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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Starvin Marvin

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    The Secret of Monkey Island
    PC MS-DOS/Windows/Amiga/Macintosh/Sega CD/Atari ST
    This Document Copyright 2001 Joe Gulliver.
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    Original Release: 19/06/01 (June 19th, 2001)
      1 - Game Walkthrough.
        - Part 1: The Three Trials.
        - Part 2: The Journey.
        - Part 3: Under Monkey Island.
        - Last Part (A.K.A Part 4) : Guybrush kicks butt.
      2 - Insults Guide.
      3 - Secrets
     1 - Game Walkthrough
    Before we begin, I'm just going to start off by telling you that F5 will 
    bring up the menu to save/load/etc. I get a lot of emails asking this, 
    and hopefully by putting the information here, it will cut them down a bit.
     Part 1 - The Three Trials
    After the intros have played(Press Esc to skip them), you'll be into the 
    actual game.
    Left click to move young Guybrush Threepwood right along the pier, until 
    you get to the Scumm Bar, Right click on the door to open it, then 
    Walk right until you come to the table with the Important Looking 
    Pirates, right click to talk to them, when you get the chance to choose 
    your reply, say "I want to be a pirate.", they'll tell you about The 
    Three Trials, shortly after, you'll be given the chance to reply again, 
    click on either of the top three answers, as you'll need to learn about 
    each of the different trials.
    After you've learnt your tasks, say "I'll just be running along now.", 
    and walk up to the fire place, after a short while, the chef should come 
    out of the door to your right, wait until he has gone off-screen to the 
    left, and walk into the kitchen.
    When you're in there, pick up the pot under the table, the hunk of meat 
    on the table, and open the door to the right, to go on the pier at the 
    back of the bar. As soon as you open the door, a seagull will fly over 
    and start pecking at the fish lying there, walk down to the bottom right 
    hand corner of the mini-pier, and you'll stand on a loose board, which 
    will partially catapult the seagull into the air, do this until the bird 
    stays in the air(usually takes 3 times), and pick up the fish, walk out 
    of the kitchen, and out of the bar.
    After a short cut-scene involving the ghost pirate LeChuck, and one of 
    his henchmen, you'll be back in control, walk right again through the 
    When you are back in control, open the first door on the right, and 
    enter the house. In here, search around until you find a chicken (located 
    on the trunk), after some further inspection, you'll find out it's a 
    rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. then walk right to find the 
    famous Voodoo Lady, she's not an important character, but talk to her if 
    you wish, after your conversation with her, exit the house, then go 
    through the next arch.
    Open the first door you come to, and walk into the shop, talk to the 
    shopkeeper, and tell him "I'm looking for the Sword Master of Melee 
    island.", it turns out he is the only person that knows of her 
    whereabouts, after the conversation is done, follow him. You must be 
    quick, and try not to lose site of him, follow him through the town, and 
    through the woods, if you're fast enough, try and pick up one of the 
    yellow flowers, after a little game of cat and mouse, he'll lead you to 
    the Sword Masters hideout.
    From here, another cut-scene will take place, when it's done, walk back 
    to the path, if you didn't get one of the yellow flowers the first time, 
    go back to the fork on the map, and take the middle path going north, 
    and pick one.
    Make your way back to the map, and head for the clearing, enter the 
    Circus Tent. You get to meet the Fantastic, Amazing, Acrobatic, and 
    exceedingly well known, Fabulous Flying Fettuccini Brothers!
    When you can reply, say "OK, I'll do it." when they ask about a helmet, 
    say "Of course I have a helmet. What sort of idiot do you take me for?", 
    Then give them the pot you got from the kitchen.
    When they ask if you're ok, pick either answer, and you'll end up with 
    478 pieces of eight!
    Walk back to the town, and go through the first arch, talk to the 
    Citizen of Melee, when he asks you if you have a cousin named Sven, say 
    "No, but I once had a barber named Dominique.", He'll ask you if you 
    want to buy a map to the treasure, say "I'll take it. It'll make a swell 
    gift.", you lose 100 pieces of eight, but end up with a *very* hard to 
    understand map. Now walk through the next archway, and in to the 
    store(first door). In here, pick up the sword and the shovel, and talk 
    to the storekeeper. say "About this sword/shovel", then say "I want it." 
    to buy the items, and walk out of the store.
