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    Easy Mode Walkthrough by Stinger_316

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 12/28/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Thu, 28 December 2000 03:16:00
                              L E C H U C K'S  R E V E N G E
    ______      ______   ______   ____  ____ _____  ___  ________  __      __
    \     \    /     /  /      \  \   \ \  / \   / /  /  \   ____| \ \    / /
     |     \  /     |  |   __   |  |   \| |   | | /  /    | |_/|    \ \  / /
     |      \/      |  |  |  |  |  | |\   |   | |/  |     |  _ |     \ \/ /
     |  |\      /|  |  |  |__|  |  | | \  |   |  /\  \    | | \|      |  |
     |  | \    / |  |  |        |  | |  \ |   | |  \  \   | |___/|    |  |
     |  |  \  /  |  |   \______/  /___\  \|  /___\  \__\ /_______|    |__|
     |  |   \/  /    \
     |  |       \    / ______   _______  _____                    ___   ____ _________
    /    \       \  /  \    /  / _____ \ \   /           /\       \  \  \  / \    __  \
    \    /        \/    |  |  | |     \|  | |           /  \       |  \ | |   |  |  \  \
     \  /               |  |  | \_____    | |          / /\ \      |   \| |   |  |   |  |
      \/                |  |   \_____ \   | |         / /__\ \     | |\   |   |  |   |  |
                        |  |         \ |  | |        /  ____  \    | | \  |   |  |   |  |
                        |  |  |\_____| |  | |___/|  /  /    \  \   | |  \ |   |  |__/  /
                        |  |   \______/  /_______| /__/      \__\ /___\  \|  /________/
                        |  |
                       /    \                 __________
                       \    /                /  ___     \    
                        \  /                /  /   \    /
                         \/                /__/    /   /
                                           _______/   /
                                          /  ________/
                                         /  /                               
                                        /   \ ______
                                           for PC
                                     by Stinger 3:16
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    T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    01.  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y
    02.  B A S I C  M O V E S
    03.  A B O U T  M O N K E Y  I S L A N D  2 : L E C H U C K'S  R E V E N G E
    04.  W A L K T H O R U G H (E A S Y  M O D E)
           * P A R T I   : T H E  L A R G O  E M B A R G O
           * P A R T II  : F O U R  M A P  P I E C E S
           * P A R T III : L E C H U C K'S  F O R T R E S S
           * P A R T IV  : D I N K Y  I S L A N D
    05.  I T E M  L I S T
    06.  S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
    07.  L I S T  O F  T H E  D A M N E D
    08.  I M P O R T A N T  N O T E
    09.  A U T H O R ' S  N O T E
    01.  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y
    VERSION 0.3 (28 DECEMBER 2000)
    Minor update.
    VERSION 0.2 (05 JANUARY 2000)
    Adding couple forgotten scene.
    VERSION 0.1 (04 JANUARY 2000)
    First  release. Contains  walkhtrough for  Monkey  Island 2 : LeChuck's  Revenge
    for the Easy Mode.
    02.  B A S I C  C O N T R O L S
     G = GIVE
     O = OPEN
     C = CLOSE
     P = PICK UP
     L = LOOK AT
     T = TALK TO
     U = USE
     S = PUSH (SHOVE)
     Y = PULL (YANK)
     ]         = + VOLUME SOUND CONTROL
     [         = - VOLUME SOUND CONTROL
     F8        = RESTART GAME
     CTRL M    = MOUSE ON
     CTRL J
    03.  A B O U T  M O N K E Y  I S L A N D 2 : LECHUCK'S REVENGE
    In Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck's Revenge, you play the role of Guybrush Threepwood
    In the months since he  defeated the  ghost Pirate  LeChuck  and rescued his one
    true love-Governor Elaine Marley-in The  Secret Of  Monkey  Island, Guybrush has
    made his way to Scabb Island in search of the biggest treasure of them all : Big
    Whoop. Here's where you come in........You direct the actions of Guybrush in his
    search for adventure, treasure, and the  validation of his peers. Guybrush faces
    many obstacles in his path, not the least which is the specterof.......LeChuck's
    revenge (Taken from the Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck Revenge User's Manual)
    This Game is has two game mode :
    04.  W A L K T H R O U G H  (E A S Y M O D E)
    ELAINE    : Well,  well,  well.  Guybrush  Threepwood.  You  do turn  up in  the 
                strangest places.
