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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WallsOfEryx

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                         Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
                               Complete Walkthrough
                            By: Felipe ''GrayKnife'' Gaboardi
                         E-mail:  felipecgaboardi@hotmail.com
                                    Version: 1.0
                                 03/08/2011 15:43
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    violation of copyright.
    *         CONTENT         *
    1-0 - Introduction
      -1- Interface
      -2- General Tips
    2-0 - Walkthrough
      -1- Part 1: The Largo Embargo
      -2- Part 2: Four Map Pieces
      -3- Part 3: LeChuck's Fortress
      -4- Part 4: Dinky Island
    3-  - Credits
    * 1-0 -- INTRODUCTION --  *
    Hey, look who's back!After succeeding in... well... doing pretty much pointless
    stuff, killing LeChuck with a bottle of Coke and getting the girl just to lose
    her between games, Guybrush is back for a new adventure, in a new location,
    wearing new clothes and, guess what, an awesome BEARD! Monkey Island 2 is so 
    far my favorite game in the series. It's loads of fun, it has that 'retro' 
    style I love in adventure games and Guybrush has the best design in the whole
    series... Well, ok, just losing for the Guybrush from Tales of Monkey Island...
    Can't beat a hook, you know.
    *   1-1 -- INTERFACE --   *
    Why, looky here! The usual point-n-click interface format! What we have here is
    the standard Lucasart's adventure games' design from the time: At the bottom of
    the screen we have 9 actions to pick from: Give; Open; Close; Pick Up; Look At;
    Talk To; Use; Push; and Pull. Right next to it we have your list of stolen ite-
    I mean, your inventory. If you want to play using the keyboard, you're a very
    strange person, but if that's the case: Press 'T' to Talk to; 'Y' to Pull; 'U'
    to Use; 'O' to Open; 'P' to Pick up;'S' to Push; 'G' to Give; 'L' to Look at; 
    and finally 'C' to Close. Press Space to pause the game and F5 to bring up the
    save menu. Oh, and press Alt + Shift + W to win the game! Hurr hurr! Seriously,
    what's the point?
    *   1-2 -- GENERAL TIPS --    *
    - Talk to everyone about all topics, look at everything and try to pick up 
    every item.
    - If you run out of money, you can always talk to the Men of Low Moral Fiber.
    One of them will pay you one piece of eight to polish his peg-leg.
    - If you get stuck, rubbing every item on every person and/or object might be
    effective, but it's so frustrating and dull you'll stop having fun. Just check
    this guide to be able to keep going. There's no reason to be ashamed about it.
    Sometimes adventure games have a really weird line of logic.
    - After playing this game, play all of it's sequels! (Well... if you're not 
    able to get your hands on a copy of Escape From Monkey Island, the 4th of the
    series, it doesn't really matter... it's rather weak compared to the others.)
    *   2-0 -- WALKTHROUGH --   *
    SPOILER ALERT!!! - I'm warning you people right away, throughout the guide I'll
    write all plot details, and since the story isn't a strong aspect of the game,
    I feel no real need to spread spoiler tags all over the place, but just in case
    you're one of those more plot-sensible people: THIS FAQ HAS SPOILERS!!! READ
    Important note: There are two game modes: 'Lite' and normal. This walkthrough 
    covers only the 'normal' mode and I'll never write a version for the easy one
    because: a) It is just like the normal mode, except with several puzzles taken
    off; and b) Seriously? Easy mode? Get some pride, man!
    But enough about that! Boot up that ScummVM and start the game!
    The game starts as usual: Guybrush is dangling over a pit by a piece of string
    while holding a treasure chest on one of his hands... huh... Elaine shows up 
    and wants to know the same as us all: What the hell happened? the mighty pirate
    starts to tell his story as the credits roll...
    Later, we cut to Scabb Island. Guybrush is sitting around a bonfire telling a
    pair of random pirates how he wish his fight against LeChuck, skipping all the
    'root beer intolerance' business. But of course, he's not sailing around just
    to bore people to death! He's searching for THE treasure. You know what I'm
    saying... the legendary, fabulous, fantastic treasure of... BIG WHOOP! What's
    Big Whoop, you may ask? Hell, I dunno...
    *   2-1 -- PART 1: THE LARGO EMBARGO --   *
    +Scabb Island+
    So, we start the game and holy crap! Guybrush has enough money to buy a small
    island! So, try going either left or right and you'll bump into some guy called
    Largo LaGrande. Apparently, he's in charge of the whole island and sets fear in
    the  hearts of men because he used to be one of LeChuck's henchmen, even if 
    he's just a pile of goo now. Also, he'll steal all your loot. Perfect. It 
    would've been a good idea to spend some of that heap of money on a gun, don't 
    you think, Threepwood? And that's not all, no sir. Largo has also set an 
    embargo on the whole island, keeping anyone from leaving, e.g. YOU! So yeah, 
    perhaps it'd bea good idea to do something about this whole mess.
    First of all, notice the 'No Trezer Huntin zone' sign. Try to pick it up and 
    you'll get yourself a shovel and a broken sign. Nice! Go left and enter the
    second to last ship you see, you should be in the laundry. And looky here, or
    old friens the Men of Low Moral Fiber are hanging around! The only thing you
    want here, however, is the bucket next to them. Pick it up and one of them will
    tell you to leave it alone. Ask if it's his bucket, he'll say no and you'll 
    take it, making this talk rather pointless... With that taken care off, exit
    the laundry and go all the way right, out of Woodtick. Make a quick trip to the
    Pick up the stick lying on the floor... that's pretty much all you have to do
    here. Leave and go to the swamp
    Use the bucket on the swamp to fill it with mud, because, you know, a bucket
    full of mud is always useful. Hop on the coffin and row all the way to the 
    right until you reach the House of Mojo.
