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                                 Super Street Fighter 2      
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    Well first off, how many of you still play this game? Well not many huh? This
    is a pretty darn fun game and even funner than most PSX games I've played,
    and its also a nice break from the 32/64 bit videogame world. Well also, how
    do you like the new format? I thought the previous formats were a little
    messy, so I decided to change them. Well enough talk and onto the FAQ!
    Street Fighter History
      -- Intro
      -- Arcade
         -- Street Fighter
         -- Street Fighter 2
         -- Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
         -- Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition: Hyper Fighting
         -- Super Street Fighter 2
         -- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
         -- X-Men: Child of the Atom
         -- Street Fighter Alpha
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 2
         -- Marvel Super Heroes
         -- X-Men vs. Street Fighter
         -- Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
         -- Marvel vs. Capcom
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 3
      -- Home Conversions
         -- Fighting Street(Turbo Grafx CD)
         -- Street Fighter 2010(NES)
         -- Street Fighter 2(SNES)
         -- Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition(PC Engine)
         -- Street Fighter 2 Turbo(SNES)
         -- Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition(Genesis)
         -- Super Street Fighter 2(SNES and Genesis)
         -- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo(3DO)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha(PSX)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha(Saturn)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 2(PSX and Saturn)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 2(SNES)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold(PSX)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha(PC/Windows 95'/DOS)
         -- X-Men: Child of the Atom(Saturn)
         -- Marvel Super Heroes(PSX)
         -- Marvel Super Heroes(Saturn)
         -- X-Men vs. Street Fighter(Saturn)
         -- Street Fighter Collection(PSX and Saturn)
         -- X-Men: Child of the Atom(PSX)
         -- X-Men vs. Street Fighter(PSX)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 2(PC/Windows 95/98/DOS)
         -- Street Fighter Collection Vol.2(PSX)
         -- Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter(Saturn)
         -- Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter(PSX)
         -- Marvel vs. Capcom(Dreamcast)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 3(PSX)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 3(Saturn)
         -- Street Fighter Alpha 3(Dreamcast)
         -- Capcom vs. SNK(Dreamcast)
      -- Final Thoughts
    Game Functions
      -- Balrog
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Blanka
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Cammy
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Chun-Li
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Dee Jay
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Dhalsim
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- E.Honda
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Fei Long
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Guile
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Ken
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- M.Bison
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Ryu
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Sagat
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- T.Hawk
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Vega
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
      -- Zangief
           -- Background
           -- Moves
           -- Combos
           -- Strategy
    ------------------------- [ Street Fighter History ] ------------------------
    Well, this here is sorta like a remembrance of the classic titles. I've dug
    up all my old games and my street fighter guides courtesy of Capcom to bring
    you a brief summary of Capcom's fighting game success. This will include the
    crossover series and basically anything that involves street fighter
    characters meaning it will include X-COTA, and I'll even do a bit on Marvel
    Super Heroes. You might have seen videogames.com's Street Fighter History,
    but I felt that the people who edited the web paged didn't even live through
    the era like I did and thought that they did a poor job on the history. Also
    I will only include the old Street Fighter series, Alpha series, and the
    crossover series. The EX, THREE, and MOVIE series will not be included
    because I never wanted to play those games, so I really wouldn't provide much
    info anyways. And I've decided that I could do much better than they could,
    so sit back, relax, and enjoy reading this history.
    -+- Street Fighter(August 1987)
        This was the first fighting game capcom has ever made. Here in this game
        you would select either Ken or Ryu and fight against 10 other opponents
        in a one-on-one match. There were also special moves incased in either
        Ken or Ryu and if you were to happen to pull off these special moves you
        can take away 1/3 of your opponent's life guage! Back then not too many
        people knew about the special moves and considered them a secret. Also
        there were 2 giant buttons that would require a certain amount of force
        so that either a Jab, Strong, or Fierce would come out. However if you
        were to use certain special attacks like a Hadouken you would need to
        build levels for it sorta like super meters. Overall this game wasn't
        popular, and neither was the arcades. People at home were too much
        into playing Nintendo games, and they forgot what games even existed
        in the arcades. But this was just the first step in Capcom's
        lustrious fighting game career.
    -+- Street Fighter 2(February 1991)
        This was the sequel to the Street Fighter as it contained 8 different
        fighters to choose from, each with their different styles of gameplay
        and special moves. There were also 4 bosses in the game, but they
        weren't playable and including Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M.Bison. Ryu
        and Ken make their way back to the series with the other 10 new
        characters. This was the game that has revolutionized the entire
        fighting game industry. It had this new combo system of two-in-one's
        which would allow you to combine a special technique with a regular
        attack into a furious combo that did 50% damage! Chain combos were
        also apparent in this game, but Capcom themselves had no idea how
        to do them, nor did they intend to add combos in the game in the
        first place! Quarters were put in this machine like crazy and soon
        basically every dry-cleaner and restaurant had ordered this machine
        to be put in their store so it would attract more customers and so
        that they would buy their products. Business soared as well with the
        help of this machine as people could play this game while they waited
        for their clothes to be cleaned, or as they waited for their food. In
        the arcades, this machine was the talk of the town and the spotlight of
        attention as crowds would wait just to play the new game for the first
        time. This was the game that has had the most success in Capcom's
        history and even more than the crossover series and Alpha series! Then
        again there was a gaming mag(I think it was EGM) that said you could
        fight against or even play as Sheng Long, if certain conditions were
        met. What did Capcom do about this? Nothing. They knew it would boost
        sales and revenue for them and they allowed this Sheng Long rumor to go
        on as long until the gaming mag had told everybody it was a April fool's
        joke. At that time the amount of capital soared to a new high for Capcom
        as they went on to being the new gaming company that would lead the way
        to a fighting game industry.
    -+- Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition(April 1992)
        This wasn't much of a new game from its previous incarnation. It featured
        the ability to play as the bosses and also the ability to pick two of the
        same characters. So now expert Blanka players wouldn't have to whine
        because someone else had picked Blanka. This however wasn't a complete
        downfall for game fans. It included new hidden combos and faster gameplay
        and it still managed to keep alot of fans intact to the new machine. At
        this time Acclaim was starting their own fighting game series that had
        already been out since a few months after Street Fighter 2 was released
        in the arcades. Mortal Kombat was the name and it attracted other
        people away from the Street Fighter series and into a new realm of
        different fighting techniques that were completely different than
        those of Street Fighter. Midway actually planned ahead of time to
        release Mortal Kombat after Street Fighter 2 due to the fact that they
        thought that Street Fighter 2 was going to sweep away Mortal Kombat. But
        they couldn't let their hard work go to waste, so they decided that until
        fans would get tired of Street Fighter 2, then release Mortal Kombat so
        that they would have something new to look forward to. But that wasn't
        case Midway had predicted, Street Fighter fans weren't even close to
        losing interest in Street Fighter 2. Then they took a gamble and decided
        to release Mortal Kombat. It featured 7 characters with Goro as the boss
        it was a huge success and Street Fighter fans soon made the switch. At
        this time there were only two fighting game companies at neck and neck,
        Capcom and Midway. Also Street Fighter 3 was under development.
    -+- Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition: Hyper Fighting(November 1992)
        Basically its the enhanced version of its previous predecessor. It only
        featured a few new things including extremely quick game speed, and new
        moves for Chun-Li and M.Bison. Nothing much, but new combos were added
        and some were thrown out, especially a few of Balrog's dashing punch
        combos. That really fustrated me, why ya do it Capcom?!!!!
    -+- Super Street Fighter 2(October 1993)
        This game was supposedly announced as the sequel to the series but
        apparently went unfinished. Capcom thought the game was done, but had
        decided to release it in the arcades. It featured four new characters
        Cammy, Dee Jay, Fei Long, and T.Hawk. Combos were taken out and combos
        were added in, but not much though. Also the Bonus Scores were added
        at either the top left or right side of the screen to show how many
        hits were in the combo and also bonus points awarded for Dizzy
        Recoveries, First Attacks, and combos. There were also new win poses
        and quotes given to certain characters. Sound effects were added with
        dizzies and also grim reapers and angels accompanied the new dizzy
        poses. The new Q-Sound audio was used in full force that enabled
        clear quality sound with redone music and backgrounds with fuller
        color and animation. Also new voice actors were added and Ken and Ryu
        no longer sounded alike. New moves were also given to old characters and
        also there were 8 colors for every character in the game, it wasn't so
        that it could attract more people to play the game, but mainly because of
        the tournament battle where there were 8 slots and every eight positions
        could use the same character. Besides if everybody was using the same
        color, who could tell who was who? Also it featured 10 all new endings
        for the new characters, bosses, and two for Chun-Li. Personally, I
        couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw this thing, it was huge and
        everybody in the arcades were crowded around it leaving Mortal Kombat 2
        to dust, which was released after Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition. It
        was the new talk of the town and everywhere you go, people would talk
        about this new fighter. However Capcom was yet to show the main
        attraction of the game.
    -+- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo(January 1994)
        The game Super Street Fighter 2 intended to be. If you thought the new
        features from Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting to Super Street Fighter 2
        was amazing, you ain't seen nothing yet. This game featured the new
        "Super Combo" which would allow you do pull off desperation attacks,
        similar to those found in TMNT:TF. They would take a very long time to
        fill up as you had a super guage at the bottom of the screen. Also the
        damage guage was set WAY DOWN. In previous SF games 2-3 2 hit combos
        would finish you off, but they have decided to cut the damage down,
        otherwise a Super combo would finish you off, no matter how much life
        you had! The block damage from regular attacks were cut down by 66%, and
        it would be harder for opponents to cheese you to death. Also new special
        finishes for those Super Combos, as a giant sun or some sort flashes
        brightly after your opponent has been finished with a Super Combo. Also
        overhead attacks were added like Ryu's Overhead Punch. New special moves
        were given to almost everybody in the game like Dee Jay's Maximum
        Jackknife and Zangief's Banishing Flat. Also all new endings for
        basically every character in the game, and juggles were added. Also
        killing your opponent with a throw would be a problem as they can
        be tech hit out of to cut damage in half. Possibly the most unique
        feature in the game would be the new character far more powerful than
        M.Bison himself, that's right, Shin Akuma! There were actually a total
        of 18 different characters in this game if you count Akuma and
        Shin-Akuma as different characters. Also you can fight Shin-Akuma
        if you were good at the game, and also have a chance to play as him, but
        you would play as Akuma, and not Shin Akuma. Also new regular attacks
        were added in the game such as Ryu's hook punch. This game also allowed
        you to play as your favorite character's counterpart in Super Street
        Fighter 2. This would revert your character back to the original
        fighting style, taking out all the new turbo features that included
        juggles, tech hits, overhead attacks, and Super Combos. However it did
        allow your damage setting to become higher. The difficulty on this game
        was more challenging and the speed was cut by a little bit. Once again
        Mortal Kombat 3 wasn't even a match for it as more and more people just
        crowded this machine until the arcade closed.
    -+- X-Men Child of the Atom(January 1995)
        With the new SFA2 being an arcade smash hit, how was Acclaim going to
        make its claim in the fighting game industry? They decided to work with
        Marvel and Capcom to create a brand new 2D fighting game, and would later
        publish the game in the arcades. It featured the X-Men team compiling of
        Cyclops, Wolverine, Psylocke, Silver Samurai, Spiral, Iceman, the
        Sentinel, Collosus, Storm, and Omega Red. The hidden character of the
        game included only Akuma, with his Hyper X being his Messatsu Gou
        Shouryuu and his Messatsu Gou Hado. Here the chain combo system was
        first introduced, where a character could chain all 6 attacks in one
        combo, or at least certain characters could. A new super jumping and
        dashing also came in, and also started the way for future games alike. It
        recieved alot of attention in the arcades and was very popular, but for
        some reason small quantities were made, and thus very few arcades had the
        popular machine.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha(May 1995)
        With Street Fighter 3 still in the works who can forget about that? Well
        Capcom has decided to release Street Fighter Alpha for the arcades. It
        features the old gang of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Sagat along with new
        characters including Sodom, Rose, Adon, Charlie, Birdie, and Guy. Also
        with three hidden characters that included Dan, M.Bison, and Akuma. The
        only problem with this game was that there were only 6 stages for the 13
        characters. The hype over this game was pretty average, but once again
        new features paved the way again. This time Alpha counters were added so
        that you can counter blocked attacks, just as long as you had a level of
        super of course. Also you were no longer restricted to having one super
        every character in the game had at least two supers, and you were also
        given 3 levels of super. You can decide to use 1, 2, or all 3 levels of
        supers at once. The "magic series" was first introduced in this new game
        but its not as complex as the crossover series. You can chain a series of
        weak to stronger attacks in one continous 3 hit combo. However, Capcom
        wasn't just going to stop here with the Alpha series.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 2(October 1995)
        With all they hype hovering around SF3, you think Capcom would release
        SF3 after SFA right? Wrong. Instead they released Street fighter Alpha 2
        a game with a load of characters that totaled 19 all together. The new
        characters included Dhalsim, Zangief, Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma, Rolento,
        Sakura, and Gen. The previous hidden characters can be selected as normal
        and Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma can be select via a code. Also nineteen all
        new backgrounds were added to the game while throwing out the other 6
        backgrounds, including the Austrailia stage where Ryu had scarred Sagat's
        chest. There weren't much new features added besides character intro
        pictures before the match, and the infamous Custom Combo was added. The
        unique thing about this mode was that once started, the character could
        perform any move or special attack without hesitation or recovery time
        and thus allowing multiple fierces to be linked or even 20 Sonic Booms!
        The downside was that you could not block, you were limited to a few
        seconds of Custom Combo, you were easily hit out of it, and you could not
        turn around even if your opponent had jumped behind you. New endings were
        also included and juggles were more apparent. The one thing Capcom took
        out was the chain combos found in Street Fighter Alpha, and players could
        no longer do those weak to stronger combos.
    -+- Marvel Super Heroes(February 1996)
        With the success of X-Men Child of the Atom, Capcom would soon make their
        own fighting game involving the magic series. The game featured 4
        characters from the previous fighting game being Wolverine, Psylocke,
        Juggernaut, and Magneto. This time they are grouped with all new players
        including Captain America, Iron Man, Shuma Gorath, Blackheart, Hulk, and
        Spider-Man, and two unselectable bosses Dr.Doom, and power hungry Thanos.
