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"An insanely addictive and fun freeware!"

There's a PC in front of you, and you have free time. What would you do? Play one of the most popular and insanely addictive freeware for Windows, the Minesweeper. Just when you though that many PC games sucks, well one good game is sitting right in front of you. You'll enjoy searching for a free block and keep those mines at bay. You'll have to get your brains working as there is a strategy in the game. You really can't beat a minesweeper game without at least thinking once. Here's my criteria for judging this game:

Gameplay/Controls (9 pts): This game for Windows sure is fun to play. You must discover all the mines in the current board. There's a time limit so you have move fast. The greatest aspect of this game is the challenge. You will surely think much during the game. Especially in the more advanced levels. It also boosts your logic ability as this game will practice you to think logically and also make small decisions. Quite a food for the brain. Just don't overdo it because you might forget about the time and you may have more important things to do. For the controls, it's very very easy. All you need is to click here and there. Sometimes, the buttons might get confusing but you'll be able to get the hang of it after playing for a long time.

Storyline (n/a): Well, this game doesn't have a story at all. Just pure chase so I won't include it in the points.

Graphics/Sounds (6 pts): There's isn't much to talk about the graphics as it is in a Window and the graphics is very simple. But, it's well made though. For the sound, the game has a no sounds so don't expect any explosions from the mines.

Replay Value (10 pts): Talking about replay value! this one's sure to be re-played again and again and again. You'll keep on playing and you won't get bored. Not to mention that you can change the level of difficulty of the game by adding more mines and shrinking the board. You can also experiment on a custom board.

So, if you have nothing to do, just play the game. If you haven't seen or tried it, just play it for a change. Trust me, you'll enjoy it and it will keep you from standing from you seat. You'll get frustrated sometimes, but this will only make you play more and more. Just be aware of the time and play moderately.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/19/00, Updated 12/19/00

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