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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Clownboss

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    |          Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars FAQ/Walkthrough by Clownboss      |
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    |                       Written by Nikola Gotic (Clownboss)                   |
    |                         Hosted on www.GameFAQs.com                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |                              Version: 1.01                                  |
    |                 This guide was first published in 10.01.2010. (D/M/Y)       |
    |                    Latest version published in 12.01.2010.                  |
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    *Note: If you wish to skim through the guide, looking for a specific point, you
    can search a term by using the search option of your web browser (Ctrl+F).
    -----------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS---------------------------------
    I) Introduction [INT]
     1.1 - Foreword
     1.2 - History
    II) About the game [ABT]
     2.1 - Storyline
     2.2 - Overview
     2.3 - DOSBox setup
     2.4 - Controls
     2.5 - Enemies
     2.6 - Hazards
     2.7 - Items
     2.8 - General tactics
    III) Walkthrough [WLK]
     3.01 - Border Town
     3.02 - Pogo Shrine
     3.03 - First Red Rock Shrine
     3.04 - Treasury
     3.05 - Capital City
     3.06 - Second Red Rock Shrine
     3.07 - Emerald City
     3.08 - Ice City
     3.09 - First Ice Shrine
     3.10 - Third Red Rock Shrine
     3.11 - Fourth Red Rock Shrine
     3.12 - Fifth Red Rock Shrine
     3.13 - Red Maze City, first visit
     3.14 - Secret City
     3.15 - Red Maze City, second visit
     3.16 - Second Ice Shrine
     3.17 - Vorticon Commander's Castle
     3.18 - The End (SPOILERS)
    IV) Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
    V) Trivia [TRV]
     5.1 - The Standard Galactic Alphabet
     5.2 - Telepathic statue messages
     5.3 - Fastest way to beat the game
     5.4 - Cheat codes
     5.5 - Bugs
    VI) Closing [CLS]
     6.1 - Credits
     6.2 - Revision history
     6.3 - About me
     6.4 - Contact info
     6.5 - Copyright info
    ---------------------------  (I) INTRODUCTION [INT]  --------------------------
    ================================ (1.1) Foreword ===============================
    Hello, and welcome to my Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars FAQ! This is my very
    first FAQ, so if you happen to find something out of place, or any misspelling,
    feel free to inform me. I will take heed for any suggestions. But in case that
    you are here new as well, I will elaborate on what this text is about.
    This text is partly a FAQ, and partly a walkthrough. The term "FAQ" stands for
    "Frequently Asked Questions", and revolves around questions and answers about
    this game some people might find useful. However, having actual Q&A in GameFAQs
    is actually quite a rare and miniscule occurrence.
    The heart of this text is the Walkthrough. Walkthroughs are step-by-step
    strategy guides that recommend the best possible way of completing a video
    game. They are very useful if a game is particularly hard, or if the player
    doesn't have the patience to solve a game by himself using trial and error.
    There are also 100% completion FAQs, which cover every single nook and cranny
    within a video game, for those people who either don't have the time to solve
    sidequests, or can not find them.
    This is a 100% completion FAQ. And by that, I shall cover up every single
    optional level, item and secret in the game.
    The aim of this guide is to help an inexperienced player of this game to beat
    it. And for those who can beat it, this guide will provide additional tips,
    secrets, and information on certain levels. This guide covers every single
    level, monster, and item with great detail. It also covers trivial information
    which a lot of people may find interesting.
    This game is only for the DOS operative system, and is very old, so Windows XP,
    Vista and 7 users may find trouble running this game. The recommended
    alternative is to use DOSBox, a DOS game emulator. Setup is easy, and the
    emulation is impeccable. You may download the latest version of DOSBox here:
    Setting it up will be covered later on in this guide.
    So, with all that said, let's get down to business!
    ================================ (1.2) History ================================
    It all began in 1988 in a software company known as Softdisk. The company had a
    modest history, and it focused on producing disk magazines. Disk magazines(or
    Magazettes) were basically floppy diskettes that had text files and such much
    similar to standard magazines. So those were used to distribute news relating
    to IT software and technology. They also contained ASCII art, freeware software
    and add-ons such as clip art and fonts. Ever since the rise of the internet,
    those diskettes became, obviously, obsolete.
    However, magazettes are not what we're here for today.
    The company had a share of producing its own software as well, more notable
    being Dangerous Dave made by John Romero. It was a platformer made for the
    Apple II and DOS, inspired by the original Super Mario Bros. The game wasn't
    intended to be marketed, but was instead developed as an example game to
    accompany Romero's article on GraBASIC(an Applesoft BASIC add-on), which came
    out in one of the UpTime Disk Monthly magazette issues.
    At the same time, John Carmack, a programmer for the company, discovered a way
    to have smooth sidescrolling graphics in DOS, but only by the way of using the
    16-colour EGA(Enhanced Graphics Adapter) computer display standard. He kept
    that secret away from the rest of the company, and revealed it only to his
    colleague, Tom Hall. The two then used their spare time and spent many nights
    coding a replica of the first level of Super Mario Bros. 3, using sprites from
    Romero's Dangerous Dave. They named their project "Dangerous Dave in Copyright
    One day, Romero had seen what the two have done and noticed great potential in
    Carmack's breakthrough. He sought to create a complete PC port of Super Mario
    Bros. 3 for the DOS in hopes of getting support from Nintendo. Shigeru Miyamoto
    himself liked their work and praised them, but ultimately had to turn them
    down, as they weren't interested in the PC market.
    Scott Miller, a software programmer for Apogee software, learned about the
    trio's work and became interested in cooperating with them in hopes of creating
    shareware DOS games. He contacted Romero via fan letters, and John eventually
    found out all those letters originated from the same address. The two then met
    face to face. He then advanced the team $2000 to develop Commander Keen we came
    to know and love. The trilogy was worked on for three months, and the game was
    released on December 14th 1990, published by Miller's Apogee. Orders
    immediately began rolling in.
    Eventually, the management guys back at Softdisk discovered what the secret
    little project our heroes were doing, and together were thinking of creating
    their own company. However, the administrator staff of Softdisk threatened to
    resign if such a deal was made, and after a legal settlement, gave our heroes
    an obligation to make a new game for Softdisk every two months. That gave them
    at least some breathing space, and finally formed their own company, ID
    software on February 1st 1991.
    The company would then be known for their shareware games published through
    Apogee software, but more importantly, their revolution in gaming for creating
    the first First Person Shooter games, like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake, and
    inspiring other companies, like VALVe software in further revolutionizing the
    But those are all stories for another time. And this is the game that started
    it all...
    ------------------------  (II) ABOUT THE GAME [ABT]  --------------------------
    ============================== (2.1) Storyline ================================
    The story revolves around Billy Blaze (Full name: William Joseph Blazkowicz the
    second), the grandson of the World War II hero, William Blazkowicz the first,
    the protagonist of Wolfenstein 3D. He's an 8-year old genius living in America
    with his parents, a younger sister, and an older brother. He wears a purple
    shirt, blue jeans, red All-Stars sneakers and his trademark American football
    helmet, which originally belonged to his big bro, a Green Bay Packers fan. He
    has an IQ of 314(Which is a reference to Pi. It's 3.14). His secret alter ego
    is Commander Keen, bearing the title Defender of Earth.
    Commander Keen sees himself as the protector of Earth, and has taken on the
    role of defending it from any possible alien onslaught. Thus, in his clubhouse,
    he has constructed his own personal space ship, the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket.
    A lot of components were financed from his own home. Most of it was made out of
    old soup cans, rubber cement and plastic tubes. The control unit is from his
    big brother's video game console. The power source is actually the family car's
    battery pack. He also used mom's vacuum cleaner as a propulsion unit, and his
    dad's everclear as fuel.
    At the same time, an alien race of Vorticons(No, they're NOT related to the
    Vortigaunts from the Half-Life series) is planning to take over Earth.
    Vorticons are humanoid, but have dog-like faces and have cyan-coloured skin.
    Wicked, clawed hands, too. They see young Keen as a possible threat to their
    plans, and so they decided to get rid of him in any way possible.
    One day, when his parents were out and the babysitter fell asleep, Keen took
    the chance to have a test flight with his new rocket, and went out to Mars. The
    Vorticons who held outposts on Mars saw this as a great chance to eliminate
    Keen. While Keen was away from his rocket, exploring the mountains of Mars, the
    Vorticons stole the 4 key components of the spaceship, leaving Keen stranded on
    Mars(Hence the title "Marooned on Mars").
    This is where the game picks up. Now it's up to you to get the pieces back and
    return back home before Keen's parents do! Your task is before you. Go get 'em
    Commander Keen!
    There are other alien species inhabiting Mars other than the Vorticons. These
    aliens are actually native to Mars. The Gargs and the Yorps. Gargs are the
    despotic, more aggressive race, who only have two legs, two eyes and a mouth.
    They are the master race of Mars, and keep Yorps as slaves. The Yorps are a
    friendly race, have a bucked tooth on their lower jaw, and only one eye as
    opposed to the Gargs. Both the Gargs and the Yorps are green-skinned.
    Recent history tells us of mankind's (futile) attempts to explore the surface
    of Mars in search for Extra-Terrestrial life. Unfortunately, one of the probes,
    the Viking 1, had landed directly on the Martian king's head (July 20 1976),
    killing him, and releasing the Yorps of their slavery. Ever since that time,
    the Gargs have been building slave and guard robots to replace them.
    Here's a nice picture of what the Martian King might have looked like:
    Okay, I'm just foolin' around...
