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    FAQ/Walkthrough by greygoalie

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Zoombinis' Logical Journey (also published as Logical Journey of the Zoombinis)
    This walkthrough by greygoalie/baldie (tikitikirevenge@hotmail.com)
    Walkthrough version 1.0
    1        Introduction
    2        Disclaimer
    3        About Zoombinis' Logical Journey
    4        Game Walkthrough
    4.1        The Big, the Bad, and the Hungry
    4.2        Who's Bayou
    4.3        The Deep Dark Forest
    4.4        Mountains of Despair
    4.5        Zoombiniville
    5        Thanks to
    1.0      INTRODUCTION
    Why a Zoombinis' walkthrough? Two main reasons: First, this is a game with no
    hidden features, meaning that I can safely say that I have missed nothing.
    Secondly, I have recently finished the game, and thought that this would be the
    best time to write about Zoombini's Logical Journey, lest I forget. A possible
    third reason is that I think that the other one that is currently on GameFAQs
    is too comprehensive, and that there are parts of it that are covered too
    briefly for anyone using it as a walkthrough.
    I believe that Riverdeep, the company that created this game, is an amazing
    company. Half of the games I grew up with were Riverdeep. (Broderbund and The
    Learning Company are both subdivisions of Riverdeep.)
    2.0      DISCLAIMER
    This guide is the creation and property of baldie and greygoalie. This may be
    reproduced as long as credit is given to baldie for the information contained
    Zoombinis' Logical Journey is an education game designed to promote logical and
    sorting skills in 'a fun environment'. The game is easy to learn, with the mouse
    being the only necessary control, but in later levels, the game is hard to play.
    Generally, you solve puzzles by clicking on an object to pick it up, and
    clicking on a glowing area to release it. There are four major treks that
    Zoombinis will need to pass, each consisting of three puzzles. In every puzzle,
    you risk losing Zoombinis if you fail a number of times (with the possible
    exception of one particular puzzle). When you sucessfully complete a group of
    three puzzles without losing any Zoombinis, the difficulty for that trek become
    higher. There are four levels of difficulty: 'NOT SO EASY', 'OH SO HARD', 'VERY
    HARD', and 'VERY VERY HARD', a difficulty which quickly becomes a standard.
    Each trek is seperated from the others by a resting point. This is not a puzzle.
    You may keep Zoombinis here as long as you like, but you will need EXACTLY 16
    Zoombinis to continue from these points.
    4.0      WALKTHROUGH
    If I have made a spelling mistake or posted incorrect information here, contact
    me at tikitikirevenge@hotmail.com so I can rectify my mistake.
    Zoombini Isle is not really a puzzle or level, but it is where all of those
    adorable little Zoombinis begin their journey to freedom. Here, you will be faced
    with a collection of 23 buttons, all which help you choose Zoombinis for the trip.
    You need exactly 16 Zoombinis to set off. You can choose Zoombinis either by
    pressing some of the buttons on the left to create a custom Zoombini, or clicking
    on the button with a picture of dice on it, which creates a random Zoombini.
    Zoombinis differ in the following ways:
    Hair - Spiked hair, ponytail, green cap, straight hair, or balding hair
    Eyes - Brown eyes, one eye, half-closed eyes, spectacles, or sunglasses
    Nose - Green, orange, red, purple, or blue
    Feet - Shoes, skates, wheels, propeller , or spring
    Many of the puzzles involve the bodily features of the Zoombinis, so be certain
    that you are satisfied with your selection of Zoombinis. You can only have two
    Zoombinis with exactly the same features in the entire game, so sometimes a custom
    Zoombini won't appear. Clicking on the dice will create a random Zoombini which
    has not appeared twice yet.
    When you are satisfied with the Zoombini you have chosen, click the arrow above
    the picture of the Zoombini. Repeat 15 times.
    When you have 16 Zoombinis out, click on the green arrow at the bottom-right of the
    screen. In all cases, this button allows you to move forward with the Zoombinis
    that have gotten through.
    All Zoombinis pass through this area, where they face three challenges: Allergic
    Cliffs, Stone Cold Caves, and Pizza Pass, all of which take place in a steeply
    terrained valley. If a Zoombini is stranded here, it returns to Zoombini Isle.
    The Zoombinis have to cross a gorge with two possible bridges. The cliff faces on
    the other side have unusual allergies to Zoombinis: a Zoombini let through by one
    cliff will be blown away by the other. After being put on an incorrect bridge,
    the Zoombini on the bridge is blown back. If you guess wrongly 6 times, the
    bridges collapse, stranding the Zoombinis on your left. Obviously, this is not
    what you want.