    GUYBRUSH  : Err... Hi Elaine. Do you think you could help me out?
    ELAINE    : How did you get into this mess?
    GUTBRUSH  : It's kind of a long story.
    ELAINE    : That's OK, I've got time.
    GUYBRUSH  : *sigh* Well, it  all started  on Scabb  Island. Some of  my admiring 
                fans had pressured me into telling my LeChuck evaporating story once 
    GUYBRUSH  : So I bust into the church and say, "Now your in for it,  you bilious 
                bag of barnacle bait!" ...and  then  LeChuck  cries, "Guybrush! Have 
                mercy!" "I can't take it anymore!"
    BART      : I think I know how he must have felt.
    FINK      : Yeah, if I hear this story one more time,I'm gonna be crying myself.
    BART      : Don't you have any NEW story?
    GUYBRUSH  : Well, actually, that's why I'm here on Scabb  Island. I'm on a whole 
                new adventure.
    FINK      : Growing a mustache?
    BART      : No. Bigger than that.
    FINK      : A beard?!?
    GUYBRUSH  : No, I'm in search of treasure. The  biggest treasure  of them all. A 
                treasure so valuable  and so well  hidden, that it haunts the dreams 
                of every pirate on the seas.
    FINK      : You mean...
    BART&FINK : Big Whoop?
    GUYBRUSH  : None other.
    BART      : Then, why'd you come here? There's no treasure on Scabb Island!
    GUYBRUSH  : Well, I didn't know  that before!  Now I'm trying  to charter a ship 
                and look someplace else. When I return, I'll have riches galore, and 
                a whole new story.
    BART      : or you'll have died trying.
    FINK      : Either way, we won't have to hear about LeChuck anymore.
    GUYBRUSH  : Ha! Those guys  wouldn't know a  good story eve n if they paid fifty 
                bucks for it. When I find Big Whoop I'll become legend among pirates 
                for generations to come. If I could  only charter a ship and get out 
                off this stinking island...
       P A R T  I : T H E  L A R G O  E M B A R G O
    You start in front of the bridge. Pick up sign. You will receive shovel. Walk to 
    the bridge, you  will see  a monkey wearing  green pants.  He's Largo  LaGrande. 
    Choose anything (twice). That monkey robbed all your treasures. Walks east until 
    you see a door. Inside the room, take the nails and then take the hammer.Talk to 
    woodsmith. Choose all. Go out and walks west and enter another door. Inside this 
    room, talk to  cartographer (Wally B. Feed).  Choose all. Pick up pile of paper. 
    Now, wait  until the  cartographer  drops his  monocle.  When he does, take  the 
    monocle (It's no use for the easy mode but hey, it's funny) or  you can  give it 
    back to Wally. After that,go out.
    Walk to hatch. Talk to barkeeper. Choose 1. Largo came and the  monkey will spit 
    into the wall (Eeew, gross). When he's gone, use paper  with spit  dripping down
    wall. You will get spit on paper.  Talk to  barkeeper. Choose all.  You will  be 
    hired as a chef. You will receive 420 pieces  o'eight as your salary. Inside the 
    kitchen, pick up knife on the table.  Use window to get out. Now, if you want to 
    go back to the kitchen, just use the window.
    Walk to the big ship in  the west. Talk to inkeeper. Choose all. Use  knife with 
    rope. The alligator is running and the inkeeper  try to catch the alligator. But 
    the alligator is faster than  the  inkeeper, so the inkeeper  is failed to catch 
    the alligator. Bad Guyrush. Look at bowl. Pick up Cheese Squigglies. Walk to the 
    door and open the door. Pick up clean, white, folded shirt. Then pick up toupee.
    Go out to the map.
    Go to the swamp. Use the coffin. Row to east  until you enter the skeleton head. 
    Walk east. You will have a conversation  with the  voodoo lady.  Choose all. You 
    will  learn that  you will  need four ingredients  to make  Largo's voodoo doll, 
    which is : something of the thread (Largo's spit), something of the head(Largo's 
    toupee), something of the body (Largo's clean, white shirt) and something of the 
    dead (Largo grandpa's bones). You will  receive voodoo shopping list. Go back to 
    the map.
    Go to the Cemetery. Walk to graves. Use  shovel on grave. You will receive bone. 
