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    Shopping/Character Guide by Steric Hindrance

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    Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons
    Shopping and Character Guide
    By Chris Morton
    a.k.a Steric Hindrance (steric_hindrance@hotmail.com)
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
     a. Copyright Info
     b. Revision History
    II. Markets
     a. Types
     b. Port Listings
    III. Shipyards
     a. Types and Port Listings
     b. Extra Stuff
    IV. Item Shops
     a. What You'll Find Where
     b. Weapon and Armor Rating
    V. Mates and Characters
     a. The Main Characters
     b. Thier Backup
     c. The Vagabond Sailors
      1. Where to Find Them
     d. And The Competition
    VI. Port Coordinates
    VII. Other Stuff
     a. Contact Info
     b. Acknowledgments
    I. Introduction
      The purpose of this guide is to provide, to the best of my knowledge, as
    much information about the items sold at the various ports in the game and the
    stats of the characters (Mates) you can pick up along your way.  Far too often
    while playing this game I have gotten stuck with a tedious (albiet high
    profit) two point trade route because I didn't know if there was anything at
    the other ports that made them worth visiting outside a supply stop.  To that
    end, I have surveyed every non-supply port in the game that I know of and
    listed here what is sold at the marketplace, shipyard, and item shop (if there
    is one).  I also got the stats of as many of the mates that I could find in my
    travels.  As a warning, I used the SNES version of UWNH, and since I don't
    have a PC or other version of the game, I don't know if the market info is
    different for those versions.  I hope that if you're a fan of UWNH and would
    like to know where to buy stuff, that you'll find this guide useful.
    I.a. Copyright Info
      This document is copyrighted by Chris Morton.  This guide may be printed out
    for personal reference, but it may not be copied, in part or in any form, for
    any profitable purpose without my express consent.  This guide may not be
    posted to any website other than www.gamefaqs.com without my permission (just
    ask first, and I'll let you if you want to put it on your site), and it must
    be posted in an unaltered form.
    I.b. Revision History
      10-12-03: Updated some info.  Final Version of this guide.
      8-3-02: After much procrastination, finished writting this guide. 
      7-6-02: Began writting this guide.
    II. Markets
      In this section I list what you can find at the marketplace (building with
    the scales on the sign).  Most ports of the world sell a certain set of items,
    and this set is the same for most if not all of the ports in a given region
    (i.e. a Northern European port will have the same basic inventory as another
    Northern European port).  Many of the ports, however, have a specialty item
    outside thier basic inventory that they sell as well.  This means that while
    Lisbon and Seville, for example, are both in the same region and have the same
    basic inventory, you can make a profit trading thier specialty items between
    the two ports (Rock Salt and Porcelain, respectively).  You won't, however, 
    make any profit trading Cheese at these ports, because both of them sell
    Cheese to begin with.  A good rule of thumb in this game is do not sell an
    item at a port that is already selling that item.  
      Another important thing to note about the trading system in New Horizons is
    a port's economic rating.  Pressing the L button in a port will bring up two
    pop-up displays on either side of the screen.  On the upper right corner,
    below the date, you'll see a scale icon and a set of numbers.  That is the
    port's economic rating (the top number) and the amount invested this month in
    the port's economy.  The economy rating goes up to a maximum of 1000, and is
    raised through investment at the marketplace (select the option when you talk
    to the merchant).  The maximum you can invest in any given month is 50k Gold,
    or 5 Ingots, and I've found that this buys you 166 points on the economic
    rating.  If you're picky about what economic level you invest to, or simply
    don't want to overinvest to get from 999 to 1000 economy, I've found that each
    economy point is worth 301 Gold of investment (50k divided by 166 and
    rounding).  The importance of a port's economy rating is that a poor port with
    a low economy will not have the selection of a well off port.  In ports
    outside of Europe, you will often find ports in the 50-150 economic range, and
    not only do they not sell all of their basic inventory, they might not even
    sell thier specialty until a certain economy rating is reached.  So if you
    want a port to sell something it doesn't have yet, but my guide says it
    should, you'll have to invest in it.  Note that you can't invest in the six
    capital ports to increase thier economy, so thier market inventories are set
    in stone for the entire game.
      That's the basics of markets, now on to what you'll find around the world.
    II.a. Types
      There are 13 port types when it comes to markets, each corresponds to one of
    the thirteen regions of the world.  The types differ in what they offer as
    thier basic, non-specialty, inventory.  The types are:
     Type A: Northern Europe
          Sells: Cheese, Fish, Grain, Cotton, Cotton Cloth, Iron Ore, Porcelain
     Type B: Iberia
          Sells: Cheese, Fish, Olive Oil, Raisins, Cotton Cloth, Velvet, Linen
          Cloth, Dye, Arms
     Type C: The Mediterranean
          Sells: Fish, Grain, Olive Oil, Raisins, Cotton, Wool, Linen Cloth, Glass
     Type D: North Africa
          Sells: Fish, Olive Oil, Rock Salt, Wool, Flax, Linen Cloth
     Type E: West Africa
          Sells: Cacao, Fish, Flax, Linen Cloth, Amber, Gold
     Type F: East Africa
          Sells: Fish, Rock Salt, Flax, Coral, Gold, Copper Ore, Dye
     Type G: Ottoman Empire
          Sells: Cheese, Grain, Rock Salt, Cotton, Wool, Copper Ore, Dye, Wood
     Type H: Middle East
          Sells: Coffee, Olive Oil, Rock Salt, Cotton Wool, Cotton Cloth, Wool
          Cloth, Carpet, Perfume
     Type I: India
          Sells: Clove, Pepper, Tea, Grain, Cotton, Flax, Linen Cloth, Copper Ore
     Type J: Southeast Asia
          Sells: Pepper, Ginger, Fish, Coral, Tortoise Shell, Tin Ore
     Type K: Far East
          Sells: Ginger, Tea, Fish, Linen Cloth, Pearl, Art, Porcelain
     Type L: Central America
          Sells: Pimento, Fish, Rock Salt, Coral, Tortoise Shell, Dye
     Type M: South America
          Sells: Pimento, Grain, Tortoise Shell, Silver, Iron Ore
    II.b. Port Listing
      The ports that fall into the above categories are listed here, along thier
    specialty (in parentheses) if they have one.
