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    Weapon FAQ by _Hoitytoity_

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/26/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           ~Heretic Weapon Analysis Guide~
                                    by Hoitytoity
                                      ver. 1.1 
    --------------------------------VERSION HISTORY--------------------------------
    Ver. 1.1 - (January 12, 2012)
       Fixed a few grammatical errors, updated legal information.
    Ver. 1.0 - (December 30, 2011)
       Finalized and proofread guide, submitted.
    Ver. 0.9 - (December 28, 2011)
       Finished adding information, organized guide.
    Ver. 0.6 - (December 10, 2011)
       Added weapon damage and monster information.
    Ver. 0.5 - (December 7, 2011)
       Started guide, gathered weapon information.
    -------------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS-------------------------------
      1.    Legal Issues
      2.    Introduction
              2.1) Introduction
              2.2) Frequently Asked Questions
              2.3) Legend
              2.4) Notice
      3.    Weapons
              3.1) Staff
              3.2) Gauntlets of the Necromancer
              3.3) Elven Wand
              3.4) Ethereal Crossbow
              3.5) Dragon's Claw
              3.6) Hellstaff
              3.7) Phoenix Rod
              3.8) Firemace
      4.    Credits
      5.    Contact Information
    --------------------------------[1] LEGAL ISSUES-------------------------------
    Heretic, its characters and all affiliations are copyrighted by, thus property
    of id Software, Raven Software and any subsidiaries thereof. All information is
    the product of their respective programmers, and if there's anything I missed,
    they're protected too.
    This guide is also copyrighted by me, Andrew Provisor (Hoitytoity). So far, the 
    only sites I allow this guide to be posted on is www.GameFAQs.com. and
    www.neoseeker.com. If you'd like to use this guide for your page, please email
    me first. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this guide.
    -------------------------------[2] INTRODUCTION--------------------------------
    [2.1]    Introduction
    Welcome, and thanks for taking a look at my guide! Inside you'll find some
    basic information on one of my favorite games of all time, Heretic, but more 
    importantly you'll find a detailed analysis of each weapon found in the game.
    Despite the level of detail I've put in, I've tried to be concise to keep
    things organized. Hope you enjoy :3
    [2.2]    Frequently Asked Questions
    i.   "Why Make the Guide?"
    To be honest, the short answer is probably boredom. Beyond that though, I
    noticed that there really wasn't much information available on the weapons from
    Heretic beyond what people have copied from the playing manual. Considering
    that this game (in fact, most games from this generation) were more about
    killing massive hordes of demons than anything else. I'd hoped to find
    something a little more detailed than "this weapon shoots stuff and is cool!"
    Not finding that, I decided to just do it myself.
    ii.   "Okay, so what is Heretic anyway?"
    Heretic is a fantastic first-person shooter created in 1994 by Raven Software
    and published by id Software, makers of the ever popular Doom franchise. In
    fact, the game uses a modified Doom engine so the style of play is pretty much
    identical, except for a few upgrades. Perhaps the biggest difference, and what
    makes this game so memorable is the atmosphere. Heretic takes a departure from
    the overdone shotgun wielding military dude killing baddies in space or in
    the future; here, you play as an Elf trying to free his homeland from the
    hordes of demons that've overtaken it. Most of the weapons are magic-based,
    leading you on a wonderful fantasy adventure that's a nice change from the
    copy-pasted sci-fi shooters that seem to be the standard. Heretic also
    spawned two very popular sequels: Hexen and Hexen II, and one not-so popular
    third-person sequel, Heretic II.
    iii.   "So what makes this game so special, anyway?"
    The modified Doom engine. Doom was an amazing achievement in gaming for its
    time, and Heretic plays in much the same way: running around with a collection
    of weapons in a time before decent strategy and enemy AI was feasible, so to
    increase difficulty they pretty much just threw in more and more enemies. The
    improvements Raven software made are plentiful, but I'll just note a few here:
    interactive environments (ie, being able to be swept away in a rushing river),
    the ability to look up and down, the ability to fly (via an item), alternate
    firing modes for weapons (also via an item) and perhaps the most unique
    feature for its time, the inventory system. This allowed you to hold up to
    nine of a large number of items that you could use at your discretion, instead
    of being limited to instant use on pickup. These included healing items,
    power-up items (invisibility, invincibility, powered up weapons, etc), bombs,
    torches (for lighting) and more. There are still plenty of instant-use items
    in the game, but this added feature introduced a new level of strategy that
    has since become standard in most games.
    iv.   "Okay, I'm convinced. Where can I find Heretic?"