    Now, go back to the voodoo lady. Talk to her and choose the first option. Choose 
    all. You will receive  voodoo doll  and pins. Go back to  Woodtick and go to the 
    hotel. Enter Largo's room. Quickly use pins in voodoo doll. You will automatica-
    lly go back to the  swamp and  talk to  the voodoo  lady.  Choose all. You  will 
    receive Big Whoop : Unclaimed Bonanza or Myth? Go back to the map.
    Go to the Peninsula. Enter the ship  and talk to the  captain Dread. Talk to him 
    and choose the first option.
       P A R T  II  :  F O U R  M A P  P I E C E S
    Deep in the Carribean, hidden by an endless storm, lies LeChuck's fortress......
    LARGO     : So... when  are we  going to resurrect the old bloated fool? LeChuck 
                then will enter the room.
    LARGO     : Oops...
    LECHUCK   : I'll ignore that comment  just this  one time, Largo... only because 
                they tell me you've found Guybrush Threekwood.
    LARGO     : It's 'Threepwood' ...and I've found him on Scabb Island.
    LECHUCK   : Very good.No one gets the upper hand on LeChuck without getting what 
                he deserves. I want Guybrush  brough  to  me, and I want him brought 
                alive. I am entrusting this to you. Do not fail me.
    LARGO     : Never, your voodoo lordship.
    LECHUCK   : Aye... Guybrush Threepwood is finished. I need you to start building 
                me a very special doll.
    PRIEST    : Very well, my lord.
    You start at Captain Dread's Ship. Pick up Parrot Chow.Walk to the door and talk
    to  Captain Dread.  You  will see a map  contains 3 island : Scabb Island, Phatt 
    Island, and Booty Island. First go to the Phatt Island.
    Once there, you will get arrested by a guard. Choose  any options will bring the
    same result  (you will end up in prison).  Try  different answer  for funny act.
    Inside the cell, pick up rock hard mattress. You will see a stick, pick that up. 
    Use stick with bone.  Pick up bone.  Use bone with Walt.  Pick up small key. Use 
    small key in cell door.  Pick up the manila envelope.  Open manila envelope, and 
    you will receive all your previous item. Get out from the cell.
    Walk to alley. Talk to dealer. Choose the first option. Choose anything.You will 
    ALWAYS win. Choose the invitation to Governor Marley's Party as the price.Go out 
    to the map and go to the waterfall. Enter the newly discovered gaping hole.Walks 
    west three times. Go to the cottage. Enter the house and open the trap door.Take 
    the map piece. You will receive your first map piece. Go out. Go back to Dread's 
    Ship and go to Booty Island.
    LARGO     : Ah... LeChuck sir... I regret to report that Guybrush  has found one 
                of the map pieces to Big Whoop.
    LECHUCK   : You will regret a lot more if he finds another. Stop him at any cost
                .. But remember... I want him alive.
    LARGO     : Yes sir.
    Walk to the  house on the  west. Pick up map piece. Choose the first option. You 
    will receive the  second  map piece. Go out  and enter  the  costume  shop. Give 
    invitation to the shopkeeper. Pick up dress. Go out and enter Stan's shop.Choose 
    the first option. When he's inside the coffin, use hammer on nails. You will get 
    clean, white hankie. Take the  crypt key. Use  hammer on cash register. Too bad, 
    it's empty. Go back to Dread's ship.
    ONCE AGAIN....................................................
    LARGO     : Ah.... LeChuck sir.... I just wanted to report that we have finsihed 
                building the new torture chamber you requested.
    LECHUCK   : Very good. Do you have anything else to report?
    LARGO     : Ah... No... Well... There is one other small little thing.
    LECHUCK   : I assume this has to do with Guybrush's capture?
    LARGO     : Well... Sort of...
    LECHUCK   : You've allowed him found the second map piece,haven't you!!YOU FOOL! 
                You are to ready your  ship and  sail  after him yerself!FIND HIM OR 
    Now go back to Booty Island.  Go to the map and go to the small structure.Choose 
    all. Walk to the mansion. Open the door  and  pick up  the map. Go out. Guybrush 
    will bark and the guard will take you upstairs  to meet Elaine. Choose the first 
    option until Elaine throws the map. Go out  from the mansion and pick up the map 
    piece. Go back to Dread's ship.