    It is also in recent history that more and more people are noticing UFOs
    orbiting over Earth. The Martians have been visiting Earth for decades, for one
    simple reason. Toys. They see some magic in them. They favour Hula-hoops and
    skateboards like sacred objects! Not just toys, but they also seem to favour
    Earth foods and candy, as you can find a lot of candy and toys in Martian
    Yeah, Mars sounds like a pretty cool place. :D
    ============================== (2.2) Overview =================================
    If you have played any other Commander Keen game, then you'll easily become
    familiar with this one, as the general gameplay remains completely identical.
    If this is your first time playing a Commander Keen game, however, I will
    describe the basic principles of the game.
    This is a side-scrolling 2D platformer game. As such, it bears great
    resemblance to other more famous platforming titles, such as the Mario, Sonic
    the Hedgehog, or Mega Man series. This game bears great resemblance to Mega
    Man, as you can use a gun in this game to defeat your enemies, rather than
    jumping on them.
    You begin in canyon of a large overworld that is Mars, with an overhead
    perspective. You can walk freely in any direction, but can not get pass
    mountains or structures(levels) blocking your path. There are no enemies or
    hazards in the overworld.
    The primary goal of the game is to get the 4 missing parts so you could rebuild
    your space ship and return back home. However, the 4 parts are scattered
    throughout different levels in the game, and you'll have to complete those
    levels to get your pieces. Sometimes you'll stumble upon a level with no ship
    parts whatsoever. You will have to complete some of those levels because they
    are blocking your path towards other levels that have the parts, or because
    they might contain items necessary for other levels, but most of these levels
    are optional.
    When you enter a level, the perspective shifts from an overhead view to a side
    view. You will spend most of the time playing in this mode. You can walk left
    or right around in these levels, as well as jump and shoot with your raygun,
    provided you have the ammunition for it. The aim of each level is to go from
    the left end of the map to the right, where you can find an exit, and maybe a
    missing ship part. Getting through the exit is all it takes to complete a
    level. After a level is completed, you can not visit it again, but you can
    freely pass over it in the overworld map.
    You will find certain obstacles within levels, such as enemies and hazards.
    Some enemies can not directly harm you and are usually passive, but some can be
    offensive and kill you directly in a single hit, making you lose a life, and
    start over again back at the overworld map. You begin with 5 lives. Losing all
    of them results in game over. Most enemies can be overcome with your raygun,
    but some are far too tough to be defeated and should be avoided.
    Hazards, like fire can kill you in one hit the same way enemies can. You can
    not destroy hazards, but hazards always remain bound to one location. The
    general strategy for hazards is to just avoid them.
    Items can be found in levels, with most of them just giving you points. Other
    items are available, though, such as raygun ammunition, and keycards that can
    allow you access to hidden and locked rooms. Most keycards are essential for
    level completion.
    Points are a completely optional factor in this game. Points won't affect your
    performance or alter the game in any way, other than the player high score and
    extra lives you get. For every 20 000 points, you get an extra life. High
    scores are only used for competitive purposes.
    High scores were a MUCH greater deal back then, though. :P
    This game also has a save game feature, but it can only be used in the
    overworld map. You also have a restriction of 9 save slots.
    ============================ (2.3) DOSBox setup ===============================
    In case you're having a hard time setting the DOSBox emulator, I thought of
    leaving this here. So, you download the latest version of DOSBox on
    www.dosbox.com, and install it.
    Now, unlike most modern PC games which are installed in the Program Files
    folder of your Hard disk partition of choice, most DOS games are installed on
    plain C:\, for quick access. The names of the folders are also short and
    simple. For this particular game, you should have a folder named Keen1. Copy
    and paste all the game files(files like Keen1.exe, go.bat, etc.) inside that
    Now, start up DOSBox. And the first thing you'll notice is the prompt. Here's
    what you need to type in to start the game:
    Mount c c:\keen1
    And that's the three lines you need to type in to get the game working. Also,
    to toggle fullscreen, just press Alt+Enter.
    (A bit off-topic, but instead of the last line, you can type in "go" if you
    want to see a magazette that came with the game :3)
    Advanced users might want to tweak more things in the DOSBox. In that case, you
    can alter the config file using the Notepad. You can find the config file in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\Local Settings\Application Data\DOSBox
    That same config file contains all the instructions for configuring.
    Personally, I wouldn't alter anything in the config file, as the file is pretty
    much well set for playing Commander Keen by default. But I'll throw in my own
    personal DOSBox settings as an extra in case you're still unsure of what are
    the best settings to play the game in. Just copy and paste it:
    ---------------------------- BEGINNING OF FILE --------------------------------
    # This is the configurationfile for DOSBox 0.73.
    # Lines starting with a # are commentlines.
    # They are used to (briefly) document the effect of each option.
    #       fullscreen: Start dosbox directly in fullscreen.
    #       fulldouble: Use double buffering in fullscreen.
    #   fullresolution: What resolution to use for fullscreen: original or fixed
    size (e.g. 1024x768).
    # windowresolution: Scale the window to this size IF the output device supports
    hardware scaling.
    #           output: What video system to use for output.
    #                   Possible values: surface, overlay, opengl, openglnb, ddraw.
    #         autolock: Mouse will automatically lock, if you click on the screen.
    #      sensitivity: Mouse sensitivity.
    #      waitonerror: Wait before closing the console if dosbox has an error.
    #         priority: Priority levels for dosbox. Second entry behind the comma
    is for when dosbox is not focused/minimized. (pause is only valid for the
    second entry)
    #                   Possible values: lowest, lower, normal, higher, highest,
    #       mapperfile: File used to load/save the key/event mappings from.
    #     usescancodes: Avoid usage of symkeys, might not work on all operating
    # language: Select another language file.
    #  machine: The type of machine tries to emulate.
    #           Possible values: hercules, cga, tandy, pcjr, ega, vgaonly, svga_s3,
    svga_et3000, svga_et4000, svga_paradise, vesa_nolfb, vesa_oldvbe.
    # captures: Directory where things like wave, midi, screenshot get captured.
    #  memsize: Amount of memory DOSBox has in megabytes.
    #             This value is best left at its default to avoid problems with
    some games,
    #             though few games might require a higher value.
    #             There is generally no speed advantage when raising this value.
    # frameskip: How many frames DOSBox skips before drawing one.
    #    aspect: Do aspect correction, if your output method doesn't support
    scaling this can slow things down!.
    #    scaler: Scaler used to enlarge/enhance low resolution modes. If 'forced'
    is appended,the scaler will be used even if the result might not be desired.
    #            Possible values: none, normal2x, normal3x, advmame2x, advmame3x,
    advinterp2x, advinterp3x, hq2x, hq3x, 2xsai, super2xsai, supereagle, tv2x,
    tv3x, rgb2x, rgb3x, scan2x, scan3x.
    #      core: CPU Core used in emulation. auto will switch to dynamic if
    available and appropriate.
    #            Possible values: auto, dynamic, normal, simple.
    #   cputype: CPU Type used in emulation. auto is the fastest choice.
    #            Possible values: auto, 386, 386_slow, 486_slow, pentium_slow,
    #    cycles: Amount of instructions DOSBox tries to emulate each millisecond.
    Setting this value too high results in sound dropouts and lags. Cycles can be
    set in 3 ways:
    #              'auto'          tries to guess what a game needs.
    #                              It usually works, but can fail for certain
    #              'fixed #number' will set a fixed amount of cycles. This is what
    you usually need if 'auto' fails.
    #                              (Example: fixed 4000)
    #              'max'           will allocate as much cycles as your computer is
    able to handle
    #            Possible values: auto, fixed, max.
    #   cycleup: Amount of cycles to increase/decrease with keycombo.
    # cycledown: Setting it lower than 100 will be a percentage.
    #   nosound: Enable silent mode, sound is still emulated though.
    #      rate: Mixer sample rate, setting any device's rate higher than this will
    probably lower their sound quality.
    #            Possible values: 22050, 44100, 48000, 32000, 16000, 11025, 8000,
    # blocksize: Mixer block size, larger blocks might help sound stuttering but
    sound will also be more lagged.
    #            Possible values: 2048, 4096, 8192, 1024, 512, 256.
    # prebuffer: How many milliseconds of data to keep on top of the blocksize.
    #     mpu401: Type of MPU-401 to emulate.
    #             Possible values: intelligent, uart, none.
    # mididevice: Device that will receive the MIDI data from MPU-401.
    #             Possible values: default, win32, alsa, oss, coreaudio, coremidi,
    # midiconfig: Special configuration options for the device driver. This is
    usually the id of the device you want to use. See README for details.
    #  sbtype: Type of sblaster to emulate.
    #          Possible values: sb1, sb2, sbpro1, sbpro2, sb16, none.
    #  sbbase: The IO address of the soundblaster.
    #          Possible values: 220, 240, 260, 280, 2a0, 2c0, 2e0, 300.
    #     irq: The IRQ number of the soundblaster.
    #          Possible values: 7, 5, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12.
    #     dma: The DMA number of the soundblaster.
    #          Possible values: 1, 5, 0, 3, 6, 7.
    #    hdma: The High DMA number of the soundblaster.
    #          Possible values: 1, 5, 0, 3, 6, 7.
    # sbmixer: Allow the soundblaster mixer to modify the DOSBox mixer.
    # oplmode: Type of OPL emulation. On 'auto' the mode is determined by sblaster
    type. All OPL modes are Adlib-compatible, except for 'cms'.
    #          Possible values: auto, cms, opl2, dualopl2, opl3, none.
    #  oplemu: Provider for the OPL emulation. compat or old might provide better
    quality (see oplrate as well).