    Type A: Northern Europe
     Oslo (Wood)
     Lubeck (Silver)
     Copenhagen (Glassware)
     Riga (Wood)
     Stockholm (Copper Ore)
     Bristol (Tin Ore)
     Amsterdam (Glass Beads) [Capital Holland]
     Antwerp (Wool Cloth)
     London* (Wool) [Capital England]
     Bordeaux (Raisins)
     Hamburg (Dye)
    *London does not sell porcelain because of its fixed economy rating
    Type B: Iberia
     Lisbon (Rock Salt) [Capital Portugal]
     Seville (Porcelain) [Capital Spain]
     Barcelona (Rock Salt)
     Valencia (Wool Cloth)
    Type C: The Mediterranean
     Marseilles (Perfume)
     Genoa (Silver) [Capital Italy]
     Pisa (Silk Cloth)
     Naples (Wool Cloth)
     Ragusa (Dye)
     Venice (Glassware)
     Athens (Art)
     Nicosia (Copper Ore)
    Type D: North Africa
     Tunis (Iron Ore)
    Type E: West Africa
     Madeira (Sugar)
     Santa Cruz
     Bissau (Ivory)
     Timbuktu (Ivory)
     Adidjan (Musk)
     San Jorge (Ivory)
     Luanda (Coral)
    Type F: East Africa
     Sofala (Ivory)
     Quelimane (Tortoise Shell)
     Malindi (Musk)
     Mogadishu (Ivory)
    Type G: Ottoman Empire
     Alexandria (Cotton Cloth)
     Jaffa (Carpet)
     Beirut (Carpet)
     Istanbul (Carpet) [Capital Turkey]
     Trebizond (Cotton Cloth)
     Kaffa (Iron Ore)
    Type H: Middle East
     Aden (Amber)
     Massawa (Pimento)
     Mecca (Musk)
     Cairo (Art)
     Hormuz (Ginger)
     Quatar (Tortoise Shell)
     Basra (Cheese)
    Type I: India
     Goa (Ginger)
     Calicut (Nutmeg)
     Ceylon (Cinnamon)
    Type J: Southeast Asia
     Malacca (Cinnamon)
     Dili (Clove)
     Banda (Nutmeg)
     Amboa (Nutmeg)
     Ternate (Clove)
    Type K: Far East
     Hanoi (Coral)
     Zeiton (Silk)
     Changan (Silk Cloth)
     Nagasaki (Silver)
     Sakai (Silk Cloth)
    Type L: Central America
     Guatemala (Grain)
     Veracruz (Gold)
     Havana (Vanilla)
     Santo Domingo (Sugar)
     Porto Velho
     Jamaica (Sugar)
    Type M: South America
     Caracas (Vanilla)
     Cayenne (Wood)
     Pernambuco (Dye)
     Rio de Janeiro (Gold)
    III. Shipyards
      The shipyards in New Horizons (buildings with the ship icon on the sign)
    work in much the same way that the markets do.  Investing a set amount of
    money in a port's shipyard will raise its industry rating (the number below
    the economy rating in the pop-up display, near the lumber icon) as much as
    that same amount would raise the economic rating.  As with the markets, the
    selection of the shipyard increases as the industry rating goes up.  This
    selection is broken down into 5 areas: New Ships, Used Ships, Materials,
    Figureheads, and Guns.  First, Materials, Figureheads and Guns are common
    items at all ports.  A port with a higher industry rating will have more of a
    selection in these categories than I port with a low industry rating.  The
    types of Materials (used to determine the durability of a new ship's hull) are
    Teak, Cedar, Beech, Oak, and Copper, with Copper being found typically at
    ports with around 1000 industry.  The normal figureheads that your ships can
    be remodeled to carry are Seahorse, Commodore, Unicorn, Lion, Giant Eagle,
    Hero, Neptune, and Dragon  Again the later figureheads require higher
    industry.  Lastly, the guns in the game are Saker, Demi-Culverin, Culverin,
    Canon Pedrero, Demi-Cannon, and Cannon.  Unlike the other items, almost every
    port has Cannons to begin with, and with investment you can buy the other
    types.  However, Cannons are the strongest of the normal guns, even though
    they don't have the range of some of the other ones.  There are also two
    secret figureheads, one secret gun, and one special material, which will be
    discussed in section III.b.  In summary, if a port has 1000 industry, its
    shipyard will carry all of the materials, guns, and figureheads listed here.
