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    FAQ/Walkthrough by hellmut1

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                              Forgotten Realms
                Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark
                               Expansion Pack
                   (i'm not good at those fancy designs)
    Table of Contents
                  (use ctrl+f to find what section you want
                  i.e  ctrl+f  then  type  [i]  for version
                  history.  i  probably  sorted my Table of
                  conents   in   the   weirdest  way,  i.e.
                               [vi ii.9]? lol.)
    [i] ........... Version History
    [ii] .......... Legal Stuff
    [iii] ......... General Stuff
    [iv] .......... Notes, Tips & Hints
    [v] ........... Walkthrough
    [va] .......... ---- My Character
    [vb] .......... ---- Chapter 1
    [vb i] ........  **  The Yawning Portal
    [vb ii] .......  **  Descent into Undermountain
    [vb iii] ......  **  Level 2 of Undermountain
    [vb iv] .......  **  Level 3 of Undermountain
    [vc] .......... ---- Chapter 2
    [vc i] ........  **  A strange island
    [vc ii] .......  **  The golem maker
    [vc iii] ......  **  Beholder Army of Valsharess
    [vc iv] .......  **  Illithid Army of Valsharess
    [vc v] ........  **  Undead Army of Valsharess
                         (thanks [Iced]vampyre)
                         (thanks to G Admiral Thrawn)
    [vc vi] .......  **  Seige on the rebel camp
                         (i forgot the journal name)
    [vd] .......... ---- Chapter 3
    [vd i] ........  **  Realm of Cania
    [vd ii] .......  **  The Mimic
    [vd iii] ......  **  Puzzler's Sepulcher
    [vd iv] .......  **  Blood war
    [vd v] ........  **  The knower of names &
                         Big Meph
    [vi] .......... Appendix
    [vi i] ........ ---- Races
    [vi ii] ....... ---- Base Classes
    [vi ii.1] .....  **  Barbarian
    [vi ii.2] .....  **  Bard
    [vi ii.3] .....  **  Cleric
    [vi ii.4] .....  **  Druid
    [vi ii.5] .....  **  Fighter
    [vi ii.6] .....  **  Monk
    [vi ii.7] .....  **  Paladin
    [vi ii.8] .....  **  Ranger
    [vi ii.9] .....  **  Rogue
    [vi ii.10] ....  **  Sorcerer
    [vi ii.11] ....  **  Wizard
    [vi iii] ...... ---- Prestige Classes
    [vi iii.1] ....  **  Arcane Archer - SoU
    [vi iii.2] ....  **  Assassin - SoU
    [vi iii.3] ....  **  Blackguard - SoU
    [vi iii.4] ....  **  Champion of Torm - HotU
    [vi iii.5] ....  **  Dwarven Defender - HotU
    [vi iii.6] ....  **  Harper Scout - SoU
    [vi iii.7] ....  **  Pale Master - HotU
    [vi iii.8] ....  **  Red Dragon Disciple - HotU
    [vi iii.9] ....  **  Shifter - HotU
    [vi iii.10] ...  **  Shadowdancer - SoU
    [vi iii.11] ...  **  Weapon Master - HotU
    [vi iv] ....... ---- The Rarer Fare
    [vi iv.1] ..... ---- Chapter One Items
    [vi iv.2] .....  **  Waterdeep and Undermountain level 1 items
    [vi iv.3] .....  **  Undermountain level 2 items
    [vi iv.4] .....  **  Undermountain level 3 items
    [vi iv.5] ..... ---- Chapter Two Items
                       [i] . VERSION HISTORY --- V1.06
                               January 27, 2004
                              Started this FAQ.
                               January 28, 2004
                             Finished chapter one
                               January 29, 2004
                             Starting chapter two
                          Finished a strange island
                               January 31, 2004
                        Finishing chapter two on this
                        FAQ. Starting chapter 3 soon.
                               Febuary 1, 2004
                               Added some info
                               Febuary 1, 2004
                              Added Undead part
                        courtesy of [Iced]Vampyre and
                               G Admiral Thrawn
                               Febuary 1, 2004
                            Added some more stuff
                               Febuary 3, 2004
                               Added more stuff
                        and started some of chapter 3
                               Febuary 5, 2004
                           Added more stuff and did
                           more stuff on chapter 3
                               Febuary 8, 2004
                            Finishing this FAQ up
                            Will organize it soon
                               Febuary 9, 2004
                               Added more info
                                organized FAQ
                               Febuary 10, 2004
                            Added appendix section
                               Febuary 11, 2004
                            finished base classes
                            added more info V1.03
                               Febuary 16, 2004
                          finished prestige classes
                               Febuary 25, 2004
                          Added some "unique" items
                               Febuary 28, 2004
                     Finished Undermountain level 1 items
                                March 10, 2004
                 Finished Chapter 1 items, I'm going to make
                  a separate section for the items the Djinn
                             [ii] . Legal Stuff
    This  FAQ  was  written  by  hellmut1 (on Gamefaqs) aka HellMuT or Jef
    Lister,  and  this  FAQ  may  not  be  used  anywhere else without his
    permission.  If  you  wish  to  use  his  FAQ  you  may  EMAIL  him at
    helmut87@msn.com,  but  you  may  use this FAQ for personal uses, i.e.
    printing  out  and  reading  it.  But  you may not post anywhere else,
    ign.com,  cheatplanet.com  or  whatever, unless of course you have his
    permission. ©2004 (sorry for reffering myself in a 3rd person way)
    Thanks to these people for helping with the FAQ:
    G Admiral Thrawn
    Mark Willman
    Richard Gaddy
    Corwin Revis
    GI Jay
    Darko Perovic
    Felipe Barbirato
    Claude Kenni
    John Longino
    Sites  that  have  been  authorized  (you  can find the most recent at
    http://www.ign.com (faqs.ign.com)
                           [iii] . General Stuff
    You  should  know how to play by now, if you don't, play NWN: Prelude.
    Everything  you  need  to know should be in the manual(s). Just to let
    you know this is my first attempt at making a FAQ, ever. This FAQ will
    hopefully help you finish the HotU campaign. There most likely be some
    important stuff I'll be missing, so if you want to contribute you can,
    by  emailing  me  at helmut87@msn.com. Of course, I'll give you credit
    for helping me out in making this FAQ.
             Used GWD Text Editor (shareware) to retouch this FAQ
                          29$ for Registered version
                     Got idea from Dsimpson's FAQ in BG2
    I  will  update  this  FAQ  little  by  little  now,  since  the whole
    walkthrough  is  complete.  I  will  just  be adding more info for the
    appendix and info from emails. I just recently got really addicted too
    Gunbound, I barely do anything now! Now my GPA has dropped by 1 point,
    haha, I must stop and procrastinate on my homework.
    Adding  section  called  "The  Rarer  Fare",  basically  i'll  add the
    "unique"  items you can find throughout the walkthrough, i.e. Enserric
    the  Long/Great/Shortsword.  Mostly  its stuff with unique names, like
    Adamantite  Breastplate,  not stuff like Kukri +8 or anything. I won't
    add  miscellaneous items either, like those bard items, like Lyrics of
    the  Lich  and  such.  Just  Armor,  Helms,  Shields,  Amulets, Rings,
    Bracers/Gloves, Boot, and Cloaks
                         [iv]  . Notes, Tips & Hints
             **This is the Notes section for misc. stuff, like
              advices on completing the walkthrough or for PW
             servers and such. If you have any advice you want
             to share or any character builds please send them
             to me, and i'll post them up here. If you do post
              any character buils please make them as detailed
                               as possible.**
    I'll post some in-game tips that show when you are loading, saving and
    etc.  Too  bad it doesn't show in the chat box like in BG2. But if you
    remember any in-game tips please share some.
    "Ok,  don't  forget  you  can have 3 henchman, but the more people you
    have  following  you,  the  less  experience  you'll  recieve." - Mark
    "before  you  leave the temple of the Sleeping Man for the first time,
    make  sure  you've sold EVERYTHING you don't need to the Quarry Boss -
    he gives a max of 50 000 for an item, and the Djinie in the bottle you
    carry  from the Undermountain only gives a max of 15 000. Why sell the
    stuff? Well, you'll need about 2 000 000 GP (maybe a little less) when
    you  reach  the  Knower  of  Names, for you need to purchase some True
    Names  from  her  (aside  from  knowing  the Reaper's name, which is a
    must),  and  their  cost varies from 100 000 to 500 000... I recommend
    you  buy  the  names  of your party members, for me it was Aribeth and
    Valen,  because  if your Persuasion skill isn't sky high, they'll turn
    against  you  very soon... And, if you have the money, you can buy the
    Mephisto's  true name for 500 000, in that case you won't even have to
    fight him. Poor archdevil..." - Xenobius
    "the Puzzle Ring... The item is very useful, because when equipped, it
    allows  you  to see hidden treasure chests which are invisible without
    the ring. Sometimes it also confuses you, because some chests can only
    be  seen  when  the  ring  is  NOT  equipped. This concerns mostly the
    Mimic's cave, but there are other chests. First, when you just get the
    ring,  DO  NOT  go  into  the astral door right away! Visit the quarry
    boss.  In  the  corner of the room where the quarry boss is, there's a
    chest(Ring  is ON), with a Skeleton Armor (You don't want to miss it.)
    Then,  go  to the tavern. Near the weaponsmith ghost (the one from the
    Underdark)  there  are  three  barrels.  The  middle  one (Ring is ON)
    contains a VERY powerful (and valuable) bow." - Xenobius
    "when you try to do the scrivener quest, I didn't know this but if you
    have  the  two  NPCs  from  the  last chapter in your party...the drow
    female and the tiefling...then the scrivener for some reason would not
    join  my  party.  If  he  doesn't  join your party he won't follow you
    around  and  you  can't  complete  the quest for Lady Aribeth. I had a
    really  difficult  time  trying to figure this out and I wound up just
    restarting  the entire 3rd chapter eventually because I thought it was
    a bug. When I restarted chapter 3 the reaper didn't give me the option
    of  letting me bring my previous allies to my party this time so I had
    to  go  solo, and this is how I found out he can join my party now and
    finish the quest. I also had my golem in my party as well when I first
    tried  so it's possible that with the 2 NPCs and the golem in my group
    the  scrivener  just could not fit into my party. I had no idea he was
    supposed  to  join  my party in the first place though to complete the
    quest  because  the game doesn't tell you anything about him having to
    join  you to do the quest. Anyway it was really irritating for me so I
    thought other people might be having the same problem." Gi Jay
    "A couple of useful hints for spellcasters:
    I have found a number of the battles in this game to be very difficult
    for  a  spellcaster including the mithril golems, the demi-lich, a few
    of the path guardians, the grimgnaw encounter, and of course the final
    battle  with  Mephistopheles was very hard. Time and time again I have
    found one spell extremely useful for helping me get past nearly all of
    my  tough  battles  and  that  was  Black Blade of Disaster. The sword
    created  by  this  spell  is  truely  powerful. It takes zero physical
    damage  and  is immune to almost all spells. It makes a fantastic tank
    for  a  tough  battle and actually deals a decent amount of damage. It
    also  has some type of instant death attack (vorpal I believe). When I
    fought  Meph, he was actually killed by my Black Blade's instant death
    attack...Meph  failed his save against it and died instantly. Honestly
    there  is  no  other way I would have beaten him I don't think. He was
    immune  to  almost all of my spells and when I had Aribeth tanking him
    he was cleaving through her 700 hp in a few rounds.
    Also some of those big battles like the drow seige are a piece of cake
    if  you have access to wail of the banshee and chain lightning. I made
    short work of that army in just a few minutes without much help at all
    from  the NPCs. I just ran out with my character, wail of banshee like
    4  times  and  half  that drow army was already dead. The rest of them
    were finished off quite quickly with chain lightning flying around the
    I  think the Grimgnaw fight was one of the toughest in the game for me
    as well. I had to buff myself up with ALL of my top defense spells and
    have my Black Blade of Disaster tank Blapheron immediately. Then I had
    would  use  Bigby's  imposing  hand  on all of the melee characters to
    lower  their  attack by 10. I left Aribeth to run around and basically
    annoy  whomever she could but I would periodically have to run over to
    her and use a heal potion on her to keep her alive. Grimgnaw of course
    follows  you  around  wherever  you  go  and I had a fire shield up to
    damage  him  as he hit me while I concentrated on nuking Maugrim. Once
    my  Black  Blade  was  able  to  drop  Blapheron it would go after the
    closest  target  which  is hopefully Maugrim because he is really damn
    annoying  with  his nukes and heal spells. My Blade made short work of
    him  and  then  came  after  Grimgnaw  who  was still kicking my butt.
    Another  really irritating character is that archer. Her arrows have a
    dispel  effect  and  when they him me, dispelled most of my buffs. She
    was  giving  me a fit of problems and I had to go after her as soon as
    the  spellcasters  went  down. It took me about 15 tries but I finally
    got past that battle." - Gi Jay
    "I  have  a tip for wizards and sorcerors facing this battle. Use wail
    of the banshee and you will probably take out the Minotaur, Belpheron,
    and  Maugrim  all  at  once.  Thats  what  happened for me anyway. " -
    Richard Gaddy
    "As  a  sorceror  most  of  the  battles  i faced were easy, even ones
    supposed  to  be difficult. When i am facing a tough enemy such as the
    demi-lich  or  the mythral golems or such i use isaac's greater missle
    storm  a  few  times and they go down fast. It is even easy to take on
    the  dracolich  all  four  times  just  using that lovely spell in its
    original,  empowered,  and  maximized  form.  If spell resistance is a
    problem  use  Morkendainens  Disjunction to lower spell resistance and
    there  shouldnt  be much trouble. The only thing i had lots of trouble
    with  was  the rakshasas and Big M. As for henchmen you can make valen
    and  aribeth (once you get them) into walking slaughterhouses with one
    piece  of  armor. Chainmail of Speed. I got the first one from SoU and
    kept  it  for  HotU  and  got a second one in the room with the stolen
    goods  on  one  of  the  drow's  bodies. Valen just by himself can cut
    through  most  monsters  in  chapter  2  like a hot knife through warm
    butter.  With aribeth added to your party the only thing that can give
    you  trouble  is  maybe  grimnaw  and  crew  and definitely Big M. " -
    Richard Gaddy
    "if  you  use the Halaster magnifying lens that you find at this level
    on a formian, it strike them with some kind of slaying light... :-)" -
    I  found  some  weird  stuff  on  Hordes  Of The Underdark that wasn't
    mentioned  in  any  of  your faqs it's about the bridge control at the
    entrace  of  the  beholder  caves.If  you  character  has the pearl of
    tongues  or  the  pearl  of  bashing you'll get other choices and some
    weird  easter  bunnies I think. I'm sending images of the stuff but go
    ahead and check for yourselves.
    here's what the items do:
    when you insert the pearl of bashing a strange message will appear
    root@faerun.prime.com:/games/nwn#  its like an email or something tell
    me if you find out anything about it
    when  you  insert  the  pearl  of  tongues  (can be purchased with the
    you will be able to choose the language of the panel (in case you dont
    have a high lore).
    -Felipe Barbirato
    Ok, about this.. neverwinter has said something about this easter egg,
    it          can          be          found         right         here:
    If  you  are  too  lazy  to  go  to  that  site,  here is a definative
    explanation by John Longino:
    "Somebody  at Bioware has an odd sense of humor. root@faerun.prime.com
    refers  to,  in  order  - The dungeon master (in UNIX systems, root is
    superuser,  or  'God'  if you will), the world, and the Prime Material
    plane.  Here's  the  joke  -  it's  in BASH shell format, which is the
    text-based interface that a lot of UNIX and Linux systems use. I don't
    know  if it's a double joke, but if it is, then maybe the 'pearl' part
    is  a  reference  to  PERL  scripts, which are very common for running
    simple  command-line  interface  programs  (AKA daemons, so why didn't
    they go for a triple entendre?)" - John Longino
                             [iv] . Walkthrough
                            [va] . My character
    Well I will updae this FAQ as I progress through
    the game with my character. I had a
    druid/shifter/dwarven defender but he wasn't
    working to well with me. So I'm gonna make a new
    Note: You don't start off with any money if you
    make a new character, unless you load your old
    Race: Dwarf: Sub-race: Deurgar (yes, i spelled
    it wrong, its suppose to be Duergar)
    Name: Gemli Kestriegen (randomized)
    Class: Fighter (7)/ Dwarven Defender (8)
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    (all stats at level 15)
    STR: 17
    DEX: 16
    CON: 14
    WIS: 10
    INT: 13
    CHA: 9
                              [vb] . Chapter 1
                        [vb i] . The Yawning Portal
                Note: If you are not level 12-15 you have an
                        option of going to level 15
    You  have  a dream about Valsharres, and one of her male mages summons
    an  image of you, the one whose going to defeat her. So she kills him,
    because she gets angry, and tells the other drow to kill you.
    Journal:  Relic of the reaper -- It's an item much like the rings that
    Drogan  gave you. Except it uses Rogue Stones. It teleports you to the
    realm  of  the  reaper, you can ask the reaper to open a door to where
    you  last  died. You can also bind points, so you can teleport to each
    bind  point, using the relic. Making a bind point costs 1 Rogue Stone,
    while teleporting to one is free.
    So  then  you  wake up and find a theif in your room, and you kill her
    right away, of course. Tamsil comes in, because she heard something.
             Journal: Rude awakening -- Just go downstairs and
                               talk to Durnan
    So  you  talk  to Tamsil a bit, you tell her about the theif, and your
    lost EQ. She tells you to go to the armory.
           Journal: Armory -- Just go to the east room, grab some
                         EQ. It shows on your map.
    So  after you're done talking to Tamsil, head to the armory, then head
    downstairs.  Talk  with  the Henchman from NWN: OC. After you are done
    talking  with  them,  go to the next room, where you will meet Durnan.
    After  talking  with  Durnan  abit, the Drow come. The sorceress casts
    some paralyzing spell and kills a couple of people. So after the spell
    wears  off,  kill  the  Drow, then follow Durnan and the others to the
    well.  Another  Drow  fight in the well room. Then you guys talk a bit
    after  the  fight, all of a sudden a beholder attacks from behind, and
    everybody  is  knocked to the ground. The 4 Henchman fight him off and
    chase him down the well. While you get up and talk to Durnan.