    Not So Easy: One cliff is allergic to a feature, the other is allergic to other
    Oh So Hard: One cliff is allergic to 2 features, while the other is allergic to
    all other Zoombinis.
    Very Hard:  One cliff is allergic to Zoombinis that DON'T have 2 features (eg. red
    nose and spectacles), the other is allergic to those that have either.
    Very Very Hard: Surprisingly similar to Very Hard.
    The Zoombinis must go through a passage. There are four caves that they can enter
    through, but to reach these caves, they will have to pass two of four rocks. The
    larger rocks guard each row of caves, the smaller rocks guard the smaller caves.
    If one of the large rocks does not let a Zoombini through, 'the other one surely
    will'. If the rocks stop Zoombinis too many times, a line of boulders blocks up
    the cave entrances, preventing the Zoombinis on the ground from continuing.
    Not So Easy: One of the large rocks does not accept any Zoombini. One of the
    snall rocks will not accept Zoombinis with a particular feature.
    Oh So Hard: One of the large rocks does not accept Zoombinis with a particular
    feature. One of the small rocks does not accept Zoombinis with a particular
    feature (of a different kind, eg. a type of feet and a type of eyes).
    Very Hard: One of the large rocks does not accept Zoombinis with a particular
    feature. One of the small rocks does not accept Zoombinis with one of 2 features.
    Sometimes it is the other way round, and one large rock won't take Zoombinis with
    one of 2 features, and one small rock disallows Zoombinis with a particular
    Very Very Hard: One of the large rocks will not accept roughly half the Zoombinis
    for varied reasons; one of the small rocks will not accept roughly half the
    Zoombinis for varied reasons. These reasons usually are: Having 1 of 2 features,
    having a combination of 2 features, or having 1 of 3 features.
    The Zoombinis find their paths blocked by a troll/group of trolls. Trolls will
    block your way until you can satisfy them by making a pizza. When shown a pizza,
    a troll will respond by saying that he/she a) is satisfied b) wants more toppings
    or c) Does not approve of at least one of the toppings. If a particular pizza
    ends up being disliked by all trolls, it is thrown into a basin at the bottom-
    right of the screen. If a particular pizza is partially satisfying (ie. the troll
    in question wanting more toppings), then it will be thrown onto a rock which
    corresponds to the troll that liked the pizza. When too many pizzas are made (not
    counting 'perfect pizzas'), the trolls start throwing away Zoombinis. When all
    trolls are satisfied, the Zoombinis can pass through.
    Not So Easy: Only Arno the troll. 5 possible topppings.
    Oh So Hard: Introducing Willomaen the troll. 6 possible toppings.
    Very Hard: Introducing Shyler the troll. 7 possible toppings.
    Very Very Hard: 3 trolls, 8 possible toppings. There are 4 pizzas in the bin to
    begin with. I have come up with a strategy for times like this. The bin would
    look like:
    TOPPINGS 1&4     TOPPINGS 1&3
    TOPPINGS 2&3     TOPPINGS 2&4
    Here, I make a pizza using toppings 3 AND 4, NOT 1 and 2. One of the trolls likes
    both of these. This is a useful starting point which just saves you a Zoombini.
    A resting point. You won't lose Zoombinis if you go to the map from here.
    There are two buttons to continue from here. One goes through Who's Bayou, the
    other goes through the Deep Dark Forest. Both paths meet.
    4.2 WHO'S BAYOU
    All Zoombinis go through either this route or Deep Dark Forest. Who's Bayou
    consists mainly of a long river and a steep hill.
    The Zoombinis need to cross the river. The easiest way is to take Captain Cajun's
    boat across. Although he says, 'I don't really care', he is very picky about
    where his riders sit. A Zoombini MUST have something in common with its neighbour
    to sit on a seat. If not, Captain Cajun kicks the Zoombini off the boat to try
    again. As far as I know, you have no limit to the number of tries, but it is,
    nonetheless, a hard activity.
    Not So Easy: A single straight line of seats curving around the boat.
    Oh So Hard: A 2x8 rectangle of seats.
    Very Hard: A 4x4 square of seats.
    Very Very Hard: A 4x4 square at an angle, so that a Zoombini can be next to up to
    6 others at the one time.
