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    FAQ by RAMS

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    Name: Championship Manager 2001/2002 =-
    Plattform: PC                        =-
    Released:2001                        =-
    Written by: RAMS                     =-
    E-mail: rams1801@hotmail.com         =-
    Version: 1.0                         =-
    Have any suggestion, e-mail them to  =-
    rams1801@hotmail.com                 =-
    If you want to put this FAQ at your sites, then go ahead and do it. However, please DO NOT ever
    claim this FAQ as your own.
    If you wanted to suggest what do you want to see in the FAQ jus tdrop me a mail.(my e-mail is
    at the end of this FAQ).  I'll
    try to include them in the next version of the FAQ(Hopefully:)
    The site below is the only one allowed to put up my FAQ without asking any permission:
    1. Introduction
    2. Whats new
    3. Getting started
    4. Basics
    5. Match
    6. Player
    7. Tactics
    8. Staff
    9. Good Player/staff guides
    10. Buying Guide
    11. Regenaration player
    12. Work Permit
    13. Bosman Rule
    14. New Transfer Rule
    15. Hints and Tips
    16. Playable Team List
    17. Credits
    Version Update
       0.1  Create the FAQ
       0.2  Added in some player in good player guides
       0.3  New players are added, some tactics has also been up
        0.31 Added in some minor correction and authorized website list
       0.4  A new codes are added, and some minor adjustment are made
       0.5  Added in some new info
       0.6 Added in some players in good player guide section, and also added in new section "
    Buying        guide"
       0.7 Added in some new formation, as well some explanation of AI and tactics.
       0.8  -recommended staff
            -information regarding Regenaration player is added.
            -work permit
       0.9 -Redone some of the section
           - a few player is added to good player guide
       1.0 -Invible attributes and their definition is added.
           -Redone the ASCII art.
           -Added in info regarding the Bosman Rule
           -Added in info regarding the new transfer system
           -Playable team list in Argentina Leauge is added
           -Info regarding Staff Attributes is added
    1. Inroduction
    Championship Manager is a football management games in which you play a manager of a club
    that you can choose from 26 leauges. The game can be played either alone or multiplayer.
    With realistic competition and travel system, CM is one of the greates football management
    games out there.
    The CM series by far is the most popular football management games out there. CM 01/02
    is the fourth version of CM 3 released. CM01/02, is a strategy/soccer management game that
    let you manage your favorite club.
    CM 01/02 is the newest in the series. Like many of its predecessor, this game lived up
    to its reputation and a game that all Soccer fans out there must get.
    CM 01/02 also have network play avalaible, therefore you can play with your friends over the
    - Thousands of realistic player and manager over the world
    - Real competition name
    - Realistic management simulation
    - Realistic transfer system
    - hundreds of team from 26 leauges to choose from
    - network play allowing player to play the game by internet
    2. What's New?
    Some new things included in this game are:
    Fog of war
    Lesser known player attributes will be masked, and it require scouting in order to know this
    attributes. Your boards will also make less money availaible for you to buy "masked" player as
    you need to scout further in order to get more information about that player ability.
    Comparing Players
    Now you can compare player automatically to get to know which player has better stats than the
    other. This option is useful as you don't need to look for two players back and forth with
    can be a tedious task in the previous games. With this new features you can determine
    easily which player is better than the other at which area.
    If your player is sent off, you may apeal to the FA in order for the ban to be decreased
    or to be overturned. This may not work everytime of course, however this is a useful
    addition now that you can appeal if your player is punished wrongly.
    You can request for the board to expand stadium, Increase wages budget etc. If this was refused
    you can issue the board a ultimatum. However, this features rarely works. the rate of success
    of your ultimatum for the boards, will also depends on your reputation as manager. The higher
    your rputation is, the more likely your ultimatum will be granted by the boards.
    3. Getting Started
    Once you start a new game, you will be asked which leauge you want to run. The number of
    leauges you can choose depends on your computer memory and your processor. You need at least
    16 MB RAM to play the game, the higher your RAM is, the more leauge you can choose to play
    There are 26 leauges you can choose. There are two kind of leauge in CM. Foreground leauge,
    in which you can manage the team in the leauge and its more detailed. There are also background
    leauge. You must choose at least one foreground leauge to start the game.