    This is a bit of a tricky one. It's sincerely doubtful that game stores would
    carry an 18-year old game (man, I feel old...) so your best bet would probably
    be to check online. Search your favorite torrent site or linkserver and I'm
    sure you won't have any trouble finding it. If you'd rather have a legitimate
    version, eBay or other online retailers are probably your best chance at this
    point. If you do so, make sure to get the 2007 CD release of Heretic: Shadow 
    of the Serpent Riders. It not only contains the original three episode, but
    the expansion pack (adding two more episodes!) and is designed to run on
    modern operating systems.
    [2.3]   Legend
    Here's just a simple description of this FAQ's format:
                       ---Weapon: The weapon's in-game name.---
    Description: A short description of the weapon, usually containing the standard
                 FPS equivalent (ie, pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher, etc.)
    Slot: The slot the weapon occupies. This is the button you press to access it.
    Type: Magical or Man-Made. The only difference is that man-made weapons cannot
          damage Ghost-type enemies.
    Ammo Type: The type of ammo it uses. The numbers in parentheses represent the 
               shots gained on pickup.
    Dropped By: Enemies that drop ammo for this weapon, if any.
    Ammo Cost: How much ammo a single push of the fire button consumes.
    Initial Capacity: The amount of ammo the weapon has when initially gained, or
                      given when picked up (if you already have it).
    Maximum Capacity: The maximum amount of ammo you can hold. The first number is
                      standard, while the second number is after picking up a Bag
                      of Holding (doubles amount of ammo you can carry).
    Rate of Fire: How fast the weapon is, measured in shots per second. This is an
                  approximation, gotten by taking the average of 5 sets of 10
                  second bursts and using math.
    Effect: While this could just be in the Description section, I decided to give
            it its own section to organize things a bit. Here's where you'll find
            information on the weapon's uses, effects, etc.
    Tome of Power: The Tome of Power is a wonderful artifact that temporarily
                   increases the power of any weapon used. This section details any
                   changes made to the weapon's effect when the Tome is in use.
    Firepower: This was the most difficult aspect to get; in short, it lists each
               enemy and how many shots it takes to kill (seriously, you try taking 
               on D'Sparil with the staff >_>). Like the Rate of Fire, this is an 
               approximation and is affected by many things: difficulty, accuracy, 
               range, and others. The first number indicates the weapon normally,
               the second while using the Tome of Power.
               That being said, below is a short description of all the enemies in 
               the game:
    *Gargoyle: The first and weakest enemy encountered, you'll see this small, red
               flying foe a LOT. Comes in two forms: Normal, which attacks by
               flying in close and clawing at you, and Fire Gargoyles, who have a
               fireball ranged attack.
    *Golem: A humanoid creature that attacks by punching. Apparently they're made
            of stone, but they have blood and souls that fly out when killed (one
            of the more satisfying death animations). Comes in three forms: Normal,
            Nitrogolems, which are a bit stronger and shoot flaming, screaming 
            skulls at you, and a Ghost version, which appears semi-transparent. The
            Ghost versions can't be harmed by man-made weapons, only magical ones.
            They will occasionally drop ammo for the Elven Wand.
    *Undead Warrior: These are skeletons in armor with axes. They have two primary 
                     attacks: a close range swipe and a long range axe throw. The
                     thrown axe comes in two forms: green (normal) and red (much
                     stronger and pushes you back). The Warrior itself also comes
                     in two forms: Normal and Ghost, which appears semi-transparent
                     and can only be harmed by magical weapons. Undead Warriors
                     will sometimes drop ammo for the Ethereal Crossbow.
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: These are the robed, chanting, purple-orb tossing
                           wizards you'll be seeing a lot of. Always begin in
                           Normal form, but have the ability to temporarily change
                           to Ghost form at will, making them partially see-through
                           and immune to man-made weapons. They'll occasionally
                           drop ammo for the Dragon Claw.
    *Sabreclaw: These are interesting enemies who won't appear until the second 
                episode (sorry, shareware users :\). They look a lot like the
                xenomorphs from the Alien movie series, but brown and with sharp
                blades on their hands and tails. You'll see these guys in normal
                form and in Ghost form, semi-transparent and immune to man-made
                weapons. Occasionally, they'll drop some ammo for the Hellstaff.
