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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Wazkatango

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 12/07/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    /\ \                              
    \ \ \         __     __     ___   
     \ \ \  __  /'__`\ /'_ `\  / __`\ 
      \ \ \L\ \/\  __//\ \L\ \/\ \L\ \
       \ \____/\ \____\ \____ \ \____/
        \/___/  \/____/\/___L\ \/___/ 
     ______           ___                        __     
    /\__  _\         /\_ \                      /\ \    
    \/_/\ \/     ____\//\ \      __      ___    \_\ \   
       \ \ \    /',__\ \ \ \   /'__`\  /' _ `\  /'_` \  
        \_\ \__/\__, `\ \_\ \_/\ \L\.\_/\ \/\ \/\ \L\ \ 
        /\_____\/\____/ /\____\ \__/.\_\ \_\ \_\ \___,_\
        \/_____/\/___/  \/____/\/__/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/__,_ /
     __   __   __                                      
    /\ \ /\ \ /\ \__                                   
    \ `\`\/'/'\ \ ,_\  _ __    __    ___ ___      __   
     `\/ > <   \ \ \/ /\`'__\/'__`\/' __` __`\  /'__`\ 
        \/'/\`\ \ \ \_\ \ \//\  __//\ \/\ \/\ \/\  __/ 
        /\_\\ \_\\ \__\\ \_\\ \____\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \____\
        \/_/ \/_/ \/__/ \/_/ \/____/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/____/
     ____    __                    __             
    /\  _`\ /\ \__                /\ \__          
    \ \,\L\_\ \ ,_\  __  __    ___\ \ ,_\   ____  
     \/_\__ \\ \ \/ /\ \/\ \ /' _ `\ \ \/  /',__\ 
       /\ \L\ \ \ \_\ \ \_\ \/\ \/\ \ \ \_/\__, `\
       \ `\____\ \__\\ \____/\ \_\ \_\ \__\/\____/
        \/_____/\/__/ \/___/  \/_/\/_/\/__/\/___/
    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts: The Unofficial Walkthrough
    (c) Copyright 2007 Wazkatango
    (1) Intro and Story
    (2) Starting Out
    ------2a:Revisions and Version Numbers
    -----------2b: Controls and Saving
    -----------------2c: Collectibles
    --------------------2d: First Stunt!
    (3) Mission 1: Freeway Frenzy
    ------3a: Bronze
    --------------3b: Finding Freeway Frenzy
    --------------------3c: Silver
    -----------------------3d: Gold
    (4) Mission 2: Motorbike Mayhem
    ------4a: Going Across The Island
    --------------4b: Bronze
    --------------------4c: Silver
    ------------------------4d: Gold
    (5) Mission 3: Wave Catcher
    ------5a: To The Docks!
    --------------5b: Bronze
    --------------------5c: Silver
    -----------------------5d: Gold
    (6) Mission 4: Air Chase
    ------6a: Airport
    -----------------------6d: Gold
    (7) Mission 5: Ripcord Rescue 
    ------7a: The Information Center
    --------------7b: Bronze
    --------------------7c: Silver
    -----------------------7d: Gold
    (8) The Tower
    (9) Licenses & L.A.F.T.A.s 
    --------9a: Licenses
    --------------9b:Secret L.A.F.T.A.s 
    (10) Getting The Rest Of The Bricks 
    --------10a: Red Bricks
    --------------10b: Gold
    (11) LEGO Cards
    (12) Islander’s Tasks
    (13) Extra Missions & 100% Doneness
    (14) How to Enjoy Wasting Away Time
    (15) Waz’s Challenges
    (16) Cheats & ReAlly WeirD GliTcHeS
    (17) F.A.Q.s
    (18) Acknowledgements, Copyright and Usage Agreement, and Contact Info
    (19) Outro
    (1) The Intro
    	My first ever walkthrough. I started it because I needed 
    something to do, and also because nobody has (so far) written a guide
     for the most awesome Lego game out there. I have to say, this game
    has just gotten better and better every time I play it. It is totally 
    underrated. How cool would it be to jump off a 2000 ft. mountain, perform 
    a 1080 plus a combo 'starfish' and land without a scratch on your plastic 
    body? What other game lets you to throw pizzas at Brickster Bots, or 
    collect hundreds of cleverly placed collectibles? The answer is 
    a game to play many times over and one that doesn't get old soon.
    From the Manual: The Story
    “LEGO® Studios has arrived on LEGO Island to film their latest action 
    blockbuster, “Xtreme Stunts”. It’s a movie that’s destined for nominations 
    by the LEGO Academy of Film and Television Arts, but the Director really 
    wants Pepper involved in the filming of the movie and before he knows it, 
    Pepper is the leading stuntman!
    Pepper’s co-star, however, is the mischievous scallywag, the Brickster. 
    Everyone on the island is positive that he has turned over a new leaf, but 
    Pepper knows better. Convinced that he is a much better stuntman than 
    Pepper, the Brickster will stop at nothing to beat him and receive the 
    prestigious Platinum Star award!
    To make his big break into show business, Pepper must perform daring 
    stunts for the movie while keeping an eye on the Brickster and his 
    sneaky tricks.
    Help Pepper get through his stunts, defeat the Brickster, and restore 
    some sanity to the movie-making industry!”
    	(2) Starting Out
    2a: Changes and version numbers:
    -Version 1.0, March 6-7, 2007: Added a bare outline, not a whole lot in 
    terms of real walkthrough stuff.
    -Ver. 1.1 Mar 7, 2007: Changed wording, some formatting, added minor details. 
    -Ver. 1.5 Mar 8-21, 2007: Added the real meat of the walkthrough. All of the
     guides to beating the missions are finished.
    -Ver. 2.0 March 22- April 6: Finished everything. It deserves to 
    be called 2.0!
    -Ver. 2.1 March 16: Changed wording, spelling errors, and more details.
     Raised the challenge scores. 
    -Ver. 2.5 September 20: Added more glitches and fixed some mistakes.
    -Ver. 3.0 December 8: Completed the whole 'Trouble In Store' thing. Also, 
    made the FAQ easier to read, and added a cool ASCII art pic at the top of 
    this guide!
    	2b: Saving and Controls:
    To save, open up the menu and select a save slot. The game will save at 
    your exact location, which can be helpful, like if you are about to jump off 
    a cliff or whatever. If you save anytime you are doing a mission, or a task 
    for someone, or a race, when you load it again it will not be in said
     mission/task/race (Except if you are on an ‘item’ hunt). (If you have 
    enough save slots, save every time you beat a mission, at the beginning 
    of the ‘going up the tower mission’, and after you beat the gold on 
    Ripcord Rescue. That way, if you want to go back and get all of the 
    bricks again, or beat the boss again, then all you have to do is load your
    	You should 100% play this with a gamepad, any old gamepad! 