    List of all the leauges(26 in totals)
    United states
    Northern Ireland
    For a list of all the playable team in CM 01/02 check section 16.
    In the main screen, there will be a few options you can choose:
    Continue Game
    This will continue game. Clicking on this will make you go into the next day. There are three
    different periods in CM, morning(AM) , afternoon(PM) and evening(Eve). The rest of the calendar
    just like normal.
    This will display all your first team player.
    This will display all your reserve team player. Your reserve team is controlled by your
    assistant manager by default, unless you decided to take control of it.
    Control reserve team
    By selecting this, you can control your own reserve team, instead letting it be controlled by
    your assistant Manager.
    Board Confidence
    Here you can see how the boards things about you. You can also complained about a referee or
    ask to postpone a match by selecting FA request. To request something to the board, select
    board request, you can also ultimatum to the board here.
    Resign from Club
    Facing constant protest by the supporter or the board over your reug nat the club, or do you
    think that everything has gone wrong, and you wanted to go out by your own accord instead of
    waitin gfor the dreaded call from the board, the choose this if you want to resign from a club.
    By selecting this, you will know what happened in your team and other news in footballing world.
    Job Information
    By selecting this, you can see other jobs availaible, and managers that currently their jobs
    is in trouble.
    Retire and Resign from club
    By choosing this option your manager will retire from the world of football. This option is
    permanent, and there are no way to get out your mangaer back from retirement.
    Go on Holiday
    Choosing this option will make the game run by itself. The assistant manager will take over the
    role of the manager while you are away. You could instruct your assistant to use the same
    formation and not to sell any player if you wish. However, one things that need to be taken
    note of, a bad result while you are away will still make your board unhappy.
    Manager stats
    This will display your manager stats and compare it with other manager in your country that you
    are managing in as well as all the managers in the whoel world.
    Job Information
    Facing the danger of being sacked, or you are looking for a new challenge. This is your
    destination if you want to do those thing mentioned. Choosing this option will allow you to see
    the vacancy of managerial position in your country as well as other( note that you can only
    mangaed in a foreground leauge). YOu could also see a list of mangaer in which they are in
    danger of losing their job.
    Save Game
    This is obvious. Choosing this will save your game.
    Exit Game
    Another obvious option.
    Note: your game will be automatically saved when you exit a game.
    5. Match
    When you are on match screen, you can choose to do several option
    On the left hand side you can see:
    Resume match
    select this to resume or pause match during a game.
    Your tactics
    Selecting this will display your tactics. Go here if you want to make a substitution or a
    change to your tactic during a match.
    Opponent tactics
    This will display opponent tactics. Not much you can do here except looking for opponent tactic
    and their style of play.
    Commentatories speed
    Choose this to fasten or slow down your commentatory speed.
    There is also another option you can choose:
    Choosimg this will display goals, Injuries, and sending off during your match
    You can check who is the refeere aof the game by choosing this
    Match commentary
    all the commentary of what happening in the match
    Match stats
    Show stats of both team during the match
    Player Ratings
    Selecting this will let you see how well you and your opponent player are performing.
    Latest Scores
    You can see the latest scores of the relevant competition by clicking here.
    Leauge tables
    This will show the table of the competition you are currently in. The table is a minute by
    minute basis, and updated each time there are a chane in the corresponding game scores.
    6. Player
    Clicking on each player names will bring you to the player attributes and an player option menu
    in the top left hand corner of the screen
    Here are the explananation of each of the attributes. the lowes tvalue of an attribute is 1,
    with the highest being 20.
    How fast is your player can run from a stagnant position
    How agressive is your player in comitting tackle
    The ability to anticipate where the ball will be played
    The balance of the player
    How creative is the player. This an essential stats for midfielder
    How good is your player at crossing
    How hard the player will play during the game and how hard he is willing to train himself. A
    good attributes to consider when choosing a captain.
