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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PuppyChiFlower

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 08/12/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    New Horizons (For PC)
    FAQ/ v0.6 August 12 2000
    Copyright © By. Chi Hao Sam
    By. Chi Hao Alexander Sam (PuppyChiFlower)
    E-Mail: puppychi@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    0.0	o Version History
    1.0	o Introduction to the Game
     1.1 o Backing-up Your game
     1.2 o The Controls
     1.3 o Basic Information
     1.4 The Building
    2.0 o The Characters
     2.1 o João Franco
     2.2 o Catalina Enratzo
     2.3 o Otto Baynes
     2.4 o Ernst Von Bohr
     2.5 o Pietro Conti
     2.6 o Ali Vezas
    3.0 o Battling
     3.1 o Sea Battle
     3.2 o Dueling
     3.3 o Weapons
     3.4 o Armor
    4.0 o Ports
     4.1 o Allied with Portugal
     4.2 o Allied with Spain
     4.3 o Allied with England
     4.4 o Allied with Holland
     4.5 o Allied with Italy
     4.6 o Allied with Turky
     4.7 o Neutral Ports
     4.8 o Supply Ports
    5.0 o Items
     5.1 o Voyager Items
     5.2 o Accessories
    6.0 Walkthroughs
     6.1 João walkthrough
    7.0 o Credits
    0.0 Version History
    Okie dokie, um, I had lots of spelling mistake that I checked over after I
    read it for the second time. I have added more stuff to the FAQ now it is a
    FAQ/ Walkthrough! I changed the name to the game: New Horizons
     - More to Joao Franco on Characters
     - More on Weapons guide
     - Started on João Franco walkthrough
     - Added more ports to all countries
     - Added more on Basic Info
    It seemed that the basic info wasn't enough to let people know how to play.
     - Adding an items guide
    As you can see, this isn't even a First Version yet. I haven't played this
    game for that much time because I just got it for my birthday (December 22)
    from a friend.
     - Character Guide
     - Weapons and Armor guide
     - Port Guide
    - General Tips
    1.0 Introduction to the Game
    The Year is 1552. The Age of Exploration. Six brave voyagers are each about
    to begin a life of adventure. Some provided help and support. While others
    were determined to stand in their way. Now it is up you to guide them on the
    path to glory.
    *(PuppyChi's Translations)*
    Six people are off to an adventure in the sea, they will face many enemies
    and hardships. Some people will help you, while others try to kill you. It is
    your job to guide them to the best life.
    1.1 Backing-up your game!
    It is very important that you save and back-up your game a lot! It is very
    hard to try to do the exact things over and over again, the game will change
    all the time. So if you did something one-way and then try it over again? It
    might not work, so SAVE! And also try to remember to back-up too. Sometimes
    you'll die and you have to start over but your computer freezes, you'll still
    have a game! But not only that you won't have to pass stuff all over again,
    most people don't because it is a very hard game to play.
    1.2 The Controls
    The controls of Uncharted Waters: New Horizons are a bit hard to remember. Of
    course you can use your mouse for most of it but it is also hard to sail
    using your mouse. These are the Basic Controls:
    Mouse: Used for mostly everything, not very good.
    Keyboard: Used for typing names, ECT:
    - (Esc) Key: to cancel most operations in the game. (Closing most windows an
    - (0 Zero) Key: This also does the same thing the (esc) Key does, but the (0
    Zero) Key has to be part of the number pad on the right side of the
    - (Enter) Key: Used to confirm the statement (Yes – No) or to open up menus.
    - Arrow Keys: Used to move ? ? ? ? Moving the character or ship.
    1.3 Basic Information
    - Remember to always READ in the game, read the titles, the names. Also read
      the names of, ports and treasure items. The problem is that not many people
      don't really want to read and only want to play the game. Well listen up!
      The game is based on reading the text and what people are saying to pass,
      sometimes the person talking is giving you a hint or tip.
