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    Monster/Weapons FAQ by Lord Zero

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    			  Monster and Weapons guide for Heretic
    				  (plus a few tricks)
    			            By Lord Zero
    				      Version 1.0
    1.- File History.
    2.- Introduction(Where is my rocket launcher?)
    3.- Monsters
    4.- Weapons(and a more effective way than just "shoot 'em up")
    5.- Items.
    6.- Frequently asked questions.
    7.- Some nice bugs.
    8.- Some cheats.
    9.- Some reasons to never use cheats.
    10.- Credits(¿?)
    11.- Legal stuff.
    1.- File History:
    - 0.1 Start of the file (01/01/2002) Let's start the year!
    - 1.0 File ready to upload. Whohoo! (01/02/2002)
    - 1.1 Changed my Email. (10/29/2002, 16:49)
    2.- Introduction:
    Heretic was a funny game made by Raven software somewhere between 1995-96,
    using an slightly but very clean modified version of DoOm's engine. The point
    was to make a fantasy-style FPS, though it's ussually regarded only as a
    simple TC of DoOm.
    Well, it's not only because I'm a DoOm and Quake fan, but this game lacks
    the feeling which made those games greats. Instead of it, you get an overly
    difficult game with impressive level design, good overall quality, and a
    funny way of making your life harder. In fact, Heretic was a game which
    went probably ahead of itself, and found itself limited. The fact that you
    can look up and down, you can fly, use items, and several stuff like it
    are interesting, but you will remember this game probably just because is
    one of the hardest things you will play.
    Heretic spawned the Heretic-Hexen Series. Hexen is in fact a beautiful
    game, and this saga is a great one to experiment a new feeling. Good luck!
    (you will need it!)
    3.- Monsters:
    Heretic monsters are only one reason of why I find this game so difficult.
    They are very tough. Furthermore, they come in big groups, some of they fly.
    they have several attacks, and even the weakest one can kill you. Well,
    to the point:
    Gargoyle(Flying red demons):
    Annoying little imps which either use their claws to tear you up, or their
    fireballs to cook you. On higher difficult levels is a pain in the ass to
    kills them with the Elven Wand, though, watching the things to face, this
    is probably a wise thing to do.
    Golem (Naked yellow guy):
    The weakest enemy in the game in terms of dangerousness, this one ussually
    comes at you to give you some punches. Later levels despicts the Nitrogolems,
    which shoot flamin' screamin' homin' flyin' skulls at you which are very hard
    to evade. Elven wand or gauntlets.
    Undead Warriors (Skeletons with axes!):
    The first really powerful enemy, these ones throw axes at you. The green
    ones only do a medium ammount of damage, but the red ones do a significant
    ammount and pushes you back (this kind of secondary attack was used a lot
    in Hexen II). I reccommend saving your arrows for this kind of guy.
    Sabreclaw (some kind of beast, "you'll know 'em when you see 'em):
    These things run at you to attack you with their claws. They are pretty
    resistant, so keep your distance when facing them. Using a powerful rapid
    fire weapon will do as long as they don't get near ^_^.
    D'Sparil Disciples (Flying wizards):
    A tough enemy. Use the crossbow, and evade their shots. They are very
    damaging, but easy to avoid.
    Weredragon (A rather small dragon, though pretty big):
    The Weredragons appear in two forms: first, as a normal enemy which is
    very slow but does a lot of damage with their fires, and other as 
    D'Sparil mount. These ones are bassically the same. The Weredragons are
    very vulnerable to the Phoenix Rod or the powered-up Hellstaff. All
    other weapons only make them harder.
    Ophidian (Looks like a Merman with a trident):
    The Ophidians are a very though enemy which takes moderate damage but
    can dish out a lot of pain. They have to attacks: a three way shot and
    a normal fire shot. Avoid but all of them like the plague. Use the Hellstaff
    or the powered up Phoenix Rod to get rid of them as fast as you can.
    - Bosses:
    Iron Lich (A floating skull):
    To be honest, I think these are the mommies of the Lost Souls from DoOm ^_^.
