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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by dwarfman1990

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 03/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                      |Championship Manager Season 01/02|
                      |       FAQ/Strategy Guide        |
                      |  By dwarfman1990 (Nick Comber)  |
                      |          Version 1.03           |
    Legal Stuff
    The following websites are the ONLY websites that can post this FAQ:
    Any one who purposely copies information from this FAQ is comitting
    plagiarism. If you really want to use some information from this FAQ
    all you have to do is ask. Email me at nickwithchelsea@hotmail.com.
    Never use another person's information without crediting them.
    Version 1.03:
    ============ - Changed all the the ASCII art
    Version 1.02:
    ============ - Corrected some more spelling mistakes
                 - Changed ASCII art at the bottom
                 - Added ASCII art at the top
    Version 1.01:
    ============ - Corrected some spelling mistakes
                 - Added a few more players
                 - Added ASCII art at the bottom
                 - Made some underlinings different so it is easier to read
    Version 1.0:
    =========== - Completed 'Miscellanous'
                - Completed 'My Records'
                - Completed 'Frequently Asked Questions'
                - Completed 'Outro and Thanks'
                - Made addition to 'Cheating'
                - File size 39KB
    Version 0.6:
    =========== - Completed 'In-Game'
                - Completed 'The Transfer Market'
                - Completed 'Cheating'
                - File size now over 30KB
    Version 0.2:
    =========== - Completed 'Introduction'
                - Completed 'The Basics'
                - 1/5 of 'In-Game' Completed
    1) Introduction
    2) The Basics
       a) Game Settings
       b) Getting Started
       c) Choosing Your Team - League Guide
    3) In-Game
       a) Controls
       b) Your New Job
       c) Player Attributes Explained
       d) Staff Attributes Explained
       e) Matchday
    4) The Transfer Market
       a) Finding Your Ideal Player
       b) Making an Offer/Offering a Contract
       c) Players Recommended by Me
    5) Cheating
       a) How to Cheat
       b) Cheating Programs
    6) Miscellanous
       a) Keeping All of Your Staff Happy
       b) My Favourite Tactics
       c) How Not to Manage Your Team Well
       d) Managing an International Team
       e) Updates for CM
    7) My Records
       a) Roll of Honour
       b) Longest Period at One Club
    8) Frequently Asked Questions
    9) Outro and Thanks
    Welcome to my very first FAQ! This is a complete FAQ/Stragety guide for
    Championship Manager 01/02, so I hope that after reading this your CM
    knowledge will be greatly broadened. To find what you want quickly in
    this FAQ all you have to do is press Ctrl+F and then type in the title
    from the contents list that you want to go to and press 'Find Next'.
    I hope you enjoy this FAQ!
    Game Settings
    When you first install and run CM 01/02 you will automatically be taken
    to the 'Game Settings' screen. This is where you can fine tune CM's
    options to your every desire. Below is a list of what options do what:
    Language: There are a total of ten languages in CM 01/02 to choose from
    so people from all over the world can play in their native language.
    The language choices are: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German,
    Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish.
    Currency: Choose the unit of currency that is used in CM 01/02. These
    are mostly the old European currencies but of course they have included
    the important ones that are £, $ and Yen.
    Wages: Choose how CM will show the wages. They can be shown as weekly,
    monthly or yearly. This is a good option as you can figure out how much
    the wages are setting you back every year.
    Screen Mode: CM can be played on either a Full Screen, which means the
    game will take up your entire screen so you will not be able to use
    your taskbar or minimize the game while playing. Or there is Windowed,
    which allows you to be able to use the taskbar and use other programs
    while still running CM. Users with slower computers should always use
    the Full Screen mode (believe me, I used to have a slow computer!).
    Background Changes: This selects whether tha game's background picture
    will change for every time you go to a different page. Again, users
    with slow computers should have this turned off.
    Sound: Turn the sound on or off. The sound is pretty boring, just the
    crowd cheering during a game. I have my TV on in the background instead
    of sound. If you do use sound, you will have to have the commentary
    speed set to 'Slow' or 'Very Slow' for it to be heard.