    How good is your player at dribbling
    How good your player at shooting and scoring goals
    Refer to how good your player can head the ball
    How much influence your player will bring to the rest of the squad
    How high the player can jump
    Long shots
    How well the player can shot from faraway (i.e. outside the penalty box)
    How good your player at marking
    Off the ball
    The ability to take good attacking position
    Speed of player
    How accurate the player can pass the ball?
    Same as off the ball ability but this one is defensive
    The stamina of the player
    How good the player at tackling
    How well can the player worked as a team
    Work Rate
    How hard working the player the player on a match
    Invisible attributes
    Below are some invisible attributes. While you can detect some of the invisible attributes, a
    lot of them only can be seen trough editor.
    The ease that player to adapt to a foreign cultures and environment. This is an especially
    vital attribute for foreign player.
    The ability for a player to take a corner. Most of the time a player with high attributes on
    this will be indicated if you ask your coach for a report.
    This refer to how consistent the player is (i.e. a consistent player will put in good
    performances week in week out). You might see this by looking at the player's form
    This refers to how adaptable the player is when he is played out of his position. You can
    ussually know wether your player is versatile or not by asking for a coach report on the player.
    A player with high rating in this, will gets more booking, and more likely to be sent off.( i.e
    Roy Keane)
    Disliked Club
    Over a period of time, a player might have a club that he hate. This might happen as the result
    of his disagreement with the club. A player that plays for his disliked club, might not put in
    the best of performances.
    Disliked Staff
    Works the same way as disliked club, only this time the player might have his grudges on
    managers/assistant managers/Coach/etc
    Favorite Staff
    Works tottaly the opposite of dislike staff. However, you should be careful in dealing with the
    favorite staff of those player, as they might stand up for their favorite staff if you
    fine/transfer/sack him.
    Favorite Club
    Works opposite "Disliked Club"
    Free Kicks
    A player with high rating on this will be able to take free kicks better than the other (i.e
    David Beackham). You can detect which one of your player has the best ability to take free
    kicks by asking for coach report.
    Important Matches
    Some player just crack up when it's the most crucial time. A player with low rating on this,
    will play worse than his usual performances. To detect this, check the previous important
    matches that the player has play. You do not want your players to put in a poor prformances,
    don't you?
    Injury Proneness
    A player with high rating in this is liable to get himself injured often (i.e Steven Gerrard).
    You might want to ask for your physio report, and send them for rehabilitation to improve their
    This refer to the loyalty that the player has. While soem player might only be using the club
    as a stepping stone for his future career, some might be loyal to the club even when the club
    is undergoing a crisis.
    One on One
    This refer to when a player is facing the keeper one on one. An essential ability for strikers,
    but this attributes is especially crucial to goalkeeper.
    A player with high rating on this is an excellent penalty taker. Just like Free kicks and
    corner, you could always ask for your coach report wether the player is a good penalty taker or
    More coming up...
    If you click on player action, you will encounter these choices:
    /Set Transfer status\
      You can set your player importance to your team here. You can also make your player avilaible
    for loans and transfer list them here.
    Only availaible if that player is in your team.
    /Offer New Contract\
      By choosing this option, you can offer a contract to a player or renew their contract. The
    amount of wages they ask, depends on their importance to the team and their reputation. The
    amount of wages you can offer also depends on the club financial situation. This option only
    available to the player in your team
    Player importance to the club
    This player is indispensable to the squad
    This means that the player is the best player in the team, and without him your team will not
    be playing like it should be. A good example is where you tried to sign a famous/star player in
    a team of mediocre player.
    This player is an important first team player
    A key member in the squad. Usually they would earn regular places in the first XI. However
    their importance to the team is not a great as "indispensable" player.
    This player is used in squad rotation system
    You would choose this, if the player you are offering contract play for the club occasionally
    within the course of the season.
    This Player is a backup to the first team
    This means that the player hardly play any game for the first team, and might spending the
    whole seaon lingering in a few reserves game here and there, or sitting on the bench when you
    have injuries within your first team.
    This player is a hot prospect for the future
    This means that the player has the potential to become a good player in the future with the
    right method of development. they will be the star of the first team.