        This time the juggles weren't the combos that you could call "air combos"
        but instead you were actualy able to perform air combos to its entirety!
        Along with multiple hits jumping in and on the ground, you can easily
        stir up a 6 hit combo! Not only that, but the concept of OTG was paved
        in, allowing you to persue your opponent into a continuous combo, even
        if you have already knocked your opponent down! Also new supers were
        given to the X-members that included the now infamous Weapon X, and for
        Psylocke were the Psi-Maelstorm and Kouchou Gakure. The characters in the
        game even played as if they were taken straight out of the comics, except
        you would never here Iron Man say "Proton Cannon!" This turned out to be
        one of the most popular fighting games of all time and was also one of
        the most fun, and still is today.
    -+- X-Men vs. Street Fighter(January 1997)
        As if Capcom fighting games weren't popular enough, X-Men vs. Street
        Fighter made way and stormed the arcades with a fast fury that took the
        eye of every arcade fan and is possibly the game with the highest running
        success in the crossover series history. This time Cyclops, Wolverine,
        Storm, Juggernaut, Magneto, and Akuma made their way back, along with 12
        all new characters including Gambit, Rogue, Sabertooth, Ryu, Chun-Li,
        Zangief, Ken, Cammy, Charlie, M.Bison, and Dhalsim. The final boss was
        Apocalypse, who filled the entire screen and was hard to miss. The
        highlight of the game was its unique tag-team feature which you could
        pick any two character from any universe and fight against another team.
        So this time instead of picking one character and trying to master him
        or her, you had to master another one as well! You could switch out at
        any time between the fight as well as pull of team counters and team
        supers with your partner! Also this was where Advance Blocking was used
        or more commonly referred to as "Push Blocking." This allowed you to
        push regular attacks, special moves, or certain supers away from you
        to further avoid block damage and also gave you time to counter. The
        quarters this machine was making was phenominal, and Akuma doesn't have
        the small fireball in his super anymore, yet he sports a giant beam of
        death, and also a new Tenma Gou Zankuu(that's been taken and redesigned
        in the Alpha series) and also his infamous Shun Goku Satsu, but you only
        needed one level of super to perform it instead of three. Basically
        every character that was in the Alpha series had their supers souped up
        with power and explosiveness. But this was only the first of 4 crossover
        games introduced by Capcom.
    -+- Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter(December 1997)
        With X-Men vs. Street Fighter being a huge hit, Capcom has decided to
        bring fourth the second of the crossover series game. This game had
        mostly characters from previous games that included Omega Red, Ryu, Ken,
        Chun-Li, Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Zangief, M.Bison,
        Dhalsim, Akuma, Blackheart, Shuma Gorath, Hulk, and Cyclops. But there
        were very few new characters that included Dan and Sakura. Hidden
        characters included U.S. Agent, Mephisto, Dark Sakura, Mech-Zangief,
        Armored Spider-Man, and Shadow. But the hidden characters were
        basically simple color changes and palette swaps making them look
        exactly like their counterparts. But some of the hidden characters had
        special qualities like super armor, or the inability to get stunned.
        Shadow is probably the only character that can be considered "hidden"
        because he was unlike any other character in the game, but he plays
        extremely close to Charlie. Also this time you could call your partner
        for a team attack, meaning your partner would help you defeat your
        opponent with either the help of a Hadouken or a Yoga Flame. The real
        flaw(if you can even call it a flaw) was the fact that you could no
        longer OTG as easily as the previous games, infinites were put to almost
        a sudden hault, and most characters loss the finest of pulling off big
        combos, and this time you had to think more on how you can add more hits
        to your arsenal, but the overall balance of the game was pretty good.
        This time Capcom has decided that supers were too plain in X-Men vs.
        Street Fighter and has decided to add a flashy background full of rainbow
        palettes and sprites, and a whole cosmic universe would appear in the
        background if you perform a team super. The bosses include Apocalypse
        and Cyber Akuma. Apocalypse is easier to defeat(as if he wasn't easy
        in X-Men vs. Street Fighter!) and Cyber Akuma, is quite possibly the
        hardest boss Capcom has ever made, even more powerful than X-COTA's
        Magneto, MvC's Onslaught, or even SFA3's Shin Bison. Also new supers
        were given to the Shatokens besides Akuma, Dan has his Otoko Michi,
        Ryu has his Shin Shouryuken, and Ken has his Shippu Jinra Kyaku. The
        other characters weren't neglected besides M.Bison and Dhalsim. All
        the Marvel Super Heroes characters were given new supers and Captain
        America and Wolverine were given two new supers instead of one. Akuma's
        Shun Goku Satsu is a level 3 super now, Chun-Li has her new mini-
        Kikousho, and Cyclops has been toned down. Overall this game was a
        major success and it easily pleased fans out there(as well as me).
        Once again Capcom was nearly finished with its third product and people
        didn't expect a crossover game better than MSHSF.
    -+- Marvel vs. Capcom(February 1998)
        With the pending success of MSHSF, Capcom has decided to release Marvel
        vs. Capcom. It included previous characters like Captain America,
        Wolverine, Zangief, Chun-Li, Spider-Man, Hulk, Gambit, and a special Ryu.
        The new characters mainly came from Capcom and the new characters
        included Morrigan(from Darkstalkers), Megaman(yay!), Captain Commando
        (from the 1991 Super Nintendo game, Captain Commando), Strider Hiryuu
        (from the 1987 NES game, Strider), Jin(from the Japaneese fighting game,
        Cyberbots), Venom(from his own comic series, Venom[!]), and finally
        War Machine, who is actually a different color of Iron Man, but this
        time Capcom finally managed to changed the design of the suit to the
        real War Machine and gave him a new move and super. The main attraction
        of the game was the Duo-Team Up Attack mode where you can control both
        your characters and combo the opponent or blast out unlimited supers
        until your timer runs out. This was a very unique edition to the game
        because people could never control two players at once before. Why
        not Iron Man you ask? Simply because Capcom had servered their ties with
        Acclaim after the X-COTA project, and this left Acclaim very angry. Later
        Acclaim had aquired the rights to use Iron Man in a 3D brawler titled
        Iron Man X/O Man O War: Heavy Metal. The game itself was pretty decent
        and sold okay, and not what Acclaim had expected. Capcom did have the
        idea of putting Iron Man in MSHSF, but decided to hold off on him until
        the next game. That next game is the one you are reading about now, MvC.
        Capcom wanted to use Iron Man, but an angry Acclaim had already reserved
        that right, but Capcom had claimed that they had the license first from
        Marvel, but Marvel told them that was only temporary. This fustrated
        Capcom, since they were hoping for the use of Iron Man and since they had
        already laid out the plans for Iron Man, they did not want to waste them
        so they decided to use War Machine instead. So not everything was scraped
        out of the book, and War Machine was given new powers such as a low
        Shoulder Cannon and a War Destroyer. There were six hidden characters in
        the game this time, and they are Orange Hulk, Mega War Machine, Shadow
        Lady, Lilith, Hyper Venom, and Roll(yay!). But basically all of these are
        just mere palette swaps once again. But this time Capcom has added a few
        features to these characters that made them at least worth while to play.
        Orange Hulk has lost his super armor, strength, and durability, but now
        he has found speed and combo ability, along with a new magic series, and
        can be played similar to the Hulk in MSH, in my opinion they should have
        just called him MSH Hulk instead. Mega War Machine gains the attribute
        that's in Mech-Zangief, with a Super Armor and an inability to get
        stunned. But with his gold color many people thought that he was Iron Man
        even though the suit did have the design of Iron Man's. Shadow Lady
        looked exactly like Chun-Li, except her color was completely different
        and similar to those found on Shadow, she gained new moves and new supers
        and has throw out some of her other moves besides the Hyaku Retsu Kyaku,
        Stomp Kick, Flip Kick, and the Senensyu. All of her previous supers had
        been gone and her Big Bang Laser is arguably a cut and paste of the
        Proton Cannon(as referred to by Migs Rustia), but she played completely
        different from her counter part because of her special attacks and
        supers. Lilith was from the Darkstalkers series, but even Capcom could
        have managed to change her from being a simple palette swap. Hyper Venom
        had a ton of speed and was always in Hyper mode, similar to Wolverine's
        Berserker Charge, and he had different special attacks from Venom.
        Finally there's Roll, the adorable little Mega Man sister is possibly
        the smallest character in any fighting game ever, possibly even smaller
        than Anita. She had basically the same moves and supers except for her
        Exploding Bouquet and Roll Buster. The Roll Buster was unlike her
        brother's because she could not charge it, could not throw out two in a
        row, and needed a fireball motion to pull it off instead of just hitting
        the fierce button. You thought Capcom would just give that "you beaten
        the game with a hidden character" stuff again didn't you, well your right
        but only for Orange Hulk, Mega War Machine, and Hyper Venom. Lilith,
        Roll, and Shadow Lady each recieved individual endings. Then this time
        you would have the helper characters, there similar to the Variable
        Assist attack found in MSHSF except they came out much faster, were only
        limited to a certain amount of uses, and there was a cast of 22 helpers.
        You could not use them, but call for help when you needed it. They
        included characters from both universes being the Unknown Soldier, Lou,
        King Arthur, Saki, Toon-Pooh, Devilot, Anita, Pure & Fur, Michelle Heart,
        Thor, Cyclops, Magneto, Storm, Jubilee, Rogue, Psylocke, Collosus,
        Iceman, Juggernaut, U.S. Agent, The Sentinel, and Shadow. This game had
        shown diversement and thus kept many people back at the arcades.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 3(July 1998)
        Quite possibly, the biggest fighting game you will ever find. The game
        featured previous characters that are Adon, Akuma, Birdie, Cammy,
        Charlie, Chun-Li, Dan, Dhalsim, Gen, Guy, Ken, M.Bison, Rolento, Rose,
        Ryu, Sagat, Sakura, Sodom, and Zangief. But new characters include
        Blanka, Cody, E.Honda, Karin, R.Mika, and Vega. Also were three hidden
        characters that were Blarog, Juni, and Juli. With 28 characters to
        choose from it was quite possibly the biggest fighting game of all time.
        26 completely new backgrounds were inserted with the smooth animation
        of the 2D world we've all come to love. This time there were ISMs in
        which you could choose your fighting style. A-ISM included the regular
        Alpha style in which you would play as you normally would in SFA2, X-ISM
        included the style that you would play from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo,
        and V-ISM had all the properties of A-ISM except you couldn't use super
        combos, but instead you were given a Custom Combo guage which would allow
        you to perform Custom Combos found in SFA2. New game modes included
        Mazi, Saikyou, and Classical. The really unique thing about Classical
        mode was that it let your fighter go back to the form of Super Street
        Fighter 2, without the supers and tech hits. New features included
        advanced juggling, air recovery, guard crush, guard advance, guard meter,
        new art, and totally new music. A truely quality game, that only Capcom
        could make.
    -----------------------------Home Conversions--------------------------------
    -+- Fighting Street(October 1989)-Turbo Grafx-CD
        At this time the Turbo Grafx-CD was not a very popular system. Capcom
        thought that with the release of Fighting Streets for the TGCD then
        they would help not only the company, but themselves as well. The game
        was in a compact disc format and apparently did not sell very well. It
        was the near perfect arcade to console conversion, but it didn't seem
        to interest many buyers.
    -+- Street Fighter 2010(September 1990)-NES
        In a world that starred Ken, he is actually a Cyborg in this new side-
        scrolling 2D game. It was in a futuristic world where Ken became a
        scientist, but alot of things went wrong during that time. His partner
        was killed and the Cyboplasm was taken. Ken had to use his knowledge
        to find back the Cyboplasm before any harm was done, but he had to
        travel through planet after planet and different creature after creature.
        The game didn't recieve alot of hype nor did it sold as well as Capcom
        intended, but it sold quite well, but alot of copies were made, too many
        to be sold.
    -+- Street Fighter 2(July 1991)-SNES & NES
        With the impending success of Street Fighter 2 in the arcades it was
        no surprise that Street Fighter 2 has become the fastest selling game
        in Capcom history. The home version included new art, a new versus mode,
        and a same character vs. same character ability. It was better than a
        perfect arcade version, and an NES version was extremely rare. You
        could only find the NES version if you were lucky because Capcom had
        made a very limited quantity of these. Personally I never played the
        NES version, but I don't think it would've turned out so badly.
    -+- Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition(June 1993)-PC Engine
        This was the only home version of Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
        and can only be found in Japan. It was a perfect replica of the arcade
        game and had the same features as the home version of Street Fighter 2.
        The success of the game was pretty low, due to the fact that everyone
        had already made plans to purchase the upgraded version for the home
    -+- Street Fighter 2 Turbo(August 1993)-SNES
        A perfect conversion of the arcade game, this time new extras were
        added including furious speed, new codes, and new artwork for those
        players that were good enough to earn them. The game itself sold
        very well and the Genesis version was on its way.
    -+- Street Fighter 2: Special Championship Edition(September 1993)-Genesis
        This version was exactly like its SNES counterpart except it featured
        new codes and a Group Battle Tournament. But the codes in the SNES
        version were not included in this game and some of the artwork were
        different. The success of this game was very high. Some of you may
        have seen the commercial were there was a hand sticking out of the box
        and crushing Mortal Kombat like a ball of paper. That was most likely
        Capcom's first commercial.
    -+- Super Street Fighter 2(March 1994)-SNES and Genesis
        With the high success of Super Street Fighter 2 in the arcades, there
        was no doubt that a perfect home version would be included. The SNES
        version had completed replicated the infamous Tournament Battle and
        had new modes to play. It was a perfect conversion except for one
        bonus stage where there were barrels you had to knock down, that was
        replaced by a pile of gray cement bricks that you had to break down.