    Database: This selects how many players will be in your game. You can
    set it to minimum, normal or maximum. Minimum will only have players
    from your selected leagues(s) and some other major players. Normal will
    have players from youe selected league(s), major players and players
    that are associated with the league(s) you have selected. Maximum will
    have pretty much everyone. Again, users with slow computers should have
    the minimum setting on.
    Matches Stored: This allows you to select how many matches will be
    stored in the game. It is reccomended to select the minimum option,
    which is 5000. This equates to about 11 and a half seasons of the
    English league. I don't know what happens after you exceed the limit of
    matches stored, because I have never gto that far.
    Auto-Save: This allows you to select whether you want CM to
    automatically save your game after a certain amount of time. You can
    tell it to automatically save every week, 2 weeks, month, 2 months, 3
    months, 6 months or year of time passed in the game.
    Save Compressed: In CM you can now compress your saved games when you
    save them so it takes up less hard drive space, but obviously, since it
    is compressing when it is saving, it will take a bit longer to save
    your game. Just turn this option on to enable it.
    Save Safely: This option simply carries out a check of your hard drive
    every time you save your game to ensure that there is enough space to
    save it, if you haven't got enough space, you will be told and you will
    have to free up some space to be able to save. You should always have
    this option turned on
    Flashing Text: All this does is make the 'You Have News' icon flash
    when it comes on. Again, users with slow computers should have this
    turned off.
    Background Matches: If this is set to 'normal' or 'on', you will be
    able to view the current scores of other matches in your league or
    competition. Only users with VERY slow computers should have this
    turned off.
    Print To: This selects whether the game will print to your printer, to
    a text file or both.
    Getting Started
    OK, now that you have sorted out your settings, you can finally start a
    game! First you will be taken to the league selection screen, where you
    can select what leagues you want and how many you want. Below is a
    table which shows how many leagues you can run according to what
    processor and memory you have:
    Processor   Memory    Number of Leagues*
    All         16MB      1
    P133-P200   32MB      2 (Max 3)
    P200-P350   64MB      3 (Max 6)
    IMAC 233    32MB      1
    IMAC 300+   64MB      4
    P350-400    64MB      6 (Max 6)
    G3/G4       128MB     16
    P400+       128MB     10 (Max 15)
    P400+       256MB+    All
    *Background Leagues count as 1/2 Leagues
    You should press 'Select' on the league(s) that you want to manage in.
    But if you just want to follow what is going on in a league just select
    'Background'. (See below for my league guide to help you choose).
    Right, now you have selected your leagues everything will start to load
    up. If you have a slow computer and have selected 1 league, it will
    take about 10 minutes. With fast computers, it is a matter of seconds.
    Mind you, if all leagues are selected, it will take ages to load on any
    Now everything has loaded you can now select what team you would like
    to manage (if you have selected more than one league, you will be asked
    what league you want to start managing in first). To select a team,
    simply click on the teams name and then click on 'Take Control' in the
    top right hand corner.
    If you need help choosing a league or team, look at my league guide
    right below.
    Choosing Your Team/League Guide
    Here is a guide to the major leagues in the game. I have only included
    the mot popular leagues used as it was waste space to put in leagues
    like the Argentine Second Division. Anyway, use this to choose what
    team you are going to manage. This shows the easiest teams to manage
    and the toughest teams to manage.
    Thanks go to Ronan Murphy for providing this section.
    Argentine Premier Division
    Tough Teams - Newell's Old Boys, Colón de Santa Fé, Chacarita Juniors.