    From here, go into the alley next to the store, and you'll meet the 
    lovable(?) Sherriff Fester Shinetop, say whatever you want, as it won't 
    make too much difference, when you're done with him, walk out of the 
    alley, and into the Jail.
    In here, talk to the prisoner, you'll find out he has horrible breath, 
    so walk back to the store, and say to the storekeeper "I could use a 
    breath mint.", he'll give you a full roll for 1 piece of eight. Go back 
    to the Jail, and give the breath mints to the prisoner so you can talk 
    to him. After your conversation, leave Otis.
    The order you do the trials in will slightly effect the game,if you steal 
    the idol last, you'll miss out on a scene with Guybrush and Elain Marley, 
    so I advise you to steal the idol first, or second.
     Mastering the Art of Sword Fighting
    Head back to the map screen, from here, click on the house in the bottom 
    right corner, when you get stopped at the bridge, give the fish to the 
    troll, and continue to the house. Once there, open the door, ask the man 
    "Could you train me to be better than the Sword Master?", then keep 
    saying "I do so have what it takes!" until he agrees, after that say 
    "I've got 30 pieces of eight.", then "OK, check it out.", When you're in 
    the training room, and get a chance to talk, pick any answer, as it 
    won't make a difference.
    Once you're done with the training, walk back to the map, and stand 
    somewhere so that other pirates will walk into you, so you can learn 
    some insults(go to section 5 for more info), when you have the chance 
    say "My name is Guybrush Threepwood, prepare to die." to get into the 
    actual sword fight, from here, choose which insult you want to use, and 
    let the sword fight play through.
    When a pirate says "Wow! You're good enough to fight the Sword Master." 
    head up to the Sword Master's house, Talk to her and say "My name is 
    Guybrush Threepwood. I've come to kill you." to fight her(for help with 
    her insults, check section 5 again). Once you beat her, head back to the 
     Mastering the Art of Thievery
    Go back to where the jail is, and go through the arch next to it,
    then walk to the Governor's Mansion.
    Use the Yellow Petal on the Hunk of Meat, to make a drug for the dogs, 
    then use it on the dogs themselves. After they've fallen asleep, open 
    the front door, and enter.
    Once your in the house, open the door near you and enter, now our 
    "friend" Fester Shinetop will make an appearance.
    There's nothing you really need a guide for in this section, but here 
    goes.....Hypnotize the quarrelsome rhinoceros, Push the red button, Look 
    at the tremendous yak, Push the tremendous dangerous-looking yak, Pull 
    the tremendous dangerous-looking yak, Pick up the staple remover, Use 
    the staple remover on the tremendous dangerous-looking yak, you'll be 
    thrown out, and you can just watch the rest of it.
    When you regain control, head back to the jail, and give the gopher 
    repellent to Otis, he'll give you his Carrot Cake, open the Cake, and 
    you'll find a file, now trek back to the mansion. When you eventually 
    get there, walk in to the gaping hole, the computer will handle it from 
    here. When you get a chance to reply to the sheriff, choose any answer, 
    and Elain Marley will come out, choose whichever answer you like, 
    and this trial is almost complete.
    To get out of the water, simply pick up the idol.
     Mastering the Art of Treasure Huntery
    Go back to the forest, and take the middle top path, left, right left, 
    right, top middle, right, left, top middle.
    Now if you followed those properly, you should be in a different part of 
    the forest, which is covered in red flowers, walk right until you see 
    the big X, and use the shovel on it, Guybrush will do the rest by 
    himself, when he's done, go back to the map screen.
    Now when you've completed all three trials, you'll be greeted with a 
    cut-scene, showing the ghost ship sailing away. Shortly, the Look-out 
    will come to talk to you, and give you a note. When the look out walks 
    off, look at the note to read it. Then head to the Scumm bar, pick up 
    all the mugs you can find, and talk to the chef. When you're done with 
    him, walk into the kitchen and _SAVE YOUR GAME_, you're going to need to 
    fill up one mug with grog, but switch it regularly, so it doesn't melt, 
    you'll be heading for the jail, where you met Otis. When you get there, 
    use whatever mug that has the grog in on the lock, to eat through it and 
    set Otis free. Exit the jail, and a cut-scene will play.
    Now head back to the Sword Master's shack, and go up and talk to her, 
    choose the reply "The governors been KIDNAPPED!", she'll be a member of 
    your crew now. Only one more crew member to get, so head back to the map 
    screen, and to the shore on the top right corner.