    - Do not try to pass the game perfectly if it is your first time! Start out
      finishing it whenever you want and then try to finish it better.
    - At the right side of the screen there are buttons, each one does have its
      own function, so here they are:
       o #1 Fleet
         o Fleet Info
           You use this command to check on your ships. How they are doing, if
           they need repairing, or if they are okay. You also use this command to
           check you fleet battle power, defense power and crew members on each.
         o Ship Info
           This command is to check ships individually to see how many crew
           Members are assigned to each ship, who is the captain, how many guns
           (cannons) and more.
         o Rearrange
           This command is just to rearrange the ships in your fleet, who is #1,
         o Scrap
           As you can see, this command is to scrap your ships.
         o Cargo Info
           You use this command to check your water and food supplies for your
         o Log of Goods
           This one is for checking your Goods! Not cargo but goods, like wool,
           wood, or clothe.
         o Transfer Cargo
           This command is to transfer your food or water from ship to ship in
           Your fleet.
    Below the Fleet button there is another, there are two more.
        o #2 Crew
         o Change Captain
           Pretty obvious! This is to change captains on each ship.
         o Change Job Duty
           This command is to change the jobs of duty, they are:
            - First Mate
            - Book Keeper
            - Chief Navigator
           If you ever see any of your mates have a * (star) sign beside
           his name it means he would be the best at the job, but if one or more
           people have the * (star) sign beside his name? You'll have to pick him
         o Transfer Crew
           Use this command to transfer crew from different ships.
         o Assign Crew
           You use this command to choose the % of men on each skill:
            - Navigation: This will help you move faster
            - Look-Out: This will let you see further
            - Battle: This will help you have better gun (cannon) attack
         o Wages
           This is the command where you check you crew's wages (how much they
           get paid) Sometimes they will ask you for a raise!
         o Rations
           This is where you decide how much your crew eats, from 0% to 100%
        o #3 Info
         o Mate Info
           This you use to check on your mates, their status and skills
         o Hero Info
           This you use to check the information on yourself:
            - Gold
            - Ingots (10,000 Gold)
            - Fame
                  - Trade     (Fame in Trade)
                  - Piracy    (Fame in Piracy)
                  - Adventure (Fame in Adventure)
         o Item
           check up on your items that you have bought or found! Equip items.
         o Discovery
           Discovery is used to look at the treasures you found.
         o Journal
           A Journal tells you what has happened day after day, but! Don't get
           me wrong! It doesn't mean you saved your game, it's just a thing you
           can look at to find out when you found this, or when you did that.
         o Chart
           Chart is to see house much of the world you have discovered, because
           you have to remember, this is 1522. You are from one of the European
           countries. You only know of Europe!
         o Part Map
           This is used to see the port and which buildings are which.
    There is a fourth one, but that one will be explained in the sailing section.
    1.4 The Buildings
    There buildings at every port you go to. There are lots of ports too! So I
    guess it's good to learn the basic building in this game.
     o The Dock
       This is where you go to get your food and water, to start sailing and to
       moor  your ships. It's where every one starts out first in any town.
     o The Guild
       This is the place to go to get jobs if you need money, most of the jobs
       Make some good money, others don't. Here are some of the jobs I know of:
        - Buying Goods
        - Transport Goods
        - Collect Dept
        - Deliver Letter (these don't make a lot of money)
        - Defeat Pirates
       You can also get information about countries and where ports are here.
     o The Inn
       This is where you can sleep and hire mates for your ships.
     o The Bar
       the bar is the place that is most useful, most people think. It's where
       you can hire a crew, hire mates for your ships and gamble. Gambling can
       earn you some money, if you win. If you lose? You lose your money,
       sometimes you will double your money? Triple your money? Or times it by
       5! But too bad you can only bet 500 G per try. There are two ways of
       gambling: Blackjack and Dice. I don't really know how to play Dice but
       blackjack? YES! It's just like 21.
     o The Item Shop
       Where you buy your items, weapons and armors.
     o The Marco Polo Bank
       What else is a bank for? Depositing money and withdrawing it. The monthly
       interest rate is 3%. Also you ca borrow money too.
     o Shipyard
       here you can buy ships, new and used. Used ships you can get right away,
       new ships you will have to wait a few months.
     o Duke's House
       Here you will be able to sell your discoveries for money! Or learn skills.
     o Goods Shop
       Here you but and sell certain items from certain ports.
