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    Cheating Guide by Leftos

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    Championship Manager 01/02 Cheating Guide - Official Final Version
    Supports completely Championship Manager 01/02, CM3 SaveGame Editor 3.7 and Parcye Wizard 1.0
    Written by Leftos
    leftos10@msn.com - cmguide@LeftosChatPage.tk
    Best viewed with Arial (10 pts) - 1024x768 resolution - Word-Wrap enabled
    This guide contains:
    - FAQ History
    - The programs you will need
    - Using the programs to cheat in ALL the ways possible!
    - Other Stuff
    - Credits
    - Disclaimer
    Sites permitted to post this FAQ are:
    All sites are permitted to post this final version!
    A few notes about this FINAL version...
    Championship Manager 01/02 is still one of the best games on football management.
    This guide made me and my site famous. I thank all of you who have read this guide
    and especially all of you that have informed me of any problems and missing parts
    of the guide. This version has nothing new. I haven't received any e-mail about it
    for a month so I decided to stop working at it. The latest version was v1.6b.
    Some news now... Graeme Kelly seems to have noticed the mistake and has released
    a 3.9 version of the editor that seems to work (though I haven't tested it). I won't
    test it or change this guide for the new editor as I have stopped playing Championship
    Manager. I know that some day this guide will be outdated but I think it's quite full.
    If anyone still wants to work on this guide, maybe make it compatible with CM3_SGE 3.9
    or add some parts he can ask me. If we agree, the guide is his and he has all my
    permission to release future versions as his, as long as he gives me some credit for
    my work.
    What changed for FINAL Version:
    - Removed FAQ History section.
    - Changed the parts telling about updates and things like that...
    And a last note:
    This final version is devoted to every single person that has visited the site.
    Thank you people!
    Championship Manager 01/02 has been characterized as the most difficult version of the CM
    3 series. This guide contains the complete guide on how to cheat.
    Let's begin with the programs. You have to download and install the following 2 programs:
    CM3 SaveGame Editor:
    The latest working version of this editor while this guide was written was CM3 SaveGame Editor 3.9.
    This guide is fully compatible with v3.7. Below are the sites from which you can download SaveGame Editor:
    Latest Version: www.GraemeKelly.com
    Working v3.7: http://www.gamecentar.com/top-score/SGedv37.zip
    Graeme Kelly does not answer e-mails about his editor, nor gives any support. Read the editor's and
    this guide's disclaimer.
    If the link above for editor v3.7 is not working e-mail me and I'll try to upload the whole file.
    Parcye Wizard:
    As I know the Parcye Wizard is discontinued so you can download the 1.0 version at my site:
    http://LeftosChatPage.tk > Downloads > CM Cheating Guide
    So you will say why don't you put a direct download link? So we view your ads and you get money?
    The answer is I don't earn money by my ads. The problem is that Yahoo! Geocities have a policy that prohibts
    direct downloads outside of the site! But there IS a solution! If you have a download manager (I suggest
    using FlashGet - www.amazesoft.com) you can enter the following information:
    Download URL: http://www.geocities.com/yleftos/download/cmparcye.zip
    Refferer URL: http://www.geocities.com/yleftos/reviews/cmcheat.txt
    This will trick the Geocities server which will believe that you are already surfing my site.
    If this doesn't work use the first way.
    Now to the guide!
    Part I: Starting A New Game
    First of all start the game. Start a new game or load one. If you start a new game make all the
    choices until you get to the news section. (DO NOT SELECT A NATIONAL TEAM! This guide
    doesn't work with national teams.)
    Part II: Let's get some cash!
    1. Start Parcye Wizard.
    2. Press Next and wait for the loading.
    3. Enter your team's name. (e.g. Manchester United)
    4. Select your team from the list.
    Here is what you can change in this screen:
    Longname: Your team's name. (e.g. You can change Manchester United to London United!)
    Shortname: Your team's shorter name. (e.g. You can change Man Utd to London Utd!)
    Matchday: Your team's match day. (Works only on week-to-week championships (e.g. Greece))
    Min Attendance: The minimum number of supporters coming to the stadium.
    Avg Attendance: The average supporters coming to the stadium.
    Max Attendance: The maximum number of supporters coming to the stadium.
    A little handy cheat with attendance settings (by John Mason):
    "Setting your minimum attendance equal with your maximum makes your stadium full
    all the time!"
    Cash: The only thing here that you really gonna change. It's not in the currency you use but
    you can guess a higher value. (If you get an error like: [999999999 is not a valid integer
    value.] click Previous then change Cash to a lower value and press next again until you get a
    valid (but high!) value.)
    MaxWages: The Max Wages your board allows. Still I haven't found on what currency these
    values are so you still have to guess a higher value.
    MaxWages2: The same as above but for well-respected players I guess.
    5. When you are finished click Next and select Yes.
    6. Click Exit.
    Your settings have been applied directly!