    Easy Teams - River Plate, Boca Juniors, San Lorenzo
    Belgian First Division
    Tough Teams - KSK Beveren, KFC Lommelse SK, KVC Westerlo
    Easy Teams - RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge KV, R Standard de Liège
    Brazilian National First Division
    Tough Teams - Guarani Futebol Clube, Sociedade Esportiva do Gama
    Easy Teams - Clube Athlético Paranaese, São Paulo Futebol Clube
    English Premier Division
    Tough Teams - Southampton, Derby County, Everton
    Easy Teams - Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool
    English First Division
    Tough Teams - Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday
    Easy Teams - Wolves, Man City, West Brom, Millwall
    English Second Division
    Tough Teams - Brentford, Brighton and Hove Albion, Wrexham
    Easy Teams - Wigan Athletic, Cardiff City, Stoke City
    English Third Division
    Tough Teams - Southend United, Cheltenham Town, Rochdale
    Easy Teams - Rushden & Diamonds, Hull City, Torquay United
    French First Division
    Tough Teams - FC Lorient, FC Sochaux-Montbéliard, Montpellier
    Easy Teams - AS Monaco, Paris-Saint-Germain, Stade Rennais
    German First Division
    Tough Teams - 1.FC Nürnberg, FC Hansa Rostock, FC Energie Cottbus
    Easy Teams - Bayern München, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen
    Greek National A Division
    Tough Teams - Akratitos, Aigaleo City, Panachaiki
    Easy Teams - Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, AEK Athens
    Dutch Premier Division
    Tough Teams - FC Den Bosch, FC Groningen
    Easy Teams - Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord
    Italian Serie A
    Tough Teams - Fiorentina, Chievo Verona, Brescia
    Easy Teams - AS Roma, Internazionale, Juventus, AC Milan, Lazio
    Italian Serie B
    Tough Teams - Salernitana, Messina, Modena, Crotone
    Easy Teams - Bari, Vicenza, Reggina
    Northern Irish League Premier Division
    Tough Teams - Portadown, Ards
    Easy Teams - Glenavon, Glentoran, Linfield
    Portuguese Premier League
    Tough Teams - Futebol Clube Paços de Ferreira
    Easy Teams - Porto, Benfica, Sporting
    Irish Premier Division
    Tough Teams - Longford Town, University College Dublin
    Easy Teams - Bohemian F.C., Shelbourne F.C., Cork City
    Russian Premier Division
    Tough Teams - SC Rotor Volgograd, FC Torpedo-ZiL Moscow
    Easy Teams - CSKA Moscow, Lokomotiv Moscow, Spartak Moscow
    Scottish Premier Division
    Tough Teams - Heart of Midlothian, Dunfermline Athletic
    Easy Teams - Glasgow Celtic, Glasgow Rangers
    Spanish First Division
    Tough Teams - U.D. Las Palmas, Real Valladolid
    Easy Teams - F.C. Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F.
    Spanish Second Division
    Tough Teams - Racing de Ferrol, Xerez C.D.
    Easy Teams - Atlético de Madrid, Racing Club de Santander
    Turkish First Division
    Tough Teams - Malatyaspor, Diyarbakirspor
    Easy Teams - Fenerbahçe SK, Galatasaray SK, Besiktas JK
    American Major League
    Tough Teams - None really, Miami Fusion FC might be the toughest
    Easy Teams - No easiest, easier - Columbus Crew, Kansas City Wizards
    Welsh Premier Division
    Tough Teams - Connah's Quay Nomads, Bangor City, Caernarfon Town
    Easy Teams - Barry Town, Carmarthen Town, Cwmbran Town
    After loading everything up and selecting your team, you have now
    finished and are ready to go! But before you start your managerial
    career you should know the controls of the game, So here we go.
    Most of the things you can find on CM 01/02 can be located somewhere
    on the menubar which stretches all the way down the left side of the
    screen. So to start I will go down and explain all of the options on
    this menubar.
    Continue Game: When you click on this option the game will advance
    to the next time it is required for you to take an action on
    something. This can be up to about 10 days if you have finished your
    season and are waiting for the next season to begin.