      The selection of ships that you can buy, either new or used, also changes
    with the industry rating.  Like for the markets, if you don't see a ship
    offered at a port when it is on my list, try investing in that port and the
    ship should become avalible.  In the next section, I will list the kinds of
    ships that you can buy new from the ports around the world.  The kinds of
    ships that a port builds is also a good indication of the types they sell
    used, though the exact inventory of used ships changes over time.  You can
    talk to the woman who walks around outside the shipyard and she will tell you
    one of the types of ships being sold used at that port.  In my experience, if
    a shipyard doesn't build a ship, you won't find it used there.
    III.a. Types and port listings
      Like the markets, the shipyards fall into 11 specific types defined by what
    ships they build, though the shipyards types are not all confined to one
    region.  If a port with a certain shipyard type is found outside the region
    where most of the other shipyards of that type are located, it will have a (!)
    next to its name.  Three of the shipyard types are termed special types
    because they sell ships that can be obtained no where else and sell them only
    if the industry rating is high (at 1000 typically).
     Type 1: Northern Europe
          Sells: Hansa Cog, Light Galley, Caravela Redonda, Flemish Galleon, Nao,
          Pinnace, La Reale, Galleon
          Ports: Bergen, Oslo, Lubeck, Danzig, Copenhagen, Riga, Stockholm,
          Nantes, Bordeaux, Marseilles(!)
     Type 2: Iberia
          Sells: Balsa, Light Galley, Caravela Latina, Brigantine, Flemish
          Galleon, Nao, Carrack, Galleon
          Ports: Lisbon [Capital Portugal]*, Seville [Capital Spain], Barcelona,
          Valencia, Ceuta(!)
    *Lisbon does not sell Galleons and you can't raise the industry rating
     Type 3: The Mediterranean
          Sells: Light Galley, Tallette, Caravela Latina, Buss, Flemish Galleon,
          Nao, Venetian Galeass, Carrack
          Ports: Genoa [Capital Italy], Pisa, Naples, Syracuse, Palma, Ragusa,
          Venice, Athens, Nicosia, Candia
     Type 4: North Africa and The Ottoman Empire
          Sells: Light Galley, Caravela Latina, Flemish Galleon, Nao, Xebec,
          Venetian Galeass, Carrack
          Ports: Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Alexandria, Jaffa, Beirut,
          Istanbul [CapitalTurkey], Trebizond, Kaffa, Azov, Salonika, Cairo(!)
     Type 5: West and East Africa
          Sells: Light Galley, Caravela Redonda, Nao, Carrack
          Ports: Madeira, Santa Cruz, Argin, Bathurst, Bissau, Timbuktu, Adidjan,
          San Jorge, Luanda, Sofala, Quelimane, Mozambique, Malindi, Mombasa,
     Type 6: Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia
          Sells: Light Galley, Dhow, Xebec
          Ports: Aden, Massawa, Mecca, Muscat, Hormuz, Shiraz, Quatar, Basra, Diu,
          Cochin, Goa, Calicut, Ceylon, Malacca, Pasei, Bankao, Sunda, Dili,
          Banda, Amboa, Ternate, Hanoi(!)
     Type 7: Far East
          Sells: Junk (It's a ship name.  Trust me.)
          Ports: Macao, Zeiton, Changan
     Type 8: Central and South America
          Sells: Brigantine, Pinnace, Nao, Carrack, Galleon
          Ports: Guatemala, Panama, Veracruz, Havana, Santo Domingo, Santiago,
          Porto Velho, Jamaica, Cartegena, Maracaibo, Caracas, Margarita, Cayenne,
          Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro
     Type 9 Special: Dublin and Bristol*
          Sells: Caravela Redonda, Nao, Carrack, Galleon, Sloop, Frigate, Barge
    *London also falls in here, but it only sells Caravela Redonda, Nao, & Carrack
     Type 10 Special: Antwerp and Hamburg**
          Sells: Hansa Cog, Caravela Latina, Nao, Carrack, Galleon, Frigate,
          Full-Rigged Ship
    **Amsterdam is in this class, but it only sells Hansa Cog, Caravela Latina, Nao, & Carrack
     Type 11 Special: Nagasaki and Sakai
          Sells: Kansen, Atakabune, Tekkousen
    III.b. Extra Stuff
      The special ship types, Frigate, Barge, Full-Rigged Ship, and Tekkousen can
    only be purchase at the above listed special ports when thier industry is at
    or around 1000 (I don't know for sure if these ships will be sold at an
    industry rating below 1000, but you will definitely see it at 1000 industry).
    The Tekkousen ship also boasts the only special material in the game: Steel.
    The description of the Tekkousen by the shipbuilder says it has a steel plated
    hull, what this means in game terms is that the hull durability of the ship is
    automatically 100.  The downside of this is that you can't select a lesser
    hull material to lower the price.  For the Tekkousen, it's take it, haggle it
    to a lower price, or leave it.  Note that you cannot use steel for any of the
    other ships at Nagasaki or Sakai.
      The special figureheads and gun type, as well as how to get them, I found
    out courtesy of Tom King's contribution to the Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
    FAQ written by Mike Groels (aka Eastpolar), hosted at www.gamefaqs.com.  The
    two special figureheads are the Angel and Goddess, and the special gun type is
    the Carronades, which have the same strength as normal Cannons, just greater
    range.  The trick to getting all these is to max out your luck and shop at a
    port with 1000 economy and industry ratings.  The luck part is done by
    donating to the Round Earth Society, and then asking a Fortune Teller about
    your life.  Groels recommends in his FAQ depositing all but 100 Gold into your
    bank account, and then donating half of that to the RES, and then continue to
    donate half of your gold until you have none left.  It seems that the increase
    in luck depends on the percentage of your cash on hand, hence the bank
    account. To check what you luck is at, ask a Fortune Teller.  If she says
    "What a strong fortune!  You have nothing to fear in this life", then you're
    done.  If not, continue at the RES.  Next, go to the shipyard and select
    remodel.  Pick either Figurehead or Guns, whichever one you want.  If the
    shipyard worker does not say "We have a great selection today" go back to the
    remodel menu of the shipyard (where you pick which part to remodel) and try
    again.  Repeat as many times as necessary, and the special items will appear.