        Overall it was better than the arcade version and featured the Q-Sound
        technology. As far as the Genesis version goes, it was also perfect
        but this time you had the option of choosing Turbo or Normal. Turbo
        allowed you to skip the bonus stages and contend against all 15 of the
        other warriors, in Normal it was the usual arcade mode where you would
        face off against 12 world warriors and play 3 bonus stages. Both games
        were extremely excellent and possibly the most perfect home conversion
    -+- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo(September 1994)-3DO
        I'm not sure why this was the only home copy of the arcade game, but
        it was a perfect conversion nonetheless and it had a good amount of
        extras and recieved good reviews, but at this time Genesis and SNES
        were still the talk of the town and the NES faced its final year of
        success. 3DO's were rare and most stores just terminated the sales of
        the 3DO, and only Funcoland was still selling them, used ones of course.
        In July 1997 it was the last month and last time Funcoland would ever
        sell the 3DO, they needed space to make room with the constant
        oncoming games of PSX and N64 and what better way to do it then to
        cut all 3DO system and games to an all time low. At this time Super
        Street fighter 2 Turbo sold for only $7!
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha(September 1995)-PSX
        With the presence of the PSX being felt, Capcom has decided to make a
        temporary switch over to the 32 bit world. It released Street Fighter
        Alpha, it was a perfect conversion from the arcade and it featured a
        new training mode where you can beat up a dummy to practice moves and
        combos. The success of this game wasn't very high due to the fact that
        basically everybody was still living in the 16-bit world. But luckily
        Capcom did not make as many copies and thus not alot of money was spent
        on this project.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha(November 1995)-Saturn
        Capcom still had a contract with Sega, and what not better to fulfill
        that contract then to release Street Fighter Alpha for the Saturn. The
        success of this game was also not good, because the 16-bit world was
        still at large.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 2(March 1996)-PSX and Saturn
        With the PSX and Saturn gaining popularity Capcom has decided to
        release Street Fighter Alpha 2 for the 32 bit systems. At first
        sales were looking dim, but then sales sky rocketed and soon Street
        Fighter Alpha 2 has become one of the hottest selling fighting games
        in history and only second to Street Fighter 2. It was a perfect
        arcade conversion and featured a new hidden stage.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 2(May 1996)-SNES
        Thought Capcom would forget their loyal 16-bit fans? Think again!
        With the release of Street Fighter Alpha 2, it restored the fate of
        16-bit gamers and sales went better than expected, but the only
        problem is, is that Capcom made very few copies. So don't expect
        to walk into a game store and expecting a SNES copy of Street Fighter
        Alpha 2. There were a few downsides to this though, and that was the
        fact that it didn't have the hidden character option of playing as
        Shin Akuma. Also the graphics were amazing, but the backgrounds lack
        the boldness of the PSX and Saturn counterpart. Slowdown was a part
        that hurt the cartridge, but that doesn't mean Capcom didn't try
        their best. Consider this game as the SNES version of XSF for the PSX.
        Memory was a problem, but you could still fight Shin Akuma, just not
        be as him and also your sub bosses, and the Austrailia stage was still
        in the game. The really odd thing about this was that there was a short
        load time during the "fight" screen before every battle, though it wasn't
        as long as the PSX and Saturn counterparts, it questioned and baffled
        alot of people. The truely unique thing about this was that the character
        selection screen was arcade perfect, while the PSX and Saturn version
        doned a pretty neat looking black background. But this would be the last
        time 16-bit fans would see Capcom ever again, and no Genesis version was
        ever released.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold(September 1996)-PSX
        This game was an Asia exclusive that featured the ability to play as the
        hidden character Cammy. And also featured a Shin Akuma mode, and many
        other options. But yet it wasn't much different than the predecessor and
        it didn't recieve much success either.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha (October 1996)-PC Engine/Windows/DOS
        This is basically the computer version of the hit arcade game, it was
        arcade perfect and lived up to the early criticism, some may believe it
        to be better than its 32-bit counterparts.
    -+- X-Men: Child of the Atom(June 1997)-Saturn
        The Saturn version featured the exact same quality as the arcade version
        with quick gameplay and detailed artwork. With its success in the arcades
        the success of its home version would follow, well not exactly. While it
        did sell well for the Saturn it had its ups and downs, but overall it
        was a very good game to say the least.
    -+- Marvel Super Heroes(September 1997)-PSX
        The success of the arcade was overwhelming, but would the hype live up
        to it's potiential on the PSX? The success of this game was fairly
        moderate. The only problem was that this was Capcom's first attempt at
        converting a Marvel game to the PSX and a few flaws gave it harsh reviews
        and gaming mags really took a beating on the game. There were only two
        problems with this game, one was the lack of modes because all it
        featured was Versus and Battle mode, and slowdown really hampered the
        performance of the game. Despite being that Dr.Doom and Thanos were now
        playable characters, and gameplay was just as solid as ever.
    -+- X-Men vs. Street Fighter(October 1997)-Saturn
        Ah! The finally long awaited arcade blockbuster is here, and fans
        couldn't be happier. With the success at the arcades it was sure to
        sweep into the home system. The success of this game was very good
        and better than Capcom had anticipated, but with the Saturn dying
        quickly in the U.S. Capcom has haulted and ended the release of
        X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and the only way you can purchase one is
        by buying the import at your local Electronics Boutique or Babbages.
        Also the game came with a 4MB backup RAM to ensure that every detail
        of the arcade game was intact.
    -+- Street Fighter Collection(December 1997)-PSX and Saturn
        Just in time for the new holiday season that Capcom has released a
        Street Fighter Collection for the PSX and Saturn. The collection
        featured Super Street Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and
        Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold. This collection favored many fans as sales
        for this game went pretty well, despite the fact that stupids idiots
        like the people at videogames.com gave this game a harsh review. This
        was the first time Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha
        2 Gold made their way to the home conversion.
    -+- X-Men Child of the Atom(March 1998)-PSX and Windows 95/DOS
        This was the first time that X-COTA was released for the PSX and PC. But
        for some odd reason, it took more than 3 years to see a home conversion.
        The success of this game didn't go to well because of its late release
        and Marvel Super Heroes was already taken the spotlight. It was
        practically arcade perfect nonetheless, but alot of harsh criticism has
        given the sales of this game a sudden drop. Also for the PC version
        multi hit single button combos were taken out for an odd reason.
    -+- X-Men vs. Street Fighter(June 1998)-PSX
        With people reading the articles about the Saturn version, they knew that
        X-Men vs. Street Fighter for the PSX would be better, or at least so they
        thought. When the game came out, very harsh(and I do mean VERY) reviews
        were thrown at the game from both game critics and fans. The success of
        the game was very small and it sold for a lofty price of $50. Very few
        fans and critics still gave the game a decent review and thought it
        turned out fairly well, and I was one of those fans. The game didn't
        feature the perfect switch out, that we've all come to love, but at least
        Capcom did make an effort to apply that to the home conversion. You can
        switch out as normal as the arcade but their was a catch, your friend had
        to be the same characters you were, except in reverse order(1P:
        Ken/Gambit 2P: Gambit/Ken). This way the PSX doesn't have to load so much
        information, because there was only 2MB of RAM to store all the
        information, as compared to the Saturn's total 6MB. There was slowdown in
        the game, but not very apparent, and sometimes the music would skip
        because due to the fact that all the information was being boggled inside
        the small 2MB RAM. Graphically and gameplay wise, it was arcade perfect
        except for Cyclops' Infinites and Gambit's Kinetic Card.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 2(November 1998)-PC Windows 95/98 and DOS
        With the PC gaming world on a sudden tear Capcom has decided to release
        Street Fighter Alpha 2 for PC users. It was once again, a perfect arcade
        conversion, but since due to its late release it also recieved some
        harsh reviews by computer reviewers, and the sales didn't boast well for
        Capcom, but it was an excellent conversion nonetheless.
    -+- Street Fighter Collection Vol. 2(December 1998)-PSX
        With the release of Street Fighter Collection Vol.2 the game had its
        ads all over magazines and comics. The reviews for the game were pretty
        good actually despite the fact that many people already knew what the
        game was before the release date. It featured Street Fighter 2, Street
        Fighter 2 Turbo, and Street Fighter 2: Special Championship Edition,
        all of these titles can be found on the SNES and Genesis and you can
        even buy all three games for less than you would pay for the CD! The
        total cost of these games at Funcoland is $16! While you can pay $40
        for the new CD, the choice is yours. In the game was the exact
        translation of the arcade games and also a brief history roundup. Sales
        were fairly decent, but many people decided to buy the Genesis and SNES
        versions anyways! The one down side was the fact that there was loading
        time between fights, and that just really irritated people seeing how
        they thought it wasn't true to the original.
    -+- Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter(December 1998)-Saturn
        With the success of XSF and the failure of the Saturn in the U.S. Capcom
        has once again released MSHSF for the Saturn in yet another arcade
        perfect conversion, with a good amount of extras. Once again a 4MB backup
        RAM was included in the game, so that all the arcade quality was ensured
        in the Saturn conversion. Reviews were high for this one and a so called
        Noriamro character had Marvel in steams, as Capcom tried to stop the
        import sales of the game. This game is only available by buying the
    -+- Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter(February 1999)-PSX
        Before the release of this game many people questioned Capcom's ability
        to ever release a crossover game for the PSX, due to the failure of
        XSF. Would Capcom give up? No! With the release of this game, it had
        extras that even the Saturn didn't have like the Gallery and the ability
        to play as Apocalypse. The game was very fast and graphics were nearly
        arcade perfection with not even a hint of slowdown, unless of course
        there were two players that are in Berserker mode, or when two Cyber
        Akuma's were both throwing out their Thunder Gou Shower. But that has
        very little impact on the game, and reviews for the game were better,
        but many people(like the one's at videogames.com) still hampered Capcom's
        ability to bring home a good conversion. The crossover mode was the candy
        that made the game sell, it allowed arcade switch out, but with the same
        catch as XSF, also hidden characters were easier to select, and Q-Sound
        has shown alot of potiential. Personally I was absolutely amazed with the
        conversion and many people don't realize what Capcom has to work with.
    -+- Marvel vs. Capcom(March 1999)-Dreamcast
        With the new power of the Dreamcast, Marvel vs. Capcom was perfect for
        the new system thanks to 12MB of RAM used for games. The Saturn only
        had 6MB available for MvC, and even that couldn't hold up for Marvel
        vs. Capcom. The game for the Dreamcast was better than perfect it had
        a new crossover mode, which would allow four players to join in the fight
        simultaneously in a switch out mode. Slowdown was not a problem, unless
        of course you decided to pull off a Captain Storm and Legion at the same
        time in Duo-Team Up attack mode. Load time was completely vanished in
        this game, and had many happy customers. There will be no doubt that the
        PSX2 will easily handle this game, but its a matter of time. As for now
        the only way you can recieve this game is by buying the import and of
        course buying the Dreamcast to play it on.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 3(May 1999)-PSX
        With the recent release of Marvel vs. Capcom, little attention was given
        to SFA3, until the near arrival. Already critics and fans have called
        this game the best fighter ever. It features a load of extras, new
        stages, new art, new intro, new features, and 7 new characters that are
        only exclusive to the PSX version, and it had made many dreams come true.
        So much hype was hovering around this game and it never fails to please.
        The game featured previous characters that are Adon, Akuma, Birdie,
        Cammy, Charlie, Chun-Li, Dan, Dhalsim, Gen, Guy, Ken, M.Bison, Rolento,
        Rose, Ryu, Sagat, Sakura, Sodom, and Zangief. The new characters are
        still in the game and they are Blanka, Cody, E.Honda, Karin, R.Mika, and
        Vega. But this time they are selected as normal on the character
        selection screen. The new 7 characters include Dee Jay, Fei Long, T.Hawk,
        and the other four hidden characters can only be accessed by World Tour
        mode being Guile, Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma, and Classic Balrog. At first
        only five modes are open to you for play, then after meeting a few
        requirements, you can reieve the other 7 modes of play, that totals 12
        different modes of play altogether. Also a new intro was added just for
        the PSX version and you must meet a certain requirement for that as well.
        Along with 4 new stages being added, and 2 different Japan stages, it was
        obviously the biggest street fighter ever. 35 characters to choose from
        each with their own fighting style and 30 total stages makes this game a
        must have for any game fan. The animation was redone for the PSX with
        animation even smoother than the arcades. Many critics have gave this
        game the fighter of the year title, and many believe(including me) that
        this game even surpassess Tekken 3. Marvel vs. Capcom quickly lost its
        hype after the release of this game, and sales couldn't be better. This
        is quite possibly the greatest fighter ever, unless of course Street
        Fighter Alpha 4 comes along.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 3(July 1999)-Dreamcast(Import)
        Signs from the E3 convention have shown the Dreamcast to have SFA3
        available by this summer. It looks as though it will remain the same
        as the PSX version except that in Dramatic Battle mode you can have
        up to three different characters on the screen instead of two of the
        same character against one and instead of just using 3 ISM Pluses you
        can use up to 6 ISM Pluses.
    -+- Street Fighter Alpha 3(August 1999)-Saturn(Import)
        The game will also come with a 4MB backup RAM, but I'm not sure for
        what reason, since 2MB was capable of handling the game itself.
        Apparently there doesn't look like to be any changes from the PSX version
        and it will still remain arcade perfect.
    -+- Capcom vs. SNK(March 2000)-Dreamcast(?)
        The release date is very possible, but no word yet, maybe before the
        holiday of 99'? It will feature qualites of both universes and it may
        be 2D and part 3D, I'm still not sure. It looks as if Megaman, Zangief,
        Chun-Li, Morrigan, Ryu, and Strider Hiryuu will be in the game.
    Final Thoughts: Well let's see. Capcom hasn't faced much criticism until its
    early years in converting the Marvel series to the PSX. But roughly enough
    people still tend to bring Capcom down. What many people don't realize is
    that Capcom has limited resources available to them and they have worked hard
    to bring both XSF and MSHSF to the PSX. The road to success wasn't easy as
    stated by the editors of the SF2:Turbo game guide. Capcom has encountered
    alot of bumps on the road from both the critics and their back stabbing fans.
