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"The best wrestling sim ever!"

All of us wrestling fans love our wrestling simulator games, as they give you complete control over a company, so you can be in Vince McMahon's shoes. Extreme Warfare Revenge is probably the best out there today, find out what makes it great in my review.

Graphics - 5/10
You don't really see much graphically, except for pieces of art on the loading screens, which is probably the only thing you'll ever see which catches your eye. Wrestling simulators are all text-based anyway, it doesn't matter what the graphics are in a wrestling simulator. Trust me. If you're a graphics man though, i don't think you'll enjoy this game. But if you are a true wrestling fan who likes graphics to be great in games, you will still enjoy playing Extreme Warfare Revenge.

Sound/Audio - None
Absolutely no sound featured in the game at all, but once again it is not a problem. Wrestling simulators are all about text and entertainment, you don't need any sound or video. I know many people always want a video for your matches in a wrestling simulator, but how could that work? Do you want a video of a Stone Cold Stunner or something? It's truly impossible, no sound at all.

Controls - 7/10
Requirements: Keyboard, mouse and strong hands. Why strong hands? Because you could be clicking for ages and ages, searching for which wrestler you want to sign for your promotion, etc etc. Sometimes it gets really irritating, but you will get over it. All you need to do is click away, and also you need to type sometimes aswell, if you want to like change a superstar's name or what not.

Game Features - 10/10
If you're used to the Promotion War games, then you will be extremely surprised at the features encountered in Extreme Warfare Revenge. You can create belts, suspend belts, retire belts, change wrestler names, create/edit Stables/Tag Teams, work with your company's Sponsors, Control your TV contract. Controlling your Television contract is excellent, it brings up the realism. Why? Say for example you were controlling World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment and you wanted Raw on MTV, you can easily cancel your contract with TNN and sign with MTV. You can also choose what day/time the show is on, it totally rules! The best wrestling simulator ever, period. Oh and by the way, you can even re-name and alter your Pay-Per-Views! Also work with staff, hire and fire them. Choose the commentators for shows and hire new staff, plus thousands of free agents who you can sign! It totally rules!

Oh and also (heh, i could go on for hours talking about the features) there is a File Editor mode, so if you want a promotion out and you want to create your own, you can easily do so!

Gameplay - 10/10
Once again - amazing. You can sometimes find yourself playing Extreme Warfare Revenge for hours and hours, and think: ''Oh my, have i been playing it that long?''. You can't stop playing, as it rules. Probably the best wrestling simulator ever, period. If you have a slow computer, it won't be too bad, sometimes you may find yourself waiting quite long for it to load, but that is probably because you are receiving too much messages about the goings-on elsewhere (which you can alter in the 'Options' menu of the game, by the way). Totally rules, yet again, no surprise.

Should i download?
Definitely! If you don't you must be mad! This is the game for any wrestling fan, and i recommend that you download now! The best wrestling simulator ever in my opinion, a must get for any wrestling fan who likes wrestling simulators! You will not be disappointed at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/09/03, Updated 02/09/03

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