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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Perfect Light

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    Copyright 2002, Perfect Light
    All rights reserved
    Version 0.1
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      | |_  _| |_  T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    1)  Intro
    2)  Newsroom
    3)  Game Basics
    4)  Characters
    5)  Controls
    6)  Vehicles
    7)  Important Locations
    8)  Building Vehicles
    9)  The Missions
         9a) Catching The Brickster
         9b) Car Race
         9c) Hospital Mission
         9d) Jet-Ski Race
         9e) Pizza Delivering Mission
         9f) Tow Truck Mission
    10) Acknowledgments
    11) Disclaimer
    12) A Fond Farewell!
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      | |_  _| |_  1) I N T R O
    After years of being a LEGO fan, I finally get a game where you are in 
    control, and can explore a virtual island! This game is very well made, 
    however rather basic for its generation. Yet, I still enjoy it even 
    though I've had it for about two years now. This is my seventh guide, so 
    you know it'll be great! Let's quit the chit chat and cut to the chase. 
    Enjoy the guide, and may the bricks be with you!
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      | |_  _| |_  2) N E W S R O O M
    First Version - Version 0.1
    *Started on 07/02/02
    *Finished on 07/03/02
    Basic stuff here. The thing is completed, however could be improved. I 
    think I'll go into a bit more detail once I gather more info.
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      | |_  _| |_  3) G A M E  B A S I C S
    There are a couple things about the game you must know before we get 
    * If at any time you see an "I" icon within a circle, you can click it 
    to be automatically taken back to the Infomaniac's area.
    * To enter a vehicle or anything like that, just click on it.
    * You do not need to be standing next to something to enter/ride it. If 
    you can click it, you can enter/ride it.
    * Click on everything! Each characer has his/her own powers at their 
    disposal, and you'll find out what each is by clicking on things!
    * Press the "Pause" button on your Keyboard to pause the game!
    * Press "Z" at any time and every tree in sight will twirl!
    * When you enter a race, you get different color bricks at the end. Red 
    is for first place, blue is for second, and yellow is for third (I 
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      | |_  _| |_  4) C H A R A C T E R S
    There are five playable characters, and each is related to the other in 
    some way! Also, as aforementioned, each has his/her own unique 
    Pepper: Papa and Mama's foster child, Pepper is a ripping maniac that 
    loves skating. He's pretty good at it, too. He delivers pizza for Mama 
    and Papa.
    Nick Brick: A tough as nails police officer who loves adventure and 
    action. He never lets any criminal give him the slip, and that's why the 
    Brickster's still in jail.
    Laura Brick: Nick's sister, she loves to hang with Nick. Patrolling the 
    streets with Nick is fun to her, and she loves pizza and talking with 
    Papa Brickonelli: Pepper's foster father, Papa works at the only 
    restaurant on the island, Papa's Pizzaria.
    Mama Brickonelli: Mama's job at the pizzaria is to play music on her 
    piano and attract more customers.
    Infomaniac: He created LEGO Island. Talk to him for help or information. 
    He'll help you leave and come, or do almost everything.
    Brickster: When Infomaniac made LEGO Island, he also made a friend, the 
    Brickster. However, Brickster had his own plans, and made OGEL Island, 
    and lived there. Eventually, Nick and Laura brought him to justice, as 
    he now resides in the island jail.
    The People of LEGO Island: Yes, they're really dumb. They pretty much 
    show up wherever you go. Irritates me, it does.
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      | |_  _| |_  5) C O N T R O L S
    Arrow Keys: Use these to move/drive.
    Esc: Warp to Information Center and be gives option to leave.
    Shift: Easy-Drive mode. Press this to activate.
    Mouse (while in Easy-Drive Mode): Move the mouse while driving/walking 
    to pilot your vehicle/self.
    Click (with Mouse): Clicking on things will help you use your powers or 
    interact with things. This is very cool cuz you can customize things to 
    your liking. Don't like that tree? Whip out Pepper and change it to 
    something else!
    Print Scrn: Press this to print what your screen looks like at the very 
    moment it's pressed!