    Too many people these days rely too much on technology to get the job done,
    but what about gameplay? Gameplay thrived in those early NES years and
    technology often shows its ugly part by bumping off gameplay with a load of
    cheap graphics. XSF was a pretty good translation, and people have no right
    to bring down Capcom to a certain extent like that, not unless of course the
    critics could do better, but its quite obvious that you do not need a PHD to
    be a critic or even an education for that matter, its just a simple matter of
    Everybody's opinion is different and the gaming mags and videogame sites just
    show what they think of the game, and it should not affect your idea of the
    game. The people I would like to dis-respect are the people at
    www.videogames.com they are the people that have serverely insulted Capcom's
    hard work and care too much about graphics, and have let graphics affect the
    score of the game too heavily. If you are reading this then you'll most
    likely agree, if you've seen the rediculuous scores they gave Capcom games.
    Its a pretty bad feeling when you've gave all your hard work to try and
    convert an arcade into a home conversion, then to have all the people just
    criticize you of what happened to the switch out. CAPCOM I THANK YOU FOR YOUR
    ------------------------------ [ Game System ] ------------------------------
    Basically this is all the game functions available to all the characters in
    the game, there weren't many in this game but there are some.
    Blocking: B(while being attacked)
    The primary defense that lets you take either no damage or little damage from
    normal and special attacks. You cannot block in the air so its always best
    that you jump in with an attack.
    Throws: F+ SP/FP/FK/RK(close)
    Throws do alot of damage and the damage cannot be lessened. Some characters
    may even have air throws. Throws can tip the odds in battles in any direction
    and throws cannot be blocked.
    Dizzy Recovery: Ram those buttons and shake that control pad!
    Basically when being contantly attacked you become dizzy and thus you can
    escape dizzies faster if you go wild on your controller.
    Reversal: Special move immediately after blocked attack or knockdown
    In this game special move motions can be done while you are blocking or as
    you are down on the ground. Think of them as quick counters to attacks,
    reversals are very quick and often are to stop except when you are out of
    range or when you are blocking. Don't try reversals too often, otherwise you
    will be countered because opponents will often find a pattern.
    Knockdowns: C.Roundhouse
    This is the knockdown that everybody in the game has. There are other
    knockdowns as well including Dee Jay's C.Forward or Ryu's close Shakunetsu
    Hadouken. This allows you to set up for your oncoming attacks or to escape
    from pressure tactics from your opponent.
    ------------------------------ [ Combo Legend ] -----------------------------
    Once again I will use James Chen's fabulous combo system with the touch up of
    Mig Rustia's combo system. Incase you are a little baffled with some of the
    codings in the combos this legend is here to help.
    J.    -- Stands for jumping
    J.CU. -- Stands for crossing your opponent up while jumping with an attack
    C.    -- Stands for crouching
    FWD.  -- Stands for holding toward while perform an attack
    F.    -- Stands for holding forward
    DN.   -- Stands for holding down while jumping for an attack
    UF.   -- Stands for jumping forward
    UB.   -- Stands for jumping backwards
    DF.   -- Stands for holding the controller in a down-forward position
    DB.   -- Stands for a defensive crouch
    B.    -- Stands for moving back
    J.D.  -- Stands for jumping in with an attack that hits the opponent deep
    J.SD. -- Stands for a super deep attack while jumping in
    \/    -- Stands for landing after a jumping attack
    /\    -- Stands for jumping after a standing attack
    -->   -- Stands for cancelation of a normal move into a special attack
    3P    -- Stands for holding or pressing all three punch buttons at once
    3K    -- Stands for holding or pressing all three kick buttons at once
    2P    -- Stands for holding or pressing any 2 punch buttons at once
    2K    -- Stands for holding or pressing any 2 kick buttons at once
    JP    -- Stands for Jab
    SP    -- Stands for Strong
    FP    -- Stands for Fierce
    SK    -- Stands for Short
    FK    -- Stands for Forward
    RK    -- Stands for Roundhouse
    (air) -- Means that move can only be done in the air
    ,     -- An indication of moving onto the next attack
    Well hopefully this legend can help you and on your way into a Street
    Fighting champ!
    ---------------------------- [ Punch and Kicks ] ----------------------------
    Here is a brief explanation of the punch and kicks used in the game and waht
    strength and weaknesses lies within them.
    Jab Punch:
    Quick and weak attack, most characters can string multiple attacks together.
    Low range.
    Strong Punch:
    Good speed and good damage.
    Slow but powerful.
    Short Kick:
    Quick and weak attack, some characters can string multiple attacks together.
    Low range.
    Forward Kick:
    Good speed and good damage.
    Slow but powerful, excellent range.
    ------------------------------ [ Characters ] -------------------------------
    --------------------- [ Balrog(pronounced "Bar Log") ] ----------------------
    For some reason that's how the announcer says it, for some apparent reason the
    announcer switched the "l" and the "r" or either its spelled the wrong way.
    Balrog was an ex-boxer that has been banned from the ring due to his violent
    nature and dirty tactics like hitting below the belt and biting of someone's
    ear(just kidding!). He had a sudden interest in joining Shadowlaw because he
    wanted to live a life of crime and riches. Then Balrog realize how good he had
    felt when he had one and decided to enter the World Warrior Tournament to hown
    his skills and see how well he would last in the fights against the strongest
    fighters in the world. Also thus if he wins he would take over Shadowlaw as
    their new leader.
    Quote: "Get up you wimp!"
    ---------------- [ Dashing Punch: B(charge for 2 sec.)F+P ] -----------------
    An excellent move to use overall because it has alot of range and damage
    potiential and is a quick counter to missed attacks like a Dragon Punch. It
    can easily be put in combos and has very little start up or recovery time and
    does good chipping damage. Although certain attacks can counter it like a
    projectile or some standing jabs, he is susceptible to low blows, but he is
    more than likely to win.
    ----------------- [ Dashing Uppercut: B(charge 2 sec.)F+K ] -----------------
    Just like his Dashing Punch, it has excellent range and does alot of damage.
    It can easily be put in combos and counter missed moves like a Flash Kick.
    This move will hit opponents in the air and is an excellent counter, but the
    move must be started early. Ducking opponents can completely avoid damage and
    Balrog can fall victim to low attacks rather easily.
    ------------------- [ Shoulder Butt: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K ] ------------------
    This is Balrog's prime anti-air attack move. Sometimes opponents can't
    predict when this move will come out since it comes out instantly its hard to
    tell when he's going to use it. Also after the first couple of frames of
    animation he is invincible while traveling through projectiles and attacks.
    The recovery time and start up delay is very minimal.
    ---------- [ Turn Punch: Hold 3P or 3K(Charge 2 sec.)then release ] ---------
    Its a very useful move in certain situations like when Balrog is being
    bombarded with projectiles he can counter that with his Turn Punch because it
    will go through projectiles, but Dragon punches can counter it. It will do
    alot of damage and can chip good damage as well.
    -------- [ Final Punch: Hold 3P or 3K(charge 3+ sec.) then release ] --------
    Like his Turn Punch Blarog can charge for an attack, but the downside is that
    when he charges for more than 2 seconds the invulnerability is lost. The plus
    side is the block damage and regular damage. You can lose up to 60% of your
    opponent's life with this move and you can chip about 15% of their life even
    if they block! Its not comboable and has a start up delay and recovery time.
    ----------------------------- [ Other Moves: ] ------------------------------
    ------------------------ [ Head Butt: F+SP or FP ] --------------------------
    Basically its a grab move, constantly ram the buttons to get more hits and
    more damage, you can even drain away 1/3 of your opponent's life guage!
    1. S.Jab --> Dashing Punch
    2. S.Strong --> Dashing Uppercut
                            Other Combos
    1. J.Roundhouse \/ C.Jab, C.Roundhouse
    2. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Jab, C.Jab --> Dashing Uppercut or Dashing Punch
       Basically charge while you jump in, and cancel quickly.
    3. J.SD.Roundhouse \/ S.Strong --> Dashing Punch
    4. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Jab, C.Jab --> Jab Dashing Punch, S.Fierce
       You must hesitate for a split second after the Dashing Punch.
    5. J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Jab, C.Jab --> Dashing Uppercut, Dashing Uppercut,
       Turn the juice loose with this Master Blaster of Disaster combo! Sorry for
       the corny line, but its possibly the sweetest combo in the game, use the
       short Dashing Uppercut on both accounts and hesistate for a split second
       before pulling off the final fierce.
    6. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Jab --> Dashing Punch
       Make sure you charge ahead of time for this combo to work.
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Most opponents will block most of Balrog's Dashing attacks, but you can
    remedy this problem. Try performing a Dashing Uppercut or Dashing Punch just
    out of your opponent's range then Head Butt them, make sure you don't connect
    at all with this otherwise you can get countered.
    ---------------------------- [ Ending: Balrog ] -----------------------------
    Here Balrog stands on top of a platform, he has finally reached his goal of
    being number 1, and exclaims "Only in America Baby!" Here's where the
    difference between the arcade occurs:
    SNES/Genesis: Balrog sits on a couch with money around him, and he's also
    Arcade: Balrog sits on a couch with money around him, but this time to girls
            are at the side of him as he holds a chandy in his left hand.
    -------------------------------- [ Blanka ] ---------------------------------
    Raised in the amazon jungle of Brazil, Blanka(also known as Jimmy) was forced
    to adapt to the new world after a plane crash. He has learned many attacks
    from the different animals of the jungle. He gained his electrical ability
    when he encountered electric eels and the eels had shocked him and sent an
    electrical current running through him, and thus he can make himself into a
    giant light bulb! However he wasn't always green, or even an animal, he was
    once human and he wishes to find his mother. Blanka feels that through the
    World Warrior tournament he can find a link to his mysterious past and also
    reunite himself with his mother.
    Quote: "Seeing you in action is a joke!"
    --------------------- [ Electricity: Press P(rapidly) ] ---------------------
    This move has alot of priority. It allows Blanka to become a giant ball of
    electricity, once opponents get neared him they will get zapped. This is an
    excellent defender against air attacks and will beat out practically any
    jumping attacks. However he can be swept from about 3 or 4 steps distance and
    he is vulnerable to projectiles, but the recovery time is very minimal, and
    will chip twice if up close.
    ------------------ [ Rolling Attack: B(charge 2 sec.)F+P ] ------------------
    An excellent move to use overall because mainly it has good priority and can
    be put in two-in-one combos. It does good damage and can counter missed
    Dragon Punches, but Blanka is still vulnerable to jumping attacks,
    projectiles, Dragon Punches, and a few standing attacks. The recovery time in
    this move is quite bad as Blanka will bounce off his opponent if they block.
    The stronger the button used the faster and more horizontal range that it
    -------------- [ Vertical Rolling Attack: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K ] -------------
    This move has good vertical range and will hit opponents above him, it also
    has a bit of horizontal range in the air so Blanka can counter missed Dragon
    Punches even if the opponent is still in the air. It doesn't have as much
    priority as his electricity, but it has more range. The stronger the button
    used the faster it goes.
    -------------------- [ Beast Leap: B(charge 2 sec.)F+K ] --------------------
    Its a fairly decent attack, the only problem with this move is that your
    opponent can easily block this after they have thrown a projectile. It has a
    start up delay where Blanka flips back and then hurls over at his opponent in
    an arc form going over projectiles, but just barely. You must start this move
    early and its sorta like a guessing game if you want to counter attack your
    opponent. The recovery time is fairly decent, but Balrog and E.Honda can
    counter with either Sumo Headbutt or a Dashing Uppercut.
    ----------------------------- [ Other moves: ] ------------------------------
    ---------------------------- [ Head Bite: F+FP ] ----------------------------
    A basic grab move that will have Blanka bite his opponent's head, ram the
    button for more hits.
    ------------------------- [ Head Butt: F+SP(close) ] ------------------------
    This move double hits if up close and can be canceled into a 2-in-1 combo but
    you must cancel after the first hit, otherwise your move won't connect.
    --------------------------- [ Double Hit Knee: F+FK ] -----------------------
    As you can tell from the title this move will double hit, and can also be
    canceled into a special move, but after the first hit.
    1. S.FWD.Strong --> Rolling Attack
       You must cancel after the first hit, if the move double hits, you were too
    2. S.Strong --> Vertical Rolling Attack
       This combo works best if you are up close to your opponent.
    3. C.Forward --> Rolling Attack
                                   Other Combos
    1. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Jab --> Electricity
    2. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Forward --> Rolling Attack
       You must charge ahead of time for this combo to work, otherwise it won't
       come out.
    3. J.D.Roundhouse \/ S.Strong, C.Fierce
    4. J.D.Roundhouse \/ D.Strong, C.Roundhouse
    ------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    When you use your Rolling Attack you can always expect an opponent to block
    since you are either in a crouching position or moving back. You might not
    always land a Rolling Attack, but you can mess opponents up for example:
    Jab Rolling Attack, wait, Electricity
    Since you land short in front of the opponent, you can counter if they decide
    to try and use a special move to counter attack like a Dragon Punch or Flash
    Another good tactic is to fake your opponent that you are going to connect
    with your Rolling Attack. They will block in advance in most cases:
    Jab Rolling Attack, Head Bite
    This is sorta like a confusion tactic that can easily fool your opponent, the
    point of this move is try not to let this connect and you should stop within
    a step or two in front of your opponent, then while you land immediately
    press forward and fierce at the same time to catch them off guard.
    ---------------------------- [ Ending: Blanka ] -----------------------------
    In the end Blanka finally finds his mother as they hug and cry, and he is yet
    to find out about is mysterious past...
    -------------------------------- [ Cammy ] ----------------------------------
    Cammy now is a current member of the Delta Red special forces. She has
    somehow lost her memory in an accident and was founded by Delta Red units.
    They took her in and she went into training and the units were amazed by her
    quick reflexes and she was quickly moved to the top ranks in the special op
    forces. She now enters the World Warrior Tournament to find out about her
    mysterious past.
    Quotes: "Your missing teeth will remind you of my victory"
            "You must enjoy being beat, let me remodel your face one more time"
    ------------------------- [ Cannon Drill: D,DF,F+K ] ------------------------
    An excellent move with alot of horizontal range. It easily combos and can be
    used to punish mistakes like missed anti-air attacks. It does good block
    damage and does good damage. The roundhouse version will double hit, blocking
    or not, when you are close to your opponent. Just watch for the recovery time
    though because its pretty bad and she will get countered rather easily.