    #          Possible values: default, compat, fast, old.
    # oplrate: Sample rate of OPL music emulation. Use 49716 for highest quality
    (set the mixer rate accordingly).
    #          Possible values: 22050, 49716, 44100, 48000, 32000, 16000, 11025,
    #      gus: Enable the Gravis Ultrasound emulation.
    #  gusrate: Sample rate of Ultrasound emulation.
    #           Possible values: 22050, 44100, 48000, 32000, 16000, 11025, 8000,
    #  gusbase: The IO base address of the Gravis Ultrasound.
    #           Possible values: 240, 220, 260, 280, 2a0, 2c0, 2e0, 300.
    #   gusirq: The IRQ number of the Gravis Ultrasound.
    #           Possible values: 5, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12.
    #   gusdma: The DMA channel of the Gravis Ultrasound.
    #           Possible values: 3, 0, 1, 5, 6, 7.
    # ultradir: Path to Ultrasound directory. In this directory
    #           there should be a MIDI directory that contains
    #           the patch files for GUS playback. Patch sets used
    #           with Timidity should work fine.
    # pcspeaker: Enable PC-Speaker emulation.
    #    pcrate: Sample rate of the PC-Speaker sound generation.
    #            Possible values: 22050, 44100, 48000, 32000, 16000, 11025, 8000,
    #     tandy: Enable Tandy Sound System emulation. For 'auto', emulation is
    present only if machine is set to 'tandy'.
    #            Possible values: auto, on, off.
    # tandyrate: Sample rate of the Tandy 3-Voice generation.
    #            Possible values: 22050, 44100, 48000, 32000, 16000, 11025, 8000,
    #    disney: Enable Disney Sound Source emulation. (Covox Voice Master and
    Speech Thing compatible).
    # joysticktype: Type of joystick to emulate: auto (default), none,
    #               2axis (supports two joysticks),
    #               4axis (supports one joystick, first joystick used),
    #               4axis_2 (supports one joystick, second joystick used),
    #               fcs (Thrustmaster), ch (CH Flightstick).
    #               none disables joystick emulation.
    #               auto chooses emulation depending on real joystick(s).
    #               Possible values: auto, 2axis, 4axis, 4axis_2, fcs, ch, none.
    #        timed: enable timed intervals for axis. (false is old style
    #     autofire: continuously fires as long as you keep the button pressed.
    #       swap34: swap the 3rd and the 4th axis. can be useful for certain
    #   buttonwrap: enable button wrapping at the number of emulated buttons.
    # serial1: set type of device connected to com port.
    #          Can be disabled, dummy, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    #          Additional parameters must be in the same line in the form of
    #          parameter:value. Parameter for all types is irq.
    #          for directserial: realport (required), rxdelay (optional).
    #                           (realport:COM1 realport:ttyS0).
    #          for modem: listenport (optional).
    #          for nullmodem: server, rxdelay, txdelay, telnet, usedtr,
    #                         transparent, port, inhsocket (all optional).
    #          Example: serial1=modem listenport:5000
    #          Possible values: dummy, disabled, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    # serial2: see serial1
    #          Possible values: dummy, disabled, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    # serial3: see serial1
    #          Possible values: dummy, disabled, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    # serial4: see serial1
    #          Possible values: dummy, disabled, modem, nullmodem, directserial.
    #            xms: Enable XMS support.
    #            ems: Enable EMS support.
    #            umb: Enable UMB support.
    # keyboardlayout: Language code of the keyboard layout (or none).
    # ipx: Enable ipx over UDP/IP emulation.
    # Lines in this section will be run at startup.
    ------------------------------- END OF FILE -----------------------------------
    ================================ (2.4) Controls ===============================
    The controls are very simple. You can change the controls by pressing F3. But
    personally, I'd stick to the default ones:
    Left arrow key - Move left
    Right arrow key - Move right
    Ctrl - Jump(The longer you hold, the higher you'll jump)/Enter a level
    Alt - Toggle Pogo mode on
    Ctrl+Alt - Fire Raygun
    Space bar - Status screen
    F1 - In-game help
    F2 - Toggle sound on or off
    F3 - Keyboard mode
    F4 - Joystick mode
    F5 - Save game. You have 9 different save slots.
    Esc - Exit game.
    And that's it.
    ================================ (2.5) Enemies ================================
    Here's a list of enemies you might encounter in the game and how to put up with
    Yorps - Small, friendly, buck-toothed one-eyed Martians. They can't hurt you,
    though they can be a bit too friendly and "accidentally" push you into a
    hazard. I don't recommend shooting the poor creatures, but instead jump on
    their heads to knock them out for a short period. That way, they shouldn't
    bother you anywhere. These creatures were once slaves to the physically
    superior Gargs, but ever since the demise of the despotic Martian king, they
    have regained their freedom.
    Gargs - Bulky, menacing, two-eyed Martians. They eat you on contact, and charge
    at you whenever they see you. They can easily be dispatched with a single
    raygun blast. These are the master race of Mars, and kept the Yorps as slaves
    for some time. Due to recent history, however, they seem to have constant
    tantrums, hating everyone and everything, from the Yorps, to the sky and the
    dirt and even themselves.
    Butler robots - Butler bots are probably constructed by Yorps, and they all
    share a tin-can design. They cannot harm you, though, like the Yorps, they
    might accomplish something rather unprecedented, like, say, pushing you to
    oblivion. They seem to be made of some sort of special metal alloy, as it is
    resistant to Keen's raygun. :/
    Tank robots - Like the butler bots, they are indestructible but they also have
    an arsenal of their own! Stand in front of them when they fire their laser and
    you'll end up with a Keen flambe. Just avoid them. They seem to be part of Garg
    Fun fact: You can stop their laser beams by colliding it with a laser beam of
    your own! Their attack can also kill Gargs, if they happen to be anywhere near
    the area.
    Vorticon Guards - These are Vorticon colonists who inhabited Mars and made
    several outposts throughout the landscape. They are strongly built due to the
    harsh environment of Mars, and can hold quite a punch, unlike their brethren.
    It takes 4 raygun shots to mow them down. They also possess admirable jumping
    ability. Their mission on Mars is to steal the 4 vital ship parts so they can
    leave Keen stranded on Mars, so he could not interfere in their
    s e c r e t  p l a n . . .
    ================================ (2.6) Hazards ================================
    Unlike enemies, hazards always remain static; tied to a single place. However,
    upon contact, they'll make lose a life. They cannot be destroyed, only avoided.
    Hazards don't seem to harm any enemies.
    Common hazards include:
    -Pat-pats, purple, venus flytrap-like monsters
    -Fire pits
    -Green alien tentacles(Right now, I bet your mind is making references to
    tentacle rape. How subtle.)
    -Green vines; you can walk on top of them, like a bridge, but their leaves on
    the bottom can kill you.
    -Water. Keen(as well as 90% of other video game heroes) can't swim. Besides,
    it's freezing cold, he wouldn't stand a chance.
    -Ice cannon. This is the only hazard that technically CAN'T kill you, but it
    might lead you to something much more terrible if you're not careful. It
    encapsulates Keen in an ice block which then slides in a single direction. The
    ice block can be melt over time, or by a shot from a Tank robot.
    ================================= (2.7) Items =================================
    Most of the items you'll find in the game will provide nothing but scores.
    Here's a list of how many points they distribute:
    Lollipop - 100 pts
    Soda - 200 pts
    Pizza - 500 pts
    Book - 1000 pts
    Teddy Bear - 5000 pts
    Other items include:
    Keycards - For unlocking doors. They come in 4 different colours: Red, Blue,
    Yellow and Green.
    Pogo stick - Helps you jump higher. Activated by toggling Alt on. Hold Ctrl to
    jump higher.
    Raygun - Primary(And only) weapon. Comes in 5 charges. Fired with Ctrl+Alt.
    Joystick - Essential ship part.
    Car battery - Essential ship part.
    Vacuum cleaner - Essential ship part.
    Everclear - Essential ship part.
    ============================ (2.8) General tactics ============================
    Most, if not all levels have the exit in the top-right corner of the map. You
    always begin at the lower-left. Most of the pathways will require extensive
    jumping, and some platforms can be reachable only with a pogo stick, so I
    recommend getting the pogo stick as earliest as possible. The walkthrough will
    consider that you got the pogo on the second level.
    When you want to drop down to a lower level, be careful, as you don't know what
    possible dangers await you under the screen. Try getting to a slightly lower
    safe platform to lower the screen downwards to see if there are any hazards or
    enemies awaiting you down.
    Don't use the raygun unless when ABSOLUTELY necessary. The ammo is scarce, and
    its only purpose is to help you survive the many ordeals you'll face. Use it
    only against Gargs and Vorticons, but you can also use it to deflect the Tank
    robot's beam. Whenever you see ammo, pick it up as soon as you can.
    Some Gargs may have their path blocked by a single brick tile. You can jump on
    top of that brick without worrying - The Garg can't reach you. You can also use
    this chance to shoot them in the eyes.
    Points can be useful. Every time you get 20 000 points, you get a new life. I
    recommend getting all of the treasures in each level, except for truly
    worthless ones, like lollipops, which offer a meager 100 points each. Focus on
    getting worthier stuff, like books and teddy bears. If you think a certain
    treasure is particularly risky to get, don't get yourself in danger. It's not
    worth it.
    Save often. Every time you beat a level. This goes without saying.
    --------------------------  (III) WALKTHROUGH [WLK]  --------------------------
       *Note: Whenever a level name has an asterisk(*) in its title, that means
       that completing the level is essential in winning the game. Any other level
       is optional.