    Your Name: Clicking this will activate many sub-menus. These menus
    show everything that relates to you as manager. You can go to your
    squad page and reserve squad page from here. You can select to control
    the reserve team, that means you will play your reserves' matches as
    well as your first team squad's. You can select 'Board Confidence',
    this shows what your board of directors currently think of you. From
    here you can also issue a request to the board or the FA. You can
    select 'Resign from Club' which is pretty self-explanatory. you can
    look at your news (although it is better to click on the red button
    that says 'You Have News' at the bottom of the menubar when it comes
    up. You can click on 'Player and Staff Search', which will take you
    to the transfer market. You can click on 'Manager Stats', this shows
    how you are currently comparing to all the other managers in the world.
    You can click on 'Job Information', this shows what clubs currently
    do not have a manager and therefore allowing you to apply for the
    position as the club's manager. You can click on 'Transfers' which
    shows all the transfers that have taken place in the month that you
    are currently in. You can click on 'History', this shows all the
    achievements you have had in your career. You can go on holiday and
    leave the assistant manager in charge of the team and finally you
    can retire and give up your footballing career.
    Competitions: From clicking this, you will be shown all of the
    international competitions, continental competitions and competitions
    and leagues from your selected league(s). You can also view the FIFA
    Rankings and the UEFA Coefficients from this button.
    Nations and Clubs: Every club and international team is accessible from
    this button, just select the region or category and you are bound to
    find the club you are looking for.
    Find: The CM search engine. You can search for a nation, club,
    non-player or player, just type in who you are looking for, and, if
    they exist, they will be found for you. You can also view the 'Written
    History' from this button, Which is an entire history of football,
    not really CM related but who cares!
    Game Options: This is where you can save, restart or exit the game. You
    can also add a manager for multiplayer, you can tweak the game
    settings, you can view the selected leagues and change background
    leagues to foreground leagues, you can view the hall of fame, you can
    view the credits and you can view almost every official and unofficial
    website associated with CM 01/02.
    That just about does it for the controls, the rest of it is pretty easy
    to understand and if you get REALLY stuck you can always refer to the
    instruction manual.
    Your New Job
    OK, now you are ready to begin playing. The first screen that you will
    be taken to when you take over the team you want to manage will be
    the news screen. This is because there will be a message on there
    entitled 'Board Announce Expectations'. This is the most important
    piece of news that you will get. It says what the board are expecting
    you to achieve by the end of the season. And if you do not achieve
    their expectations then there is a good chance of you getting sacked.
    Below is a list of the possible expectations the board will give you,
    and what they mean.
    Serious Championship Challenge: Win the league, or you're out.
    Continental Qualification: If you are managing an English or any
    European club for that matter, this means you are expected to get into
    the UEFA Cup or the Champions League. If not, you're out.
    Promotion: Only applies to clubs below the top league. This means you
    must get promoted to the next league up (for example English Division 1
    into English Premier Division), if not, you're out.
    Respectable League Position: You should finish in the top half of the
    league (for example, in English Premier Division, you should finish
    10th or higher), if not, you're out.
    Stay Clear of Relegation: Stay away from the relegation zone, no messy
    battles at all. You should finish at least about 4 places away from the
    relegation zone, if you do get relegated or come close to getting
    relegated, guess what, you're out!
    Battle Bravely Against Relegation: Do not get relegated, you can come
    as close as you like to the drop, just as long as you are out of it.
    If you do get relegated, you're out.
    Improve Club Squad: The board aren't even expecting the club to stay
    up, they just want to see the squad improve. It is almost impossible to
    get fired with this expectation, well, I never have!
    OK, the next thing you will see is the first 3 fixtures you have in the
    league. I wouldn't worry about arranging friendlies because usually
    there are already a few arranged for you.
    I bet the next thing you will want to do is buy players, if you want to
    find out about the transfer market, look at section 4 of this guide.
    Then its time to sort out your squad, who starts and who doesn't. This
    leads right on to my next section...
    Player Attributes Explained
    There are 2 types of player attributes. Ones that are hidden and ones
    that are visible. When you click on a player in the game you can only
    see his visible attributes. For every attribute, 1 is the worst and 20
    is the best. This section provides a description for what every
    attribute means.
    Visible Attributes
    Acceleration - How quickly the player reaches his top speed from
                   standing still.