    ------------------------- [ Thrust Kick: F,D,DF+K ] -------------------------
    One of the best anti-air attacks in the game, simply because of the damage
    and range this move possesses. It has alot of horizontal range, and even her
    short version has more range than Ken's fierce Shouryuken! This move is
    easily put in combos and counters alot of attacks. This move has high
    priority over any jump in attack, but you are not invulnerable to projectiles
    like the Shatokens. The recovery time is pretty decent compared to most anti-
    air attacks as she bounces away from a blocked opponent.
    ---------------------- [ Spinning Knuckle: DB,B,F+P ] -----------------------
    The motion might seem a little awkward, but you can make it easier for
    yourself to do the motion. Simply pretend that this move only has a B,F+P
    motion and quickly execute the move like a Sonic Boom, except that you don't
    have to charge for it. There are two very useful tactics involving this move,
    one its goes through projectiles at start up, and second it does a ton of
    block damage. Even if the opponent blocks this move you still won't be
    dissapointed by the damage done. The real downside to this move is that you
    can't combo it because it starts out too slow and also Cammy is vulnerable to
    practically any attack besides projectiles during the duration of this move.
    ------------------------------ [ Other Moves: ] -----------------------------
    -------------------------- [ Suplex: F/B+SP or FP ] -------------------------
    A powerful move that does alot of damage, use this to counter misses and to
    give yourself an edge in certain fights.
    ----------------------- [ Thigh Press: F/B+FK or RK ] -----------------------
    A very powerful move that does alot of damage, it also has alot of throw
    priority and good range. Use this to counter attacks missed by opponents.
    ------------------- [ Air Body Throw: F/B+SP or FP(air) ] -------------------
    An excellent move to use overall, it does alot of damage and can be used to
    counter mistakes put out by opponents.
    ------------------- [ Frankensteiner: F/B+FK or RK(air) ] -------------------
    An immensely powerful and useful move, the priority on this move rivals Chun-
    Li's air throw and can even take opponents out of their attacks! Use this
    whenever possible.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    1. F.Forward --> Cannon Drill
    2. C.Short --> Thrust Kick
    3. S.Strong --> Cannon Drill
                              Other Combos
    1. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Strong --> Cannon Drill
    2. J.D.Roundhouse \/ S.Strong --> Thrust Kick
    3. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Short, C.Forward
       This combo is kinda risky because it doesn't knock the opponent down, but
       the computers puts this combo on me often, so I thought I can add it in!
    4. J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Forward --> Cannon Drill or Thrust Kick
       Well here's a little more insurance, this combo does 50% damage and can
       easily give you a victory, but make sure to cancel quickly!
    5. J.SD.Fierce \/ S.Short, S.Short, C.Short, C.Forward --> Forward Cannon
       Drill or Forward thrust Kick
       This is possibly the biggest combo Cammy can pull off, she puts on the
       nacho with this cheap combo and it does about 55% damage, cancel quickly
       for best results. You may have to skip a short on smaller characters.
    ------------------------------- [ Tactics ] ---------------------------------
    Well Cammy has this annoying corner trap that I constantly put on my brother:
    S.Short, S.Short --> Short Thrust Kick, S.Short, S.Short --> Short Thrust Kick,
    Very annoying and hard to escape, anti-air attacks(mainly the Shouryuken) can
    counter this nacho cheese corner trap.
    Cammy's standing roundhouse can counter alot of jumping attacks, including
    Chun-Li's annoying Stomp Kick. Make sure you are close to your opponent when
    you execute the roundhouse, think of this move as her launcher in XSF. The
    official strategy guide calls it the Handstand Counter.
    ----------------------------- [ Ending: Cammy ] -----------------------------
    Cammy defeats Bison, she goes over him and demands that he tells her
    everything. Bison is puzzled that Cammy defeated him, he tells her if she
    remembered him and also tells her about the accident. Cammy doesn't remember,
    Bison told Cammy that they were both once lovers, but Cammy doesn't believe
    it. Cammy leaves Bison to rot and she stands outside the Shadowlaw
    headquarters in Thailand, here she wonders if any of it were true. Then the
    elite force of Delta Red comes by, they try to cheer her up and tells Cammy
    that she could never love a criminal like that. Cammy then cheers up and they
    leave in a nice scene with a helicopter. (In my opinion one of the best
    endings in the game, or any game for that matter! Its definitely worth the
    trouble to see it.
    ------------------------------- [ Chun-Li ] ---------------------------------
    While at a young age her father was killed by the ruthless emperor of China,
    M.Bison. At this time he was the most feared ruler in the land and her father
    was killed simply because he refused to give the Shadowlaw his food. She has
    fought and trained very hard throughout her life to stop this madman and has
    never gotten the chance to face him in combat, but she believes through the
    World Warrior tournament she will find the one who has killed her father.
    Quote: "I am the strongest woman in the world!"
    --------------------- [ Kikouken: B(charge 2 sec.)F+P ] ---------------------
    Its a pretty decent projectile and can be used in combos and corner traps.
    The range of this fireball no longer goes full screen, but it still has alot
    of range and does good damage. The speed of the projectile is pretty slow and
    basically anybody can jump over it. It can be used to chip damage and its
    fairly decent in fireball fights, but only against slow projectiles like the
    Yoga Fire.
    ------------------ [ Hyaku Retsu Kyaku: Press K(rapidly) ] ------------------
    This move has alot of chipping potiential and does alot of damage, but you
    cannot get more than two hits out of this move simply because the between
    hits are blockable. Its a really annoying move that can fustrate the heck out
    of opponents because it does alot of damage even if blocked and can also be
    used in a combo.
    ---------------- [ Spinning Bird Kick: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K ] ----------------
    This move is similar to Ryu and Ken's Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku except its not
    quite as useful. It can pass through projectiles, but the priority isn't so
    great. An opponent can easily block under this move, but if it connects it
    will do alot of damage as it can string together multiple hits, but the
    multiple hits are blockable. This move can be used in combos, but the tricky
    timing makes it useless, but this move can be used to escape from certain
    -------------- [ Air Spinning Bird Kick: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K ] --------------
    Its hard to explain exactly how to do this move, but this version is higher
    than her standard Spinning Bird Kick and will move to the top of the screen.
    The way I do this move is after I charge I continue to hold Up then press
    kick instead of just letting go like her regular Spinning Bird Kick. She can
    use this move after a wall jump or after a Stomp Kick.
    ------------------------- [ Stomp Kick: D+FK(air) ] -------------------------
    Quite possibly the most dominating jump in attack in the game. It has so much
    priority that it can even trade hits with a Flash Kick or a Tiger Uppercut.
    Ryu's crouching fierce isn't even a match for this move and only a few moves
    will out prioritize this one, mainly the Dragon Punch, Chun-Li's close
    standing roundhouse or Cammy's close standing roundhouse. The wierd thing
    about this move is that you can chain it for multiple hits and can be used as
    an effective air combo! The recovery time is very minimal though.
    ------------------------ [ Neck Breaker Kick: F+RK ] ------------------------
    A rather odd confusion move. Chun-Li will flip over her opponent and hit them
    on the back of the head with a kick, the confusing part is that opponents
    often forget which way to block and ends up crossing them up, but in
    actuallity she never hits the opponent in the back of the head, this is a
    great way to move over projectiles as well.
    ---------------------------- [ Flip Kick: F+FK ] ----------------------------
    This move is mainly used in combos and it does alot of damage if it double
    hits. She will flip out of the opponent's way if the opponent manages to
    block and Ken basically has the best chance to counter with his fierce Dragon
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    Special Game Notes: Chun-Li
    -- Chun-Li can bounce off the walls, simply jump towards a wall and quickly
       hit the opposite direction.
    -- Take note that she has alot of throw priority including on the ground and
       in the air, use her throw to counter alot of mistakes.
    -- She is possibly the weakest character in the game, her attacks do less
       damage than all other street Fighter characters.
    1. S.Fierce --> Kikouken
    2. S.Short --> Hyaku Retsu Kyaku
       Basically rapidly press the kick button and the Hyaku Retsu Kyaku should
       cancel on its own.
    3. S.Fierce --> Spinning Bird Kick
       The only tricky part is that you pull off the standing fierce at the
       midpoint of the move. After you charge down let your controller go at a
       neutral position then quickly press up and kick.
    4. C.Forward --> Kikouken
                              Other Combos
    1. J.Fierce \/ S.Strong, C.Roundhouse
       This her basic chain combo, you should master this one first.
    2. S.Strong, S.Fierce
    3. C.Forward, C.Roundhouse
    4. J.Fierce \/ S.Fierce --> Kikouken
       The way to perfect this combo is that you must charge ahead of time.
    5. J.Fierce \/ S.Fierce --> Hyaku Retsu Kyaku
       After the two fierces connect rapidly ram those buttons and the move will
    6. J.DN.Forward, J.DN.Forward, J.DN.Forward, J.DN.Forward, J.DN.Forward
       This is her strongest combo and can easily drain half your opponent's
       life. Only on Sagat will this hit 5 times, on Zangief, Balrog, and T.Hawk
       this will hit 4 times, and all other characters it will hit 3 times.
    7. J.DN.Forward, J.Roundhouse \/ S.Fierce --> Spinning Bird Kick
       Quite possibly the most dangerous combo in the game, she is the only
       character in the game that can jump in with multiple attacks, remember to
       charge in advance and cancel quickly.
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Chun-Li's air throw has amazing prioirity. She can even counter midair
    attacks like Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku even in the middle of their move!
    But the timing is rediculous and will take alot of practice.
    Chun-Li has this annoying corner trap and it goes like this:
    Kikouken, C.Forward --> Kikouken, C.Forward --> Kikouken, etc.
    Its hard to break out of and its also hard to accomplish, alot of practice is
    need for this to work and a Dragon Punch or a Hyper Fist can break out of it.
    When an opponent tries to cross you up you can pull a Flip Kick to knock them
    out of it or a Neck Breaker Kick.
    ---------------------------- [ Ending: Chun-Li ] ----------------------------
    Chun-Li has two endings. In the arcade version you will see her mourning over
    her father's death at a tomb, while at the home version she stands in her win
    pose over Bison. You have two choices nonetheless and you can pick the choice
    of either being a detective or return to the life of a single girl.
    Single Girl: Appears in a costume of some sort and knocks a guy senseless
                 while having the calm look on her face. The people doesn't
                 realize that she is Chun-Li, winner of the World Warrior
                 tournament, until she gives them a good thrashing of course.
    Detective: This is basically the same scene as the first one except she is in
               a detective's jacket and the quotes are different, and she still
               knocks a few punks senseless.
    ------------------------------ [ Dee Jay ] ----------------------------------
    A proud man of his heritage he has trained hard over the years of his western
    kickboxing style. His other love is his music, he believes that with a good
    rythmn and kickboxing style, he feels that nothing can stop him from winning
    the World Warrior Tournament. He has alot of style in his techniques and also
    one day wishes to become a record music label artist. If he wins this
    tournament he will feel alot of accomplishment, since being the only person
    to be a label artist and a street fighting champion.
    Quote: "Were my combos too much for you mon?"
    ----------------- [ Double Dread Kick: B(charge 2 sec.)F+K ] ----------------
    A very powerful kick that will knock the opponent down. Only the short
    version of this move will hit once. This move does good block damage and also
    excellent damage. Sometimes the move will be blockable after the first hit,
    to remedy this problem make sure you are deep enough to your opponent's
    sprites. The second kick can be used as a semi-useful anti-air attack, but
    this move must be started real early. The recovery time and start up delay
    for this move is very minimal so use this in combos or to take away a bit of
    --------------------- [ Max Out: B(charge 2 sec.)F+P ] ----------------------
    Just like Guile's Sonic Boom, it does good damage, can be used in combos, and
    also the motion is Guile's! The only downside to this move is that it has
    just as much recovery time as a Hadouken. This can be used to keep people out
    in fireball fights, but stay away from Sagat and Ryu because their
    projectiles are much faster. Be sure to charge for this move everytime.
    ---------------- [ Hyper Fist: D(charge 2 sec.)U+P(rapidly) ] ---------------
    An immensely powerful move that hits up to four times, as long as you have a
    rapid fire controller of course! This move can be put in combos and also be
    used as an anti-air attack. The downside is that when you use it as an anti-
    air attack the hit is rather weak and the priority is pretty low. To remedy
    this problem start the Hyper Fist and wait until the opponent is as close to
    you as possible, the first few frames of animation are invincible and you
    will do alot of damage with a single hit. This can also be used to go through
    projectiles during start up and the block damage on this move is mind
    Other Moves:
    ---------------------- [ Shoulder Toss: F/B+SP or FP ] ----------------------
    A good throw with a good amount of range, the priority isn't as good as other
    throws, but its once of the better ones in the game because it'll throw your
    opponent away from you.
    ---------------------- [ Backflip Toss: F/B+SP or FP ] ----------------------
    Just like his Shoulder Toss, but the range is less, the plus side is the fact
    that it has more priority. Use this to counter miss attacks.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    1. S.Strong --> Max Out
    2. C.Forward --> Double Dread Kick
    3. C.Jab --> Hyper Fist
                           Other Combos
    1. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Strong --> Max Out
    2. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Strong --> Forward Double Dread Kick
    3. J.D.Forward \/ C.Short, S.Fierce
       If you did connect deep enough the fierce will double hit. That's means if
       you master this combo you can be cruising to a victory, four hit style
       that is!!!!
    4. J.CU.Forward \/ C.Jab, C.Jab, S.Strong --> Hyper Fist
       Thanks to CAPCOM for this combo. Its Dee Jay's 8-hit monster and is
       visually impressive and does about 60% damage. Make sure you throw a
       strong at the midpoint of the Hyper Fist, and charge in advance for this
       move. But all in all deal this, and you will be king of the street
       fighting champs!!
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Dee Jay doesn't carry much tactics, nor does he need to. His jumping
    roundhouse is a good move to knock opponents out of the air with. His
    crouching forward is also a knockdown. Also his crouching roundhouse has been
    known to go under projectiles!