    *Weredragon: These are big, hulking, fire-breathing behemoths that frankly
                 don't look all that much like dragons. Then again, I'm not sure
                 what they look like so I suppose this name is as good as any. They
                 won't show up until the second episode, and I can't recall them
                 ever appearing in any other forms (feel free to correct me on this
                 if I'm wrong!) Pretty easy to deal with, as long as you dodge
                 their fireballs.
    *Ophidian: You'll learn to hate these guys very, very quickly. Not only are
               they difficult to kill, but they're powerful and usually appear in
               large numbers. They look like half man, half serpent creatures
               wielding tridents that can shoot energy blasts at you - either a
               three way blue blast or a more powerful, single red blast. Like the
               Weredragon, I don't believe there are Ghost versions of Ophidians,
               but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Occasionally they'll
               drop ammo for the Phoenix Rod.
    *Iron Lich: The boss of the first episode, these giant floating skulls become
                regular enemies starting from episode 2. They're pretty hardy but
                overall not that difficult to kill, and easily have the most
                annoying attacks in the game. They'll shoot one of three attacks at
                you: a pillar of fire (easy to evade), a blue spiked ball that
                bursts into a four-way energy attack (similar to the Dragon Claw's
                upgraded attack) and a tornado. The tornado is homing and does no 
                damage by itself, but will wildly thrash you around the area. This
                makes it insanely frustrating to keep your eyes on your opponent,
                or really anything for that matter until the tornado dissipates. 
                Sometimes upon death, you'll be rewarded with ammo for the Dragon
                Claw, or if you're really lucky a Morph Ovum (turns your enemies
                into chickens!)
    *Maulotaur: I'm sure you've heard of the fictional minotaur, a giant half-man,
                half-bull monstrosity. Well, imagine that with a huge mallet and
                with the ability to shoot horrible, fiery death at you. Probably 
                the most difficult enemy in the game, the Maulotaur is the boss of
                the second episode and a semi-regular enemy after that. For added
                fun, the expansion pack graces you with a level where you need to
                defeat no less than eight of these at once. Their attacks include
                charging (damage and knocks you back) and several different forms
                of ranged fire attacks, including fireballs and a stream of fire
                that travels along the ground. They've been known to drop ammo for
                the Phoenix Rod, and even a Mystic Urn on occasion. Good luck.
    *Chaos Serpent: This guy only appears once in the game, at the end of the third
                    episode as D'Sparil's mount, though they're regular enemies in
                    the sequel, Hexen (much weaker, thankfully). Pretty much just
                    runs around chasing and trying to bite you while D'Sparil
                    attacks from its back. Unfortunately, you need to kill this 
                    sucker before you'll have a chance at the big baddy himself.
    *D'Sparil: The youngest of the three Serpent Rider brothers that comprise the
               boss of this game as well as its two sequels, you first see this guy
               (surprise!) riding a serpent. After obliterating the two of them
               into a pile of bones, D'Sparil will ressurect himself and you'll
               face him alone. His attacks include energy orbs, teleporting around
               the arena and summoning his Disciples, two at a time. There doesn't
               seem to be any limit to the amount of Disciples that can be around
               at one time, so clearing them out before they become too much of a
               hassle is mandatory. The frequency of his teleportation and his
               summons will increase the closer he gets to death. But hey, after
               that you've beaten the game! Congratulations! Unless you have the
               expansion pack.
    [2.4]   !Notice!
    Please note that all information has been gathered on Thou Art a Smite-Meister
    difficulty (second most difficult). If you're playing on a lower or higher
    difficulty, this will affect the data more than anything else. Also all numbers
    are merely an approximation and should be taken as such; there are simply too
    many variables to get exact numbers without knowing precise programming
    information such as enemy HP and actual damage variables, which is inaccessable
    by just playing through the game.
    ----------------------------------[3] WEAPONS----------------------------------
    [3.1]                               ---Staff---
    Description: A simple, reliable quarterstaff. There's some debate as to whether
                 or not this is the butt-end of the Elven Wand or a separate
                 weapon. Most analagous to a fist, knife or other simple melee
                 weapon in other games.
    Slot: 1
    Type: Man-Made
    Ammo Type: None
    Dropped By: N/A
    Ammo Cost: N/A
    Initial Capacity: N/A
    Maximum Capacity: N/A
    Rate of Fire: 4 strikes per second
    Effect: The standard fallback weapon, it's weak and has limited range but
            requires no ammo and you start with it, so you'll always have it. Only
            really useful to conserve ammo against Gargoyles.
