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"Got 30 seconds? So does Minesweeper"

Minesweeper is a game included in nearly all computers that have Windows installed, so most of you get this game for free. It is the the perfect way to waste time while you are waiting to connect to the internet or something like that.

You can change the difficulty from Beginner to Intermediate to Expert. You can also somewhat customize your own 'level.' You tell the game how many squares to have. You can choose to have up to thirty squares vertically, up to thirty squares horizontally, and up to 667 mines. The number shown represents how many mines there are in an eight square radius. You can also check the high scores for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert difficulties under 'Best Times.' As you can see, the gameplay, although not incredibly complex, offers a lot of depth and thinking.

There are not a lot of graphics in this game. The colors are all bright and vibrant though. Number 1 is blue, 2 green, 3 red, 4 navy, 5 maroon, 6 turquoise, 7 purple, and 8 black. (You cannot have 9.) The smiley face that you can use to start a new game is funny. It goes from a normal smiley face while you are playing, to one with x's and a frowning face when you lose. The fact that you can change it to black and white mode is a good addition for those with slower computers.


There is no music or sound in this game, except for the clicking of your mouse, which was not meant to be there. Perhaps some music would have been a nice addition, but then you would not have been able to play the game in the office while you were supposed to be doing payroll, could you.

There is nothing hard about this game to control. You click the mouse, it uncovers the square. If you click on a square, and drag the mouse, which ever square you release the mouse on will be the square uncovered. This is helpful if you accidentally click on the wrong square, but not helpful if you click on the right square, forget what you are doing, hold the mouse down, and release on some square across the board. There is usually a large area with no mines somewhere on the board.

This game is fun as long as you are winning. When you are losing ninety times in a row, the game is not fun anymore. It is just frustrating. This game can be very frustrating, when there are five squares next to a block that has not been uncovered, the number reads four, you guess one of them, and it is always the wrong one. But it is still entertaining, and it involves some skill and number crunching, along with some luck, to win. This could have a really good internet mode, if someone ever includes one

Each difficulty level is a different size, and has a different number of mines, which raises the difficulty substantially as you go on. It is possible for you to win at the game if you can count, although each time you play it it takes a bit of luck.

This game is so quick to play, you will play it again and again, just to pass thirty seconds here or there. You will probably not play it more than five or six times in a row unless you are really bored, but it is always there, waiting for you to play it while you are signing on to the internet or something.

*Free with every PC.
*Quick so you can an play it even if you only have a minute.
*Can customize anything.

*Graphics are not all that impressive.
*Audio is horrible.
*Takes time to learn how to play.

Of the free games with Windows, I prefer Solitaire over this one, because it is not as frustrating, and it takes longer to win or lose, so your games are not over in ten seconds. But Minesweeper is great when you only have a minute before going somewhere. You can get three or four beginner games in.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/16/01, Updated 07/18/01

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