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Additional ArtJono Lee
Additional ArtTom Ohle
Additional DesignKevin Martins
Additional DesignJames Ohlen
Additional DesignDan Whiteside
Additional ProgrammingJohn Bible
Additional ProgrammingJanice Thoms
AnimationCarman Cheung
AnimationJim Jagger
AnimationJohn Santos
AnimationLarry Stevens
ArtistNolan Cunningham
ArtistMike Leonard
ArtistTrent Oster
ArtistAlex Scot
Assistant ProducerDarcy Pajak
Audio Design & ImplementationDave Chan
Audio Design & ImplementationSteve Sim
Audio ProducerDave Chan
Cinematics Art DirectorBhavin Patel
Cinematics Creative DirectorPaul Neurath
Cinematics Creative DirectorDaniel Thron
Cinematics ProducerBen Hansford
Cinematics Production ManagerCassandra Khavari
Cinematics Senior AnimatorJeremy Sahlman
Cinematics Sound EffectsKemal Amarasingham
Cinematics Studio DirectorBrian White
Cinematics VFX SupervisorDoug Wilkinson
Co-executive ProducerRay Muzyka
Co-executive ProducerGreg Zeschuk
Data-EntryAndrew Nobbs
DesignerRob Bartel
DesignerYaron Jakobs
DesignerDrew Karpyshyn
DesignerBrad Prince
DesignerKeith Warner
DesignerGeorg Zoeller
Lead ArtistSung Kim
Lead DesignerDavid Gaider
Lead DesignerBrent Knowles
Lead DesignerLead Writer
Lead ProgrammerNoel Borstad
Lead Tools ProgrammerSydney Tang
MusicJeremy Soule
Producer Director & ProducerTrent Oster
ProgrammerDerek Beland
ProgrammerAndrew Gardner
ProgrammerRoss Gardner
ProgrammerBrenon Holmes
ProgrammerPaul Roffel
ProgrammerCraig Welburn
Tools ProgrammingOwen Borstad
Tools ProgrammingKris Tan
Voice ActingJocelyn Ahlf
Voice ActingApril Banigan
Voice ActingWes Borg
Voice ActingLeona Brausen
Voice ActingDavid Bruns
Voice ActingSerena H. Clark
Voice ActingDave Clarke
Voice ActingRobert Corness
Voice ActingBill Coull
Voice ActingChris Craddock
Voice ActingPeter Daly
Voice ActingJosh Dean
Voice ActingCathy Derkach
Voice ActingJerry Firman
Voice ActingBeth Graham
Voice ActingAshleigh Ireland
Voice ActingKeith James
Voice ActingTim Koslo
Voice ActingCaroline Livingstone
Voice ActingGord Marriott
Voice ActingMark Meer
Voice ActingDebbie Munro
Voice ActingKrista Nebloch
Voice ActingBarb North
Voice ActingJana O'Connor
Voice ActingChris Postle
Voice ActingShelon Shannon
Voice ActingJohn Ullyatt
Voice ActingBlair Wensley
Voice ActingGrant Wiens
Voice ActingFrederick Zbryski


Data and credits for this game contributed by Guard Master, odino, theclaw135, and oliist.

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