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    FAQ by FAQ GOD

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BY: Karl Jobst
    E-mail: faq_god@hotmail.com
    Version: 1.2
    1. Intro
    2. Revision History
    3. Cast and Crew
    4. The Screen
    5. How to Play
    6. Games
    7. Cheats
    8. Fastest Times
    9. Other stuff
    10.Closing Statements, copyright, etc.
           Wow! A FAQ on minesweeper! This is a fun game to FAQ because it's so
    simple. But while being so simple, many people find it hard to play. If you
    don't really know how to play Minesweeper it can be boring, but once you get
    into it more and get better at it, it becomes a very playable game.
           Minesweeper is a game that gets under rated because of its
    simplicity(and the fact that it comes free with windows). But Minesweeper has
    some of the best playability you will find. Sure, you not going to spend 2
    hours on it every day, but playing Minesweeper for 10 minutes here and there
    can be quite fun.
           But you can only get the most enjoyment out of Minesweeper if you're
    one of those people who enjoy problem solving and thinking. Still, Minesweeper
    can be fun for anyone.
                             REVISION HISTORY
    1.21 (8/1/00)
           Added a beginner time from Dan.
    1.2 (8/1/00)
           Hmmm.... I think I'm out of the Minesweeper craze now. I'm actually
    updating the FAQ after 4 months of nothing. OK, this update contains a few
    times from Steven Denny, adem@ix.netcom.com, Helen, and TCBCA (?).
    1.1 (4/1/00)
           Second update. Added two more games, and wrote in some more stuff in
    the How to Play section. I also got a heaps better intermediate time, although
    I have yet to get an expert time. I don't usually say this, but expert is
    REALLY, REALLY hard if you're going for a fast time.
    1.0 (3/31/00)
           First release of this FAQ.
                             CAST AND CREW
    'The Face': You can find 'The Face' at the top of the screen. He's(or she's)
    the round yellow circle with a face on it. 'The Face' changes its looks for
    every different situation. 'The Face' can get pretty emotional. If you having
    a hard game and you want to try all over again, just click on 'The Face' and
    he'll see what he can do. Here are the different faces 'The Face' is bound to
           Happy Face :) : The happy face keeps you company while you try to find
    the mines. "When you want to cheer up, put on a happy face!"
           "Oh My God" face :o : You can see the "Oh My God" face when you click
    on a square, I guess he just gets too carried away in the moment. If you hold
    down the mouse button, you can make fun of the "Oh My God" face and make him
    sit there nervously forever.
           Unhappy Face :( : The Unhappy Face watches over you when you're at your
    worst. You just hit a mine, and 'The Face' gets pretty sad when you hit a
    mine. 'The Face' takes Minesweepers very seriously OK, please be careful.
           Cool Face: When 'The Face' turns cool he puts on some sunglasses and
    shows you how slick you are for beating the game. When you beat the game, all
    you can do is click on 'The Face' and start a new game
    Mines: These things are you're worst nightmare. They're the 'bad guys' of the
    game. It is your job to cover up the mines without setting them off. If you're
    clumsy and step on one, you'll blow up and loose the game.
    Flags: You need flags to cover up all of the mines set out on the grid. To
    place a flag, move the mouse cursor on to the designated square and hit the
    right mouse button. When a square is covered by a flag, you cannot step on the
    square. This means that if the flag is covering a mine, there is no chance
    you're going to step on it if you've put a flag there.
    Question Marks: This is a cross between a blank square and a flag. If you're
    not quite sure if there is a mine underneath a square, you can place a
    question mark over it to warn you not to step there. When there is a question
    mark on a square, you CAN step on it, a question mark is only there to warn
    you to be careful. To place a question mark, move the mouse cursor over the
    designated square and press the right mouse button twice.
    Numbers: If you click on a square that doesn't cover a mine, a number will pop
    up. This number tells you how many mines there are around that square. If the
    number is 2, this means that there are 2 mines next to the mine. Here are a
    few diagrams to help you out:-
    C = Covered square
    0 = Blank Square
    1 = Number of mines next to the square
    M = Mine
    1 mine:
         1 1 1
         1 M 1
         1 1 1
    2 mines:
         M 1 1 1
         1 2 M 1
         C 1 1 1
    3 mines:
         M 2 1 1
         2 3 M 1
         M 2 1 1
    4 mines:
         M 3 M 2
         2 4 M 2
         M 2 1 1
    5 mines:
         M 2 1 1
         3 5 M 2
         M M M 2
    6 mines:
         1 2 3 2 1
         1 M M M 2
         2 3 6 M 3
         1 M 3 M 2
         1 1 2 1 1
    7 mines:
         1 2 3 2 1
         2 M M M 2
         3 M 7 M 3
         2 M 4 M 2
         1 1 2 1 1
    8 mines:
         1 2 3 2 1
         2 M M M 2
         3 M 8 M 3
         2 M M M 2
         1 2 3 2 1
           If you click on a square that has no mines around it, it will show up
    blank. Several squares will then be uncovered until every edge square is
    touching a mine.