    Even a two-button broken-bought-at-a-yard-sale one will do better than a 
    keyboard. Believe me. If you still like the keyboard, or need a reference 
    to map your gamepad with, I list the controls. All the controls below are 
    also listed in the IXS manual, which can be found on the CD or in the 
    paper manual that didn’t come with the copy I bought. You can open up 
    the manual through the main "autoplay" game screen: click “Manual”, and click 
    “View”. It is also located on the CD at 
    “LEGOIXS3\eDOCS\XSTNTpcMAN.pdf”. In addition to this walkthrough, 
    it should be your first resource for playing this game. 
    Reset Camera: [ . ] (Period)(Tap)
    First Person View [ . ](Period)(Hold)
    Camera Zoom     [ , ](Comma)
    Move Camera Mouse or [ ? ] and arrow keys.
    Run [Hold Arrow Keys/Hold Left Mouse Button and move mouse]
    Walk [Tap Arrow Keys/Move mouse slowly while holding left mouse 
    Jump [Right Shift/Right Mouse Button]
    Talk to someone, get on/get off skateboard, stunt in mission [Enter]
    Throw Pizza [Right control]
    Manipulate objects (lampposts, trees, canopies, etc.) [Spacebar]
    Go faster [Up key]
    Slow down [Down key]
    Steer [Left/right keys]
    Skate Jump [Hold [right shift] and release, the longer you hold, the higher 
    you go]
    Tricks [Perform a skate jump, hold [right control] in air and (if you want 
    to) hold a direction]
    Spin [Perform a skate jump, hold left or right in air]
    “HIT ANYTIME” Buttons:
    Menu [ESC]
    Open PDA [Backspace]
    While in PDA [See the letters on the PDA? Those are the ones you hit on the 
    keyboard in order to do something.]
    Skip paragraph of talk [Enter]
    Skip talking altogether [Double tap Enter]
    Select yes/no [Left and right keys]
    Accept yes/no [Enter]
    Get in [Enter]
    Accelerate [Right shift]
    Brake [Right control key]
    Horn in car [Spacebar]
    Land in plane [Enter]
    Whew! I think that’s it! Sorry if it was too long, I wanted to be thorough.
    2c: Collectibles:
    		L.A.F.T.A.s (Lego Academy of Film and Television Arts) 
    : They come in five flavors: Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and secret. 
    You win bronze ones by beating a stunt mission on (appropriately 
    named) bronze difficulty, silver for silver, gold for gold, and platinum for 
    beating the all the stunt missions on gold difficulty and beating the final 
    battle. The secret ones are found in various places on the Island. These 
    are the central collectible of the game, and are mandatory for unlocking 
    more stunt missions (The secret L.A.F.T.A.s do not add to your amount 
    needed to get to the next mission though). 
    Lego Characters Card: A spinning-glowing-white-with-red-stripe-down-it 
    card. It is as big as Pepper and if you run into it you will collect it and it 
    will be added to Pepper's PDA. The cards have Lego Island residents on 
    them and will list info about them on the back. After you beat an 
    Islander’s mission, you'll sometimes be rewarded with the Islanders card, 
    and/or one of three vehicle licenses. 
    		Red brick: The name says it all. If you run into a bunch 
    of these in a row you will get an exponentially increased score for each 
    consecutive brick. The purpose of these is to reconstruct scattered 
    animals via the Brickimal Hospital. If you have the required amount of 
    red bricks and one gold brick, you can build an animal. The cool thing is 
    that the put together animals will appear in wooden fenced-in areas and 
    if you bump into them, they will transform into a different one. The duck 
    will appear in an orange buoyed-off area in the water too.
    		Gold Brick: See above. Gold bricks also count toward a 
    combo, and are higher scored.
    	2d: First Stunt!
    		Okay, you’ve read the intro, memorized the controls 
    religiously, and selected ‘new game’. You are now ready to start. Listen 
    to the plotline and when the message says ‘go’, do so.
    It won’t really matter what you hit anyway, you’ll end up getting to the 
    other side safely. Once you are done, there will be a discussion with the 
    director. You will be forced to do Mission 1: Freeway Frenzy!
    	(3) Freeway Frenzy
    	3a: Freeway Frenzy (Bronze)
    Goal: Steer your car into the Brickster’s car and smash it until he is 
    forced to stop
    Right Shift: Accelerate
    Right Control: Brake
    Enter: Use Power-Up
    	Strategy: The object is to smash the Brickster’s car in the back 
    with the front of yours. The power-ups include: Horn (causes cars to pull 
    out of the way), Wheel (speed up), Explosion (does double damage 
    when you hit the Brickster), Lock (the Brickster car stays in one lane) 
    and Question Mark (random item). Both yours and his cars have 10 health 
    segments (his is on the left, yours on the right) and hitting him does one 
    damage. Once he has no segments left, he pulls over and you win. The 
    only power-ups worth getting are the explosion and wheel, as they can 
    do double damage if used correctly. There are two ways you can lose: If 
    you don’t hit him enough times, he can get away, and if you keep running 
    into non-Brickster cars and lose all of your health (you can get health by 
    driving up one of two ramps which you will see farther on. They have 
    orange arrows pointing at them, so they are hard to miss). 
    	This level is very easy, so I won’t go too far into specifics. First, 
    get the explosion right in front of you. (Don’t use it right away! Wait until 
    you are very close, and then use it.) By the time you get around to him, 
    there will be a wheel. This will repeat from here on out, getting a wheel or 
    explosion, ramming him, then getting another one. Just keep it up and he 
    should be no trouble.
    When you win, enter your initials and hit enter. The faster you beat him, 
    the higher your score will be. (The high score thing is messed up, 
    strangely. If you hit up, the alphabet will cycle backward, and visa versa). 
    You will be awarded a bronze L.A.F.T.A! After another talk you will finally 
    have control of Pepper. 
    3b: Finding Freeway Frenzy
    	Save your game and then start practicing the controls for using 
    him. You are now 5% done! (For right now, ignore the red bricks; I will 
    tell you which ones to collect. Only get these though, because if you 
    don’t, you might get scattered and it won’t help much to look at this guide 
    to see which ones you are missing) 
    	Facing the building right in front of you, turn left. Go through the 
    7 red bricks and go over the big bridge.Ignore the other bricks. Follow 
    the road; go to the sign with the arrow over it and press enter. Select 
    silver and off we go!
    3c: Freeway Frenzy (Silver)
    	The strategy is pretty much the exact same thing as bronze. 
    Grab only the wheel and explosion power-ups and he will not put up 
    much of a fight. You might need to get some health this time, so 
    remember the health ramps are there if you need them. 