       _    _____
    ==| |  |_   _|=========================================================
      | |_  _| |_  6) V E H I C L E S
    This is the format I will go in. Name is the name of the vehicle, 
    location is the default place to find it (you can leave it somewhere 
    else). Purpose is the purpose it serves in the game. First, I'll make an 
    Name: Exampler
    Location: Nowhere
    Purpose: To show format of vehicle purposes.
    Here we go!
    Name: Ambulance
    Location: Inside the Hospital.
    Purpose: To serve you in the Hospital missions.
    Name: Bicycle
    Location: On the right side of the Information Center (while facing it). 
    I like to move it to the Post Office (next to the Pizzaria).
    Purpose: To get places faster/for fun.
    Name: Helicopter
    Location: In front of the jail.
    Purpose: To stop the Brickster/for aerial view of island.
    Name: June Buggy
    Location: You must build it at the Gas Station. Once you do that, you 
    can park it where you want to. I suggest on the left side of the Gas 
    Station (facing it) so it's out of peoples' way, and you can easily get 
    to it.
    Purpose: To get places faster/for fun.
    Name: Jet-Ski
    Location: At the Beach, in the water.
    Purpose: To serve you in the Jet-Ski Race/for fun.
    Name: Police Motorcycle
    Location: Near the Police Station.
    Purpose: To get places faster/for fun.
    Name: Racecar
    Location: On the Racetrack.
    Purpose: To serve you in the Car Race mision.
    Name: Skateboard
    Location: Near the Pizzaria.
    Purpose: To serve you in the pizza mission/to get places faster/for fun.
    Name: Tow Truck
    Location: Inside the Gas Station.
    Purpose: To serve you in the Tow Truck mission.
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    ==| |  |_   _|=========================================================
      | |_  _| |_  7) I M P O R T A N T  L O C A T I O N S
    Beach: Build the Jet-Ski and enter the race here.
    Gas Station: This is where you build that June Buggy I mentioned. You 
    can also fill up the cars that need gas here.
    Hospital: Come here to be assigned to do osme Hospital work. You get to 
    use the ambulance to go on missions to save people!
    Information Center: If you have any trouble finding where to go, come 
    here. Also, you can change your character, check your Score Cube, or 
    change the island from day to night, at different levels (by going up 
    the elevator to Floor 3. You can also launch a paper Airplane by 
    flipping the switch.
    Jail: Next to the Police Station, on an island. The Brickster resides 
    here, and there is a sign that says "Pizaz" with a line through it, 
    meaning don't feed him! I wonder what happens if you do...
    Papa's Pizzaria: Come here to see Papa and Mama. You can also click on 
    the pizza Papa offers you to deliver some pizzas. Mama plays the piano 
    and there is a jukebox to the right. Click on it and select a tune to 
    start jamming!
    Police Station: Come here to build the helicopter. Inside, click the box 
    of donuts to have something funny happen.
    Racetrack: This is where the racecar is. Enter your car to begin the 
       _    _____
    ==| |  |_   _|=========================================================
      | |_  _| |_  8) B U I L D I N G  A  V E H I C L E 
    It's actually easier than you'd think. You see the flashing piece there? 
    Well, that is the piece you need to put there. So, grab the piece of the 
    inventory behind you and place in in the flashing area. Once you've used 
    up all the pieces from the background, you're done.
    When you select a piece, sometimes you can give it a different color. 
    Click the buttons on the upper-right corner (the colored ones) to change 
    the selected piece's color.
    Only certain vehicles have decals. Click the decal you want to put your 
    decal on the piece selected.
    To find all the pieces, you'll have to scroll around the screens behind 
    you. For Jet-Ski: click the Wheel, for Racecar: click the Gas Pump, etc.
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    ==| |  |_   _|=========================================================
      | |_  _| |_  9) T H E  M I S S I O N S
    9a) Catching The Brickster
    To activate this mission, you have to be Pepper. He's the only one that 
    can do it. Next, engage the Pizza Delivering mission by clicking on the 
    Pizzaria. Papa will want you to drop off a pizza at the Jail. The person 
    on the line sounded like Nick. So, take your skateboard and you're off! 
    When you arrive at the jail, the Brickster will take the pizza and use 
    the steam to open the lock. After taunting you, he hops into the 
    helicopter and flies off.
