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    Single Colony Strategy Guide by DSimpson

    Version: 1.41 | Updated: 01/17/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           S  I  D     M  E  I  E  R ' S
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                             Single Colony Strategy Guide
                                   January 17, 2005
                                     Version  1.41
                            Written by:  Dan Simpson
                                 Email:  dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com
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      There are many good ways to play Colonization, many different ways to beat
      it, but this way is probably the quickest and the easiest.  Why?  It is very
      very simple.
      There is an update to Colonization if you don't already have it:
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      This Document is Copyright 1999-2005 by Dan Simpson
      Colonization is Copyright by MicroProse
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    What's New in 1.41:
        Changed my email address and updated the format.
      For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
      of the FAQ.
    | Table of Contents:                                                          |
       : Introduction                                                        :
       :                                                                     :
       : Step One:    Building your Colony                                   :
       : Step Two:    Creating a Well-Rounded Colony                         :
       : Step Three:  Fighting the War                                       :
       :                                                                     :
       : Final Words...                                                      :
    | Introduction                                                                |
      The Core of this strategy is simplicity.  We are only going to build ONE
      colony, rather than building an entire empire.  As such we don't have to
      constantly support an entire Colonial Empire.  This makes for a quick and
      easy victory, but not a lot of Money, People, and POINTS.  But it is kinda
      fun.  By the way, this is easiest to do as Dutch or English.
      This strategy was impossible in the better game, Civilization, but works
      quite well in this game.
    | Step One:  Building your Colony:                                            |
      This is the most important step, in that if you do this poorly, it makes the
      rest of the strategy very difficult.  We want to build on the ocean (if you
      only have one colony and it ISN'T by the ocean, then you automatically LOSE
      the revolutionary war!) in a well defensible location.  That is, you have
      mountains/hills/forests immediately by your colony.  Also try to be well away
      from Native settlements, maybe by at least 6 squares.  (not that important)
      Remember that you need ORE PRODUCTION (hills, mountains, swamps w/minerals)
      AND you also need LUMBER PRODUCTION in your colony.
      Here are some good places to build your colony: (build on the X)
      Note on the Scale:  4 dashes across and 2 dashes up/down is ONE SQUARE of
            On a "Corner"        This is probably the best place to build.  Try to
                      |          get 2 Fish if you can.  Also if you can find a
                      |          corner with a mountain above and to the side of
              Land    |  Ocean   your colony, you will be sitting pretty.  Your
                    X |          Mother Country will only be able to land in 2
            ----------           places, which should both be at least forested.
                                 5 Sq. Ocean  4 Sq. Land
            On an "Inlet"
                      |          This works as well as the first idea, if only the
               X      |          area shown is touching water.  Again get the land
             Land ----           by your colony and touching the water (where the
                 |               Europeans will land) to be the Most defensible.
                 |  Ocean        1 Sq. Ocean  8 Sq. Land
            On a Small Island
              ----------         A 2 square island with a forest/hill/mountain has
             |   Land   |        a great defensibility, but lacks easy access to
             |          |        food and cash crops making it more difficult.
              ----------         7 Sq. Ocean  2 Sq. Land
      Note: A small variation of this strategy includes building other colonies, 
            just ones that aren't accesible via the ocean (inland).  These can help
            out your "mother" colony, while being relatively safe from those peskey
    | Step Two:  Creating a well rounded Colony                                   |
      This step isn't so hard.  First you need to build Docks.  If you have a good
      forest around you, get someone to log it, and someone to build the docks.  If
      not then buy the wood from Europe.  Then get trained fisherman onto every
      ocean square that you have.  If you are doing an Inlet, you won't be able to
      do that and will need some farmers.  You don't want to use any of your land 
      for food, if you have water for that purpose.  While you are stocking up your
      ocean production you need to develop one cash crop to sell.  Only one mind
      you.  If you can you should also manufacture it into something more 
      expensive, like Cigars or Coats.  Get one Elder Statesman working in your 
      town hall, and if you can, build a Printing Press/Newspaper.  Get a stockade 
      through Sieur de la Salle (founding father) if you can, if not, build it as 
      well as a Fort. Finally build your Fortress.  Also you will want Musket and 
      Horse production to restock your injured units with.