    Deep within LeChuck's fortress bla bla bla bla bla bla..........................
    LECHUCK   : Largo!
    LARGO     : Er... You called for me?
    LECHUCK   : Is it true that Guybrush Threepwood  has  found the  third  piece of 
                the map to Big Whoop?
    LARGO     : Ah... Yes sir... I was about...
    LECHUCK   : Why did you not come and tell me yerself?
    LARGO     : Well... I was trying to confirm that he really...
    LECHUCK   : Largo.... You have been my trusted henchman for many years.... But I 
                won't hesitate to drag your entrails from behind my ship..... if you 
                do not bring me Guybrush before he finds that treasure!
    Go to the cemetery and use the crypt key to open the crypt.Inside the crypt open 
    the coffin. Pick up map piece. Now go back to the map and go back to Woodtick.Go 
    to Wally and give monocle to Wally. After that give the map piece to him.   Back
    to the map.
    LARGO     : LeChuck, sir...I've got good news and I've got bad news.The bad news 
                is that Guybrush has found the last piece of the map. Ah....The good 
                news that I've got a plan thta can't fail. Ah..You see..He must take 
                the map to a cartographer to have it deciphered. I'll Head  him  off 
                before he gets there.
    LECHUCK   : If your plan fails...
    LARGO     : It will not, your voodoo lordship.
    Go back to the voodoo lady. Choose the first option. You  will receive  the Juju 
    Bag. Go back to Wally andf you will found out the LeChuck have abducted Wally.Go 
    back to the swamp and open  the crate. Use crate.
    End of Part II
       P A R T  III  :  L E C H U C K'S  F O R T R E S S
    In the small crate of voodoo supplies that would be his home for  the next five 
    days and nights, Guybrush is forced to eat bat lungs and eel  bladders  to stay
    alive. Eventually, Guybrush and the rest of the slithering cargo are  delivered 
    to the very doorstep of the Carribean's most fearesome villlain, living or dead
    : The Ghost Pirate LeChuck!
    LARGO     : Ah... LeChuck's crate of voodoo supplies.
    HANDYMAN1 : You know, we usually don't deliver out this far...
    LARGO     : You guys bucking for a tip?
    HANDYMAN2 : Well, we figured since...
    LARGO     : Well you figured wrong. LeChuck don't tip nobody!
    HANDYMAN1 : Gee.. 
    HANDYMAN2 : What a butt.
    Walk to the passage. Enter the back tunnel. Follow the path and you will arrive
    on the huge door. Open the huge door. Walk to doggie door.Pick up voodoo key to 
    jail. You will get trapped by Le'Chuck. Stupid Guybrush. After  LeChuck's gone, 
    talk to Wally and choose the third option. Use matches.
       P A R T  IV  : D I N K Y  I S L A N D
    HOURS LATER...........
    Pick up bottle. Pick up crowbar. Use crowbar with barrel. You will receive three 
    crackers. Talk to Herman  Toothrot. Choose all. Give c racker to parrot. It will 
    give you a clue. Now enter the jungle. Walks northeast.Pick up rope. Use crowbar 
    with box. Pick up d ynamite. Walks  east. Walks  northeast. You  will see  a big 
    dinosaur. Give cracker to parrot. Head north from dinosaur to the pile of rocks. 
    Head north. Give cracker to parrot. Now, walks east. Use  shovel  on  Big X. Use 
    matches with dynamite. Use lit dynamite with hole in the  ground. Use  rope with 
    crowbar. Use crowbar 'n' rope with twosted metal rods.
    Push light switch, you will see  LeChuck. Now, you must make  a  voodoo  dool of 
    LeChuck. First go to the room of crates. Inside that room take dolls, root beer, 
    and balloon. Wait until LeChuck  came and  use the  root beer  on  him. It  does 
    nothing, though. Now go to the  room  with  remains. Pick up dad's remains. Then 
    open the trash  can and  pick  up  the  gloves. Open the  drawer  and  take  the 
    hypodermic syringe. Now go to the room with a soda machine. Use balloon with the 
    helium tank. Use surgical  gloves  with helium tank. Then use coin return on the 
    soda machine. A coin will  drop to  the ground. Wait until LeChuck came. When he 
    tries to take the coin, quickly pick up his underwear.Then go somewhere and wait 
    until LeChuck came, quickly give the clean, white hankies to LeChuck. Then go to 
    the elevator. Wait LeChuck. When he came, pull the level. Take his beard.