    Let the games begin! So here you are, next to your rocket ship, and 5 lives and
    no ammo. There isn't much to do right now but walk around and get to your next
    destination. You can check your ship for missing parts, but that won't really
    lead you anywhere. In order to progress further in the game, however, you must
    go east and enter your first level, in shape of a city covered by several glass
    domes. Welcome to Border Town.
    ============================= (3.01) Border Town* =============================
    This is your first level, and as such is pretty easy. You walk using the arrow
    keys and jump with Ctrl. The goal here, as is with almost every other level is
    to simply get to the exit which is on the right side of the screen. So as you
    can see, it's pretty linear.
    Right at the start, you might notice green one-eyed creatures hopping around.
    These are Yorps and cannot harm you, so don't think of wasting your ammo on
    them. (Actually, you don't even have any ammo...) They can, however be annoying
    at times, and might even unintentionally push you to your death. If that sounds
    scary, you can still jump on their heads to paralyze them for a short period of
    time. I recommend doing that.
    Anyway, you may climb the pyramid you see and grab some lollipops. Jump to the
    left balcony for three more, and you can also spot the ID logo at the upper-
    left corner as a cameo.
    As you continue right, you may notice that the path splits in two. Take the
    upper path first, unless you don't care much for points in this game. When you
    get to the top long red platform, jump to the left on the small blue canister
    platforms to get a Kant book(Named after Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher).
    Get back to the red platform and continue your way all the way to the right
    where the red hallway ends. Jump down and grab some lollies.
    In case you took the lower path, you can find your very first raygun ammo.
    Congratulations! You can fire your weapon by pressing Ctrl+Alt, but I recommend
    saving it for some other time. The alien text near it says "This is neat.", in
    case you haven't figured the Standard Galactic Alphabet yet. Moving on, you'll
    find snappers, purple plant-like aliens who remain static and wait for an
    unsuspecting victim to venture into their stomach. These are Pat-Pats. Needless
    to say, avoid these plants, as the raygun is ineffective against them.
    (The sign near them says "DIE", by the way. I can't help but think of Ganon
    from the Zelda CD-i games...)
    This is the spot where you came down from the upper path. The paths merge, but
    if you took the higher path, backtrack a bit so you can get the raygun ammo, as
    you'll really need it. Once you're back on your way, you'll encounter some
    alien tentacles. Just jump over them. And grab more lollipops.
    Before taking the purple stairs up, you might want to take the lower-right
    alcove which has a Kant book guarded by two Pat-Pats. Just be careful jumping
    over them as the ceiling can mess up your leap, making you kiss the jaws
    instead of the ground.
    As you take the stairs, you'll notice a can of soda(Pepsi?) and the exit. You
    can take the exit right away if you'd like. But you can also jump to the red
    platform to the upper-left and grab all the remaining items for points,
    including one Pizza. Once that is done, there really isn't anything else to do
    in this level, so just get to the exit!
    Now that we've completed our first level, the first thing I recommend is
    getting the Pogo stick right away, so you can use it in any other level
    afterwards. It'll make life much easier. To get to the level, you go north from
    the first level and come upon several intersections. There are three paths
    leading north. Take the middle one, and as you go along the path, ignore the
    intersection to the right. You should come to a dead end with a gray tent.
    Welcome to the Pogo Shrine!
       *Note that this pogo isn't necessary in order to complete the game. There's
       another pogo you can get later on. However, near the end of the game, the
       pogo stick becomes ESSENTIAL.
    ============================== (3.02) Pogo Shrine =============================
    Well, that's it. You can just grab the pogo and get out if you want to. If you
    REALLY want to. If you want to see some optional stuff and trivia, read on...
    For example, the panel above the exit says "Behold, the Holy "POGO" stick.",
    when translated from the Standard Galactic Alphabet. It just shows what creepy
    fetishes the Martians seem to have. The more you know... :P
    You can use the pogo stick by toggling Alt. When you're in pogo mode, you will
    continuously do auto-jumps at a fixed height. Holding down Ctrl will make you
    leap a very high distance. While you're in pogo mode, enemies can still harm
    you, but exits won't affect you, which can help a lot in a secret for this
    If you look carefully above the exit, you can see little gray pixels just
    floating in the darkness. Those are actually invisible blocks, with the glowing
    pixels representing their upper-left corner. Time to put your pogo to the test!
    Get a height start from the block pyramid in the center and use your pogo to
    land on the lowest invisible block. If you got there successfully, just stand
    still and jump upwards with your pogo still on. You'll enter the secret section
    of the level.
    Watch out for the fire pits. Turn your pogo off and just jump them like you
    would normally do. Pogo stick isn't recommended for precise jumps such as
    Then you'll stumble upon your very first Garg! This is the first enemy that can
    actually kill you on contact, and you can't jump on his head to render him
    immobile like you could with the Yorps. The only way to beat him is to shoot
    him, so you can just get onto the left-most ledge, safe from danger and shoot
    him in the eyes.
    The catch of the day is... a Teddy Bear. Worth 5000 points. You need 20 000 for
    an extra life. That's actually not bad, if you're playing this game for the
    first time. 'Cause in the levels to come, you'll die a lot... Anyway, you're
    done with this level, so get down and take the exit.
    Now that you've got the pogo stick, you can backtrack a bit and visit that blue
    tent you passed by. This is an optional level, though.
    ========================= (3.03) First Red Rock Shrine ========================
    There really isn't much to say in this one. You can't die here. You can climb
    up those platforms and notice a Yorp statue on the top of the stage with a
    glowing eye, next to an exit. Feel free to touch the statue...
       *You hear in your mind:
       It is too bad that you cannot read the Standard Galactic Alphabet, human.
    And that's it. Make your way to the exit.
       *Note: The Standard Galactic Alphabet is a fictional interstellar writing
       system practiced by most alien civilizations, one of them being the Martians.
       Basically, every letter of the English alphabet has a SGA counterpart, but
       only a different symbol. Read more of this in my SGA section(5.1) of the
    Okay, from where you finished the level, go to the west-most end of the canyon,
    which is a corner, and proceed north. You will enter a base that looks like...
    actually it's hard to describe. But I guess it looks a bit like the Dimension X
    Technodrome from the original TMNT cartoon...
    =============================== (3.04) Treasury* ==============================
    OK, the first three levels were a joke, and this is where the difficulty gains
    a fair level. There are a lot of lollies in this level, but I honestly wouldn't
    bother getting EVERY SINGLE one of them, as the level is rather large. Focus on
    getting to the exit, and only collect lollies on your way.
    BTW, this is the first level in which you get to recover a ship part. Awesome!
    But beware, as every ship part level has a Vorticon Guard boss, who are rather
    tough to beat. You might wanna save some ammo at this point.
    Beating the boss isn't enough, though. The door to the exit is locked, and
    requires a keycard, which is in another locked room which needs another
    keycard! So, let's get that first keycard then...
    From where you start, point and laugh at the pathetic Yorps as they fall to the
    tentacles below. Now do your best to avoid the same fate. Eat the pizza and
    climb up the yellow cylinders to the next floor. Proceed left, jumping over the
    Pat-Pats, and climb up the red cylinders 'till you reach the purple platforms
    on the upper-right side.
       *Note: You might notice a Teddy hanging just below the lowest purple
       platform. It's a bit tricky to get it, but can be done. First and foremost,
       you'll need the Pogo. Now, consider the level with the two Pat-Pats and
       2 pizza slices as a standard. Climb on the red cylinder just two levels
       above that. Now, you'll have to charge to the left, and then tapping Alt
       right when you're the ledge. About a millisecond later, hold the Ctrl key,
       and you should soarthrough the air with your pogo and hopefully, get the
       Teddy. Make sure not to press Ctrl and Alt at the same time, otherwise 
       you'll fire your raygun and waste precious ammo.
    Anywho, climb up the right-side purple platforms and you'll face a hard brick
    ceiling. Go to the right and you'll find a detour, containing six lollies. Now
    climb more platforms 'till you reach the top, and mind the Yorps who might push
    you over. At the topmost platform you'll encounter the Butler robot, who are
    indestructible, but otherwise passive. Their push can be really annoying so
    take some precaution. Use the purple cylinders to reach the upper-left corner
    of the map and there you'll find your first keycard! It's coloured yellow and
    has "A" written on it in SGA.
    Now that we have it, you can get down to where you started the level. Just be
    careful not to accidentally fall on a Pat-Pat or something.
    From where you begin the level, go straight to the right. You'll find a yellow
    door, which can be unlocked by the keycard. I recommend jumping over the Garg
    at this point and just collecting the red keycard, as to conserve ammo. Get
    back to the central staircase of the level.
       *Note: Now that you have the second keycard, you can just get to the top and
       face the Vorticon Guard and get the first ship part, though you might
       also want to get some valuable optional treasures in this level, or, if
       you're low on ammo, get some more. Skip the next paragraph if you're not
       interested in the sidequest.
    From the central staircase, go up a floor and go to the right, avoiding the
    many Pat-Pats. At the end of the corridor is another Kant book. You can get
    down from there and get some raygun ammo. Make sure to hug the left wall when
    you fall, otherwise you'll end up as Pat-food. Get back up and follow the path
    of the red floating cylinders going up-left. Get the lollies and Pepsi cans(I
    smell a lawsuit) along the way. You might stumble upon a green staircase, and
    just below that is a purple-bricked hallway. Try entering it, as it contains a
    lot of lollies and a Teddy Bear... as well as a Garg.