    First of all pick up the piece of string to the left, then go to the right and
    meet our old friend the Voodoo Lady! Talk to hear and talk about Largo. She's
    dying to put a curse on the shorty by making a voodoo doll, but no one's got
    the guts to go fetch the ingredients for her. Guess who's up to the job? In
    order to make the doll you'll need four things: Something of the thread (a 
    piece of clothing); something of the head (some hair); something of the body
    (corporal fluids... EW); and something from the dead (a bone of one of his long
    gone relatives). She'll hand you a list in case you forget. Well, let's get 
    going! Leave the swamp and head straight to the cemetery.
    Head right in and go to the graves to the north. Look at the tombstone to learn
    that the grave belongs to one Marco Largo LaGrande, Largo's grandfather. Use
    the shovel on the grave and start diggin'. After the creepy grave-robbing scene
    you'll get one of the ingredients, a bone. Time to go back to Woodtick.
    Enter the third boat, from right to left. Inside you'll meet Wally, the local
    cartographer. You may talk to him if you like, but there's no real need. Take
    a sheet of paper from the pile to the right. Also, it's time to be a jerk! Wait
    for Wally to take his monocle off to rub his eye and steal it! Mwahahaha! After
    that's done, leave and enter the ship right next to this one, on the bottom of
    the screen.
    You're in your local pirate bar. Pretty authentic place, the barkeeper even
    cleans the glasses with spit and stuff! Ask him how's business and, guess what,
    it's bad because of Largo. Speaking of the devil, he'll show up, spit on the
    wall and take all the guy's money... just great. You can't buy any drinks here,
    since you can't prove you're old enough. He's got something called Near-grog
    (same awful taste, minus the alcohol), but some chick called Kate took the last
    bottle. Chances are you noticed the sign outside that's asking for a cook, with
    a week's worth of wage paid in advance, but if you ask the barkeeper about it
    he'll say the spot's been already filled. Ah well... Use the sheet of paper on 
    the spit on the wall (irk) to get one more of the ingredients! Leave the bar.
    It's a bit hard to notice, but there's a window that goes to the kitchen on the
    left side of the ship, so go through right inside. The cook, Bernard, will be
    to busy, well... cooking, so he won't really care about your presence. Grab the
    knife that's on the table and exit through the window. Go all the way to the
    left and enter the ship.
    You'll be in a hotel, which, oddly enough, seems to have only one room. Guess
    who's got the only room? As much fun as it'd be to poke around Largo's stuff,
    the innkeeper won't let you enter his room. well, notice the cute little pet
    alligator over there? It'd sure enjoy some freedom, don't you think? Use the
    knife on the rope tying him down to let it loose and the innkeeper will go hunt
    the little reptile down. Take a look at the bow on the floor to get yourself
    some Cheetos and enter Largo's room.
    Quickly grab the toupee right in front of you. That's one more ingredient! I...
    guess? Anyway, close the door and you'll notice it'll keep slightly open... put
    tha bucket o' mud on top of it to see Largo get really messy! Hehehehe! After
    that, go to the laundry to see that LaGrande left his clothes to wash there.
    Go back to his room, close his door and you'll see the laundry claim ticket
    stuck on it. Pick it up and give it to Mad Marty at the laundry. He'll give you
    a... pearly white bra? Ok, what the hell? Seriously! Well, forget it. We've got
    all the ingredients for the doll, but first we better get some money. You've
    probably noticed there's a rat hanging around here. Open the box and keep the
    lid open using the stick. Tie the string to it and use the Cheetos as bait for
    the rat. As soon as the litte vermin enters the box, pull the string to trap
    it inside! Open it up and pick up the little scared creature. what are you 
    going to do with a rat, you may ask? Well, go back to the bar's kitchen to find
    out! When you get there, drop the rat inside the soup! Mwahahahaha! Leave and
    enter the bar through the hatch. Talk to the barkeeper and ask for some of the
    soup. He'll find the rat, fire Bernard and looky here! There's a spot for cook
    available! Take the job and the guy will give you 420 pieces of eight (even
    though he just gave all his money to Largo...) and send you to the kitchen. We
    don't want to spend the rest of the game cooking, so leave through the window
    and go to the swamp meet the Voodoo Lady.
    Talk to the Voodoo Lady and hand her all Largo's stuff you've got and she'll
    make the doll for you and give some pins, too. Unfortunately, however, you'll
    need to be close to Largo for it to work, so go back to Woodtick.
    Go straight to the inn, into LaGrande's room. He'll be there this time around,
    Quickly use the pins on the doll to inflict some pain and show who's the boss
    here! Unfortunately, he's already spent all your money so he won't give any of
    it back. But he'll leave the island, at least! Just as Largo's about to get out
    Guybrush decides to brag about how he defeated LeChuck... again. And to prove
    it he'll show his ghost beard to Largo! Hey, when did he give the guy a shave?
    The ghost pirate's right-hand man will snatch the still living beard and claim
    DUUUUUUN* and he'll run off. Nice going, Threepwood.
    Back at the House of Mojo the Voodoo Lady will confirm that yes, he can be 
    brought back to life, for all that was destroyed was the ghost form, while the
    body was safely stashed away. Uh-oh, guess Guybrush is screwed... the Voodoo
    Lady will say that hunting for Big Whoop is actually going to help Guybrush 
    deal with his fate against the return of the fearsome ghost pirate, and she'll
    even give a book to help. Read it. The story tells about a certain crew who had
    found Big Whoop... Rapp Scallion, the cook; Young Lindy, the cabin boy; Mister
    Rogers, the first mate; and... Captain Marley! Elaine's grandfather! They 
    buried the treasure, made a map and divided it in four pieces, one for each one
    of the crew members... and they all died under mysterious circumstances. In 
    order to find the treasure, you need to find the map pieces first. Each crew
    member's story hints the location of their respective pieces. Rapp's can be
    found on Scabb Island (you can't get it right now, though), Young Lindy's is
    likely to be found on Booty Island and Mr. Roger's is probably on Phatt Island.
    Captain Marley's piece is probably with Elaine... wherever she is now. so, it's
    time to live this stupid island. Leave the swamp and go the peninsula.