    Aggression - How aggressively the player will commit himself.
    Agility - How agile the player is.
    Anticipation - How well the player can predict what is about to happen
                   on the pitch.
    Balance - If higher, the player will not lose his balance so often if
    Bravery - If higher, the player will not 'chicken out' of as many
    Consistency - How consistently the player's form is over a number of
    Corners - How well the player takes corners.
    Crossing - How accurately the player crosses the ball.
    Decisions - If higher, the player's decisions will be correct more.
    Dribbling - How well the play can run with the ball.
    Finishing - If higher, the player will be able to score more often when
                given a chance.
    Flair - The higher this is, the better the player will pull off dummies
            and other skills.
    Handling - How well a goalkeeper can handle the ball.
    Heading - How well the player heads the ball.
    Influence - How well the player captain's his team.
    Jumping - If higher, the player's jumps will be higher and they will be
              timed better.
    Long Shots - How accurate the player's shots are is from 25+ yards.
    Marking - How well the player marks oppenents.
    Off The Ball - How well the player can find space for himself.
    Pace - How fast the player is.
    Passing - How accurately the player passes the ball.
    Positioning - If higher, the player will be more observant to where
                  other players are, and then he will position himself
    Reflexes - How fast a goalkeeper reacts to a shot.
    Set-Pieces - How accurate the player is when taking free-kicks.
    Stamina - If higher, the player's endurance will be better.
    Strength - How physically strong the player is.
    Tackles - If higher, the player will win tackles more often.
    Teamwork - How well the player interacts with his team-mates during a
    Technique - How familiar the player is with the ball.
    Work Rate - How much effort he puts in.
    Hidden Attributes
    Dirtiness - How many fouls the player will purposely commit.
    Free Kicks - See Set-Pieces.
    Important Matches - How well the player will cope with the pressure of
                        important matches.
    Injury Proneness - How susceptable the player is to getting injured.
    Leadership - See Influence.
    Left Foot - How good the player's left foot is.
    Natural Fitness - If higher, the player will recover from matches
                      quicker and his condition will not deplete so much in
                      a match.
    One on Ones - How good a goalkeeper is in one-on-one situations.
    Penalties - How good the player is at taking penalties.
    Right Foot - How good the player's right foot is.
    Throw Ins - How long the player can throw the ball when taking a throw
    Versatility - How well the player adapts to unfamiliar positions.
    Vision - How well the player can read the game.
    Staff Attributes Explained
    Exactly the same as player attributes, but this time I will describe
    what each of the attributes of the staff (ie. coaches, scouts etc.)
    Visible Attributes
    Adaptability - How well he will adapt to a new club or job.
    Coaching Goalkeepers - How well he coaches goalkeepers.
    Coaching Outfield Players - How well he coaches outfield players.
    Determination - How determined he is to be the best.
    Judging Player Ability - How well he judges how good a player is 
                             (should only apply to scouts).
    Judging Player Potential - How well he judges how much potential a
                               player has (should only apply to scouts).
    Level of Discipline - How much he disciplines his players (should only
                          apply to managers).
    Man Management - How well he manages the team (ie. keeping the players
                     happy). (Should only apply to managers).
    Motivating - How well he motivates players.
    Physiotherapy - How good he is at physiotherapy (should only apply to
    Tactical Knowledge - How good he is at choosing the right tactics for
                         the team.
    Working With Youngsters - He well he can improve young players.
    Hidden Attributes
    Attacking - How much he likes his team to play in an attacking way.
    Business - How well he keeps the club afloat (should only apply to
    Coaching Technique - How good he is a his style of coaching.
    Directness - How much he likes to use a direct style of play.
    Free Roles - ? Can someone email me with a description of this?
    Interference - How often a chairman will interfere with transfer
    Marking - How much he likes his team to man-mark the opponents.
    Offside - How much he likes his team to play the offside trap.
    Patience - How patient a chairman is with managers.
    Pressing - How much he likes his team to press the opponents.
    Resources - How much money a chairman has to invest into the club.