    Climb up again until you get to the green stairway. The Pepsi arrow orders you
    to go right. It should lead to a red platform which... holy jumping Vorticons!
    At this point, I can recommend two strategies:
    1) IN CASE YOU'RE FULL OF AMMO: You can empty your gun at the Vort. He's
    tougher than any other regular alien, and requires 4 clean shots to his body to
    take him down. It can be hard hitting him, as he jumps quite a lot. After that
    is over, however, you'll have nothing to worry about.
    2) IN CASE YOU LACK AMMO: You can lure the Vorticon down the green stairway,
    and make your way up the purple cylinders to your upper-left. Then just go
    right, jumping from platform to platform. That way, you can completely avoid
    In any case, unlock that door quick, get the car battery and exit the stage!
    Get the Kant book as well if the Vort's dead or far away.
    One down, three to go. Proceed south and enter the section of the canyon where
    you previously went to get to the Pogo Shrine. On your way back, there's a
    pathway leading to the east with a city similar to your first level in the
    corner. That's your next destination.
    ============================= (3.05) Capital City* ============================
    Compared to the last level, this one is short, simple and linear.
    The first thing you'll notice is the steep staircase with lolli(...not that
    kind of loli, you sick pedos), and even more hanging on the top-left corner of
    the map. You can get most of them if you jump well with your Pogo, but not
    all... Anyway, proceed right. The top-most floor requires a yellow keycard, so
    go down a level and reach the end of the corridor to find it. You can also drop
    down to get two Pepsi cans...
    Going through the locked door, the scenery will change from bluish to golden...
    You'll notice ammo on a platform to the right. Go get it. And watch it when
    you're going down, as there's a Garg patrolling. Drop down and shoot him.
    Continue right, and you'll find a fork that splits in two. Go up first, jump
    over the Pat-pats and get the red keycard. Now take the other path, eat pizza,
    get more ammo, and take the staircase.
    Oh hey, there's another Vorticon hanging up! Since we've got 10 lovely new
    shots for our raygun and only had to use one to dispatch of the Garg, I should
    assume that now you have enough shots to take on the Vorticon. On the topmost
    level, there's a "pyramid" which separates you from the Vorticon. Get on right
    side of the pyramid , standing just one level above the ground and shoot at the
    Vort every time he walks to you. Do retreat if he's coming closer. He should be
    blocked by the pyramid's base, as he just walks most of the time... but run
    away if he DOES jump... towards YOU!
    Now that he's gone, you may proceed along your merry way, get the books up
    above the exit(Mind the fire), unlock the door, take the Joystick and then
    If you're particularly nervous about handling the Vorticon, you can always just
    try to jump over him and run away grabbing the part. You'll also save ammo...
    Or if you're really afraid, you can use a cheap trick from the bugs
    We're half-way there! Well, not quite... if you count in all the optional
    levels. From our last location proceed north and go west at the intersection.
    You'll find another blue shrine.
    ======================== (3.06) Second Red Rock Shrine  =======================
    Like with the first one, there's nothing much to do here, except you should
    take note of the fire pits in the middle of the level. However, if you have the
    pogo stick, then you can easily overcome the hazard by leaping upwards to a
    safer platform above. You'll find another Yorp statue:
       *A message echoes in your head:
       The teleporter in the ice will send you to the dark side of Mars.
    We'll make use of that hint shortly... head to the exit.
    Go back east. You should see a green cactus-like city blocking your path
    ============================= (3.07) Emerald City* ============================
    Despite how large and booming this place might seem at first glance, there's no
    new ship part in here. You're only going through this level because it's
    blocking your path. Now, depending on your temperament, you'd either want to
    get through this level as fast as you can, or you'd rather explore for a bit
    and acquire additional points.
    TO THE IMPATIENT ONES: The exit is, as always, at the top-right corner of the
    map. While sticking to the left side of the map, use the pogo stick to climb to
    the ceiling, and then just proceed right, shooting any Gargs you might stumble
    upon. Congratulations.
    TO THE PERFECTIONIST ONES: First, get to the above platform and get the
    lollies(They're arranged so that they spell "Hi", BTW). After that, return down
    and drop off the ledge, getting more lollies. This requires some skill, though,
    as there are tentacles waiting just below the ledge, so you'll have to thrust
    yourself forward to leap over the hazard. When you see the green cylinder
    pyramid, go up a bit and get the pizza slice and three cans of Pepsi hanging in
    the left corner. Get back down and proceed right, jumping over the fire pits.
    Now, be careful. See that big yellow tunnel up? A Garg is lurking there,
    waiting for any pray that might carelessly enter his lair. I'd recommend
    immedeately jumping to the top of the golden cylinders, so the Garg couldn't
    reach you when it comes out. You can always fire at the Garg while he's inside
    the tunnel. Once that is out of the way, get the three Pepsi cans on the other
    side and return back down.
    Proceed right, and jump over the Pat-Pats. A while after, you'll meet your very
    first Tank robot! These lads are indestructible, but can destroy you with their
    beam. Watch out for them... There's no good reason to trespass the area they're
    guarding anyway, so just go up the green platforms that form a staircase. You
    could visit a green room just left from that staircase, but it holds nothing
    more than a Garg guarding a single Pepsi can and a lollipop.
    Use your 1337 pogo skills to get additional 3 soda cans positioned in-between
    two green bricked walls, and get the Kant book at the end of the stairway.
    Right from the purple platform with two butlers, you should see another
    stairway leading downwards. It's not worth the trouble, it leads to two
    lollipops and many tentacles. Instead, hop on the green cylinder platforms to
    the right and try climbing up-right while watching for the fire pits... you
    should come to a purple platform stairway leading up-left and a sign that says
    "Go up" in SGA.
    Follow that hint and go up to get a teddy bear in a corner. Now take those
    purple stairs.
    A Garg might try to ambush you on those platforms, but I believe he'd fall into
    a fire much before you'd even come close to him. On your way, there should be
    an opening above your head, which holds a Garg guarding 6 soda cans. You know
    what to do. Proceed left, get another pizza slice, and you should arrive at an
    purple platform... intersection, leading to the left and up-right.
    Take the series of platforms to the left. Get the lollies as you jump. At the
    very end of the row should be a gold cylinder platform. Up-left from that is a
    green platform that holds ammo. Take it. Follow the hourglass-like cylinders
    downwards, and go right. Down the green staircase, you'll out that the
    staircase is not made entirely out of green bricks. Remember, you can pass
    through cylinders. Once you've entered into this new room, you'll encounter a
    butler, and a while after that a Garg guarding a Teddy. That's a rather risky
    venture, though. You can go right and get misc. treasure, but watch it when
    jumping as to not accidentally bump into any of the many Pat-pats above.
    A bit down from that, you should find lots of lollies positioned in-between
    cramped, spaced-out cylinders. Try to get them all, but the main reason you
    took this path is to drop and go back down, to the lowest level.
    You should land near that yellow tunnel we saw earlier. Go back left to the
    starting point.
    Get on the blue balcony above and climb the green platforms with your pogo.
    When you encounter a Pat-pat, there's a secret room to the right which holds a
    Garg and a teddy. Get it if you wish, and climb back again to the top until you
    reach the ceiling.
    Here, you'll find red platforms with vines hanging between them. These vines
    are harmless as long as you walk on top of them. If you jump at them from
    below, they'll strangle you... Walk over the vine bridge, and on the next green
    platform, you'll encounter two Gargs, both relative push-overs. Then just
    proceed right, walking over two more vine-inhabited platforms.
       *You may notice that there are a lot of lollipops under the vines, but
       they're just fooling you. Getting those lollies while avoiding the
       stingy death of the vines is extremely hard.
    You should(finally) find the exit. Before taking it, you might consider going
    up, killing a Garg and getting another Teddy.
    To the north, you'll notice a teleporter. If you remember the hint from an
    earlier level, it says that this teleporter will take you to the dark side of
    Mars. Press Ctrl to activate it. Once you're on the other side, to the east
    you'll notice a city made of ice. Your third ship part is waiting for you...
    =============================== (3.08) Ice City* ==============================
    Note that this being the stereotypical ice level of video games, some of its
    surfaces may be slippery. There are two types of slippery surfaces: The glassy
    cyan ones and colourless ice blocks. On the cyan blocks, it can be hard to
    stand still, but you can control the direction where you're walking and the
    speed. The colourless blocks, on the other hand, are so slippery you have no
    walking control over them, other than jumping. They'll just slide Keen in a
    single direction at full speed. It's impossible to stand still on those
    Go left, and if you're hardcore enough, you'll wanna get that pizza slice
    below(And why would Keen eat a frozen solid pizza is beyond me). Just jump
    every time the bot fires to avoid certain death. Or deflect the beam with your
    Next, ignore the opening in the ceiling for now, and proceed left.
    Unfortunately, Keen can't swim, and the water's temperature is below zero, so
    jump carefully around the platforms. Jump on the icy blocks and get the two
    Pepsi cans. WATCH FOR THE ICE CANNON. It can't kill you, but if you get hit,
    you'll be enclosed in an ice block which will ultimately slide away and fall
    into the water. Using the platforms, travel left, and ignore another opening in
    the ceiling and get on the balcony. Now, the balcony has a hole through which
    you can fall. If you look closely, you might notice a crack in the fence. Just
    jump somewhere over that point and you'll avoid the hole. Once that has been
    overcome, get the pizza slices. Just be careful not to jump on those icicles.
    Now head back to that opening you've just ignored. This is nothing more than a
    long and tedious zig-zag climb upwards. The path is filled with butlers and
    soda cans. On the top floor, however, is a red keycard guarded by two tank
    robots. Jump up there when they're facing the other way and you'll do fine.