    	After you finish, save, and you will be 10% done. Turn around 
    and select gold.
    3d: Freeway Frenzy (Gold)
    	The Brickster will only take ½ damage this time! But it will not 
    make him any harder. Keep collecting everything you have been collecting 
    normally, and you will win gold for your efforts. Save again and you will 
    be 15% done.
    	(4) Motorbike Mayhem
    4a: Going Across The Island
    	You will now need to go clear across the Island to get to the next 
    mission. Turn left from the sign and follow the long road. When you come 
    to an intersection turn left, there is a hospital on your left. Keep going 
    until you get to a dirt valley/road. Get off your skateboard and jump to the 
    4b: Motorbike Mayhem (Bronze)
    Goal: Race your a.t.v. to the end before the Brickster
    Right Shift: Accelerate
    Right Control: Brake
    Enter+ a Direction: Stunt
    	Strategy: The easiest way to beat this is to basically just not 
    mess up. You must try to stay on the ‘top’ path, (for the beginning part), 
    as it is the shortest and least dangerous. 
    	To do a stunt you must first go off a cliff, press and hold enter, 
    and press left (or right). Holding left will keep you from running straight 
    into a cone or log or something else. Whenever you see an obstacle, tap 
    left. Don’t hold left when going toward an obstacle, just tap. You will fall 
    down if you don’t.
    	Doing a stunt boosts your speed but is risky, because there is an 
    increased chance of falling off and getting further behind. You will need 
    to do it anyway, so follow this rule: if it is less than 3 a.t.v.’s tall, 
    don’t risk it. The taller the jumps, the longer you can hold enter,
    and the faster you will go. 
    After you start, there should be three long metal over hangings. 
    The first is above you after the second jump. If you hold enter long 
    enough on the first two jumps you will be able to get on here. The 
    second metal overhanging is one you ride on. The third is the one of 
    most interest; you need to hold left soon after you land, because there 
    are three sets of cones you need to ride over. Just keep holding left until 
    you fall off. There are three yellow truck jumps. Don’t do a stunt on the 
    third one or the next. After some logs, and after some blue flags, there 
    are two brown boxes you can go over. Watch out for the black tube too! 
    You will run into it if you are not watching for it. When you get to the sand 
    do not attempt a stunt. After that, that should be all. Remember, you will 
    need to do at least a few stunts in order to get past him, and don’t risk a 
    jump if you think it is too small. 
    	When are finished, save, and you will be 20% done.
    4c: Motorbike Mayhem (Silver)
    	This silver is slightly harder to get than the bronze. Every jump 
    you can do a stunt on, you most likely will have to. And you will need to 
    be extra careful not to crash. There are more jumps in this one, so I will 
    point them out: First, there are more logs and boxes to go over. Make 
    sure you don’t hold left too long. Then, before the airport there is a jump. 
    Also, you are much more likely to trip when landing a jump on a higher 
    level, so be careful, and on all of the ‘bumpy’ areas you should also 
    make sure you don’t accidentally do a stunt, as you will assuredly crash 
    and slow down. 		
    After you win, save, and you will be 25% done.
    4d: Motorbike Mayhem (Gold)
    	There is good news and bad news. Good news: There are many 
    more jumps to do stunts on. Bad news: There are TONS more things you 
    can run into. Since I trust your judgment on when to do tricks now, I will 
    just tell you where all the new obstacles are. Steel bar- after first jump, 
    two steel bars- below the first metal overhanging, steel bar- on the end of 
    the third overhanging, log- after first truck jump, log- after the next jump, 
    log- after the next, three logs- after the next I say! Log- next jump, box- 
    after two jumps, two boxes- After the 2nd red vertical jump you will need 
    to be very careful not to hold left to much, box- there are two boxes, one 
    after each of the next two jumps, log and anchor- right before sand 
    starts, two anchors- after the jump through the roof, and a cruel little log 
    is before the end. 
    	The horrible thing about this level is that there are places that 
    make you bump up and down even if they are not supposed to! Do not do a 
    stunt if you are bumping up and down, no matter what. If you can, try to 
    do as small a stunt as possible. This will give you speed and will keep 
    you safe. That is all I can suggest- good luck! 
    	Save once more and you will be 30% done. 
    	(5) Wave Catcher
    5a: To The Docks!
    	Turn to the docks behind you and you will see the sparkling sign 
    that you need to go to.
    5b: Wave Catcher (Bronze)
    Goal: Race your small boat to the end before the Brickster’s big one
    Right Shift: Accelerate
    Enter+ a Arrow Key: Stunt
    	Strategy: This race is super easy. It is even easier than, dare I 
    say it, Freeway Frenzy. Press enter while holding left or right when going
     off a ramp to do a stunt, which will speed you up, just like in the 
    last mission. Your small boat can turn really well, so practice turning 
    sharply for the upcoming silver medal. No need to say much more, so, after 
    you win, save, and you will be 35% done.
    5c: Wave Catcher (Silver)
    	Not much harder than the last. Just keep on doing stunts and the 
    Brickster will practically look like he is going in reverse. Don’t run up on 
    the sand and don’t miss a checkpoint. Like I said earlier, this mission is 
    very easy. Once you win, save again and you will be 40% done.
    5d: Wave Catcher (Gold)
    	Much harder than silver, but still an easy gold compared with 
    others. You need to do back flips instead of barrel rolls by pressing 
    down, rather than left or right. Cut corners as much as possible and don’t 
    run into the cave walls. By cutting corners the 3-second warning will 
    come up, but if you get through quick enough it will not be a problem. 
    After you beat him black and blue, save, and you will be 45% done. 
    	(6) Air Chase
    6a: Airport
    	Turn around and follow the road. Simple! See the sign? Onward!
    6b: Air Chase (Bronze)
    Goal: Keep running into the Brickster’s plane with the front of yours to rip 
    him apart
    Enter: “Charge”
    	Strategy: This is one of the toughest challenges you will face in 
    the game. If you are familiar with flight sims then you will know how to fly 
    this plane. If not, here is a review. Pressing up makes you go down, 
    because it is the nose of the plane that is going up. Pressing down does 
    the opposite. This is very important, and it cannot be stressed enough: 
    just tap the direction you want to go. Don’t hold. You need to be precise 
    when getting things and hitting the Brickster. Pick up green fuel boxes to 
    add to your “stunt meter” and press and hold enter to use it up while 
    moving forward quicker. When you line yourself up to him perfectly, ram 
    him until he is destroyed. The other power-ups are: engine surplus (more 
    fuel capacity), and wings (faster turning). What you will want most though 
    is to get fuel as much as possible. First, spend the first two straight a 
    ways getting supplies. Then, on the next straight a way let it all loose. 