    Tome of Power: The Tome of Power actually turns this piece of wood into a
                   pretty formidable weapon. The staff glows a really cool blue and
                   creates an energy impact wherever it strikes. The range is
                   extended and it has the added bonus of pushing enemies back with
                   each hit. Despite this, it's still only really useful for
                   conserving ammo, but at least you can take on bigger enemies
                   with this.
    *Gargoyle: 3 / 1
    *Golem: 9 / 2
    *Undead Warrior: 12 / 6
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: 15 / 4
    *Sabreclaw: 12 / 4
    *Weredragon: 15 / 5
    *Ophidian: 20 / 5
    *Iron Lich: 80 / 14
    *Maulotaur: 200 / 70
    *Chaos Serpent: 161 / 41
    *D'Sparil: 220 / 65
    [3.2]                    ---Gauntlets of the Necromancer---
    Description: A pair of spiked gauntlets. You won't be punching with these, 
                 though. This game's equivalent to a chainsaw.
    Slot: 1 (Press 1 again to go between the Staff and the Gauntlets)
    Type: Magical
    Ammo Type: None
    Dropped By: N/A
    Ammo Cost: N/A
    Initial Capacity: N/A
    Maximum Capacity: N/A
    Rate of Fire: Constant
    Effect: As soon as you find these you'll probably forget you even have a staff.
            These powerful gauntlets shoot a constant stream of green lighting from
            your extended fingertips, and have the interesting added effect of not 
            only drawing enemies in, but also locking onto them until either they
            die, you take your finger off the trigger or something pushes you out
            of the way. A much better option when it comes to conserving ammo.
    Tome of Power: Under the Tome of Power, the green lightning changes to red. The
                   change isn't merely aesthetic though: you'll also receive
                   increased power, extended range, and any damage you cause to the
                   enemy gets drained and given to you as life. The perfect way to
                   conserve not just ammo, but healing items as well.
    Firepower (Note: since this weapon fires in a stream, firepower is measured in
               seconds instead of number of hits)
    *Gargoyle: 1s / 0.5s
    *Golem: 3s / 2s
    *Undead Warrior: 3s / 3s
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: 4s / 4s
    *Sabreclaw: 3s / 2s
    *Weredragon: 3s / 2s
    *Ophidian: 5s / 5s
    *Iron Lich: 18s / 14s
    *Maulotaur: 90s / 70s
    *Chaos Serpent: 43s / 39s
    *D'Sparil: 66s / 65s
    [3.3]                             ---Elven Wand---
    Description: Basically, your pistol. In other words, the simple, weak ranged
                 weapon you start with.
    Slot: 2
    Type: Magical
    Ammo Type: Wand Crystal (10)
               Crystal Geode (50)
    Dropped By: Golem, Nitrogolem, Ghost Golem
    Ammo Cost: 1
    Initial Capacity: 50
    Maximum Capacity: 100 (200 w/ Bag of Holding)
    Rate of Fire: 3 blasts per second
    Effect: A decent weapon, but easily overshadowed by every other weapon so you'd
            expect to only be using it in the beginning, if you die or to conserve 
            ammo. There is one major, overlooked advantage to this weapon however:
            the shots are instant, requiring absolutely zero travel time (ie, the 
            time it takes for a shot to go from your weapon to your enemy). Because 
            of this, as long as your aim is solid it can't be evaded, making it the 
            perfect weapon to weaken an approaching enemy from a safe distance 
            before switching to something more powerful.
    Tome of Power: The Tome of Power changes this weapon considerably. Instead of a
                   single instant-shot, the wand fires two yellow energy orbs in an
                   expanding V-arc. In between these orbs is an invisible band of
                   energy, appearing only if it connects with an enemy. This means
                   that your opponent will be damaged as long as you get them 
                   anywhere within the range of the blasts. Since it travels in a
                   V-arc, the range expands as it travels with a maximum of 5 shots
                   per fire. If you're having trouble imagining this, here's a 
                   simple diagram:
                   Normal Shot:                      *
                 Upgraded Shot:            0-0, expands to 0-*-0, until 0-*-*-*-0
                   (As previously mentioned, everything between the 0s is invisible
                   until it hits something.)
                   The final and most important change in this weapon is that it
                   now has travel time, so despite its considerable range and power
                   it can now be evaded by a quick enemy.
