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    Otto Baynes Walkthrough by Alain Garamonde

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
    Otto Baynes Walkthrough 
    Written by Alain Garamonde
    Version 1.2
    (July the 25th, 2002)
    The purpose of this walkthrough to is to help those who are playing the game as 
    Otto, my second favourite character.  If you have any questions, send it to me at 
    * * * * * T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S * * * * *
    Appendix I..........Walkthrough
    Appendix II.........Acknowledgements
    Appendix III........Revision History
    Appendix IV.........Legal Disclaimer
    * * * * * W A L K T H R O U G H * * * * *
    Otto Baynes (Navigation L10, Combat L12 - Gunnery) is busy having his tea at the 
    cafe when he is interrupted by a palace guard.  It turns out that King Henry VIII 
    wants to see him.  Otto leaves with the guard to the palace.
    Once inside the palace, he is confronted by Sir Gilbert, an arrogant nobleman who 
    hates Otto and thinks that he is a disgrace to England.  Otto shrugs off Gilbert's 
    remarks and sees the King.
    King Henry VIII asks Otto to take on a dangerous task.  He wants Otto to build a 
    war fleet to take on the Spanish.  Otto graciously accepts.  He is given the title 
    of Page and is given a Short Sword (D rating), Leather Armor (D rating), and a letter 
    of marque.  He thanks King Henry and leaves.  Henry also tells Otto that he can 
    ask Sir Gilbert for money.
    And so, Otto does that.  Gilbert laughs in his face and gives Otto a measly 300 
    gold pieces.  Otto is angry, but he leaves to fetch his ship, which Gilbert has 
    already provided.  Boy, is Otto in for a surprise at the Shipyard...
    ...The owner laughs at him.  Otto wants to fight the Spanish, but Gilbert has 
    provided a Caravela Latina... named 'Simpleton' to boot!  Otto is quite enraged 
    at Gilbert and heads to the Harbor to meet his first mate.
    Matthew Loy (Navigation L7, Combat L10 - Celestial Navigation, Gunnery), my 
    personal favourite mate (he says hilarious things with the most impeccable of 
    timing), speaks with Otto and asks him to come to the Cafe for a 'welcoming party'.
    Did you equip your sword and armor and save?  Hopefully you did, because you are 
    facing Matthew in a duel!  In this fight, Otto cannot lose, but this is good practice 
    to test and observe the mechanics of the duel system.  Even if Otto is not victorious, 
    the game will still continue.  Matthew suggests leaving for Spain to spy on the 
    Spanish.  An excellent idea, but it's best to recruit some mates first.  First, 
    get your bookkeeper, Antoine Fitch (Navigation L2, Combat L1 - Celestial Navigation, 
    Bookkeeping), in the Cafe.  Next, get an effective fighter in the Inn.  Hire Lawrence 
    Edwards (Navigation L7, Combat L9 - Gunnery, Negotiation) and leave.  If any of 
    them threaten to quit (most likely Lawrence), give them a raise.  Now you can leave 
    London and head to Seville.  Let Matthew do the hard work for you with the Auto-Sail 
    Once you enter Seville, go to the Cafe where you will find Matthew, stuffing his 
    face with food.  The man is a regular glutton, who orders more food than Otto and 
    the rest of his crew for himself!  Afterwards, he leaves to steal the newest Spanish 
    galleon.  After Matthew's successful steal, dock in a port and go to tits cafe.  
    Matthew will say that a ship has been following them, and odds are it's the Spanish.  
    Leave that port (Ceuta is closest to Seville) and prepare for a coming battle with 
    a Spanish fleet.
    Assign all crew to 100% Combat and fight.  The enemy captain will most likely be 
    Bernal Loyola.  You can either blast him with cannonballs, 'rush' him, or my 
    preferred method, to challenge him to a duel, but make sure that you have more men 
    on your ship than he does.  After the battle, restock your ships and sell the ones 
    you stole from Bernal in the port of Ceuta, south of Seville.
    After the battle (if you'd like), go to the Lisbon Inn and hire Miguel Solis 
    (Navigation L7, Combat L6 - Celestial Navigation, Gunnery, Negotiation).  He's like 
    Lawrence - he tries to frequently quit BUT he's a good fighter.  DO NOT let him 
    get away!  If you want to wait and come back for him, sail to Ceuta and sell the 
    ships you have stolen from the defeated Spanish captain.