    Continually hold enter and get right on his tail. Try not to juke around too 
    much, as he can only be damaged while you are directly behind him. 
    Every time you completely run out of fuel wait until you get it all back 
    before going after him. Don’t worry too much about the turns; you can 
    still get him anyway. When he is completely destroyed, save and you will 
    be 50% done. Good job!
    6c: Air Chase (Silver)
    	Marginally more difficult than bronze. Follow the same strategy 
    of getting fuel boxes and hitting him on the straight parts, and it is not 
    extremely hard. Save and be 55% done.
    6d: Air Chase (Gold)
    	Okay, the last ‘race’ mission was a cakewalk. Now the 
    programmers will make you pay! There is more good news and bad 
    news. Good news: The Brickster takes the same amount of damage! 
    Bad news: You run out of fuel quicker and worse, the power-ups in the 
    beginning of the level move! The strategy is only slightly different though. 
    Get as many engine surplus power-ups at the beginning of the level, and 
    then concentrate on the fuel. If you can get right up behind him and stay 
    there, he will lose health pretty easily. If you manage to beat him, and 
    don’t give up in despair of the upcoming insanely hard mission, then 
    save and you will be 60% done.
    	(7) Ripcord Rescue
    7a: The Information Center
    	You’ve wiped the remaining tears from your cheek and promised 
    you would go through with it. Facing away from the sign, turn left, turn 
    right, right again (ignore bricks), left at the intersection, (noting the 
    hospital on your left later on) and when you see a RV turn left onto the 
    grass. There is a ramp built into the side of the mountain. Go up it and 
    look at the sign in the middle of this plateau. 
    7b: Ripcord Rescue (Bronze)
    	First off: once you beat this mission on bronze you will be thrust 
    into the end game mission. So be ready to switch gears.
    Goal: Rescue all of the scientists
    Enter: Parachute
    Enter+ a direction: Stunt
    	Strategy: Fly through the rings and pick up the scientists. Doing 
    stunts speeds you up. You can miss a single ring, but you will not be 
    able to do stunts. When you get a ring you will see some directions to do. 
    (As in left+up, right+down) Press and hold enter, and then hit the 
    directions you need to do to pull off a stunt. When you get to the end, 
    and see the landing, press enter to open your parachute and carefully 
    land in the middle. Pressing forward also speeds you up, so back up 
    pretty far, and then tap up before releasing the parachute. You can 
    always press forward once the parachute is open, but never backward. 
    You have 4:30 to save the 3 scientists. This is somewhat easy except for 
    the end. 
    	 See you soon at the tower!  
    	(8) The Tower
    	Before you hit space, notice that Pepper’s hands clap through 
    his hat. Umm, back to the tower part: After the discussion, save your 
    game (as a separate file; you might want to play this level again 
    someday!) and go to the car and press enter to get in. Heyyyyy, 
    shouldn’t you get your license first? The controls are right shift: 
    accelerate, right control: brake/ back up. Once inside press and hold 
    right shift. Get the bricks, (19 of them) turn left, and follow the arrow on 
    the bottom of the screen.  Watch out for falling anvils and boxes. Brake 
    and back up when necessary. After that, wait for the game to load. You 
    can’t save in the tower, sorry. 
    	There are three parts. 
    	Part 1:When you can, jump from green platform to green 
    platform to the top. There are red moving platforms now. Jump when 
    they are down. Go to the wall and press space to turn one of the flowers 
    into a pine tree. Use it to get over the fence. Quickly turn the first flower 
    to a pine and the second flower to a palm tree. Get to the top from there. 
    Next, go to the green platform and double jump to the second platform. 
    Carefully run down the wooden planks, and don’t fall through the cracks 
    at the end, you will need to double jump. Jump over the fence and pull 
    out your skateboard. Jump before the end of the ramp, jump and grind 
    down the next, and jump and very carefully grind on the narrow pole to 
    the end. Go up the stairs. 
    	Part 2: Hold left and don’t worry about falling off. Jump when you 
    see a rolling barrel and double jump when you see a big one. When you 
    get to moving blocks, time your jumps and get to the other side. When 
    you come to a bunch of very quickly moving blocks, simply press and 
    hold left to go across them. Only a little bit longer! On the last set of 
    moving blocks jump once instead of double jumping, but double jump at 
    the end anyway. 
    	Part 3:  To beat the Brickster you must wait until he does a body 
    1st round: Get out of the way and when he is done hit him with 
    pizzas until he falls off. Lure him to the edge as much as possible. 
    2nd round: Double jump until he stops spinning. Lure him off the edge again. 
    3rd round: Same as 2nd round. 
    4th round: The Brickster sends robots down from the sky to knock you off! 
    Do a timed double jump to avoid them. Then lure him off. 
    5th round: Same as 4th round. You beat him! 
    Listen to the cut scene and receive your well-deserved Best Actor 
    When all the commotion is over, save, and you are 65% done.
    7c: Ripcord Rescue (Silver)
    	Go the direction to the Freeway Frenzy; if you keep going 
    forward then you will see the hill on the right. There are more scientists 
    to save this time, but the strategy is about the same. Save six scientists 
    to win. It is pretty easy. After you win, save, and you will be 70% done.
    7d: Ripcord Rescue (Gold)
    	As with every mission, the last gold is the hardest to get. Save 
    nine scientists this time. The strategy you must use is to miss the rings 
    without scientists on purpose. Why? Because missing rings won’t do 
    anything except rob you of doing stunts. Line yourself up for the next 
    rescue every time you rescue someone. The last scientist is the hardest. 
    Make sure you are lined up for him and ignore the arrow telling you 
    otherwise. Once you beat this, save, and you are 75% done, and you are 
    100% done with all of the missions!
    	(9) Licenses & L.A.F.T.A.s
    9a: Licenses
    	To really get around the Island you need the car, boat, and plane 
    licenses. To obtain them, you have to pass an easy test. The car license 
    is at the police station (talk to Nick Brick), the boat license is at the beach 
    R.Q. station (talk to Valerie Stubbins), and you can get the plane license 
    from the plane station (talk to the Super Stationmaster). The car license 
    should be easy. I mean, c’mon! You just drove through falling anvils! He 
    will also give you his trading card, and you will get 6 bricks driving 
    through the course.  
    	The boat license will not give you trouble. Slow down and tap the 
    left and right keys lightly so you don’t run into a green gate 
    or miss one entirely. You will get Valerie Stubbins’ trading card.
    	Now, some people have trouble getting the plane license. If you 
    know what to do though, it shall be easy. Do not press up or down for the 
    entirety of this course. Press enter to land and press ‘jump’ to accelerate. 
    You will get your first gold brick at the end. Collect S.S.’s card and save. 
    79% done!   