    When you reach you first match this is exactly what you should do in
    the exact order stated below:
    1. When you have picked you team and subs click 'Continue Game' and
    proceed to the match.
    2. When you are absolutely sure you are ready to begin, click on 'Start
    3. Watch the match and if anyone gets injured or sent off you are
    automatically taken to you team's screen, make changes accordingly.
    4. At half time, I usually check the condition of the players to see if
    anyone is tired, if anyone is, I sub them. Also, if you are winning by
    a hefty amount (at least 4-0) at half time, you might want to consider
    giving some of your subs that you never use a run out.
    5. Keep your mouse over your teams button on the left hand menubar
    throughout the second half, in case you want to make any subs or
    tactical changes.
    6. If you are one goal down with about 10 minutes to go, always revert
    to an attacking style of play, just as your last hope of revival.
    7. At the end of the match, look at your player's ratings to see who
    performed well and who did not. I only discipline a player for poor
    performance if they score a 4 or lower in the match.
    8. That's it. Click on 'Continue Game' and you are taken to your news
    page for any comments the board of directors might have about the game.
    Ah, yes, one of the most important things in CM, buying new players.
    This section contains everything you need to know about the transfer
    market and it also has some handy recommendations from me.
    Finding Your Ideal Player
    I think that the best way of navigating the transfer market is the way
    that I always do it. From the '<Your Name>' button in the main menubar,
    click on 'Player and Staff Search'. Then select the 'Player Search'
    tab (I am assuming you want to buy a player). Now, click on the small
    grey box in the top right hand corner of the screen entitle 'Filters'.
    From here, you can specify everything you want you player to be. You
    can specify the players: Name, Nationality, Age, Language, Where He Is
    Based, Value, Status, Contract, Poistion, Side, Injuries and whether
    he is interested in joining your club or not. Now click OK and you will
    be shown a list of the players that match your specifications. Just
    click on the grey 'Value' button to display the players from most
    expensive to least expensive. Then simply click on the player's name to
    view them.
    Making an Offer/Offering a Contract
    When you have found the player that you want to buy you must now make
    an offer to the club. Now, unless the player is transfer listed, always
    offer at least 25% above the asking price and from then keep on rising
    your bid until it is accepted or until the price gets too high for you.
    But, if the club rejects your bid and says 'This player is
    indispensible to the club' then don't bother trying again at any price,
    because the chances of them accepting an offer are slim to none. If the
    player is transfer listed, then just offer the asking price and it
    should be accepted.
    If your offer is accepted, now it is time to offer a contract with the
    player. Contracts are easy, if the player demands something if you meet
    it he will always accept so don't waste your money going higher than
    his demands. If he 'Has no interest in negotiating terms' than offer as
    high as you can get and you might get lucky because he could accept.
    If you can't meet the weekly wage demand, than put the signing on fee
    up and vice-versa. If you can't afford the weekly wage or the signing
    on fee then don't bother, the player will never accept a cut-down
    Recommended Players By Me
    Here are a few players that I recommend as they are either quality, or
    they are young and will be quality. To find these players, just click
    on 'Find', then 'Player'. Then type in the name of the player.
    Julius Agahowa - Young Nigerian striker - lots of potential and he can
                     score lots of goals.
    Henrik Larsson - Swedish striker, guaranteed that he will score in
                     nearly every game for you.
    John Terry - Young defender with lots of potential.
    Andriy Shevchenko - Ukranian striker, best player in the game.
    Oliver Kahn - German keeper, old, but he has a lot of 20s.
    Zinedine Zidane - Excellent playmaking midfielder.
    Jermain Defoe - Decent young striker.
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Amazing young Swedish striker, very cheap too.
    This is the section I will keep adding to every time I find a new good        
    player or young player who turns good.
    Yes, we all just have to do it sometimes, just for the fun of it. This
    section shows you every way I know of how to cheat on CM 01/02.
    BEWARE: Cheating only takes the fun out of the game!
    How to Cheat
    There are quite a few ways to cheat without using any programs in CM.