    After this happens, Nick and Laura show up on motorcycles. Laura 
    understands by telling you that Brickster tricked ya. Then, the 
    Infomaniac shows up and begins thinking about how to fix this problem. 
    Next is Papa and Mama, who are talking to themselves. Eventually, they 
    figure they need someone with a skateboard that can get over there fast. 
    They all look at you. So, it's time to catch that guy! Get back on the 
    street and go right. Take the first left and follow the path. Move down 
    the street and turn right before you reach the Pizzaria. Go left, and 
    then up the hill. Once over it, continue through the tunnel and at the 
    other end, Nick and Laura show. They talk to you for a bit, then The 
    Brickster drives by in the Ambulance, as a message comes in from the 
    Hospital about a stolen vehicle. So, Nick and Laura order you to follow 
    the Brickster as Laura picks up the piece he left behind.
    Follow the Brickster as he drives around. Everytime he drops a piece, 
    click on it to pick it up. After you've gotten some pieces, he'll stop 
    on a path that has a cave and whistle. Follow the whistle and when you 
    get to him, he'll drop one last piece and drive into the cave. Pick up 
    the piece and Laura and Nick come again. They tell you that the pieces 
    are from the Helicopter. However, they are still missing, so it's time 
    to find them!
    The next four pieces are randomly placed for you to find. To locate 
    them, follow the whistling noise. The closer you get, the louder the 
    whistle. When you find one, click on it and look for the next one. After 
    you get four pieces, you have to reassemble the Helicopter. Only four 
    pieces need to be added, so do that, to engage the final part of 
    catching this guy!
    You're in the Helicopter, and here's the thing. Pizzas slow the 
    Brickster, and donuts speed the cops. The Brickster is the one on the 
    motorcycle with a red brick on his head. When you see him near a cop, 
    shoot a pizza at him, and a donut at the cop. Once a cop and the 
    Brickster touch, you've got him!
    9b) Car Race
    I really don't like this one. Want to know why? Because of that STUPID 
    skeleton! I'll tell you later.
    At the start, zip through the two skeleton doors and then you'll go 
    through some tunnels etc. No biggie. When you reach the big open area, 
    you'll see some cards floating around with Brickster on them. Drive to 
    the right of them and turn left. You'll pass through a red area. Look 
    above you, yup, that's the Skeleton I was taking about. I HATE HIM!!! 
    Sorry. Anyway, turn left, hard right and go straight. After a couple 
    more turns, you'll go up a ramp and meet, the Skeleton! I HATE YOU!!! 
    Drive under him. If his legs are swinging down when you go under, he 
    kicks you off and makes you drive around part of the track again, which 
    can make you lose even if you have a good lead. That's why I hate him. 
    Anyway, continue through the door down the ramp and you'll come to a big 
    room. Go around the curves and there'll be a big octopus there. Go 
    around it, and through the door. After a couple more turns and such, 
    you'll come back outside. Take a screeching left, then a hard right, 
    down the ramp, and another hard left. One more lap of the same content, 
    and you're done!
    9c) Hospital Mission
    Really simple. When you go to the Hospital, click on the hat that the 
    guy offers you. You'll get into the Ambulance. The first stop you make 
    is at the Police Station. Once you get there, you'll see a guy and a 
    parrot on top of the roof. Click on the red and white bar to lift it, 
    and then Enter and Return will catch the guy. Load up and move out. Next 
    stop, the Pizzaria. There's a guy choking. So, once the animation is 
    over, click on him. He'll spit up a shark, which will in turn spit up a 
    dog, which will spit up a cat, which will spit up a parrot! Sheesh! 
    Okay, time to take it home! Not to my home of course, it's just a figure 
    of speech! Reuturn to the Hospital to complete this mission.
    9d) Jet-Ski Race
    This mission is so easy. From the very beginning, make a left and then 
    continue. After passing some boats etc, you'll come to yellow "?" 
    pyramids. Drive to the left and around them, and continue. After dodging 
    some rocks and more "?" blocks, you'll come to a ramp. Drive up it, and 
    go up the ramp after that one. The track is done, but you have one more 
    lap to go. After that, you'll be done. If you don't get a Red Brick in 
    this, you've got problems...