    ---------------------------- [ Ending: Dee Jay ] ----------------------------
    Dee Jay celebrates his victory with his music. LAter he has become the
    fastest selling record artist in Earth's history and fans simply adore his
    excellent music. (Kudos to Capcom for this pretty good ending! ^_^)
    ------------------------------- [ Dhalsim ] ---------------------------------
    With famine and disease striking his homeland, he has made it his own
    priority to seek out whoever is responsible. The goal of his has led him to
    the World Warrior Tournament, he believes whoever is the head of this
    tournament is the head of Shadowlaw, an evil corrupt ruler known as M.Bison,
    through the years he has sought to purify his soul with the power of Yoga and
    he doesn't feel he can rise to another level of consiousness unless he
    accomplishes his goal of stopping the corrupt ruler.
    Quote: "I will meditate and then destroy you"
    -------------------------- [ Yoga Fire: D,DF,F+P ] --------------------------
    A pretty good projectile that can keep Dhalsim in those close fireball
    fights. The only problem with this move is that it travels too slow and
    opponents will be able to dodge or block the projectile rather easily. It
    does good damage and good block damage and can be used in an effective two-
    in-one combo. Just watch for the recovery time because opponents can jump
    over the Yoga Fire and come in for a combo.
    ----------------------- [ Yoga Flame: B,DB,D,DF,F+P ] -----------------------
    A pretty decent move that can stop jumping in attackers. It does alot of
    damage and can also be put in combos, but opponents don't really have much
    trouble going over this move as they can just jump over it and attack
    Dhalsim. If the opponent is close to Dhalsim the Yoga Flame will not hit, so
    try to avoid that.
    ------ [ Yoga Teleport: F,D,DF or B,D,DB+3P or 3K(2P or 2K:SNES only) ] -----
    On the SNES version all you need to press are just two punches or two kicks.
    The Dragon Punch motion plus 2P makes him teleport close and behind the
    opponent while the Dragon Punch motion plus 2K makes him teleport far and
    behind his opponent. The reverse Dragon Punch motion plus 2P makes him
    teleport close and infront of his opponent while the reverse Dragon Punch
    motion plus 2K makes him teleport away and infront of his opponent. There is
    a slight recovery time from this move however and opponents can quickly
    counter. Use this to escape corner traps, projectile fights, or to put
    pressure on your opponent.
    --------------------- [ Instant Yoga Spear: D+RK(air) ] ---------------------
    This move has good priority and can knock opponents out of certain dashing
    attacks like a Psycho Crusher or Sumo Head Butt. It does a decent amount of
    damage and has very minimal start up delay and recovery time, just watch for
    Ryu or Ken who can counter with a Shouryuken.
    --------------------- [ Instant Yoga Mummy: D+FP(air) ] ---------------------
    While its not as dominating as his Yoga Spear this move does however, have
    more range. It does more damage, and the recovery time is put down to a bare
    ----------------------------- [ Other Moves: ] ------------------------------
    ---------------------- [ 2-Hit Head Butt: FP(close) ] -----------------------
    This move hits twice and does good damage, use this in combos.
    ------------------------ [ Yoga Nuggie: F+SP(close) ] -----------------------
    Basically its a grab attack, it doesn't have much priority or range but you
    can ram the buttons to get more hits and more damage out of it through.
    ------------------------- [ Arm Throw: F+FP(close) ] ------------------------
    A powerful throw, it does alot of damage and has good range and priority over
    most attacks. Use this to counter missed moves and attacks.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    1. C.Forward --> Yoga Fire
    2. C.Firward --> Yoga Flame
                                    Other Combos
    1. C.Short, C.Forward --> Yoga Flame or Yoga Fire
       Basically with this combo you must cross your opponent with the slide,
       time the slide at the last possible second and you will cross them up.
    2. S.Jab, C.Jab, C.Roundhouse
    3. S.Jab, S.Fierce
       Make sure you are close to your opponent so the fierce headbutt double
    4. Jab Yoga Fire --> Teleport, C.Forward --> Yoga Flame
       Funky combo, but effective, the real timing is the teleport, use this and
       mess with your opponent's head! Make sure you teleport behind your
       opponent and cancel as soon as possible. Also this move must be done from
       full screen's distance.
    5. Jab Yoga Fire, S.Fierce
       Effective combo and also cheap! MAke sure you are within range of your
       fierce when you throw the projectile, and don't throw the fierce Yoga Fire
       otherwise you'll knock them down. This is mainly a sucker combo and only
       suckers get caught by this combo. (^_^)
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Dhalsim can really fustrate the opponent with his cheap tactics mainly this
    Jab Yoga Fire, S.Roundhouse, etc.
    Its very similar to the Dragon/Fireball pattern.
    Also you can do this:
    Yoga Fire --> Teleport, Throw
    Very effective and very cheesy.
    ---------------------------- [ Ending: Dhalsim ] ----------------------------
    Dhalsim goes back to his family and he teleports out of the Thailand temple.
    3 years have passed and he and his son are enjoying a nice meal together, his
    son asks him what the picture is about and Dhalsim replies that him in his
    past life.
    -------------------------------- [ E.Honda ] --------------------------------
    While growing up in the life of Japan he was always admiring sumo wrestlers
    and he too hoping to one day become one himself. Now he has after gaining a
    couple of hundred pounds he has worked his way up to the top of the charts
    and is known widely in Japan. He also has his own dojo where he teaches
    potiential sumo wrestlers about discipline and respect for your opponent with
    these Honda thinks that is what it takes to become a true sumo wrestler. He
    enters the World Warrior Tournament to teach his students how discipline can
    show them the way.
    Quote: "Can't you do better than that?"
    ------------------ [ Hundred Hand Slap: Press P(rapidly) ] ------------------
    An excellent move to use overall because of its damage potiential and the
    fact that it chips so much damage! This can be used as an anti-air attack but
    its almost useless since opponents can easily jump in and counter. E.Honda
    can move a little bit during the duration of this move and can use it after
    his Bear Hug.
    -------------------- [ Sumo Smash: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K ] --------------------
    Its a pretty decent attack, it longer hits on the way up like in previous
    games making him vulnerable to jumping attacks. It does however go through
    projectiles and knocks opponents down. The stronger the button used the more
    range that it goes. Just watch for the recovery time on this move because he
    can be knocked down after this move.
    Sumo Head Butt: B(charge 2 sec.)F+P
    An excellent move to use because it has alot of range and damage potiential.
    This move can also combo and can be used to counter missed attacks from screen
    distance! The recovery time on this move is very minimal and during the first
    few frames of start up it will pass through projectiles, but only through quick
    ------------------------------ [ Other moves: ] -----------------------------
    ------------------------- [ Sumo Splash: D+FK(air) ] ------------------------
    A pretty decent move, it has good priority and attack power. The jumping
    roundhouse is a better alternative to jump in attacks.
    ------------------------- [ Bear Hug: F+FP(close) ] -------------------------
    An excellent move to use because it has good priority and good range. Ram the
    buttons to get more hits and more damage out of it.
    ------------------------- [ Sumo Toss: F+SP(close) ] ------------------------
    This move has good range, but not alot of priority. use this to counter
    mistakes or missed attacks.
    ------------------------ [ Knee Bash: F+RK(close) ] -------------------------
    Like the bear hug, it has god range and good priority. Ram the buttons to get
    more hits and more damage out of it.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    1. C.Strong --> Sumo Head Butt
                              Other combos
    1. J.D.Roundhouse \/ S.Jab --> Hundred Hand Slap
    2. J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Strong --> Sumo Headbutt
       Make sure you charge ahead of time for this combo.
    3. J.D.Roundhouse \/ S.Jab, C.Roundhouse
    4. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Roundhouse
       Depending on how deep your hit was, the roundhouse should hit two times.
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Not much here. But there is a 60% damage cheesy strategy!:
    Bear Hug --> Hundred Hand Slap
    Make sure you ram the buttons to get more hits out of the bear hug, then
    after the opponent recovers, they will land in drop in front of you! Ram the
    punch buttons and use Hundred Hand Slap! It doesn't matter if they block
    because you'll be so deep into the opponent's sprites that the Hundred Hand
    Slap will hit about 7 times!
    ---------------------------- [ Ending: E.Honda ] ----------------------------
    E.Honda wins the tournament. He goes back home and teaches his students about
    discipline while eating rice.
    ------------------------------- [ Fei Long ] --------------------------------
    With the looks and talents of Bruce Lee, its no question that he is one of
    the most skilled fighters in the world. He has been asked serveral times to
    be in movies but has refused. He wishes to live on the legend that his father
    once possessed(does this mean he's Bruce Lee's son?). When he was young he
    wish was to be in show-business but his dedication to Kung Fu has paved
    another road for him. He enters the World Warrior Tournament to see if his
    skills are good enough to defeat the World Warriors.
    Quotes: "You must learn to block or my speed will always overcome you"
            "You have been trained to be a great loser, now you must learn to
    ----------- [ Rekka Ken: D,DF,F+P(can be done 3 times in a row) ] -----------
    An excellent move overall because of its damage potiential, the best part is
    that Fei Long can chain up to three of these in a row resulting in a powerful
    three hit combo! Try to avoid using the last Rekka Ken because it will leave
    him in his pose which leaves him vulnerable to attack. Pester your opponent
    with the first and second Rekka Kens, then stop and do them again! This way
    you won't be countered and you can chip away alot of life!
    ------------------------- [ Shien Kyaku: B,D,DB+K ] -------------------------
    Quite possibly one of the coolest looking moves in the game! This move does
    an unbelievable amount of damage and just as much damage as Ken's Shouryuken!
    This move is an excellent anti-air attack but like the Flash Kick and Tiger
    Uppercut, you must use it when your opponent is deep within your sprites. The
    Roundhouse version will double hit if up close. This move does have a bit of
    recovery time so avoid using it too often.
    --------------------------- [ Thrust Kick: F+RK ] ---------------------------
    This is more like a psych out quick then anything else. It starts out slow
    but it double hits and Fei Long has almost no recovery time from this move
    making it hard to counter. I've seen the computer combo this move and I'm
    still baffled as to how they do it.
    ------------------------------ [ Other Moves: ] -----------------------------
    ---------------------- [ Power Throw: F+SP/FP(close) ] ----------------------
    An excellent throw mainly because it has good range and priority. Use this to
    counter mistakes and missed attacks.
    -------------------------- [ Hair Throw: F+FK/RK ] --------------------------
    Same as above, it has alot of range and priority. Use it to counter missed
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    Special Game Notes: Fei Long
    -- Fei Long's crouching fierce is a very useful move, about 2 or 3 of them
       will dizzy your opponent!
    1. S.Jab --> Shien Kyaku
    2. S.Fierce --> Shien Kyaku
                                    Other Combos
    1. J.D.Roundhouse \/ S.Jab, C.Roundhouse
    2. J.D.Fierce \/ S.FWD.Roundhouse
       I saw the computer to do this combo and was unable to block it, but since
       the kick has a bit of start up delay I'm not sure how they did it.
    3. S.Jab --> Rekka Ken --> Rekka Ken --> Rekka Ken
    4. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Fierce --> Rekka Ken --> Rekka Ken --> Rekka Ken
       Its best if you use the fierce button for the Rekka Ken's.
    5. J.Fierce \/ S.Jab --> Shien Kyaku
       One of my favorite combos in the game, cancel quickly.
    6. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Fierce --> Shien Kyaku
       This one is harder to pull off but it still works, hefty damage if it
       connects though!
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Well not much tactics for Fei Long. You can try this annoying corner trap
    Rekka Ken --> Rekka Ken, stop, Rekka Ken, stop, Rekka Ken, stop, Rekka Ken
    You can make up your own patterns if you like, but avoid this tactic against
    Shatokens because they can break out of this trap rather easily.
    ---------------------------- [ Ending: Fei Long ] ---------------------------
    A director comes and and says he wants to catch that 4-hit red-dizzy combo on
    film(sorry I don't remember him having one!). Fei Long however does not want
    to join the movie industry. Later he opens up his own dojo and trains his
    style to millions of people. You see a statue commemorating him and students
    training near his statue. Apparently the style of Fei Long passes onto the
    people, but the game does somehow mention that he died.
    --------------------------------- [ Guile ] ---------------------------------
    Serving in the air force Guile is the proud soldier that fights criminals
    wherever they lurk. He has been known for his Flash Kick and his honor around
    the military and he seeks out corruption and gives his best effort to stop
    it. However during his mission in the jungles of Thailand his friend Charlie
    has died while trying to escape the the camps of Shadowlaw. Guile has been
    sworn with vengence ever since, and the only way he will find M.Bison is
    through the World Warrior Tournament.
    Quote: "Are you bad enough to fight with me?"
    -------------------- [ Sonic Boom: B(charge 2 sec.)F+P ] --------------------
    A prime weapon for Guile mainly because there is almost no recovery time from
    it! Use this often and then follow up on it to mess with your opponent's
    head! This projectiles also comes out quick and can be used in combos. Make
    sure you are charging for this through out the match.
    -------------------- [ Flash Kick: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K ] --------------------
    An excellent anti-air attack that has alot of priority and alot of range. The
    only problem with this move is that he can trade hits with the opponent
    rather easily, but to remedy this problem wait until the opponent's sprites
    are deep within yours and execute the Flash Kick for a clean hit. This move
    can be put in combos and it comes out very quick and is a good counter
    against missed attacks. Just make sure not to miss with this move though
    because hte recovery time is rediculous!
    ----------------------------- [ Other moves: ] ------------------------------
    ----------------------- [ Ground Throw: F+SP(close) ] -----------------------
    This move has alot of priority and range, use this to counter missed attacks
    and special moves.
    -------------------------- [ Suplex: F+FP(close) ] --------------------------
    Like the one above counter against miss attakcs and special moves.
    -------------------- [ Air Throw: F+SP/FP(air)(close) ] ---------------------
    The priority on this move is pretty good and also the range, but its not as
    powerful as Chun-Li's air throw.
    ------------------- [ Back Breaker: F+FK/RK(air)(close) ] -------------------
    This move lacks range and priority but its the strongest throw in the game!
    It does just as much damage as Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver and is an
    excellent counter against air attacks.
    ----------------------------- [ Backfist: F+FP ] ----------------------------
    An excellent move to use overall, mainly because it has alot of range, it
    combos off of his Sonic Boom, and is liable to trade hits or completely
    nullify fireball throwing opponents!