    In my opinion, this would have to be the longest puzzle in the game. The Zoombinis
    must cross a lake full of giant lilypads. Being too small to jump across, they
    must enlist the help of some giant toads. Each toad has a tatoo on its backl. The
    toad will only jump on lilypads which correspond to the tatoo. If the toad has a
    colored stripe on its back, it will only jump on lilypads with designs of that
    color. If the toad has a brown design on its back, it will only jump on lilypads
    with designs of the same shape. If the toad has a green design on its back, it can
    only jump on lilypads of the shape that the toad displays. You must find a path
    from one end of the river to another. The toads can only jump up, down, left or
    right. Once a Zoombini jumps onto a toad, it cannot get off. Each toad can be used
    twice, so you will need to find 8 (or less, depending on how many Zoombinis you
    have,) paths.
    Not So Easy: Find paths on the lily pads.
    Oh So Hard: You can use a wand to swap pads (limited charge). Roughly 2 paths to
    begin with.
    Very Hard: You can still use the wand (limited use). Roughly 2 paths to start off
    with. Crabs will take a path from top to bottom, disrupting your toad's progress.
    Crabs follow rules of what shape the lilypad is.
    Very Very Hard: As far as I know, no difference to Very Hard.
    The Zoombinis need to go up a sheer cliff face. An electrical field of hexagons is
    their best chance. Zoombinis can only stand on hexagons outlined with pink/orange.
    Only Zoombinis standing on a glowing hexagon (red or blue) will go up. If a
    Zoombini is placed next to a glowing hexagon, its hexagon will glow. If there are
    two Zoombinis linked with a picture of hair/eyes/nose/feet, they share that
    feature in common AND one of them is standing on a glowing hexagon, their hexagons
    will both glow. So if there is a Zoombini with spiky hair joined to another one
    with spiky hair by a picture of hair AND one of them is on a glowing square, they
    both will glow. The object is to linkup all the Zoombinis so that they can all go
    Not So Easy: Sets of 2.
    Oh So Hard: Sets of 3.
    Very Hard: Long chains of hexagons.
    Very Very Hard: An interlocking network of hexagons. If you can do this, you're a
    From here, Zoombinis will go on to Shade Tree.
    All Zoombinis go through either this route or Who's Bayou. Deep Dark Forest is set
    in a deep, dark forest.
    The Zoombinis are trekking along, when suddenly, they find a group of their
    distand cousins, the Fleens! With yellow bodies and as diverse as the Zoombinis,
    the group of 16 Fleens has one Fleen for every Zoombini in the group. Wanting to
    continue their trek uninterrupted, the Zoombinis need a way of escaping the Fleens.
    You will notice three Fleens atop a tree branch. If you can trick those Fleens
    into following, all the Fleens will run for it. To make a Fleen come out, put a
    Zoombini in the gap between hedges. The corresponding Fleen will grab the Zoombini
    and take it over to a tree. Starting from your seventh Zoombini, you will start
    losing them to the Fleens, so it is best to finish this in 6 moves or less.
    Not So Easy: Zoombini hair corresponds to Fleen hair, Zoombini eyes to Fleen eyes,
    etc. Therefore, two Zoombinis with different feet would attract two Fleens with
    different feet.
    Oh So Hard: As far as I know, no difference to Not So Easy
    Very Hard: Zoombini hair could correspond to any of the Fleen features, and so
    forth. Therefore, two Zoombinis with different feet could attract two Fleens with
    either hair, eyes, nose or feet different.
    Very Very Hard: As far as I know, no difference to Very Hard.
    The Zoombinis arrive at Hotel Dimensia for the night only minutes before midnight -
    closing time. You must help Zoombinis into a room at the last minute, but the
    management at the hotel is unbelievably picky about where Zoombinis sit. There are
    hidden sorting rules for which column (and row (and smaller column)) the Zoombini
    sits in. Unlike Stone Cold Caves, only the METHOD of sorting is already decided. So
    the first Zoombini you put down will definitely get a room. The sorting rules are
    simple: one type of (hair/eyes/nose/feet) per column, one type of (hair/eyes/nose/
    feet) per row, and so forth. If you put Zoombinis into incorrect rooms to many
    times, the ones remaining on the ground will be locked out.
    Not So Easy: 5x1 rooms.
    Oh So Hard: 5x5 rooms.
    Very Hard: 5x5 rooms, with several boarded up.
    Very Very Hard: 5x5x5 rooms.
    The Zoombinis need to scale a sheer cliff. To do this, they need to utilize the
    catapults provided on Mudball Wall. Three Zoombinis will line up on the catapult,
    and to send them flying up, you must shoot mudballs at the light-grey spaces. The
    more dots on the spaces, the more Zoombinis will be sent up. You will need to work
    out the rules that govern where different mudballs hit, according to their
    properties: color, shape, and in harder levels, inside color. Ideally, you would
    want to hit all light grey spots before your mud runs out.