    Now since you have all the ingredients, you can make a  voodoo doll. Use generic
    voodoo Kewpie doll with Juju Bag. Use  skull  with  Juju Bag. Use underwear with 
    Juju Bag. Use used hankie with Juju Bag. Use  crispy beard bits on Juju Bag. Now 
    go back downstairs and wait for LeChuck. When  he  came, use  hypodermic syringe 
    with generic voodoo Kewpie doll. He will run away.  Follow him. Choose anything, 
    the outcome will same.
    Enjoy The Ending.
    05. I T E M  L I S T
    |                            |                   |                             |
    |         N  A  M  E         |     W H E R E     |    GUYBRUSH'S COMMENTS      |
    |                            |                   |                             |           
    | Shovel                     | Scabb Island-Sign | THRIFTY-DIG -- For the      | 
    |                            |                   | treasure hunter on a budget |
    | Nails                      | Scabb Island-     | Nothing like a pocket full  |
    |                            | Woodsmith's Place | of nails to keep you on your|
    |                            |                   | toes.                       |
    | Hammer                     | Scabb Island-     | It says, "Woody."           |
    |                            | Woodsmith's Place |                             |
    | Paper                      | Scabb Island-     | It's blank.                 |
    |                            | Wally's Place     |                             |
    | Monocle                    | Scabb Island-     | Everything looks all blurry |
    |                            | Wally's Place     |                             |
    | Spit on Paper              | Scabb Island-Bar  | Yup, it's Largo's.          |
    | 420 pieces o'eight         | Scabb Island-Bar  | I'm rich.                   |
    | Knife                      | Scabb Island-     | Sharp                       |
    |                            | Bar-Kitchen       |                             | 
    | Cheese Squigglies          | Scabb Island-     | One of Guybrush's favorites |
    |                            | Ship-Hotel        |                             |
    | Clean, white shirt         | Scabb Island-     | Nice April-fresh scent      |
    |                            | Largo's Room-Hotel|                             |
    | Toupee                     | Scabb Island-     | There's strange little white|
    |                            | Largo's Room-Hotel| bugs all over it.           |
    | Big Whoop : Unclaimed      | Scabb Island-     | Big Whoop: Unclaimed Bonanza| 
    | Bonanza or Myth?           | Voodoo Lady-Swamp | or Myth?                    |
    | Pins                       | Scabb Island-     | Sharp                       |
    |                            | Voodoo Lady-Swamp |                             |
    | Voodoo Doll                | Scabb Island-     | It's little, mean-looking,  |
    |                            | Voodoo Lady-Swamp | and ugly.Just like the Largo|
    | Bone                       | Scabb Island-     | Gross                       |
    |                            | Cemetery          |                             |
    | Voodoo Shopping List       | Scabb Island-     | Great recipes from the      |
    |                            | Voodoo Lady-Swamp | International House of Mojo |
    |                            |                   | Page 139.                   |
    | Aunt Helen's Special Voodoo| Scabb Island-     | Aunt Helen's Special Voodoo |
    | Doll Mix."                 | Voodoo Lady-Swamp | Doll Mix.                   |
    |                            |                   |                             |
    | Parrot Chow                | Dread's Ship      | It has a picture of a parrot|
    |                            |                   | in front.                   |
    | Love bomb                  | Juju Bag          | 1.light fuse 2.throuw at    |
    |                            |                   | target 3. ready for love    |
    | Matches                    | Juju Bag          | Close cover before striking |
    | Juju Bag                   | Scabb Island-     | Some matches and love bomb  |
    |                            | Voodoo Lady-Swamp |                             |
    | Crypt Key                  | Booty Island-Stan | A place to send eternity,not|
    |                            |                   | a fortune"                  |
    | Clean, White Hankie        | Booty Island-Stan | "When  the  tears  come,    |
    |                            |                   | shouldn't you be prepared?" |
    | Dress                      | Booty Island-     | What a beautiful dress!     |
    |                            | Costume Shop      |                             |
    | Invitation                 | Phatt Island-Alley| You are cordially invited to|