    NOTE: player within this category must be under 24 years old
    This player is a decent young player
    This means that the player is not as talented as the other category. Mos tof teh time they are
    only there to make up the number
    NOTE: player within this category must be under 24 years old
    The terms of the contract
    Basic Wage
    This is the amount of money the player will be paid weekly.
    Signing on fee
    This is the amount of money the club will pay the player to sign for their club. Try to put
    this as low as possible, as some player can demands a high signing on fee.
    There are two types of bonus, assist and goal bonus. In the contract, you can offer the player
    none, either one or both of them .For each assist/goal scored, the player will receive an extra
    amoun tof money
    There are three clauses here, with 1 only available if you are not playing in the highest
    Relegation release clause
    Upon relegation, the player could walk out of the club providing there are a bid that met the
    amount of releagtion release clause
    Minimum release clause
    with this clause, your club could not reject an offer if it met the price stated on the clause.
    It's best to put this clause off when you are offering a contract to the player
    Promotion release clause(only for lower divison)
    With this clause, a player could leave the club with the requirement met, if the club signing
    him isn't promoted within the same season the contract is offered.
    /Approach to buy\
     Choose this option to make a bid for a player to their club. Once you choose this you will be
    taken to another screen. Here are soem explanation:
    Transfer Fee
    The transfer fee that you will pay that player's club for signing the player. This is payable
    immediately after the transfer of the player is completed.
    You can choose this option if your club transfer fund is not sufficien to buy the player. You
    will pay a certain amount of money each month dpending on the length of the installment.
    After xxx leauge games
    By choosing this option, you will be require to pay the player's old club after he has played
    for your team in a certain number of leauge games, depending on the number of games that you
    After xxx International Appearances
    Works almost the same way as "After xxx Leauge games, only it's the international caps that
    Player Exchange
    Using this option will allow you to use one of your player as one of the terms to buy the
    player you wanted to buy. The other team must be interested in the player, otherwise this
    option is unuseable.
    Once the transfer has been agreed accepted by the player's club, you could offer the player a
    contract(see above for details). Once the player agreed on the contact, the tranfer will be
    concluded with both team confirmed the transfer
    /Approach to Loan\
    By choosing this option, you will be able loan a player from other club. Once you choose this
    option, you will be taken to a screen where you can customize how much of the player wages you
    want to contribute during the period of the loan (0%-100%), The duration of the loan, wether
    the player could play against his club. Once you do this, you must wait for both of the club
    and player to agree with the loan
    /Approach to sign\
    This option is available if that player is out of contract, unprotected contract, or avilable
    on bosman rule. Basically, it's the same as "Offer New Contract"
    /Release on free\
      Choosing this option will release the player on free transfer. The club must compensate the
    player with his remaining wages.
    /Discipline Player\
      By choosing this option, this will allow you to fine your player or gives hime official
    warning  for the following reason.
      - Unprofessional Behaviors
      this is the option you should choose if your player missed training
      - Dismissal in Prior match
      Choose this if your player is given a red card in the match before
      - Violent behavior
      uses this if your player get violent on the playing field
      - Poor Performance
      Choose this option if your player play poorly, remember that lower rating doesn't mean that
    the  player play badly, to determine
    wether the player playing badly or not look at the other team  mates rating. So in some cases
    you might have player complaining if you fine
    him when he is  having a rating 5.
      - No reason
      Fine the player for no reason using this,  a very useful to force your player to accept the
    contract that another club offered if he reject them.
    /Offer Trial\
    This option only available if teh player is out of contract. Using this option you can get the
    player on loan from 1-4 weeks, and have them accessed by your coach. A good option if you are
    unsure wether to offer a player a contract or not. A trial player can' tplay in any of your
    leauge game, bu they may play in the reserve leauge and friendly matches.
    /Manager Notes\
    With this option, you could make a reminder on what to do with the player after a certain
    period. A quite useful tool if you are forgetful.
    /Compare Player\
    YOu could use this option to set a plyer in one of the comparison. Choose another player as the
    2nd player in comparison, and you will be able to compare the stats between the two.
    more coming up..............
