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Reviewed: 11/22/01 | Updated: 11/22/01

Hey, I can play this game AND review it at the same time! Fan-flupping-tastic!

It is free. You’ve played it before, haven’t you? You know what I’m talking about. ‘Tis that little odd game on your computer called Minesweeper. This game is insanely frustrating, but insanely rewarding when you win. While the game nowhere matches the splendor of Dig Dug, it is a somewhat amusing puzzle game.

Playing as a little yellow smiley face in the Yellow Dude army, you have come across a large minefield blocking your army’s way. As the only minesweeper, you must sweep for mines and mark them, allowing your army to traverse past the field. Okay, that is not the story. The game has none. But, I make up stories for games that have none, and I have one hell of a time doing it!

You can customize the game field to have up to 99 rows of squares, and up to 99 mines. You can also tinker with the colors, but I prefer to keep the original, beginner setting. In order to mark the mines, you must first left click a square on the field. When clicked, it will reveal two things: Either a number, or a mine. If it is the latter, you lose. If it is a number, you keep going. The number on the square shows how many mines are in the 8 square radius. This sends a chill down your spine, as you are not sure where to click safely. If you know a mine is hidden in a square, right click it and the square gets a little flag on it to show you think there is a mine there. Don’t know if a mine lies in a square? Right clicking the square twice puts a question mark on it, and it shows that the safety of the square is unknown. If you want to restart, just click the happy little yellow smiley dude at the top.

Speaking of the little dude, he displays a few emotions through the course of the game. At first, he is smiling and happy. Then, once you click a square, his expression turns nervous. Click a mine, and he dies and frowns. The field isn’t particularly eye popping, but it gets the job done. The separate numbers all have different colors, the mines look like big bombs, and the little score screen with the flashing red numbers is nice to look at. These graphics are simple, straight to the point, and don’t need to look all snazzy.

There are no sounds in the game, which is a little displeasing. Any sounds, let them be cheesy explosions or the yellow smiley yelling “AH!” would be better then none. But, I digress. This game requires concentration and pretty much not many distractions if you are a serious sweeper, and if they did add sound it would distract you from the game. Understandable, but a little disappointing.

Christ, why do I review control in games like these? You click. That is about it. The menus are simple to navigate, and you’ll never be lost in them. You must have no hands to have problems with the control. If you have problems with the control in this game, get yourself to a hospital and have them check for missing limbs.

This game is amusing, and ultimately rewarding when you win. I remember when I won my first game of Minesweeper… I stood up, screamed “AHAHA! THE DAY IS MINE, YOU STUPID MINESWEEPER! I HAVE CONQUERED YOU! AHAHA! I WON!” No, I am not kidding. I seriously did that. To complicate the matter, I was at the school computer lab where a class was being held. Damn, my face was red. But, back to the fun factor, shall we?

If you have a sharp mind and love these puzzle games, this is for you. This is also a good “quicky” game, where you can play it in less than 30 seconds. Usually, I play a quick game as soon as I get on and off my desktop, but I cannot sit and play for more then 10 minutes, since I get really frustrated. As mentioned in the paragraph above, winning the game is oddly rewarding. You’ll scream with joy when you win, or scream in anger when you lose. Either way, this is an above average, quick-yet-frustrating puzzle game. Hey, it’s free, so go play it now, flup head!

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If this wins ROTW or ROTD, I’ll take all of my reviews off of Gamefaqs and make a suit out of them.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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