    |                            |                   | Governor Marley's Mardi Gras|
    |                            |                   | blowout.                    |
    | Manila Envelope            | Phatt Island-Jail | Mr. Guybrush Threepwood.    |
    |                            |                   | Arrested for infractions too|
    |                            |                   | numerious to list.          |
    | Small Key                  | Phatt Island-Jail | Nice small key.             |
    | Bone                       | Phatt Island-Jail | It's a tibia.               |
    | Stick                      | Phatt Island-Jail | It's a stick.               |
    |                            |                   |                             |
    | Crispy beard bits          | Tunnel-Elevator   | It's definitely part of     |
    |                            |                   | LeChuck's beard.            |
    | Underwear                  | Tunnel-Soda Room  | I'd rather not              |
    | Helium surgical glove      | Tunnel-Clinic     | It's a surgical glove       |
    | Hypodermic Syringe         | Tunnel Clinic     | Yikes!                      |
    | Skull                      | Tunnel-Clinic     | Alas, poor Dad.             |
    | Helium Balloon             | Tunnel-Crate      | It's an attractive green    |
    |                            |                   | color                       |
    | Root beer                  | Tunnel-Crate      | I love root beer            |
    | Generic voodoo Kewpie doll | Tunnel-Crate      | It's just a cheap little    |
    |                            |                   | doll with no voodoo powers  |
    |                            |                   | at all.                     |
    | Used hankie                | Tunnel-Soda Room  | That's disgusting!          |
    | Dynamite                   | Dinky Island-     | The writing on it says      |
    |                            | Jungle            | "ages 3 and up"             |
    | Rope                       | Dinky Island-     | Looks strong                |
    |                            | Jungle-Crate      |                             |
    | Three crackers             | Dinky Island-     | It's a low-sodium crakers   |
    |                            | Beach-Barrel      |                             |
    | Crowbar                    | Dinky Island-     | Nice crowbar                |
    |                            | Beach             |                             |
    | Bottle                     | Dinky Island-     | It's empty and there's a cap|
    |                            | Beach             | on it.                      |
    06.  S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
    1. GOD for everything
    2. My family and my dogs
    3. Game FAQs for publishing my faqs
    5. LUCASARTS for making a very very great adventure game.
    6. My computer
    7. Those of you who sent me your compliments, thanks man.
    8. You for reading my FAQ
    07.  L I S T  O F  T H E  D A M N E D
    I remove all the names  inside my List of the Damned  except the first two. From
    now on I will focused this Damned List only for those damn plagiarist.
    1. Name    : VEGA
       E-mail  : vdirect@bdg.centrin.net.id
       Website : http://www.vegindo.com
       He plagiarized my Dino Crisis walkthrough and sell it in his store.He sold it
       for Rp. 12.500,-.  Although  he has translate my walkthrough  into Indonesian
       language,  I can still recognize it.  That stupid son of a ***** translate it
       words-by-words.  The book's title  is  GAME GUIDE Volume 9.  All the previous
       volume  of that book  is  also  ripping  someone else's faq  (especially from
       GameFAQs) and translate it into Indonesian.
       For HS,  the animal that I suspect responsible for that,  I got few words for
       you :
       For any of the reader that want to do me any favor, please send flames, hate
       mail, viruses, bomb, nuclear, or anything to his address.
    2. Name    : Game Station
       E-mail  : gameguys@bdg.centrin.net.id
       Website : http://www.vegindo.com/gamestation
       Address : Jl. Pungkur 155 Lt. 2, Bandung 40251.
       He plagiarized my friend's walkthrough (also from GameFAQs),  so I think that
       this animal is worthy enough to enter my Damned List. They publish it in Game
       Station, October 1999, 3rd week, volume 21, Rp. 3.500,-
       For KSH,  Sir Maul,  Tik Tan, Ratu Bedak, Blue Beo, and anybody that I forgot
       to mention, I just want to say this : SCREW YOU ALL!!!!! Someday I will visit
       your office carrying a BIG Shotgun, ready for blowing your f***ing brains out
       from your f***ing head.
       Reader, please send this a**hole some 'nice' stuff.
    3. Name   : X-Boy a.k.a Pansy-Boy a.k.a X-Gay
       E-mail : x-boy@gundam.com
       This son of a *****  is the webmaster of that ****ing site (www.vegindo.com).
