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"There is no addiction better than Minesweeper."

Minesweeper is the perfect game to learn when you have to wait for other programs to load or when you're just bored and need some time to kill. Not only is the game fun and easy to learn it will help improve your ability to scan and control a mouse quicker. This game can be played at work, at home or in school, provided the computer programmer there hasn't removed it.

Gameplay - 8/10

The idea the game is to uncover mines under boxes. Numbers help indicate the mines within a one square radius of that box in every direction. Making the total number of boxes within the radius 8, excluding the numbered box. Up, Down, Left, Right, Diagonally Right-Up, Diagonally Right-Down, Diagonally Left-Up, Diagonally Left-Down. The game features four levels of play. Beginner: which is a 9 by 9 layout of boxes. Intermediate: which is a 16 by 16 layout of boxes and Expert: which is 30 by 16. Minesweeper also allows the gamer to create their own Custom field of mines. Best finishing times are saved for each level except the custom games.

Graphics – 5/10

Minesweeper uses minimal graphics to save time and storage space. As soon as you open the game you will realize there is nothing special about the graphics. If you're expecting explosions when you pick a mine, guess again. You get a red box with a mine and a dead happy face that isn't so happy. When you complete the game don't expect congratulation banners to flash on the screen, (Spoiler) you get a happy face with sunglasses.

Music - N/A
Sound – N/A

You would think there could be some really dangerous suspenseful music playing while trying to detect mines but no. Hitting a box with a mine might set of a series of explosion .wavs and screams from hell but no. However, if you play this game and find music or sound necessary, Minesweeper allows gamers to use their imagination and create their own sounds, as you sit in front of the computer screen and go Ka-Boom! As for music, play which CD you want or MP3 file in your media player.

Control – 8/10

The mouse controls the game. The quality of the mouse will determine your times. The better the mouse, the better the finishing time. Left click reveals a box. Right click either flags the box as a mine or a question mark. I never understood the point of using the question mark so I always remove that feature. Double clicking the mouse will reveal the radius of a number, provided the correct amount boxes are flagged in relation to the number. However, just because the flags are the correct amount does not mean double clicking will not reveal a bomb. Holding down the mouse button will do nothing until the button is released which means you are able to roll over the field or off the field without anything happening as long as you keep the button down.

Fun – 8/10

As you learn more and more patterns of number, you discover quicker and faster ways to solve the minefield. After you've figured out all the patterns, it's a race to see if you can beat your own time and get those best times as low as possible. It can get difficult and frustrating when it gets down to a guess for the last mine, but it's still fun and a great way to kill time.

Challenge – Medium to High

I wiz through the game now, but it took some time to master playing the game. When people who have never seen Minesweeper see me play the game, they can't even understand what is going on the entire time. It's a thrill to become an expert at the game but it takes time to explore and explode mines.

Replay Value – High

This depends on the person. The more successful you become in the game, the more you may want to challenge yourself or maybe just not want to play anymore. Most people continue to challenge themselves for the simply fact the game can be played for a short period of time as filler between any computer seating. However, if you have the time you may get addicted trying to top your best times. Once the game is learned, I highly doubt anyone has ever stopped playing Minesweeper.

Overall 9/10

What minesweeper lacks in graphics & sound, it more than makes up for it with the replay and challenge factors. Playing minesweeper is something everyone has or must experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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