    The maximum transfer money allowed and the max wages will change later. The REAL
    changes will be made after the end of the season. But also smaller changes occur in the
    meanwhile. Did you know that if you higher your cash the wages will increase automatically
    Part III: Saving Uncompressed
    After giving our team a handful of money we have to save our game in order to complete the
    rest of the cheating. The game has to be uncompressed as the CM3 SaveGame Editor doesn't
    support compressed saves. Uncompressed saves mean much faster saving and loading but
    much more disk space. I've reached February 2006 and my save is only... 178 MB! To make
    the game save without compress follow the next steps:
    1. Go to Game Options > Game Settings.
    2. Select Save Compressed > No.
    3. Click OK. Now we have to save our game and then exit. Although Parcye Wizard (see Part
    II) requires Championship Manager running and our save loaded, CM3 SaveGame Editor will
    affect the savegame, not the game's memory. SaveGame Editor uses a lot of memory and
    having Championship Manager and SaveGame Editor open together will cause your computer
    to crash and may DESTROY your savegame!
    1. Go to Game Options > Save Game.
    2. Save your game.
    3. Go to Game Options > Exit Game.
    Part IV: The Real Part of Cheating
    Now it's the real part of the guide. You are gonna make your worst players the best players
    the world has ever seen and the saddest players that want a new contract the happiest
    players that think their contract couldn't be better.
    NOTE: This guide is fully tested with SaveGame Editor 3.7! New versions of the editor may be compatible
    with this guide but not fully. Do NOT ask me to update the guide. This guide is discontinued since
    15/1/2002. Older versions aren't supported too. If you have an older version of this guide do not
    overwrite it with this one if you have an older version of CM3 SaveGame Editor. Check the Programs section
    to see where to get the latest version.
    1. Start CM3 SaveGame Editor.
    2. Click open and find your savegame.
    3. Wait as the utility loads your save.
    When it loads, on the left you will see a list with just <none> in it. Below there is a text
    box with a "Graeme Kelly" in it. On the right side there is a screen with many text boxes and
    4. Type in the name of one of your team's players.
    5. Click search.
    6. Select your player.
    The right part of your screen changes to the values your player has.
    7. Click Squad & Staff List: [Team Name] (a bold letters button on the middle-bottom).
    8. Your whole squad (from your reserves to your chairman!) is listed on the left part of the
    Now we will cheat! There are many ways to cheat with different effect:
    1. Make my team the best (players & staff included!) - Automatic
    2. Change my player's contract information - Manual
    3. Make my player happy/unhappy - Manual
    4. Sabotage a different team - Semi/Automatic
    5. Finding good players - Semi/Automatic
    6. Buying good players for free - Manual
    These are the four main reasons you would use this SaveGame Editor but you can change much
    more things. You know cheating isn't the only you can use SaveGame Editor for. Just take a
    look on the main interface and you are going to be amazed!
    Cheat Analysis No. 1 - Make my team the best
    After you see all your team on the left side, select the button Custom Command Options.
    Check the following boxes:
    Make all players train willing
    Consistency to 20
    InjuryProneness = 1
    Set Players Morale To 20
    Make Players Strong and Pacey
    Mental Attributes To 20
    All Playing Atributes To 20
    Click OK, then click on Custom Command once. Click Save and wait for the editor to save
    your game. The Exit Without Saving button should change to Exit. Click Exit. When you load
    your game on Championship Manager 01/02 you will have an all-star team!
    Note 1: Except many teams asking to buy your players. It's getting very annoying but after
    1 or 2 year rejects... they will stop... almost... anyway!
    Note 2: These attributes won't stay the same forever. When you see that your team is not
    as good as it was, do the above again.
    Cheat Analysis No. 2 - Change my player's contract information
    Select a player that either his contract is ending or he has a very low minimum fee release
    clause and select the Contract(CM01/02 Only) tab. Go to Contract Details. Here you can change:
    - His weekly wage.
    - All the clauses. You can erase/enable any clause without any effect on his happiness.
    - The fee of the clause (The currency is pounds, but that will not affect the currency in your game!)
    - His start and ending date of his contrract.
    - Extend contract by 1 year.
    - Terminate contract immediately.
    - Transfer Status
    - Availability
    Click Update Contract and then Save. You can exit afterwards.
    Cheat Analysis No. 3 - Make my player happy/unhappy
    Like above, player happiness or unhappiness is a contract detail. You can change all the
    matters that worry your player by going to:
    - Contract(CM01/02 Only) - Unhappiness
    - Contract(CM01/02 Only) - Club Unhappinness
    There are many matters that could matter your player or any team's player. You can change
    Click Update Contract and then Save. You can exit afterwards.
    Cheat Analysis No. 4 - Sabotage a different team
    1st Way To Cheat:
    There are sometimes that you may want to sabotage an opponent team. A Cup Final, the match
    that will make the winner champion etc...
    1. Enter a player from the opponent team.
    2. Click Squad & Staff List: [Opponent Team]
    3. Click Attributes 1.
    4. Click Min All.
    5. Do it for all the players you are interested. It may take a while but it's worth!
    Click Save. You may exit afterwards.
