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    Quest Walkthrough by Crovax

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    ****Crovax's (a.k.a. Mophine) Well of Souls QUEST Walkthrough****
    Version 0.9
    Created June 21, '02.
    Updated June 23, '02.
    Version History
    0.85 (5/21/02)
    Pretty complete, except for a location and 2 soul things
    0.9 (5/23/02)
    Just missing the names of soul things in certain quests.
    <insert really cool ASCII art here b/c I am crap at this sort of thing>
    i. Index
    ii. The $#+uFF
    iii. The quests...
    a. The Brothers' Note
    b. Professor J.
    c. Zanf and the Shoemaker
    d. Queen Jett and the Gladstone
    e. Gregor and the Scroll of Fidelity
    f. Goblins and the Treasury
    g. Goblins and the K'Tharn
    h. Dr. Feuer's 'Secret of Fire'
    i. The Dolphins
    j. Pokegatchi Arena
    k. The helluva long fight at the Caelas
    l. The helluva long quest (note: must beat quest 'd' first.)
    iv. Legal, closing
    ******** i. Index ********
    I'm calling the part above me the 'Table of Contents' (damn technicalities). 
    I will NOT be putting cheats, tips on leveling, or mods in. This is a quest 
    walkthrough. I'm writing this because I havent found a walkthrough as 
    complete as this one on WoS quests yet! And I know how tough all the Soul 
    crap is to find. And note - this is only for the Evergreen map, duh! Not 
    'evergreen' or 'EvErGrEeN' or 'Nevergreen'.
    ******** ii. The Shtuff ********
    Soul Armor:
    '  ' Amulet:
    '  ' Helm: A: +0 D: +255
    Soul Shield: A: +0 D: +255, Repels Enemies
    Soul Boots: A: +0 D: +255, Crosses All (Water, Lava, Air)
    Soul Ring: A: +255 D: 0, Doubles Speed
    Soul Blade
    '  ' Tome
    '  ' Sphere
    '  ' Bow
    '  ' Knuckles
    '  ' Fetich
    '  ' Horn
    '  ' Staff: A: +255 D: +0
    Fire Boots: Crosses Lava
    Rubber Boots: Protection from Eel insta-kill (see quest i.)
    Frog Boots: Crosses Water
    Elven Booties: Crosses Air
    ******** iii. Quests ********
    **NOTE: There are 3 soul items that are NOT available through quests! 
    Namely, the tome, spheres, and one other thing. You get them by going to the 
    Rune Ruins, and fighting in the arenas there. (Notice the 10 links near the 
    well? They are entrances to 3 different arenas. If the guy says 'Bah, I will 
    not waste your time! and you haven't got 3 soul items, go to a different 
    ~a. The Brothers' Note~
    If you can't do this yourself, you suck.
    You have agreed to obey the golden rule. [1]
    Lurch The Hand has lectured you in the art of fighting. [2]
    You informed the Brother of Macguyver Castle about the meeting date. [3]
    1: Type yes when the ? bubble appears
    2: You'll have to fight a bit in the Hand training at Macgyver Castle. A Lvl 
    11 Ghoul will be the hardest creature.
    3: Just drop in the Macgyver Castle well!
    ~b. Professor J.~
    Another easy quest. It'll only cost you 1000GP
    Professor J asked you to retrieve a book from MacGuyver castle. [5]
    You found the lost copy of Elementia Corpuscula. [6]
    You helped Professor J finish his doctoral thesis. [7]
    5: Go to North Umbrage, which is north-east from the gateway. Talk to 
    Professor J to get this entry. Don't worry about tough fights, the absolute 
    worst that can happen if you dont stray south is a level 5 Poison Newt.
    6: Go to the Macgyver Castle Bookstore and buy the 'Elementia Corpscula' for 
    7: Give it to Professor J. You'll get Stun, a level 7 Earth spell. I doubt 
    you'll be able to use it yet.
    ~c. Zanf and the Shoemaker~
    Here's the first 'real' quest. You'll have to wait until lvl 60 at least or 
    play multiplayer and get someone to help you.
    Felafel begged you to rid his kingdom of the cavern dragon. [10]
    You conquered the cavern dragon and took a scale from his hide. [11]
    The bootmaker in MacGuyver Castle says he can make dragon boots from the 
    scale of a dragon. [12]
    A fine pair of boots were made, but then stolen by Zanf [13]
    You traced Zanf to his secret hide-out. [14]
    You bested Zanf in battle and retrieved the Fire Boots. [15]
    10: Go to the throne room in Macgyver Castle.
    11: Go to Wyrm Cavern and make your way to the end to fight a lvl 
    50-something Fire Wyrm. Beat it to get the fire scale.
    12: Talk to the bootmaker in Macgyver Castle to get this entry.
