neoseeker. I don't find it necesary to
         go into detail about that. I noted it in my FAQs to make sure they     
         will never pop up there unnoticed. So don't mail me about it
         cause I won't answer. I got very good reasons for it. That's all you
         need to know.
    And so far this FAQ. I hope you have good use for it!
    (c) Copyright 2008, JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricky)

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