    Talk to Captain Dread and ask to charter a ship. Since Largo's not around any
    longer, you're free to leave the island. However, Dread won't want to sail 
    because he's lost his lucky charm, which he calls 'The Eye to the World' or 
    some crap like that. Hand him Wally's monocle and he'll take it. Now charter
    a ship (it'll cost 20 pieces of eight) and be on your way!
    *   2-2 -- PART 2: FOUR MAP PIECES --   *
    We cut to LeChuck's fortress, where we see that the *zombie* pirate has been
    brought to life, and he's not at all pleased! He'll tell Largo to do what he
    can to bring Guybrush alive to him...
     Dread's Ship 
    Back to our story, grab the parrot chow lying around and enter the door. Now
    you're free to go either to Scabb, Booty or Phatt Island. Start by going to 
    +Phatt Island+
    As soon as you drop off on Phatt, you'll see a guard looking at a very curious
    wanted poster. One of a certain mighty pirate, perhaps?  The guard will notice
    Guybrush and arrest him right away. Before going to jail, he'll take you to
    have a chat with governor Phatt.
    At the governor's mansion you'll see that he sure lives for his name, the guy
    can't even get out of his bed... So, why have you been arrested, aside of the
    several reasons listed on the wanted poster you might want to check later? A
    certain pirate has put a bounty on Guybrush's head... a certain zombie pirate,
    if you catch my drift. So yeah, now we're all 100% that LeChuck's back and he's
    after Guybrush's sorry butt. After talking to the world's largest mammal with 
    terrible table manners, you'll be taken to jail.
    So you're in a cell and your entire inventory, except your money, has been 
    confiscated. Fortunately the big thugh who put you there will leave and your 
    only guard will be a cute little dog by the name Walt and he has the key to the
    cell *cough* Piratesofthercaribbeanridereference *cough*.
    Leaving the jail won't really be hard. Open the hard rock mattress in your cell
    and you'll see a sitck popping out. Pick it up. You can try throwing it for 
    Walt to fetch, but it won't really do any good. What you need to do is to use
    that stick on the long dead jail buddy you've got right there. You'll get one
    of his bones this way. Give the bone to Walt, he'll drop the keys right next to
    you and run off. Grab the keys, use it on your cell door and enjoy sweet, sweet
    freedom at last! Before leaving, pick up the manila and the gorilla envelopes.
    Open the manila one to get your inventory back and open the other one to get...
    a banana and an organ... huh.
    From the jail, go a bit right and enter the first alley you find. There is a
    roulette gambling game going on here... some bandit-looking dude wins and the
    dealer says the prizes: 60 bucks, free pass to Hook Island/ The Linguini Bros.
    Circus, and... an invitation to Governor Marley's party! If memory serves 
    right, she probably has one of the map pieces, so you'll need that invitation!
    After getting his prize, the guy leaves. It'd be a good idea to follow him.
    You'll be in a different alley this time around. the guy you've been following
    will knock on the door, to which a huge hand will answer. After giving a
    password, the guy behind the door will say the next winning number. After he
    leaves, try knocking on the door and ask for the next winner number. The guy
    behind it will ask for the code three times. It is pretty hard to figure it out
    but it'll also turn out to be really stupid. I'll try to explain as best as I
    can... Every time he asks for the password, he'll show you make two different
    numbers on his hand. The answer will always be the first number he showed on 
    his hand, ignore whatever number he says, it's irrelevant. For example, first 
    he shows you a 5 on his hand, and then a 2, then the answer will be 5. After 
    you get all three right, he'll tell you the number. Remember the number, return
    to the other alley and bet on the number he said and you'll win! The prize you
    really need is the party invitation, so pick that. If you're running low on 
    money, however, you can ask for the 60 pieces of eight. The free pass has no 
    use, except maybe cluttering your inventory.
    After you get that invitation, leave the alley and enter the library right 
    next to it. There's a model lighthouse to your left, open it up and pick up the
    lens inside. Now, we're in a library, so we might want to borrow some books. 
    Check the catalog right next to you, you'll be looking for 4 books: 'Great
    Shipwrecks of Our Century' (C-D drawer); 'Famous Pirates Quotations' (P-Q-R 
    drawer); 'The Joy of the Hex' (P-Q-R drawer); and any random 4th book. Go right
    and talk to the librarian. You don't have a library card, so just ask to make 
    one. Name all books you're looking for and she'll give you all, except Famous
    Pirates Quotations, that one's with Governor Phatt. Well, there's nothing we
    can do about that, except the right thing... break into his mansion and steal
    the book! Leave the Wharf and go to his mansion.
    The gate and the door are unlocked, so open both of them and head right in. 
    That huge guard will be here, but don't worry. He's pretty thick, so even if 
    you tell him you escape from jail you'll be fine. Either tell him there's a
    fire in the kitchen or there's a three-headed monkey behind him and he'll run 
    off, leaving the stairs free for you to go up to Phatt's room.
    He'll be asleep. Awwww... isn't it cute? For a dirty old hippo? The book you're
    looking for is right there on top of his stomach. If you try to pick it up, you
    will almost wake him up! In order to get that book, you'll have to swap it with
    the 4th random book you got, Indiana Jones style! After you get the book, you
    are good enough to leave the island. Go to Dread's ship and off to Booty!
    +Booty Island+
     Ville de la Booty
    This place seems pretty festive, doesn't it? The first thing you should do is
    to enter the door to your left. You'll be in some sort of pawn shop. Sitting
    on the counter you'll see a map piece. The one which once belonged to a certain
    Young Lindy, I presume. Don't get your hopes too high, though, if you ask the
    price the guy will say he's selling it for six MILLION pieces of eight! Ouch...
    We'll have to get it through other means, and no, we're not going to steal it.