    In Ceuta, Matthew will want to (not surprisingly) eat.  But instead of going to 
    the Cafe, go to the Harbor.  The harbormaster will say that he heard some noises 
    in the Trader's Shop earlier.  Otto decides to investigate the matter.
    Inside the Trader's Shop, he finds two people tied in sacks.  The pair are Spanish 
    sailors, Emilio Sanude and Andreas Paella (from Catalina's mission).  Catalina 
    later comes in and accuses Otto of stringing her comrades up.  She challenges him 
    to a duel, as she thinks that he is one her enemy's henchmen.
    After convincing Cat that he does not work for her nemesis Joao Franco, she agrees 
    to meet him in the Cafe in two hours.  She explains to Otto that Joao Franco is 
    responsible for the deaths of her brother and her fiance in the New World.  She 
    Now, it's time to do some pirating!  Attack some fleets, preferably with Galleons, 
    and take them.  Sell them to save up money for some (preferably 2) Venetian Galeasses.  
    Also, fight more fleets to obtain Piracy points to see King Henry VIII in order 
    to obtain royal ranks.  Henry always asks you to fight the Spanish, so his tasks 
    do not detract from the game.  
    Please note that pirating is optional, but it is an excellent way to make some cash.  
    If you prefer a non-violent approach to gaining capital, trade Art from Athens and 
    Carpet from Istanbul between these two ports.
    After a while, King Henry VIII tells Otto to attack the Spanish, seeing that he 
    is ready.  Go to a Guild and ask for the whereabouts of the Spanish fleets.  Otto 
    will learn of a triple-pronged attack on England - the fleets will depart from Nantes, 
    Seville, and Bordeaux, and head straight for England!  Better stop the Spanish!
    Head for Nantes and defeat a fleet, and the rest will withdraw.  Sail west to the 
    Gulf of Mexico/Central America area and head for the port of Cayenne.  Question 
    some townsfolk and Otto will learn that the Spanish are now in Santo Domingo.
    Once you find this fleet, defeat a commodore, and sail to Cayenne once again.  When 
    you try to attack another fleet, Catalina appears, asking Otto to let them go.  Otto 
    does just that, despite Matthew's objections.
    Head back to Europe and save.  Find Commander Ezequiel of the Spanish Navy at the 
    Ceuta pub.  After a brief discussion, Ezequiel has decided that he will cross swords 
    with Otto in a month's time at Bordeaux.  Better get prepared.  Ezequiel's a 
    nightmare to deal with!
    Personally, a Galeass is the best choice in this fight, as it can hold 320 sailors 
    and 50 or so cannons.  But, I prefer to sail up to Ezequiel right away and propose 
    a duel.  With the right equipment (I usually have Errol's Plate and the Crusader 
    Sword), the Spanish commander will go down in no time flat.  After the fight, being 
    the honourable chap that he is, Otto lets his enemy go.  Matthew, once again, is 
    Now, to end an exciting adventure, head back to London and report to King Henry 
    VIII.  Gilbert tries to convince the King that Otto let Ezequiel escape, but Henry 
    sides with Otto and appoints him as Admiral of England's Royal Navy.
    * * * * * A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S * * * * *
    -Mike Groells (aka. Eastpolar)
    I would personally like to thank Mr. Groells for all the hard work he has done in 
    his massive FAQ.  It has helped clarify some vague details I wanted to put in my 
    guide, as well as providing some stats for several mates.  I would also like to 
    thank him for including excerpts from my review for UW:NH.  He also included three 
    excerpts from my review in his FAQ.  I thank him for that, and I hope he continues 
    to add to his monster of an FAQ.  Good job, Mike!
    * * * * * R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y * * * * *
    -Version 1.0
    First draft.  Will make corrections in the future if any are found.
    -Version 1.1
    Corrected some spelling, grammar, and spacing errors.  Added an alternate way to 
    make money by trading (paragraph 15).
    -Version 1.2
    Reformatted the appearance of my guide to make it look better.  I also corrected 
    some more spelling errors.
    * * * * * L E G A L   D I S C L A I M E R * * * * *
    And that's my guide.  I hope it has been helpful for you.  Remember, this FAQ is 
    not to be distributed for profit, and if you do want to use it, contact me first, 
    and I'll give you the go-ahead to do so.  If you do plan on using it, give me credit 
    where credit is due.  After all, this FAQ is of my own concoction, and is the result 
    of many hours of work.  Failure to comply with international copyright laws will 
    result in legal action against all third parties involved in taking this FAQ without 
    my consent.
    Copyright - Alain Garamonde 

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