    Well, I guess that all of them!
    2.0	The Characters
    There are six characters to choose from. Most of them are guys (sorry for the
    girls who don't like playing as boys!) Each person has his or he own
    characteristics and own path to glory.
    2.1 João Franco
    João Franco
    Age: 18
    As the son of Duke Leon Franco, João sails for the glory of Portugal. In his
    travels around the globe he hopes to discover the secret of the lost land of
    The son of Portugal's Duke Leon. An adventurer who travels around the world
    to find the secret of Atlantis.
                                                 - PC Quote
    Leadership :78 Seamanship :75
    Knowledge  :73 Intuition  :85
    Courage    :81 Charm      :89
                   Swordplay  :82
    Skill: Negotiation
    First Mate: "Old Sea Hand" Rocco Alemkel
    Stats: Loyal to Portugal
    Age: 65
    Leadership :75 Seamanship :82
    Knowledge  :84 Intuition  :90
    Courage    :93 Charm      :70
                   Swordplay  :92
    Skills: Gunnery, Celestial Navigation
    Navigation Level: 30
     Experience: 200
    Battle Level: 32
     Experience: 310
    Bookkeeper: ?
    *(Puppychi's Note!)*
    João Franco is a pretty good character to start off with because he's
    balanced in everything, his leadership and seamanship are good for beginners
    who are playing for fun. Lot's of people chose him because he was the first
    character to appear in the starting screen. His best battle attack is thrust,
    because he has been trained to be better in fencing.
    He starting Stats are:
    Navigation Level: 1
     Experience: 0
    Battle Level: 1
     Experience: o
    His Hero Info starts like This:
    Gold: 0
    Ingot: 0
     -Trade: 0
     -Piracy: 0
     -Adventure: 0
    Portugal: 0
    Spain: 0
    England: 0
    Italy: 0
    Turky: 0
    2.2 Catalina Enratzo
    Catalina Enratzo
    Age: 18
    This red-haired pirate hails from Spain. She seeks revenge on Portugal for
    the mysterious loss of two men-her brother and her beloved.
    Spanish Naval Officer. She leaves the Navy for a life of piracy to avenge the
    mysterious loss of her brother and fiancé.
                                                 -PC Quote
    Leadership :80 Seamanship :79
    Knowledge  :65 Intuition  :52
    Courage    :86 Charm      :95
                   Swordplay  :92
    Skill: Gunnery
    First Mate: ?
    *(PuppyChi's Note)*
    Catalina Enratzo is the only girl character in the game. She is also the only
    one who starts out a pirate and is hunted down by her own country, strange?
    But She is really good as a pirate, her swordplay is very high for a start
    and her skill in gunnery means you can use the cannons on your ship better.
    She is good for more advanced players but good for beginners also. Her
    starting ship is the best for a starting character! It's a galleon! A very
    good battleship too.
    2.3 Otto Baynes
    Otto Baynes
    Age: 39
    A Royal Knight of the British Empire, Otto is on a secret mission for King
    Henrey VIII. Sailing as a privateer, his goal is to defeat the Spanish Fleet.
    British Privateer. Appointed by King Henrey VIII to the Royal Knights in a
    secret mission to defeat the Spanish Armada.
                                                 -PC Quote
    Leadership :92 Seamanship :72
    Knowledge  :61 Intuition  :43
    Courage    :88 Charm      :82
                   Swordplay  :86
    Skill: Gunnery
    First Mate: ?