    GK: Goalkeeper
    DL: Left Back
    DC: Center Back
    DR: Right Back
    DML: left-wing Back
    DMC: Defensive Midfielder
    DMR: right-wing Back
    Ml: Left Midfielder
    MC: Center Midfielder
    MR: Right Midfielder
    AML: Left Wing
    AMR: Right Wing
    AMC: Attacking Midfielder
    SC: Forward/Striker
    Note: Difference between forward and Striker in the game.
    The main difference between the two is quite simple. Whereas Forward could be used effectively
    for Midfield position, Striker is better
    off as a striker solely.
             SC    SC
     ML      MC    MC       MR
     DL      DC    DC       DR
    4-4-2 is probably the most common formation in real life. It have two striker, with four
    midfielder and 4 defender. This formation is quite
    balanced in terms of defence and attack.
    4-4-2 Attacking
              SC    SC
     ^                       ^
     ^                       ^
     ML       MC    MC      MR
     DL       DC    DC      DR
    This formation almost similar with 4-4-2, with exception of both Midfielder in the flank makes
    a forward runs, and cross the ball to the striker.
    4-4-2 Defensive
              SC    SC
    ML                      MR
             DMC    DMC
    DL       DC      DC     DR
    Another popular modification of 4-4-2. The 2 Central Midfield was moved back as a Defensive
    Midfielder to back up the defense. This is
    quite a defensive formation.
              SC     SC
    AMl                      AMR
             MC      MC
    DL       DC      DC       DR
    This formation, was first used by the Hungarian team of the early 1950's who went unbeaten for
    two years until it lost at the World Cup
    final in 1954 (3-2 to West Germany). this is an attacking formation, with the fullback could be
    pushed forward to revert the formation into
             SC   SC    SC
         <-- MC   MC    MC-->
    DL      DC      DC        DR
    A formation using 3 striker. Another attacking formation, even though it will mean one man less
    in the midfield. The default 4-3-3 in the
    game came with two of the midfielder running to the left and right flank respectively(as
    indicated by the arrow above)
              SC     SC
            MC   MC     MC
    DML                       DMR
              DC      DC
    A formation first used alongside with the "cattenaccio" system. In this formation, an
    additional man called sweeper is put behind the
    two central defender. The sweeper can move freely from left to right to clear the ball away
    from the team's area.
    / Recommended Tactics \
    Please note that all the formation below are not mine.
           |       |
     |     MC  MC   MC     |
    DML        DMC        DMR
             DC  DC
    Overall, this tactic almost looks the same with Sweeper tactics, iwth the exception that there
    is no sweeper and instead a Defensive
    Midfielder in its place. While Two centre midfielder, and both wing-backs at the flank pushing
    No matter how useful each tactic is, overtime, the computer AI(Artificial Intelligence) will
    crack your tactic. When this happened, I
    recommend that you change the tactics. Some common sign that the AI has cracked your tactic, is
    that all the player in your team perform poorly, you have numerous chances, and the computer
    only had a handful, but you stoill lost anyway. The good side though, the computer's AI could
    only crack one tactics at a time, so keep a few tactics and rotate them when they are cracked.
    More Coming Up....
    Staff are the people who runs the team, they are the coaches, manager, etc
    In your team, you will be Manager. Manager take charge of the first team, buying and selling
    player, offering new contract to player and
    basically almost evrything.
    Assistant Manager
    The second in charge of your team. Mainly in charge of the reserves team gameand coching your
    player also
    The job of coach is to train your player. Some attributes are crucial in determining the
    quality of that coach
    You can assign your scout to a club, or you can send them to watch a plyer that in your
    shortlist. After sometime, they will return with information about the player that they were
    told to watch
    This is your team doctor. The yare responsible to take care of injured players and ensured tha
    ttheir recovery rate is as fast as possible. Always look for Pyshio with Pyshio stats of 20
    Staff Attributes
    Adaptability- Essential ability for Foreign coach.