    --------------------------- [ Knee Thrust: F+FK ] ---------------------------
    An excellent move to use because he can follow up with it after his Sonic
    Boom, and this move has excellent range and does good damage.
    --------------------------------- [ Combos ] --------------------------------
    1. S.Jab --> Sonic Boom
    2. C.Short --> Flash Kick
    3. C.Fierce --> Sonic Boom
    4. S.Fierce --> Flash Kick
       This combo will only work if you throw a fierce at the midpoint of the
       Flash Kick motion.
    5. Sonic Boom, S.Fierce
       While most two-in-one's involve the special move being the last hit, this
       involves the special move being the first hit!
                                     Other combos
    1. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Forward --> Flash Kick
    2. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Jab --> Sonic Boom
    3. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Fierce --> Sonic Boom, S.FWD.Fierce
    4. Jab Sonic Boom /\ J.D.Fierce \/ C.Fierce --> Sonic Boom
       This is mainly a sucker combo and will only work if you are about 3/4's
       screen's distance away.
    5. J.D.Forward \/ C.Strong --> Sonic Boom, C.Forward
    6. C.Jab --> Sonic Boom, C.Strong --> Sonic Boom, S.FWD.Fierce
       Well Capcom and Gamepro call this the re-dizzy combo, but I'm not sure if
       this works in SSF2.
    7. Jab Sonic Boom /\ J.D.Fierce \/ C.Jab --> Sonic Boom, C.Strong --> Sonic
       Like number 4 you must be a certain distance away and your opponent has to
       be dumb (^_^)
    8. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Strong --> Sonic Boom, C.Forward --> Flash Kick
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Well not much for Guile, you must always charge for your Sonic Boom and go
    after it and attack your opponent. You can even throw a Sonic Boom, walk up,
    and throw your opponent! Charging for Guile is the key to winning and always
    throw an attack after your Sonic Boom if your opponent counters your
    projectile with theirs.
    ----------------------------- [ Ending: Guile ] -----------------------------
    Guile asks why Bison has killed Charlie, and Guile is angered with revenge.
    Before he can do anything his wife comes and tells Guile that if he kills
    Bison he is no better off than he is. Guile knows she's right and leaves
    Bison. Later they are at the comfort of his own home, but Guile still wonders
    about Charlie.
    ---------------------------------- [ Ken ] ----------------------------------
    The long time friend of Ryu and rival. Ken trained under the same master Ryu
    did, but Ken grew up differently than Ryu did. Ken was an obnoxiuos boy
    during his early years and was always out having fun on his family yacht. His
    parents wanted to change Ken's behavior so they sent him to Japan to learn
    some discipline. It was then and there that he had met Ryu who would later
    become his best friend. After his long training Ken went back to his home and
    later would meet Eliza, who would then become his girlfriend. Ever since he
    has met her his fighting skills have rapidly deteriorated and since he heard
    that Ryu was entering the World Warrior Tournament, Ken has also decide to
    enter the tournament as well.
    Quote: "Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!"
    -------------------------- [ Hadouken: D,DF,F+P ] ---------------------------
    An excellent move overall, it comes out fast, it easily combos, and does good
    damage. You can even counter missed attacks from a distance with this move,
    and it also does good block damage. The speed is slower than Ryu's, but Ken
    has the second fastest projectile in the game and can easily wear down other
    -------------------------- [ Shouryuken: F,D,DF+P ] -------------------------
    An excellent anti-air attack, it does a ton of damage, probably just as much
    as Sagat's Tiger Uppercut and also it hits multiple times. The jab version
    hits once, the strong version is powerful and hits twice, and the fierce
    version hits three times while lighting your opponent on fire. This move
    combos in just as easily as Ryu's and it does alot of block damage. The range
    is tremendous and has excellent horizontal range. Watch for the recovery time
    on this move though, only the jab version will leave you safe most of the
    -------------------- [ Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku: D,DB,B+K ] -------------------
    Unlike Ryu's this move can hit up to four times and the first initial hit
    will hit ducking opponents. This move doesn't knock down like Ryu's but it
    combos just as easily and it does good damage. The hits alone are rather weak
    and you will need to get multiple hits to do some real damage. Like Ryu he
    can successfully aim this in the air to avoid attacks. There is very little
    recovery time from this move, but Ken can be knocked down or thrown just as
    he recovers from the move.
    ------------------------------ [ Other moves: ] -----------------------------
    --------------------- [ Shoulder Throw: F+SP/FP(close) ] --------------------
    This throw has good range and priority, use this to counter mistakes and also
    missed attacks.
    --------------------------- [ Back Roll: F+SP/FP ] --------------------------
    Like the throw above, it has good range and priority, its main point is to
    counter or to cheese your opponent.
    -------------------------- [ Axe Kick: RK(close) ] --------------------------
    This move double hits, but it cannot be comboed, or comboed after. It still
    does the same amount of damage as his regular roundhouse, so I don't see much
    point in using this move.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    1. S.Jab --> Hadouken
    2. S.Jab --> Shouryuken
    3. S.Jab --> Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
    4. S.Fierce --> Hadouken
    5. C.Fierce --> Shouryuken
    6. C.Forward --> Hadouken
    7. S.Short --> Shouryuken
                                  Other Combos
    1. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Fierce --> Hadouken
       Master this combo and watch 50% of your opponent's life drain away!
    2. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Roundhouse
       The CPU does this combo to me all the time, and I'm still baffled as to
       how he does it, I've managed execute this combo, but only twice!
    3. J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Forward --> Shouryuken
    4. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Forward --> Hadouken
       This is an old skool combo, this does alot of damage and is a must master!
    5. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Short --> Hadouken
       cheap! Cheap! Cheap!
    6. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ S.Short, C.Short --> Shouryuken
    7. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Fierce --> Hadouken
       This isn't as easy as it was in SF2T but it still works.
    8. J.D.Fierce \/ /\ J.Fierce --> Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
       Ken could easily master this in SF2T but I think it still works.
    9. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ C.Jab, C.Strong --> Hadouken
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Do I even have to mention it? Well if you did forget here ya go.
    Hadouken, Jab Shouryuken, etc.
    This is Ken's primo corner trap that's extremely hard to escape from.
    Also when your opponent blocks your jumping attacks do this:
    J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Short, C.Short, C.Short, C.Roundhouse --> Hadouken
    Its annoying, but its use to keep Ken out of certain tight situations.
    ------------------------------ [ Ending: Ken ] ------------------------------
    Here Ken defeats M.Bison then Eliza comes in and worries about Ken. Ken and
    Eliza later marry each other, the end.(not a bad ending, and it fits his
    personality as well, Kudos to you Capcom!)
    -------------------------------- [ M.Bison ] --------------------------------
    Never has the world seen such a corrupt and insane ruler. He is the leader of
    Shadowlaw and reigns supreme among the the World Warrior Tournament set up up
    by him. His fighting power and agility is un-matched and his power is a site
    to be witnessed. His infamous crime organization has thrown terror upon the
    world and that has led to a few enemies that have entered the tournament
    mainly Guile, Chun-Li, and T.Hawk.
    Quote: "Get lost, you can't compare with my powers!"
    ------------------ [ Psycho Crusher: B(charge 2 sec.)F+P ] ------------------
    An excellent move to use because it has a ton of range and it does a ton of
    block damage, even if it is blocked it'll do almost as much damage as if the
    opponent didn't block! Cheap! The combo possibilities are very minimal and
    this move's prime use is agaisnt missed attacks. However M.Bison can still be
    hit out of this by alot of jumping attacks, some jabs, and projectiles. The
    recovery time is minimal, but you can be thrown when you land from this move.
    ------------------ [ Scissors Kick: B(charge 2 sec.)F+K ] -------------------
    An excellent move to use overall mainly because it goes over low attacks and
    does alot of damage. This move can be used as an anti-air attack but only
    when you are deep within your opponent's sprites. The range that this move
    has is determined by the strength of the kick button. Use this in combos and
    to counter mistakes. The combo possibilities it had in SF2T are now gone, but
    the recovery time is minimal and it knocks down the opponent.
    -------------------- [ Head Stomp: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K ] --------------------
    Its a so-so good attack. It comes out fast, but its so easily seen that its
    often blocked. This is mainly used to get around projectiles as Bison flies
    towards his opponent with a stomp to the head. The recovery time is minimal
    and this move does good damage. Just watch for jumping attacks and anti-air
    attacks because he can be taken out of the move rather easily with those
    attacks. After the Head Stomp M.Bison can go into his flying punch.
    ---------------- [ Flying Psycho Fist: D(charge 2 sec.)U+P ] ----------------
    This is more of a confusion or surprise attack than anything else. It will
    have Bison flying down and smacking the opponent on the side of the head with
    his fist. At first it looks like he misses with his Head Stomp and lands on
    the otherside of his opponent then he comes down with his charged fist, this
    move cannot be blocked low since its a jumping attack. The recovery time is
    very minimal on this move.
    ----------------------------- [ Other Moves: ] ------------------------------
    ----------------------- [ Flying Punch: UF/UB+SP/FP ] -----------------------
    This move is mainly used after his Head Stomp. You can steer this move away
    or towards the opponent only after the Head Stomp. You can use this move
    alone for jump in attacks as well.
    -------------------------- [ Body Throw: F+SP/FP ] --------------------------
    This move has alot of range and alot of priority. Its just incredible! Use
    this to counter mistakes and missed attacks.
    --------------------------------- [ Combos ] --------------------------------
    1. C.Jab --> Psycho Crusher
    2. C.Jab --> Scissors Kick
                                     Other Combos
    1. Head Stomp, Flying Punch
       Not a combo, but if both moves connect right after each other, its more
       than guaranteed that your opponent will be dizzy!
    2. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Jab --> Psycho Crusher
    3. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Jab --> Scissors Kick
    4. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Short, C.Jab --> Scissors Kick
    5. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Strong, S.Forward
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Well not much here. Use your Psycho Crusher and use whatever button that will
    land you just behind your opponent. When you land immediately throw your
    opponent! Its cheap but effective!
    ---------------------------- [ Ending: M.Bison ] ----------------------------
    M.Bison stands and watches over a city as his corrupt power takes over the
    Earth. Can anyone stop this madman?!!
    --------------------------------- [ Ryu ] -----------------------------------
    Ryu is the lone warrior that seeks eternal fight. He constantly fights and
    trains to become the true warrior and was an orphan when Gouken had picked
    him up and taught him the styles of Shatoken. Through the years he has
    believe that he can become the eternal champion through mastery of the
    Hadouken. He has left a scar on Sagat, both physically and mentally, and that
    has shown was true potiential Ryu has. He has never suffered defeat before,
    and his long time rival and best friend Ken is always there to fight either
    against him or by his side.
    Quote: "You must defeat my Dragon Punch to stand a chance"
    -------------------------- [ Hadouken: D,DF,F+P ] ---------------------------
    An excellent projectile. Not only of its range, but also of its damage
    potiential. This move has alot of speed and will often wear down any other
    projectile fighter that comes across his path, besides Sagat of course. Use
    this to counter moves from a distance and also put this move in combos. Watch
    for the recovery time though because he be easily countered with jump in
    attacks if he fires his Hadouken up close.
    -------------------------- [ Shouryuken: F,D,DF+P ] -------------------------
    An excellent anti-air attack because it does alot of damage and nothing can
    put prioritize it. It will even go through projectiles with ease and can be
    put in combos rather easily. The stronger the button used the more vertical
    range that it has, but you should mainly stick to the jab version instead.
    This move will double hit if blocked up close, just watch if you miss because
    you will be easily countered. MAinly the jab version has almost no recovery
    time and you can do the Jab Shouryuken over and over again for an unstoppable
    ------------------- [ Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku: D,DB,B+K ] --------------------
    This move does good damage and has excellent range, it can be put in combos
    and also it knocks the opponent down with only one hit! Only during start up
    is he invincible through projectiles, but ducking opponents can easily avoid
    any damage. The recovery time on this move is minimal but he can be knocked
    down after the move.
    ------------------------------ [ Other moves: ] -----------------------------
    -------------------- [ Shoulder Throw: F+SP/FP(close) ] ---------------------
    This throw has good range and priority, use this to counter mistakes and also
    missed attacks.
    --------------------------- [ Back Roll: F+SP/FP ] --------------------------
    Like the throw above, it has good range and priority, its main point is to
    counter or to cheese your opponent.
    -------------------------- [ Axe Kick: RK(close) ] --------------------------
    This move double hits, but it cannot be comboed, or comboed after. It still
    does the same amount of damage as his regular roundhouse, so I don't see much
    point in using this move.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    1. S.Jab --> Hadouken
    2. S.Jab --> Shouryuken
    3. S.Jab --> Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
    4. S.Fierce --> Hadouken
    5. C.Fierce --> Shouryuken
    6. C.Forward --> Hadouken
    7. S.Short --> Shouryuken
                                    Other Combos
    1. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Fierce --> Hadouken
       Master this combo and watch 50% of your opponent's life drain away!
    2. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Roundhouse
       The CPU does this combo to me all the time, and I'm still baffled as to
       how he does it, I've managed execute this combo, but only twice!
    3. J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Forward --> Shouryuken
    4. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Forward --> Hadouken
       This is an old skool combo, this does alot of damage and is a must master!
    5. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Short --> Hadouken
       cheap! Cheap! Cheap!
    6. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ S.Short, C.Short --> Shouryuken
    7. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Fierce --> Hadouken
       This isn't as easy as it was in SF2T but it still works.
    8. J.D.Fierce \/ /\ J.Fierce --> Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
       Ryu could easily master this in SF2T but I think it still works.
    9. J.CU.Roundhouse \/ C.Jab, C.Strong --> Hadouken
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    DO I even have to mention it? Well if you did forget here ya go.
    Hadouken, Jab Shouryuken, etc.
    This is Ryu's primo corner trap that's extremely hard to escape from.
    Also when your opponent blocks your jumping attacks do this:
    J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Short, C.Short, C.Short, C.Short, C.Roundhouse -->
    Its annoying, but its use to keep Ryu out of certain tight situations.
