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"It comes with Windows, so why not try it out?"

Minesweeper is a fun game where you see how fast you can identify which places contain mines in a box with dimensions you can set. Despite the fact the Minesweeper is hard on the upper levels of challenge and takes a while to learn and extremely hard to master, it's a pretty fun and enjoyable game. It's fairly basic, yet enjoyable. A good game for passing a couple minutes when you're waiting for a couple minutes.

Graphics (3/10)
Even I could open a paint program and paint this game's graphics. The graphics aren't very detailed or anything. Boxes, numbers, mines, and a smiley face on the top of the screen that becomes sad when you lose and happier when you win... Those are unoriginal graphics.

Sound (N/A)
It doesn't have any sound. If you want fancy background music and the latest in sound effects, forget about Minesweeper.

Controls (9/10)
All you use is the mouse. Although it does use both mouse clicks (left and right), you can learn the play control in about 15 seconds. There are no downsides to this play control, it is extraordinarily simple.

Challenge (9/10)
You can play one of the 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. Or, you can choose how big a box you're playing in, and also set the number of mines that appear throughout the box.

Game Length (8/10)
Minesweeper's length is short enough that you can play it to pass a couple minutes. The game is a little too short though. It could be lengthened a few minutes to improve its game length for what it was designed for.

Replay Value (9/10)
You can play this game a lot, but you can also get tired of it very easily. Games like this aren't meant to be played over and over. Even if you get bored of it, leave it on your hard drive and save it for a rainy day.

Gameplay/Fun (7/10)
No matter how dull it sounds, this game is fun. Minesweeper is very enjoyable, and good for killing time if you're bored or waiting for something.

Originality (9/10)
The game has an interesting concept. It's quite original, unlike anything I've seen ever before. Even though there tend to be many different versions of short games, Minesweeper is an original.

Overall (7/10):
Since it comes with Windows, why not try it out? If you don't like it, you don't have to play it. I suggest that you at least try Minesweeper.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/10/00, Updated 11/20/01

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