    Below I have listed the most effective ways to cheat:
    1. Before you next game, create a new manager and take control of the
    next team you are playing. Now set the tactics with that team and put
    everyone on the wing, including the goalkeeper. Now your team should
    win about 30 or 40 nil regardless of how good the opposing team is.
    After completing the game, retire with the manager you created and
    carry on doing that for every game you play, if you don't get bored of
    it by then and decide to play the game properly.
    2. Using the Editor, edit all the players of the team you want to begin
    managing so all their attributes are at 20. You will now have a perfect
    team, but sometimes when you do this the game will not save properly.
    3. Use the following method to be able to free transfer any player to
    your club. Thanks to Richard Arnatt for providing this.
              1. Make an offer for the player that their team can't refuse
                 (£50 million, say).
              2. When the club accepts your offer, click the 'Offer
                 Contract' button.
              3. Click on the player's name at the top 
              4. You should be on the details screen. Withdraw your bid in
                 the drop-down menu at in the top-right hand side of the
              5. Make another offer for the player for £0. Click 'Back' to
                 return to the 'Squad Status' screen.
              6. Offer the player the salary and bonuses he wants and
                 submit your offer.
              7. All being well, the player will accept your conditions and
                 he will sign for you on a free transfer!
    Cheating Programs
    There are programs which can help you cheat on CM avaliable to download
    from various websites. Below is a list of the best ones:
    CM3 Series SaveGame Editor - Despite it having CM3 in its title, it
    does work on Cm 01/02. This editor allows you to edit your saved game,
    so you can make different changes for different saved games. This is
    quite easily the best cheating program because you can edit everything
    except the names of players. So, say you don't like Arsenal, you can
    put all their players on the transfer list or terminate all of their
    player's contracts! You can even make them bankrupt, you can change how
    many people come to their ground on matchday's and various things like
    Parcye Wizard - Allows you to edit the finances of clubs while CM is
    still running. Very handy if you need to quickly at a bit of money to
    your bank.
    Euro Editor - Allows you to edit who plays in European competitions
    in the first season of your game.
    If you would like to know where any of these programs can be found,
    don't hesitate to email me, I will tell you.
    This is the section for all things in the game that don't belong in a
    category. All of these sections are specific recommendations by me. And
    believe me, I am a veteran CM player, and my methods will work 99% of
    the time.
    Keeping All of Your Staff Happy
    Yes, it is guaranteed that from time to time your players will become
    unhappy about something or other and you are the only one who can fix
    it. Below are a list of how the staff may be unhappy and a possible
    fix for that.
    Wants a new contract - Offer him a new contract and meet his demands.
    Is Homesick - Give him a leave of absence, if that doesn't work you may
    just as well offload him.
    Is not happy with squad rotation system - If you never play him, set
    his squad status to 'backup for first team'. This will cause him to
    feel he has been treated unfairly, but that will automatically go away
    after a while.
    Wants to move to a bigger club - The only thing you can do is sell him,
    because he will never be happy at your club.
    Has Personal Problems - Send him on a leave of absence.
    If a player is AWOL, always fine him the maximum 2 weeks for
    'Unproffessional behaviour'. He will always come back a little while
    after you have fined him.
    My Favourite Tactics
    Yes, these are the tactics I use most, but these tactics will not work
    without putting in the right 'team instructions', so I have supplied a
    list of the team instructions I use with them. Please note that I have
    tried to draw diagrams to show what the tactics look like on screen but
    they were not very good so I will just explain the tactic instead
    1. 4-1-3-2: OK, this tactic uses a flat 4 in defence, it uses one
    central defensive midfielder, then three centre midfielders who all run
    forward into the attacking midfielder position, then two strikers. This
    was the tactic I used when I went on my epic 23 game unbeaten run with
    Lazio, it works because you have got a solid defense with a defensive
    midfielder supporting them and then you have three midfielders all
    supporting the attack. Here are the team instructions for this tactic:
    Mentality - Attacking
    Passing - Direct
    Tackling - Hard
    Pressing - Yes
    Everything Else - No
    And also on this tactic, always set the midfielder right in the centre
    the playmaker role.