    Once you get the keycard, jump up to the top-most floor.
    Now, if you want to end this level quick, proceed to the right and skip the
    next paragraph. If you want to get some bonuses, go left, and drop down
    collecting the many lollipops on the way.
    From the bottom-left corner, get back to that very first opening in the ceiling
    that you had ignored. Up there, you'll find a 4-way intersection. Go left and
    get two soda cans, and watch out when you're dropping from that ledge so you
    won't scratch your pretty face on that icicle. Drop down and go left, where you
    can find a book guarded by a Garg. Return to the 4-way intersection and take
    the upper path. There are two more Pepsi cans to the left, and to the right is
    a pit with a Garg guarding two books, and further right is a room with two
    butlers, a soda and several lollipops. Once you've got all that, go up some
    more, and you'll have a choice between going up-left and right(The right path
    leads to a fall with some lollipops. You'll fall down to the start of the
    level). Go up, get three more soda cans and you'll notice some blue cylinders
    on the ceiling. If you're daring, you can go to the right where there are two
    ice cannons and a tank, but the rewards include ammo and a teddy bear. Still,
    if you don't think you're skillful enough, ignore that path and climb up the
    blue cylinders.
    To the right is a zig-zag corridor leading to the room with your third Vorticon
    boss. If you have ammo, shoot him to death, otherwise, lure him and wait for
    him to jump on the pyramid cylinders, and then run underneath him. Open the
    door, get the vacuum cleaner and exit the stage.
    Good job, only one more part left!! However, we'll be doing a lot of optional
    levels right now, and if you're really craving on completing the game the
    fastest way possible, then just head straight to the last chapter.
    Anyway, your next destination is just to the east of Ice City. It's a gray tent
    in the polar ice cap.
    =========================== (3.09) First Ice Shrine ===========================
    If you go right, you'll notice that your path is immediately blocked by a
    yellow door. The keycard is up. Jump up the platforms, collecting the foods and
    beverages, until you come to an icy corridor which leads to the right. Down
    there is a pit with two Gargs, and I recommend dropping down and killing them,
    in case you miss a jump in the future. Go up, and then left, where there's a
    butler bot and get the pizza slice. Climb up(again), and proceed left. Below is
    a corridor with a Tank, so watch it. To the right, across the platforms is the
    yellow keycard. Get it, and return to the door.
    On the other side of the door, you'll find a Kant book. Going up, you'll find a
    fire pit, another book, and lastly, another Yorp statue.
       *You see these words in your head:
       You will need a raygun in the end, but not to shoot the Vorticon...
    The exit is to the right.
    Go south. On the west edge of the canyon, you might notice two blue shrines. Go
    to the one that's closer to the north.
    ========================= (3.10) Third Red Rock Shrine ========================
    Go down the corridor. Outside, you'll encounter a tower of platforms filled
    with lolli. Climb to the top, and jump left, dropping down and hugging the left
    wall. You should get the yellow keycard. Use it, and enter the building. On
    your way, you'll encounter a fire pit, and a room with 3 books guarded by a
    Garg. Just hop on the block and shoot him in the eyes. On the top of the
    building is a Yorp statue. Touch it.
       *A voice buzzes in your mind:
       There is a hidden city. Look in the dark area of the city to the south.
    From where you finished the level, head straight to the east. You'll find
    another blue shrine.
    ======================== (3.11) Fourth Red Rock Shrine ========================
    Go right and jump on the blocks. You may ignore the Garg and just jump over him
    across the platforms. Inside the construction, just climb up while watching for
    the fire pits. Somewhere in the middle you'll find a Kant book, and a teddy
    bear on a platform at the top. Head left, jump on the platforms over another
    fire pit and get to the top, where there's the exit and another statue.
    Except... this statue is a Garg statue.
       *You hear in your mind:
    Now that we found some more, um... useful advice, exit the level.
    Remember where you left the third shrine? If you recall, there's another blue
    tent just south from that one.
    ========================= (3.12) Fifth Red Rock Shrine ========================
    Right above you is a series of purple platforms with loads of lollipops, Pepsi
    cans, Yorps and Butler robots. Take your time and get all the goodies, if you
    like. At the very top, there are two bricks on the left wall that are broken,
    and you can pass through them as a quick way down.
    Proceed right and step inside the structure. Shoot the Garg in the eyes and
    climb up, passing the many Yorps here, as well as a fire pit. Another statue
    awaits you at the top:
       *A Yorpish whisper says:
       Look for dark, hidden bricks. You can see naught but their upper left
    The exit is to the right.
    Southeast is another Technodrome-like building. I really recommend saving
    before entering, as this level has tons of ammo and points. Even if you lose a
    life, you'll still retain your score and ammo.
    ====================== (3.13) Red Maze City, first visit ======================
    This level is probably the biggest in the game and is quite literally a maze.
    And if that isn't enough, we'll be visiting this place TWICE. On our first
    visit, there's a secret part of the level that leads to a secret bonus level in
    the game. The second visit consists of beating the level legit.
    First of, just ignore the lower path and jump up to get the whooping 15 ammo.
    Continue going forward, grabbing any Pepsi cans you encounter. Kill a Garg, and
    take the first opening on the ceiling. Climb up, go through the yellow
    tunnel(It's safe), and climb up some more. You might find an opening to the
    left which leads to a chasm with floating red cylinders. You can use your pogo
    stick to climb up those platforms and get more soda cans, but isn't really
    Now, you better climb up and enter the tunnel REAL QUICK, otherwise the two
    Gargs above you might jump from their floor on to you. After that tunnel, climb
    up and you'll encounter a T intersection. Take the upper path. Go down, and
    you'll encounter another intersection. Take the path downwards, which then
    splits into left and right. Take the right, which has lots of red cylinders
    placed to slow your progress. Once you get to the very bottom, go right and
    you'll encounter a dark pit that leads to the secret area.
    Be careful when going down the pit, as there's fire below. When you drop down,
    remain still while you get pass the two fire pits around you, and then lean
    either left or right to avoid the last fire pit just below the hole.
    The path here splits into two. The left path consists of a series of platforms
    over a large fire pit and a pool of water, that eventually lead to 4
    teddies(Instant 1-Up) and back to the start of the level. If you're confident
    in your jumping skills, take the left path and then return the same way over
    the hazards. However, remember that this path is just optional.
    The right path is where we want to head. Though at first glance it may seem
    like we can't get across the tall wall, there's an invisible block next to the
    red brick wall to the left. You can recognize it by the gray pixel that sticks
    out. That brick should give you a boost to overcome the wall.
    Behind that wall we have an ice cannon. We'll have to use it if we want to get
    past the second tall barrier. BUT BE CAREFUL not to get iced at a low height,
    otherwise the block will slide over to the fire pit and you die. Instead, use
    the pogo stick on the red brick right from the fire pit to get some height, and
    then touch the ice bullet. You should be high enough to get pass through the
    It's not over yet. Behind that wall is a Tank robot. Just stay calm and wait
    for it to shoot you and release you from the ice block. The block can melt
    itself over time, too, but be aware when that happens and jump away from the
    bot's line of sight quickly.
    Get the teddy bear above and take the teleporter!
    You're on a single canyon which consists of a teleporter to the south that
    leads you back to the dark side and a bonus level up to the north with loads
    and loads of goodies. Needless to say, just take that level.
    ============================== (3.14) Secret City =============================
    This is another huge level, and the only reason you enter here is to stack on
    some points.
    There's no way I'm going to focus on every single treasure on the map. If you
    find the walkthrough for this level a bit odd, just watch the damn map:
    As you move forward, watch for the tentacles and the Yorps. The Yorps in this
    level can be particularly bothersome, so I give you the license to kill. Ignore
    the two openings upwards and reach the end of the corridor for two cans. Go
    back and up the second opening. While up, go as right as you can. There are
    more soda cans down and some pizza slices upwards. Take those stairs to the
    left, follow the path full of Yorps take the lollies on the stairway, and stop
    at the peak of the stairwell. There's an opening up. Go there, and turn left.
    You'll find another opening in the ceiling. Go up there, too, and go right
    until you find a long well to the up that ultimately leads to 6 teddy bears.
    Unfortunately, you need to be a wiz at jumping as all the ledges are situated
    on a single wall.
    From that stairwell, you can go right and climb up collecting a book, a pizza
    slice, lots of cans, as well as encounter a Garg. To the left is another well
    which you can climb up with an opening at the top-left corner. It leads to a
    platform with A garg on. Kill him and get the two teddies.
    Be careful when dropping down from that platform, as below are two more Gargs.
    But anyway, there's another opening in the top-left corner of the room. From
    there, you can go right-up for two teddies above a fire pit, and then drop down
    the second shaft from the right, collecting many lollipops and then getting
    back up through the first shaft.
       *Note: That small floating room with a Yorp and a book is INNACCESSABLE.
       Keen is too big to get through a single-brick opening.
    I recommend NOT going down the third shaft as there's a Garg down there and the
    chances you'll dodge him on the fall are astronomically small. Instead, drop
    down the fourth shaft and hug the right wall. There should be an opening near
    the bottom. From there you can drop to the bottom and shoot the Garg whenever
    you see fit, but it's still a risky move.
    The fourth shaft leads to the exit as well as a bunch of teddies. Besides that
    opening with a Garg, there's another one that leads to two teddies guarded by
    Take the teleporter and return to Red Maze City.
    ====================== (3.15) Red Maze City, second visit =====================
    Get back to the point with the shaft that leads you to the secret dark area.