    *(PuppyChi's Note)*
    Otto Baynes is the old guy in the game, he is the old guy of the six people.
    For a guy with a gray beard and gray hair? 39 years old seems too young for
    this old-timer. His skills in gunnery are good and his swordplay is good for
    a secret privateer. His starting ship is not very good for a battleship, it's
    funny to think what would happen in battle on a small ship. His gold to start
    with is not very good either, 300 G for a Knight? But his luck changes when
    he reaches the port of Seville.
    2.4 Ernst Von Bohr
    Ernst Von Bohr
    Age: 23
    Ernst is a famous geographer from Holland. At the request of his cartographer
    friend Mecator, he sets sail to plot out a detailed map of the world.
    Dutch Geographer. Hired by his cartographer friend Mercator to explore far
    off lands and make a map of the entire world.
                                                 -PC Quote
    Leadership :78 Seamanship :92
    Knowledge  :86 Intuition  :82
    Courage    :62 Charm      :90
                   Swordplay  :53
    Skill: Cartography
    First Mate: ?
    *(PuppyChi's Note)*
    Ernst Von Bohr is a very hard character to master. He could make money as a
    trader but doesn't have the characteristics as João Franco and Ali Vezas, so
    he would do very well. His only way of making money is by exploring the world
    and telling Mercator and Mecator then gives you money, or you can discover
    more treasures and hand them in as money. Still, Ernst Von Bohr is strange,
    his charm is good but swordplay is not good at all so battling will lead you
    to Game Over dead.
    Pietro Conti
    Pietro Conti
    Age: 22
    The Conti family went bankrupt long ago, leaving Pietro a large dept. But
    that won't stop him from exploring the world in search of treasure and exotic
    Italian Adventurer. Roams the world in search of treasure and the unknown to
    pay for the dept his father left him.
                                                 -PC Quote
    Leadership :78 Seamanship :75
    Knowledge  :73 Intuition  :85
    Courage    :81 Charm      :89
                   Swordplay  :82
    Skill: Celestial Navigation
    *(PuppyChi's Note)*
    Pietro Conti is a strange character. His dad left him depts? How did they go
    bankrupt in the first place?! (I wouldn't want a father that left you his
    depts, would you?) His only ways of making money are trading (Not very good
    idea) and selling the treasures that he discovers to the Duchess of Portugal,
    which does make up for the time. Each one is worth about 7500 G!!! GREAT!!
    Ali Vezas
    Ali Vezas
    Age: 19
    Ali has struggled to make end meets in Istanbul since he was a child. Now,
    with a merchant ship, he will try to make his fortune, trading in foreign
    Turkish Merchant. Grew up as an orphan in poverty. A twist of fate brings him
    a merchant ship and a chance to make him a fortune.
                                                 -PC Quote
    Leadership :80 Seamanship :86
    Knowledge  :84 Intuition  :65
    Courage    :53 Charm      :80
                   Swordplay  :42
    Skill: Accounting
    First Mate: ?
    *(PuppyChi's Note)*
    Ali Vezas is a good beginning character, he is in the trading business and
    can make money quick by buying and selling in Athens and Istanbul, but every
    10,000 G (1 Ingot) he makes he has to pay back the people he owes (What a
    drag~) But can still make a lot. He has this characteristic that only João
    Franco also has. It's lowering the price of an item even more! So that you
    can make a higher profit! Great to be him! But it's also sad that he is all
    alone. He has a sister that he has never met before, he is also searching for
    3.0	Battling
    Battling is a very important part n the game of Uncharted Waters, because
    when you do battle it is usually with another: Merchant fleet or battle
    fleet. If you lose a battle? You lose the game, you die. But when another
    person (Computer person) loses? He just goes back to the nearest port and
    gets back his ships and his health, isn't that weird? And it is unfair! How
    do you not get to come back to life when the others do?? It's something I
    don't like about this game, Koei should really change the game? Maybe?