    9b: Secret L.A.F.T.As
    	Time to actually do something on the Island!  The first L.A.F.T.A 
    is on a grassy hill. Go the direction of the police station. On left is a dirt 
    road. Don’t go on it. Instead, jump up to an area around the hill where 
    there are three flowers and a palm tree. Turn the palm tree into a pine, 
    (Or something else, it doesn’t matter) and jump up to the top. Nab the 9 
    bricks, too. The second L.A.F.T.A is on the right side of a ledge. To find 
    the ledge, go to the radio station tower from where you are and look at 
    the mountain. The ledges are somewhat hard to get up, jump once 
    slightly away, and then jump again toward the ledge. That way it is 
    easier. You will get 1 brick on the way. Save and you are 81% done.
    	(10) Getting The Rest Of The Bricks
    10a: Red Bricks
    	Now you are ready for the hardest part of the game. Just kidding! 
    In this part (Probably the part you most wanted to get to) I will explain 
    where all the 400 red and 21 gold bricks. Starting form “Studios” (check 
    your map), face it and turn left. (You have 42 red bricks so far)
    For the first part, you will be going around the whole Island. Ignore the 
    bricks I don’t mention until I mention them.
    Red Brick #43-47: 4 behind the studio, 1 on the top.
    48-55: Turn around, and then left. Follow the shoreline.
    56-60: In a hole/inlet/alcove thing on the right, still following the 
    61-70: Once you get to the bridge, turn around, and double jump without 
    crossing the “river” onto a slanted cliff. After collecting 5, go forward to 
    the other corner to get 5 more.
    71-79: Go to the rocky brown path to get these 9.
    80-81: Jump on the partially constructed building in the middle of this 
    82-86: Cross the bridge. At the corner on the left there are 5.
    87: On top of the aerial tower.
    88-94: Go toward the beach.
    95: Go toward the two big trees and three palm trees. Turn one of the 
    palm trees into a pine or other object and jump from that to a palm. (And 
    then to the brick)
    96-101: A line of 6 bricks going from the grass onto the road.
    102-103: Cross the “river” and get the single one next to the cliff. There 
    is also one behind the Land Sailor.
    104: Back to the shore; hop into the water and then onto one of the 
    wooden poles to get to the brick.
    105-110: Go onto the hill, and then go around the tree.
    111-116: On the road, pretty obvious.
    Now you are back where you started. Now we will go around the Island 
    again, this time more in depth.
    117-123: Grind both ends of the bridge.
    124-128: Jump off from the middle of the bridge. Remember this tunnel? 
    Don’t go in. Instead, get the group of 4 bricks and the single one above 
    129-134: Go off the path and go around the mushrooms.
    135-137: Behind the blue broken house.
    138: Jump on the chimney of the same house, and onto a leaf of the big 
    tree. Jump from there to the topmost leaf, then to the brick.
    139-144: Around a tree.
    145-148: Follow the line of single bricks.
    149-154: Face the mountain. You should see cliffs going up it. Jump 
    from one to the other to the top. Continually change your view every time 
    you jump, so you can get there easily.
    155-157: Keep to the road! Don’t go into the tunnel, and you will see 
    three behind a R.V.
    158-160: Next to the mountain path.
    161-165: Go up the mountain path. They are around a big rock.
    166: In a corner next to the plane runway.
    167-172: Okay, run into the ? card and you will get transported to the 
    very top of the mountain. (You will get Technician Bob’s Trading Card) 
    Get the 6 around here.
    173-176: Look for the green cliff somewhere around here for 4.
    177-184: Find the big black stone and jump toward it. There are 4 in the 
    air and 4 on the “ground” on this cliff.
    185-188: Either jump off the cliff or go to right. Either way, there are 4 
    bricks on the other side of the wall.
    189-192: 4 more on the other side of the waterfall.
    Now wind up and do a cool trick off the cliff, because we don’t (and can’t) 
    do anything more there right now.
    It will depend on where you jumped, but by any means possible, get 
    back to the hospital.
    193-203:Go to the blue and white building and jump up to get the 11 
    bricks. You will also get Sky Lane’s card. Congrats! You are more than 
    50% done with red bricks!
    204-209: Go on the road toward the second skate park and look at the 
    ugly pink/blue/orange house. Behind it are 6 bricks. 
    210-215: Face away and to the left of the house you are at. There is a 
    pond with bricks.
    216-224: On the road again, go around till you pass the police station. 
    Keep going forward until you come to a brown path in between hills. 
    Grab the bricks.
    225-230: Continue on to the road and turn left. The top of the mail 
    building has bricks on top.
    231-237: Jump off the front and get the bricks on your left.
    238-246: The small skate park in front of you has 8 on the ground and 1 
    in the fountain.
    247-254: Get on the road and skate to the black building. Forward and a 
    little to the left on the grass are some more.
    255-266: On the left is a sand pit. 
    267-281: In front of you is another brown path. This is one of the biggest 
    groups in the game!
    282-291: Go back to the “mail” building. There is a big “hill” next to the 
    ocean. Jump on one of its sides and then jump one direction before 
    jumping toward it. If this is too hard, don’t worry, you can get them later 
    with the helicopter.
    292-303: Over the water and back to the first big skate park.
    304-315: Two sets of 6 are next to some mushrooms in front of you.
    That is all you can get for now, go to the police station and hop into the 
    316-317: Travel to shoreline next to the wrecked up/ Motorbike Mayhem 
    sign; one is in the air, another under the bridge.
    318: Keep going around this way until you see an island with a card, 
    barrel, and brick.
    319-332: When you reach the mountain, there is a lone line to go 
    333-337: …and some more on a slide etched into the mountain!
    338-350: Even more on the right at the end of the plane runway up here.
    351-352: You are almost done. On the left on grassy outcrops are 2.
    353-358: Back at the ocean; look for a group of 6 bricks just sitting out 
    there. (There are so many of these type, but I will mention them all, just 
    in case.)
    359-365: A big obvious island is right in front of you. (It has sheep on it)
    366-371: Group #2 of bricks in the ocean (to the far left of the big bridge)
    372-375: Keep going around… a lighthouse way out has 4.
    376-381: Group #3 is next to the lighthouse.
    382: Face the Island. See the “arm” of rock? There you go.
    383-386: Trust the shoreline. It has 4 in the air.
    387-394: Go back to the lighthouse. A sandy island (facing away form 
    the Island) on the left has 8 on it.
    395-399: Facing the main Island from the “sheep island”.
    400: On top of the biggest radio tower. 
    Hooray! You got all of the red bricks! Onto the gold!
    10b: Gold Bricks
    Gold brick#1: You got this one already if you got your plane license.
    2: In a pipe next to the boat docks.
    3: In the 12 red brick “sand pit” close by.
