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    Championship Manager 2001/2001 FAQ
    Author: Zonan
    Date created: Thursday, July 18, 2002
    Email : sdacool@hotmail.com
    Since there is no faq posted about this game on Gamefaqs.com, I guess it is
    only right for me to try to make one. Please accept my humble apologies if my
    first faq is not up to your expectations.
    Very important for your gaming pleasures. Depending on your computer, having
    too many leagues running concurrently might not be a good thing. I'll show you
    my computer specs and from there you can figure out how many leagues you want
    to run as well as the background games:
    AMD Duron 1ghz
    20gig hdd
    256 RAM
    I am running 3 leagues namely English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga and
    Italian Leagues without any background leagues. If your computer is better than
    the above specs, adding the German Bundesliga is recommended. For me, running
    extra background game have no meaning since you cannot become a manager there
    as opposed to the active leagues. But, it all depends on user preferences.
    DO NOT burden yourself with extra informations as deciding the tactics and
    strategies is already a headache ^^
    After the game is initialized, you will be required to choose your name and
    then a club team you want to manage. Choosing a name would be simple :P but
    choosing a team, well...it depends whether you already have your own favourite
    team or a neutral gamer.
    Choosing a rich club has its advantages, one thing noticeable is that you will
    have a lot of money to spend in getting quality players, coaching staffs and
    scouts. The downside is that the BoD (Board of Directors) wants success in
    every competition.
    Choosing a relatively poor club, is opposite of the rich :P you have to go by
    with existing players since you don't have the money to buy 5 star players.
    However, as the old saying goes "Its easy to get to the top than staying on
    top" lower clubs have targets in which to achieve for example avoid relegation,
    mid-table standings and so on. You decide to where your team will go from
    3. GAME PLAN:
    Going around the game is pretty simple, just click on anything you want to know
    and it is self explanatory. The only thing that I found out that many players
    asked for how to create the best tactics and how to use the training section.
    Tactics and training are important for your club's success. First, get to know
    your players...WELL!. We will discuss training first.
    3.1 TRAINING:
    Under the training option you can see various tabs.
    1. Overview
    2. No training
    3. General
    4. Fitness
    5. Shooting
    6. Skills
    7. Tactics
    8. Gk
    9. Unused
    10. Unused
    You only need to look at General, Fitness, Shooting, Skills, Tactics and Gk
    (Goalkeeping). Overview is for general information on players and coaches. The
    2 unused tabs are for you to create specific training sessions such as training
    an attacking midfielder to become a defensive midfielder or to train a right
    sided player to play on the left side. You can change a coach specific job
    function (not neccessary) from the Overview tab.
    3.1.1 Strikers:
    Put them under the skill tab. Click on a player and drop him to the skill tab.
    You can put attacking midfielders here as well. Edit the training schedule to
    intensive for skill and medium on others except goalkeeping. The next step is
    to save the training session.
    3.1.2 Midfielders:
    Put your midfielders into the tactics tab. This includes defensive midfielders
    and attacking midfielders. It is recommended to once in a while to juggle your
    midfielders training between skills and tactics. Edit the training schedule to
    intensive for tactics and medium for others except goalkeeping. Dont forget to
    3.1.3 Defenders:
    Just leave them in the general tab. Edit the training schedule all to medium
    and save.
    3.1.4 Goalkeepers:
    They are in the Gk tab by default and should be left there. Edit the training
    schedule to intensive for goalkeeping and medium on fitness. Leave the others
    on normal. SAVE!
    3.1.5 Results you get from training:
    When a player's stats is green, it means that they are improving. Red means a
    decrease while white means unchanged. Move your player to approriate training
    tabs when you see red ^^. If you don't understand what the abbreviation on a
    player's stat, just look into the player's profile (or any other player) to
    find out what each abbreviation means. For example Acc. denotes acceleration.
    3.2 Tactics:
    This is it. The headache room for all managers. The right tactics (or wrong)
    that can turn a champ...into a chump ^^. Honestly I cannot tell you the tactics
    that might be good for your team. After all, what is good for my team in MY
    game, might not be working for your in YOUR game :P. So, I'll just give you the
    basics of tactics making.
    The secret is, SAVE OFTEN on any tactics that you create. You may want to
    revert back to the old ones should you make a boo boo. Included in the Tactics
    section is a drop down menu of preset tactics which you can Use as template to
    creating your own tactics. Next, you will notice a green field with 11 round
    buttons on the right side of your screen. You will either see position names or
    player's name with their jersey numbers if you already choosen a first 11.
    Click and drag the buttons as you see fit to make your own tactics.
    The important thing is the "With ball" and "Without ball" formation tabs. With
    ball means your team has the ball and the formation that they take. Without
    ball is just the opposite. Again I cannot tell you what formation is good when
    your team has the ball or not. Its up to you to decide...cos...YOU ARE THE
    MANAGER! ^^
    Continuing on, you can see 2 drop down menus namely Team Instructions and View.
