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"This game is a "Logical" choice."

This game is a very fun game that is enjoyable for the whole family. The high skill levels can challenge even a master. This game has a very long replay value and the adventure can be played and enjoyed many times.

Story: 7/10
The story is actually pretty good but has flaws. The main story is that you have to guide Zoombinis, little small creatures, to a new place to call home. The Zoombinis were enslaved by another race of creatures after trusting them to help them out. The Zoombinis then dislike the treatment and escape in a boat to a island. From there 16 Zoombinis at a time trek across the land going through puzzles to reach a new home.

The flaws are easily noticed but don't hurt the story too much. First of all and most importantly, the Zoombinis seem to know exactly where they are going and they have never been to the place. So then the next group of Zoombinis goes the exactly same way as the last group and they never knew the other Zoombinis went there. But overall, the story isn't too bad.

Game Play: 9/10
The game play is one of a great puzzle game. You are the controller of the Zoombinis and you have to get them past many puzzles so they can get to their new home. What you do is create your 16 Zoombinis out of different parts (noses/hair/etc) and start them on their journey. You come across different puzzles along the way and on each there is a possibility that a Zoombini or two will be left behind.

After reaching the Zoombinis home with the first group, you do it again, and again, and again, and again, get the point.The thing is though, after a certain amount of times you do a puzzle, the difficulty increases. This is the thing that helps and hurts the game play. The good things about the increases difficulty are that you can get the challenge you need out of this game, and the game doesn't feel as repetitive as it really is. The bad things start with very hard mode. Yu don't have the option to keep easy difficulty the entire game, you HAVE to do the increased difficulty. This is where younger gamers have trouble. The puzzles become too hard for the gamer and he/she stops because he/she can't go on. Otherwise, the increase in difficulty is fun.

Sound: 6/10
The sound is pretty straightforward and is nothing special. The narrator talks about the journey as you go along and sound effects are used when you do a puzzle. A few puzzles even have talking characters. The bad thing is that the Zoombinis never say a word. They are totally silent and won't say a thing. It just feels weird that the main characters don't talk. Some of the sound is also repetitive and it gets very annoying after playing for a while.

Replay Value: almost infinite/10
There are over 600 Zoombinis to get to their home and once the difficulty reaches very hard mode, getting all 16 to their home is nearly impossible. So like I did, I just played some everyday then quit after it became just too hard to finish. But if you beat the game, you deserve a big pizza and an ice cream sunday because it will have taken you a while.

To Buy or to Rent:
If you like strategy games and you like little blobby creatures then this is a big buy for you. Even if you don't, this game makes you think and has an almost infinite replay value, so renting just isn't enough. I say buy and your dollar will be well spent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/05/05, Updated 11/30/07

Game Release: Zoombinis Logical Journey (US, 09/30/01)

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