                    Journal: Descent into Undermountain
    So  now  you  gotta,rescue them Henchmen. Find your old buddy, Deekin,
    and ask him to join you if you want. Then talk to White, she gives you
    a  rod  of  resurrection to revive the 4 Henchman. You should also buy
    some potions of cure critical wounds from her. You can go upstairs and
    talk  to  Grayban, and tell him that Durnan let you go outside, so you
    can  visit  the  armory and magic shop to buy some wares. In the armor
    talk to the smith and you can ask about crafting, the smith also sells
    coloring  dye for your armor, so does the magic shop, but its only for
    cloth.  The  armory  clerk  sells  some  nice weapons, if you have the
    money,  unfortunately  i  didn't  because  i  started a character from
    So  now  when you are done, go back to the Yawning Portal and pull the
    lever to go open the dome, and enter the well.
                    [vb ii] . Descent into Undermountain
         Note: Get at least an AC of 30, or you'll die easily, even
                     the loading screens tell you that.
    When you finally get down, a goblin named Grovel will come and talk to
    you. You can ask him about what happened down in undermountain. You'll
    find  out  that Halastar has disappeared. When you are done talking to
    him,  you  have the option of letting him live and bringing him up the
    well,  or  killing  him ( i think killing him makes you more evil). If
    you  let  him  up,  you  can  go up the well, and tell Durnan if he is
    harmless  or  not. If you say he is harmless your points toward lawful
    will  increase,  if not, im guessing your points will go towards evil.
    Go back to the well, and finally head to the exit to Undermountain.
    You  will  come  across  Shawryn,  one  of  the  dead henchman, if you
    resurrect her you will gain 500 xp. You can also ask her what happens.
    She  tells  you that the other 3 have rushed off to kill the beholder.
    I'm  pretty  sure  she  died from a trap of somesort or by some drows.
    After  resurrecting  her,  you can ask her to join up with you, but im
    sticking with good ol' Deekin.
                  Journal: Sharwyn -- Resurrected Shawryn
    As  you go further, you will find 4 levers, and a bridge blocked by 12
    blocks. You will have to find color rods to solve this puzzle. So that
    means  you'll have to explore the first level of undermountain. Around
    level one of undermountain, there are these portals, that teleport you
    all  around  of  the first floor. Make sure to check some corpses they
    usually  contain  some  rods. So, for now, you can go south and you'll
    find  a  room with some drows, kill them and loot the treasure chests.
    (the  mage  can  be  kind  of  annoying since all effortless creatures
    around  level 10) Then you enter a room called Grim Statue. There is a
    statue  of  a blue dragon, his challenge rating should be challenging.
    Anyways, there is alot of traps there, and the traps wakes him up. You
    can  sneak  around  the  traps  to get the treasure if you want, but i
    fought  him.  There seems to be a bug, the first time i fought him, he
    attacked  me.  The second time, he just stood there taking hits. Well,
    he  gives aroud 2000 XP, good stuff. Then go to the other room, in the
    north  to  grab some more goodies. Then leave and head south to the SE
    exit.  There  will  be  some harpies. Then go south more fighting more
    baddies.  You  will find 3 Guardian statues. You have to click on them
    to  aim  at the door, then press the lever to make them stay. When the
    bomb  skeleton blows up, the guardians will rotate unless you have the
    lever  pulled  down.  Once  all 3 guardians are aiming at the door, it
    will  open  for  some more goodies. There is a Bombermakers Sanctum to
    the  NE,  if  anyone  knows  how  to  get  there,  any  help  would be
    appreciated. So after you are done with the 3 guardian puzzle, go back
    north  to  the  exit  then enter the SW exit. There will be 3 faeries,
    called  something  grig,  or  some-  thing.  Well  they  will  go to a
    sarcophagus,  and raise a zombie lord. Then they will cast major buffs
    on the zombie lord. Killing the faerie look-alikes will get you around
    1000  xp  each. There is nothing to loot in the sarcophaguses. So keep
    heading  south,  and  you'll  find some more harpies, but now they are
    fighting  Ogres,  kill  them  all.  As you keep navigating through the
    southern chamber, you'll find some cocoons, spiders will drop from the
    sky,  then  after killing the weak spiders, the queen spider will drop
    down, nice exp also.
    So  now,  you will soon find the Queen faery. You fight her, and there
    seems to be a cockatrice with her. When she gets to near death, you'll
    get  2000xp. Question her if you want, then do what you want with her.
    Letting  her live gets you 500xp, killing her, i dunno. I'm to much of
    a  good  guy.  Go  from her room, and you'll find some goodies, and an
    alchemist's  keg  (the  keg is damn heavy also). Don't forget to check
    one  of  the  vines,  you'll get a magical vine, useable by druids and
    rangers only. So exit the southern chambers.
    "There  are  two ways to get to the bombmaker's sanctum. First you can
    use  the  teleporters in the central area until you land on one with a
    circle  of  writing or symbols or whatever around it. Use that one and
    it  should take you there. (worked for me anyway). Or you can look for
    the  secret  doors that lead to it. I dont know exactly where they are
    but  i  have  gone  through  them  before so i know they are there." -
    Richard Gaddy
    "I  wanted  to  let  you know there are 2 secret doors to get into the
    area next to it, and at least one secret door from there. I found that
    staying  in  detect  mode  and  moving slowly, pausing near most areas
    seems  to  locate  them. True seeing and / or familiar that can detect
    well,  will  definately  help.  If you enter the area from the eastern
    exit,  there  is a trap door direct to the east, on the east wall near
    the  norhern  wall.  After entering that secret door, there is another
    door  to  the  east  in  the  new  area just south of the one you came
    through. This will get you to where u want" - Blackstone
    By now you should have at least 4 different rods, we can do the puzzle
    later,  but  for now lets explore. Exploring west, will get you to the
    hall of mirrors. Where you will find Daelen. Resurrect him and ask him
    question  about  what  happened.  He mentions his reflection coming to
    life  and killing him. 500 xp for resurrecting him. You can ask him to
    join up with you if you want. But of course I kept good ol' Deekin.
                   Journal: Daelen -- resurrected Daelen
    I  also looked in the mirrors and i found some goodies, i didn't check
    all of them though. So heading NW exit will end you up in a trap maze.
    Triggering  the  traps will have the pillars shooting magic missles at
    you.  The traps don't go away also, unless you cross the maze and pull
    the  levers.  On top of that there are Drow marksman sniping at you. I
    was  encumbered,  and just walked straight through the maze and pulled
    the  levers  and  killed  off the snipers. Wasn't much of a problem. I
    don't  suggest  you  doing  that if you have any sort of protection or
    very  low  life.  I  had  around  180  life. Going east, you'll find a
    corpse,  and  a  harpy fighting an ogre. There should be a rod in that
    corpse,  get  it if you don't have any. So continuing, you should find
    some  more  dead  bodies,  they are trapped, around here you'll find a
    secret  door,  in  there you'll fight some spiders that drop down from
    the ceiling, and a queen spider. Then you'll come across a statue, its
    trapped  also,  it will cast chain lightning on you. Heading NE you'll
    find  a  small encampment, and a Sarcophagus. Open the Sarcophagus and
    find  an  amulet  of death, and a Mummy! Exit, and head W and take the
    first door you see north. There's a little encampment there, after you
    kill  all  the  monsters  off, continue moving to the next door, where
    you'll find an ogre mage. Fight him to near death and you'll gain 2000
    xp,  same goes with the queen faerie, ask questions and stuff. Let him
    live  or  die,  i  let  him  live  but  i  didnt get 500 xp. There's a
    barricaded door there, and i dont know how to get passed it.
    Ok,  two  tipsters  told  me  how to get passed it: G Admiral Thrawn &
    Corwin  Revis.  You  can use the Powder keg to blow up the barricades.
    This  will  get  you  2000xp, and you cant do the puzzle for more exp.
    "the  first  level of the Undermountain-Central contains a room with a
    bunch  of  undead kings sitting on the thrones, and in particular, one
    holding  a  living  longsword  which  will  speak  to you (!) when you
    approach.  Plus  the whole first level (North, South, and Central) are
    stuffed  with secret passages, leading to very nice treasures, so it's
    worth going through the whole level with search mode on.
    The  longsword,  although,  is  very intersting. First, DON'T sell it!
    You'll  get  ripped  like  hell,  for it costs 170000+ to buy it back.
    Plus,  it can (later in game) at will use up some of your Constitution
    to  boost  it's  power  up to +7 or maybe more, (temporarily), already
    considerable  when you first get him. (+4 enchancement, life stealing,
    etc,  plus  it's upgradeable.) And lastly, for the Island of the Maker
    place." - Xenobius
    Leave  and  continue  west,here  you'll  find some drows. Now exit the
    north  part  of undermountain,and head back to the puzzle bridge. This
    puzzle  is easy, on the first lever to the south, insert any color rod
    that  matches  the pillar on the first row of the bridge. Second lever
    is  for second row, third lever is for the third row, and fourth lever
    is  for  the  fourth  row. You should get 2000 exp for completing this
    puzzle. Head back to the yawning portal and restock if you want.
                    [vb iii] . Level 2 of Undermountain
    There's  a  small  cinematic  of a flesh golem running into a room and
    locking the doors. Continue and open the door, and you'll see a goblin
    running and getting shot. Loot his corpse and get the yellow chain for
    the  upcoming  puzzle.  Kill the drow in there also. First head to the
    south  room, there are Duergars and drows here. It's a pretty straight
    foward   path.  Once  you  get  to  the  final  room,  you'll  find  a
    sub-commander, kill him and get the chain. Open the drow chest to find
    a  djinni  bottle.  Rub  it and a Djinn will pop out. He'll give you a
    power stone, and let you buy some items from him, they are pretty nice
    items also. Go and find Tomi in the same room and resurrect him. He'll
    talk  about  Linu,  that she's with some peasants trying to help them.
    You also get 500xp for resurrecting Tomi
                     Journal: Tomi -- Resurrected Tomi
    Now  leave the sout portion of level 2 and enter the west, there are a
    bunch  of  rakasha  here,  pretty  weak,  but  the  first-born  can be
    annoying.  This  is another straight foward path, loot the corpses and
    find a key and enter to the next room. There are peasants here, or are
    they?  Talk  to  Shareesh,  and  he'll ask for your help for the power
    stone,  just  say  you  are  in  the  mood  for  killing and stuff. He
    transforms  into  a  Rakasha,  and so do the other Rakashen. Kill them
    all,  loot  Shareesh's  corpse  for the chain. Go to the next room and
    open up the sarcophagus, and resurrect Linu. She'll talk about how she
    was tricked by the peasants. 500 xp for resurrecting her ass.
                     Journal: Linu -- Resurrected Linu
    Now  leave  and  head  up  north  to  the last room, there are alot of
    goblins  here.  The  archers have greendye so they can hit you easier.
    There  is  an  appearence bug that the dye will stay permanent on you,
    until you reload. Take the first left door, and fight a hill giant for
    some  goodies.  Then  leave  that  place  and  head right, its another
    straight  foward  path.  Kill  goblins  and stuff. There's this bridge
    partm  where  you'll get sniped by a goblin cannon, arrow cannon. Bash
    open  the  locked  doors on the bridge or pick them, then kill all the
    goblins.  Continuing the passage, you'll come across some levers and a
    stronger  goblin.  The  levers  do  nothing as far as i know. Kill the
    goblin, and loot his corpse for the last chain.
    "Hello.  I've noted that your faq and the other two don't seem to know
    what  the  3  levers in the Undermountain, Level 2 - North goblin area
    do.  I've opened the toolset and looked at the script for these. Going
    from  left  to right assuming the entrance to the lever room is at the
    top of the screen:
    When flipped, Floor Lever 1 should
    apply a Slow effect to any PCs that have been
    hit by the goblin 'marker' arrow
    When flipped, Floor Lever 4 should apply
    a Lightning bolt effect to any pc hit by a goblin
    'marker' arrow
    When flipped, Floor Lever 2 should apply
    a Bane effect to any pc hit by a goblin
    'marker' arrow" - Claude Kenni
    Now for the puzzle, leave the goblin area and head back to the center,
    where you saw the flesh golem run. Put the colored chains on the corr-
    esponding  pillars.  Now talk to the center pool, and a light sequence
    will  show  up.  Now heres the tricky part, WAIT, WAIT, till the light
    sequence  is  finished, then talk to the pillars in the order the pool
    gave  you. When you talk to the pillar it will do nothing, it wont say
    anything.  If it says something like "nothing happened" you'll have to
    talk  to  the  pool  again.  If  you  get the seqeunce wrong, a dragon
    wyrmling  will  come.  After  you get the sequence done, the door will
    open.  Talk  to  the  flesh  golem, Berger, and he tells you about his
    master, Halastar. Now exit to level 3
                     [vb iv] . Level 3 of Undermountain
    There  are  some Drow here, kill them all, and head south where you'll
    get  interrupted  by a rebel Drow named, Nathyrra. She tells you about
    the  Formians,  and  that you should help them. So open the door and a
    small  cinematic opens. You'll have a smallbig fight with the Drow and
    there's 1 Minotaur Brute. Go SE and find the Formian queen being held,
    kill the drow gaurding her, then pull the lever. She says she'll repay
    you  when  the  time  comes, so let her leave and head to the NE door.
    Once  you  get  there  the Formian queen comes and tells you about the
    Drow  encampent, she says her people can help you avoid it by taking a
    tunnel they made. So agree if you want. If you do, head NE of the room
    and  you'll  find  another Formian. He'll take you across to the other
    side, where you can exit.
    So  now  you  are  in  the  northern  part  of level 3. Walk north and
    Nathyrra  comes  to  you  again. She tells you about the Drow camp and
    their  ballista,  that its suicide charging in there head on. She says
    you  can sneak up around and take the Ballista for yourself and use it
    on the Drows. So just stick on the East side walls and run north, till
    you  find  the  secret  passage.  Just click on the pile of rocks, and
    you'll  be  teleported  on  the  hill  with the ballista. Kill the guy
    guarding  the  ballista,  then talk to the ballista to activate it. It
    needs  to  recharge  so you cant use it constantly. After all the drow
    are dead, continue to the exit.
    "Actually the room where you find your stolen goods is in the big room
    with  the  ballistae  and  the beholder and all of those nasty drow in
    that  big  encampent.  Look  for a dark chest amongst the tents. After
    that room is where Halaster is imprisoned" - Richard Gaddy
    Now  you  are  in  the  western part, i believe. Nathyrra talks to you
    again,  that  Halaster  is  being held in the next room. She offers to
    help, so you, her and your henchman can go and save him. When you open
    the   door,  theres  another  cinematic,  of  a  handmaiden  questiong
    Halaster.  Someone  tells her about your appearence, and she tells him
    to deal with you, easy. Now here's the tough part: after you kill that
    commando,  you'll have to fight all the other drows. There's two hills
    with 3 archers on each one. So it would be hard to rush in. All i did,
    was run in the run back, so the archers can't snipe me, and every drow
    on  the  ground  will  follow you. After you kill all the drows on the
    ground,  loot the handmaidens corpse, then destroy the 3 stones around
    Halaster,  ignoring the archers if you can. Once broken, Halaster will
    cast  one  of  those  mass  magic  missle spells, and kill every drow.
    Saving  him  gets you 7500 xp. Once you talk to him, he starts talking
    in  rhyme, and says how you ruined his plan. Then his clone comes, and
    they  talk  alot. After they are done talking, they put you on a Geas,
    so  now you are his property. If you want the geas off, you'll have to
    kill  Valsharess.  Then  he  teleports you to underdark with Nathyrra,
    ending  chapter  1.  (You can recieve your stolen goods by looting the
    chests after saving Halastar. Mark Willman)
                              [vc] . Chapter 2
    After  beating  Chapter  1, it shows a dialoug scene, with those still
    pictures and stuff. You know, it happens everytime you beat a chapter.
    Anyways,  you  get  teleported to the seer of the rebel drow base. You
    guys  exchange  dialouge some, then after you are done talking to her,
    talk  to  Nathyrra  and  Valen  (they  both  can be offered to be your
    henchmen).  Talking  to  Nathyrra  will let you know about Valsharess'
    allies:  beholder,  illithid and undead. Talking to Valen will let you
    know  about  possible  allies:  some  golems,  and people on a strange
    island.  Talk  to them for more information on what to do, like how to
    defeat  the  undead  army. Valen asks you to talk to Cavallas for more
    information on the islands, he is by the docks.
              Journal: Defeat Valsharess -- Defeat Valsharess
        Golems on an island -- Get the golems to help fight against
            A strange town -- find allies on this strange island
         Undead Army of Valsharess -- Find and destroy this army of
                               the undead,to
                          weaken Valsharess' army
         Illithid Army of Valsharess -- Negotiate with the overmind
                                to have the
                     illithids leave Valsharess' army.
                    Destroying the overmind is useless.
        Beholder Army of Valsharess -- Destroy the Eye Tyrant of the
                        to weaken Valsharess' army.
    Ok once you exit, you can visit the shops for some goodies. There is a
    weapon smith up north who can add magical properties to your equipment
    for a hefty price.
                         [vc i] . A strange island
    Head  to the docks, its located on your map, and talk to Cavallar, the
    hooded figure. Ask him to take you to the strange island.
    Once  you get there, enter the cave, and follow the path. It will lead
    you  to  a Drow encampment, the battle is not that hard. There is this
    Drow  named  Sabal, after damaging her enough, she will cast time stop
    and flee. Keep following the path and you will come across some winged
    elves.  They  tell  you about their city and such. Head up and talk to
    the  merchant,  ask  him  to  give  you  the  mirror  shard,  i had to
    intimidate  him.  He'll give you a compass to find the mirror shard he
    has hidden.
     Journal: The merchant -- Find the mirror shard using the compass.
    Head  to  the  library, and go behind it. Use the compass there and it
    should reveal some garbage. Loot the garbage to find the mirror shard.
    1500xp for the quest and 1000xp for the shard.
    "For  the  Winged  Elf  merchant, you said you have to Intimidate him,
    that's  not  exactly  true. If you have enough Persuade skill, you can
    convince  him  to  give  it up. If you can't, if you have Nathyrra (or
    you're  a Rogue, Ranger, or other class with Spot -or Search, not sure
    which)  look  near  the Library. You might be able to find it, without
    the  compass.  If all else fails, you can get the Burned Book from the
    Library, and give it to him.That's worth less than nothing." G Admiral
                 Journal: The merchant -- found the shard.
    Now  enter the library, talk to the guy guarding the door, Ulither. He
    tells  you  about his wifed, who's been turned into a medusa. Open the
    door he guards, and head south, don't kill the medusa. Grab the potion
    in the chest, and drink it, then you'll be able to talk to the medusa.
    She'll ask you a riddle for the mirror shard. The first answer is Mud,
    if  you  get it wrong the second answer, is lava. Don't ask me why, it
    just is. Same exp as the merchant.
    "Remember  this  town  is OPPISITE of normal, so rather than being the
    right answer, it's the exact oppisite" – G Admiral Thrawn
                  Journal: The library -- found the shard.