                                THE SCREEN
    Flag Counter: On the top left-hand corner of the screen there is a number that
    tells you how many flags you have left. When you start the game, you have the
    same amount of flags as there are mines. So this means that the counter also
    tells you how many mines you have not yet covered.
    Time Counter: On the top right-hand corner of the screen there is a counter
    that counts how many seconds have passed during the game. The counter starts
    as soon as you step on your first square. The counter will continue to count
    the seconds until you a)win the game or b)step on a mine.
    'The Face': I think you're already who 'The Face' is.
    The Grid: The grid represents a minefield. The grid is made up of squares. By
    moving the mouse cursor over a square and clicking the left button, you can
    uncover 1 square. Depending on the difficulty level, the grid can be large or
                                   TOOLBAR OPTIONS
           New: This lets you start a new game.
           Beginner: This option lets you start a game on the beginner difficulty
           Intermediate: This option lets you start a game on the intermediate
    difficulty level.
           Expert: This option lets you start a game on the expert difficulty
           Custom: This option lets you customise the size of the grid and how
    many mines will be spread about it.
           Marks(?): This option allows you to switch off question marks.
    Therefore if you press the right mouse button twice the square will go back to
    being blank.
           Colour: This option allows you to change between black-and-white and
           Best Times: This lets you view the top times for each difficulty
           Exit: When you've had enough.
    Help: After reading this FAQ, I doubt you'll need help.
                                 HOW TO PLAY
           As you probably already know, the objective of the game is to find all
    of the mines and cover them with flags. But you can't set any of the mines
    off. You must use the numbers to determine the position of the mines. It may
    seem difficult, but there is one pattern in the numbers that is the most
    S = Covered Square
    0 = Blank Uncovered Square
                                 1 0
                               1 1 0
                               0 0 0
           Usually when you click on a square and a number of blank squares come
    up you will see this pattern. This pattern is very important, it usually
    starts you off. The reason this pattern is important is because the mine can
    only be in one place...
                               M 1 0
                               1 1 0
                               0 0 0
           Another pattern that can start you off is this one...
    N = Number above 1
                               N 3 N
                               0 0 0
           In this case as well, the mines can only be in one place...
                               M M M
                               2 3 2
                               0 0 0
           These patterns should very useful while playing minesweeper. But before
    you start playing Minesweeper, here's a little training grid. See if you can
    find all of the mines...
    C = Covered Square
    0 = Blank Square
    1 = Number
    M = Mine
                           _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                          |C 2 1 C C 1 0 0|
                          |2 C 1 C 1 1 1 1|
                          |1 1 1 1 C 1 C C|
                          |0 0 0 1 C C C C|
                          |0 0 1 2 3 C 2 C|
                          |0 0 2 C 3 1 2 1|
                          |0 0 3 C 3 0 0 0|
                          |0 0 2 C 2 0 0 0|
                           - - - - - - - -
           Now I'll help you find some of the mines step by step. First of all, in
    the top right hand corner you see this...
                           _ _ _ _
                          |C 2 1 C
                          |2 C 1 C
                          |1 1 1 1
           This displays a simple pattern. There are only 2 covered squares around
    the number 2. This means that the mines would HAVE to be here...
                           _ _ _ _
                          |M 2 1 C
                          |2 M 1 C
                          |1 1 1 1
           Second, in the bottom of the grid you see this...
                             0 1 2 3 C
                             0 2 C 3 1
                             0 3 C 3 0
                             0 2 C 2 0
           Yet another simple pattern. In case you haven't already figured it out,
    the mines are here...
                             0 1 2 3 M
                             0 2 M 3 1
                             0 3 M 3 0
                             0 2 M 2 0
           Another pattern you can see on the right side of the grid is this...
                               2 C|
                               2 1|
                               0 0|
           Therefore, the mine would have to be here...
                               2 M|
                               2 1|
                               0 0|
           Anyway, here's the solution to the whole grid. Before looking, make
    sure that you've found all ten mines. Also make sure that if a square has the
    number 1 in it, it should not be touching 2 mines...
    ...Time to let you look back over the grid to see if you have made mistakes...
                           _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                          |M 2 1 1 M 1 0 0|
                          |2 M 1 1 1 1 1 1|
                          |1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M|
                          |0 0 0 1 M 2 3 2|
                          |0 0 1 2 3 M 2 M|
                          |0 0 2 M 3 1 2 1|
                          |0 0 3 M 3 0 0 0|
                          |0 0 2 M 2 0 0 0|
                           - - - - - - - -
           Well I hope you got it all right. If you got some wrong I suggest
    practising a bit more. There is usually a mathematical way to solve every
           When you think you have covered up all the mines around a number, you
    should then uncover all of the other squares around it. Make sure you do this
    every time, because it will give you an idea to where other mines may be
           If you get to a point where the numbers cannot tell you exactly where a
    mine is, you will just have to click on a square somewhere on the map and hope
    you don't hit a mine. If you're lucky, there will be a large area that opens
    up for you. You can then start to cover up mines somewhere else on the grid.