    Not So Easy: Simple 5x5 grid. One attribute determines column, the other chooses
    Oh So Hard: Harder 5x5 grid. One attribute will determine row/column, the other
    uses a slightly more complex formula to determine column/row. There is an obvious
    pattern that, at most, you will only need spend 3 mudballs deciphering.
    Very Hard: Simple 5x5x5 grid. Basically, one attribute chooses what large column
    the mudball hits; the other two work like the ones in Not So Easy.
    Very Very Hard: Harder 5x5x5 grid. Basically, one attribute chooses what large
    column the mudball hits; the other two work like the ones in Oh So Hard.
    The second resting point. If you go to the map from here, you won't lose any of
    your Zoombinis. Both 'Who's Bayou' and 'Deep Dark Forest' meet here. From here,
    the Zoombinis are more that two thirds of the way through their journey. The rest
    is hard in a fairly climatic way, but nothing extremely bad.
    This is the final stage of the trek for all Zoombinis. The mountains of despair
    take place in and around high and deep peaks of land.
    The Zoombinis travers a mystical room. To pass the stone lion guarding the path,
    the Zoombinis must place themselves upon stone blocks. However, they must line up
    in groups, otherwise a gate will close, blocking the path. When a Zoombini is
    placed on a wrong block, it is forcefully moved to the correct space. If it is
    placed on a correct block, nothing happens. The Zoombinis are sorted by one or
    two of their features; for example, red noses then green then blue, orange and
    purple. Sometimes there are carvings to the left of the lion as a guide to how
    the Zoombinis should line up.
    Not So Easy: Sorted in groups. 5 carvings on the wall. Gate closes after 4 wrong
    Oh So Hard: Sorted in groups. 2 carvings on the wall. Gate closes after 5 wrong
    Very Hard: Sorted in groups and subgroups. 4 carvings on the wall: 2 for main
    groups and two for the smaller groups. 6 guesses.
    Very Very Hard: Sorted in groups and subgroups. No carvings. 7 guesses.
    The Mirror Machine decides the fates of the Zoombinis when they arrive at an old
    unused mine. Each Zoombini must ride a mine cart along a track. If the Mirror
    Machine has two perfectly symmetrical images on either side of the centre
    crystal, the Zoombini may pass. Otherwise, the Zoombini falls a long long way
    down to an unknown place. Most of the time, there will be chunks of crystal
    surrounding the mirror which change the appearance of the Zoombinis. Although not
    too realistic, (how can a picture of thin wispy hair block out an image of a GIANT
    ponytail?), this does serve to make gameplay more interesting. When you think
    that you have matched up your Zoombini(s) with the crytal(s) at the other end,
    click on the lever. After the Zoombini goes through, you must click on the lever
    one more time.
    NT: Some people I know have been confused by the representation of wheels. The
    crystal images of wheels look NOTHING like the real thing.
    Not So Easy: Basically a warm-up to learn how the Mirror Machine works. You put
    a Zoombini onto the empty mine car, and a piece of crystal onto the far board.
    Oh So Hard: Again, a warm-up to understanding the Mirror Machine. There are now
    strange filters changing what your Zoombini looks like, as well as the crystal on
    the other end.
    Very Hard: Here's where things get interesting. Zoombinis and crystal pieces are
    placed for you. You must now strategically place filters in front of them. By the
    way, flashing/changing features change depending on what feature of that type is
    behind them. Experiment with them, as sometimes they provide solutions.
    Very Very Hard: If you're good enough, most of the game will be spent on this
    level. Two Zoombinis go with every pull of the lever. The two inside ones go
    together; the two outside ones go together. Almost always, you will need to use
    the variable flashing features for things that change between Zoombinis/crystal
    This is the last obstacle in every Zoombini's journey, and not to sound clichéd,
    but this is where it all comes down. At the easiest level, this can be a struggle,
    and at the hardest, if you don't know what's going on, there is no way you're
    going to squeeze all of your Zoombinis through. You will need to understand how
    to interpret the signs on the abyss to play.
    WHITE ARROWS - All Zoombinis follow white arrows that they go over.
    WHITE ARROWS WITH GREY ARROWS - When a Zoombini goes over it, the white and grey
    swap, thus changing the direction of the arrow.
    WHIRLPOOLS - This is EXACTLY what you want to avoid. Zoombinis who go over these
    fall into the abyss.