       He's  the world's  dumbest son of a *****  that  I  have  ever met.  In their
       ****ing  messageboard,  it  says  that  we (faq author)  are  the same as the
       plagiarist, cause all we do is just finished the game and then write it down.
       Ha ha ha ha ha ha, what a good reason.  Now you know why I said that he's the
       world's dumbest son of a *****.
       If you said that we just finished the game  and then write it down, why don't
       you do that by yourself, mother****er?!?!?! Why you have to ripp my faqs?!?!
    For Pansy-Boy, Miss Maul, and the rest of your ****ing crew :
    Dein Vater ist ein Schweineficker, darum hat er deine Mutter gefickt und ich in
    die Welt gesetzt!
    Tu padre es un follador de cerdos, por eso follo a tu madre y hizo possible
    tu nacimiento!
    tu padre es un cerdo, que se cogio a tu mama y naciste tu pendejo
    hijo de toda tu puta madre te voy a matar y vas a sentir mi verga en la
    garganta hasta que te salga por el culo,,solo asi sentiras lo mismo que le
    hice a tu madre hijo mio bastardo.
    jigoku eiku no wa.. omaega saki da. te vas a ir al infierno antes que yo pendejo
    Bapaklu tukang ngawinin babi, maka ia kawin sama babi terus tuh babi
    ngelahirin elu. Dasar anak babi.
    My last note for Damned #1, #2, and Damned #3
       All of you  will surely  burn in hell  for what you did,  so enjoy that blood
       money while you can....
    08.  I M P O R T A N T  N O T E
    Hey,  faq-makers, you should read this section.  I just receive an e-mail and he
    told me that  he has asking everybody  who made a walkthrough (including myself)
    and  I'm the  ONLY  one that answered.  Have you all forgot the manner that your
    father and mother taught you when you were kids? If someone asking for your help
    and you can help him, then do so. If you don't want people to send you an e-mail
    then said so  on your faq.  Don't let people disappointed.  I also have the same
    experience.  I asked someone  and he didn't answered me.  I don't know if he's a
    busy man or not,  but he didn't answered me. I'm very disappointed. Just because
    you have made a great faq,  and a lot of people e-mail you,  it don't make you a
    great man. What makes you a great man is your attitude.
    And for myself, I guarantee that  I will answer  your questions, even if I can't
    answer it.  And  if I haven't  answered your mail within a week , please mail me
    back, because maybe I don't read your faq, or something like that.
    09.  A U T H O R ' S  N O T E
    For those of you who want to send comments,  questions, or information regarding
    this FAQ, don't hesitate to mail me.
    Feel free  to e-mail me  about any mistakes  or  additions  concerning this FAQ,
    but don't forget to mention the game's name in the "Subject" field.
    If you read this FAQ not on these sites :
    01) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/)
    02) Console Gamer (http://www.console-gamer.com/)
    03) Absolute Playstation International (http://www.absolute-playstation.com/)
    04) Playstation Network (http://www.caratworld.com/psnetwork/)
    05) Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com/)
    06) Video Games Strategies (http://www.vgstrategies.about.com/)
    07) Planet Web (http://www.planetweb.purespace.de/)
    08) Hype.Se (http://cheats.hype.se/)
    09) Game Revolution (http://www.game-revolution.com/)
    10) Game Core (http://www.videogamecore.com/)
    11) Xcheater (http://www.xcheater.com/)
    12) PhatGames (http://www.phatgames.com/)
    13) Spoiler Centre (http://www.the-spoiler.com/)
    14) The Cheat Empire (http://home.planetinternet.be/twuyts)
    15) Cheat Code Central (http://www.cheatcc.com/)
    16) Survival Horror (http://survivalhorror.com/)
    17) Games Blaster (http://www.gamesblaster.com/)
    18) Gaming Addiction (http://www.games.prohosting.com/)
    19) Diablo Page (http://www2.50megs.com/neo667/diablo.html)
    20) Resident Evil Extreme (http://rextreme.evilgaming.net)
    21) PsxGamer (http://www.psxgamer.com)