    Eventually, the two areas will meet up.
           Minesweeper is sought of like a problem solving game, I guess you must
    be fairly smart to be able to play it easily and without taking a million
    years. But practice is very important. You may not notice, but the game gets a
    little easier each time you play. The first time you play it, it may seem a
    little boring. But once you start getting better, and are able to beat the
    game faster, it gets more and more enjoyable. You should be able to wiz
    through most of the time without thinking. Only then will you become a true
           You should now be able to complete the game at least on beginner. Once
    you are able to handle more mines, try intermediate. If you're really in for a
    challenge, try expert. Minesweeper can be very easy if you take your time and
    think your way through it.
           If you're a little bit bored of Minesweepers and you want to try
    something new, give these games ago. Hey, they may not keep you occupied for
    hours, but they are pretty addictive, sought of like gambling...
    Chicken(2 players): Select custom and make your grid 40 by 40(the game will
    automatically change the height and length down to the maximum), and make
    there be 250 mines. Now with a friend, take it in turns, clicking on a square.
    The first one to hit a mine looses. However, if someone backs out, the other
    person must then take the mouse and click a square. If they click on a mine,
    they loose. But if they don't, the person who backed out looses. Try it with
    something valuable...
    Chicken(1 player): Some as the above, except you just sit there and see how
    many clicks you can do without setting of a mine.
    Minesweeper Made Easy: This isn't really a game, but it gives me enjoyment.
    Select custom and put height and width at 40. Then put mines down to 10. Start
    the game and click on a square. Most of the time, the whole screen fills up
    and you're just left with a couple of squares to fill in. Click on a square,
    and see how fast you can complete the game. On average, I get 2-3 seconds. On
    a few occasions I have gotten 1 second, but I guess I was just lucky.
    Don't Fill in the Gaps: Select beginner and start a new game. Play as normal,
    but don't cover any of the mines with flags. Instead just try and finish the
    level without planting a single flag. This isn't a game, but it is harder than
    playing the game normally. Thus, creating an extra challenge.
           I took these cheats from Game Sages, so, none of them were invented by
           With your cursor inside the minesweeper window type "XYZZY" then press
    SHIFT-ENTER and ENTER. A white dot should appear in the upper-left corner of
    the screen. If it turns black, your cursor is resting on a mine.
    Note: This trick works best if your Windows background is black. Also note
    that the code will not work in Windows 95 or Windows NT.
           Submitted to Game Sages by Daniel Bayles (dbayles@vax2.rain.gen.mo.us)
           For sound effects, add the line "SOUND=3" to WINMINE.INI
           Submitted to Game Sages by Austen(abde@traveller.com)
           While playing, hold down the left and right mouse buttons and you
    should see a 3x3 square imprint on the board. Next hit the ESC key while
    holding down both mouse buttons and the timer is stopped.
    Karl's Note: By doing this, you can also get a best time of one second. Just
    start a new game and pause the timer as soon as you begin. Complete the game
    and your new best time is 1 second!
           Submitted to Game Sages by Gerald Storer(gerald600@yahoo.com)
                            FASTEST TIMES
           I think I'm obsessed about getting fast times. Anyway, here they are.
    Please send your fastest times so I can post them. I doubt more than a few
    people will actually read this but what the hell...
    Steven Denny                  7 seconds
    Adem@ix.netcom.com            9 seconds
    Karl Jobst                   12 seconds
    TCBCA                        12 seconds
    Dan                          17 seconds
    Steven Denny                 30 seconds
    Helen                        39 seconds
    Adem@ix.netcom.com           46 seconds
    Karl Jobst                   95 seconds
    Steven Denny                 88 seconds
    Helen                       114 seconds
    Adem@ix.netcom.com          143 seconds
                                OTHER STUFF
           When you start a new game, there is absolutely NO WAY of hitting a mine
    on your first click. The first click is always safe. But from then on you're
    on your own.
           If there is a square with a number on it, and you've covered up all of
    the mines around it, you can instantly uncover all of the other squares around
    it. Just move the cursor over the square and press the left and right mouse
    buttons at the same time.
           MIMESWEEPER RULES!!!!!!!
                           ENDING STATEMENTS
           This FAQ cannot be copied and sold or anything that gives you money
    and/or fame. If you want you can e-mail me and ask to link to this FAQ. That's
    OK with me, just make sure that you give me your URL so I can see if you're
    ripping of my work. I would also ask you to keep checking GameFAQS for any
    updates and update this FAQ straight away.
           I think you know all of the other do's and don'ts so that's about it.
           This FAQ is copyright © Karl Jobst  2000
           I thank Ian Rogers for helping me start this whole FAQ-writing
           These people for sending times:
    Steven Denny.................stevend@datasync.com
           I thank GameFAQS for posting this FAQ.
           I thanks me.
           Anyway, I'll see you later....

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