    13: Take the fire scale to the bootmaker to get squat! Zanf steals the 
    14: Find 'Thief's Hideout' in Wyrm Cavern.
    15: Beat 2 scurvy pirates (52 or 53) and 2 Cutthroats (53 or 55) and get the 
    Fire Boots!
    ~d. Queen Jett and the Gladstone~
    A harsh battle is pretty much the whole quest.
    Jett told you of her grandmother's enchanted pearl [20]
    You confronted the witch Miranda, who told you the true story of the pearl. 
    With Miranda's help, you found the gladstone pearl. [22]
    Returning to Jett, the Pearl's Light of Truth exposed her true nature. [23]
    20: Go to Roundtree and then go to Fort Roundtree (which is inside 
    21: Go to Mesa Island, and fight 6 Devil Shells (level 13)
    22: Go to the Tree of life and fight a (eek) level 115 Giant Slobber (no 
    typo, 115)
    23: Go back to Fort Roundtree after killing the Giant Slobber and... what 
    the hell! Jett is Miranda and Miranda is Jett! My head hurts... (Dont worry, 
    no fight, just the Soul Blade.)
    ~e. Gregor and the Scroll of Fidelity~
    The easiest 'full' quest there ever was!
    Gregor spoke of an ancient library, buried beneath the sands. [30]
    You crossed the lava desert and found the Mouth of Satan. [31]
    You bested the demons guarding the entrance to the library. [32]
    You searched the library and found the Scroll of Fidelity. [33]
    You told Gregor of the library's location, and he left to protect it. [34]
    30: Go to Gregor's Cave and talk. Say 'No' when he asks if you are the 
    31: Just go to the mouth of Satan.
    32: In the Mouth of Satan, you'll be asked 3 or 4 yes/no questions. If you 
    get one wrong, you can fight a lvl 55 Lord Web ('Flee' button, anyone?) 
    Don't worry, the questions stay the same so simple trial and error can get 
    you through this.
    33: When you beat this the place beneath the Mouth of Satan on the map 
    becomes a link. Go there, and get the scroll.
    34: Go back to Gregors cave, get the soul something (I forget, and I'm NOT 
    going to the temple of fog!)
    ~f. Goblins and the treasury~
    You'll have to get your hands dirty fighting a little goblin gang.
    Twins Janus and Jonus are insanely jealous of one another. [40]
    Each accuses the other of stealing money from the treasury. [41]
    The treasury guard tells you of a strange noise he sometimes hears. [42]
    You have discovered the secret hole in the back of the treasury. [43]
    You have captured the goblin thief. [44]
    40: Go to the Princes camp and watch the sparks fly! If you want you can 
    type %3 in chat to get a random insult like the ones you'll hear there.
    41: See above.
    42: Go to the treasury in Macgyver Castle.
    43: Go to the place directly to the right. You'll fight 4 goblins (16) and 2 
    goblin Centurions (80).
    44: Beat his little army. Go to the treasury and claim the Soul Armor.
    ~g. Goblins and the K'Tharn~
    Another goblin gang, this one a bit tougher.
    You hear rumours of a Goblin Army amassing in the east. [50]
    You find a town which has been ravaged by the goblins. [51]
    The Goblins blame humans for the theft of their holy artifact. [52]
    You find the artifact in the hands of a band of rebel Goblin Centurions. 
    You expose the centurions to the Goblin Emperor and restore the artifact. 
    The town recovers [55]
    50: You get this entry SOMEWHERE, besides its not THAT important... (Is it?)
    51: Go to Hampton and the rat freak fills you in.
    52: Go to Goblin Camp (No fights, dont worry).
    53: A link near Goblin Camp is called 'Hidden Camp'. Go there.
    54: Fight some level 80 Goblin Centurions, 40-something gob knights, and 
    standard-issue level 16 gobbies :). Beat em up and go to Goblin Camp to get 
    the Soul Helm.
    55: Rat freak fills you in.
    ~h. Dr. Feuer's 'Secret of Fire'~
    1000GP and a couple of intimidating fights (and some running around) is 
    pretty much the whole quest in a nutshell.
    You met a pair of wolves who asked you to seek the secret of fire. [60]
    You met Doctor Feuer in Inferno who told you to seek a lens. [61]
    At the beaver pond, you met Chip. His tooth hurts. [62]
    In the catacombs below the Mint, you found two lost members of the royal 
    staff. [63]
    At the bookstore, you got a free sample page of the encyclopedia. It's a map 
    to the catacombs! [64]
    You cured Dr. Natt's nightmares, and he gave you some tooth medicine. [65]
    You rescued the lost guys from certain death! [66]
    You fixed Chip's tooth. He can chew wood again. [67]
    You have learned the secret of fire! Not much of a secret, really. [68]
    The grateful wolves have rewarded you with the lost Soul Bow. [69]
    60: Go to Whirlpool Pass near North Umbrage and chat with da wolfies.