    3.1 Sea Battle
    Sea battle is when you battle with your ships. Most people don't think of
    buying more ships because they're thinking "Ah! What a wonderful game? It's
    so easy! This is fun~" But then all of a sudden! "Oh no! I'm in a battle?!
    What do I do?! Oh poor me!! I only have this measly little merchant ship with
    no guns?!" How that's what happened to my friends! Ha Ha! I laugh at them!
    Think about it next time!
    Here are some ships that are good for Battle:
    Flemish Galleon
    Venetian Galeass
    Full-Rigged Ship
    Also, you'll need some good guns (cannons):
    None yet, sorry!
    3.2 Dueling
    Dueling is with swords, I don't know all the swords yet, but soon will!
    Dueling is hard! COMING SOON!
    3.3 Weapons
    All I can tell you about these right now are that some are good and some are
    bad. They each have their own rating.
    E –Not good
    D –Not bad
    C –Good
    B –Better
    A –Great
    * -The Best!
    List of weapons coming soon!
    3.4 Armor
    Same as Weapon rating, list coming soon!
    4.0	Ports
    Ports are the only things in the game, nest to villages. They are where you
    go to trade, meet, buy, sell, discover and supply. They are the basis of the
    game. All ports are allied with a country (except for Neutral ports and
    supply ports) Portugal, Spain, England, Holland, Italy and Turky. Sometimes
    it is your job to ally with these ports, and then they will become friends
    with your county. But if you go to a port that is really allied with your
    enemy country than you might be in trouble! Soon, the Long. And Lat is going
    to be posted here.
    4.1 Allied with Portugal
    These are the ports that start out allied with Portugal, the ones I know of,
    sorry if I don't know a lot!
    Lisbon* Capital of Portugal
    João Franco starts here
    4.2 Allied with Spain
    Seville* Capital of Spain
    Catalina Enratzo starts here
    4.3 Allied with England
    London* Capital of England
    Otto Baynes starts here
    4.4 Allied with Holland
    Amsterdam* Capital of Holland
    Ernst Von Bohr starts here
    4.5 Allied with Italy
    Sorry! Don't know any!!
    4.6 Allied with Turky
    Istanbul* Capital of Turky
    Ali Vezas starts here
    4.7 Neutral Ports
    These ports start of not allied with any country at all.
    That's all I know. Sorry.
    4.8 Supply Ports
    Haven't gone to any yet. Sorry!
    These are all going to be updated! Soon!
    5.0 Items
    Hi! This is the Items guide I started, it will tell you what the description
    of the item is, where to find it and how much it costs!
    5.1 Voyager Items
    These items are for you in your voyage! Some of these can help you along the
    way on your path to glory.
    Quadrant (Measuring Instrument)
    Cost: 4000 G
    A low precision instrument used for celestial Navigation. It measures
    longitude and latitude
    Telescope (Voyager's Aid)
    Cost: 5000 G
    An optical instrument that will help you find distant objects and ports at
    5.2 Accessories
    These item will help you when you want some answers, go to the bar and ask
    the waitress a question, doesn't answer? Give her a gift! (For more info see
    Basic Info!)
    None Yet.
    6.0 Walkthroughs
    This is a walkthrough for people who might be stuck in a game with one of the
    6.1 João walkthrough
    João starts at the town of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.
    May. 17, 1522
    You are starting at the dock, now you have to go to your house. It is
    northeast of the dock, it's the biggest building in the town. When you enter
    there will be a scene to read:
    João: Father, did you send for me?
    Duke Leon Franco: Ah, João, I've been wanting to ask you a few questions.
    First, has your fencing improved?
    João: Yes, compared to before. But I think I'd be lucky to get just one point
    out of five if I were fighting you, Father.
    Father: And have you studied your sailing lessons?