    Leave  the library and head south to the queens cave, there you'll see
    a  bunch of drow coming out, ambush them. You'll find Sabal again, and
    again damaging her enough will make her use time stop and leave. Enter
    the cave to find out that the queen gave the shard away.
              Journal: Shoria's Cave -- couldn't get the shard
    Now exit, and head to the temple. You'll get ambushed by drow near the
    castle  on  the two hills. And again you'll fight Sabal, and of course
    she'll  flee  when  she's  hurt  badly. So continue to the temple, and
    you'll  find  another  winged elf. Talk to him and he poisons/diseases
    you.  He  tells  you,  that  you have to go through 5 challenges to be
    worthy for his god. So pull one of the chains for the first challenge,
    its  easy  don't  worry.  After the first challenge, your disease gets
    worse. And it will get even more worse before every new challenge. And
    there  are  5  challenges.  Which  are  one  on  one battles with weak
    monsters.  You  can pull the same chain over and over if you want. You
    can  also use restoration spells and items to cure the diseases if you
    want.  Then  after  5  battles,  you  get the shard, and you don't get
    cured. Get the same exp as the merchant.
    "With  the  Temple,  I've  found  it  EASIER  to  just  kill him. Your
    alignment  doesn't  take a hit, and he's pretty simple. Or if you want
    max XP, do the challenges, THEN kill him. You also say that if you win
    all  5  battles,  you  don't get cured. You do get cured." - G Admiral
    "If  you are a sorceror or a wizard it is better to take the challenge
    for  more  experience. Even though spell failure is increase it has NO
    effect  (at  least  i  never  experienced  one) on things such as epic
    spells  and  summon  familiar.  So even though your familiar gets left
    behind  when  you  enter the battle if you have rested previously just
    summon  him  again and he will appear inside with you. After the first
    challenge  rest  and do the same thing until you are done. I recommend
    just doing the zombie challenge because it is easier on your familiar"
    - Richard Gaddy
                   Journal: The temple -- found the shard
    Now  head  to the wizard's tower, and you'll find the former archmage.
    He says he gave his mirror shard to his apprentice. So enter the tower
    to  find  his  apprentice.  On  the  first  floor,  you'll find demons
    fighting drows. Kill them all. Don't bother exploring the first level,
    nothing  really good. Head to the second floor, and head south to find
    more  Vrocks  and  a  Balor  lord. Kill the lord to find a talisman of
    evil.  Nothing  else  on this floor, so head to the third floor. There
    are  a  bunch of slaads here. Kill them all, and head north. Northwest
    has  Jansil  in  it, the former archmage's apprentice. Get him to near
    death,  then  he'll surrender and give the shard away. Explore all the
    other rooms for the nice loot. Then leave. Same exp as the merchant.
               Journal: The wizards tower -- found the shard
    Now  head  to  the  castle.  In  the  main room you'll get ambushed by
    driders.  Kill them all and the chieftan for his nice bow. Explore the
    first area if you want. The east side has some nice items, but nothing
    too  great.  A drow assassin on the east side has some nice daggers in
    his  corpse. Head to the throne room to find Elicid, the fool. (if you
    went  here  before  doing  all  the other quests, he'll tell you about
    them).  You'll  meet  up with Sabal there, for the last time. Tell him
    that  you  want  to  fight  her  now.  He'll explain about the magical
    pillars  that  you  can  use with the mirror stones. So once the fight
    starts,  you  can  use the unique power of the shard on the pillar. To
    use the shard on the pillar is just like using an ordinary item. Right
    click  and  click  on  use  unique power, then click on the pillar you
    want.  Each  pillar has a unique power, one of them i find nice is the
    pillar  on  the  east. I think it was called the pillar of entrapment.
    What  it  does  is sets up a cage around the middle and swords come up
    and  down from the ground damaging people inside. Use this pillar when
    Sabals  drows  are  in the middle. After killing Sabal, you'll get the
    full  mirror back. The winged elves won't help you fight, but they say
    that the mirror would be useful. You get 5000 xp for doing this.
    "The  entire tower is a "Wild Magic Zone", meaning any spells you cast
    could  be something DRASTICALLY different. I've been polymorphed in to
    a  squirl,  cast  cone of cold (when I casted a different spell), even
    Time Stop once." - G Admiral Thrawn
    Head back to the seer, don't give her the mirror, you'll need it later
    on. You should get 1000xp for doing this journal.
    Journal: a strange island -- recovered a powerful artifcat, mirror.
                            should prove useful
                             against the drow.
                         [vc ii] . The golem maker
    Go  back  to  cavaller  and  ask  him to take you to the island of the
    golems. When you get there you'll see some Duergars. You can ask there
    leader  any questions you might have about the island. Go continue and
    find  the  dungeon, and enter. You'll fight quite alot of golems here.
    There's  a  thing about this place, there is this Scavenger golem that
    brings  the  golems  you killed back to life. So what you should do is
    lure the golems that you fight into a room or something then kill them
    there,  make  sure  they  aren't  close to the door. When you are done
    looting that room close the door. The scavenger golem just follows one
    path  and  wont  enter the door. Loot the library in the middle of the
    dungeon  or  the  library in the SW, and get some books that will help
    you.  One of the books has ingredients on making tools for controlling
    golem.  You can find the ingredients all around the first floor of the
    dungeon.  Beware  though, while going around the dungeon there are two
    things  you  should  really  know about. There is this one room with a
    golden  armor  statue,  its  trapped,  but  how to get it is explained
    below.  And  another  room, this one even has a warning sign. When you
    enter  your  weapon will be stolen, and you'll be fighting your weapon
    or some invisible guy weilding it. This room should be around NE area.
    The  other  book has some translation for numbers, i have no idea what
    to  do  with  it,  but  it  has something to do with the control room.
    Anyways,  go  north and you'll find a guardian golem, the items you've
    created  probably  will  help.  I think this is a bug but the guardian
    golem,  did  not  attack my henchmen at all. Anyways after killing the
    guardian golem head towards to the next level.
    "Notice it keeps saying "Sinth Thesti"? Translate this by the book you
    found, it's 54 or something like that. Go to control room, press first
    button  5  times and the second 4 times, then press the center button.
    Scavvie  will  blow  up  and  you  get 1500 exp. You can also kill the
    Guardian,  which says "Laz Zandi" this way. Just change the numbers to
    79 (I think) and you'll get past that powerful foe with no trouble." -
    find the word translation buy checking the book in the library
    When  you  enter you'll see two different golems having conflicts with
    each other. Kill them all, and head either south or north. Either way,
    as you progress there will be an unhostile golem that will take you to
    their   leader,   Aghaaz  (flehsgolems)  or  Ferron  (bronze  golems).
    Negotiate  with  the  leader  and  tell  them  about your problem with
    Valsharess. The leader should ask for you to do something. Aghaaz will
    ask  for  Ferron's  head,  and Ferron will ask for the power source. I
    sided with Ferron, but either way will work. But siding with Ferron, i
    think  you'll  have to do a lil extra work. You'll have to kill Aghaaz
    who is way more powerful than Ferron, (in terms of challenge rating, i
    never actually fought Ferron). And to get the power source, youll have
    to  kill 4 greater minogon who are pretty decent of a foe. Either way,
    once  you  are  done doing their tasks, you'll have their gaurantee of
    their alliance.
    Going east, will get you to this locked door, i don't know how to open
    it,  and  in  Ferrons  camp  there is a door also leading to the third
    level,  i do not know how to get passed the puzzle inside. Anyways, so
    leave  the  dungeon and youll find the duergars waiting outside, their
    leader  has  a complaint about you going into 'their' dungeon. You can
    either pay them, intimidate them, or bluff them to stop from attacking
    you.  I  just  attacked them head on, nothing too hard. The leader has
    some nice gear you can use or sell.
    "  there  is a door you can't open. If you're a druid or a ranger, you
    can  talk  to  the  rat and It'll open the door for you. Also, you can
    pick the lock on the door if you happen to be a thief." - Cinos
    on the third floor:
    "There's  a  pile  of  remains  on  the  floor inside the trap puzzle,
    containing  a sling and some bullets. What you need to do, is bash the
    four  mirrors  with  a  sling  bullet(arrows,  bolts or spells will do
    nicely  too)  BEFORE they release the charge, and you're done. It gets
    worse,  though.  Just  beyound  is  a  guardian  spirit, which needs a
    password,  and  if  you  don't  know  it you're in BIG trouble - those
    golems  nearby will most likely shred you to bits. The password can be
    obtained from a ghost behind that locked door on the second floor, but
    I  could only get there by utilising a game bug: if you stand right in
    front  of  a door, and detonate the Power Source, it will be placed so
    close  to you, that you will be pushed through a closed door, and will
    be  able  to  open  it  from the inside with a lever. Anyway, when you
    either  tell  the  password,  or  kill the golems (clerical Harm spell
    works nicely, if you can bypass the spell resistance) you finally meet
    the master, who's actually a Demi-lich, a little, but powerfull flying
    skull.  It's not that hard to beat, well, not as hard as it's Baldur's
    Gate  cousins,  anyway  so  go  right  ahead...  You'll  get  a lot of
    treasures, including 9th level spell scrolls.
    "Actually  the  armor  in  the  center  is  real.  And the trap CAN be
    removed. Either use the merchants compass (if you kept it) and use the
    disable traps spell in it OR look for the lever near the northern wall
    that disarms the trap" - Richard Gaddy
    "And  here  goes the most interesting part: Wizards (and only them, it
    seems) could have found some spare golem parts on previous levels, and
    now,  they can create an over- powered golem for themselves! This tank
    is  VERY hard to kill, plus, it will follow you anywhere - even across
    the planes. But what keeps bugging me, that living longsword you found
    earlier,  if spoken to, tells you that he could be tranferred to a new
    body,   "preferrably  a  well-made  golem"...  I  don't  know  how  to
    accomplish  that, though, but this sounds interesting - both the sword
    and  the  golem are very powerful as is, and if combined somehow, they
    would possibly make a truly ustoppable killing machine... " - Xenobius
    "If  you  are  good with ranged weapons OR have ranged spells that are
    good  go  and get those mythral golems to come at you (if you dont knw
    the  password) and run all the way back to the stairs leading up. Dont
    go  up the stairs of course. Anyway, the funny part is when they reach
    the  bridge  before  the stairs and try to get past the end of it they
    will  be  teleported  ALL  the way back to where they started. So stay
    where  you  are  and keep attacking them with ranged weapons or spells
    until  they  die.  Issac's  Greater  Missile  Storm  anyone? Oh btw, a
    sorceror can create a golem too not just wizards" -Richard Gaddy
    Go back to the seers camp and tell her about the golems.
    Journal: The golem maker -- Got the golems to help you fight against
                   [vc iii] . Beholder Army of Valsharess
    Leave  the  seer  camp,  by  going SW, and you'll find yourself at the
    gates  of the camp. Exit there also, and head to the other exit on the
    other  side, going NW. Head more west, and you'll find a bridge with a
    barrier.  There should be a control panel, you are suppose to match up
    the  exclamation  marks  in 1 row. If you don't have a high lore skill
    and  can't translate it, it will show some weird langauge. Here is the
    translation here:
    Oring = Right
    Vikik = left
    Galoon = First row
    Snirk = Second Row
    Puckin = third row
    Zapp = Fourth row
    or you could use the pearl of tounges to read it.
    After  you  have all the exclamation marks lined up, press the glowing
    button  and  cross  the  bridge. Enter the dungeon, you'll find a drow
    named  Eldath  i  think.  He can be a pain in the ass, but not really,
    well  not  for my dwarven fighter, but he was a pain in the ass for my
    shifter.  He  just  attacks  real fast, and does alot of called shots,
    thats all. After killing him enter to the real beholder dungeon.
    In  the  beholders  dungeon  find your way to the center (shouldn't be
    hard, and god have mercy on your soul if you cant find your way to the
    center). The beholder fights are gayishly annoying, they keep fleeing,
    by flying upwards then landing down somewhere far away. Before you get
    to  the tyrants main chamber, you'll see a big hole. Climb down there.
    In  this  lower  level, MAGIC WILL NOT WORK, THAT MEANS NO POTIONS, NO
    Anyways going through this dunegeon, you'll find a magic device, i had
    no  spellcraft  or  lore to identify what the buttons are on the magic
    device,  and  i  just  pressed  random buttons. It probably opens that
    locked  door, leading to the obelisk. Anyways, once you reach this big
    area in the north, you'll find a big spider. über hard man! Mages have
    no  hell  of  a chance against this spiderwith no magic. Fighters will
    have  a  terrible  time also. The spider strips away your armor as you
    fight  also,  and  uses knockdown often. Using my dwarven power, i ran
    passed  the  spider  into  the obelisk room. There are four pannels on
    each  side. There is 4 pannels that you cant press. the 3 pannels next
    to  theone  that  cant  be touched, you'll have to match them. So lets
    say,  there  is  the  pannel  that  you cant touch and it looks like a
    number  one  (it actually does) press the next 3 pannels next to it to
    all  looklike a number 1. Then there will be lightning confirming that
    you  didnt  it  correctly. Do this for all 12pannels. After that magic
    will  be  available!  Grab this orb from inside the obelisk before you
    leave. Now you can kill the giant spider because magic is avaiable. Oh
    boy, i so kicked that spiders ass.
    "You  dont  really have to face the spider first or even run by it. If
    you  go  to that locked door and have a high enough lore or spellcraft
    skill  you can use the device nearby to cast the knock spell. Dont use
    anything  other  than  that  and  healing  circle  though. If you cant
    decipher  the  symbols the other way to get by the door is to look for
    the  secret door above the device and a little to the left." - Richard
    Now head back up to the beholders main dungeon and continue to the Eye
    tyrant.  There  should  be a beholder ambush when you crawl out of the
    hole.  Kill  them  all and enter the next room to find the eye tyrant.
    This  is  where  you  should  use  the  orb  you found in the obelisk,
    unfortunately,  i  got the orb after i killed the eye tyrant. Focus on
    killing  the  eye  tyrant  first,  because  when  you  kill  the other
    beholders, more will pop out of the hole.
    After  killing  the eye tyrant, there is a room behind and theres some
    treasures  there.  After you are done leave and go back to the seer to
    tell her the good news.
          Journal: Beholder Army of Valsharess -- owned them good
                   [vc iv] . Illithid Army of Valsharess
    (if  you  gave your mirror to the seer, get it back you'll need it for
    this  quest)  Leave  the  seer camp and head out the gates again, this
    time  enter this cave on the north, it will send you to a bridge thats
    right  infront  of the entrance to the illithid place. When you enter,
    you'll find some Duergars, they say something about having a helmet to
    protect  you from illithid mind reading. Kill them for the helmet, and
    wear  it.  You  only need it for yourself, your henchmen wont need it.
    Wearing  this  helmet  allows  the illithid to not attack you on sight
    also,  because  they  think  you  are  a  slave  trader, and that your
    henchmen are your slaves. Pass through the waterfall, its illusionary,
    and  head to the inner ring. There will be this illithid that asks you
    to  take  off  your  helm, say no, he'll still let you pass. Go to the
    sleeping chamber (theres a nav point on your map, go find it yourself)
    and  loot  the chest in there, some illithids will come out and attack
    you,  kill  them  all  for  exp and some loot from the illithid with a
    name.  Get  out and head SE, request to see the elder brain, this time
    youll  have  to  take your helm off. Step onto the circle and youll be
    sent  to the elder brain. Don't attack him, you'll mess up your quest.
    Talk  to  him and give him the mirror you got from the strange island.
    He  tells  you  to  tell  the seer that he will withdraw his army from
    Leave  and  go  back to the seer camp, this is where Valsharess starts
    her  invasion.  So  i  coudlnt  do  the  undead  part. it probably has
    something  to  do  with  this  small  city  of slaves to the south. If
    anybody  can  be kindess enough to send me a small walkthrough of that
    “you  get  way  more  XP if you DON'T give the Shattered Mirror to the
    Ithillid,  and  on  top  of  that, the ending is better, I think.” 
    – G Admiral Thrawn
    Journal: Illithid Army of Valsharess-- successfully got the illithid
                        army to not help Valsharess.
                     [vc v] . Undead Army of Valsharess
    give  thanks to [Iced]vampyre for doing this walkthrough of the undead
    part.   G   Admiral   Thrawn  did  another  one  also,  his  is  after
    First,  the are five things to do in chapter to : the golem maker, the
    strange island, the illithid, the beholders and the undeads. I believe
    that  once you complete four of these, if you return to the main camp,
    the  Valsharess  will start her invasion, so you must not return there
    if  you want to complete all five quests. The undead army is indead in
    the  small city of slaves to the south. Once there, touch the gong and
    someone will come out of the temple. You can do whatever you want with
    them.  Enter  the temple and go up (after getting all the treasures of
    course).  You'll  see  an  altar with two stone dragons. If you find a
    black  pearl  (there  is  one  near),  you can use the altar to add an
    ability to your weapon. Continue un, you will have to fight someone to
    get  a  key.  Go back down to the first floor and continue down (using
    the  key  you just got to open the door). Fight the golems, there is a
    rope  in  a  chest,  use  it to continu further down. You will have to
    fight  vampires.  Once  you kill them, they return to their coffin and
    come  out to fight you again after a while. To avoid that, you have to
    get a wooden stake (you can bash wooden chest, crates, tables, etc. to
    get  some),  go  examine the coffin and use the wooden stake. Once you
    kill the first vampire, you get an energy orb. In the next room, there
    are  three doors and you have to use your energy orb to open them. One
    of  the  door  has only one pillar where you can place your orb. Do so
    and  the door will open. Kill the vampires, get another orb and return
    to the central room. Get back the first orb you used to open the first
    door,  go to the door with two pillars in front of it and place an orb
    on  each  pillar. the door opens, kill the golems and the vampire. You
    will  also  meet  a  girl  prisonner of the vampires. If you free her,
    using  a  rod  you find nearby, you can convince her to help you fight
    the  Valsharess.  When  you  get  the third orb, return to the central
    room,  take back the first two orbs, go to the door with three pillars
    in  front  of  it  and  place an orb on each of them. Prepare yourself
    before  going down. In the room down, you will have to fight an undead
    dragon.  Before  killing  it, you should go all the way to the back of
    the  room  and  destroy  the dragon statue, otherwise, the dragon will
    come back after you kill him, and you probably won't want to fight him
    again! There are a lot of traps on the way to the back, but there is a
    secret  door nearby to avoid them. Once the dragon statue is destroyed
    and the dragon is dead, get the treasures and get out.