    *Gargoyle: 4 / 3
    *Golem: 9 / 3
    *Undead Warrior: 20 / 12
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: 20 / 10
    *Sabreclaw: 15 / 5
    *Weredragon: 22 / 8
    *Ophidian: 25 / 13
    *Iron Lich: 105 / 35
    *Maulotaur: 270 / 112
    *Chaos Serpent: 138 / 93
    *D'Sparil: 310 / 150
    [3.4]                          ---Ethereal Crossbow---
    Description: The first truly decent weapon you get, and easily a staple. Think
                 of it as a long-range shotgun.
    Slot: 3
    Type: Magical
    Ammo Type: Ethereal Arrows (5)
               Quiver of Ethereal Arrows (20)
    Dropped By: Undead Warrior, Undead Warrior Ghost
    Ammo Cost: 1
    Initial Capacity: 10
    Maximum Capacity: 50 (100 w/ Bag of Holding)
    Rate of Fire: 2 shots per second
    Effect: This will be your primary weapon for most of the first episode, and
            honestly a good choice all-around. It fires three bolts with every
            shot: one large bolt in the center surrounded by two smaller bolts. The
            center bolt obviously does the most damage, but anything that hits will
            harm whatever it touches. In addition, each bolt tends to target 
            independantly, meaning it's good for both hitting multiple foes and
            bombarding a single target.
    Tome of Power: With the Tome of Power, instead of firing three bolts the 
                   Crossbow now fires five in a similar pattern: three large bolts
                   in the center surrounded by two smaller ones on the outside.
                   Besides a nice power boost and some sparkly aesthetic changes,
                   there's not much else to say. Always a reliable choice.
    *Gargoyle: 2 / 1
    *Golem: 2 / 1
    *Undead Warrior: 6 / 3
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: 5 / 3
    *Sabreclaw: 3 / 2
    *Weredragon: 4 / 3
    *Ophidian: 5 / 4
    *Iron Lich: 12 / 10
    *Maulotaur: 48 / 28
    *Chaos Serpent: 38 / 22
    *D'Sparil: 59 / 37
    [3.5]                            ---Dragon's Claw---
    Description: The most powerful weapon you'll receive in the first episode, and
                 pretty good in the other four. Basically a machine gun.
    Slot: 4
    Type: Magical
    Ammo Type: Claw Orb (10)
               Energy Orb (25)
    Dropped By: Disciple of D'Sparil, Iron Lich
    Ammo Cost: 1 (5 upgraded)
    Initial Capacity: 30
    Maximum Capacity: 200 (400 w/ Bag of Holding)
    Rate of Fire: 6 shots per second (4 per second upgraded)
    Effect: This is your first true rapid fire weapon, which means despite its
            large capacity you'll go through your ammo quickly if you're not
            careful. Like the Elven Wand, the unupgraded version of this weapon has
            instant-shot, so as long as you have good aim you'll always hit your
    Tome of Power: Nicknamed "The Ripper", the Tome of Power transforms this simple
                   magical machine gun into a room-clearing dream weapon. The
                   Dragon's Claw now fires out spiked balls that, upon impact,
                   shoot out four smaller spiked balls in four directions. 
                   While the power boost isn't as significant as other weapons (in 
                   one case it actually takes MORE shots in this mode), the ability
                   to fill a room with spikey death in seconds more than makes up 
                   for it. Like the Elven Wand, the Tome also robs this weapon of
                   its instant-shot ability, though the travel time isn't anything
                   to worry about. Besides that, keep in mind that the cost rises
                   to 5 energy per shot - not too bad, but by holding down the fire
                   button you can rip through your ammo even faster than normal.
    Firepower (Note: Since the upgraded form has a cost of 5, the second number is
               the amount of SHOTS to kill, NOT the energy cost. For the energy
               cost, simply multiply the number by 5.)
    *Gargoyle: 3 / 2
    *Golem: 6 / 2
    *Undead Warrior: 10 / 6
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: 10 / 7
    *Sabreclaw: 8 / 4
    *Weredragon: 13 / 5
    *Ophidian: 15 / 9
    *Iron Lich: 45 / 50 (This isn't a typo - it really does take more shots in 
                         upgraded form. Not sure why.)