    Keep talking to the shop owner and he'll say he's willing to trade it for the
    figurehead of a ship called The Mad Monkey. You actually have the coordinates
    to where it sank on Great Shipwrecks of Our Century, but unfortunately Captain
    Dread won't go anywhere besides the three islands because of several geometric-
    shaped superstitions, so you'll need to charter a new ship. Before leaving the
    shop, you'll want to buy some stuff. You can actually buy a lot of crap here,
    but the only things you need are the saw (in the barrel next to the door), the
    ship horn (hanging on the wall) and the mirror. You can't really buy the mirror
    right away because there's a parrot having fun with it, so here's what you do:
    Buy the 'Beware of Parrot' sign next to it and put the parrot chow in it's
    place. the bird will get distracted by the picture on the chow and you're free
    to buy the mirror. In case you bought any of the other stuff by accident, don't
    worry you can sell it back. Leave the store.
    Go a bit to the right and you'll see a woman in a big hat offering cruises.
    That's Kate Capsize, and she's willing to charter a treasure-hunting ship for
    you. Unfortunately (gosh, there's always something to get in the way, isn't
    there?) her fee is 6000 pieces of eight, and you don't have that kind of cash.
    I've heard that there's a limit to how much money you can win at the wheel on
    Phatt, so don't bother trying that out. Before ending the conversation, ask for
    a leaflet. With that done, you've got a party to go! It's a costume party, so
    enter the costume shop right next to you. Hand the shopkeeper your invitation
    and he'll give you your costume... a cute pink dress... yeah, I'm sure he'll
    look great in this. Leave the store and go left to the island overview. Head to
    the Small Structure blocking the way to the Mansion.
     Small Structure
    Some chick with a really bad taste for costumes will scare the living crap out
    of Guybrush with her LeChuck costume. She's actually here to control the people
    who are going to the party. Show her the invintation and the costume. You have
    to be wearing the costume in order to be allowed inside, so our mighty fearsome
    pirate will hide in the bushes to put his dress on and then he'll be allowed to
    head on. Just follow the path and go to the big house.
    Before entering the place, there's something we might want to steal, first. Go
    either left or right to the back of the mansion. If you enter the door here,
    you'll get to the kitchen, but the cook will kick you out right away, as usual.
    So, how are we getting inside the kitchen? Note the sign above the garbage can
    saying not to bang the garbage cans? Well, bang that garbage can! The cook will
    rush out and chase you with a huge cleaver so, uh... RUN! Run right and around
    the whole mansion! Rush back to the kitchen while the guy's still chasing you
    and pick up one of the fishes sitting on the table! After that's done, enter
    through the front door.
    Right to your left you'll see the map piece inside a frame! Pick it up! Well,
    that was easy... leave the mansion. As soon as you step out, the dog, which
    Elaine vert thoughtfuly named 'Guybrush' will start barking and the gardener
    will catch you and take you upstairs to... Elaine. For some reason or another,
    things between these two didn't go too well. But you really want that bad, so
    sweet-talk to her. Of course when everything seems to be working out, Guybrush
    will burst out he's only there for the map piece and Elaine will proceed to 
    throw it out the window. Before going out, go back to her room. She's not there
    anymore, so steal the oar hanging on the wall and leave the mansion. The dog'll
    bark again, but don't worry, the gardener is raking the back forty. Try to pick
    the map up and it'll fly far, far away to a cliff on the south part of Booty.
    Goddammit! Well, we can't just leave this place empty-handed. Pick up the dog.
    You heard me! Guybrush will put his normal clothes back on and shove that huge
    mutt down his pants. Now, in order to get that map piece you'll need a little
    something from Phatt Island, so go back there.
    +Phatt Island+
    Walk to the pier and talk to the fisherman there. Talk to the guy and you'll
    make a bet: if he catches a fish bigger than yours, you'll have to eat it RAW.
    If your's is the bigger one, he'll give you his prized fishing pole. Well, it's
    easy, considering you're going to cheat and everything. Show him the fish you
    grabbed at the mansion's kitchen and the guy will have no choice but to give
    you his pole. Head back to Booty and head straight to the cliff.
    +Booty Island+
    Head to the cliff side and use the pole on the map piece hanging down there. As
    soon as you hook it, a damn seagull will grab the map and fly away to the big
    tree to the north! Goddammit, this piece is giving more headache than it should
    in the first place! Go to the big tree.
     Big Tree
    This huge tree over here has several holes that go all the way up, one of them
    containing a plank inside it. You probably get the idea of how to climb it, but
    since there's only one plank, you'll need to use your oar on the next hole. 
    Walk on the plank then on the oar. Now, there's a little detail we might've 
    forgotten to take in consideration, which is the fact that the oar is a few
    decades old and it'll break as soon as Guybrush steps on it, making him bang
    his head against the plank and fainting. What follows is, without a doubt, one
    of the trippiest scenes ever conceived in a game. As the background turns red,
    our pirate friend will stand up and meet his long lost modern-society like
    parents (am I the only one who thinks his mother's dress sorta looks like a 
    bottle?). After a bit of discussion, the parents will turn into skeletons and
    break into a song, which Guybrush will write down in his crusty paper while
    UNCOUNCIOUS and without a PENCIL. After the song, a LeChuck wearing a BLUE
    jacket will come up, turn into the Guybrush from MI1 and spray him with the
    voodoo root beer! Woah... Banging your head is the next greatest thing after
    mushroom tea.
    After this whole trip, and belive me that song is actually important, you'll
    realize you won't be able to climb the tree just yet. Pick up the broken oar
    from the ground and head off to Scabb!
    +Scabb Island+
    If you bothered exploring this town you'd know there's a woodsmith around here,
    it's the first boat from the right. Enter it and hand the guy your broken oar
    so he can fix and reinforce it, and by 'reinforce' I mean tying a stick to it.