    4: In the half pipe-shaped top of the green and peach colored house 
    close to the hospital.
    5: The fenced-in area behind two (also near the hospital) buildings has 
    6: In the hospital.
    7: At the end of the “mail” building’s red walkway.
    8: This is hard to describe. At one corner of the island, at one end of the 
    plane runway, and at the end of a row of palm trees, is a gold brick 
    higher up in the air. Look hard for it.
    9: Under a waterfall going into the underside of the mountain.
    10: Facing away toward the mountain at the Freeway Frenzy sign is a 
    cliff, look to find it easily.
    11: At the island next to the lighthouse.
    12: On “sheep island”.
    13: In a waterfall on the plateau that has the Ripcord Rescue mission on 
    14: On the left of here, on a slanted side of the mountain.
    15: On the ground, behind the huge bush/tree thing.
    16: Underneath the big bridge.
    17: On top of the small red roofed house near the beach.
    18: On the beach very close by.
    19: Also close by. Look right.
    20: Behind the lighthouse.
    21: After you get the other 20, this one suddenly appears at the 
    Motorbike Mayhem place (above the broken house).
    	You can now put together all of the animals if you want by 
    selecting ‘select for Brickimals tab in the PDA. 
    	(11) Lego Trading Cards
    Note: The cards are not listed in alphabetical order, but in order of 
    closest to each other. 
    	The Islander’s houses have the cards that go with them.
    	Some cards can only be obtained by completing an Islander’s 
    task or by beating them in a race/license. 
    #1. Nick Brick: Earned for getting the car license.
    2. Valerie Stubbins: Earned for getting the boat license.
    3. Super Stationmaster: Earned for getting the plane license.
    4. Sky Lane: On top of the building with the fenced in area around it.
    5. Technician Bob: On the very top of Space Mountain.
    6. Laura Brick: In the police station. 
    7. The Brickster: Behind the broken house at the Motorbike Mayhem 
    8. DJ Jackitt: On top of his own radio station.
    9. Return: On top of the hospital.
    10. Dr Clickitt: Behind the hospital.
    11. Enter: Higher above the hospital, only accessible by aircraft.
    12. The Director: On the house with the half pipe on the roof.
    13. Studz Linkin: Behind the blue/pink/green house next to the second 
    major skate park.
    14. Liam Lense: On the R.V. next to the hill going up the mountain. (To 
    the Ripcord Rescue mission.)
    15. Infomaniac: On the plateau the hill goes up to. A building has it up 
    16. Brian Shrimp: On an island off the coast from the Res. Q. Center.
    17. Margaret Patricia Post: On the “mail building”.
    18. Pepper Roni: On top of the house with the half pipe on the side. It is 
    red and is near the first major skate park. 
    19. Brickster Bot: On top of a palm tree very close by Pepper’s house.
    20. Timmy: In a different palm tree.
    21. Penelope Puff: On top of a building in the film lot.
    22. Belinda Blink: Behind a blue screen in the film lot.
    23. Jenny: On the “sheep island”.
    24. Phil Maker: On the other R.V. facing the back of the “mail building”.
    25. Nancy Nubbins: On the Octan building. (Next to the Freeway Frenzy 
    26. Red Greenbase: Earned for completing his task
    27. Jimmy: In a corner of the road tunnel.
    28. Nubby Stevens: Earned for finding his missing wheel.
    29. Rhoda Hogg: Earned for beating her in a race.
    30. Gnarly Bones: Earned for beating him in a race.
    31. Snap Lockitt: Earned for beating him in a race.
    32. Papa Brickolini: Earned for finding his missing chefs hat.
    33. Mama Brickolini: Earned for delivering all the pizzas for her.
    34. Jack O’ Trades: Earned for walking up the planks he sets up.
    35. Ed Mail: Earned for delivering his mail.
    36. Lucky Larry: Earned for saving him from floating forever (see down).
    37. Shugu: For beating him in a race.
    	(12) Islander’s Tasks
    	To get all of the cards (and to beat entirely the game) you must 
    waltz up to an Islander who has a red arrow above them. Talk and 
    accept what they have to say.
    Task #1: Red Greenbase needs you to change the color of his flowers. 
    Do so by pressing space to change them to red.
    2: Red Greenbase now needs you to deliver pizzas that a wild pizza 
    machine is churning out. Follow the arrow when delivering the pizzas 
    and look for the red arrow above the pizzas to find them in the first place. 
    You will get time bonuses for finding and delivering pizzas, but it is 
    sometimes really hard. You only have to deliver one pizza to win 
    anyway. (Depending on your new game, it may be easy or hard, so I 
    can’t tell you where to go. It changes.)
    3: Save your game. I had a really bad glitch one time, and I suffered a 
    long time because of it. Look in the Glitches section for more. 
    Nubby Stevens wants you to find his missing wheel. It is at the 
    construction yard, on the broken building.
    4: Now Rhoda Hogg wants to race you in a car around the Island. 
    Because this is so easy, I won’t go into detail. Just race on the road, 
    don’t worry about running into her, and back up when necessary. 
    5: Go to the skate park #1 and beat Gnarly Bones in a skate race. Easier 
    done than said, just try not to run into a cone or Gnarly at the beginning.
    6: Snap Lockitt wants to race you in a PWC. Follow the same rules for 
    getting the boat license (i.e. slow down) to win.
    7: Papa Brickolini needs you to find his hat. It is in a tree next to the 
    8: Deliver all of the pizzas that Mama Brickolini needs you to. Use the 
    Pepper Trike for the first 10 or so.
    9: Beat the Super Stationmaster in a race. This is very easy considering 
    that you only have to turn left or right the whole time. Except at the 
    beginning, you will need to go up some.
    10: Jack O’ Trades wants you to walk up the planks he sets out into the 
    lake. Change your view to so as to not fall off.
    11: Jack also needs you to deliver groceries to people. It is another 
    delivery task.
    12: Deliver mail for Ed Mail. No problemo.
    13: Lucky Larry is stuck in the air because of the balloons he is holding. 
    Jump to the top of the house and throw pizzas at his balloons until he 
    14: Beat Shugu in a race. If you can get an early lead, you have him 
    beat, even if you mess up really bad later. Remember to jump near the 
    end of the grind on the bridge.
    15,16, & 17: Get the license for the car, boat, and plane.
    	(13) Extra Missions & 100% Doneness
    ---100% Doneness---
    	The Brickster car/boat/plane vehicles are fixed by Technician Bob, 
    so now you can fly to the top of the mountain, turn into a car, get out,
    and fall down while doing a 2160 on your skateboard or whatever! 