    Coaching Goalkeepers- The ability to be able to coach  goalkeepers
    Coaching Outfield Players - The ability to be able to coach outfield players
    Determination - The amount of effort and dedication to the job
    Judging Player Ability - How good the staff are at judging player's overall ability
    Judging Player Potential - How good the staff are at judging Player's potential ability
    Level of Discipline - How disciplined the staff is towards the player
    Man-Management-Organisational skill Motivating Achieving a player's best effort
    Physiotherapy- How good is the staff in treating injuries. For Physioterapist, make sure they
    have 20 for this stats
    Tactical Knowledge- Knowledge of the tactical aspects of the game
    Working with Youngsters-Ability to work with young players
    9.Good Player/Staff Guides
    Here are some good player that are found in the game, apart from obvious one like Owen, Zidane,
    Francesco Conztanzo           River Plate
    Christian Abbiati             AC Milan
    Sebastian Frey                Parma
    Paul Robinson                 Leeds United
    Dionisis Chiotis              AEK Athens
    Chris Stinger                 Sheffield Wednesday
    Andreas Isakkson              Djurgarden
    Rhys Evans                    Chelsea
    John Terry                    Chelsea
    Joleon Lesscott               Wolves
    Christian Chivu               Ajax
    Walter Samuel                 Roma
    Alpay                         Aston Villa
    John Curtis                   Blackburn
    Alessandro Nesta              Lazio
    Julio Arca                    Sunderland
    Van der Vaart                 Ajax
    Pablo Aimar                   Valencia
    Stefan Selakovic              Halmstad
    Tonton Zola Moukoko           Derby
    Kim Kallstorm                 Hacken
    Joe Cole                      West Ham United
    Denilson                      Real Betis
    David Dunn                    Blackburn
    Ronaldinho                    PSG
    Arjen Robben                  Groningen
    Kevin Kyle                    Sunderland
    Jermaine Defoe                West Ham United
    Robert Earnshaw               Cardiff
    Peter Weatherston             Queen of South
    Cherno Samba                  Millwall
    Javier Saviola                Barcelona
    Djibrill Cisse                Auxerre
    Lee Moriss                    Derby
    Landon Donovan                San Jose Earthquake
    Tommy Smith                   Wattford
    To Madeira                    Gouveia
    Jeremie Aliardire             Arsenal
    Hernan Crespo                 Lazio
    Maxim Tsigalko                Dinamo Minks
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic            Ajax
    Sibusio Zuma 		      FC Kobenhavn
    Franco Baresi                AC Milan
    Eusebio                      Benfica
    Omar Sivori                  Juventus
    Ewan Chester                 Rangers
    Altafini                     Free
    Eric Harrison                Man Utd
    Tom O`Neill                  Celtic
    Charlie Woods                Newcastle
    Walter Mazzarri              Bologna
    Giorgos Pomaski              Olympiakos
    Danny Blind                  Ajax
    Erwin Koeman                 PSV Eindhoven
    Sergio Bizzioli              Torino
    Frits Van Den Berk           Vitesse
    Roberto Ferola               Napoli
    Nazzareno Salvatori          Brescia
    Fransesco Stefani            Verona
    Martin Haar                  AZ Alkmar
    Alessandro Pilati            Torino
    Assistant Manager
    Jimmy Ryan                   Manchester United
    NOTE: For coach and assistant managers, try to get one that has a preferred style of play that
    is relevant with your strategies.
    more coming up......
    10.The Guide to buying
    Below are some abilities that is important for player of specific position (For explanation of
    each abilities, refer to the earlier part of the FAQ)
    - Handling
    - Positioning
    - Reflexes
    - Agility
    Defensive Midfielder
    -Off the ball
    - Work rate
    - Passing
    - Stamina
    - Long shots
    - Creativity
    Attacking Midfielder
    - Work rate
    - Passing
    - Long shots
    - Creativity
    - Flair
    - Dribbling
    -Off the Ball
    11.Regenaration Player
    What is Regenerated Player(Regens):
    When a player retire, the database will create a new player of the same position and
    nationalities. In previous version of the game, the way to find out out a player regenerated
    player was to give them a nickname, and you could search them. While this process still work in
    CM 01/02, the player with the nicknames you have will be random, in other words there are no
    way you could find a regens without the aid of a program.