    Since we're here, we might as well run some other errands. Remember the bar? Go
    there. As soon as you enter, the barkeeper will fire you for escaping from the
    kitchen. He won't ask for the money back, so who cares? You've probably noticed 
    the monkey playing the piano, use the banana on the metronome to hypnotize him
    and then  pick him up. You heard me, I'm telling you to grab that monkey and
    SHOVE him down your PANTS to make friends with the DOG you've already got in
    there. Now talk to the barkeeper. Order grog and he'll ask for ID... why, you
    happen to have a library card that says you're 21! Show it to him and he'll
    gladly sell you some booze. Ask him for a Yellow Beard's Baby and a Blue Whale.
    Mix the blue drink and the yellow drink to get yourself some delicious mucus.
    You can give the empty mug back. With that done, leave the bar.
    Remember our good pals, the men of low moral fiber? Go meet them. You'll notice
    one of them has a peg leg... and you happen to have a saw... hehehe cut off his
    peg leg and run! Of course we're not doing this just for the pleasure of being
    a complete jerk... well, mostly. Go back to the woodsmith and he won't be there
    for the time being, so steal his hammer and some nails. With that taken care of
    you are good enough to go back to Booty to get that map piece.
    +Booty Island+
     Big Tree
    Like before, use the oar on the hole. Step on the plank, then on the oar. Pick
    up the plank, place it in the next hole, step on it, grab the oar and so on and
    so forth. Don't worry, Guybrush will finish the climbing for you. When you get
    to the huts on top, pick up the telescope on the on top, then enter the hut in 
    the middle. Inside you'll find not a map, but hundreds of them! In order to
    find the one you want, use Elaine's dog on the pile and he'll fetch the piece
    you want... then he'll jump off the window. Ah, well, now you've got the first
    piece at last! Three more to go! Before we continue, I recommend that you leave
    Booty and then get immediatly back. You don't actually need to do this, but 
    since we're getting the next piece right away without having to leave Booty, 
    you'll miss a cutscene of LeChuck and Largo discussing about Guybrush finding
    a map piece. In any case, go back to the city.
     Ville de la Booty
    So, we need some money to chart Kate's ship now. But before getting to that, 
    there's something else you'll really love to do. Go a bit to the right and 
    enter Stan's Previously Owned Coffins. Yeah, yeah, I know... but for a guy like
    him, it's better to have clients who won't come back to bite you in the butt
    later. The only thing that really bothers me is where he gets those coffins.
    As soon as you enter the store, or old pal Stan will start talking to you like
    having a recently deceased friend is the best thing ever. Well, at least he has
    the decency of wearing black. Tell him you're looking for a good used coffin 
    and he'll enter one that's sitting on a table to your left saying it has enough
    leg room even for Long John Silver, which strikes me as odd considering the guy
    only had one leg. As soon as you get control of Guybrush, close the coffin.
    Before you can do anything, however, Stan will give you a hankie and then he'll
    close the lid again. And now it's the chance to do something I know you've been
    dying to do ever since the first game! Use the nails on the coffin and Stan'll
    be trapped inside there FOREVER (well... until Monkey Island 3, that is)! Now
    that you finally were able to shut the guy up, grab the crypt key hanging 
    behind the desk and leave after you're done enjoying Stan's agony.
    After you leave the store, go right and you'll find a field for the manliest
    sport of all time! A SPITTING CONTEST! Now, in order to get some money, you'll
    need to enter it and win. In order to do so, however, you'll need to cheat just
    a little bit... First things first, you've probably noticed the old man with
    the cannon near the stores. If you talked to him, you'll know that he's been
    waiting for the delayed mail boat, since it's his job to shoot the cannon when
    it comes. When the mail boat comes, it'll send a sign that it's come like...
    blowing a horn, perhaps? So, that's what you have to do. Blow the ship's horn
    you've got and while nobody's looking pick up the little flags on the field to
    change their positions! HOWEVER this is not enough for you to win, because you
    see, Guybrush's spit is not thick enough to go very far. So drink that green
    goo you've mixed back at Scabb and now get ready for some spitting! Good thing 
    there isn't a anti-doping comitee here. Talk to the Spitmaster to begin. Now, 
    there's just one thing you need to pay attention to in order to win. Notice the
    woman on the right with the red... thingy around her waist? Wait for it to 
    move, indicating that the wind is blowing to the right, and spit! If you time 
    it right, you'll win! And what is the prize? The money you need so much? As a 
    matter of fact... No! You'll get a disgusting plaque with bronze spit on it! 
    Oh the joy! After you're done celebrating, go back to the pawn shop near the 
    Show the shop owner the plaque and try to convince him to buy the stupid thing.
    Eventually he'll take it, paying the 6000 pieces of eight you needed so much!
    Now, to charter that boat! But first, check Great Shipwrecks of Our Century and
    remember the coordinates. Now talk to Kate, charter the boat and go there. 
    Don't worry if you get it wrong, she'll let you keep riding for free until you
    find the Mad Monkey. Anyway, when you get there jump in the water. When you get
    down there, grab the Monkey Head and pull the anchor's rope to go back up. Now
    go to the shop, give the head to the dealer and he'll give you the second map
    piece! Alright, two more to go! The next one is back on Scabb. Go there, watch
    some more of LeChuck complaining and head to the graveyard
    +Scabb Island+
    Check the crypt and you'll see that it happens to be one of Stan's Kozy Krypts.
    You have the key for it now, so unlock it and head inside. Hey, you've already 
    grave-robbed once, why not do it again? There are several coffins in here, but 
    none has any name in it, just quotes... well, what would you expect from Stan's
    lousy services? Lucky you, you just happen to have a copy of Famous Pirates 
    Quotations. Find Rapp Scallion's quote (it changes every game), match it with 
    one of the coffins and open it to find... ashes. Uh-oh, better hope he didn't 
    have the map piece on him when he was burned down to crisp... Grab some of the
    ashes and head for the swamp. Maybe the Voodoo Lady can be of some help.