    I have tried this method and can confirm that it works, with a few notes of my
    own.  When I get the "great selection" for figureheads, soemtimes only the
    Angel figurehead appears, and not the Goddess.  When I do get the Goddess
    figurehead, the Angel will also be there as well.  You may have to try a few
    times if you're looking for Goddess figureheads, since you get the same "great
    selection" message reagardless if only the Angel is there.  With Guns its
    easier, since Carronades are the only special gun type.  In addition to the
    randomness of these items, you have to buy them when you get the "great 
    selection" message or else they will disappear (most likely) next time you ask
    the shipyard guy.  Be sure to outfit all of your ships with the stuff you want
    before you go out of the remodeling menu, or else you'll have to try your luck
    another upteen times to get the items you just had.  Since the opportunity of 
    getting these items is random, the economy, industry, and luck ratings are 
    probably all necessary to get a fair chance.  Also, Groel's FAQ states that
    any port CAN have these specials, with 1000 economy and industry helping the
    odds a bit, while I have only tried two Meditteranean ports, Antwerp and
    Hamburg, and the Japanese ports.
    IV. Item Shops
      Item Shops in New Horizons are the buildings with the sword icon on the
    sign.  They do not appear in all ports, but generally sell some useful stuff.
    Swords and Armor for duels, accessory items to give to waitresses, emergency
    items such as Balm and Lime Juice, and even bootleg Tax-Free Permits.  The
    catch to all this, is that for most of the really good stuff you have to get
    up at 2am.  I don't know why that is, but it's really not too hard to tell the
    innkeeper when you want to check out.  In the next section I will list all of
    the ports in the game, and what they sell at thier item shop.  Ports with a
    "None" listing next to them have no item shop, while items marked with a (!)
    are sold at that port only at 2am.
      If you want to find out where they sell a particular item, try bringing up
    the Find window in your browser (control F for PC) and typing the name of the
    item.  That'll jump you right to the part of the list that's appropriate.
    IV.a. What You'll Find Where
     Bergen: None
     Oslo: None
     Lubeck: Saber, Long Sword, Estock, Flamberge(!)
     Danzig: Leather Armor, Platinum Comb, English Tax-Free Permit(!)
     Copenhagen: Chain Mail Armor, Half Plate, Plate Mail Armor, Errol's Plate(!)
     Riga: None
     Stockholm: Dagger, Short Sword, Basterd Sword(!)
     Dublin: Dagger, Broad Sword, Claymore(!)
     Bristol: Broad Sword, Leather Armor, Claymore(!)
     Amsterdam: Telescope, Sextant, Theodolite, Pocket Watch(!)
     Antwerp: Long Sword, Rat Poison, Aquamarine Tiara, Dutch Tax-Free Permit(!)
     London: Cutlass, Telescope, Velvet Coat, Sextant(!)
     Nantes: Epee, Chain Mail Armor, Brass Candleholder
     Bordeaux: Short Sword, Balm, Rapier
     Hamburg: Quadrant, Leather Armor, Circlet
     Lisbon: Quadrant, Telescope, Rapier
     Seville: Telescope, Short Saber, Rapier, Basterd Sword(!)
     Barcelona: Dagger, Leather Armor, Balm
     Valencia: Lime Juice, Short Sword
     Marseilles: Epee, Brass Candleholder, Estock(!)
     Genoa: Cutlass, Quadrant, Velvet Coat
     Pisa: Rapier, Brass Candleholder, Broad Sword
     Naples: Epee, Leather Armor, Rat Poison, Crusader's Armor(!)
     Syracuse: Short Sword, Lime Juice, Italian Tax-Free Permit(!)
     Palma: None
     Ragusa: Quadrant, Dagger
     Venice: Chain Mail Armor, Sextant, Epee, Garnet Brooch(!)
     Athens: Saber, Lime Juice, Circlet, Theodolite(!)
     Nicosia: None
     Candia: None
     Ceuta: None
     Algiers: Cutlass, Lime Juice
     Tunis: None
     Tripoli: Short Saber, Leather Armor, Telescope, Turkish Tax-Free Permit(!)
     Madeira: None
     Santa Cruz: None
     Argin: Rat Poison, Platinum Comb
     Bissau: None
     Timbuktu: Crown of Majesty, Gold Bracelet, Ruby Sceptre, Crusader's Sword(!)
     Adidjan: None
     San Jorge: Dagger, Telescope, Ruby Ring(!)
     Luanda: None
     Sofala: None
     Quelimane: None
     Mozambique: Rat Poison, Gold Bracelet, Jade Jewlebox(!)
     Malindi: None
     Mombasa: None
     Mogadishu: None
     Alexandria: Half Plate, Sextant, Rat Poison, Scimitar(!)
     Jaffa: None
     Beirut: Short Saber, Balm
     Istanbul: Telescope, Leather Armor, Quadrant, Scimitar(!)