    61: Go to Inferno and talk to Dr. Feuer in his lab (If you get into fights 
    you might want to run immediately, the monsters are level 82-84 in that 
    62: The beaver pond is in Animal Kingdom, in the south-east corner.
    63: Go to the Mint, near Mesa Island, and chat chat chat.
    64: 1000GP for the page, I think.
    65: Go to the vet's hut in Spingwell. You'll fight a level 70 or so monster. 
    Beat it and you'll get tooth medicine.
    66: With the map, go to the Mint. The 'sound' happens to be a level 55 Lord 
    Web. Beat it up. Leave and come back, you'll get the lens.
    67: Go to the beaver pond, and Chip will give you some kindling!
    68: With lens and kindling, Dr. Feuer makes Fire! Take some for the road.
    69: Take the fire up to Whirlpool Pass to get the Soul Bow.
    ~i. The Dolphins~
    Yeah, there's a level 100+ fight in here, but for a brave hero like you, no 
    prob, right?
    The dolphins told you of a Sea Kingdom in the far east. [70]
    After feeding the dolphins, they told you of the water boots you will need. 
    You vanquished the electric eels. [72]
    The Sea Grotto jailor asked for help in re-capturing the escaped criminals. 
    You were instrumental in the return of the escaped criminals to the Sea 
    Grotto Jail. [74]
    The Sea King told you the truth about his dolphin chefs. [75]
    You restored the dolphin chefs to the Sea King's kitchen. [76]
    The Sea King rewarded your faithful service with the mystical Soul Horn [77]
    70: Go to the Dolphin Pen in Westin (which is to the WEST, duh!)
    71: Go to Sea Coast and say yes when asked if you want 'thiiisss 
    phssssshhhh'. Go back to the Dolphin Pen, they give you Rubber boots!
    72: Go to the Eel pond in the Isle of Light. You will die in 30 seconds, 
    unless you have the rubber boots (you don't have to equip them). Fight 2 
    level 30 Tooth wyrms, and a level 61 Parasite. Nab the Frog Boots as a 
    73: Wearing the frog boots, wade out into the south-east sea to find Sea 
    Grotto. This place is full of level 60-85 fighters. Go to the prison near 
    the middle and talk to the jailor.
    74: Go back to the Dolphin pen. Oh dear. (Note my friend had to fight level 
    50's, but on my file the dolphins went quietly.)
    75: Go to the king to collect your reward... YOU EEEEEDIOT! You're supposed 
    to catch the EELS! The 'truth' the dolphins were talking about was that they 
    used to be the king's kitchen staff!
    76: 'I'll kitchen staff you!' Well, he doesn't actually say that, but you'll 
    have to fight a lvl 105 Chameleoraptor and 2 level 82 or 83 water maglers 
    and some other weaker dudes. Beat him to free the dolphins.
    77: Go to the king to collect your reward... YOU EEE just kidding. Take the 
    Soul Horn.
    ~j. The Pokegatchi Pit~
    Take a trip to the Pet Arena in Westin for a shot at the Soul Shield.
    You have earned the level 1 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [90]
    You have earned the level 2 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [91]
    You have earned the level 3 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [92]
    You have earned the level 4 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [93]
    You have earned the level 5 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [94]
    You have earned the level 6 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [95]
    You have earned the level 7 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [96]
    You have earned the level 8 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [97]
    You have earned the level 9 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [98]
    You have earned the level 10 badge in the Pokegatchi pit. [99]
    90-99: Your pet is gonna have to fight lots of monsters. You cant hurt the 
    monsters, the only thing you can do is heal you or your pet. Of course, the 
    monsters might kill you, but I don't care! Have fun on #99. Your pet has to 
    take on a level 110 Blaze Wyrm AND a level 125 Revenge!!! Beating them not 
    only nets you a well-deserved Soul Shield, but you also get a level 80 
    trained pet with 1 maxed stat and great (50-75%) other stats. Of course, I'm 
    assuming your pet is already level 99 if you got this, so big whoop.
    ~k. The helluva long fight at Caelas~
    Ummmmm.... Let's get ready to rumblllllllllle!
    You have bested the Sand Wyrm in the lair of the Sandman. [110]
    OK, you start against a single Thrasher (90). If that was hard, flee now!
    Now 2 Thrashers. If that made you sweat, get out.
    3 thrashers. You should be breezing through this. Or else.
    1 Giant Dwarf (120), 2 thrashers. This fight should only be slightly tough 
    at most.
    5 FRIGGIN' GIANT DWARVES!!!!! Can you believe I did all that myself? It'll 
    take at least a full hour (seriously). Restore is REQUIRED for this fight.