    Tough stuff. The Iron Lich has three attacks: A very annoying tornado which
    traps you and gives you a free flight, A blue ball which shots arrows, and
    wall of fires which are the easiest thing to avoid. Use your best weapon
    powered up and keep flying with some Wings of Wrath, it really helps.
    Maulotaur (A giant minotaur):
    The Maulotaurs are a powerful enemy which has a hammer, likes to charge at you
    (is hard to evade), shots fire both flying and across the ground and
    taks a lot of hits to go down. At the end of the expansion episode (Shadow of
    serpent riders), you face 4-10 of them on a yard AT ONCE! Fours can be beatable
    (i've done it), but 10 at the fourth difficulty level are rightaway IMPOSSIBLE.
    Use the powered up Phoenix Rod!
    D'Sparil (A wizard mounting a dragon):
    D'Sparil is the reason of why are you being such a masochist to play this
    game (god was I really frustrated with this game). Funny enough, the last
    boss of the game only has one attack, and it's not even that powerful.
    However (that is!), he teleports: this move is practically cheap, and is
    extremely hard to locate him where he goes. Fortunately, he only re appears
    at the marked spots. The other problem is that the guy also summons disciples
    on masses. LOTS OF 'EM!. They are the real problem. To beat this guy is 
    a severe helluva grudge of a fight. Use your best weapons, and keep shooting
    at him. Don't let more than 5 disciples around, or you will be in heap big
    trouble. Believe me. Is dangerous. A boss making me write all these paragraph
    ought to be hard, right? ^_^.
    4.- Weapons:
    Heretic offers some weapons, thought variety is somehow lacking in here.
    However, the choice is interesting: instead of you traditional useless 
    weapons, you get several rapid fire weapons, and two modes of firing using
    the Tome of Power. Ammo is pretty scarce most of the time so learn to use
    them when you have to.
    Staff: The staff is your starting melee weapon which really sucks to high 
    hell. Powered up, it has slightly more range, and is more powerful, but
    you get a much better melee weapon very soon so don't waste your time.
    Gauntlets of Necromancy: The gauntlets are a very powerful and useful
    weapon, specially on higher difficulty levels when ammo is low. Powered
    up is probably the best weapon against lonely enemies, as it sucks life
    out of enemies, effectively saving your life. Training with these is a
    funny thing to do, and it is a good idea.
    Elven Wand: Your pis... err... wand, is a normal pretty weak weapon, it
    doesn't compares to most starting weapons (The wand of the mage in
    Hexen is, in fact, MUCH BETTER), and is, really, useless. On big enemies,
    powered up is actually four times as powerful, which is good, but still
    it isn't recommended.
    Ethereal Crossbow: I find this weapon on normal difficulty levels to be
    the best one, but in highers, is much weaker than expected (Gargoyles
    take up to two arrows to die), and in fact, ammo is plentiful but ussually
    wasted. It shots three arrows, and, funnily, each arrow is aimed 
    separately, given the chance it can hit three enemies. The middle arrow
    is also more powerful but not as much as you may think. Powered up it
    shots five "middle" arrows, which is a nice thing for you. If you're
    the guy on the other side, well, it isn't even funny.
    Dragon's Claw: A machine gun. Pretty useful. If it didn't eat ammo that
    way it would be the best. Is still one of the best, as long as you don't
    waste ammo around. Powered up: Four magic balls eat people.
    Hellstaff: Finally, a weapon which deserves a recognicion. This is the
    best weapon in the game, as it's powerful, and fast. With proper handling,
    the ammo last ages. Powered up, is a very funny weapon, as it aims and
    dischrages a little red rain which heavily damages anyone caught in there.
    Unfortunately, the rain appears wherever it hits something, you got to 
    calculate your shots.
    Phoenix Rod: You standard rocket launcher. Besides the nice looking
    explosion, it isn't very useful as the levels in Heretic are fairly
    crowded. Still, a good choice. Powered up, is great, is a flamethrower
    with a VERY good range. The best weapon when powered up.