     Trebizond: Saber, Velvet Coat
     Kaffa: None
     Azov: Dagger, Spanish Tax-Free Permit(!)
     Salonika: Cutlass, Portuguese Tax-Free Permit(!)
     Aden: None
     Massawa: Malachite Box
     Mecca: Cat, Silk Scarf, Theodolite
     Cairo: Scimitar, Silk Scarf, Chain Mail Armor
     Muscat: None
     Hormuz: None
     Shiraz: None
     Quatar: None
     Basra: None
     Diu: None
     Cochin: None
     Goa: Balm, Short Sword, Ermine Coat
     Calicut: Peacock Fan, Rat Poison, Short Saber, Siva's Magic Sword(!)
     Ceylon: Peacock Fan, Saber
     Malacca: None
     Pasei: None
     Bankao: None
     Sunda: None
     Dili: None
     Banda: None
     Amboa: None
     Ternate: None
     Hanoi: Silk Shawl, Golden Dragon
     Macao: Silk Scarf, Peacock Fan, China Dress, Mermaid's Bracelet(!)
     Zeiton: Cat, Lime Juice, Balm, Blue Crescent(!)
     Changan: Silk Scarf, Silk Shawl, China Dress, Blue Crescent(!)
     Nagasaki: Cat, Japanese Sword, Aquamarine Tiara
     Sakai: Mermaid's Bracelet, Cat, Japanese Sword, Magic Muramasa(!)
     Guatemala: None
     Panama: Lime Juice, Garnet Brooch
     Veracruz: None
     Havana: None
     Santo Domingo: Balm, Rat Poison
     Santiago: Lime Juice
     Porto Velho: None
     Jamaica: Mermaid's Bracelet
     Cartegena: Lime Juice, Long Sword
     Maracaibo: None
     Caracas: Lime Juice, Chain Mail Armor
     Margarita: Dagger, Sapphire Ring(!)
     Cayenne: None
     Pernambuco: Dagger, Plate Mail Armor, Rune Blade(!)
     Rio de Janeiro: Circlet, Gold Bracelet(!)
    IV.b. Weapon and Armor Ratings
      As an update to the Item Shop section, I thought I'd add a little chart for
    the effectiveness of the weapons and armors that are avalible in New Horizons.
    The credit for the information in this section goes to Eastpolar and his FAQ,
    since for some reason I didn't copy down the weapon stats when I first made
    this guide.  (Eastpolar did leave out the Basterd Sword from his guide, so I
    checked on the rating and price for that.)
    Name			Rating			Price
    Leather Armor		D			1k
    Chain Mail		C			2k
    Half Plate		B			4k
    Plate Mail		A			8k
    Errol's Plate		*			30k
    Crusader's Armor	*			60k
    Name			Type		Rating		Price
    Epee			Fencing		D		2k
    Short Saber		Curved		D		1k
    Cutlass			Heavy		D		1500
    Dagger			Straight	D		500
    Short Sword		Straight	D		1k
    Rapier			Fencing		C		3k
    Saber			Curved		C		3k
    Estock			Fencing		B		6k
    Scimitar		Curved		B		8k
    Broad Sword		Heavy		B		5k
    Long Sword		Straight	B		4k
    Flamberge		Fencing		A		14k
    Japanese Sword		Curved		A		20k
    Claymore		Heavy		A		15k
    Golden Dragon		Heavy		A		18k
    Basterd Sword		Straight	A		14k
    Crusader Sword		Fencing		*		38k
    Siva's Magic Sword	Curved		*		28k
    Magic Muramasa		Curved		*		38k
    Blue Crescent		Heavy		*		24k
    Rune Blade		Straight	*		36k
    V. Mates and Characters
      In this section I list the stats of as many of the characters in New
    Horizons as I could find.  In section V.a. and V.b., I list the stats of the
    6 principle characters, and the secondary characters that are specific to
    whose storyline you play, respectively.  V.c. deals with the 'vagabond
    sailors' you run into at cafes and inns throughout the world, and in section
    V.d. the competition I refer to is all of the other NPC captains out there who
    may, or may not, want you dead.
    V.a. The Main Characters
      Listed below are the stats for each character, taken from the point in the
    game where you can first call up the character info screen.
    Key: Nav=Navigation level, Bat=Battle level, L=Leadership, S=Seamanship,
    K=Knowledge, I=Intuition, C=Courage, Sw=Swordsmanship: Ch=Charm,
    CN=Celestial Navigation, CR=Cartography, G=Gunnery, A=Accounting,
    Name     Allegiance    Nav  Bat  L   S   K   I   C   Sw  Ch   Skills
    Joao     Portugal      1    1    78  75  73  85  82  82  89   N
    Catalina Piracy        8    10   80  79  65  52  86  92  95   G
    Otto     England       10   12   92  72  61  43  88  86  82   G
    Baynes   Note: Starts as a Page
    Ernst    Holland       11   1    78  92  86  82  62  53  90   CN, CR
    Von Bohr
    Pietro   Italy         4    1    84  80  75  87  53  61  81   CN
    Ali      Turkey        1    1    80  86  84  65  53  42  80   A,N
    V.b. Thier Backup
      The name in parentheses next to the secondary character's name indicates
    which main character's fleet they're in, just in case you haven't played all
    of the storylines.  Unless otherwise noted, all of these characters join your
    fleet at the starting port of the game.