    João: Well, I finished my studies at school. But I can't think of anything
    more useless than an education without practical experience.
    Father: I see. Well then, have you mastered geography?
    João. Well, since I've never been allowed to leave Lisbon, I only know that
    I've learned in books.
    Father: João, don't knock textbooks. The advice of others can prove to be
    João: Yes sir.
    Father: remember that, João. And finally, how's that lute coming along?
    João: It's just a hobby, Father. I'm not really good enough to play for
    Father: really? Your mother has mentioned that you have a fairly good
    reputation with her friends.
    João: You must be kidding.
    Father: Ha, ha, ha. I'll have to have you play for me sometime. Anyway João,
    to get down to business.
    João: Yes sir?
    Father: I have something very important to tell you today.
    João: What is it Father?
    Father: As you already know, when I was your age, I was already out on the
    open seas, fighting pirates and scoundrels.
    João: I have hear tales. (Here he goes again!)
    Father: Up until now, I have forbidden you to leave this harbor, due to your
    youth and inexperience. However, the Franco men cannot live on land forever.
    You already have enough knowledge, what you need is experience. I want you to
    search for adventure, to live a life on the edge, like I did.
    João: Yes sir!
    Father: along with that, I have an important task for you: Go and find the
    secret of Atlantis.
    João: The Secret of Atlantis? What do you mean?
    Father: Well, that's something you'll have to discover on your own son! It's
    a difficult task, and there may be hardships along the way, but it's urgent
    that you find it. Furthermore, I've ordered the townspeople to treat you like
    a commoner from now on, so prepare yourself for that as well. Your ship is
    being built even now. You'll be leaving soon, so you'd better get ready at
    once. Good luck son, make me proud! Rocco! Rocco!
    Old Sea Hand Rocco: Ahoy, sir, I'm right here.
    Father: I'm leaving you in charge of his education, teach him how to be a
    true sailor.
    Rocco: Righto cap'n, I mean, Duke sir.
    Father: Don't go easy on him because he's my son. Forge him into a man Rocco.
    Rocco: Com along now, swabbie, let's get to the shipyard.
    João: Righto, Rocoo, but first I've got to say good-be to Lucia and Carlotta.
    *(PuppyChi's Note)*
    Whow! My father leaving me to find the secret of Atlantis? "Make me proud
    son!" he says! What is he trying to do? Kill me? How can I find that? Oh
    After this scene goto the bar right near your house to the north, south of
    the castle. Then there should be another scene.
    Owner of the Pub Carlotta: Master João, what's going on? The whole town is in
    an uproar.
    Waitress Lucia: Are you really going to leave on a sea voyage?
    João: I'm afraid so. It's the Franco tradition, after all. Except I'm not
    sure what we're going to do about money.
    Lucia: We'd could become a traveling band! 'd be happy to sing for you!
    Carlotta: come now Lucia, stop your nonsense. Master João, here is 1000 gold
    pieces. Pleas, take it.
    Rocco: Here I thouhgt this pub wasn't popular at all, but ye've managed to
    save up quite a little bit.
    Carlotta: Thanks. Sorry wr'er not up yo your standards Rocco. Master João,
    please, accept this gift.
    João: No, I'm sorry, bu I can't . I wouldn'y be able to return it to you.
    Carlotta: Don't worr about that. Actually, I'm not suppose to tell you, but
    this money is really from your father, the Duke. He said, "Please give this
    to João if he stops by to see you."
    João: My father…?
    7.0 Credits
    Thanks! To all the people who helped me!
    Raymond Suen: Gave me the game for birthday!
    Benjamin Sam (bensduppy@hotmail.com) Gave me hints
    Kaithewizard (kaithewizard@myself.com) Helped me on the characters
    RiceMan: Helped me a lot!
    Special thanx to:
    Koei: For making such a great game!
    Leonid Malikov. For helping me with this game!

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