    Firemace: This thing shoots a massive ammount of explosive balls which 
    explode when they hit someone or after a few seconds. Powered up, spits out
    a massive big ball which in fact does a massive ammout of damage. To be 
    honest I did not find this weapon useful: the normal mode eats ammo and has
    a very limited reach, furthermore is unnacurate. The powered up mode is
    pathetically slow, and it is a pain in the ass to make it shot when crowded
    with enemies.
    5.- Items.
    I am only listing the inventory items since the other ones are self 
    Quatrz Flask: This thing restores 25 HP.
    Mystic Urn: This other thing restores 100 HP.
    Torch: Lightens up your view. Always keep one of these. It's very useful.
    Shadowsphere: This item makes you invisible, and even invulnerable to most
    melee attacks (I think the Maulotaur still damages you).
    Tyketto Tome Of Power: This is a must have item. It powers up your weapons
    for a limited time. It shall be on your inventory always, since it is 
    a true life saver. Never leave home without one!
    Valador Ring Of Invulnerability: (That's not a ring) this thing makes you
    invulnerable to anything for a very limited ammount of time.
    Inhilicon Wings of Wrath: One of the most bizzarre items, it enables you 
    to fly. It's a torture to use it alright, but is useful at times and helps
    a lot when escaping enemies.
    Darchala Chaos Device: This thing teleports you to the start of the level.
    Pretty useless unless you have too many monsters around ya. Is useful on
    the last level of the last episode of the Shadow Serpents expansion
    since the level is just a big room.
    Torpol Morph Ovum: This item morphs enemies (except the big ones) into
    chickens. The chickens CAN hurt you and eventually kill you, so be sure
    to hit them with the gauntlets or the stick.
    Delmintalitar Time Bomb of Ancients: This spawns a floating sand clock,
    and explodes after a second. Does a lot of damage (kills players in one
    6.- Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q.- What is Heretic?
    A.- hehe. Heretic is a FPS game in medieval style developed by Raven. A funny
    one also.
    Q.- What's the problem with the enemies?
    A.- They are freaking hard. Now, probably college has rusted my abilities,
    I haven't played Quake III or Counterstrike for awhile, and stuff, but I find
    this game to be extremely tough. Is already tough without the enemies.
    Q.- Blah!
    A.- Blah to you.
    Q.- Is there anything new to the "Shadow of Serpent Riders" Expansion?
    A.- No really, except some new levels and that ridiculously hard last
    level. In fact, the new levels are exactly up to the overall quality, but is
    a good choice if you happen to like the game (The last levels are sorta
    Q.- Why haven't I heard anything about this game?
    A.- Because it isn't exactly a damn good game.  In fact, I seriously thought
    about making a whole FAQ because information about this game is fairly
    difficult to find. Being released during the hurricane of FPS didn't helped
    this game, also, it swallowed many good games like Shadow Warrior and
    Rise of the Triad (I was going to mention In Pursuit of Greed, but, no ^_^),
    and why have I forgotten Witchaven? That was great too. Well, FAQs can interest
    people towards the game, so I can try.
    Q.- On the storyline of the Serpent Riders, where does this one falls?
    A.- I think is the start, but the storyline is damn confusing (bad written).
    D'Sparil comes back in Hexen somehow, at least his face, and the expansion
    is simply a terrible disruption ray in the tale. 
    Q.- Favorite Enemy?
    A.- I find the Iron Liches funny.
    Q.- Favorite Weapon?
    A.- THe Hellstaff, powered up, of course.
    Q.- Favorite Level?
    A.- Sorry to dissapoint you, but the levels are so damn confusing that I 
    honestly can't recall a certain one. But I liked one which had a waterfall
    in the center and two Iron Liches trapped inside a room (I think is the
    "D'Sparil Keep")
    Q.- How the hell did you beat the last level of the "Shadow Of Serpent
    Riders" final episode?