    The Brickster vehicles can transform into the other kinds if you are near a
     place where you can use them. Example: Fly into the air, and when you are 
    near the water press space to transform into the boat. Also, you can pull 
    out your skateboard anywhere while in the car/boat/plane to get out and do 
    tricks. I might be wrong, but I think you don't have to be 100% done to use
     the Brickster vehicles, just beat the game to use them.
    	When you are completely finished with absolutely everything, go 
    into any bronze/silver/gold mission to get a platinum/best film L.A.F.T.A! 
    Pat yourself on the back; you deserve it!
    ---Extra Missions---
    	If you go to the police station, there is a mission called “Photo 
    Fit”. Basically, try to sort-of remember how the puzzle went apart and 
    then do the same in reverse. Do this for every mission.
    Trouble in Store: If you go to the “mail building” or Jack O’ Trade’s store, 
    you can do the Trouble In Store mission. (There are 15 rounds of puzzles) 
    You don't need to beat TIS to get 100% done, but you do need to do 
    Photo Fit.
    If you are having trouble, here are the solutions to the puzzles:
    Jack O' Trades Trouble In Store Mission is actually different than the Mail 
    Room one.
     In the the former, it is a hundred times easier. You have 1:30 minutes to 
    solve the puzzle, but in a Mail Room puzzle you have 2:30. So, because it 
    is so easy, I won't bother writing a guide for the first seven levels of 
    TIS, but I will write a guide for all of the puzzles in the Mail Room.
     It would be a waste of good white paper to write the exact moves you 
    will need to do, because some stuff has over a hundred moves to do, so you 
    would probably get lost. Also, I just recently came back to FAQ writing, 
    so please don't complain if my 'solutions' are really, really spotty. View
     them more as 'hints'.
    General tips: 
     Try to never push a box to the edge of the arena. There are a few 
    exceptions, but not that many.
     Once a box is on its correctly colored square, its there forever. This 
    luckily does not apply when you push a box onto the wrong square, you can 
    keep on pushing it wherever.
     You will have to go around and push a box a different direction alot in 
    these puzzles, which means "don't be hasty". If it takes a few more moves, 
    so what? Just as long as you finish it at all.
     Arrowed boxes can only be pushed the direction it is pointing, so be extra 
    carful with them.
     If I say square, by the way, I mean the square the colored box goes on.
    ---Trouble In Store---
    Level 7: Simple. Push the blue box to the right, and the yellow box up and 
    to the right, and the red box right, up and then left onto its square. 
    Yellow is next, then blue.
    Level 8: Push the top right blue box around to the other side. The 
    top yellow box goes on the top square, the bottom one goes on the bottom. 
    Hmmm, what to do with the last blue box, what to do...
    Level 9: Push the top left yellow box all the way left, the other yellow 
    box onto its square, and the nearest blue box down (move the yellow box 
    onto the yellow square before proceeding). Finish the last blue box.
    Level 10: Push the blue box up and around the top part of the level- being 
    careful not to get it stuck in a corner- and push it onto the blue square.
     The yellow box is easy to figure out.
    Level 11: Push the two nearest red boxes into the water to form a bridge 
    for the blue box on the other side to get across. The other boxes are a 
    Level 12: This one is also a walk in the park. Just push the nearest 
    yellow box into the yellow square in the corner first, and the rest is 
    a no-brainer.
    Level 13: Push the nearest yellow box into the water. Push the nearest 
    blue box onto it's square, then the other yellow box.
    Level 14: Go right and push the blue box up once. Go around and push it 
    left once, then push it up. Now push the yellow box all the way right. 
    Go left and push the blue box all the way right, then up into the water. 
    Now finish off the red and yellow boxes.
    Level 15: This one is actually pretty tough. Go all the way around and 
    push the red box left. Go up and around the right, and push it up. Go 
    around again and push it left. Push it onto the red square. go behind the 
    blue box and push it up, right, down, left, then onto the blue  square. Go 
    back to the yellow box. Push it right, up, right, up, right once more, then 
    You finished all of the levels for Trouble In Store, so what do you get? 
    Thats right, nothing! Mwah ha ha!
    ---Mail Room---
    This puzzle challange is definitely harder. You must use all your skills 
    from TIS to even beat the first level. Good luck.
    Level 1: Form two straight lines of green and blue boxes going from the 
    bottom of the screen to the yellow square. You will have to move the top 
    green box in order to get it straight. Finish off the red, then yellow boxes.
    Level 2: Push the blue box all the way right, into the water. Then, go 
    around and push the blue box down. Push it into the water closest to the
     bottom left corner. The green box is easily done.
    Level 3: Push teh top yellow box all the way right, and then down into the 
    water. Push the next yellow box left, then the next one up. Push the red box 
    left, up and around to the red square
    Level 4: Push the yellow box right once, then up. Push it left, but before 
    you get to the edge, stop. Push the top red box out of the way, and then you
     can continue to push the yellow box up and around to where the red box is. 
    Push the yellow box into the water. Now you have a path where you can get 
    the red box into the leftmost red square. Do so, and then push the other red 
    box right some, before pushing it up.
    Level 5: Push the topmost red box into the empty white space. Then, push the 
    blue box down and out of the way. Push a yellow box into the yellow square 
    next to the blue square, and then push the other boxes onto their respective 
    Level 6: Push the rightmost red box into the water, and then push the yellow 
    box up and right. I won't bother explaining how to get the other boxes onto 
    their squares, it should be obvious.
    Level 7: It's Christmas! Just kidding. Basically, just push the green boxes 
    onto the green squares first. Then push the red boxes onto their 
    corresponding squares.
    Level 8: Push the two red boxes closest to you all the way down, and push the
     two red boxes closest to the blue square all the way up. Then push the blue 
    box up, left, down, left, then all the way up.
    Level 9: Push the top-left box (I forgot the color) down, right, and around 
    onto the red square. Push it off into the water. Do the same for the other 
    one. You have to do the same thing for the green box, but you have to push it 
    over once before pushing the other yellow boxes.
    Level 10: Super easy. Push the leftmost red box up and to the right before 
    pushing it into the water. Push the other red box down, left, up, then across 
    the red box 'bridge'. Now push the green box onto its' square.
    Level 11: This is even easier than the last. Push the blue box down, right, up,
     then onto its' square. Try and figure out wat to do with the other boxes.
    Level 12: Push the closest blue box up, the non-arrowed red box down, then the
     green box up. The rest is very easy.
    Level 13: Push the yellow box up to where it is right next to the yellow 
    square, but not on it. Do the same thing for all of the other boxes, then push
     them on their corresponding squares.
    Level 14: Ack, another easy one. Just push the non-arrowed blue boxes onto the 
    squares farthest away from them. No problem.
    Level 15: Although the blue boxes look like they are scattered, all you have 
    to do is push them so they make a bridge for the red boxes to go on. 