    *Maulotaur: 210 / 80
    *Chaos Serpent: 130 / 35
    *D'Sparil: 294 / 132
    [3.6]                             ---Hellstaff---
    Description: The first of the more powerful weapons that only appear in
                 episodes 2 and later. A rapid fire weapon, this skull on a staff
                 is to the Dragon Claw what Doom 3's Chaingun is to its Machine
                 Gun. If you haven't played Doom 3, just think of it as a heavy
                 machine gun.
    Slot: 5
    Type: Magical
    Ammo Type: Lesser Runes (20)
               Greater Runes (100)
    Dropped By: Sabreclaw, Ghost Sabreclaw
    Ammo Cost: 2 (Technically 1, but two shots come out w/ each press, 5 upgraded)
    Initial Capacity: 50
    Maximum Capacity: 200 (400 w/ Bag of Holding)
    Rate of Fire: 9 blasts per second (2 per second upgraded)
    Effect: This is easily my favorite weapon in the game. It's powerful, looks
            cool and the ammo is plentiful. The only real downside is that the
            firing animation takes up most of the screen, so when rapid-firing you
            may have a bit of trouble seeing your enemies. Not too big of an issue,
    Tome of Power: Here's where things really start to get fun. The Tome of Power
                   changes the Hellstaff's small projectiles into large ones,
                   decreasing the firing rate to 2 shots per second and increasing
                   the cost to 5 per shot. The advantage? Anything this baby hits
                   will create a cloud above it, pouring acid rain on the point of
                   impact for a few seconds. The rain does MAJOR damage, the only
                   downside being that it doesn't track so you'll have a hard time
                   getting enemies to stay in one spot. On the upside, any enemy
                   that happens to walk into the shower will take damage so it's
                   excellent for filling a room with (temporary) traps. 
    Firepower (Note: The Hellstaff's upgraded form causes damage both from the
               blast itself and the rain, which is inconsistent considering that
               enemies can just walk out of the shower. As usual, consider these
               numbers as a reference, not set in stone. Also, since the cost
               raises to 5, the numbers are for the SHOTS, not the COST. For the
               ammunition cost, just multiply the second numbers by 5.)
    *Gargoyle: 4 / 1
    *Golem: 7 / 2
    *Undead Warrior: 15 / 4
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: 15 / 3
    *Sabreclaw: 10 / 3
    *Weredragon: 20 / 4
    *Ophidian: 24 / 5
    *Iron Lich: 50 / 6
    *Maulotaur: 260 / 36
    *Chaos Serpent: 175 / 33
    *D'Sparil: 330 / 123
    [3.7]                             ---Phoenix Rod---
    Description: An interesting weapon, combining man-made and magical properties.
                 This game's equivalent to a rocket launcher.
    Slot: 6
    Type: Man-Made (Splash damage and upgraded form are Magical)
    Ammo Type: Flame Orb (1) (Flame Orbs dropped by enemies give you 5)
               Inferno Orb (10)
    Dropped By: Ophidian, Maulotaur
    Ammo Cost: 1 per shot (1 for an up to 10 second blast upgraded)
    Initial Capacity: 2
    Maximum Capacity: 20 (40 w/ Bag of Holding)
    Rate of Fire: 2 shots per second (Constant upgraded)
    Effect: The Phoenix Rod fires a fiery ball of death at your enemies, exploding
            on impact (the explosion looks like a bird, too - awesome!) While this
            can turn most lesser enemies into a pile of goo in one shot, it does
            have a few drawbacks. Firstly, this is the only weapon with a noticable
            kickback, pushing you back with each blast, so be careful around
            ledges. Secondly, the splash damage CAN hurt you, so be careful in
            tight areas. Thirdly, and most importantly, at best you'll only get 40
            shots with this baby, and ammo is rare. Best saved for difficult
            enemies and bosses.
            Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this weapon though is that it's
            dual-natured - both Man-Made and Magical. What this means is that if
            you're fighting Ghost-type enemies, the rocket itself will pass right
            through them. However, if you hit a wall, object, or another enemy
            close enough that the Ghost gets caught in the splash damage, the
            explosion WILL harm them. Takes a bit of getting used to, but a devious
            tactic once mastered.