    Here is the one from G Admiral Thrawn:
    For  the  Undead Quest, first you enter the village of Drearing's Deep
    (south  entrance  on  the  "  area west of Lith My'athar). You will be
    stopped  by  the  "Unofficial  Leader of Drearing's Deep". He has some
    good info aboiut the town, so ask him about everything you can. One of
    the  Human  Slaves on the southeast side also offers information, this
    time  about the cult runniong the place. Thing to note is the Ceremony
    is  always  iniatied by the ringing of the gong in the center of town.
    Well,  ring  the  gong.  Soladalis  will  come  out,  and ask who will
    volenteer to be a sacrifice. Volenteer. If you don't, an innocent will
    be  chosen,  your alignment takes a hit (5 points toward evil), AND to
    complete  the  quest,  you  have to kill the Cult Knights guarding the
    door  to  the Temple, AND disarm a very difficult trap. If you set the
    trap off (it's a sonic trap, with a long stun time), you will face all
    the  enemies AT  ONCE on this floor. A bunch of Skeletal Devours and a
    Cult  Knight,  all the while your stunned, making yourself just a huge
    target.  After  winning  the  fight,  take the right door. On the next
    level,  kill  the  Cult Knights and the Shadow Fiends that show up. In
    the South room, one of the chests has 2 Black Pearls. They are used on
    the  Altar  in  the  main  room  to  add  Strength Drain (DC 24). Very
    helpful.  After  that,  head  up  to the third floor. After facing off
    against  an  "Elite" Cult Knight, you face off against Soldaris. Watch
    out,  he's  a  high  level  mage,  who  likes to use Time Stops, Bigby
    Spells,  and summons. after killing him, loot his corpse, and the rest
    of  the floor, being wary of traps. On his body is a key, amoung other
    things.  Now that you have that, head to the first floor, and take the
    west door. in the next room (a floor down, you face off against 3 Bone
    Golems.  ill  them, but watch out, they ise a Lighting bolt attack, in
    addition  to  a  physical  attack. Take the Rope from the chest in the
    center,  then tie the rope on to the bar next to the chest. Climb down
    the  rope. You face off against Vampire Monks. When you kill one, find
    it's coffin, and drive a wooden stake through it's heart. You get them
    by bashing the Chests/Crates/Chairs/Desks/ect littered around here. On
    the  first  monk's  body,  take  the energy orb, and stake his corspe.
    Next,  head  through  the door, and left. Put the orb on the Pedestal,
    watch  the  lightining  destroy  the door, then take it back. kill the
    monks   (remember  to  stake  them) in the next room, then head to the
    north. Kill the Elder monk, and stake her. Get a second energy orb off
    her  corspe.  Now  head  accross  the center room, probably getting by
    lighting  a  couple of times, and put one orb in each pedestal. Follow
    the  Corridor aroung, till you get to a place with 3 bone Golems and a
    Shadow  Master.  Kill  the  Golems,  and  the  Shadow Master. You will
    probably  have  to  chase him down for a while. Also beware his bolts-
    They  inflict  Negeative  Energy  on  you.  kill  him,  stake him, and
    loot his  corpse.  After  you stake him, search the chests in the room
    for  a  cool  mace,  ands the "Nullifier Rod", which will allow you to
    free  the  Celestial  trapped  in  the  room where you first "met" the
    Shadow  Master.  Free  her,  then ask  her  to  help  you  against the
    Valsheress.  Now,  head  back  to the Center room, (wiht the lightning
    bolts),  and head through the North door. Kill Soldaris once more, and
    stake  him.  Since  you  already looted him on the third floor, he has
    nothing  here.  Now  prepare for a challenge. Vix'tra is not a dragon,
    not  a  lich,  but  a  Dracolich.  He combines the physical power of a
    dragon,  with  the  magical talent of a Lich, although I never saw him
    cast  spells. There are three ways you can kill him. The first is just
    hard.  Kill  him 4 times. The second is painful, if you survive. Cross
    the  traps  in  the  north  corridor. The third way is find the secret
    passage  past  the  traps.  Ways  2  and  3  lead  you  to  Vix'thra's
    Phylactary. Destroy it, and kill him just once more, and he's gone.
    "One  thing  to  be  aware  of  is that you can be level drained while
    fighting  in  that  temple. If you dont have access to any restoration
    scrolls  or  spells you're screwed if you did this place last. But you
    can  use  the  relic  of  the  reaper  to  get  to the seeress without
    triggering  the  siege  and  you can have her heal you. If you want to
    return  to the temple though (unless you finished your business there)
    be sure to place a binding before teleporting" - Richard Gaddy
       [vc vi] . Seige on the Rebel camp (i forgot the journal name)
    The  seer  will  tell  you  that  Valsharess  has  already started her
    invasion,  or  just  begun  it.  So  she  asks you to lead the army in
    defense  of the invasion. So you rest up before the big battle. During
    your  rest  you have a chat with Valsharess' projection. Talk whatever
    you  want  with  her,  then after the small chat you'll wake up by the
    camp's  gates.  You are suppose to organize the camps defense. I'm not
    sure  if it really matters, but i got overran by Valsharess' army. But
    set it up anyway you like by talking to each squadron's leader.
    ”The  Easiest way to defend the city is to station the Marksmen in the
    inner  towers,  one  squad  of  swordsmen  in  the  Courtyard, and the
    other squad  of  swordsmen  near  the outer gater. Send the Golems and
    Lavora  (or you could keep her in the Courtyard to help against any of
    the  "Summoned  monsters) to  defend  the  Seer (she needs them- she's
    physically   weak,  so  she  needs  defense).  Meanwhile,  if  your  a
    spellcaster,  take one of the outer towers- after you tell Imloth that
    your  ready  for  the  onslout (the door is on the far end). If your a
    tank,  defend  the  Outer  Gates. this  allows  you to keep the Duegar
    bottled  up  in  the  outer  doors,  and  the  squads  of Marksmen and
    Swordsmen can deal with any summoned monsters.” – G Admiral Thrawn
    "There  is  a  way  to  avoid  being betrayed by the house that Myrune
    controls.  (The  house  that  the  seeress  is  allied  with)Go to the
    southern  public  drinking house and look for a noble standing around.
    She will identify herself as Myrune's daughter and ask you to kill her
    mother  so  that  she  can take over. In return you will get 5000 exp,
    20000  gold,  and  the  daughter's promise not to betray you. She will
    make good on her promise." - Richard Gaddy
    Anyways,  when  i got overran, i was forced back to the seer camp, and
    it  shows  the seer getting betrayed by one of the houses. You have to
    save  her  quickly before she gets killed. After you successfully save
    her,  you  guys  go  outside and prepare for the final assault. You'll
    have  to  protect  the  seer during this, so she can do something. The
    first  assault  will  come  from  the exit to the city gates. Then the
    second  comes  from the docks. Protecting the seer from these assaults
    shouldnt  be  to  hard.  After  you  are done you'll end up infront of
    Valsharess'  fortress.  You  are  suppose  to charge in with the other
    drows, but you end up getting teleported by the devil guy.
    More  talking,  then  out  of  nowhere  the  devil  guy  kills all the
    redsisters and releases you to kill Valsharess. She isn't hard at all.
    So  after  killing her, the devil guy is released. He said he had this
    planned  all along. It has something to do with the relic. Anyways, he
    takes it and kills you. Now you are dead. This should begin Chapter 3.
                              [vd] . Chapter 3
    Ok so you wake up in the realm of the reaper, ask him to take you back
    and  he  says he cannot. You can ask him why and stuff, and it ends up
    that  Mephistopheles has killed you, and took your relic, and he knows
    the  reapers true name, and tells him what to do. Something like that,
    anyways  you have to find the reapers true name so you can command him
    to  send  you back to Toril. You should be able to get him to get your
    henchman back, if not try later. So now exit through the misty door.
    Journal: Escape frome hell -- find the reapers true name to get back
                               to Toril.
                          [vd i] . Realm of Cania
    In  this place its very cold, its so cold that you take 1 damage every
    round!  Later  on  it  gets worse, you can get near a fire to keep you
    warm for awhile. When you enter you'll see someone disappear, well its
    a spirit.
                         Journal: a spirit devoured
    So  talk  to a spirit, any spirit, and ask them some questions, you'll
    find  out  what  you  need to know. You'll learn of a woman whose in a
    cave and a scrivener. After you talk to the spirit for awhile they get
                           Journal: A lost leader
                               The scrivener
    Now  head  to the cave in the middle and you'll find what looks like a
    intellect  devourer,  but its the scrivener. talk to it and you'll see
    that  it wants you to take it to some pillars. It gives you images for
    hints for what kind of pillars it wants you to take to it. Pillars are
    the big stone slabs on the ground. Each pillar has their own nav point
    also,  so  it  can  be  easier to find. The first pillar the scrivener
    wants  you to take it is to Treason. Upon reaching the pillar treason,
    the  scrivener  will  teleport  to  it, then talk to it to confirm its
    right. The next pillars are Dimension and Infinity. After you are done
    the  Scrivener  will  show you a picture of the lady in the cave, Lady
             Journal: The Scrivener -- the scrivener wanted you
                        to take it to three pillars
                          and you have succeeded.
    Before  going  into the cave, collect 3 velox nettles, they are plants
    which  you  can  find on the cracks on the ground, or you can buy them
    from  the  tavernkeeper, for 500 a piece. These velox nettles are used
    to  light up campfires, which is useful for later on, letting you rest
    without  getting hurt by the cold. After getting 3 velox nettles go to
    the  cave  an  put 3 velox nettles in the campfire infront of Aribeth.
    She  will  thaw  out  and  attack you. Get her to neardeath and she'll
    surrender.  Talk  to  her  till  you get her to join you, i fergot the
    dialogue. It shouldn't be hard to convince her though.
                    Journal: A lost leader -- completed
    Now  head to the quarry office, should be in the SE, and there is this
    demon  named  Gru'ul. He won't let you buy from him unless his grinder
    #5 is fixed.
             Journal: A devil's Quarry -- Grinder #5 is broken
                            and Gru'ul wants it
    So  head down to the quarry, and find this red imp by a grinder, he'll
    be sleeping. You'll see that his hand is stuck, you can attempt to use
    your  dexterity  to  free  his  hand, or feed him to the grinder (your
    alignment  should shift towards evil). If you do free him, you'll have
    to  fix  the  generator  yourself  using  your  intelligence, or repay
    Gru'ul.  Anyways  he  sells some nice items, and he sells a torch that
    ignites Velox nettles, you can carry the torch around and you wont get
    hurt  by  the cold. You can kill Gru'ul if you want, you'll get around
    4k  gold  and a hammer that adds +15 to craft armor and weapon and +10
    to lore. but it can only be used by harper scouts.
          Journal: A devil's quarry -- grinder #5 has been fixed.
    Now  head  to  the  tavern,  and  you'll find a guy named Arden Swift,
    apparently  he  has  a  way to wake up the sleeping man in the temple.
    Using  his  horn,  he'll blow it and the sound will be real loud, loud
    enough to wake up the sleeping man.
    "The   card  game  in  the  tavern  requires  a  lot  of  wisdom,  18+
    preferrably,  to  guess whether the tiefling is lying or not. (He lies
    most of the time). The game is simple enough, but may take a couple of
    save/load procedures to begin the way you want it. And you want him to
    begin  with  a face card, because the line of questions is VERY simple
    in  that  case.  So,  let's  say  the  tiefling  has  a face card (1st
    question).  The,  you  ask  if  it's black (2nd) then - guess the suit
    (pick according to previous answer) (3rd). Then, you simply ask him if
    it  is  a Jack, (4th). If it's not - ask if it is a Quenn. (5th). Now,
    if  it's  not  a  Jack and not a Queen, you can be sure it's a King of
    /whatever suit it was/. Game beaten." - Xenobius
           Journal: Arden Swift -- Get the horn from him to wake
                            up the sleeping man.
    Kill Arden Swift for the horn, your alignment wont shift towards evil,
    and  alot of people want him dead. Plus you won't like how he swindles
    you  out  of your money. I'm pretty sure you can avoid that by playing
    his game, but i haven't tried.
         Journal: Arden Swift -- got the horn from him, now use it
                         to wake the sleeping man.
    Also,  in the tavern there is your old buddy, the weaponsmith from the
    rebel  camp,  he  still can imbue your item with magical properties if
    you want.
    Now  leave  and head to the temple, there is this sensei and she wants
    you to find out the 5 secrets or answers of the sleeping man, in order
    for  you  to  see  him.  Kill her instead, and get the amulet from her
    corpse,  then go see the sleeping man (she'll attack you when you wake
    up the sleeping man also, so it would just be easier to finish her off
    now,  plus  your  alignment doesn't shift toward evil) If you want you
    can  find  out the 5-fold mystery of the sleeping man if you wish, but
    you'll  have  to  talk to some people around the town. I'll add who to
    talk  to  later.  Anyways, go to the sleeping man and you can use your
    wisdom  to channel your energy onto the amulet and find out some maybe
    interesting  stuff.  After that attempt to wake up the sleeping man by
    using  the horn. He'll talk about his true love and stuff, you can ask
    him some question also. He'll tell you to find the knower of places so
    you can find the knower of names to find the reapers true name.
    For the five-fold mystery, these are the 5 people i talked to for it:
                                1st: Sensei
                              2nd: Slaad slave
                            3rd: Sullen Pilgrim
                          4th: Tome in the temple
                              5th: The Reaper
    "It's  me,  again.  Just  wanted to add a couple of things. First, the
    people  who  have an answer to the each of the question of the mystery
    are:  1)  the  Sensei  of  Gru'ul.  2) the Scriviner or a Weary Quarry
    worker.  3)  Gith  Berry Picker, the Sullen Gith Pilgrim, or a Worried
    Spirit.  4)  Arden  Swift  or the Sensei's book (whic also reveals the
    Guardians  left  by  Mephostopheles  to  stop  you from getting to the
    Knower  of Names). 5) The Reaper of Aribeth (if you already freed her,
    you have to accecpt her into your party to find out about it.
    Second,  if  you  have a high Wisdom score (around 16+, maybe 18), you
    can  sucessfully  focus on the amulet, there by not having to kill the
    Sensei. Oh, if you kill her, there might be ramifications, but not for
    a  while.  The  Gith Sensei could be the Sleeping Man's One True Love,
    and  if  that's  the  case,  and you killed her, you will have to kill
    him." - G Admiral Thrawn
    Enter the Astral door, and you'll fight 5 skeletons at a time and then
    a giant skeleton. You'll have to do this 5 times, after that go to the
    pedestals  and  get  the  ring pieces. Use the rings power to put them
    together.  The  order  to put the ring is 'HFL'. After that leave that
    place  and you'll end up back at the temple. Equip the ring and you'll
    see arrows, follow those arrows to the next Astral Door.
    When  you  enter  the next Astral door you'll start polymorphing alot,
    and you'll find the Path guardian, kill him. After that, there will be
    a  bunch  of  ice  blocking  your  path,  so  transform  into an earth
    elemental  using  your  amulet.  After turning into an earth elemental
    just click on the ice to break it.
    You  know  should  be  in  the deep or deeper wastes of cania, anyways
    follow  the  arrow  again  to  another astral door. to the west of the
    astral  door  there is a worg den. Transform into a wolf to get passed
    the small door.
                            [vd ii] . The Mimic
    Anyways,  enter  the  Astral  door,  and you'll see a mimic steal your
    armor. You can flirt with Aribeth here, but i heard there's a bug that
    won't  make  her  your  true  love  if you do, or something like that.
    Anyways,  as you progress you'll see some blue bars blocking your way,
    you'll  have  to  equip  your ring on and off to get rid of those blue
    bars.  You'll  find  two levers, and two missing, pull the two levers,
    then  put  your  ring on (or take it off if you already have it on) to
    see  the  other two levers. After you pull all 4 levers, the door will
    open, and you'll see the mimic run away again. Follow the mimic to the
    next area.
    In this area there are 4 gem generators, go around and collect the gem
    they drop. After you have collected at least 4 or 5, go to the center,
    and  drop  them  down the isle leading to the center. There is a lever
    there,  that  when you pull it, it shoots out fire down on the middle.
    So  wait  till  the  mimic finds them gems and walks toward the middle
    eating  the  gems.  Once  the mimic is in the middle pull the lever to
    kill  him.  Some  rats  may  wander  buy and try to steal the gems you
    dropped.  When you kill the mimic a grappling hand will shoot out into
    your  backpack  and  Gargamesh  a  demon will come out and attack you,
    because you have his hand. Kill him and he'll have a katana for weapon
    masters.  After  he  is  dead  another  door will appear. Enter it and
    you'll  end  up  back  outside.  Use your new found grappling hand, to
    grapple onto the torch on the other side.
    Follow  the  arrows  yet  once again to another astral door. Quicksave
    before  entering,  because  you'll fight a pretty tough battle. In the
    astral  door  you'll  find Grimgnaw, and that badguy from the NWN: OC,
    Maugrim  i  think, and some other people. Whatever you say to Grimgnaw
    he'll  still  think  you  are a threat and needs to be handled with. I
    started  by  walking  all  the  way to Blapheron, the lich, during the
    dialogue  because  he  was annoying for me. But handle it whatever way
    you  want  to.  After  you  kill them, loot their bodies for some nice
    goodies.  Use  the djinni bottle so you can identify yourstuff (if you
    have low lore and dont have Deekin on your team, but who wouldn't have
    Deekin  on  their  team?!) and sell. Get the key from Grimgnaws corpse
    and  enter  through  the locked door. Transform into a pixie and enter
    the  small  door, then transform back to normal form to pull the lever
    and back to pixie form to get back through the small hole.
                       [vd iii] . Puzzler's Sepulcher
    Now  exit out, and you'll end up in the Puzzler's Sepulcher. There are
    these  arrows  and  levers  here.  Pull  the  lever  and  whatever the
    direction  the arrow is pointing it will send you that way. The arrows
    on  the  platforms  shift around, so itll be harder to navigate to the
    otherside. Before going to the other side, go all around the platforms
    looking  for  places  with  two  levers. Make all the other levers the
    blue,  by  pulling  them.  Then  head on to the other side and aim all
    three  gargoyles at the lightning door. And pull the lever to open the
    door.  There  is another arrow, that rotates around, and there are two
    locked chests and a locked door. Wherever the arrow is pointing at, it
    will  unlock  the  object its poitning at. So you'll have to wait till
    the arrow is pointing at the chest to open it and find whats inside.
    After  that  you'll  across some dead ends, use your grappling hand to
    grab the chains, so you can cross. Eventually you'll find the guardian
    of  the  path. Kill him and enter the portal, to the knower of places.
    Ask  her  some  questions  and whatnot, then she should make your ring
    point you in the direction to the knower of names. So enter the Astral
    door behind her and follow the arrows again.
