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Reviewed: 09/27/02 | Updated: 09/27/02

The ULTIMATE management sim is back, baby!

CM 01/02 is the latest in the hugely popular and successful football (or soccer) management simulation series. Celebrating it's 10th anniversary, would it be tweaked enough to warran another £20-25 purchase?

Some of the new features are interesting to say the least. Attribute Masking forces you to scout players to show you all of their stats, where as only a select few would be in view usually. Of course this doesn't happen with the likes of Zidane & Figo, but more the smaller, reliable and cheap players.

Another new feature is Player Comparison, which allows you to compare two chosen players. This is actually pretty useful, for things such as having two potential signings who play in the same position, it makes it easier to chooses which one will suit your team more than the other. It's also handy for picking your team if you're stuck.

Some features, however, are not so great. Take the FA Appeal feature. Basically, a player gets sent off, you complain, fail, and get another match or two added to his ban.

Anyway, let's sum it all up:

Gameplay: 9
With over 26 leagues to choose from, there's plenty of gameplay to be enjoyed here. You can even simultaneously run all the leagues at once, if you wanted to. This game is HUGE.

Challenge: 7
Hmmm...a tricky one. This game is REALLY difficult, providing you are a lower league team. I usually play as my team, Darlington (cheap plug) in the English Division 3, and that's a challenge, yet pick a team like Real Madrid or Manchester Utd and the game is too easy..

Audio/Video: 2
Not a lot to type here. The only sound is the crowd noises, and while some of the chants are humorous, (see ''Sack the board'') there's not a lot of depth in this department. But that's not what this game's designed for, is it boys and girls?

Replayability: 10
This game NEVER ends, so obviously there isn't a set number of hours' play. Of course, if you get bored as you go further, you can start again, using a winning tactic or strategy with another team. There is always an excuse to go back that one last time, and that last time turns into second-last, until you realise you can never part with this game.

Overall: 9/10

Huge database
Good commentary
Brilliant challenge
It'll leave you hooked

If you have a slow computer, it'll run slow.
No more social life
Not a sequel, just an update

Kiss goodbye to your social life, folks, this game will have you hooked.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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