      NEED: (in your colony, try to get as many EXPERTS as you can)
          Fisherman (as many as you can have!)              =  X colonists
          Ore, Lumber, Cash Crop (tobacco, fur, cotton...)  =  3 colonists
          Tools, Muskets, Carpenter, Cash Crop Refinement   =  4 colonists
          Statesman                                         =  3 colonists
          Soldier Teacher                                   =  1 colonists
      Note: This is sort of a "Minimum" that you have to do, you can feel free to
            do as much as you want, however.
      As soon as you start getting money from your CASH CROP you will want to start
      hiring soldiers from Europe.  Expensive, yes, but better than your untrained
      You also want a blacksmith working or a normal colonist working in a Black-
      smith's Shop, and another colonist working at an Armory to replenish your
      supply of guns.  Buy 2 horses from Europe (hold down shift, and drag the
      horses to your hold, then select 2), and start to breed them.  Have one
      Veteran soldier working in a College training your colonists.  Whenever you
      get new colonists from Europe have them trained as soldiers.
      Also the final thing you want to be building is Artillery to help defend your
        One slight alternative here is to create small Outpost colonies.  They
        would be close to your main colony, and would supply it with raw materials.
        So, if your main colony has no ore, you build an outpost to provide it with
        ore, so that you can build tools and muskets.
          Tip:  Keep the outposts manned by 2 people or less to allow the colony to
                be quickly disbanded.
        Once you are ready for the Revolution, pull up stakes on the outposts, and
        declare your independence.
    | Step Three:  Fighting the War                                               |
      Before you declare your independence be sure to have these things ready:
         At least 50% rebel sentiment in your colony
         At least 6 Veteran Dragoons in your colony
         At least 3 Artillery in your colony
         Have 100% Rebel sentiment
         Have 10 or more Veteran Dragoons
         Have 8 or more Artillery
      And of course, the more you have, the better off you will be.  Artillery are
      for defensive purposes ONLY.  Never attack with them.
      Note: The higher your difficulty level the more of those 3 things you will
            want to have!  This was tested on Conquistador level to give it a good
      The Expeditionary Force will land, and hopefully destroy itself attacking 
      your well defended Colony.  (if they are winning, you may want to start 
      attacking them a little early)  Once one of their troops has been reduced to 
      a colonist attack them.  Also attack if they start to "give up" and wander 
      away from your colony.
      It shouldn't take all that long to wear down their forces and win the war!
    | Final Words...                                                              |
    ASCII Art created using SigZag by James Dill:   (freeware!)
    This FAQ was writen entirely using the GWD Text Editor:  (shareware)
    Shameless Self Promotion:
      I am Dan Simpson (dsimpson.faqs@gmail.com) and have also written FAQs for:
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    Version History:
      Original Version (5-25-99, 6k)
      Changes in Version 1.1 (5-29-99, 7k)
        Added the SigZag reference
        Changed a few things here and there in Steps 2 and 3
        Some other small changes
      Changes in Version 1.2 (9-29-99, 11k)
        Updated all the information
        Small Format Changes
        Small Changes
      Changes in Version 1.21 (2-28-00, 13k)
        Small Changes
        Small Format Changes
      Changes in Version 1.22 (4-26-00, 15k)
        Small Changes
        Small Format Changes
      Changes in Version 1.3 (5-2-00, 15k)
        Added a bit on Outposts
      Version 1.4  September 28, 2002  16k
        Just updated the format to look nicer.
      Version 1.41  January 17, 2005  15k
        Changed my email address and updated the format.
    This Document is Copyright 1999-2005 by Dan Simpson
    Colonization is Copyright by MicroProse
    I am not affiliated with MicroProse, Sid Meier, or anyone who had anything to
    do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so long
    as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.  You
    may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

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