    2nd Way To Cheat:
    Before your team plays with a difficult opponent team do the following:
    1. Click Game Options > Add Manager.
    2. Add all the info requested and select the opponent team as the team you want to
    3. Ruin the Team! Change tactics, make players unhappy... Whatever your evil mind thinks!
    Cheat Analysis No. 5 - Finding good players
    You must have found this feature of CM3 SaveGame Editor already. The Scout tab is very useful
    because you can search all the players (and I mean ALL) in the database for the ones you want.
    Set all the criteria you want your dream player to meet. And Voila! All the players from all
    around the Globe that meet them are listed. You can review each one of them by clicking the
    "Copy to Left Listbox (for Stat Viewing)" button. And their names will replace the ones on
    the left listbox. Don't worry! This has no effect on your team squad.
    Cheat Analysis No. 6 - Buying good players easily
    I am sure most of you think by now: "Oh well, another cheat that won't work..." And I answer no,
    this cheat works. How do you think I got Ronaldo and Zidane when I had Macclesfield in English D1?
    Let's say you have a very good player in mind that either is very famous and the team who has him
    won't let him away, or it has just got the player so the want him a bit longer. What do you do?
    For this example I use David Beckham:
    1. On the box below the list on the left type "David Beckham" (without the quotes).
    2. You should see "David Beckham" listed on the left. Click his name.
    So what's the things you can (or should do) to get the player?
    1. Lower his transfer value! (Staff Details tab - Transfer Value)
    2. Make him dislike his current team and manager! (Attributes 2 - Dislikes Club & Dislikes Manager)
    3. Make him as unhappy as he can get! (Contract - Unhappiness & Club Unhapiness tabs)
    4. Terminate his contract! (Contract - Contract Details)
    5. Click Save and exit the editor.
    6. When you load the game use the Add Manager feature to control the team in which
        the player you want is.
        I guess that you have got some money by now! Check Part II if you don't. Give him lots of money but
        beware that if you give him too much your board of directors won't accept the deal!
        Make some experiments!
    6. The player you want is yours!
    Part V - Other Stuff...
    OS 1: Find Lost Savegames
    Guess you've lost your savegames, cannot find them anywhere. How the heck do you think you are going to
    use SaveGame Editor now? There are two solutions:
    1st Solution: Create a folder in your main hard drive. Name it "CMSaves". I guess it's now "c:\CMSaves".
    Load your game in Championship Manager. Go to "Game Options > Save Game". Look around. In one box
    there is the path (folder) your savegames are saved. Accidentally you may have changed it into something like
    "c:\Championship Manager 01-02\lglhglgjoldjgojglsjo" (Yeah, that kind of crazy stuff happens when you have
    a baby watching you play CM.) Change it to "c:\CMSaves" or whatever you named your folder.
    2nd Solution: Remember the name you use to save your savegames? (e.g. MySave.sav or ManUtd.sav)
    Go to Start > Find > Files & Folders. Type in your game's name and click Find. Soon enough you should find your
    savegame. Now you know where to search the next time...
    */* All the people that visited my site and thanked for my work. This final version is devoted to them.
    */* JT83 for mentioning the note added on the v1.2
    */* James Burgess for giving me the idea of adding a "Find Lost Savegames" guide
    */* John Mason for telling me about the Capacity options in Parcye Wizard
    */* All of you who have contacted me for help on downloading the programs. As you see, since v1.1
        I have full download info.
    */* My brother for telling me 2nd way to cheat on Sabotaging the opponent team.
    */* SIGames for making such a good game (and such a heavy site!)
    */* GameFAQs for hosting my guide.
    */* ActionTrip for being so kind to FAQ makers.
    */* Geocities for being such a good website host.
    */* CGISpy.com for the mailing list.
    */* Dot.tk for having free domains.
    This final version of the guide comes to an end. It's tested by maaaaaaany users so don't worry. It works, trust me!
    You should read anyway the disclaimer below this part. Problems, bugs, ideas, updates? Two e-mails to send them:
    *******        leftos10@msn.com        *******
    ****** CMGuide@LeftosChatPage.tk ******
    One last note. My site is not only a way to download the Parcye Wizard. It is a growing PC Games community.
    All of you that have made a guide, a review or a FAQ, send it to me. It will be posted immediately.
    By request, I can convert your txt files into html, so there are direct links to other sites and e-mails.
    Don't miss it! I now have a CM Mailing list. When you subscribe, you get:
    - Hot CM news.
    - Leftos Chat Page news.
    *******        http://LeftosChatPage.tk        *******
    This Cheating Guide has no real cheats but the way of using the 2 best editors in order to cheat.
    Using Editors means editing your savegame. Sometimes something may go wrong and your
    savegame may be all messed up. Neither I, nor Graeme Kelly, nor the creator of the Parcye
    Wizard take any responsibility for any damage caused by this guide and/or the programs
    stated in this guide. You should keep a backup of your savegame. Graeme Kelly offers no
    support for his program and doesn't answer to any e-mail sent to him regarding CM3 SaveGame
    Editor. Parcye Wizard is discontinued so you won't find any support for it. DO NOT e-mail me asking
    why your savegame was destroyed. Though I test throughly all the sections of my guide combined
    to the programs, I cannot take any responsibility about them.

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