    Note that you don't get to rest between fights! You get the Soul something 
    for that bout.
    ~m. The helluva long quest~
    If you did this all in one sitting, you are either a comp freak, or you had 
    a failed experiment with superglue. A whole lot of running around and one 
    100+ fight. HAVE FUN!
    P.S. I'll do this quest in 2 halves.
    You rescued Princess Lyssa from her dangling predicament. [150]
    An enchanted toad asked you to relay a message to his father, the king of 
    the Animal Kingdom. [151]
    A young elf related the story of how much his lover's father hates him. 
    Lyssa has told you a romantic tragedy involving young lovers and fake 
    deaths. [153]
    Glannon has asked you to relay news of his death to his lover's father. 
    Leela's father is skeptical, and has asked for proof of Glannon's death. 
    Glannon has given you his treasured Elven Booties as proof of his death. 
    Satisfied that Glannon is no longer a threat, Snort has relaxed his 
    supervision of Leela. [157]
    The witches Margo and Grizelda have taught you the magic word to remove 
    animal enchantments - 'shambola'. [158]
    You have disenchanted the toad, exposing prince gecko in the process. [159]
    150: You need the Soul Blade (see quest d - Queen Jett and the Gladstone). 
    Go to Kaetchen Kathedral in the city beneath Inferno.
    151: Go to ??? in Springwell to find the toad.
    152: Go to Glannondale in the Animal Kingdom to get this entry.
    153: Talk to Lyssa in Kaetchen Kathedral to hear this idea.
    154: Go to Glannondale and tell Glannon of that idea.
    155: If you haven't already been to Snort's Aerie, you'll have to come back 
    after hearing the first part. Say 'glannon is dead' when the ? bubble 
    156: Back at Glannondale you'll get the elven booties for proof.
    157: Snort lets her daughter free when you go back to Snort's Aerie and show 
    him proof.
    158: Using the elven booties (equip them) to get to Airwick, you'll fight a 
    level 110 Sand Wyrm. Luckily, you don't HAVE to kill it, you can flee. You 
    learn the magic word 'shambola'.
    159: Go back to ??? and say 'shambola' at the ? bubble prompt.
    Glannon and Leela have been re-united, in spite of her father's wrath. [160]
    Glannon has vowed to ask Snort for Leela's hand in marriage. [161]
    Snort has relented and given his consent, teaching you the secret of roaring 
    - the magic word 'pickle.' [162]
    Thanks to you, Glannon and Leela have been married, with her father's 
    blessing. [163]
    You have successfully taught Prince Gecko to roar! [164]
    King Gecko has welcomed his son back to the kingdom, and given you a gift 
    for the witches of Airwick. [165]
    The witches of Airwick have given you the soul boots, which can cross any 
    terrain. [166]
    You have discovered Lyssa's secret - that she too was an enchanted animal! 
    Lyssa has found the romance she sought, with Prince Gecko. [168]
    Lyssa has given you the Soul Ring, as a romantic token of her happiness, 
    which she credits to you. [169]
    160: Go to Glannondale. Be a Peeping Tom. Oh well....
    161: Keep talking to Glannon, you'll hear the news...
    162: Bonus! Go to Snort's Aerie. Glannon is happy, and you learn a magic 
    word for roaring (pickle)!
    163: Go to Glannondale to pick up this entry.
    164: Go to ??? and say 'pickle' at the ? prompt.
    165: Go to the Animal Kingdom Palace to get the gift.
    166: Go to Airwick to get some old soul boots (after fighting a level 110 
    Sand Wyrm).
    167: Go to Lyssa, she needs romantic spells. Turns out 'shambola' is quite 
    romantic. Me-ow!
    168: Go to palace, than to kathedral to see prince Gecko and Lyssa together! 
    169: A Soul Ring? Keeps getting sweeter and sweeter! Congrats on finishing 
    all the quests!
    NOTE: As of a68, even if you have all the soul stuff (14 items), you STILL 
    won't be able to fight the Black Wrath in Reaper's Temple. Of course if you 
    need your fill, they're wild due south from there.
    ******** iv. Legal/Closing ********
    This Walkthrough is only to show its ugly face on GameFAQs! If you want it 
    on your site e-mail me for permission. You can't make profit off this, blah 
    blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah. Since this only MIGHT be updated again, 
    there won't really be any out-of-date versions of this. _~COPYRIGHT 2002 
    CROVAX (a.k.a. Morphine)~_
    Special thanks to....
    My willpower (all dis in a single hour, oooh i'm goooood!)
    All the lazy bums out there who won't make a _full_ WoS Quest FAQ and 
    inspired me to.
    A certain person (forgot his name) who told me how to get the soul 
    sphere/tome. THANKS!
    And that's it! Morphine forever!

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