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"A great CM game"

CM01/02, is a strategy/soccer management game that let you manage your favorite club. CM 01/02 is the newest in the series. Like many of its predecessor, this game lived up to its reputation and a game that all Soccer fans out there must get.

Some new features in this game:
Attribute masking which hidden the attribute of some player, you must scout the player in order to view all the attributes. Another features in this game is the ability to compare players which is not available in the previous CM version. Another new features is the new transfer regulation in the game.

Over 26 leagues to choose from various country made the game to have a wide range of choice. You can also specify which league you want to set in order to make the games ran faster. You can manage in all the league that you choose at the beginning of the game. The attribute masking ability will also be a new challenge that the veterans of this game series should try. You can also manage your reserve team if you wished so. There are also a better interaction with the board and the media in this game.

This game can be hard if you choose to manage a team in the lower division. In term of Challenge, It differs from which club you choose. If you prefer an easier one, you can pick to Play big clubs(real Madrid, Roma, Man U, etc), or if you think you need a challenge, you can try to manage a lower division team and bring it to First Division. If you think you are good enough, you might want to try to manage a national sides

The graphic probably is not that great compared to other computer games, as this games mainly are text-based. However, this doesn't made the game worse as graphics is not the most important things for a good strategy games. The matches are described vividly in text

With a wide range of choice, This game won't make you bored easily as each game you start are different with the other.

In my opinion, This game is a must have for all the CM fans and soccer fans. Like all the CM games, this games is one of the best soccer management games that i ever played. This would probably be the best Soccer management games out there.

Final Score:8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/13/01, Updated 11/13/01

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