                          [vd iv] . The Blood War
    There's  a  cave  to the west with some trolls in it and some treasure
    chests.  Follow  the  arrows  to  the giant fortress, and you'll see a
    demon and a devil bust in and the demon killing the devil. Go kill the
    demon  and  enter  the hole he made. You'll enter the windswept battle
    field,  kill  all  the demons and devil and follow the arrows. Use the
    grappling  hand  to  get  across  to the ice prisons. You will have to
    fight  a devil army. They keep coming after you kill a certain amount.
    After  you  have destroyed the devil army the path guardian will come.
    So  kill  him  also. After he is dead, follow the arrows again and use
    the  grappling  hand to get across. You'll find a catapul that you can
    use  to break the knower of names prison. Turn into an earth elemental
    form  and  throw  the  catapult  across  the lava. Get back to the ice
    prison,  and  aim  the  catapult at the north prison, and fire it. The
    knower of names will appear.
    "In  the cave with the trolls, there's another chest which can only be
    seen  with  a  Puzzle  ring equipped, and it contains perhaps the most
    powerful item the game! (I didn't find anything better, anyway). It is
    a belt, which can only be worn by chaotic people, and among it's truly
    numerous  powers  is an epic spell, HellBall, once per day! Aside from
    that, it can cast a bunch of other, very damaging spells, plus it sets
    your  cold  immunity  to 90%, while increasing fire damage you receive
    (or vice versa). " - Xenobius
                 [vd v] . The Knower of Names and Big Meph
    After  you  have released the knower of names you can ask for the true
    names of your henchman (so they wont turn on you when you fight Meph),
    the  sleeping  man  and  his  true love, your true love, the knower of
    names,  Gru'ul,  the  reaper,  Arden  swift and Mephs. In order to get
    Meph's  true name you need 600000 gold, 100000 gold to find the knower
    of  names  true  name  so  you can command her to get Meph's true name
    which  is  500000  gold.  After  getting the reapers true name you can
    return to the city of lost souls.
    "You dont have to end up with the sensei being the sleeping man's true
    love.  When you get to the Knower of Names SAVE first THEN talk to her
    and ask what the name of the sleeping man's true love is. If it is the
    sensei  then  escape  the conversation and reload. Eventually (it only
    took  me two tries) you will get a different person as his true love."
    - Richard Gaddy
    You  can  talk  to the sleeping man and tell him to stop his quest for
    his  true  love,  and  he'll  die.  Tell him his true love (it was the
    sensei  in  my case, and i killed her) he may attack, if his true love
    is  dead.  You can talk to Gru'ul and have him give you his bracer, be
    nice, and give the workers a holiday. Then he disappears.
    "when  you  free the Knower of Names, return to City of Lost Souls, go
    to  the  temple,  then through the astral door where you first went to
    get  a ring. On the map, you can see a tiny island far off in lava. If
    you  target  well  enough, the grapple will get you there, and you can
    grab  the  treasure  chest,  containing a powerful cloak - +5 AC, 100%
    cold  immunity,  -2  to  Charisma  and +2 on every other attribute."
    - Xenobius
    Go  back  to  the reaper, you know his true name now so you can return
    home.  You  can  also  do  some other stuff, like let the Giths return
    home, let the dead haunt the living and stuff (this affects the ending
    i  think)  . So now the reaper has opened the door back to your world.
    Enter  it  and  you'll return to Waterdeep, and you'll see some ghosts
    and  people  fighting.  Tell  Durnan that you'll handle Meph and he'll
    come and kill everybody. Durnan escapes and so do you.
    So  now you fight Meph, you can use his true name to not fight him, or
    you  can  just  kill him. He'll try to persuade your henchman to fight
    you,  if you can't persuade them use their true names. But tell Deekin
    that  he  can go but you'll miss him. You'll need a high + enhancement
    on  your  weapon  to  hurt  him, i don't know the minimun you'll need.
    After  you  do enough damage to him, he'll retreat and some ice beasts
    will  come. The next time you do enough damage to him, lava will be on
    the  ground  doing  damage  to  you and you'll have to fight some lava
    beasts.  After  you get him to low hp, he'll surrender, there are alot
    of options to choose from, but i killed him. And that is the end.
    Some tips on fighting Meph:
    here are some tips on how to make final battle with Big M. really easy
    if  you're sorcerer/wizard. He's vulnerable to acid, so cast "Mestil's
    Acid  Sheath"  and  let  him  hit you. He will take lot of damage back
    (depending on caster level). When you're low on HP, use Potion of Heal
    (make  sure  you  have  lots  of these) and just stand there getting a
    beating until he surrenders. Painful, but it works.
    For melee characters, it's useful to enchant your weapon with acid (at
    drow  weaponsmith  in Chapters 2 & 3), so even if you do zero physical
    damage, he will take damage from acid.
    There  is  an interesting bug if you use knockdown on him in first two
    "rounds"  of  battle.  When  he  takes  enough damage he's supposed to
    summon  some  ice monsters and disappear, but when knocked down, he'll
    stay  there  and  when you kill Ice Beasts another Mephistopheles will
    drop  down  on  you so now you'll have to fight two! Not good! I guess
    you  can  have  three  of  them after you deal with Lava Beasts, but I
    haven't tried that. - Darko Perovic
    "In 'The Knower of Names and Big Meph' part,when you ask the Knower of
    Names  the  Sleeping Man's true love,the answer you got is 'You',which
    means  my  female  character  is his true love .-_- And,after you went
    back  and  talked to the Sleeping Man,he decides to fight Meph at your
    side.  I  didn't  really  fight  Meph since I used his true name,but I
    think  if  the  battle  starts,the Sleeping Man may appear to help." -
                              [vi]  .  Appendix
                             NOTE: If there is an
    error  in  the  book,  please  notify  me  and  i will place the error
                      corrections here, credited to you.
                                [vi i] . Races
    Humans  are  the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations
    and  a  penchant  for  migration  and  conquset  have  made  them very
    physically  diverse  as  well. Skin shades range nearly black to pale,
    hair  from  black  to  blond, and facial hair (for men) from sparse to
    thick.  Humans  are  often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual
    hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tatoos and the like.
    Any. When determining wheter a multiclass human suffers an XP penalty,
    his highest-level class does not count.
    1 extra feat at 1st level
    5  extra  skill  points at 1st level, plus 1 additional skill point at
    each level up
    Dwarves  are  known  for  their  skills  in  warfare, their ability to
    withstand  physical  and magical punishment, their hard work and their
    capacity  for drinking ale. Dwarves are slow to jest and suspicious of
    strangers,  but  they are generous to those who earn their trust. They
    stand  just  4  to 4 1/2 feet tall, but are broad and compactly built,
    almost as wides as they are tall. Dwarven skin varies from deep tan to
    light brown, a dwarven hair is black, gray or brown. Dwarven men value
    their beards highly.
    +2 Con, -2 Cha
    Fighter.  A  multieclass  dwarf's  fighter  class  does not count when
    determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.
    Stonecunning,  Darkvision,  Hariness vs. Poisons, Hardiness vs Spells,
    Offensive  Training  vs.  Orcs,  Offensive  Training  vs.  Goblinoids,
    Defensive Training vs. Giants, Skill Affinity (lore)
    Elves  are  known  for  their  poetry, song and magical arts, but when
    danger  threatens  they  show  great  skill with weapons and strategy.
    Elves  can  live  to be over 700 yars old and, by human standards, are
    slow  to  make  friends  and  enemies, and even slower to forget them.
    Elves  are  slim  and  stand 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet tall. They tend to be
    pale-skinned and dark-haired with deep green eyes. They have no facial
    or body hair, prefer comfortable clothes, and possess unearthly grace,
    Many other races find them hauntingly beatiful.
    +2 Dex, -2 Con
    Wizard.   A   multiclass  elf's  wizard  class  does  not  count  when
    determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.
    Immunity  to  Sleep,  Hardiness  vs. Enchantments, Bonus Proficiencies
    (Longsowrd,  Rapier,  Shortbow,  Longbow), Skill Affinity (Spot), Keen
    Senses, Low-light Vision
    Gnomes  are  in  wide dmand as alchemists, inventors and techinicians,
    though  most  prefer to remain among their own kind in simple comfort.
    Gnomes  adore animals, gems and jokes, especially pranks. They love to
    learn  by personal experience, and are always trying new ways to build
    things.  Gnomes stand 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall, with skin that ranges from
    dark  tan  to woody brown. Their hair is fair and their eyes are often
    some  shade  of  blue. Gnomes generally wear earth tones, but decorate
    their  clothes  intricately.  Males  favor  carefully  trimmed beards.
    Gnomes live 350 to 500 years.
    +2 Con, -2 Str
    Wizard.  A  multiclass  gnome's  wizard  class  does  not  count  when
    determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.
    Small   Stature,  Hardiness  vs.  Illusions,  Offensive  Training  vs.
    Reptilians,  Offensive  Training vs. Goblinoids, Defensive Training vs
    Giants, Skill Affinity (Listen), Skill Affinity (Concentration), Spell
    Focus (Illusion), Low-light Vision.
    Half-elves have the curiosity and ambition of their human parent, with
    the re fined senses and love of nature of their elven parent, although
    they are outsiders among both cluters. To humans, half-elves look like
    elves.  To  elves, they look like humans. Half-elves are paler, fairer
    and  smoother-skinned  than their human parents, but their actual skin
    tones  and  other  details  vary just as human features do. Half-elves
    tend to have green, elven eyes. They live about 180.
    Any.  When  determining  wheter  a  multiclass  half-elf suffers an XP
    penalty, his highest-level class does not count.
    Immunity  to Sleep, Hardiness vs. Enchantments, Partial Skill Affinity
    (Listen),  Partial  Skill  Affinity  (Search),  Partial Skill Affinity
    (Spot), Low-light Vision.
    Half-orcs  are  the  short-tempered and sullen result of human and orc
    pairings.  They  would  rather  act than ponder and would rather fight
    than argue. They love simple pleasures, such as feasting, boasting and
    wild dancing. They are an asset at the right sort of party, but not at
    the  duchess's  grand  ball. Half-orcs are as tall as humans but their
    brutish  features  betray  their  lineage.  They  also regard scars as
    tokens  of  pride  and things of beauty. They rarely reach 75 years in
    +2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Cha
    Barbarian. A multiclass half-orc's barbarian class does not count when
    determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.
    Halfings  are  clever,  capable  and  resourceful  survivors. They are
    notoriously  curious  and  show a daring that many larger people can't
    match.  They  can  be  lured  by  wealth but tend to spend rather than
    hoard.  Halfings  have ruddy skin, hair that is black and straigh, and
    brown or black eyes. Halfling men often grow long sideburns but rarely
    beards  or mustaches. They preefer practical clothing and would rather
    waer  a  comfortable  shirt  than jewelry. Halfings stand about 3 feet
    tall, and commonly live to see 150.
    +2 Dex, -2 Str
    Rogue.  A  multiclass  halfing's  rogue  class  does  not  count  when
    determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.
    Small   Stature,   Skill  Affinity  (Move  Silently),  Skill  Affinity
    (Listen), Lucky, Fearless, Good Aim.
                            [vi ii] . Base Classes
                            [vi ii.1] . BARBARIAN:
    Barbarians  are  brave,  even  reckless, and their warrior skills make
    them  well  suited  to adventure. Barbarians have a powerful rage that
    makes them strong and better able to withstand attacks. They only have
    the  energy  for  a  few  such  displays  per  day,  but it is usually
    sufficient.  Constant exposure to danger has also given the barbarians
    a sort of "sixth sense," the preternatural ability to sense danger and
    dodge attacks, and their running stamina is legendary.
    Any nonlawful
    *HIT DIE:
    All simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields
    Int Modifier x 4 at 1st level; 4 + Int Modifier each additional level
    Barbarians  are  unable  to progress in levels if their alignment ever
    becomes lawful.
    Barbarians can catapult themselves into a murderous fury.
      GAINED:  1st  Level
      USE: Selected. 1st level, once a day; 4th level,
    twice  a day; 8th level = three times a day; 12th level = four times a
    day; 16th level = five times a day; 20th level = six times a day
      BONUSES:  +4 to Strength; +4 to Constitution; +2 moral bonus to Will
    saving throws
      PENALTIES: -2 to AC
      NOTES:  Lasts for 3 rounds + Adjusted Constitution modifier. At 15th
    level,  the Rage ability becomes Greater Rage, giving the barbarian +6
    to  Strength  and  Constitution  and  a +3 bonus to Will saves (the -2
    penalty to Armor Class still applies)
    Barbarians gain a 10% bonus to their movement speed.
      GAINED: 1st Level
      USE: Automatic
    Barbarians  are  quick  on  their  feet  and can react more quickly to
    danger  than  others.  This  ability  improves  as the barbarian gains
      Level 2: Retain Dexterity bonuys to AC, even if flat-footed
      Level 5: +1 to Reflex saves made to avoid traps
      Level 10: +2 to Reflex saves made to avoid traps
      Level 13: +3 to Reflex saves made to avoid traps
      Level 16: +4 to Reflex saves made to avoid traps
      Level 19: +5 to Reflex saves made to avoid traps
      USE: Automatic
    The  barbarian  gains  the  ability to shrug off some amount of injury
    from each blow or attack.
      GAINED: 11th Level
      USE: Automatic
      Bonuses:  11th  level  =  damage  reduced by one point; 14th level =
    damage  reduced  by  two;  17th  level = damage reduced by three; 20th
    level = damage reduced by four
      The eipc barbarian is a furious warrior who can cut his opponents to
    ribbons with awe-insipiring ease. He is the very incarnation of rage.
    HIT DIE: d12
    BONUS  FEATS:  The epic barbarian gains a bonus feat every four levels
    after 20th
    EPIC  BARBARIAN  BONUS  FEATS:  Armor  Skin,  Epic  Damage  Reduction,
    Devastating  Critical, Epic Toughness, Epic Prowess, Mighty Rage, Epic
    Weapon  Focus,  Overwhelming Critical, Superior Initiative, Terrifying
    Rage, Thundering Rage
    			   [vi ii.2] . BARD
      Bards often serve as negotiators, messengers, scouts and spies. They
    love  to  accompany  heroes  (and  villains_  to  witness  heroic  (or
    villainous) deeds firsthand (i.e. Deekin), since a bard who can tell a
    story  from personal experience earns renown among his fellows. A bard
    casts  arcane  spells  without  any  advanced preparation, much like a
    sorceror.  Bards  also  share  some specialized skills with rogues and
    their  knowledge  of  item  lore  is nearly unmatched. A high Charisma
    score allows a bard to cast high-level spells
    Any nonlawful.
    *HIT DIE:
    Simple weapons, light armor, medium armor, shields
    Int Modifier x 4 at 1st level; 4 + Modifier each additional level
    Arcane (Charisma-based, no spell preparation, spell failure from armor
    is a factor). Bards begin the game knowing all cantrips.
    Bards  cannot  gain  levels of experience while they are of any lawful
    The bard is able to identify items more easily than other classes.
      GAINED: 1st Level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Apply bard levels as a bonus to any Lore skill checks
    Bards are able to sing songs that can bolster their allies
      GAINED: 1st Level
      USE: Selected
      BONUSES:  Defeaned creatures are not affected by the bard's singing.
    The  bardsong  may  be  sung  once  per  day per class level. The song
    affects  all allies within 30 feet and lasts for 10 rounds. The higher
    the  bard's  Perform skill, the better the bardsong. Bard song bonuses
    do not stack.
     Perform 3 and bard level 1: +1 to Attack and Damage rolls
     Perform 6 and bard level 2: +1 to Will saves
     Perform 9 and bard level 3: +1 to Damage rolls, +1 to Fortitude Saves
     Perform 12 and bard level 9: +1 to Reflex saves, +1 to Skills
     Perform 15 and bard level 8: +1 to Attack rolls, +8 Temporary HP
     Perform 18 and bard level 12: +2 to Dodge AC, +1 to skills
     Perform 21 and bard level 14: +1 to Damage rolls, +8 to Temporary  HP
                                   and +1 Dodge AC
     Perform 24 and bard level 15: +1  Will  saves,  +1  Reflex saves,  +1
                                   Fortitude  saves, +1  Dodge AC,  +1  to
     Perform 25 and bard level 16: +1  will saves,  +4  Temporary  HP,  +1
                                   Dodge armor class, +1 to skills.
      An  additional  +2 Temporary HP and +1 to skills is granted for each
    additional 5 Perform and 1 bard leve. At Perform 45 and bard level 20,
    bardsong grants +6 temporary Hit Points and +3 to skills
    The  epic  bard's music is beyond inspiring, beyond heartening, beyond
    perfection.  With  just  a  song,  the  bard  can  weaken the cruelest
    creature or inspire allies to the heights of power and bravery.
    *HIT DIE:
    4 + Int Modifier
    The epic bard gains a bonus feat every three levels after 20th
    Curse  song,  Epic  Skill  Focus,  Epic  will,  Great  Charisma, Great
    Dexterity,  Improved  Combat Casting, Lasting Inspiriation, Epic Spell
                              [vi ii.3] . CLERIC
      Clerics act as intermediaries between the earthly and the divine (or
    infernal)  wrolds.  A  good  cleric helps those in need, while an evil
    cleric  seeks  to spread his patron's vision of evil across the world.
    All  clerics  can  heal wounds and bring people back from the brink of
    death  and  powerful  clerics  can  even raise the dead. Likewise, all
    clerics  have authority over undead cratures and they can turn away or
    destroy  these creatures. Clerics can use simple weapons and all forms
    of  armor  and shields without penalty, since armor does not interfere
    with  the  casting  of divine spells. In addition to his complement of
    spells,  every  cleric chooses to focus on two of his deity's domains.
    These  domains grants the cleric special powers and give him access to
    spells  that  he  might otherwise never learn. A cleric's Wisdom score
    should  be high, since this determines the maximum spell level that he
    can cast.
    *HIT DIE:
    All simple weapons, all armor, and shields
    Int Modifier x 4 at 1st level; 2 + Int Modifier each additional level
    Divine  (Wisdom  based,  armor-related  chance  of  spell  failure  is
    Able  to  replace  any  spell and cast a 'healing' variety of the same
    spell level instead.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Automatic
      Bonus: If an S appears  in the upper  left-hand corner of the  spell
      icon, a cleric can cast  the spell spontaneously. This will 'use up'
      another spell of the same level as the spell cast.
    The cleric can cause undead to flee.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Three times per day, plus cleric's charisma modifier
      BONUSES:  The  cleric's level and Charisma are used to determine how
    many Hit Die of the undead are turned. If the cleric has twice as many
    levels as the undead have Hit Die, the undead are instantly destroyed.