    Jump over to the other side, kill the two Gargs and take the yellow keycard.
    Get back up, and take that left path that leads down for a room with a Garg and
    another keycard, this time, blue.
    Get back up to that huge intersection and take the up-right path. Climb up to
    the ceiling, go right, jump over the small pit with a single Garg, and go down.
    At the intersection, ignore the right path and go down again. Now just go
    completely down. You may find another intersection, but they both lead to the
    same point eventually. You'll find another long hallway with two Gargs. Mow 'em
    down and get the red keycard.
    Get back to the last intersection and go right this time. Continue going right
    until you find two yellow tunnels. IMMEDIATELY shoot in them, as there's a Garg
    lurking in there. Once you get out of the tunnel, climb up and collect the last
    keycard, green in colour. Then go right and drop down. Just follow the path and
    you'll reach the exit to this huge maze of a level.
    Go as south as you can until you reach the last remaining shrine in the ice
    =========================== (3.16) Second Ice Shrine ==========================
    Grab the raygun and... oh hey, there's the exit already! Run over there and...
    Well, then, go left, kill the Garg and take the blue keycard. Just be careful
    not to touch the icicles. Go right.
    You may notice a green door above that guards the yellow keycard. Believe it or
    not, the yellow keycard has absolutely no purpose in this level: There is no
    yellow door. So it's equally worthless getting the green keycard. Go right,
    drop down, kill the Garg, and drink a 6-pack. And collect the Kant book up
    Yes, you'll encounter broken blocks like that throughout the level. I believe
    you now know how to recognize them by their purplish cracks... When you reach a
    fork on the road, take the upmost path first, shoot the Garg, open the blue
    door and get the red keycard(Watch for the fake brick). Drop down to the middle
    ledge and get the teddy bear. Shoot the Garg at the ice slab and get back to
    the middle ledge and proceed forward.
    You'll come to a semi-large area with a few Yorps, goodies and a Garg that
    guards some pizza slices. Once you've collected the spoils, go right and open
    the red door. Watch for that brick and don't fall down the Garg pit. You may
    now continue along your marry way. The only remaining obstacles on the way are
    a single butler robot and a Tank, but those are easy to dodge. The exit is now
    Okay, well, not really. You've only entered the actual shrine just now. But no
    problem: Just jump, avoid the fire pits, and touch the last statue:
       *A Yorpy mind-thought bellows:
       You cannot kill the Vorticon Commander directly.
    You may now(finally) exit the stage. Only one level remains!
    Well, it's your last level. It's that castle to the west, if you haven't
    already noticed.
    ====================== (3.17) Vorticon Commander's Castle =====================
    For a last level, this is a surprisingly easy and simple one. At least in my
    Cross the moat and you enter an empty hallway. No enemies? What a letdown... On
    the third pillar you see, there are invisible bricks sticking out of it, which
    can lead you to the battlements. It's a very optional part, and used only for
    getting the many goodies there are on the platforms above. There are lots of
    Pepsi cans on the top-left corner of the map, and 6 pizza slices and cans on
    the blue cylinders on the top-right corner.
    Once you've collected the spoils, return to the abandoned hallway and climb up
    the stairs to the right. The icy platforms to the left lead to a blue keycard,
    guarded by a tank robot. Go get it. The middle path leads to 6 soda cans at the
    top. And the right path leads to the dungeon area of the level.
    Down there, there are butler robots that can push you into the fire if you're
    not careful, so take caution. To the left is the prison section, I believe,
    with lots of Gargs trapped in cells with a teddy bear in each. Here's what you
    can do: Enter just one cell and kill the Garg inside, and shoot to the left to
    kill all other Gargs since raygun shots can pass through cylinder platforms.
    You may now collect all those teddies.
    At the end of that hallway, though, is another tank robot that guards some ammo
    and AN EXTRA POGO STICK, in case you haven't collected the one in the Pogo
    Shrine. If you didn't get it then, you must get this one NOW, otherwise beating
    this level is impossible.
    You can now return to the area with the butlers and the fire pits. To the right
    is a ledge above on which you can jump, and a series of platforms leading
    upwards. However, there are also invisible bricks sticking from the right wall
    just above that fireplace in the right corner. I find it a lot easier climbing
    up by pogoing up those bricks than using the visible platforms.
    Once you've reached the top, open the blue door and enter the room. Up is a
    mere butler trying to block your path on a slab of ice, but he can be easily
    overcome. And above him is the Vorticon Commander, the final boss of the game!
    ...Don't worry. He's trapped behind those blocks. So if you just stay away from
    him you don't have to worry about losing your life. You now have three
    different ways to complete this level:
    1) The easiest: See that ice pillar? Between that and the bricks that hold off
    the boss are invisible blocks that lead into a tunnel in the ceiling. Use your
    pogo and climb through that tunnel. You should then land on top of a giant
    concrete slab tied to the ceiling by a chain, hanging just over the boss's
    head. A single raygun blast should snap the chain and squish the boss. You may
    now collect the Everclear and exit the level. It's also advised to use the pogo
    while you're crossing the exit so you won't quit the level so you can also get
    that teddy bear below.
    2) The time-consuming: If you have at least 105 raygun ammo, you can kill the
    Commander using only your normal raygun blasts. Expect this to last a while...
    3) The masochistic: Just run through his chamber and hope you won't get killed,
    grab the Teddy and use the pogo in front of the exit to collect the Everclear.
    If you exit the level without collecting the ship part you'll be stuck in the
    game... forever!
    And congratulations! You have just completed the game!! Enjoy the ending!
    ========================== (3.18) The End (SPOILERS) ==========================
    This is taken directly from the game's script: Please skip this if you don't
    want to read any spoilers:
    *Keen arrives to his rocket*
       "Commander Keen returns to the Bean-With-Bacon Megarocket and quickly
       replaces the missing parts. He must get home before his parents do!"
    *Keen flies off from Mars and heads to Earth. He suddenly stops to notice a
    huge spaceship orbiting over Earth. He then rushes back to Earth*
       "Keen makes it home and rushes to beat his parents upstairs."
    *Keen gets to his room, turns the lights on, quckly puts on some pajamas, turns
    off the light and then lies on his bed*
       "Shhh, honey... Let's see if little Billy is asleep."
    *The parents get to Billy's room and turn on the light*
       "Billy...? Are you a--WHAT IS THIS ONE-EYED GREEN THING IN YOUR ROOM!!!!???"
       "Aw, Mom, can't I keep him?"
       "Well, we'll talk about that in the morning, son. You get some rest."
       "OK, Mom. Goodnight."
       "Goodnight, dear."
    *Parents leave the room and turn off the light*
    *Keen turns on the light again*
       "But there is no sleep for Commander Keen! The Vorticon Mothership looms
       above, ready to destroy Earth!"
    *Keen takes off with his rocket and lands inside the Mothership*
       "TO BE CONTINUED...."
    ------------------  (IV) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [FAQ]  --------------------
    None, for now... If you have a question to submit, check the Contact info
    ------------------------------  (V) TRIVIA [TRV]  -----------------------------
    ===================== (5.1) The Standard Galactic Alphabet ====================
    The Standard Galactic Alphabet(or SGA, for short) is a writing system adopted
    by many extraterrestrial life forms, including Martians and Vorticons. It is
    identical to the English 26-letter alphabet, except all the letter symbols are
    replaced with a different one. The SGA was coined by Tom Hall. Here's a
    pictorial reference to the entire alphabet:
    Or, if you can't see that picture because you're offline or something, here are
    the letters in ASCII form(All credits go to Flaose's Commander Keen FAQ):
    |   A   |  B    |  C    | DDDD  | E  E  | FFFFF |    G  | HHHHH |   I   |
    |  A A  |  B    |       |       | E     |       |    G  |       |   I   |
    |  A    |   B   |  C    | DD    | E     | F F F |  GGG  | HHHHH |       |
    |  A    |    B  |   C   |   DD  | E     |       |    G  |   H   |   I   |
    | AA    | BBBB  |   C   |       | EEEE  |       |    G  |   H   |   I   |
    |   J   |   K   |  L    |  M  M |  N  N |  OOO  | P  P  |   Q   |       |
    |       |   K   |  L L  |     M |  N  N |     O |    P  |       |  R R  |
    |   J   | K K K |  L    |     M |     N |     O | P  P  |  QQQ  |       |
    |       |   K   |  L L  |     M |    N  |    O  | P     |    Q  |  R R  |
    |   J   |   K   |  L    |  MMMM |  NN   |  OO   | P  P  |  QQQ  |       |
    |  S    | TTTT  |       |   V   |       | X   X | Y  Y  |   Z   |       |
    |  S    |    T  |  U U  | VVVVV |   W   |    X  | Y  Y  | Z   Z |       |
    |   S   |    T  |       |       |       |   X   | Y  Y  | Z   Z |. ... .|
    |   S   |       | UUUUU | VVVVV | W   W |  X    | Y  Y  | Z   Z |       |
    |   S   |    T  |       |       |       |       | Y  Y  | Z   Z |       |
    However, in this game, only 15 letters of 26 total actually appear in it. Those
    are letters A, B, C, D, E, H, I, K, L, N, O, S, T, X, and Y.
    Finally, here are all the translations to the SGA messages you may encounter in
    the game:
    "Exit" - Appears near the exit to the level. Duh...
    "Die" - Appears on a signpost near a hazard. Usually Pat-Pats.
    "This is neat." - Appears next to raygun ammo, or teddy bears.