    22) SuperCheats (http://www.supercheats.com)
    23) All Anime (http://www.allanime.com)
    24) Adrenaline Vault (http://www.avault.com/cheats)
    25) Blue Crescent's Page (http://members.xoom.com/bluecrescent/credits.html)
    26) RPG Classics (http://www.rpgclassics.com)
    27) Happy Puppy (http://www.happypuppy.com/)
    28) Chi Phan's Page (http://homepages.go.com/~chphan/Rpgdreamersindex.html)
    29) Bob Santos' Page (http://www.geocities.com/charmin_guy_011285)
    30) Alternative Reality (http://www.alternative-reality.com)
    31) DLH (http://DLH.Net)
    32) Firesoft (http://www.firesoft.net)
    33) Beyond Evil (http://beyondevil.cjb.net/)
    34) Random Page of Crap (http://www.geocities.com/frozen4lyfe/index.html)
    35) Nemesis' Page (http://www.geocities.com/i_am_nemesis_99/)
    36) Boschamp's Page (http://www.angelfire.com/games2/boschamp)
    37) Lugia12's Page (http://www.geocities.com/lugia12/index.htm)
    38) Our Turf (http://www.ourturf.com)
    39) Randar 83's Page (http://www.geocities.com/randar84)
    40) Total Video Games (http://www.totalvideogames.com)
    41) Cheating.De (http://www.cheating.de)
    42) Cheat City (http://www.cheatcity.com)
    43) Fei Yuki's Page (http://feiyenkn.homepage.com)
    44) Web Spot (http://silverqueen.cjb.net)
    45) Tim's Vault (http://www.timsvault.com)
    46) Andrea Busia's Page (http://www.ludus.it)
    47) Think Evil (http://www.thinkevil.com)
    48) Gaming Planet (http://www.gamingplanet.com)
    49) Games Angel (http://www.gamesangel.homestead.com)
    50) Crosswinds (http://www.crosswinds.net/~hugegameplayer/www_smackdown/index.htm)
    51) RPG Classics (http://www.rpgclassics.com)
    52) GameCastle
    53) RPG Legerdemain (rwartow.tripod.com)
    54) Webcheats (http://www.webcheats.de)
    55) XCheater (http://www.xcheater.com/)
    56) Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com/)
    57) GameThrust (http://www.gamethrust.com/)
    58) PC Game Revieew (http://www.pcgamereview.com/)
    59) DC Guide (http://www.dcguide.co.uk/)
    60) RPG DREAMERS (http://www.crosswinds.net/~rpgdreamer)
    61) RPG-Vortex (http://www.rpg-vortex.com)
    62) CheatPage (http://www.cheatpage.com/)
    63) Wrestling Games (http://www.wrestling-games.com/)
    64) Resident Evil Mania (http://www.geocities.com/residentevilmania/index.html)
    65) GameSpot (http://www.gamespot.com/)
    66) RPG Temple (http://come.to/sashy)
    67) The Horror Is Alive (http://go.to/TheHorror/)
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    76) Mark Anido's Page (http://www.geocities.com/webzage2/webmaster.html)
    77) Joe Chandler's (http://www.angelfire.com/oh/residentevilishome/walkthru.html)
    78) Cheatmaster's Gamecheats (http://www.angelfire.com/games/cheats48)
    79) Paladins of Light Guild (http://www.pofl.org)
    80) Tipsncheats (http://www.tipsncheats.com)
    81) RPG Informer (http://www.rpginformer.com)
    82) The Gamer (http://www.thegamer.com/)
    83) Totally RE (http://www.totallyre.com/)
    84) Game United (http://www.gameunited.com/)
    85) Stoneages RE (http://angelfire.com/games2/rek)
    86) FaQ Headquaters (http://tngh.staticzone.net/)
    87) GamePower (http://www.gamepower.com/)
    88) United Gamers (http://unitedgamers.staticzone.net/)
    89) Fresh Baked Games (http://www.freshbakedgames.com/)
    90) DH Gaming (http://dhgaming.freeservers.com/)
    91) ResidentFear (http://www.residentfear.cjb.net/)
    92) PlayzoneWorld (http://www.playzoneworld.com/)
    93) GamersWeb (http://www.the-gamersweb.com/)
    94) BDGames (http://www.bdgames.net/)
    95) http://www.nonsologiochi.com
    96) Sjel's walktrough page (http://www.sjel.org/)
    Please  tell  me where you read it.  And if you know someone who has rip-off my
    work,  please  tell me his e-mail address  and where you read it,  we will take
    care the rest.
    Thanks  for  reading  my  FAQ  and  please send in any comments,  questions, or
    This document copyright (c) 2000 Stinger 3:16

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