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"CM is back and back in charge"

Past Championship Manager games have been truly big hits and extremely addictive if you are a big football fan and love leading your team to glory if you think the current manager is doing not so good. Having played past Championship Manager games, i decided to get this one on its release yet again. I bought it and played it on the PC and you know what? I couldn't get off my PC, i was too addicted that i continued playing until about 3AM in the morning. That's how addictive CM is. So, you want my review on Championship Manager Season 01/02? Well, here it is.

Now, the graphics on CM are not THAT good but who cares? Graphics don't always make games and Eidos has proved this with Championship Manager. You will forget about the graphics of the game because you will be too addicted to beating other teams who try and beat you. The text is cool on Championship Manager. When i first played i thought, hey this font is cool. I don't know why, but i fell in love with the text on the game. The game is basically based on text and everything but it won't bug you.
Overall: 6/10

Tons of leagues to choose at the beginning of the game, but i warn you: If you have a computer which is slow then you will just have to pick about 1 league or 2 and not all of them. If you have a very fast computer then just choose as many as you wish because it won't affect the loading times. You also, if you wish, run your reserved squad which is exciting but if you are lazy then i suggest you just run your first team.
Overall: 9/10

People say the game lasts forever because it's on the PC, which has a hard drive. If this is true or not, i don't know. But when i've been playing it the game has never ended which is a good sign. You can also add a new manager at any time but you cannot go to another team at any time. But you will never get bored of it.
Overall: 9/10

Championship Manager is always about a challenge. Like LMA Manager or any other football management games such as Premier Manager, if you're a lower team like in the English Division 3 then the game is much more challenging. If you decide to just run a team such as Barcelona or Real Madrid, then success comes much quicker.
Overall: 9/10

Good & Bad points:
Good Points:
-Realistic Storylines
-Good search for a player filter
-You can check if players are happy at their current squad
-Realistic league winners

Bad Points:
-Players recieve too many injuries
-If you are on a good winning streak and then you lose
you will get messages saying fans are against you and
around your ground wanting you to get the sack.
-Sometimes transfers are really fake. For example, teams
will offer 57 million for David Beckham.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/04/02, Updated 08/04/02

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