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"ARGGHHH!!! *Rips hair out*"

Minesweeper is a pretty famous game, which comes with Windows, so most people have the game and play it. I am among those people, or at least I was for a while. It's an unbelievably frustrating game!

Graphics: 10
Graphics? It's a square with some tiles covering it. If you click the tiles, it either a number or a bomb. When you win, you see flags. Not to mention the little smiley face. The face is either smiling, looking suprised (for a split second), kinda beat-up (when you lose), or wearing a pair of shades when you win. But, the smiley face rules! Therefore, the graphics are good.

Music/Sound: N/A

Umm, there is no music. There's no sound, either. Too bad.

Gameplay: 8
Well, it's all very simple. What you do is you click away at the tiles. Usually a number comes up, telling how many mines are touching that tile. If you click on a mine, then BOOOM, you're toast. Every tile you click without hitting a bomb gets you more points, which is what you want. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?

Control: N/A
It depends on the mouse, not the game. Grab a mouse with a working left click and you're good to go.


The Other Stuff


Replay Value: Very High
The replay value in this game is quite high, since the grid is completely different every single time. The grid never, ever repeats itself.

Challenge: Waaaaaayyyy above average
Now this is where Minesweeper really just drops. This game is unbelievable hard and FRUSTATING!!! It's freakin' impossible to win a game unless to take the biggest grid you can get and place only 10 mines in it. Well you might say, ''Well, use the little numbers that come up on the tiles!'' Well, it's much easier said than done. So picture this. You're playing, and you're extremely close to winning. You've got two choices, and you're thinking hard about it. So, you finally take a guess and click one.... And BOOOM. ARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! It makes you wanna just rip your hair out of its roots.

Good Points
- It's so simple :)
- The smiley face
- Great replay value

Bad Points
- No music or sound
- Not much to look at

Okay, so should you play this game? Sure, go give it a whirl. Many people like, it and's it's pretty fun, or it would be it it wasn't so hard. If you have Windows, chances are you have this game, so look for it, play it, and judge.

Final Score: 7

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/07/01, Updated 02/22/01

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