    The  epic  cleric  is  among  the  most elite of her deity's servants,
    spreading  the  word  and  acting as emissary for the church. The epic
    cleric commands great power and respect.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic cleric gains a bonus feat every three levels after 20th
    Armor Skin, Automatic Quicken Spell, Automatic Silent Spell, Automatic
    Still Spell, Epic Spell Focus, Epic Spell Penetration, Greater Wisdom,
    Improved Combat Casting, Planar turning.
                              [vi ii.4] . DRUID
      Druids  gain power not by ruling nature but by being at one with it.
    Druids  hate  the  unnatural,  including  aberrations  or  undead, and
    destroy them where possible. Druids receive divine spells from nature,
    not the gods, and can gain an array of powers as they gain experience,
    including  the ability to take the shapes of animals. A druid is often
    accompanied  by  an animal companion. The weapons and armor of a druid
    are  restricted  by  thei  traditional  oaths,  not simply training. A
    druid's  Wisdom  score  should be high, as this determines the maximum
    spell level that they can cast.
    Must  be  neutral good, lawfule neutral, true neutral, chaotic neutral
    or neutral evil.
    *HIT DIE:
    Club,  dagger, dart, sickle, scimitar, spear, sling, and quarterstaff,
    shields, light and medium armor.
    Int modifier x 4 at 1st level; 4 + Int Modifier each additional level
    Divine  (Wisdom  based,  armor-related  chance  of  spell  failure  is
    A druid that is no longer neutral cannot gain levels.
    The  druid  gains  a  +2  bonus to all attacks made while fighting the
    wilderness ares.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Automatic
    Druids may summon a stalwart animal companion.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Once per day, until killed or unsummoned
      BONUSES: Animal Companion  are  chosen at character creation and can
      be changed with each new druid class level.
      NOTE:  Animal companion's are pretty useless at high levels, because
      of their lack of AC.
    Druids  may walk with ease through magical and non-magical impediments
    to movement.
      GAINED: 2nd leve
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Immune to grease, Web and Entangle spells and effects.
    Druid move stealthily through wilderness areas.
      GAINED: 3rd level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  Grants  a  +4  competence  bonus  to Hide and Move Silently
     checks when in wilderness ares.
    Due  to  their  inherent understanding of nature, druids can avoid the
    most common dangers that the natural world presents.
      GAINED: 4th level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Grants a +2 insight bonus to saving throws against all Fear
      spells and effects.
    The druid gains the abilty to shape shift into various animal forms.
      GAINED: 5th level
      USE:  Once  per  day at 5th level, twice per day at 6th level, three
      times  per  day  at  7th level,  four  times  per day at 10th level,
      five  times  per  day  at  14th level, and six times per day at 18th
      level. This ability lasts one hour per level.
      BONUSES:  The  druid  may  choose  among several animal forms (these
      forms improve as the druid gains levels.)
    The druid is able to resist the effects of most poisons.
      GAINED: 9th level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Immune to poison
    The  druid  gains  the  aiblity  to shape-shift into various elemental
      GAINED: 16th level
      USE:  Once  per  day at 16th level, twice per day at 17th level, and
      three  times  per  day  at  19th  level. This ability lasts one hour
      per level.
      BONUSES:  Huge elementals at 16th level and elder elementals at 20th
    Powerful,  primal forces dominate nature and the epic druid is capable
    of  harnessing  them. The epic druid is a mighty symbol of the natural
    world   and   the  balance  demands  that  he  use  his  great  powers
    *HIT DIE:
    4 + Int Modifier
    The epic druid gains a bonus feat every four levels after 20th
    Automatic  Quicken  Spell,  Automatic  Silent  Spell,  Automatic Still
    Spell,  Dragon  Form,  Energy Resistance, Epic Spell Focus, Epic Spell
    Penetration, Greater Wisdom, Improved Combat Casting.
                             [vi ii.5] . FIGHTER
    Fighters can be many things, from soldiers to criminal enforcers. Some
    see  adventure  as a way to get rich, while others use their skills to
    protect  the  innocent.  Fighters  have  the  best all-around fighting
    capabilities  of  the  PC  classes  and  they  are  trained to use all
    standard  weapons  and  armor.  A  fighter's rigorous martial training
    grants him many bonus feats as he progresses. High-level fighters have
    access  to special melee maneuvers and exotic weapons not available to
    any other character.
    *HIT DIE:
    All simple and martial weapons, all armor, and shields
    Int Modifier x 4 at 1st level; 2 + Int Modifier each additional level
    The  figher  gains  a  bonus  feat at first level and every two levels
    thereafter,  chosen  from a subest of the entire feat list. This bonus
    feat  is  in addition to the feats every character gains for advancing
    in character level.
    Having  advanced from the ranks of seasoned warriors, the epic fighter
    is  the  true  master  of warfare. More than a mere sword-swinger, the
    epic  fighter  knows  how to defeat his opponents in any arena. Though
    his  journey  to  achieve  this  goal ahs been long and hard, the epic
    fighter  is  just  startingout  on  another path -- a fledgling in the
    realm of gods and other powerful beings.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic fighter gains a bonus feat every two levels after 20th
    Armor Skin, Damage Reduction, Devastating Critical, Epic Prowess, Epic
    Toughness,  Epic  Weapon  Focus,  Epic Weapon Specialization, Improved
    Stunning  Fist,  Improved  Whirlwind  Attack,  Overwhelming  Critical,
    Superior Initiative.
                                [vi ii.6] MONK
    Monks  are  versatile  warriors skilled at fighting without weapons or
    armor.  Good-aligned  moniks serve as protectors of people, while evil
    monks make ideal spies and assassins. Although they don't cast spells,
    monks  channel a subtle energy called ki. This energy allows a monk to
    perform  amazing  feats,  such  as healing himself, catching arrows in
    flight  and  doging  blows  with lightning speed. A monk's mundane and
    ki-based  abilities grow with experience, granting him more power over
    himself  and  his  environment.  Monks suffer unique penalites if they
    wear  armor,  as  doing  so  violates their rigid oath. A monk wearing
    armor  loses his Wisdom and levelbased AC bonuses, movement speed, and
    additional unarmed attacks per round.
    Any lawful
    *HIT DIE:
    Club,  dagger,  handaxe, light crossbow, heavy crossbow, kama, quarter
    staff, shuriken, sling
    Int Modifier x 4 at 1st level; 4 + Int Modifier each additional level
    The  monk  receives  several  bonus feats from the standard feat list,
    including  Cleave,  Improved  Unarmed  Strike and Stunning Fist at 1st
    level,  Defect  Arrows  at  2nd  level,  and  Knockdown  and  Improved
    Knockdown at 6th level.
    The monk retains his unarmed attack bonus when fighting with a kama.
    Monks  add  both their wisdom modifier and their Dexterity modifier to
    their AC
    The  monk  receives an extra attack per round when fighting unarmed or
    with a kama.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Selected
      PENALTIES: The monk suffers a -2 penalty to all attack rolls made as
      part of a Flurry of Blows
    Monks are able to escape potentially deadly situations
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  In  situations  where successful Reflex saving throw would
      allow others to take half damage, the monk escapes unscathed.
    Monk gains the ability to move quickly.
      GAINED: 3rd level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  Monks  move  faster  than  other  classes and this ability
      improves with experience.
    Monks  gain  a  +2 competence bonus on saving throw vs. mind-affecting
      GAINED: 3rd level
      USE: Automatic
    Monks are immune to common diseases.
      GAINED: 5th level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Immune to disease
    The monk is capable of healing his wounds.
      GAINED: 7th level
      USE: Selected. Once per day.
      BONUSES: Restores a number of HP equal to twice the number of levels
      the character has in the monk class.
    The monk gains a superhuman ability to avoid danger.
      GAINED: 9th level
      USE: Automatic
      Bonuses:  In situations where a successful Reflex saving throw would
      allow others to take half damage, the character escapes unscathed on 
      a  successful   save  and  takes only half damage even if the saving 
      throw fails.
    When  attacking  creatures  with  the  damage  reduction  ability, the
    character's  unarmed attack is treated as a weapon with an enhancement
      GAINED: 10th level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  Equivalent  to  a  +1  enhancement bonus at 10th level, +2
      bonus at 13th level, +3 bonus at 16th level.
    Through  meditation  and  control  over his body, the disciplined monk
    becomes immune to all natural and most magical poisons.
      GAINED: 11th level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Immunity to poison
    Ki,  the  spiritual energy that powers the monk, develops into a force
    that  is  capable  of  repelling  all  but  the  most determined magic
      GAINED: 12th level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  Spell  resistance  equal  to  the number of the levels the
      character has in the monk class +10
    Harnessing  his  ki,  the  monk is able to deliver quick death with an
    unarmed strike.
      GAINED: 15th level
      USE: Once per day.
      BONUSES:  If  the  attack  succeeds and does damage. the target must
      make  a  fortitutde  save (DC 10 + 1/2 the monk's level + the monk's
      Wisdom  modifier).  Failure results in the target's immediate death.
    Mastering his ki can allow the monk to fade from sight.
      GAINED: 18th level
      USE: Selected. Twice per day.
      BONUSES: The monk gains a 50% concealment bonus.
    So  complete  is  the  monk's mastery over his body and spirit that he
    becomes  a  supernatural being, able to shrug off ordinary weapons and
    many spells.
      GAINED: 20th level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Immune to all mind-affecting spells; gains damage reduction 
    An  epic monk's speed, power, grace and force of will are unmatched by
    mortal beings. Her powers continue to multiplpy as she steps away from
    the  mortal  shell  and  accepts  an  inner  tranquility  that  lesser
    characters cannot even dream of.
    *HIT DIE:
    4 + Int Modifier
    The epic monk gains a bonus feat every five levels
    Every 3 levels, the monk's movement speed will increas by an additionl
    Armor  Skin,  Damage  Reduction,  Energy  Resistance,  Epic Toughness,
    Improved Ki Strike, Improved Spell REsistance, Improved Stunning Fist,
                             [vi ii.7] . PALADIN
    Paladins  take  their adventures seriously, and even a mundane mission
    is,  in the heart of the paladin, a personal test -- an opportunity to
    demonstrate  bravery,  to  learn  tactics and to find ways to do good.
    Divine  power  protects  these  warriors  of virtue, warding off harm,
    protecting  from  disease,  healing  and  guarding  against  fear. The
    paladin  can  also direct this power to help others, healing wounds or
    curing  diseases and also use it to destroy evil. Experienced paladins
    can  smite  evil  foes  and turn away undead. A paladin's Wisdom score
    should  be  high,  as this determines the maximum spell level that she
    can  cast. Many of the paladin's special abilities also benefit from a
    high Charisma score.
    Lawful good only
    *HIT DIE:
    All simple an dmartial weapons, all armor, shields
    Int Modifier x 4 at 1st level; 2 + Int Modifier each additional level.
    Paladin  Spells.  Divine  (Wisdom based, armor-related chance of spell
    failure is ignored).
    *EX-PALADINS:  A  paladin  that  is  no longe rlawful good cannot gain
    levels until she becomes lawful good.
    Blessed  by  her  deity,  the  paladin gains bonuses to resist various
    forms of attack.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  The  paladin adds her positive Charisman bonus (if any) to
      all saving throws
    Most diseases are naturally repelled by the holy power of the paladin.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Immune to disease
    The holy might of the paladin can be used to heal wounds.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Once per day
      BONUSES:  If  the paladin has a positive Charisma Modifier, then she
      can cure a number of HP equal to her Modifier x paladin level.
    The paladin is immune to all fear spells and effects
      GAINED: 2nd level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES: Immune to fear
    Gathering  the  might  of  his patron deity, the paladin can unleash a
    holy attack that devastates evil enemies.
      GAINED: 2nd level
      USE: Once per day
      BONUSES:  The paladin applies her Charisma Modifier (if positive) to
    her  next  melee  attack  roll,  and  adds a damage bonus equal to her
    paladin  level.  If  the target of this attack is not evil, Smite Evil
    has no effect.
    When paladins reach 3rd level, she can channel the might of her patron
    deity to scatter or destroy undead.
      GAINED: 3rd level
      USE: Three times per day, plus the paladin's Charisma modifier.
      BONUSES:  The paladin's level and Charisma are used to determine how
      many  Hit  Die  of  undead  are  turned. If the paladin has twice as
      many  levels  as  the  undead have Hit Die, the undead are instantly
    Her  access  to  the  divine allows the paladin to remove disease from
    herself or her companions.
      GAINED: 3rd level
      USE: Once per day
      BONUSES: As the cleric spell Remove Disease
    Standing  at the forefront of the battle against chaos and evil in the
    world,  the  epic  paladin shines as a beacon of hope to all who fight
    the good fight.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic paladin gains a bonus feat every three levels after 20th
    Armor  Skin,  Devastating Critical, Epic Toughness, Epic Weapon Focus,
    Epic Prowess, Epic Reputation, Great Smiting, Improved Combat Casting,
    Overwhelming Critical, Perfect Health, Planar Turning
                              [vi ii.8] . RANGER
    Rangers  are  skilled  stalkers and hunters who make their home in the
    woods. A ranger's martial skill is nearly the equal the fighter's, but
    rangers  lack  the  latter's  dedication  to  the  craft  of fighting.
    Instead,  the  ranger  focuses  his  skills and training on a specific
    enemy  --  a  type  of creature he bears a vengeful grudge against and
    hunts  above  all  others.  Rangers often accept the role of protector
    aiding those who live in or travel through the woods. His skills allow
    him  to  move  quietly and stick to the shadows, especially in natural
    settings,  and  he  also  has  special  knowledge  of certain types of
    creatures.  Finally,  an  experienced  ranger has such a tie to nature
    that he can actually draw on natural power to cast divine spells, much
    as a druid does. Like a druid, a ranger is often accompanied by animal
    companions. A ranger's Wisdom score should be high, as this determines
    the maximum spell level that he can cast.
    *HIT DIE:
    All simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, shields
    Int Modofier x 4 at 1st leve; 4 + Int Modifier each additional level
    Divine  (Wisdom  based,  armor-related  chance  of  spell  failure  is
    Rangers move stealthily through wooded areas.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  The  ranger  gains  a +4 competence bonus to Hide and Move
      Silently checks when in outdoor areas.
    Rangers  study  their  enemies and develop a keen understanding of the
    weakness of various creatures.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Selected
      BONUSES:  Rangers  gain  a +1 bonus to Listen, Spot and Taunt checks
      against  their  favored enemy, as well as a +1 bonus to any physical
      damage  dealt  to  the  enemy.  These  bonuses improve by +1 every 5
    Rangers can fight using two weapons while wearing light armor or less.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Selected
      BONUSES:  Dual  Wield  simulates  the  Ambidexterity  and Two-Weapon
      Fighting Feats
      NOTE:  Dual  Wield  does  not  count as Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon
      Fighting  when  used  to  qualify  for Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.
      In  other  words,  you can't be a ranger for just one level and then
      qualify for Improved Two-Weapon Fighting once your base attack bonus
      reaches +9.
    Rangers  automatically  gain  the Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat at
    9th level
    Rangers may summon a stalwart animal companion.
      GAINED: 6th level
      USE: Once per day, until killed or unsummoned
      BONUSES: Animal companions may be changed with each new ranger class 
    The  epic ranger moves through the natural world with deadly grace and
    a  keeen  mind.  The epic ranger is both a protector and a hunter, and
    his powers reflect this
    *HIT DIE:
    4 + Int Modifier
    The epic ranger gains a bonus feat every three levels after 20th
    Bane  of  Enemies,  Blinding Speed, Epic Toughness, Epic Prowess, Epic
    Weapon Focus, Favored Enemy, Improved Combat Casting
                              [iv ii.9] . ROGUE
    Rogues have little in common with each other. While some -- maybe even
    the  majority  --are  stealthy  theives,  many serve as scouts, spies,
    investigators,  diplomats  or  simple  thugs.  Rogues  are  versatile,
    adaptable  and  skilled at getting what others don't want them to get.
    While not equal to a fighter in combat, a rogue knows how to hit where
    it  hurts, and a sneak attack can dish out alot of damage. Rogues also
    seem  to  have  a  sixth  sense  when  it  comes  to  avoiding danger.
    Experienced  Rogues  develop  nearly magical powers and skills as they
    master  the  arts  of stealth, evasion and sneak attacks. In addition,
    while  not  capable of casting spells, a rogue can sometimes "fake it"
    well  enough  to cast spells from scrolls, activate wands and use just
    about any other magic item.
    *HIT DIE:
    Club,  dagger,  dart,  light  crossbow, handaxe, heavy crossbow, mace,
    morningstar, rapier, shortbow, short sword, sling, quarterstaff, light
    Int Modifier x 4 at 1st level; 8 + Int Modifier each additional level.
    Rogues  study  the  weaknesses  of  their opponents and are capable of
    capitalizing on this knowledge with their deadly sneak attacks.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  Whenever  the  rogue  makes  a successful melle or ranged
      attack against an opponent that is flat-footed OR cannot see the 
      character (i.e., character is in Stealth mode or invisible) OR has 
      its back facing the charater AND the target is in combat against 
      another opponent, the rogue's blow deals extra damage (+1d6 at 1st 
      level, and an additional +1d6 every two levels therafter). This 
      extra damage is not multiplied in the case of a critical hit.
      SPECIAL  The  construct and undead monster types are immune to sneak
      attacks,  as  are  any  creatures  that are immune to critical hits.
    Rogues are able to escape potential deadly situations.
      GAINED: 2nd level
      USE: Automatic
      BONUSES:  In  situations where a succesful Relfex saving throw would
      allow others to take only half damage, a rogue escapes unscathed
      Level 3: Retain Dexterity bonus to AC, even if flat-footed
      Level 6: +1 to reflex saves made to avoid traps
      Level 11: +2 to reflex saves made to avoid traps
      Level 14: +3 to reflex saves made to avoid traps
      Level 17: +4 to reflex saves made to avoid traps
      Level 20: +5 to Reflex saves made to avoid traps
      USE: Automatic
    On  achieving  10th level and every three levels thereafter, the rogue
    can choose a speical feat from the following list:
      CRIPPLING STRIKE:  Any  successful  sneak attack automatically deals
      two points of Strength ability damage to the target.
      OPPUORTUNIST: The rogue automatically gains a +4 Competence bonus to
      attack rolls when making an attack of oppurtunity.
      SKILL MASTERY:  The  rogue  can  take 20 whenever using the Disable
      Trap, Open Lock, or Set Traps skills, even if in combat.
      IMPROVED EVASION:  In  situations  where  a successful Reflex saving
      throw  would  allow  others  to  take  only  half  damage, the rogue
      escapes  unscathed  on  a successful roll and takes only half damage
      even if the saving throw fails.