    Go to the House of Mojo and look at the several jars and bottles until you find
    the one that says Ash-2-Life(tm). Try to grab it and the Voodoo Lady will say
    it's just a display model, but she can make one for you right away. She'll say
    she forgot some of the recipe, but thanks for your sudden interest for taking
    obscure magic books from the library, you just happen to have a copy of The Joy
    of the Hex with you, allowing the lady to mix the potion from the ashes you've
    picked up. It'll only work for a short time, but that's enough for your needs. 
    Go back to the Cemetery.
    Enter the crypt and use the Ash-2-Life(tm) powder on Rapp's remains and see his
    body restoring as he's brought back to life! Have a chat with him and he'll 
    offer a deal. He'll give you his map piece if you check if the gas from his 
    weenie hut is still on. Just agree with it and he'll give you the key to the 
    hut and return to the ashes. So, where is the hut? If you remember the beach
    from the beginning of the game, you've probably noticed a small building over
    there. That's the hut, so go there.
    Use the key Rapp gave you on the shack's door to unlock it and go inside. Just
    like Rapp felt, the gas really is still on. Not only that, but the shack hasn't
    ran out of gas after YEARS. Turn the knob to turn the gas off and get back to
    the crypt.
    Use the powder on the ashes to wake him up again. Say the gas was on and that 
    you turn it off. Rapp'll give you his map and then his soul will finally be 
    able to rest in peace... That's three down, one more to go! The final piece is
    on Phatt, so get moving.
    +Phatt Island+
    Before going for the final piece, there's a little something you need to get
    first. Remember that wanted poster of you? Maybe it's about time you did 
    something about that. Use Kate's leaflet on the poster and anyone (namely the
    stupid guard who arrested her) will think SHE's Guybrush! In case you don't
    believe me, leave the Wharf and watch her being arrested. Go back to the Wharf
    and enter the jail to see that she's not very happy about this situation. Pick
    up the vanilla envelope on the shelf and open it to find that non-alcoholic
    grog you've been told about. You can use the jail key to release Kate if you 
    want, but if you ask me she deserves to stay there for charging 6000 bucks to
    ride that bathtub of hers. Either way, leave the Wharf and go to the Waterfall.
    Walk up the path to find... uuh... a pump. Huh. Use Jojo on the pump to shut it
    down. Why? It's a MONKEY wrech! Hahahahahaaaa... I know, that was goddamn awful
    LucasArts. Go back to the path and you'll see that you've just turned off the
    waterfall...okay... Enter the gaping hole you've opened and walk down the 
    tunnel. When you come back out, head up to the cottage.
    Open the door and go inside to meet what seems to be Rum Roger's son! Ask for
    the map and he'll say he's tired of people asking him for the stupid thing.
    Try to fight him by telling him to prepare to die (even if you don't have a 
    sword) and he'll try to solve this through a more manly way: drinking contest!
    He brews a special strong grog just for these contests, which will knock you
    out as soon as you drink it. So here's how you handle the situation: You cheat
    (as usual). He'll give you a mug, then while he's getting one for himself, pour
    the foul stuff into the plant at the corner and fill it with near-grog. You
    can't use the drinks you can buy at the Bloody Lip, since he'll notice by the
    color. As much as the guy seems to drink his own weight in pure alcohol, he 
    won't be able to handle his liquor and will pass out, letting you poke around
    his house as much as you want. To the left you find a trap door on the floor.
    Pushing one of the bricks will make it open, leading to the map. Pushing any of
    the others, however, will just take you outside of the cottage, so you have to
    find out which is the right one (it changes every game). In order to do so, you
    have to do the following: Place the mirror on the mirror frame, then open the
    shutters. Outside the cottage place the telescope on the grotesque statue's 
    hand and the sun light will show you the path to the Lost Ark, I mean, the map
    piece. Back inside the cottage, push the marked brick and you'll be in a room
    with a skeleton in a bathtub, which will be holding the final piece! Alright!
    There's just a small problem, though. You'll need a cartographer to take a look
    at the map. Go back to Scabb.
    Cut to LeChuck's Fortress, it looks like Largo has a plan to deal with Guybrush
    when he tries to get the map figured out... uh-oh.
    +Scabb Island+
    Go to Wally's (the cartographer) place. You've probably forgotten by now, but 
    you pretty much blinded the little guy when you took his monocle. Not only that
    he's still looking for the damn thing expecting to find it on his table. Give
    him the model lighthouse lens, which somehow will do just right. Hand him the
    map pieces and he'll agree to put it together in one map if you go to the House
    of Mojo to get a love potion for him. Well, there's no harm in doing that. Go
    Back at the House of Mojo, talk to the Voodoo Lady to get the potion and she'll
    give it to you... but suddenly she'll feel a disturbance on the Force (yeah,
    she actually says that) and that Wally's in danger! If you rush back to his 
    place, you'll see that he's missing and he wrote LeChuck on the table! Oh, well
    better find another cart- wait a damn second, he's got your map! Aw, poop. Now
    what can you do? Well, on your way to Woodtick you probably noticed a crate on
    the swamp entrance. If you take a look at it, you'll see that it's a box of
    voodoo supplies for LeChuck! Well, that's convenient! Open it, go inside and
    get ready for the worst trip since being sent to the Ninth Underworld through
    the mail...
    *   2-3 -- PART 3: LECHUCK'S FORTRESS --  *
    +LeChuck's Fortress+
    We know cut to LeChuck's Fortress, which reminds me a lot of Castle Grayskull.
    We cut to Largo receiving the crate and shooing off the delivery men. Lucky for
    Guybrush, he doesn't bother checking the contents of the box... hell, nobody 
    would want to do that, except living rotten corpses who can't imagine things
    getting anymore disgusting. After hopping out of the box, head right, up the
    ladder. If you're feeling like finding Wally, go right through the tunnel and
    keep going right until you get to the dungeon, he's in the jail cell. If you
    talk to him, he'll tell you he knows where the treasure is, in a small island
    called Dinky! So, you have no other choice but to bust him out of there. Go
    back to the room where you've probably seem a back tunnel with a whole bunch of
    confusing signs. Enter that back tunnel.