    9e) Pizza Delivering Mission
    Pepper is the only one that can't deliver normally. When he does, he 
    takes it to Brickster and frees him, thereby activating the Brickster 
    Capturing mission. So, each perosn goes to different places:
    Pepper: The Jail (and release the Brickster)
    Nick: The Gas Station
    Laura: The Hospital
    Papa: The Racetrack
    Mama: The Police Station
    9f) Tow Truck Mission
    Couldn't be easier. However, you'll have to take the back route, there's 
    a road block on the easy route. So, pull forward and make a right. Take 
    the first right, then left, up the hill, then around the right corners. 
    Go odwn the hill, and pull right into the racetrack area. Two guys 
    (after some chit chat) will load the racecar onto the truck. Now, drive 
    forward, go right, then right again, and you'll stop at the Gas Station! 
    Simple, no?
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      | |_  _| |_  10) A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S
    * Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, for running the best gaming site out there, 
    * The Game Manual, for inspiring me to go further and make a guide for 
    the game.
    * My friend, for buying the game for me!
    * My dog, Madison. I don't know why, but she sure is cute! YUPPERS, by 
    dog is great!
    * My cat, Tigger. Why not? Hey, if I put a dog in...
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      | |_  _| |_  11) D I S C L A I M E R
    Copyright (c) 2002 by Perfect Light
    All rights reserved
    The following sites have my personal permission to post this:
    That's it! If I catch you with it on your site if you're not gamefaqs 
    you'll be in for serious trouble. I WILL catch you, you WILL be sorry, 
    and you WILL pay the consequences! There! I said it.
    If you do not plan on posting this on gamefaqs.com but some other 
    whatever.com, I will write out a polite e-mail asking you to please 
    remove it. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to take it to court 
    and press carges. GameFAQs even states that suing a webiste for posting 
    your FAQ without permission is easy, and the owner of the FAQ can easily 
    win. Plagerism is already bad, so don't add to the problem. Got it? 
    You're smart, intelligent people, so just be smart.
    Also, certain e-mails I won't accept. If you scream and shout at me, 
    writing something like: You (insert explicitive here), you said you can 
    kill (insert enemy here) in (insert #) shots and it took me (insert 
    another #) you little (insert various explicitives here)!!! You're not 
    cute, no one's laughing, and you're obviously not very mature. And I 
    don't have anything to say to you if you talk to me like that. However, 
    if you have anything DECENT to contribute, feel free to drop me a line 
    at Jetstorm777@aol.com anytime!
    If I do give you permission to put this up on your site, don't abuse the 
    previlage. You're not allowed to put advertising baners up, or anything 
    else. Just leave it as it is. You may spell-check or add things, put 
    please please please DO NOT take ANYTHING out, and this Disclaimer must 
    remain intact.
    You may not sell this FAQ, or in any other way shape or form make money 
    off this FAQ at all. I believe that part is clear. Next!
    If you see anything wrong in this FAQ, no matter how minute, e-mail me 
    to correct it. I like being corrected, but DO NOT be nasty, or I'll just 
    delete your message after having a few laughs about how dumb you are.
    A RESPONSE FROM NOW ON! I'm sick of reading: "I need help but I'm not 
    sure and by the way your guide is cool sweet and lke it do you know how 
    to help me?" No, that's not going to cut it. I want neat, properly 
    written letters so that I can actually READ and UNDERSTAND it! NO MORE 
    GIBBERISH! Also, please put "LEGO Island Guide" in the title to help me. 
    I get too many guide questions from my other guides to try to organize 
    what question is for what game.
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      | |_  _| |_  12) A  F O N D  F A R E W E L L !
    Man, another guide over and done, we made it to the end again! This is 
    my seventh time, people. You guys can expect to see me back in some 
    upcoming games, like Super Mario Sunshine, or some older games, which I 
    won't reveal. Just keep your eyes peeled!
    I give you the Kirby salute: (>-.-)>
    This is Perfect Light, signing off!
    This document was written by and is a property of, Perfect Light ;)
    Thanx for reading my LEGO Island guide, from:
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