    When you get there, Walk to the pole, and use the chicken on the cable. 
    Then open the door of the house, and walk in, choose the obvious answers 
    when Meathook talks to you, eventually he'll lead you to his "monster". 
    Open the door, and tickle the murderous winged devil. After you get out 
    of the house, climb up the pole again, use the chicken on the cable, and 
    walk back to the map.
    Walk to the lights in the shape of a boat, and you'll arrive at Smilin' 
    Stans Previously Owned Vessels.
    When you're able to speak, choose "I really don't have that much to 
    spend.", then "Actually, I was hoping to get one on credit.", and "On 
    second thought, this may not be the ship for me.", then finally, 
    "Actually, I'd like to go think about it some more.".
    Head back to the village, and to the store. Talk to the keeper, and say 
    "I'm interested in procuring a note of credit.", when he asks about a 
    job say "Yes, of course I do.". Now when he walks up to the safe, pay 
    very good attention to the direction he moves the handle in(or write it 
    down). Choose any of the answers when he asks you what your job is, it 
    won't make any difference, then say "I'm looking for the Sword Master of 
    melee island.", After he's gone, walk up to the safe, and move the 
    handle in exactly the same way the storekeeper did. Push brings the 
    handle right, Pull moves it left. When you get the note, head back to 
    Say to Stan "Uh... could I see that cheap one again?", then "I got 
    credit from the storekeeper. Will you take it?", and "Let's talk 
    extras.", say "I think I can live without that particular piece of 
    junk." to all of the things, until he starts repeating himself, then say 
    "Enough about extras, already.", now say "Forget it. I don't need this 
    boat anyway.", then "Well, maybe you're right...", then say "I'd like to 
    make you an offer.", choose "5000! And that's my FINAL final offer!", 
    Now walk back to the village.
    When Otis shows up, say "Otis! I thought I'd never see you again!", then 
    any answer to the Sword Master.
    Then we're done with the first part.
     Part 2 - The Journey
    Unfortunately, the bastards you chose to be on your crew, want to 
    sunbathe instead of helping you, ah well, screw 'em!
    When you regain control of Guybrush, pick up the feather pen, and the 
    ink, then walk out of the cabin. When you're on deck, climb up the rope 
    ladder, pick up the Jolly Roger(flag), and climb back down again, then 
    head for the hatch. Go down through the next hatch, pick up the Giant 
    piece of rope, then open the kegs on the left side of the screen, open 
    the chest on the bottom right hand corner, and look in it to get the 
    wine, then head back up the ladder, and walk through the door.
    In the kitchen, pick up the pot on the table, and open the cupboard, 
    then pick up the cereal. Open the cereal, then open the prize, now walk 
    back to the cabin you started in. Use the small key in the cabinet, and 
    pick up the chest you find. Open it, then look at it to get the 
    contents. Now open the drawer of the desk, and look in that.
    Now look at the dusty book, then head for the kitchen. We're going to 
    make a little something for dinner now, so look at the piece of paper 
    for the ingredients. Put the following in the cooking pot: 
    Cinnamon sticks, Gun Powder, Jolly Roger, Cereal, The Rubber Chicken,  
    The Breath Mints, The Ink, and the Wine you found in the kitchen.
    Watch the short cut-scene that takes place, and when Guybrush is lying 
    on the floor, spouting nonsense, click anywhere to make him stand up. 
    Climb up the ladder, and go down through the hatch to the cellar, pick 
    up some more Gun Powder, and walk back up to the deck.
    Use the giant piece of rope on the cannon, the gun powder in the cannon 
    nozzle, and head back to the kitchen. Use either the feather, or the 
    dusty book with the fire, and quickly run back up to deck.
    Use the flaming mass on the fuse, and then use the pot. And we're 
    finished with the very short Part 2.
     Part 3 - Under Monkey Island
    This chapter begins with young Threepwood's head under the sand... and 
    his ass of fire(I told him to stay off that curry). Anyway, after Herman 
    Toothrot(great name!) has left, click anywhere on the sand to get out, 
    look at the note on the tree next to you, and pick up the banana on the 
    ground, then walk into the jungle.
    From here, head left, and go to the fort on the old volcano.
    Once you reach it, pick up the spyglass, the rope, and push the cannon.