    A.- In Black Plague is certainly impossible (it's already impossible to
    get THAT far!), but in the directly lesser difficulty isn't. 
    Don't even try to duke it out without at least:
    - 2 Mystic Urns.
    - 5 Tome of Powers (hard, but you can do it).
    - several Quartz Flasks.
    - At least one Invulnerability Ring and a Chaos Device.
    The key is to save ammo and Tomes of Power. Using a Tome, use your 
    Phoenix Rod, and try to kill one of the enemies, circle strafing around 
    it. If you keep moving, the others Maulotaurs will only try to get near, 
    instead of using that fire attack. As soon as you take one down, continue 
    until you have only four enemies left (i think you start fighting 8, now, 
    I'm not sure).  Use the Crossbow or the Dragon's Claw. When there are four 
    left you ought to be fairly wounded, so use that fantastic Urn you have been 
    saving. Now, switch to your Hell Staff, and shoot away. If they are walking
    around crowded (Very possibly), power that weapon up and keep strafing
    around them in circles to make them get the maximum damage. If they manage to
    get away and want to give you a nuggie, use the Teleport Device. Save that
    Invulnerability Ring to the very last of the fight. Sometime in the near
    future they will die.
    Time Bombs are also useful.
    Q.- Anything Else?
    A.- Nothing that I may talk about now.
    7.- Some Nice Bugs:
    To be honest, I am YET to see a worthy bug in here. The only bug I saw I
    think because it was because of an overload of actors in the map.
    D'Sparil, where are you?: Once, D'Sparil teleported, and never appeared.
    Obviously, this prevented me from finishing the map. I haven't been able to
    repeat the bug, and my guess was because there were too many Disciples
    around :^/
    8.- Some Cheats:
    RAMBO: Very happy Ammo Added. But it doesn't gives you the keys!
    SKEL: Now you got the keys.
    QUICKEN: God Mode.
    KITTY: No clip Mode.
    MASSACRE: Leaves you alone in a map. Kills all monsters.
    SHAZAM: Instant Tome of Power.
    RAVMAP: In map mode, full auto map.
    PONCE: Instant Mystic Urn.
    ENGAGE##:  Replace ## with the number of the level you wanna visit. Level
    41 is a secret level (deathmatch only, is a remake of level 5 of Doom).
    COCKADOODLEDOO: Turns you into a chicken. This may allow for interesting
    shortcuts (Hexen had one)
    GIMME:Gives you an artifact. You got to choose for a letter, then a number.
    Here are the item letters.
    a: Ring of Invulnerability
    b: Shadowsphere
    c: Quartz Flask
    d: Mystic Urn
    e: Tome of Power
    f: Torch
    g: Time Bomb of the Ancients
    h: Morph Ovum
    I: Wings of Wrath
    j: Chaos Device
    9.- Some Reasons to not use cheats.
    - C'mon! Why would you want to use cheats?
    - You'll hate this game.
    - You'll get lost around the levels.
    - The game is hard enough without the Monsters, they are just an "added bonus"
    - You'll join the majority of people who doesn't likes this game.
    - You'll be dissapointed.
    - You'll never know what's to take on a Maulotaur.
    - You'll wonder what's the use of the Urn.
    - Your girlfriend will leave you.
    - You'll going to end in jail.
    - You're going to burn in Hell.
    (Send anything else to dskzero@yahoo.com)
    10.- Credits:
    - ME!!
    - Tom Laufert (laufert@ix.netcom.com) for being the author of the only 
    Heretic guide I found.
    - Raven for starting a good saga (if it wasn't for the overly confusing
    history and the stolen engines).
    - Id... 'coz they are Id.('nuff said).
    - Incubus, 'coz they are funny (that doesn't means I like them!)
    - Yeah, I ain't got much people to credit here!
    - Well, you, for reading this guide. Now go play the game.
    11.- Legal Stuff:
    This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)
    You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
    guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
    the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
    change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
    including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
    guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
    publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
    me of your URL.
    All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
    via email to the address below.
    Copyright 2002 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).
    The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
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