      DEFENSIVE ROLL:   Once  per  day,  if  the  rogue  is  struck  by  a
      potentially lethal blow (damage that would normally drop him below 1 
      hit point), he can make a Reflex savin throw (DC = damage dealt). If
      successful, he takes only half damage from the blow (which may still
      be  enough  to  kill  him). If caught flat-footed, the rogue may not
      make a Defensive Roll.
    The   ultimate  theif  with  legendary  skills  and  many  a  tale  of
    derring-do,  the  epic  rogue  is  the  master  of cunning, deceit and
    *HIT DIE:
    8 + Int Modifier
    The epic rogue gains a bonus feat every four levels after 20th
    Blinding  Speed,  Crippling  Strike,  Defensive Roll, Epic Dodge, Epic
    Reuptation, Epic Skill Focus, Improved Evasion, Improved Sneak Attack,
    Opportunist,  Self-Concealment,  Skill Master, Slippery Mind, Superior
    This  continues  to improve by 1d6 at each odd-numbered level the epic
    rogue gains.
                            [vi ii.10] . SORCEROR
    Sorcerers  are  arcane  spellcasters  who manipulate magic energy with
    imagination  and  talent rather than studious discipline. They have no
    books,  no  mentors, no theories -- just raw power that they direct at
    will.  Sorcerers know fewer spells than wizards, and acquire them more
    slowly,  but  they  can  cast individual spells more often and have no
    need  to prepare their incantaions ahead of time. Also unlike wizards,
    sorcerers cannot specialize in a school of magic. Since sorcerers gain
    their  powers  without  undergoing  the  years  of rigorous study that
    wizards  go  through, they have more time to learn fighting skills and
    are  proficient with simple weapons. A sorcerer can call a familiar: a
    small,  magical,  animal  companion that servers her. Charisma is very
    important  for  sorcerers; the higher their value in this ability, the
    higher the spell level she can cast.
    *HIT DIE:
    All simple weapons, no armor or shields
    Int Modifier x 4 1st level; 2 + Int Modifier each additional level
    Arcane  (Charisma-based, no need for preparation, armor-related chance
    of  spell  failure  is a factor). Sorcerers begin the game knowing all
    Summon  Familiar:  Able to summon a small creature to assist in combat
    or scouting
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Once per day
      BONUSES:  If  the  familiar dies, the sorcerer loses 1d6 HP, but can
      summon the familiar again the next day.
    The  epic  sorcerer  is  a  near  mythic being. But still the need for
    ever-greater  poewr never ceases and the sorcerer pushes on, exploring
    and mastering the magical.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The e pic sorcerer gains a bonus feat every three levels after 20th
    Automatic  Quicken  Spell,  Automatic  Silent  Spell,  Automatic Still
    Spell,  Energy  Resistance,  Epic Spell Focus, Epic Spell Penetration,
    Improved Combat Casting
                             [iv ii.11] . WIZARD
    Wizards  are  arcane  spell  casters  who depend on intensive study to
    create  their magic. To wizards, magic isnot a talent but a difficult,
    rewarding  art.  When  they  are  prepared for battle, wizards can use
    their  spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are
    vulnerable.  The  wizard's  strength is her spells; everything else is
    secondary.  She  learns  new  spells  as  she experiments and grows in
    experience  and  she  can  also  learn  them  from  other  wizards. In
    addition,  over  time a wizard learns to manipulate her spells so they
    go  farther,  work  better or are improved in some other way. A wizard
    can  call  a familiar: a small, magical, animal companion that servers
    her.  With  a  high  Intelligence. wizards are capable of casting very
    high-level spells.
    *HIT DIE:
    Club,  dagger,  light crossbow, heavy crossbow, quarterstaff, no armor
    or shields
    Int Modifier x 4 at 1st level; 2 + Int Modifier each additional level
    Arcane (Intelligence-based, requires preparation, armor-related chance
    of  spell  failure  is  a  factor); wizards being the game knowing all
    cantrips and four 1st-level spells
    Able to summon a small creature to assist in combat or scouting.
      GAINED: 1st level
      USE: Once per day
      BONUSES:  If  the  familiar dies, the sorcerer loses 1d6 HP, but can
      summon the familiar again the next day.
     ** NOTE: The book says sorcerer, but it most likely should be wizard
    Every  five  levels,  the  wizard  may  select  a  bonus feat from the
    Metamagic  and  Spell feat lists. This bonus feat is in addition tothe
    feats every character gains for advancing in character level.
    Knowledge is power and the quest for knowledge never ends. There is an
    everlasting supply of arcane lore for the epic wizard to discover.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic wizard gains a bonus feat every three levels after 20th
    Automatic  Quicken  Spell,  Automatic  Silent  Spell,  Automatic Still
    Spell,  Epic  Spell Focus, Epic Spell Penetration, Great Intelligence,
    Improved Combat Casting
                         [vi iii] . Prestige Classes
    		      [vi iii.1] . ARCANE ARCHER
    Master  of the elven war bands, the arcane archer is a warrior skilled
    in  using  magic  to supplement his combat prowess. Fighters, rangers,
    paladins and barbarians become arcane archers to add a little magic to
    their  combat  abilities.  Conversely, wizards and sorcerers may adopt
    this prestige class to add combat capabilities to their repertoires.
    *HIT DIE:
    All simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor, and shields
    4 + Int. Modifier
    To  qualify  as an arcane archer, a character must fulfill all of thef
    following criteria:
    *RACE: Elf or half-elf
    *BAB (Base Attack Bonus: +6
    *FEATS:  Weapon  Focus  Longbow  or Weapon Focus Shortbow, Point Blank
    *SPELLCASTING: Ability to cast arcane spells
    The arcane archer is able to shoot arrows with increased precision and
    damage.  This ability is automatically applied to all arrows fired and
    increases with experience: +1 at 1st level; +2 at 3rd level; +3 at 5th
    level; +4 at 7th level; and +5 at 9th level.
    Beginning  at 2dn level, the arcane archer is able to shoot a fireball
    arrow three times a day.
    At  4th level the arcane archer can fire one arrow per day that cannot
    miss. At 6th level he can fire two Seeker Arrows per day.
    At 8th level and beyond, the arcane archer is able to fire an arrow at
    each and every target within range.
    This  ability,  gained at the 10th level, allows the arcane archer to,
    once per day, fire an arrow that can instantly kill an opponent.
    The  epic  arcane  archer  is  the living extension of her bow. Lesser
    beings can only gape in awe at the wonders she can achieve.
    *HIT DIE:
    4 + Int Modifier
    The epic arcane archer gains a bonus feat every four levels
    Devastating  Critical (shortbow, longbow, Epic Prowess, Epic Reflexes,
    Epic   Toughness,   Epic   Weapon  Focus  (shortbow,  longbow),  Great
    Dexterity,  Improved  Combat Casting, Overwhelming Critical (shortbow,
    For  every  two levels beyond 9thn, the potency of the arrows fired by
    the arcane archer increases by +1
                            [vi iii.2] . ASSASSIN
    The  assassin  is  a  master of dealing quick, lethal blows. Assassins
    often  function  as  spies, informants, killers for hire, or agents of
    vengeance.  The  assassin's skill in a variety of dark arts allows him
    to  carry  out  missions of death with shocking, terrifying precision.
    Rogues,   monks  and  bards  are  ideal  candidates  for  training  as
    Unlike  the blackguard, the assassin is not evil due to devotion to an
    evil  power,  but  rather  due to a complete lack of morals or ethics.
    These  ruthless  and avaricious killers have but one requirement other
    than  a predisposition for an evil and penchant for stealth. They must
    kill another intelligent being for no other reason than pey.
    *HIT DIE:
    Simple weapons, light armor
    4 + Int. Modifier
    To  qualify  as  an  assassin,  a  character  must  filfill all of the
    following criteria:
    *ALIGNMENT: Any evil
    *SKILLS: Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks
    This  special  sneak  attack  has a chance of paralyzing the opponent.
    Death Attack damage increases with experience: +1d6 at 1st level; +2d6
    at  3rd  level;  +3d6 at 5th level; +4d6 at 7th level; and +5d6 at 9th
    The  assassin  is  able  to avoid and deflect incoming attacks. At 2nd
    level, the assassin ertains his or her dexterity bonus to armor class,
    even  if  flat-footed. At 5th level, the assassin gains a +1 to Reflex
    saving throws. At 10th level, the assassin gains a +2 to Reflex saving
    At  2nd  level,  the assassin gains the ability to cast Ghostly Visage
    once  per  day.  At  5th  leve, the assassin gains the ability to cast
    darkness once per day. At 6th level, the assassin gains the ability to
    cast  Invisibility  once per day. At 9th level, the assassin gains the
    ability to cast Improved Invisibility once per day.
    The  assassin's  expertise  with  deadly  toxins gives the assassin an
    unnatural  resistance  to  poisons of all types. This ability improves
    with  experience: +1 Fortitude saves vs poison at 2nd level; +2 at 4th
    level; +3 at 6th level; +4 at 8th level; and +5 at 10th level.
    The  epic  assassin is capable of sliding from shadow to shadow; lying
    in  wait  until  his target is vulnerable, then striking like a cobra,
    leaving only a cold corpse behind. hen
    *HIT DIE:
    4 + Int Modifier
    The epic assassin gains a bonus feat every four levels
    Epic  Relfexes,  Epic  Skill  Focus  (hide_,  Epic  Skill  Focus (move
    silently),  Great  Dexterity,  Improved Combat Casting, Improved Sneak
    Attack, Self Concealment, Superior Initiative.
    Improves by +1d6 every two levels after 9th.
    An  additional  +1  for  every two levels after 10th on the assassin's
    saving throws against poison.
                           [vi iii.3] . BLACKGUARD
    A blackguard epitomizes evil. He is nothing short of a mortal fiend, a
    black  knight  with the foulest sort of reputation. A blackguard is an
    evil  villain of the first order, equivalent in power to the righteous
    paladin, but devoted to the powers of darkness. No one class makes the
    best  blackguard -- all that is required is a willingness to serve the
    forces of darkness.
    *HIT DIE:
    All simple and martial weapons, all types of armor and shields
    2 + Int Modifier
    To  qualify  as  a  blackguard,  a  character  must fulfill all of the
    following criteria:
    *FEATS: Hide 5 ranks
    *SKILLS: Cleave
    *ALIGNMENT: Any evil
    *BAB: +6
    Beginning  at  2nd  level,  the  blackguard  adds Charisma modifier to
    attack roll vs. good
    Beginning  at  2nd  level,  the  blackguard  adds Charisma modifier to
    saving throws.
    Beginning at 3rd level, the blackguard can make undead flee.
    Beginning at 3rd level, the blackguard can summon an undead ally.
    Beginning at 5th level, the blackguard can summon a fiendish ally.
    The  blackguard  gets  a  damage bonus that increases with experience:
    +1d6 at 4th level; +2d6 at 7th level; and +3d6 at 10th level.
    At 2nd level, the blackguard gains the ability to cast Bull's Strength
    once  per  day. At 6th level, the blackguard gains the ability to cast
    Inflict  Serious  Wounds  once  per  day. At 7th level, the blackguard
    gains  the  ability  to cast Contagion once per day. At 8th level, the
    blackguard  gains the ability to cast Inflict Critical Wounds once per
    The  blackguard is a twisted reflection of the epic paladin, radiating
    evil power from every pore of her body.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic blackguard gains a bonus feat every three levels
    Armor  Skin,  Devestating  Critical,  Epic Toughness, Epic Fiend, Epic
    Prowess,  Epic  Reputation, Epic Weapon Focus, Great Smiting, Improved
    Combat  Casting, Improved Sneak Attack, Overwhelming Critical, Perfect
    Health, Planar Turning
    increases by +1d6 every three levels after 10th
    For every five blackguard levels above 10th, the summon fifend gains a
    +2  bonus  to Hit Dice, its natural armor increases by +2, and its STR
    and INT each increase by +1
                        [vi iii.4] . CHAMPION OF TORM
    Champions of Torm are might warriors who dedicate themselves to Torm's
    Cause,  defending  holy  ground,  destroying enemies of the church and
    slaying mythical beasts.
    *HIT DIE
    All simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor and shields
    2 + Int Modifier
    To  qualify as a champion of Torm, a character must fulfill all of the
    following criteria:
    *BAB: +7
    *FEATS: Weapon Focus in a melee weapon
    *ALIGNMENT: Non-evil
    *LAY ON HANDS (level 1):
    Can  heal  damage  equal  to  class level multiplied by their Charisma
    modifier,  deals  damage to undead creatures. This ability stacks with
    the paladin's lay on hands ability.
    Every  2  levels (2, 4, 6, etc.) get a bonus feat like fighers (except
    weapon specialization)
    *SACRED DEFENSE (level 2):
    +1  to  all  saving throws, this increases by an additional +1 every 2
    *SMITE EVIL (level 3):
    Once  per day can add Charisma bonus to attack roll and do +1 point of
    damage per level of Champion of Torm
    *DIVINE WRATH (level  5): 
    Once  per day, can add +3 to attack, damage and saving throws and gain
    damage reduction +1/5 for a number of rounds equal to charisma bonus
    Torm  guides  the  epic  champion of Torm on her life journey. She has
    ascended  through  the  ranks  of  holy warriors to become a symbol of
    Torm's might.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic champion of Torm gains a bonus feat every three levels
    Automatic  Quicken,  Automatic  Silence  Spell, Automatic Still Spell,
    Armor  Skin,  Damage  Reduction, Devastating Critical, Epic Toughness,
    Epic Prowess, Epic Spell Penetration, Epic Weapon Focus, Great Wisdom,
    Improved  Combat  Casting,  Improved Stunning Fist, Imporved Whirlwind
    Attack,  Overwhelming  Critical, Planar turning, Spell Focus, Superior
    Saving throws continue to improve by +1 for every 2 levels
    Every  five  levels  the  attack,  damage  and  saving  throw  bonuses
    increases by a further +2
                        [vi iii.5] . DWARVEN DEFENDER
    The  defender  is  a  sponsored champion of a dwarven cause, a dwarven
    aristocrat,  a  dwarven  deity or the dwarven way of life. As the name
    might imply, this character is a skilled combatant trained in the arts
    of  defense. A line of dwarven defenders is a far better defens than a
    10-foot-thick wall of stone and much more dangerous.
    *HIT DIE:
    Simple and martial weapons, light, medium and heavy armor, shields
    2 + Int Modifier
    To  qualify as a dwarven defender, a character must fulfill all of the
    following criteria:
    *RACE: Dwarf
    *BAB: +7
    *FEATS: Dodge, Toughness
    *ALIGNMENT: Any lawful
    *DEFENSIVE STANCE (level 1):
    Gain +4 STR and CON, +2 on all saving throws and +4 dodge bonus on AC.
    This  can  be  used  once  per day and gains an additional use every 2
    Retain  your  dexterity  bonus to AC even when flat-footed. At level 6
    you  can  no  longer  be  flanked and at level 10 you gain a +1 saving
    throw bonus vs. traps.
    *DAMAGE REDUCTION (level 6):
    3  points  of  damage  are  ignored whenever you are hit in combat. At
    level 10 you are able to shrug off 6 points of damage.
    The  epic dwarven defender has become the very definition of immovable
    object.  He is a stalwart warrior that can stand against virtaully any
    foe imaginable.
    *HIT DIE
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic dwarven defender gains a bonus feat every four levels
    Armor Skin, Damage Reduction, Devastating Critical, Energy Resistance,
    Epic   Toughness,   Epic  Prowess,  Epic  Weapon  Focus,  Overwhelming
    Critical, Perfect Health
    an additional use per day is gained for every two levels past 9th
    The damage reduction increase by 3 every four levels above 10th
                          [vi iii.6] . HARPER SCOUT
    Harpers  are  members  of  a  secret society dedicated to holding back
    evil,   preserving   knowledge,  and  maintaing  the  balance  between
    civilization and the wild. Harpers learn arcane spells and many skills
    to  help  them  in  their  duties  of espionage, stealth and reporting
    Many  Harpers  are bards, but by no means all. Ranger, rogue, sorcerer
    and  wizard are common vocations for Harpers, as these classes tend to
    have  versatility  and  mobility. All have some skills at minupulating
    others,  a resistance to outside mental influences, acute abilities of
    perception, and a talent for solving problems.
    Not  all  harpers  are members of the Harper scout prestige class, and
    rank  within the organization does not depend on the character's level
    in this or any other class. However, most of the higher-ranked Harpers
    have at least one level in the Harper scout prestige class.
    The  highest-ranked  Harpers are called the High Harpers, and they are
    responsible  for  most of the long-term planning for the organization.
    The  High  Harpers  are  voted into their position by a asecret ballot
    among  the  other  High  Harpers,  with the criteria being experience,
    exceptional  service,  and  discretion  in  implementing  the Harpers'
    *HIT DIE:
    Simple weapons, light armor
    4 + Int Modifier
    To  qualify  to become a Harper scout, a character must fulfill all of
    the following criteria:
    *FEATS: Alertness, Iron Will
    *SKILLS:  Search 4 ranks, Persuade 8 ranks, Lore 6 ranks, Discipline 4
    *ALIGNMENT: Any non-evil
    Like  a  bard, a Harper scout has a knack for picking up odds and ends
    of  knowledge  ability  of  the bard class. If a Harper scout has bard
    levels,  the character's Harper scout levels and bard levels stack for
    bardic knowledge.
    A  Harper  scouts  selects a favored enemy just as a ranger does. Upon
    reaching  4th  level  as  a  harper scout, the bonus gainst the Harper
    scout's  first  favored  enemy  increases  to  +2, and she gains a new
    favored enemy at +1.
    At  2nd  level,  the  Harper scout gains a +2 holy bonus saving throws
    against traps. This is a supernatural ability.
    At  3rd  level, once per day, the Harper scout or target receives a +2
    saving  throw  bonus  on  all  saving  throws  for  5 turns. This is a
    supernatural ability.
    At  4th level, the Harper scout gains a +2 holy bonus to saving throws
    against   mind-affecting   spells.   This  is,  also,  a  supernatural
    These  spells are cast as arcane spells, so they are subject to arcane
    spell  failure if the Harper scout is wearing armor: At 2nd level, the
    harper  scout  gains the ability to cast the spell Sleep once per day.
    At  3rd  level,  the  Harper scout gains the ability to cast the spell
    Cat's  Grace  once  per  day. At 4th level, the Harper scout gains the
    ability  to  cast  Eagle's  Splendor  once  per day. At 5th level, the
    Harper scout gains the ability to cast the spell Invisibility once per
    At  5th  level, the Harper scout gains the ability to create two types
    of  potions.  The  Harper scout can create on potion per day, either a
    Cat's  Grace  potion or Eagle's Splendor. To create either potion, the
    Harper scout must spend 60 gold and 5 experience points. These potions
    allow a harper scout to better support her agents and allies.