    If Herman Toothrot interrupts you, say anything to him, and pick up the 
    gunpowder when you get the chance, then head back down to the section of 
    the map you started in.
    Go up on the map, and go to the river fork. Pick up the note under the 
    rock, and use the gunpowder with the dam. Open the spyglass, then use 
    the lens you get, on the sun, to blow the damn dam. Head to the freshly 
    created pond, pick up the rope you find on the dead guy, and the note 
    alongside him. Herman will most likely show up, say anything to him, 
    then head back to the map, and go to the bottom of it, then head to the 
    Use the rope with the tree, and the other rope with the sturdy stump. 
    Pick up the oars, then head back to the jungle. Go to the top of the 
    map, then back to the river fork.
    Walk up the footholds, push the primitive art twice, then head up the 
    next set of footholds. Now push the rock sitting on the cliff edge, and, 
    if everything's gone to plan, the rock will hit the banana tree on the 
    beach. Then head back to the beach you started on, and pick up the nice 
    fresh pile of bananas, then use the oars you found, on the small 
    rowboat. Head in a right-up direction, then go past the bit of island 
    that's sticking out, go up on the map again, and click on the beach near 
    to you.
    Pick up the note if you want, and walk into the jungle again, then go to 
    the village. Walk left, and pick up the bananas, then walk right again, 
    to be confronted by the Cannibals of Monkey Island!
    Choose any of the replies, you'll get thrown into prison anyway.
    Pick up the skull, the memo, and the loose board, then click on the 
    loose board again to get out.
    Go back to your boat, and row to the beach you originally started on.
    Walk to the jungle, then click on the monkey.
    Give all the bananas you have(should be 5 of them) to the monkey, and he 
    should follow you, now go back to the jungle, click up on the map, then 
    left, now go to the clearing.
    Walk along right until you find a wooden totem pole, and pull it's nose, 
    try and walk away from it..... unfortunately it'll close, but your 
    monkey will climb up there and hold it down for you. Walk through the 
    gate, pick up the wimpy little idol, then go back to the map, and back 
    to where you left the boat, now go to the cannibal village.
    Walk left and try to open the door, then walk right again to be stopped 
    by the cannibals, say "Don't eat me! I'll give you anything!", then give 
    them the wimpy little idol. Walk into the hut they held you captive in, 
    pick up the banana picker, and walk out again, now give the banana 
    picker to Herman Toothrot. Go back to the monkey head(where you got the 
    little idol), and use the big ass Q-tip on the monkey ear, now the 
    monkey head will open it's mouth, and roll out it's tongue, walk in, 
    then walk out again. Run back to the cannibals, and say "Well actually, 
    there is something...", "I'm looking for somebody.", then "I'm looking 
    for 30 dead guys and one woman."(sounds like one helluva fetish-orgy to 
    me!), and choose any answers from now on. When they turn their backs, 
    give them the leaflet you got from Stan. Now once you get the dried up 
    head(nice!) head back to the monkey head(agaaain). Whip out yer 
    head(that's the navigators) and follow his nose to the ship.
    When you get there, talk to the head, and say:
    "May I please have that necklace?", "Maybe I'll just take it...", "I 
    don't want to have to hurt you...", "What're you going to do? Bite me?", 
    "If I wanted to I could dropkick you into the lava."
    Then use the necklace, and walk onto the ship.
    Walk through the door on the left, into LeChuck's cabin, use the 
    magnetic compass you got from Stan, on the key, then walk back to the 
    deck. Go through the hatch on the right side, and through the passage on 
    the opposite side.
    In here, pick up the ghost feather on the floor(next to the chickens), 
    walk back through the passage, and use the ghost feather, on the 
    sleeping ghost pirate twice, pick up the jug o' grog, and go back 
    through the passage again, then use the key from LeChuck's room, on the 
    Pick up the cooking grease in here, and go back to the deck. Use the 
    grease on the door, and walk through. Get the ghost tools, and head back 
    down to where the chickens and pigs are. Use the ghost tools on the 
    crate, and look in it to get the root. Now make your way back to the 
    cannibal village. After they give you the special potion, walk out of 
    the village. Choose any replies to the following conversation, 
    eventually you'll head back to Melee Island, which leads us too..