    Name     Allegiance    Nav  Bat  L   S   K   I   C   Sw  Ch   Skills
    Rocco    Portugal      30   32   75  82  84  90  93  92  70   CN, G
    Alemkel (Joao)
    Enrico   Portugal      1    1    66  48  93  55  62  48  82   A
    Malione (Joao)
    Domingo  Portugal      1    1    60  68  58  62  81  76  90   N
    Manana (Joao)  Found at sea
    Emilio   Spain         8    11   71  55  40  43  79  80  65   CN, G
    Sanude (Catalina)
    Andreas  Spain         9    15   70  44  32  60  95  82  70   CN, G
    Paella (Catalina)  Found at sea
    Matthew  England       7    10   81  75  52  74  77  70  69   CN, G
    Loy (Otto)
    Hans     Holland       10   2    74  85  80  69  42  38  71   CN
    Starten (Ernst)
    Camillo  Italy         3    2    71  72  66  78  51  60  68   CN, A
    Stefano (Pietro)
    Salim    Turkey        3    7    82  80  84  44  71  79  60   CN, G
    Jahan (Ali)
    V.c. The Vagabond Sailors
      If you want to have more ships in your fleet, you're going to need the mates
    to captain all of them.  However, not all of the characters in New Horizons
    are created equal.  The following is a listing of all of the sailors I have
    found that can be hired in cafes or inns in ports throughout the world.  A few
    notes about these characters, first: the stats I give here are what you get'
    when you hire them.  To my knowledge these stats do not change during the
    course of the game, i.e. if you hire a character two years after you start,
    his stats will be the same as they were at the start of the game.  Second,
    these characters move around, and are not always found in the same port.  It
    seems that they tend to change places on the first of the month, but I do not
    know if there is some pattern to thier movement.  Perhaps the best way to find
    where a certain character is located is by asking other sailors/commodores at
    cafes or inns (the advice you get here is usually only about sailors for hire
    in the nearby area, i.e. you won't hear about a guy looking for a job in South
    America if you're asking at a Meditteranean port).  Third, in my experience
    you can usually only hire a character if he has a lower navigation level than
    you.  If he says "I only sail with experienced navigators", try again later.
    If he says "Your ship?  No thanks", keep trying (or treat them if they're at
    the cafe).
    Name     Allegiance    Nav  Bat  L   S   K   I   C   Sw  Ch   Skills
    Miguel   Portugal      7    6    84  73  77  84  84  54  86   CN, G, N
    Antoine  England       2    1    85  76  51  63  73  74  84   CN, A
    Fernan   Portugal      12   7    78  73  77  83  88  69  66   CN, CR
    George   Piracy        1    1    69  87  73  59  81  72  76   G
    Anthony  England       2    1    66  87  67  68  65  53  78   
    Dante    Portugal      1    1    67  79  68  61  76  66  65   CN
    Nicolo   Italy         8    5    79  79  65  70  74  73  78   CN
    Cizzaro  Piracy        1    2    85  62  68  80  74  70  59   G
    Luka     Spain         1    2    87  87  52  74  82  85  72   
    Klaus    Holland       5    6    75  61  76  80  53  62  88
    Lawrence England       7    9    51  88  84  66  62  52  79   G, N
    Jacob    Holland       5    3    64  52  82  53  88  77  67   A
    Roberto  Portugal      2    1    75  52  75  56  69  79  54   
    Aloiji   Italy         14   9    61  85  89  60  70  86  76   CN, N
    Alonzo   Spain         1    1    59  65  80  71  68  53  64   
    Louis    Portugal      1    1    58  55  62  64  58  53  63   CN
    Omar     Spain         6    5    64  78  84  84  59  61  86   CN, G
    Patrick  Holland       7    9    82  57  52  51  57  86  84   CN, CR
    Diego    Portugal      6    6    53  83  64  65  76  81  88   
    Pilly    Turkey        60   50   86  100 100 100 68  52  74   All 
    Al       Turkey        2    3    73  67  89  81  63  86  89   A
    Benito   Turkey        14   12   83  70  80  71  65  88  83   CN, CR, A
    Afmet    Turkey        1    1    82  79  53  78  83  58  66   
    Jack     Piracy        5    8    71  71  54  58  62  79  41   CN, G
    Antonio  Piracy        1    1    70  44  65  87  82  75  46   
    Robert   Piracy        9    12   69  67  62  62  73  89  82   CN, G
    Zaganos  Turkey        2    1    51  58  87  82  61  88  61   A, N
    Henry    Piracy        2    3    60  72  58  61  78  70  43   G
    Sabino   Spain         13   8    87  77  60  62  85  87  71   CN, G, N
    Manuel   Portugal      2    2    65  83  67  79  60  78  71   
    Georg    Holland       3    4    57  71  58  78  67  83  71   CN
    Ambroise Holland       1    2    81  77  77  55  78  84  59
    Cisco    Portugal      5    5    51  74  67  54  57  64  74   G
    Ivan     Piracy        1    3    54  75  43  54  78  84  75   G
    Carmine  Italy         5    5    54  68  71  79  67  79  58
    Bernardo Spain         11   7    73  75  69  78  64  54  76   CN, N
    Richard  Piracy        1    2    51  69  48  83  87  67  59   G
    Fritz    Italy         2    2    85  71  80  75  80  77  76   
    Gus      England       2    3    62  66  76  84  89  67  72   CN, G
    *Thanks to King and Sandman for the info, I finally get around to updating
    the guide I giving these guys credit.