    NOTE:  Harper Scouts are only able to attain five levels and may never
    become  "epic"  in  the  Harper scout class. They can, of course, gain
    epic levels in their other classes.
                           [vi iii.7] . PALE MASTER
    Necromancy is usually a poor choice for arcane spellcasters. Those who
    really  want  to master the deathless arts almost always pursue divine
    means.  However, an alternative exists for those who desire power over
    undead,  without losing too much of their arcane power. Enter the pale
    master,  who  draws  on a font of special lore that provides a macabre
    power all its own.
    *HIT DIE:
    No additional proficiencies are gained
    2 + Int Modifier
    To  qualify  as  a  pale  master,  a character must fulfill all of the
    following criteria:
    *ARCANE SPELLCASTING: level 3 or higher
    *ALIGNMENT: Any non-good.
    *BONE SKIN level 1):
    +2  to  natural  armor  class.  Every four levels this increases by an
    additional +2
    *ANIMATE DEAD (level 2):
    Once per day can summon an undead servant
    *DARKVISION (level 3):
    Able to see in the dark
    *SUMMON UNDEAD (level 4):
    Can summon more powerful undead
    *DEATHLESS VIGOR (level 5):
    Gains three additional hit points per level
    *UNDEAD GRAFT (level 6):
    Replaces  arm  with  an undead version that twice per day can paralyze
    opponents. At level 8 an additional use per day is gained.
    *TOUGH AS BONE (level 7):
    Immune to hold, parazly, stun
    Can summon a very powerful undead creature, once per day
    *DEATHLESS MASTERY (level 10):
    Immune to critical hits
    The  undead  arm graft can kill with just a touch. This ability may be
    used 3x/day
    Every 2 levels, the pale master gains additional spells per day, as if
    they  had leveled in their previous spell caster class. This gain only
    applies to spells per day and not caster level.
    The  pale  master's  bond  with  the  undead continues to grow, as she
    becomes the epic pale master.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic pale master gains a bonus feat every three levels
    Automatic  Quicken  Spell,  Automatic  Silent  Spell,  Automatic Still
    Spell,  Energy  Resistance,  Epic Spell Focus, Epic Spell Penetration,
    Improved Combat Casting.
    Improves  by  +2 for every four levels past level 8. Undead Graft: Can
    use  this  supernatural attack an additional times per day for every 3
    levels gained.
    *Deathless Vigor:
    Every five levens an additional +5 permanent hit points are gained
                       [vi iii.9] . RED DRAGON DISCIPLE
    It  is  rumored  that  the  magical  powers of sorcerers and bards are
    somehow  connected  to  the  presence  of dragon blood in their family
    tree. Red Dragon Disciples are sorcerers, and sometimes bards, who use
    their  magical  power  as a catalyst to ignite their red dragon blood,
    realizing  its fullest potential. They prefer a life of exploration to
    a cloistered existence. Already adept at magic, many pursue adventure,
    especially  if it thurthers their goal of finding out more about their
    draconic  heritage.  They  often  feel  drawn to areas known to harbor
    *HIT DIE:
    d6. Special
    No additional proficiencies are gained
    2 + Int Modifier
    *CLASS: Sorcerer or Bard
    *SKILLS: 8 Ranks in Lore
    *DRACONIC ARMOR (Level 1):
     +1 to natural armor class. At levels 5,8, and 10 this increases by an
    additional +1
    Gains  +2 to STR. Anoter +2 to STR is gained at level 4, CON increases
    by +2 at level 7 and INT increaes by +2 at level 9. At level 10 STR is
    increases by a further +4 and CHA by +2
    *BREATH WEAPON I (level 3):
    Can use the breath weapon of a red dragon, doing d10 points of damage.
    At level 7 the damage increases to 4d10 and finally 6d10 at level 10.
    *HIT DICE d8 (level 4):
    Now gains d8 hit points per level
    *HIT DICE d10 (level 6): 
    Hit-points gained are d10 per level
    *WINGS (level 9):
    The dragon disciple gains wings
    *HALF-DRAGON (level 10):
    Becomes  a  half-dragon.  Gains  darkvision  and  immunity  to  sleep,
    paralysis and fire.
    Embracing his draconic heritage is but one stop on the disciple's life
    journey.  His  quest  to  understand, command and harness his draconic
    energies has taken him into the realm of the epic.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic dragon disciple gains a bonus feat every four levels
    Armor Skin, Automatic Quicken Spell, Automatic Silen tSpell, Automatic
    Still Spell, Damage Reduction, Epic Reputation, Epic Spell Focus, Epic
    Prowess,  Epic  Spell  Penetration,  Epic  Tougness,  Improved  Combat
    Your  breath  needs  Tic-Tacs  and  the damage without Tic-Tacs damage
    potential increases by 1d10 for every 3 levels after 10th.
    The  save DC against  your  bad  breath weapon increases by +1 every 4
    levels after 10th.
                            [vi iii.10] . SHIFTER
    *HIT DIE:
    No additional proficiencies are gained
    4 + Int Modifier
    To qualify as a shifter, a character must fulfill all of the following
    *FEATS: Alertness
    *SPELLCASTING: level 3 or higher
    *ALTERNATE FORM:  Must  have  a  natural,  alternate  form (like druid
    *GREATER WILDSHAPE I (level 1):
    Change into either a red, green, black, white or blue wyrmling
    *GREATER WILDSHAPE II (level 3):
    Change into a minotuar, a harpy or a gargoyle
    Change into a manticore, a basilisk or a drider
    *HUMANOID SHAPE (level 7):
    Change into a variety of humanoid forms
    *GREATER WILDHSPAE IV (level 10):
    Change into either a medusa, huge dire tiger or a mind flayer
    Several of these forms grant the shifter the ability to use the form's
    innate  powers.  For  example, a shifter chaning into a white wyrmling
    can  breath  a  cone  of  cold as often as they want. These powers are
    located on the Radial Menu option "Spell." Some of these powers can be
    used an infinite number of times per day, others are restricted.
    The  epic  shifter  is  a  true master of shapeshifting and is able to
    become virtually any creature imaginable by choosing epic bonus feats.
    *HIT DIE:
    4 + Int Modifier
    The epic shifter gains a bonus feat every three levels
    Automatic  Quicken  Spell,  Automatic  Silent  Spell,  Automatic Still
    Spell,  Construct  Form,  Dragon  Form,  Energy Resistance, Epic Spell
    Focus, Epic Spell Penetration, Improved Combat Casting, Great Wisdome,
    Outsider Shape, Undead Shape
                          [vi iii.11] . SHADOWDANCER
    Operating  int he border between light and darkness, shadowdancers are
    nimble  artists  of  deception. They are mysterious and unknown, never
    completely trusted but always inducing wonder when met.
    Rogues,  bards  and  monks make excellent shadowdancers, but fighters,
    barbarians,  rangers  and paladins also find that showdancer abilities
    allow  them  to  strike  at  their  opponents with surprise and skill.
    Wizard, sorcerer, cleric, and druid shadowdancers employ the defensive
    capabilities  inherent  in  the  prestige  class to allow them to cast
    their  spells  from  safety  and move away quickly. Despite their link
    with  shadows  and  trickery, shadowdancers are as often good as evil.
    They may use their incredible abilities as they wish.
    Shadowdancers  often  work  in troupes, never staying in one place too
    long.  Some  use  their  abilities  to  entertain.  Others  operate as
    thieves,  using  their  abilities to infiltrate past defenses and dupe
    others.  All shadowdancer troupes maintain an aura of myster among the
    populace, who never know whether to think well or ill of them.
    *HIT DIE:
    Simple weapons, light armor
    6 + Int modifier
    To  qualify  as  a  shadowdancer,  a character must fulfill all of the
    following criteria:
    *SKILLS: Move Silently 8 ranks, Hide 10 Ranks, Tumble 5 ranks
    *FEATS: Dodge, Mobility
    The  shadowdancer  is  able  to  use  the  Hide skill even while being
    Once  per  day,  the  shadowdancer may inflict an illusory daze upon a
    target. This daze lasts for five rounds.
    Once  per  day,  the  shadowdancer can summon a shadow. This shadow is
    extremely  difficult  to  turn and becomes more powerful as the shadow
    dancer gains levels.
    Three times per day, the shadowdancer can call upon the shadows in the
    area  to help conceal her. The shadowdancer gains a concealment bonus,
    damage reduction and an AC bonus that improves with experience.
    The  epic  shadowdancer  is almost indistinguishable from the darkness
    that cloaks her.
    *HIT DIE:
    6 + Int Modifier
    The epic shadowdancer gains a bonus feat every three levels
    Epic Blinding Speed, Epic Skill Focus, Epic Dodge, Epic Reflexes, Epic
    Shadow  Lord,  Improved  Whirlwind  Attack, Self-Concealment, Superior
                         [vi iii.12] . WEAPON MASTER
    For  a  weapon  master, perfection is found int he mastery of a single
    melee  weapon.  A  weapon  master seeks to unite this weapon of choice
    with the body, to make them one and to use the weapon as naturally and
    without thought as any other limb.
    *HIT DIE:
    No additional proficiencies gained
    2 + Int Modifier
    To  qualify  as  a  weapon master, a character must fulfill all of the
    following critera:
    *BAB: +5
    *FEATS:  Weapon  Focus  in a melee weapon, Dodge, Mobility, Expertise,
    Spring Attack and Whirlwind
    *SKILLS: Intimidate 4 ranks
    *WEAPON OF CHOICE (level 1):
    The  weapon  master  forms  a  powerful  bond with one type of weapon.
    Whenever  wielding  this  weapon  type,  he  will  get many additional
    benefits, which improves as he gains experiences
    *KI DAMAGE (level 1):
    Once per day maximum damage can be dealt
    The  weapon  of  choice  gains an additional 1x to its critical damage
    multiplier. (i.e., 2x becomes 3x, etc.)
    an  additional  +1  is granted to all attack rolls made while wielding
    the weapon of choice
    *KI CRITICAL (level 7):
    Add +2 to weapon of choice threat rage
    The  weapon  master's  bond with his weapon of choice becomes stronger
    and eveastatingly effective as he becomes the epic weapon master.
    *HIT DIE:
    2 + Int Modifier
    The epic weapon master gains a bonus feat every three levels
    Armor  Skin,  Blinding  Speed, Damage Reduction, Devastating Critical,
    Epic  Toughness,  Epic  prowess, Epic Weapon Focus, Improved Whirlwind
    Attack, Overwhelming Critical, Superior Intitiative.
    For every five levels gained an additional +1 attack is granted to the
    Weapon of Choice
                           [vi iv] . THE RARER FARE
                        [vi iv.1] . CHAPTER ONE ITEMS
                            Yawning Portal Dagger
                      Found: You start with this dagger
                              Damage Penalty -1
                             Enhancment bonus: +2
                                 Drow Dagger
                     Found: In the drow assassin's corpse
                               Damage bonus 1d6
                            Eyes of Petrification
                          Found: Bought from Argali
                      Use: Flesh to Stone (5) 1 use/day
                               Watchman's Helm
                          Found: Bought from Argali
                             Lightlow (10m) Blue
                           Skill bonuses: Listen +8
                                  Search +8
                                   Spot +8
                               Wooocutter's Axe
                          Found: Bought from Argali
                                   Hand axe
                           Bonus vs Shapechanger +3
                             Enhancement bonus +2
                             Breath of the Miaden
                          Found: Bought From Argali
                             Enhancement bonus +1
                      On hit: Poson DC-14 1d2 CON Damage
                               Elven Court Bow
                          Found: Bought From Argali
                               Attack Bonus +3
                                  Mighty +5
                            Kortan's Skullcrusher
                          Found: Bought from Argali
                      Bonus vs Goblinoid 1d6 Damage Cold
                           Half-Orc 1d6 Damage Cold
                             Orc 1d6 Damage Cold
                             Enhancment Bonus: +1
                                 One of Many
                       Found: Bought from White Thesta
                                 Morning Star
                        Damage Bonus 1 Electric Damage
                                   Bonus +1
                             Skill: Discipline +3
                                Hearth Shield
                         Found: Chest in Grim Statue
                                 Small Shield
                     Armor Bonus: +3 (AC shield modifier)
                       Damage Resistance fire res 15/-
                                 Storm Armor
                    Found: Trapped Chest near Grim statue
                                 Base Armor 3
                                 Light Armor
                        Armor Bonus +3 (AC Armor Mod)
                         Damage Resistance Fire 10/-
                                  Sonic 10/-
                             Spell Resistance 10
                                Nameless Light
                    Found: Trapped chest near Grim Statue
                   Damage bonus vs evil 1d6 Damage electric
                           Damage bonus vs evil +5
                            Enhancement bonus: +2
                          Found: Bought from Sobrey
                     On hit: Blindess DC-14 25% /3 rounds
                            Enhancement bonus: +1
                                Sequencer Robe
                          Found: Bought from Sobrey
                        Armor Bouns +3 (AC Armor MOD)
                   Use: Clear Sequencer Unlimited Uses/day
                      Use: Seqeuncer (1 spell) 1 use/day
                               Robe of Blending
                          Found: Bought from Sobrey
                            Skill Bonus: Hide +15
                                Robe of Energy
                          Found: Bought from Sobrey
                          Only useable by: Sorceress
                           Only useable by: Wizard
                        Skill Bonus: Concentration +7
                         Spell Immunity: Magic Missle
                        Use Magic Missle (9) 1 use/day
                               Club of Smiting
                         Found: Fairy Queen's Corpse
                            Enhancement Bonus: +1
                  On Hit: Slay Racial Group DC-14: Construct
                                Copper Helmet
                   Found: Treasure In Three Guardians Room
                          Use: Haste (5) 2 uses/day
                                 Dexterity +1
                   Damage Resistance: Fire resistance 10/-
                           Feiry Power Quarterstaff
                   Found: Treasure In Three Guardians Room
                            Enhancement Bonus: +3
                  Use: Delayed Blast Fireball (13) 1 use/day
                         Meteor Swarm (17) 1 use/day
                       Summon Creatre IX (17) 1 use/day
                          Wall of Fire (9) 1 use/day
                             Ichthia's Neck-Knife
                      Found: In a cocoon in north part
                            Enhancement Bonus: +2
                           Vampiric Regeneration +3
                        Found: Drow Camp in north part
                                 Base Armor 2
                                 Light Armor
                           Bonus +5 (AC Armor mod)
                             Skill Bonus: Hide +5
                               Cowl of Warding
                        Found: Drow Camp in north part
                        Immune: Mind-Affecting Spells
                            Rapier of the Highroad
                        Found: Drow Camp in north part
                        Damage Bonus: Acid 1d6 damage
                            Enhancement Bonus: +1
                               Dragon Slippers
                            Found: Olgin's Corpse
                                 Dexterity +2
                                Immunity: Fear
                             Immunity: Knockdown
                           Crowwsbow of the Unicorn
                            Found: Olgin's Corpse
                               Attack bonus +5
                            Crossbow of Affliction
                            Found: Olgin's Corpse
                                   Bonus +4
                             Massive Critical 1d4
                                   Might +5
                   [iv vi.3] . UNDERMOUNTAIN LEVEL 2 ITEMS
                          Found: Crate in south area
                                   Cold ad6
                            Enhancement Bonus: +2
                                Mirrored Armor
                      Found: Drow Sub-Commander's Corpse
                                 Base Armor 1
                                 Light Armor
                        Armor Bonus +5 (AC Armor Mod)
                             Spell Resistance +4
                               Commander's Ring
                      Found: Drow Sub-Commander's Corpse
                           Use Knock (3) 1 use/day
                     Improved Saving Throw: Universla +5
                      Armor Bonus +2 (AC Deflection Mod)
                   Found: First-Born's Corpse in east area
                                 Base Armor 3
                                 Light Armor
                        Armor Bonus +5 (AC Armor Mod)
                               Improved Evasion
                                Honor & Death
                   Found: First-Born's Corpse in east area
                               Two-bladed sword
                         Attack bonus vs. chaotic +5
                             Enhancement Bonus +3
                    Damage bonus vs. chaotic 1d10 electric
                           only useable by: lawful
                                  Planr Mace
                       Found: Argo's Corpse North area
                            Bonus vs. Outsiders +4
                             Enhancement Bonus +2
                                Boots of Speed
                            Found: Stoney's Corpse
                               Stone Cold Club
                            Found: Stoney's Corpse
                             Enhancement bonus +3
                         Damage Bonus Cold 1d6 damage
                       On Hit Fear DC-14 50%/ 2 rounds
                            Only useable by: Giant
                   [iv vi.4] . UNDERMOUNTAIN LEVEL 3 ITEMS
                               Armor of Command
                           Found: Minotaur in mines
                                 Base Armor 4
                                 Medium Armor
                        Armor Bonuss +3 (AC armor Mod)
                                 Charisma +2
                            Skill Bonus: Persuade
                                The Sandstorm
                           Found: Minotaur in mines
                                  Greate Axe
                        Decreased AC: AC Dodge Mod -1
                             Enhancement bonus +2
                    On Hit: Blindness DC-16 10%/ 4 rounds
                               Red Dragon Armor
                    Found: Some corpse in mine near queen
                                 Base Armor 8
                                Armor Bonus +5
                    Damage Reduction Fire Resistance 20/-
                        Weight reduction 80% of weight
                                Laughing Blade
                    Found: Some corpse in mine near quene
                             Damage Bonus 1 cold
                             Enhancment Bonus +2
                     On Hit Confusion DC-14 50%/ 2 round
                                Gargoyle Boots
                    Found: Some corpse in mine near queen
                        Armor Bonus +2 (AC Dodge Mod)
                       Use Stoneskin (7) 5 charges/use
                     Improved Saving throw: Fortitutde +3
                              Chainmail of speed
                    Found: Corpse in North Drow Encampment
                                 Medium Armor
                                 Base Armor 5
                        Armor Bonus +2 (AC armor Mod)
                                Mithril Shield
                          Found: Corpse in west area
                                 Small Shield
                                Armor class +1
                        Armor Bonus +2 (ac armor mod)
                                 Robe of Vena
                          Found: Corpse in west area
                                 Bonus +1 AC
                                 Spell Focus:
                           Spell Focus: Abjuration
                           Spell Focus: Conjuration
                           Spell Focus: Enchantment
                            Spell Focus: Illusion
                           Spell Focus: Necromancy
                           Only useable by: Wizard
                          Only useable by: Sorceror
                             Spell resistance 10
                        [vi iv.5] . CHAPTER TWO ITEMS

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