    "Behold, the holy "POGO" stick." - Appears above the exit in the Pogo
    "Go up" - Appears in the right-most part of Emerald City(3.07). Just above that
    sign is a teddy bear.
    "A, B, C, D" - These letters appear on the 4 keycards. A is yellow, B is red, C
    is green and D is blue.
    ======================= (5.2) Telepathic statue messages ======================
    Throughout the game you'll encounter several Yorp statues with a glowing eye.
    They always appear in shrine levels, at the top, right next to the exit. Each
    of them gives you a different hint upon touching. Here's a list of the hints
    they provide and their interpretations:
    LEVEL: First Red Rock Shrine (3.03)
    MESSAGE: "You hear in your mind: It is too bad that you cannot read the
    Standard Galactic Alphabet, human."
    INTERPRETATION: Says who? If you're feeling particularly adventurous, grab a
    pen and paper and jolt down what every single sign says and use your Keen
    instinct to figure out what the symbols are! Or... just... look at the above
    LEVEL: Second Red Rock Shrine (3.06)
    MESSAGE: "A message echoes in your head: The teleporter in the ice will send
    you to the dark side of Mars."
    INTERPRETATION: That teleporter is in the northern ice cap, just north of
    Emerald City. It does indeed take you to the other side of Mars and back.
    LEVEL: First Ice Shrine (3.09)
    MESSAGE: "You see these words in your head: You will need a raygun in the end,
    but not to shoot the Vorticon..."
    INTERPRETATION: In the last level, the Vorticon Commander's Castle, the
    Vorticon boss is almost immune to raygun shots. And by "almost", I mean that he
    requires 105 hits to die. And since it's highly unlikely that anyone would have
    that much ammunition near the end of the game, there's an alternate way of
    beating the boss. There's a large concrete slab above him, chained to the
    ceiling. You should jump up behind some ice blocks and fire the raygun at the
    chain, thus squishing the Vorticon Commander.
    LEVEL: Third Red Rock Shrine (3.10)
    MESSAGE: "A voice buzzes in your mind: There is a hidden city. Look in the dark
    area of the city to the south."
    INTERPRETATION: In Maze City, there's a secret underground section of the level
    which splits into two paths. The right path leads to a teleporter that
    transports you to a secret canyon of Mars, and right there is the Secret City.
    LEVEL: Fourth Red Rock Shrine (3.11)
    MESSAGE: "You hear in your mind: GAAARRRRRGG!"
    INTERPRETATION: This is the only statue that does not depict a Yorp, but a
    Garg. As for the actual interpretation, I have no freaking clue, other than
    that voice is a haunting sound of that Garg corpse trail you've left along your
    way. Or that voice may be the ghost of the despotic Martian king...
    LEVEL: Fifth Red Rock Shrine (3.12)
    MESSAGE: "A Yorpish whisper says: Look for dark, hidden bricks. You can see
    naught but their upper left corner."
    INTERPRETATION: In several parts of the game you'll face invisible bricks.
    They're not actually that invisible: You can see their top-left corner, which
    are represented by a glowing gray pixel. Every time you see a weird gray pixel,
    feel free to jump on the surface just right from it.
    LEVEL: Second Ice Shrine (3.15)
    MESSAGE: "A Yorpy mind-thought bellows: You cannot kill the Vorticon Commander
    INTERPRETATION: What a load of bull. You CAN do it... provided you have 105
    ammunition to spare. That shouldn't be too big of a problem, right? Right?
    ====================== (5.3) Fastest way to beat the game =====================
    If you want to avoid all optional levels, the quickest way to beat the game
    consists of beating the following levels:
    1. Border Town (3.01)
    2. Pogo Shrine (3.02)*
    3. Treasury (3.04)
    4. Capital City (3.05)
    5. Emerald City (3.07)
    6. Ice City (3.08)
    7. Vorticon Commander's Castle (3.17)
       *NOTE: All these levels are essential to complete EXCEPT the Pogo Shrine, as
       you can get the pogo stick in the last level, too. If you're bent on
       speedrunning, though, I still recommend visiting the Pogo Shrine, as pogo
       jumping can save a lot of time in some levels, and you don't have to
       sidetrack a long way in the last level to get one.
       Beating the game legitimately without the pogo stick is impossible.
    ============================== (5.4) Cheat codes ==============================
    So, if you find this game a bit too tough here are some cheats to use as a last
    resort. But if you find this game genuinely hard and you're older than 10,
    you're beyond help...
    1. 100 ammo, all keycards and a pogo stick:
    Press C+T+Space Bar in any level or the overworld.
    2. God mode:
    Press G+O+D in any level or the overworld. Do it again to disable it. Note that
    god mode doesn't protect you from falling off the screen! It also lets you fly
    with your pogo stick, if you hold the Ctrl key.
    3. No clip:
    Press Left Shift+Tab. It lets you pass through walls and cities in the
    ================================== (5.5) Bugs =================================
    1. The F8 crash:
    If you have version 1.1 of the game, simply press F8 to crash the game. It'll
    glitch and show garbage tiles all around.
    2. Broken levels:
    Using the noclip cheat code, you can wander off of Mars and exit the screen.
    Keen will then enter the external memory of the game that randomly generates
    levels. Pressing Ctrl while away from the screen might lead you to a completely
    different level with bizarrely-placed tiles. You can skim through these levels
    if you have your god mode pogo stick flying ability.
    3. Shooting through the roof:
    Keen's pogo and jump sprites have slightly different hitbox heights; therefore,
    if Keen jumps until just before he hits a ceiling, then pogoes, he will
    occasionally shoot right through the ceiling on top of it. Apparently, if you
    turn on god mode and position yourself just under a ceiling, then jump and
    activate the pogo right before you hit the ceiling, you can shoot your raygun
    right inside the tiles. It's rather hard, and I have never managed to do
    4. Kicking the Joystick Vorticon out:
    In Capital City(3.05), climb to the ledge with the Raygun ammo that's just
    below the exit, the Vorticon will follow your exact longitude, and if you stick
    to the right-most part of the ledge, the Vorticon can fall away from the screen
    and to his death. Awesome.
    ----------------------------  (VI) CLOSING [CLS]  -----------------------------
    ================================ (6.1) Credits ================================
    Firstly, I would like to thank me, myself and I.
    Secondly, I would like to thank ID and Apogee software for making this
    remarkable game. In particular, Tom Hall, John Carmack, John Romero, Scott
    Miller and Keen himself.
    Thirdly, I would like to thank CJayC and GameFAQs for being a useful source of
    game hints and strategies. I've been visiting GameFAQs for three years before
    this, and I am proud that this is my very first contribution to the site.
    Last, but not least, I would like to thank the KeenWiki, from where I got
    certain resources and information, such as the(unofficial) level names.
    Other thanks go to my mom, sister, uncles, schoolmates, Sonic, Setty,
    finalrush, Oasis, The Beatles, King Crimson, Patrick, Danny, Shuffle, Floreyn,
    Kimori, Pavle, Stefan, Cloud Strife, David Bowman, 4Chan, Anonymous, Gabe
    "Fatass" Newell, Chris Metzen, VGcats, Nikola Tesla, Alfred Hitchcock, H. G.
    Wells, Kouta Hirano, Hirohiko Araki, the goddamn Batman, and you, awesome sir
    or ma'am, for reading all of this.
    Anybody who's not on the list isn't important enough!!
    ============================ (6.2) Revision history ===========================
    VERSION: 0.00
    November 23rd 2009 (17:33 CET)
    Just began writing this guide. It's my first FAQ, but the game is so short and
    easy, so it shouldn't be too hard... I'm doing this because there ain't a 100%
    guide out there, and this game really deserves one.
    VERSION: 1.00
    January 10th 2010 (11:50 CET)
    It's done! And all while I had to study for school, make videos, draw comics
    and whatnot, so that's why writing this thing lasted two months.
    VERSION: 1.01
    January 12th 2010 (11:08 CET)
    Fixed a formatting error in the *note lines where the lines would exceed their
    79 character limit. Also fixed a few spelling errors.
    ================================ (6.3) About me ===============================
    You may know me on the net as Clownboss, or SEGAClownboss if the previous one
    is already taken. I'm a Serb living in Belgrade, who goes to high school and
    plays video games. I am 17(at the time this FAQ is written), and my three most
    favourite game franchises are Sonic the Hedgehog, Half-Life and
    WarCraft/StarCraft. My most favourite game of all is Final Fantasy VII(I don't
    care if many say it's overrated). I usually play games on my laptop and my Wii,
    except my laptop isn't really that powerful. Otherwise, I'd spend a lot of time
    playing TF2 and HL2 mods.
    Of music, I favor Oasis, The Beatles and King Crimson the most, as well as a
    lot of other British bands. I don't know why I'm saying this...
    I have a lot of hobbies. I draw comics and post them on deviantART, and I
    sometimes make parody videos and YouTube Poops. And as of now, I might do FAQs,
    seeing as how nobody is making a concise walkthrough of all the Keen games.
    I tend to be a very friendly and cheerful person, provided you regard me with
    equal respect. ;D
    That was just OL, however. IRL, that's a different story, if you know what I
    mean... and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.
    ============================== (6.4) Contact info =============================
    In case you have any more questions, or suggestions and corrections to improve
    the FAQ(be it the most minor spellcheck or the greatest glitch or strategy),
    just send them to my e-mail:
    I check my mail daily, and I'll probably respond the next day if your e-mail
    and suggestion is valid. If I don't reply, it's either because your suggestions
    weren't valid, or because of a special occasion. I might have been late to
    reply, or maybe I have no access to the Internet at the moment. You can also
    contact me through other means:
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