    12. Work Permit
    For EU countries, usually if you want to buy a non-EU player, you will nedd a work permit to
    made that player eligible to play. Player that have EU second nationality do not need any work
    -In EPL, at least you need that player to play in 70% of the national team in the last two
    years. Or in the game, it is more likely that a player with 10+ international caps to be
    granted Work Permit. IF you want to know whether that player could be granted a work permit,
    send your scout to gather more information about the player.
    -In order to keep the work permit, a player must play in at least 75 % of your club official
    domestic games. (Including cup matches, but not friendly). If you fail to do this, that player
    will not be granted work permit anymore, and you'll end up with a player that you can't even
    play.(except during friendly.
    -You could only have 3 non-EU player in your team in particular games for England. However,
    there are no limitations of non-EU player you can have in your whole team.
    NOTE: If anyone knew the requirement of work permit for each leauge, please e-mail me.
    13. Bosman Rule
    Jean-Marc Bosman was an above average Belgian footballer who sought to join Dunkerque at the
    end of his contract, but found his club RFC Liege were intent on making that impossible by
    cutting his wages and demanding a prohibitively high transfer fee.
    Bosman took his case to the European High Court where it was held that existing transfer rules
    were in breach of EU law on the free movement of workers between member states of the EU.
    A perfect example, would be Steve Mcmanaman transfer from Liverpool to Real Madrid
    How the Bosman Rule Works
    When a player contract is expiring in a period of six-month time, a club may tried to offer
    that player a contract without the permission of the player club. If the contract is accepted,
    the player will join your club once his contract expired, for free.
    14. New Tranfer Rule
    As per 1 September 2001 in the game a new tranfer rule is implemented. Below are some of the
    A. The Maximum contract that could be offered to any player is 5 years.
    B. There are two types of contract, protected and unprotected. A protected contract will become
    unprotected after 2 or 3 years depending on the age of the player.
    C. A contract signed by a player above 28 years old have 2 years of protection.
    D. A contract signed by player under the age of 28 will have a 3 years of protection.
    E. Within a protected period, a player are not allowed to move to another club without the
    permission of his club.
    F. After the initial period of protection has passed, a player with unprotected contract are
    allowed to move club if he wishes without the club able to stop him from doing so. However,
    player with unprotected contract are only allowed to move during a period called " transfer
    G. If the player is young, the club will receive compensation from whichever club sign their
    15.Hints and tips
    International Manager
    To be an international manager, click on player nationality while choosing club to manage and
    choose "take control" option.
    Get more goals
    Put your striker to mark the opponent goalkeeper, that striker will score more goals than the
    Usual. This may not work all the time
    Sell player more easily
    First put down the value of the player a little before transfer listing him, and after a few
    club interested, put the value back to normal.
    Free transfer
    To free transfer every player wtithout the board blocking, Free transfer that player and
    immediately resigned from your job.
    Free player at the beggining of the game
    You can get Josep Guardiola and Taribo West on free transfer at the beggining of the game. Both
    are quite a good player, and will be helpful to your squad.
    Increase Wages limit
    To increase the wage limit of your team, offer them a maximum wages. your board will
    automatically raises the wage limit if that happens.
    This only works if your club financial status is Rich or secure.
    16. Playable team list
    Below are the list of the team that is playable in CM 01/02. Each of them are listed in
    alphabetical order
    Premier Division
    Estudiantes (LP)
    Gimnasia (LP)
    San Lorenzo
    Second Division
    Arsenal de Sarandi
    Atl. Tucuman
    Brown (Arrecifes)
    Ctral. Cordoba
    Def. y Justicia
    Gimnasia (CDU)
    Gimnasia (J)
    Godoy Cruz
    H. de Tres Arroyos
    Independiente Mza.
    Juv. Antoniana
    Los Andes
    Racing Cba.
    San Martin (M)
    San Martin (SJ)
    Villa Mitre
    17. Credits
    CJayC for posting this.
    All the members of Gamefaqs CM01/02 board
    And not forgetting YOU, the reader of this FAQ.
    This FAQ is copyright of RAMS 2001-2002 all right reserved
    You can contact me at RAMS1801@hotmail.com
    11:30 PM 10/27/02
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