    The first tactic should suit you for a couple of seasons before the
    computer will crack it and you will start losing games. There will be
    more tactics to come in a later version of this guide.
    How Not To Manage Your Team Well
    Here is a list of things that you absolutely should not do when
    managing a club, as they will either end up in your players becoming
    unhappy or you getting sacked.
    1. Never complain about a referee after every game you play.
    2. Never approach the board too many times.
    3. Never fine players too heavily (ie. giving a 2 week fine to someone
       who has got sent off for the very first time).
    4. Never play down good comments about your players.
    5. Never apply for too many jobs when you are already managing a club.
    6. Never hire dodgy scouts.
    7. Never give your board an ultimatum and then you don't quit if it is
       still not accepted.
    8. Never go out with an attacking formation in tough away games.
    9. Never tell someone that they are in a squad rotation system and then
       don't play them.
    10. Never buy players just for the sake of it.
    11. Never play outfield players who are over 35 in every game.
    12. Never play someone who is still injured and in light training.
    13. Never discipline players for 'No Reason'.
    Managing an International Team
    There are two ways that you can manage an international team on CM
    01/02. The first way is when you are managing a club team and you see
    an international job that is vacant, yo can apply for it and if you get
    it you will take control of the international team while still being
    able to play as your club team aswell.
    The second way is that when you start a game, before you take control
    of a team go to the FIFA World Rankings and you will be able to select
    an international team and simply click on 'Take Control'. The only
    downside is that you will only be able to manage the international team
    at the start as your repuatation will be unproven so you will not be
    able to get a vacant job at that moment.
    Updates for CM
    If you have access to the Internet (which you must have to be reading
    this guide) you can download updates for CM 01/02. These simply update
    the game data in your game so it will have the most recent transfer
    dealings in it. You can download these from various websites, just be
    sure to be on the lookout for the name 'CM Sorted', as this bunch do
    the best updates. The most recent CM sorted update was completed last
    summer, it has every single Summer signing on it, including Chelsea's
    These are all my best records on CM 01/02, see if you can beat them, if
    you do, email me!
    Roll of Honour
    Lazio - Serie A Champions 2001/2002 and 2002/2003
            Italian Cup Champions 2001/2002 and 2002/2003
            Champions Cup Runners Up 2002/2003
            23 game unbeaten run in the league
            Italian Super Cup Winners 2002
    Chelsea - Premier League Champions 2001/2002 and 2002/2003
              FA Cup Winners 2001/2002 and 2002/2003
              League Cup Winners 2001/2002
              UEFA Cup Winners 2001/2002 and 2002/2003
              European Super Cup Runners Up 2002
              Manager of the Year 2001/2002 and 2002/2003
    Gillingham - Division 1 Champions
    Man Utd - Premier Division Champions
    Arsenal - Premier Division Champions
    Northwich Victoria - Conference Champions
    Longest Period at One Club
    Game time - 3 days 11 hours 17 minutes 37 seconds with Lazio
    This is a list of the most frequently asked questions about CM 01/02.
    So before you email me with your questions, look at this.
    Q: What is the WWW2 tactic?
    A: A tactic that you can download off the Internet, it makes you win
       almost every game, so it gets boring after a while.
    Q: CM 01/02 will not work on my computer. Why?
    A: Check you have at least 150mb of hard disk space left and check that
       you have at least 16mb memory on your computer. Otherwise, the game
       will not work.
    Q: I can't play CM 01/02 windowed. Why?
    A: There is no fix for this. The most probable reason is that you need
       a higher screen resolution.
    In the next version (1.11):
    -More Frequently Asked Questions
    -More Tactics
    -A 'How to Be a Good Manager' section
    -More Players
    Thanks: Ronan Murphy for giving me the idea for the League Guide.
            Richard Arnatt for providing a cheat in the 'Cheating' section.
            You for reading this.
    Copyright Nick Comber 2004
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