    Now, things get really weird here. Remember that trippy scene with the dancing
    skeletons on Booty? Well, of course you do, Guybrush even wrote the song on the
    spit encrusted paper somehow. So, the song's the key to go through this part!
    On each hallway, you'll see doors with bones patterns on them. Read the song to
    figure out which door is the right one, for example, the first verse of the 
    song says that ''the hip bone is connected to the arm bone which is connected
    to the head bone'', then you have to push the door which has the hip on top, 
    the arm in the middle and the head on the bottom and go inside! Repeat this 
    logic for each verse until you reach a huge door with massive locks. You can't
    open any of those locks at all... so how to get through? Try to open the huge
    door and you'll end up opening a doggie door! Of course! Go through and you'll
    be in the fearsome throne room of Lechuck! Try to pick up the key and you'll
    be captured on the spot... uh-oh.
    So, we are now in a not very good situation. Both you and Wally are hanging 
    over a pit full of voodoo acid and LeChuck will explain how you'll fall to your
    doom through a complex and really silly looking machine. The only thing you
    actually need to know is that the whole thing will be triggered when a candle
    burns a piece of string holding a small bag of sand. After a bit of talk, the 
    zombie pirate will leave the room, giving you the opportunity to escape. Why
    do they always leave the room? Is this some sort of rule from the International
    Villains Society or maybe LeChuck's decomposed stomach can't handle seeing 
    someone being dissolved down to the bones? Well, it doesn't matter. You have to
    do something about that candle. The only thing you can do in your inventory is
    drink that loogie juice you have. Use the crazy straw on the green drink to get
    some spit. Now, spit on the pan on the bottom of the screen and twice on the
    shield right of Guybrush. Doing so will make the spit ricochet towards the 
    candle and put it out! Then somehow, don't ask me how, both our heroes will 
    pull a Houdini and escape from the shackles without falling into the acid pit!
    RANDOM TRIVIA: If you take too long, Guybrush will fall down into the acid pit,
    but since he's telling the story to Elaine, that's sorta impossible.
    Anyway, logic issues aside, you're now in a pitch-black room, and needless to
    say you can't see a damn thing. Open the juju bag you've got from the Voodoo
    Lady to find a bomb and some matches inside. Ooooh, you know what's going to
    happen now! Classic stuff from Bugs Bunny, that is! Use the matches and, 
    surprise surprise, you're in the explosives deposit! It doesn't take long for
    Guybrush to drop the match, making the whole Fortress explode and send him fly
    away for hundreds of miles!
    *   2-4 -- PART 4: DINKY ISLAND --  *
    +Dinky Island+
    So, against all odds, you just happen to land on the island you've been looking
    for all this time, making the whole map hunting thing sorta POINTLESS. But hey,
    it's Monkey Island, you should be used with it by now. Anyway, let's get back 
    to the game, shall we? Grab the bottle lying on the beach, the martini glass 
    next to the still and the always handy crowbar next to it. To the right you'll
    find or good old pal Herman Toothrot, the pantless castaway you meet on the 
    first game! You can talk to him, if you like, but he won't say anything of any
    real use, except some philosophical words of how this whole island is the 
    treasure you're looking for and so on and so forth. Open the barrel to find a
    single solitary cracker inside. Use the martini glass on the ocean to take some
    sea water, then use it on the still to take the salt out of it. Now, you've
    probably noticed there's a pretty smart parrot that seems to be related to Cpt.
    Marley's crew! Give him the cracker and he'll say to go east from the pond to
    the...uh... dinosaur. Ok. Go left and enter the jungle.
    First of all, go left twice and you'll see a bag hanging from a tree. Smash the
    bottle on the tree and use it to cut the bag open. From inside it, a box of
    cracker mix (just add water) will fall down. Use the water from the martini 
    glass on the box to get... two crackers?? This whole box for just two miserable
    crackers??? What a rip off! Anyway, keep going right until you find a pond and
    a TNT box next to it! Pick up the rope tying the box and use the crowbar to 
    open it up, then grab the dynamite inside. Boy, are we in for some fun, now! Go
    straight east twice and you'll find a... bush shaped like a dinosaur... the
    parrot will show up again, so give him another cracker and he'll tell you to go
    north to the pile of rocks, so do it, go north until you find it. Give him the
    final cracker when you get there and he'll tell you to go east to the big X!
    At last! 
    RANDOM TRIVIA: If you randomly walk around the jungle, it's likely that you'll
    find a phone booth. Use it and Guybrush will call LucasArts' hint line!
     X Marks the Spot
    If you talked to Herman before getting here, he'll show up and teach you a 
    shortcut back to the beach, so... yeah. Well, don't sweat about it! We've found
    the fabulous treasure of Big Whoop, so get your shovel and start digging!
    Eventually, you'll hit cement. Good thing you've got some TNT with you. Use the
    last one of your matches on the dynamite and use it on the hole! The whole pack
    will blow up on a Guybrush's face, but for a guy who survived the explosion of
    a whole ROOM filled explosives completely unscratched, this is no big deal.
    Now you're inside the whole, on top of a platform with a chest on the other 
    side. Say, this place looks familiar... anyway, use the rope on the crowbar,
    then use the rope 'n' crowbar on the twisted rods above. Our mighty pirate will
    try to pull an Indiana Jones, but unfortunately he'll crash straight into the
    pillar and be left hanging with the rope in one hand and the chest in another.