    It's actually okay to push two of the blue boxes to the edge ot the areana. 
    Do you get anything for beating this one? No. Sorry! Go skate away your 
    sorrows, or something.
    	(14) How to Enjoy Wasting Away Time
    	There is a bunch more things to do on the Island. If you haven’t 
    noticed yet, there are spinning ? cards to run into. They are various 
    	Try to do a 1080 on your skateboard, go to the skate parks and 
    do tricks till your thumbs fall off, or grind on strange places, like the 
    radio tower wires.
    	Brickster Bots can be completely destroyed by first hitting them 
    with a pizza, standing next to them while waiting for them to get up, and 
    then right when they get up, hit them again. They should fall backward 
    and disappear.
    	Try to get onto really weird places, like the top of the giant pizza, 
    or an antenna on a building. 
    	I found a pterodactyl and a Brickster Bot flying around one time.
    	Sometimes there will be gatherings of Islanders around places. 
    At both Red Greenbase’s and the radio station there are parties 
    sometimes, and if you stand still you will dance along with them. At the 
    radio station, DJ Jackitt does yoga occasionally.   
    	(15) Waz’s Challenges
    	If you are part of the truly elite Lego Gamers, then you will 
    accept these grueling challenges.
    	Score at least 175,000 points at any skate park. My best is 
    	Score at least a total score of 528,000 points on the dirt road 
    challenge. My best is 533,750.
    	Score at least 850 on the mountain jump challenge. My best is 
    	If you want a real challenge, beat Rhoda while there is still at 
    least 25 seconds on the clock. My best is 27.
    	There are still a billion other challenges you can make up for 
    yourself. Have fun!
    	(16) Cheats & ReAlly WeirD GliTcHeS
     Cheats: If you were looking for ways to cheat, I’m sorry, but (at least for 
    me) none except 1 worked. 
    	To start using cheats tap: Up, down, up, up, jump, pizza throw, 
    jump, jump, down, up, down, down, pizza, jump, pizza, pizza, up, down, 
    up, up, jump, pizza, jump, jump, down, up, down, down, pizza, jump, 
    pizza, pizza. This one was the only one that “worked”. Meaning it 
    registered that it was inputted, but did nothing.
    	To skip a level: Up, down, up, up, jump, pizza, jump, jump, left, 
    right, left, left, jump, pizza, jump, jump.
    	To unlock all of the missions: Up, down, up, up, jump, pizza, 
    jump, jump, down, up, down, down, right, left, right, right.
    	To open up a cheat menu: Up, down, up, up, left, right, left, left, 
    down, up, down, down, right, left, right, right.
    	If you got these to work somehow, let me know. 
    	The Infamous Missing Wheel Glitch: This started a long time ago,
     When asked to find Nubby Steven’s wheel, I looked for months but could not 
    find it. Guess what? When I completely restarted my game, the wheel was at 
    the construction yard. I had looked there before, but it was a glitch that 
    it wasn’t there. I almost stopped playing the game forever because of that 
    trauma. Luckily for you, I didn’t.
    	Trembling and Falling: If you go over to a spot that has a satellite
    dish, and contiually run toward it, Pepper will tremble. Fun. Also, if you 
    run into a dish and start slipping/falling- or slipping/falling somewhere 
    else-, press the oppisite direction that you are falling and Pepper will slip
    /fall forever!(i.e. till your fingers hurt.)
    	Res-Q Center, A Skateboard Move?(thanks go to Dillon First for
    these two): This is one of the weirdest glitches. If you go to the Res-Q 
    Center, and then jump between the two yellow dishes and the red dish, you 
    can be on top of an invisible platform between the two. After you are on 
    there, pull out your skateboard and do a left or right starfish. If you 
    were in the right spot, you will get stuck there and perform the very 
    strange Res-Q Center move. It doesn't actually give you anything, no points 
    or nothing, but it registers on the screen. Also, you can pull off as many 
    moves as you want. I'm not sure if you can do this anywhere else, but if you 
    find any places- I haven't tried the dish on the upper airport yet- please 
    tell me.
    	Fall Through the Floor Glitch: I have encountered this one before
     too, but I have no idea how to replicate it, though. Sometimes, at 
    random times (jumping, getting off/onto a vehicle/skateboard) you might
    fall through the floor and start swimming through the mountain, or you
    might just get stuck in the floor with no way out. The cool part about it 
    is that you can do unlimited skateboard tricks! 
    	This reminds me of the "backwards long jump" glitch used in the 
    Super Mario 64 speed run movie,in which you could get stuck in a wall and 
    do unlimited jumps/stuff.      
    	If you have other bad glitches, or any at all, contact me.
    	(17) F.A.Q.’s 
    Q: “I can’t find X number of bricks.”
    A: Most likely they are in the ocean or you missed some on top of the 
    Q: “I can’t beat X level!” 
    A: Check the guide again. You most likely missed a hint or didn’t listen 
    when I said tap.
    Q: “I can’t beat ‘Trouble In Store’!”
    A: Check the part of the guide on the 'Trouble In Store' mission. 
    Turns out I was wrong about this before. You CAN beat it, it just takes a 
    15 rounds of puzzle solving to win. It does not count toward anything,
    Q: “I’m still not 100%!”
    A: Check to see if you got everything in your PDA. You will need to put 
    together all of the Brickimals, not just get the bricks, in order for it to 
    	(18) Acknowledgements, Copyright and Usage Agreement, and Contact 
    Thanks go to the following: 
    Joel96, Lydpower, and Riddlequest, for formatting and wording.
    Dillon First for the 'Res-Q Center' glitch and for informing me that the 
    Trouble in Store mission actually did have an end.
    Mom & Pop for giving me more time to play (ahem) work on this guide.
    CJayC for making Gamefaqs.com
    Gigaflop, a friend, for not exploding or making annoying sounds.
    I’d like to insult:
    Al Gore for not creating the Internet.
    Grover, our computer, for doing nothing.
    Copyright and Usage Agreement:
    (c) Copyright 2007 Wazkatango. Reproduction in any media is strictly 
    forbidden. If you like the guide (and me) so much that you want to share 
    it with another website, want to ask me a question, have a glitch, cheat, 
    or challenge score/time to add, contact me (directly) at: 
    wazkatango@gmail.com. Do not replicate this guide in order to sell it. 
    Please don’t send me SPAM. Violation of this usage agreement will 
    result in hefty fines, decades of legal prosecution, and (in especially 
    egregious cases) death by gerbil. 
    (19) Outro
    	Well, this is the end of the coolest (and only, so far) Lego Xtreme 
    Stunts guide ever. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope you had fun 
    reading it.
    By the way,
    "Wah, heh, heh, heh! Waluigi is number one!" o_O?

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