    WHITE ARROWS WITH PICTURES OF FEATURES ABOVE - Zoombinis with the depicted body
    part move in the direction of the arrows. All other Zoombinis ignore this.
    COLORED ARROWS - Changes direction (clockwise) when a Zoombini goes over a button
    of the same color. All Zoombinis follow these arrows when they go over them.
    COLORED TINGLING FIELDS - When a Zoombini goes over it, it stays there. When a
    Zoombini goes over it when the field is already occupied, it pushes the Zoombini
    that is on there, and gets stuck on the field itself. When a Zoombini goes over
    a button of the same color as the field, a Zoombini on the field moves in the
    direction it was going before it was trapped. These only appear in the fourth
    COLORED BUTTONS - Affect arrows and fields of the same color. See above for more
    If two Zoombinis collide, they fall into the abyss. You begin with all your
    Zoombinis at the bottom-left. You want to get them to the top-right. Put a
    Zoombini on an arrow to place it in a bubble. When a Zoombini collides with a
    shelf of land, its bubble pops and it lands on that block of land.
    Not So Easy: One path will only be safe for Zoombinis with a particular feature;
    the other will push it into a whirlpool. On the second path, there is a white/grey
    arrow. One of its paths will hurt Zoombinis with one feature; the other will hurt
    Zoombinis with a different feature.
    Oh So Hard: Either a version of Not So Easy, or a version of Very Hard.
    Very Hard: Two sections, not necessarily in the order written here. The first
    section is only for Zoombinis of a particular feature. There are a few side
    paths for Zoombinis with features of different kinds. The second section is a
    version of Not So Easy. The first section you go through has a colored button
    to go to the next part.
    Very Very Hard: This is exceedingly complex, and requires a lot of planning to
    begin with. There are two paths to choose from. One leads to another ledge. Take
    note of any Zoombini who can't go through here due to a body part. Set those to
    the side. Then, imagine the path that you would take on the other route. Find a
    Zoombini with the one feature that leads to a static field via this route, and
    set it to the side. There are four buttons. One of them can be reached by the
    other path, one of them will be pressed by the Zoombinis you just set aside. Find
    two Zoombinis who could reach that button if the three-way colored arrow was
    pointing to the right. Set them aside. Find a Zoombini that can take the one
    other route to the first static field and set it aside. Set more Zoombinis aside
    until you have one more than a multiple of three that weren't put to the side.
    Put those on the indirect route (the one that leads to a shelf of rock with one
    pump). From here, put the Zoombini you set aside (for having a feature that would
    lead it onto a field) onto the other route. It should press a button, narrowly
    miss a whirlpool and get caught in a static field. Put the Zoombinis crammed into
    another shelf through. From here, try to work out the logical way to get all the
    other Zoombinis through.
    Welcome to Zoombiniville, the end of all of the Zoombinis' journey! Hopefully
    you have reached here with the crew of 16 you set off with. Here, you will see
    the newest additions to Zoombiniville directly in front of you. After a while you
    can see houses and shops in the surrounding hills. Click on the edges of the
    screen to look around.
    Every time you complete a part of the journey without losing ANY Zoombinis for
    the first time, a building is erected in honour of those Zoombinis. The buildings
    will be built in this order:
    1.  Band shell
    2.  Windmill
    3.  General Store
    4.  Swimming Pool
    5.  Clock Tower
    6.  Bowling Alley
    7.  Firehouse
    8.  Opera House
    9.  Paper Clip Museum
    10. Courthouse
    11. Monument
    12. Schoolhouse
    13. City Hall
    14. Library
    15. Observatory
    16. Playground
    If you have recieved a new monument, congratulations! You have beaten the newest
    challange that the game has set for you. By the way, the building won't appear
    until the Zoombinis who passed the challenge reach Zoombiniville.
    Repeat your journey to a total of 39 1/16 times, and you have taken 625 Zoombinis
    across! When you do this, nothing particularly special happens, just the narrator
    saying a few all too familiar phrases in Zoombiniville and the inability to make
    Zoombinis at Zoombini Isle. CONGRATULATIONS! You've just beaten the game!
    5.0 THANKS TO
    - My conscience, for guilt-tripping me into finishing this walkthrough.
    - My friends and family for putting up with me dedicating a whole hour to this
    - Broderbund for creating such a wonderful game.
    - Riverdeep for buying over such wonderful companies.
    - Whoever invented the concept of mathematical thinking, which is the main focus
    of this game.
    And that is the end of this walkthrough.

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