    V.c.1. Where to find them
      The following is a brief list of the ports that I have found the above
    sailors at.  If you've seen them at other ports, feel free to let me know.
    Miguel Solis: Lisbon
    Antoine Fitch: Antwerp
    Fernan Pinto: Venice
    George Eggel: Hamburg
    Anthony Morgan: Bristol
    Dante Peleira: Naples
    Nicolo Montagna: Genoa
    Cizzaro Fedeliti: Mareilles
    Luka Ullman: Seville, Barcelona, Lisbon
    Klaus Shouten: Amsterdam
    Lawrence Edwards: London
    Jacob Walweik: Bordeaux
    Roberto Almanzan: Syracuse
    Aloiji Jovanni: Barcelona, Seville
    Alonzo Oreida: Tunis, Algiers
    Louis Fareiro: Stockholm
    Omar Kashani: Riga, Caracas, Havana
    Patrick Toman: Bergen
    Diego Fagundes: Valencia
    Pilly Reis: Barcelona, Algiers
    Al Fasi: Tripoli, Azov
    Benito Gomez: Alexandria
    Afmet Glanie: Alexandria
    Jack Diffson: Nagasaki
    Antonio Pintado: Timbuktu
    Robert Danahue: Sofala
    Zaganos Bei: Cairo
    Henry Mancine: Aden
    Sabino Balboa: Mecca
    Manuel Melgoza: Calicut
    Georg Scholl: Goa
    Ambroise Einger: Ceylon
    Cisco Alvarez: Pernambuco
    Ivan Soledad: Rio de Janeiro, Santiago
    Carmine Ragussa: Barcelona
    Bernardo Sanchez: Algiers, Lisbon
    Richard Huxley: Jamaica
    Fritz Ramsey: Candia
    Gus Johnson: Athens
    V.d. And The Competition
      In addition to the Vagabond sailors of the world, you can also staff your
    fleet with the commodores of other fleets, even if they belong to your nation
    or are pirates.  To do this, though, you need to first, uh, relieve them of
    that pesky other job they're holding down.  In short, you need to defeat the
    target commodore in battle.  
      I have done limited experimenting with this, and only with the Corsair
    pirates based in Algiers (Khayr ad-Din and Idin Leis).  What I have found is
    this: Each month one of these two heads out and makes a beeline for your
    fleet's location.  During the normal course of the game this isn't a problem
    since you're moving around, I was doing my port survey and as such waiting
    outside of ports to kill time till my investments took effect.  These pirates
    would ALWAYS show up and park right where I was, but the good thing was that
    if I moved before they got there, they took up position and didn't move.  Once
    you sail far enough away, the pirates go back to Algiers, and the next month
    the next guy goes out to repeat the cycle.  This behavior made the Corsairs
    the best fleets to target their commodores.  So what I did was defeat one of
    them, and then immediately look back at the Algiers cafe and inn.  Neither
    ad-Din nor Leis were there after I defeated them, but the upside was that
    whichever pirate I hadn't defeated that time was there, and I could gossip to
    get the location of the pirate I had just defeated.  Because when I did this
    my Navigation level was only 16, I couldn't actually hire ad-Din or Leis, but
    I found out that they stayed at the port they appeared in for one month.
    After the turn of the month the pirate had a new fleet (after you defeat them
    once they get a bigger and badder fleet, I don't know if this holds for other
    commodores), launched from Algiers, and his stats were apparantly unchanged.
    I don't know if commodore NPCs, like Vagabond sailors, have constant stats
    until you hire them or not though.
      In summation, the way to get a rival commodore in your fleet is to defeat
    him in battle, find which port he's at, and get to that port and hire him
    before the first of the next month.  Be warned that if you attack non-pirates
    your friendship rating with the victim fleet's nation will go down, but for
    some reason even commodores you just ran through in a duel have no problem
    working for you if you find them in a cafe without a job.
    Stats on ad-Din and Leis, only NPC commodores surveyed for this version.
    Name     Allegiance    Nav  Bat  L   S   K   I   C   Sw  Ch   Skills
    Khayr    Piracy        18   32   93  76  70  79  89  93  41   CN, CR, G
    Idin     Piracy        16   30   78  66  86  70  74  85  68   G
    Found ad-Din in Barcelona and found Leis in Naples after thier respective defeats.
    Update Notes: I had planned on doing a survey on the NPC commodores in New
    Horizons, but it looks like Eastpolar beat me to it.  As such, I'm not going
    to be redundant and just end this section as is.  If you want to know the
    stats of pretty much all of the NPC sailors in the game, check out Eastpolar's
    FAQ, http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/snes/game/9502.html, it's a lot more
    VI. Port Coordinates
      Here's a quick summary chart for your own reference.