    Click on Team Instruction opens a window giving you the option to modify team
    movements. Mentality, Passing and so on. This one pretty easy but the ones you
    need to take into account is the option of choosing who will take left and
    right freekicks and cornerkicks. Not forgetting who will the 1st and 2nd
    playmaker. The term playmaker means the players that will be the mastermind
    during the game (preferrably a player with high creativitiy).
    ALWAYS go to this section everytime to make neccesary changes you see fit
    before you play a match!!!
    There are 3 ways to search for players.
    1. Through the option located in your name menu "Player & Staff search"
    2. Nations and Clubs menu (if you know the name of the country or clubs you
    want to search for a player)
    3. Find menu (to find a nation, club, player) directly.
    All the above located on the main menu on the left screen.
    The one option I used most is the first one. Under Player and Staff search you
    can see various tabs namely Short list, Player Search, Staff search, Scout 1-7.
    Easy right? The thing is, do you know what you looking or want??
    If you are looking for a player, click on the Player search. In this section
    you will notice the Filter button. Another window will popup and leave you with
    quite a number of filters for you to search your dream player with ^^. Under
    the general option you see:
    1. Text (name you want for your search)
    2. Nationality (players nationality)
    3. Age (players age)
    4. Language (knowing the language where the player would work will make it
    faster for them to adapt to your training)
    5. Based (the country where the players' you are looking for)
    6. Value (prices of players you can afford)
    7. Status (cannot remember :P)
    8. Contract (to choose between expiring contract and so on)
    9. Position (players position)
    10. Side (right sided or left sided)
    11. Injuries (option whether you want to include injured players or not in your
    12. Interested (to filter out whether the players are interested or not to move
    to your club)
    13. Include squad (to show where the player's "pecking order" in  his current
    Next, under the attribute option you will see and even larger filter options:
    1. Acceleration (attacking players)
    2. Balance (attacking players)
    3. Creativity (attacking players)
    4. Decisions (goalkeepers and attacking players)
    5. Driblling (attacking players)
    6. Flair (attacking players but not neccessary)
    7. Heading (defensive players)
    8. Jumping (defensive players)
    9. Marking (defensive players)
    10. Pace (attacking players)
    11. Positioning (all)
    12. Set pieces (attacking players)
    13. Strength (goalkeepers and defensive players)
    14. Teamwork (all)
    15. Work Rate (all)
    16. Aggression (defensive players)
    17. Anticipation (goalkeepers and defensive players)
    18. Bravery (goalkeepers)
    19. Crossing (attacking players)
    20. Determination (all)
    21. Finishing (attacking players)
    22. Handling (goalkeepers)
    23. Influence (all but not neccessary)
    24. Long shots (all but preferrably attacking players)
    25. Off the ball (attacking players and defensive players)
    26. Paasing (all)
    27. Reflexes (goalkeepers)
    28. Stamina (defensive and attacking players)
    29. Tackling (defensive players)
    30. Technique (attacking players)
    Use the above guidelines if you want to search for a player. 20 is the maximum
    points any player can reach and 1 is the lowest. Mind you, the higher the
    player's stat, it is more likely that they will be more expensive ^^. NB:
    Midfielders, Attacking midfielders, forwards, strikers are considered attacking
    The same goes for when you want to search for a new staff. You can search them
    using the Staff search. Again in this section you will see the filter button to
    help you minimize the search result of staffs.
    General staff options:
    1. Text (not neccessary)
    2. Nationality (staff nationality)
    3. Age (staff age)
    4. Language (what type of languages can a staff speak. not the foul ones :P)
    5. Based (location where the staff is located)
    6. Job (position of staff you want to search for)
    7. Interested (to filter the staffs who want to move to your club or not)
    As a reminder, the staff may not be interested, however they may be if you try
    and offer them high wages. Goes the same with players as well.
    Just.....becareful with your wallet ^^
    Attributes option:
    1. Adaptability (coaches and asst. manager)
    2. Coaching outfield players (coaches. outfield players by the way means
    players other than the goalkeeper)
    3. Judging lpayer ability (scouts)
    4. Level of discipline (coaches and asst. manager)
    5. Motivating (physiotherapist, coaches and asst. manager)
    6. Tactical knowledge (coaches)
    7. Coaching goalkeepers (coaches)
    8. Determination (all type of staff)
    9. Judging player potential (scouts and asst. manager)
    10. Man management (asst. manager)
    11. Physiotherapy (physio)
    12. Working with youngsters (coaches and asst. manager)
    Thats it on the search section! whew....
    I guess I've covered all the basics to get you started. Please do email me at
    (sdacool@hotmail.com)  if you want to add anything to this FAQ. You can use
    this FAQ as a template if you want to make your own but please do give credit
    where its due and email me because I want to know as well.
    Finally I wish to thank -=www.gamefaqs.com=- should they post this FAQ up ^^.
        (C)opyright 2002 Zonan. All rights reserved.
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------END OF FAQ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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