    Tome of Power: The Tome of Power changes the function of this weapon
                   completely. Instead of a rocket launcher, you now have a
                   flamethrower with surprisingly impressive range. This form is
                   easily the most powerful weapon in the game in terms of pure
                   damage. The cost is affected too: pressing the fire button will
                   unleash a stream of flame, costing only 1 unit for up to 10
                   seconds, after which you'll need to press fire again to start
                   another stream. Keep in mind that if you let go of the button
                   before the 10 second mark, you'll still be charged 1 unit, so
                   sometimes, it's better to just keep the button held down even if
                   enemies are far apart to conserve ammo. Finally, the Tome
                   changes the Phoenix Rod to a completely Magical weapon, so
                   Ghosts won't give you any more trouble.
    Firepower (Note: Since the upgraded form is a stream of fire, the second number
               represents seconds to kill instead of shots, like the Gauntlets.)
    *Gargoyle: 1 / 0.25s
    *Golem: 1 / 0.5s
    *Undead Warrior: 1 / 1s
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: 1 / 0.75s
    *Sabreclaw: 1 / 0.75s
    *Weredragon: 1 / 0.75s
    *Ophidian: 2 / 1s
    *Iron Lich: 4 / 2s
    *Maulotaur: 36 / 13s
    *Chaos Serpent: 23 / 7s
    *D'Sparil: 67 / 23s
    [3.8]                              ---Firemace---
    Description: The last weapon you'll find, and the fastest rapid fire weapon. A
                 metal mace that fires bouncing steel balls.
    Slot: 7
    Type: Man-Made
    Ammo Type: Mace Spheres (20)
               Pile of Mace Spheres (100)
    Dropped By: None
    Ammo Cost: 4 (Technically 1, but 4 spheres fire with each shot, 5 upgraded)
    Initial Capacity: 50
    Maximum Capacity: 150 (300 w/ Bag of Holding)
    Rate of Fire: 12 spheres per second (3 per second upgraded)
    Effect: You'd think the last weapon would also be the most powerful, but in
            this case it's only half true. The Firemace is actually a decent
            weapon; its firing speed is unmatched, does good damage and has a
            homing feature: each sphere will always bounce in the direction of an
            enemy until it hits an enemy, object or wall, and will continue
            bouncing until it hits something. The two major weaknesses this weapon
            faces is that it has the rarest ammo of any other weapon, and
            interestingly enough, water. If any of your shots happen to fall into
            water, they'll disappear, so make sure if you're using the Firemace on
            a water level to just hit the enemy directly.
    Tome of Power: The Tome of Power is what makes this weapon actually worth it.
                   The cost rises to 5 ammo per shot and the firing speed falls to
                   only 3 per second, but instead of a plethora of tiny spheres the
                   weapon now fires huge steel orbs. These seem to have an even
                   more accurate tracking mechanism, and best of all, they will
                   kill ANY non-boss enemy in a single hit, every time. Always keep
                   a Tome handy and save your ammo for when you need to clear a
                   room of baddies and want to conserve your other weapons. 
                   Unfortunately, the lack of ammo and weakness to water are still
                   in effect, so use sparingly.
    Firepower (Note: Since the upgraded form has a cost of 5, the second number is
               the amount of SHOTS to kill, NOT the energy cost. For the energy
               cost, simply multiply the number by 5.)
    *Gargoyle: 8 / 1
    *Golem: 8 / 1
    *Undead Warrior: 18 / 1
    *Disciple of D'Sparil: 20 / 1
    *Sabreclaw: 18 / 1
    *Weredragon: 22 / 1
    *Ophidian: 28 / 1
    *Iron Lich: 84 / 10
    *Maulotaur: 385 / 50
    *Chaos Serpent: 220 / 30
    *D'Sparil: 550 / 111
    ----------------------------------[4] CREDITS----------------------------------
    Well, that's about it. Hope you enjoyed! Here's a few people to whom I owe my
    - mr_oh_so_ice, TLaufert and Lord Zero for their Heretic FAQs currently on
      GameFAQs. Though all data was gathered myself, they provided some good
      information and the inspiration for this guide. Thanks, guys!
    - ZackScott, for his Resident Evil 4 Weapon Analysis Guide that gave me the
      basis to create this one.
    - Emma Rutabega, for being a wonderful corgi and keeping my lap warm while I
      worked on this.
    ----------------------------[5] CONTACT INFORMATION----------------------------
    Email: ilikesquishy@gmail.com
    AIM: fattyinaball
    Telepathy: Think about sushi and you'll probably find me. Please don't appear
               in my dreams, though; they're scary enough as it is >___>
    ...and that's it. I'm going to bed.
    Copyright 2011 by A. Provisor (Hoitytoity) (c).
    All rights reserved.

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