     Last Part (A.K.A Part 4) - Guybrush kicks butt
    Walk to the right, and you'll be stopped by a ghost guard, choose any 
    answer, it'll all end up the same anyway. Walk right again, and use the 
    magic seltzer bottle with any ghosts you encounter, until you reach the 
    church. When you get a chance to speak, say anything, your replies won't 
    really make much difference in this chapter. After you eventually 
    land(in Smilin' Stan's) after being punched repeatedly by LeChuck, 
    QUICKLY pick up the root beer, and use it on LeChuck.
    Now sit back, and enjoy the ending sequence.
     2 - Insults Guide
     Regular Fights
    <insults> = <replies>
    You fight like a dairy farmer. = How Appropriate, you fight like a cow.
    This is the END for you, you gutter-crawling cur. = And I've got a 
    little TIP for you, get the POINT?
    Soon you'll be wearing my sword like a shish-kebab. = First you'd better 
    stop waving it like a feather-duster.
    I once owned a dog that was smarter than you. = He must've taught you 
    everything you know.
    My handkerchief will mop up your blood. = So you got that job as 
    janitor, after all.
    Nobody's ever drawn blood from me and nobody ever will. = You run THAT 
    You have the manners of a beggar. = I wanted to make sure you'd feel 
    comfortable with me.
    You're no match for my brains, you poor fool. = I'd be in real trouble 
    if you ever used them.
    Have you stopped wearing diapers yet? = Why, did you want to borrow one?
    You make me want to puke. = You make me think somebody already did.
    There are no words for how disgusting you are. = Yes there are, You just 
    never learned them.
    I'm not going to take your insolence sitting down! = Your haemorrhoids 
    are flaming up again, eh?
    I've spoken with apes more polite than you. = I'm glad to hear you 
    attended your family reunion.
    People fall at my feet when they see me coming. = Even BEFORE they smell 
    your breath?
    I got this scar on my face during a mighty struggle! = I hope now you've 
    learned to stop picking your nose.
    I've heard you were a contemptible sneak. = Too bad no one's ever heard 
    of YOU at all.
     Sword Master Insults
    When you're fighting Carla(The Sword Master), you won't actually be able 
    to insult her, only reply.
    Every word you say to me is stupid = I wanted to make sure you'd feel 
    comfortable with me.
    My wisest enemies run away at the first site of me! = Even BEFORE they 
    smell your breath?
    Only once have I met such a coward! = He must've taught you everything 
    you know.
    There are no clever moves that can help you now. = Yes there are, you 
    just never learned them.
    Now I know what filth and stupidity really are. = I'm glad to hear you 
    attended your family reunion.
    I hope you have a boat ready for a quick escape = Why, did you want to 
    borrow one?
    I usually see people like you passed-out on tavern floors. = Even before 
    they smell your breath?
    My tongue is sharper than any sword. = First you'd better stop waving it 
    like a feather-duster.
    I've got the courage and skill of a master swordsman! = I'd be in real 
    trouble if you ever used them.
    My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island! = So you got 
    that job as a janitor, after all.
    If your brother's like you, better to marry a pig. = You make me think 
    somebody already has.
    No one will ever catch ME fighting as badly as you do. = You run THAT 
    I will milk every drop of blood from your body! = How appropriate. You 
    fight like a cow.
    My last fight ended with my hands covered with blood. = I hope now 
    you've learned to stop picking your nose.
    My sword is famous all over the Caribbean! = Too bad no one's ever heard 
    of YOU at all.
    You are a pain in the backside, sir! = Your haemorrhoids are flaring up 
    again, eh?
     3 - Changes/Secrets in the game
    Drown Guybrush:
    When the Sheriff throws you in the water(after getting the idol), stay 
    down there for 10 minutes, and you'll drown.
    *This doesn't always work, I've tried it in 3 different versions, and it 
    only seemed to work in 1*
    Slightly different ending scene:
    In Part 3, pull the catapult(primitive art) twice, then push a rock off 
    the cliff, it should hit your own ship. Now at the end of Part 3, you'll 
    leave the island with Herman Toothrot, on his ship.
    Different Doors:
    Escape from the hut in the cannibal village, then get re-caught, keep 
    doing this and they'll change the door.
    If you keep walking out of the shop in MeleƩ Island with a shovel or sword
    after telling the Shopkeeper to look for the the Sword Master, he'll 
    catch you and say about 10 different things.
    *Thanks to Mr. Jones for e-mailing me this!*

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