    Port Name    Location    Market Type          Shipyard Type
      Northern Europe
    Bergen       62N 4E      A                    1
    Oslo         62N 10E     A (Wood)             1
    Lubeck       65N 11E     A (Silver)           1
    Danzig       56N 18E     A                    1
    Copenhagen   57N 12E     A (Glassware)        1
    Riga         59N 23E     A (Wood)             1
    Stockholm    62N 19E     A (Copper Ore)       1
    Dublin       54N 6W      A                    9
    Bristol      52N 3W      A (Tin Ore)          9
    Amsterdam    55N 6E      A (Glass Beads)      10
    Antwerp      54N 5E      A (Wool Cloth)       10
    London       52N 0E      A (Wool)             9
    Nantes       48N 2W      A                    1
    Bordeaux     46N 1W      A (Raisins)          1
    Hamburg      55N 9E      A (Dye)              10
    Lisbon       39N 10W     B (Rock Salt)        2
    Seville      37N 6W      B (Porcelain)        2
    Barcelona    41N 2E      B (Rock Salt)        2
    Valencia     39N 0E      B (Wool Cloth)       2
      The Mediterranean
    Marseilles   43N 5E      C (Perfume)          1
    Genoa        44N 8E      C (Silver)           3
    Pisa         43N 9E      C (Silk Cloth)       3
    Naples       40N 13E     C (Wool Cloth)       3
    Syracuse     37N 10E     C                    3
    Palma        39N 2E      C                    3
    Ragusa       42N 17E     C (Dye)              3
    Venice       44N 13E     C (Glassware)        3
    Athens       38N 23E     C (Art)              3
    Nicosia      35N 33E     C (Copper Ore)       3
    Candia       35N 25E     C                    3
      North Africa
    Ceuta        36N 4W      D                    2
    Algiers      37N 3E      D                    4
    Tunis        37N 10E     D (Iron Ore)         4
    Tripoli      33N 13E     D                    4
      West Africa
    Madeira      33N 17W     E (Sugar)            5
    Santa Cruz   28N 17W     E                    5
    Argin        20N 18W     E                    5
    Bathurst     14N 18W     E                    5
    Bissau       14N 17W     E (Ivory)            5
    Timbuktu     15N 4W      E (Ivory)            5
    Adidjan      6N 5W       E (Musk)             5
    San Jorge    5N 2W       E (Ivory)            5
    Luanda       8S 12E      E (Coral)            5
      East Africa
    Sofala       17S 35E     F (Ivory)            5
    Quelimane    15S 37E     F (Tortoise Shell)   5
    Mozambique   13S 40E     F                    5
    Malindi      3S 40E      F (Musk)             5
    Mombasa      4S 39E      F                    5
    Mogadishu    3N 45E      F (Ivory)            5
      Ottoman Empire
    Alexandria   31N 29E     G (Cotton Cloth)     4
    Jaffa        32N 34E     G (Carpet)           4
    Beirut       33N 35E     G (Carpet)           4
    Istanbul     41N 29E     G (Carpet)           4
    Trebizond    41N 39E     G (Cotton Cloth)     4
    Kaffa        45N 34E     G (Iron Ore)         4
    Azov         47N 38E     G                    4
    Salonika     41N 22E     G                    4
      Middle East
    Aden         13N 46E     H (Amber)            6
    Massawa      15N 41E     H (Pimento)          6
    Mecca        21N 39E     H (Musk)             6
    Cairo        29N 33E     H (Art)              4
    Muscat       24N 59E     H                    6
    Hormuz       25N 56E     H (Ginger)           6
    Shiraz       26N 53E     H                    6
    Quatar       25N 53E     H (Tortoise Shell)   6
    Basra        30N 48E     H (Cheese)           6
    Diu          25N 66E     I                    6
    Cochin       10N 75E     I                    6
    Goa          14N 73E     I (Ginger)           6
    Calicut      12N 74E     I (Nutmeg)           6
    Ceylon       8N 79E      I (Cinnamon)         6
      Southeast Asia
    Malacca      4N 101E     J (Cinnamon)         6
    Pasei        5N 96E      J                    6
    Bankao       1N 105E     J                    6
    Sunda        3S 107E     J                    6
    Dili         5S 126E     J (Clove)            6
    Banda        3S 128E     J (Nutmeg)           6
    Amboa        1S 125E     J (Nutmeg)           6
    Ternate      2N 125E     J (Clove)            6
      Far East
    Hanoi        21N 105E    K (Coral)            6
    Macao        23N 114E    K                    7
    Zeiton       25N 119E    K (Silk)             7
    Changan      35N 110E    K (Silk Cloth)       7
    Nagasaki     33N 129E    K (Silver)           11
    Sakai        35N 135E    K (Silk Cloth)       11
      Central America
    Guatemala    10N 95W     L (Grain)            8
    Panama       5N 85W      L                    8
    Veracruz     15N 100W    L (Gold)             8
    Havana       19N 97W     L (Vanilla)          8
    Santo Domingo 13N 74W    L (Sugar)            8
    Santiago     15N 81W     L                    8
    Porto Velho  6N 81W      L                    8
    Jamaica      13N 81W     L (Sugar)            8
      South America
    Cartegena    6N 81W      M                    8
    Maracaibo    7N 77W      M                    8
    Caracas      7N 72W      M (Vanilla)          8
    Margarita    8N 69W      M                    8
    Cayenne      0S 56W      M (Wood)             8
    Pernambuco   11S 46W     M (Dye)              8
    Rio de Janeiro  26S 50W  M (Gold)             8
    VII. Other Stuff
    VII.a. Contact Info
      If you see something missing from this guide, an error I've missed, or have
    some info that I haven't included here, you can tell me at
    steric_hindrance@hotmail.com.  Please include something about New Horizons in
    the subject heading so I know its not spam.  I intend this to be the final
    version of the guide, but feel free to ask me questions and I'll try to help
    VII.b. Acknowledgements
      As mentioned before, for the secret figureheads, guns, ship types, and
    weapon/armor ratings I have cited the New Horizons FAQ written by Mike Groels
    (aka Eastpolar), hosted at www.gamefaqs.com.  All necessary acknowledgements
    for those pieces of info go to him.  

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