• Cheats

    Press the tilde (~) key to open the console. Type ''DebugMode 1'' without the quotations to enable the cheats. Press the tilde key again and enter any of the below cheats (type in ''DebugMode 0'' to turn off the console, although some cheats will remain)

    ModCHA #Add specific number to Charisma
    ModCON #Add specific number to Constitution
    ModDEX #Add specific number to Dexterity
    ModINT #Add specific number to Intelligence
    ModSTR #Add specific number to Strength
    ModWIS #Add specific number to Wisdom
    dm_setmodulevarint iAribethRomance 1Aribeth becomes your one true love (\Type in before speaking to the Knower of Names after you free her)
    dm_modifyage #Change your character's age.
    SetAppearance (001-298)Change your character's appearance
    dm_modifysavefortitude #Change your fortitude saving throw.
    dm_modifysavereflex #Change your reflex saving throw.
    dm_modifysavewill #Change your will saving throw.
    DebugMode 0Disable cheats
    dm_gettimeDisplay current game time
    fpsDisplay frames-per-second
    dm_healFull health
    GiveLevel #Gain indicated number of levels
    GiveXP #Give # amount of experience points
    dm_levelupGives you just enough XP to gain one level.
    dm_godGod mode
    hidepartynamesHide your party's names on the sidebar
    dm_cowsfromhellKiller flying cows
    dm_allspells 1Lets you use any spell with no class restrictions.
    dm_modifyattackbase #Modify your base to-hit bonus.
    dm_modifyspellresistanceModify your spell resistence.
    dm_givegold #Receive # amount of gold
    dm_mylittleponyRide a pony
    dm_givelevel #Set character level
    SetAge #Set character's age
    SetAppearance (race)Set character's race
    SetCHA #Set charisma
    SetCON #Set constitution
    dm_settimeSet current game time
    SetDEX #Set dexterity
    SetINT #Set intelligence
    SetSTR #Set strength
    SetWIS #Set Wisdom
    dm_setraceSet your character's race.
    showpartynamesShow your party's names on the sidebar
    dm_movetoarea <NameOfMap>teleports player to a different map
    dm_allspells 0Turn off the 'allspells' cheat.

  • Spawn Creatures

    While playing, press ctrl + space and type in CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(''code'')
    Note that you can only summon one at a time.

    wolfdidire wolf
    wolfdr01dread wolf
    gncap01gnoll captain
    gneli01gnoll elite
    gnlfli01gnoll flind
    gnsha01gnoll shaman
    gnsla01gnoll slasher
    gnvet01gnoll veteran
    gnlwar01gnoll warrior
    gendjn01noble djinni
    genefn01noble efreeti
    wolfva01vampiric wolf
    wolfwi01winter wolf
    wolfzo01zombie wolf

    Contributed By: megavolnutt99.


  • Make lots of money, the easy way!

    If you cast the wizard spell 'Continual Flame' on an equippable item, not only will the item give off a white light when equipped, it's value goes up greatly! When cast on a lowly copper ring, the value goes frpm 9 gp to more than 190! Even if the item is already laden with enchantments, if you cast Continual Flame on an item you never want to use again before you sell it to a merchant, you can get a nice extra chunk of change!

    Contributed By: jenovaproject.

  • Unlock all HOTU expansion chapters in single player

    In the neverwinter nights directory there is a file called nwnplayer.ini Open the file and find the line that says ''CODEWORD XP2='' or some variation thereof. Change it to:

    CODEWORD XP2=barkeater

    If there isn't a ''CODEWORD XP2='' line then just add it somewhere between the ''[Game Options]'' and ''[Control Options]'' lines. After putting this in you should be able to access all the chapters for the expansion campaign

    Contributed By: Master9000.

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