    Ah, now I remember... Three days later Elaine shows up and, after he's done 
    telling the story, the rope will break and he'll fall down the pit. That's just
     Underground Tunnels
    It's pretty damn dark down here... and you ran out of matches after lighting 
    that TNT (yes, the Voodoo package came with just TWO matches. What a lousy 
    service). You can find light, however, by looking for a light switch a little
    to the right of the middle of the screen. Use it to turn it on and OH S*** IT'S
    LECHUCK! Dude's been pretty patient to wait for you down here for three whole
    days while you were hanging up there. Anyways you talk a bit to him and he 
    reveals that... he... IS YOUR BROTHER! *DUN-DUN-DUUUUUN* Wait, what? Ok, moving
    on and ignoring this weird plot twist, he'll show you his plan B in case you
    just happened to magically escape from the pit of acid: a dolly. Oh, but it's
    not any doll, it's a Voodoo Doll! AND it's just not any Voodoo Doll, it's a 
    MAGIC Voodoo Doll! *ahem* You know, aside from the stabbing and you feeling it
    part. According to the zombie pirate we love to hate, this particular doll is
    set to send Guybrush to another dimension, one of infinite pain! Ow! LeChuck
    follows to stab the doll with plenty of joy and then send our hero to another
    dimension! Well... at least that's the idea, but the worst it'll do is send you
    to another room. LeChuck will try to use it again, sending you to another 
    random room.
    Now, here's the deal with this part, not only you'll pop up at a random room of
    the tunnel, LeChuck will occasionally show up and send you to a different room!
    In order to navigate throughout this whole place, I'll try to describe the 
    layout of it. The room through you entered, the one with the smashed treasure
    chest, is the one most to the left. There's nothing for you to do here, except
    grabbing an E-Ticket, which is the fabulous treasure of Big Whoop, it seems. 
    Hey, nothing beats a ride on the Pirates of the Caribbean! Speaking of which,
    this game sure has plenty of Disney references in it... Anyway, moving on. 
    To the right of the treasure chest room, is the elevator. Unfortunately, you
    can't ride it yet because some jerk left a huge heavy crate here to keep it 
    from going up. To the right of the elevator, you'll find a doorway that leads
    to a room filled with junk, among them a helium cylinder and the broken Grog
    machine from the first game. Next on the corridor, you'll get to a room filled
    with boxes. And finally, the room most to the right of the entire complex, is
    the infirmary. In any case, there are some signs on the walls to aid you.
    So, we have a zombie pirate who hates you to the bones chasing you around with
    a Voodoo Doll ready to send you screaming to a random location. So, what can
    we do? I say, fight fire with fire! Make your own doll and fight back! You get
    each of the ingredients at a specific room, with the only exception being the
    body fluid. In order to get that, wait for LeChuck to show up and hand him the
    hankie Stan gave you. He'll sneeze at it (even though he has no nose) and give
    you back the gooey thing. Onward to the other ingredients! Your first stop 
    should be the infirmary. In there, you'll find the remains of what seems to be
    your long lost parents! If what LeChuck says about you being his brother, their
    bones should work nicely for the doll, so grab your dad's skull (well, that's
    rather unpleasant). There's more stuff to steal here. Open the trash can to the
    right and pick up the pair of gloves in it. Open the desk drawer to find a
    hypodermic syringe inside. Grab it, and leave it, trying to make your way to 
    the room filled with boxes.
    There are, in total, four boxes on the ground for you to open. You only need to
    look at the top-left one, which contains a single balloon, and the bottom one,
    which contains a doll. The other two are filled with root beer, which you can
    pick up and actually try to use against LeChuck! However, he's not a ghost 
    anymore, so it'll be shamefully ineffective... you should try it out, though!
    For the lulz! Now it's time to make your way to the room filled with junk.
    When you get there, quickly fill both gloves and the balloon with helium! And
    if you're playing the Special Edition, use any of them so you can hear Guybrush
    talking in a squeaky voice! But fill it up again after, though. Anywho, use the
    Coin return slot of the Grog machine to drop a coin. Do not pick it up! You
    won't be needing your money anymore! Wait around for a while and the zombie 
    pirate will show up! The coin on the floor will immediately catch his attention
    which gives you the opportunity to pull his undies and give a human being, live
    or dead, the nastiest wedgie ever! (you'll keep his underwear... ew) Now all
    that's left is to make your way to the elevator! 
    When you reach it, go inside and wait for LeChuk to show up. When he does, pull
    the lever, making the elevator go up and the doors will snatch his beard! Ouch!
    In case you're wondering, you were able to use the elevator because you're 
    carrying all that helium filled stuff with you to lighten the elevators weight
    (I know, just try to play along. Monkey Island logic). Grab the crispy beard 
    bits on the floor and you're all set for the doll! Leave the elevator through
    the door for a very creepy déja vu location and put the doll and ingredients
    inside the juju bag, making your very own LeChuck dolly! Go back down, wait for
    him to show up and quickly use the needle on the doll! He'll feel the sting, 
    the doll works! He'll run off to the next room, so follow him.
    Now you've got him! Toy around as much as you like, then rip his leg off! Damn,
    that's pretty hardcore! LeChuck will then beg you to take off his mask... You
    might deny to do it as much as you like, but you'll eventually have to do it 
    and reveal that LeChuck is actually... Guybrush's creepy brother Chuckie! Wait,
    what? That doesn't feel right... after a bit more of talk some guy will kick
    both of you off the tunnel and you'll end up in a carnival and Guybrush's now
    a kid... and the parents from that trippy skeleton dancing scene are also there
    and stuff! The hell? As you and your family run off to ride the Madly Rotating
    Buccaneer, Chuckie's eyes spark devilishly! OHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAP!
    This is the trippy, not so fortunate conclusion of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's
    Revenge. As the credits roll, we see Elaine pondering if Guybrush wasn't cursed
    or anything of the sort... well damn, that's a pretty bad ending... but either
    way, congratulations on finishing this game! Onward to Curse of Monkey Island!
    *   3         --CREDITS--          +
    Thanks for all the FAQs writers out there for  inspiring me. Thank YOU for
    reading it, or else there wouldn't be any point on writing it in the first 
    place. Very special thanks for the three-headed monkey. I'd also like to say 
    that I'm not a natural English speaker, so I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes. 
    Peace to you  all. And, just to remember, if you have any doubts, problems or 
    comments just send me an e-mail. (felipecgaboardi@hotmail.com)

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