    ------------------------------ [ Ending: Ryu ] ------------------------------
    Sagat and M.Bison stnad in their respected places on top of a platform. The
    crowd cheers Ryu's name but Ryu is nowhere to be found. Ryu does not believes
    in ceremonies and he walks off with his belongings and into the sunset to
    find yet another worthy challenger(Cool ending, and it fits his personality
    --------------------------------- [ Sagat ] ---------------------------------
    With an ambition to seek out a worthy opponent he crushes those who oppose
    him. He has a patch over his right eye, he recieved it when he fought Dan's
    father. Apparently he has killed Dan's father for his missing eye. The one
    true warrior he seeks to fight his Ryu, with Sagat's first defeat at the
    hands of Ryu he trains hard to one day avenge his defeat. Ryu was the one who
    left a giant scar on Sagat's chest with a very bloody Dragon Punch after
    Sagat had thrown Ryu to the ground and had let his guard down thinking he had
    defeated Ryu. Since the infamous battle in the plains of Austrailia he has
    been seeking Ryu ever since and by joining the World Warrior Tournament he
    hopes to find Ryu and even his defeat.
    Quote: "You are not a warrior, your a beginner!"
    ------------------------- [ Tiger Shot: D,DF,F+P ] --------------------------
    A very fast projectile with speeds that equal Ryu's Hadouken. It can easily
    take down most jumping opponents and Sagat can wear down basically any
    projectile besides Ryu. This can be put in combos and it does good damage and
    good block damage. The real disadvantage is that ducking opponents will
    easily avoid any damage.
    ------------------------ [ Low Tiger Shot: D,DF,F+K ] -----------------------
    Just like the one above except Sagat can hit ducking opponents as well and
    can also be put in combos. It has the same speed and damage potiential, but
    opponents like Zangief can easily jump over this! Try to mix them up and
    psych out your opponent with these.
    ------------------------ [ Tiger Uppercut: F,D,DF+P ] -----------------------
    I just can't believe how powerful this move is! Its just as powerful as
    Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver can can easily be put in combos. It has good
    range and can basically take down any attack. The problem with this move is
    that it lacks priority unlike the Shatokens. It will not go through
    projectiles and alot of jumping attacks can easily trade hits with it. To
    remedy this problem time this move at the last second so that the very few
    frames of invincible animation can hit your opponent. And unlike the last
    game Sagat will have an easier time comboing this move. Just watch for the
    recovery time because he can be easily countered.
    ------------------------ [ Tiger Knee: D,DF,F,UF+K ] ------------------------
    The motion is a little awkward and tough to do but its one of Sagat's main
    weapons that can easily knock opponents out from a distance. This can be used
    as an anti-air attack but it must be started early. Sagat can easily combo
    this move in and it comes out extremely fast and will often catch opponents
    by surprise, the damage that it does is pretty good but not as much as his
    Tiger Uppercut, but the roundhouse version will double hit if up close. The
    recovery time is a bare minimal so use this whenever you get the chance.
    ----------------------------- [ Other moves: ] ------------------------------
    ------------------- [ Double Hit kicks: SK/FK/RK(close) ] -------------------
    Basically these kicks will double hit if up close, use them in combos or
    cancel in two-in-one combos.
    ---------------------- [ Body Toss: F+SP or FP(close) ] ---------------------
    This throw has fair range and priority. Use this to counter missed attacks
    and so on.
    --------------------------------- [ Combos ] --------------------------------
    1. S.Jab --> Tiger Shot
    2. C.Short --> Tiger Knee
    3. S.Roundhouse --> Tiger Uppercut
       You must cancel quickly after the first hit otherwise it won't connect.
                                     Other combos
    1. J.D.Roundhouse \/ S.Roundhouse
       The roundhouse will only double hit on larger characters like Zangief,
       Sagat, T.Hawk, or Balrog. Use a forward against all other characters.
    2. J.D.Roundhouse \/ S.Roundhouse --> Tiger Uppercut
       You must cancel quickly otherwise it won't connect, so don't let that kick
       double hit!
    3. J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Short --> Tiger Uppercut
    4. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Jab --> Tiger Knee
    5. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Short --> Tiger Shot
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Well first off Sagat has a fireball pattern like Ken and Ryu:
    Tiger Shot, Tiger Uppercut, Tiger Shot, Tiger Uppercut, etc.
    Its very fustrating to get out of and Ken and Ryu will have an easier time
    breaking out of this trap.
    Like all characters in the game you can do a special move motion while you
    are on a knocked down position, use your Tiger Uppercut to stop oncoming
    attacks and start the motion while you are laying down.
    ----------------------------- [ Ending: Sagat ] -----------------------------
    Sagat has won the World Warrior Tournament but he did not even see Ryu in the
    tournament. Sagat is proud of the title he has one but still not satisfied
    and he knows that Ryu did not get lucky on his victory and he still searches
    one day to even that defeat with Ryu. (Pretty sweet ending might I add!)
    -------------------------------- [ T.Hawk ] ---------------------------------
    With his homeland being taken away from his people, his people and his family
    have moved to Mexico. Since then he has swore revenge on M.Bison, the leader
    of the World Warrior Tournament. His people and family has suffered upon
    Bison's acts and that is why T.Hawk has entered the World Warrior Tournament,
    to bring back his homeland not only for his family and people, but also for
    his pride.
    Quotes: "Your scream sounds like a pathetic war cry!"
            "My totem is too great for your desperate fighting techniques!"
    ------------------------ [ Thunderstrike: F,D,DF+P ] ------------------------
    An excellent move and also a powerful anti-air attack. It goes through
    projectiles and can easily be put in combos. The only problem with this move
    is that opponents will have an easier time jumping over the move since it
    goes up diagonally. Its still a powerful weapon though, but just watch for
    the recovery time. The fierce version will double hit if up close.
    ---------------- [ The Hawk: D+3P(air)(2P for SNES version) ] ---------------
    This move is an excellent arsenal for T.Hawk because it allows him to soar
    over projectiles and deck the opponent. Just make sure you start this move as
    soon as possible, otherwise the opponent will be able to block after the
    projectile or even counter you. If blocked T.Hawk bounces away from the
    opponent, the only thing that will counter is a projectile or a low
    ---------------- [ Storm Hammer: 360 Degree Motion+P(close) ] ---------------
    The motion for this is a little harder to do than Zangief's Spinning Pile
    Driver but its still effective and has excellent range. It does just as much
    damage as the Spinning Pile Driver though and unlike Zangief, it won't leave
    him in his miss pose if he misses with the move. The range is less than the
    Spinning Pile Driver, but it can still be used in an effective two-in-one
    ------------------------ [ Condor Splash: D+FP(air) ] -----------------------
    An excellent move to use, mainly because of the damage and the priority this
    move possess. It can also be used to cross the opponent up and into a combo.
    The recovery time is almost nothing and its really hard to counter this move.
    Use this whenever you jump in for an attack.
    ----------------------------- [ Other moves: ] ------------------------------
    ---------------------- [ Elbow Smasher: F/B+RK(close) ] ---------------------
    The range is very limited, but since its a hold youc an ram the buttons to
    get more hits and more damage out of this move.
    ------------------------ [ Neck Choke: F+FP(close) ] ------------------------
    Like the one above, poor range and priority, use this to counter mistakes and
    ram those buttons to drain the enrgy out of your opponent.
    --------------------- [ Overhead Throw: F/B+SP(close) ] ---------------------
    This move has good priority and range, use this to counter mistakes and
    missed attacks.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    1. J.Jab \/ Storm Hammer
    2. S.Short --> Thunderstrike
    3. S.Jab --> Thunderstrike
                                    Other Combos
    1. J.D.Roundhouse \/ C.Jab --> Thunderstrike
    2. J.CU.Fierce \/ S.Short, S.Jab --> Thunderstrike
    3. J.CU.Fierce \/ C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Jab --> Thunderstrike
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Well not much here, use your Hawk to go over projectiles and deck your
    opponent. Take advantage and start your Storm Hammer motion early while you
    are knocked down, and if your foe is next to you, snatch 'em!
    ----------------------------- [ Ending: T.Hawk ] ----------------------------
    T.Hawk goes over M.Bison and holds him by the neck. He asks why he has driven
    his people and family away from his home, M.Bsion replies "because I can take
    whatever I want..." but T.Hawk tells M.Bison that he knows how to take care
    of trash like M.Bison. Later T.Hawk returns to his homeland, he finds it
    lifeless, but T.Hawk won't stop until he has recontructed his homeland and
    will build it strong to keep out future predators. At the same time the sun
    rises in his land.(Pretty sweet ending! Kudos to Capcom!)
    --------------------------------- [ Vega ] ----------------------------------
    Nicknamed the "Spanish Ninja" why? Because he has studied under the art of
    Ninjitsu and he has combined it with his Bull fighting to form a nasty
    combination of speed and agility. But being egotistical he wears a mask to
    prevent his face from being scarred in battle. He believes he is the most
    beautiful fighter in the world and believes that beauty is strength. He
    enters the World Warrior Tournament so show the fighters how beauty is
    Quote: "Beautiful fighters never lose a battle!"
    -------------------- [ Claw Roll: B(charge 2 sec.)F+P ] ---------------------
    This is a pretty decent move to use overall. It hits multiple times and does
    alot of damage the only problem with this move is that it can be blocked
    during the middle of this move even if the first hit had connected. The
    fierce version will go full screen while the other versions will stop after a
    certain distance. However Vega is also vulneable to knockdowns, dragon
    punches, and projectiles duiring the duration of this move.
    ----------------- [ Claw Dive: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K, then P ] ----------------
    This is more of a confusion that anything else. It will do good damage, but
    it is easily seen as Vega jumps off the wall and decks the opponent with a
    claw slash. Opponents can't block it low, but opponents can knock Vega out of
    it in the air or when he jumps after a wall.
    --------- [ Wall Leap: D(charge 2 sec.)U+K, then F+P or K(close) ] ----------
    This move is an excellent move overall. It will take the opponent for a
    suplex ride. This move can catch opponents in the air and is quite fast. But
    opponents can knock Vega out of it rather easily with jumping attacks or
    ------------------- [ Claw Thrust: D(charge 2 sec.)U+P ] --------------------
    This is also a surprise move than anything else. It does rather weak damage
    when compared to other attacks, but it comes out quick and its hard to
    counter. But its also a dead give away when Vega bounces off the wall. Its a
    quick attack and cannot be comboed.
    ---------------- [ Double Backflip: 3P(2P for SNES version) ] ---------------
    This move is pretty useful to get Vega out of certain situations. Just never
    use this to get out of corner traps because Vega cannot flip forward and he
    can be hit at the end of this move. During the two flips he is invincible to
    any attack, but he himself cannot attack either.
    ---------------- [ Single Backflip: 3K(2K for SNES version) ] ---------------
    Like the one above except he only does a single backflip. Its invincible to
    attacks but he cannot flip forward. Avoid using this in corner traps, and
    only use it to avoid attacks.
    ----------------------------- [ Other Moves: ] ------------------------------
    -------------------- [ Ground Suplex: F/B+SP/FP(close) ] --------------------
    A very high priority move, but it lacks the range other throws have. Use this
    to counter missed attacks and mistakes.
    ---------------- [ Midair Choke Throw: F+SP/FP(air)(close) ] ----------------
    The priority on this move is pretty good and also has good range. The problem
    with this move is that Vega jumps too high and low jumping opponents are
    extremely hard to catch.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    Special Game notes: Vega
    -- Vega can bounce off the walls, just hit the opposite direction as you jump
       towards a wall.
    -- Vega can no longer climb the fence like he did in previous games.
    1. S.Jab --> Claw Roll
                                    Other combos
    1. J.D.Roundhouse \/ S.Jab, C.Roundhouse
    2. J.D.Fierce \/ C.Jab --> Claw Roll
       You must charge ahead of time for this combo to connect, it doesn't matter
       if the opponent blocks in the middle of this combo because it drains alot
       of life anyways!
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    Not much tactic info on Vega. Although he is the best equipped when going
    against fireball fighters up close. His superior speed that is unmatched lets
    him quickly attack his opponent when they throw out a projectile, even Ryu
    has trouble throwing the Fireball/Dragon pattern against him! Also avoid
    backflips in corner traps, they just make things worst because it will leave
    him vulnerable to attack at the end of it.
    ------------------------------ [ Ending: Vega ] -----------------------------
    A picture of Vega has him holding a rose by the mouth. Not really much of an
    ending here except that he has become the world's biggest narcissist!(very
    -------------------------------- [ Zangief ] --------------------------------
    With his usual run alongs wrestling bears for fun he realizes that his
    country is in a poor condition and has recieved alot of criticism. He has a
    strong sense of pride for his country and will do anything for his country.
    That's why he has decided to enter the World Warrior Tournament not only for
    his own pride but for his country.
    Quote: "My strength is much greater than yours!"
    ------------- [ Spinning Clothesline: 3P(2P for SNES version) ] -------------
    This move is an excellent anti-air attack and will literally snuff out any
    attack your opponent tries to come in with. It does alot of damage, it comes
    out quick, and has little to no recovery time. This move also cruises over
    projectiles during start up and can be easily put in combos. Watch for his
    feet though because he can be easily knocked down.
    ---------------- [ Spinning Lariat: 3K(2K ofr SNES version) ] ---------------
    This move is similar to the one above, but this move cannot go through
    projectiles. It does do good damage, comes out fast and also its a good and
    quick counter attack. Also its not so reliable to countering jump in attacks,
    the good side to this move is that Zangief is invincible to low attacks
    during start up.
    ------------ [ Spinning Pile Driver: 360 Degree Motion+P(close) ] -----------
    Well despite the fact that it is a 360 degree motion, if you've got either a
    PSX pad or an SNES pad it seems like the only take 215 degree motions because
    its just so easy to do! Basically if you can perfect the motion roll around
    the pad and press punch randomly and hopefull it will come out. The priority
    of this move has been lost and so has its range, but it still has good range
    and one of the most powerful moves in the game. Make sure you use this when
    you are close to your opponent otherwise Zangief will go into his miss pose
    and it will leave him vulnerable to attacks.
    ------------ [ Siberian Bear Crusher: 360 Degree Motion+K(far) ] ------------
    The motion is incredibly easy to do if you have either a PSX or SNES pad. It
    doesn't matter what kick button you use because they all have the same range
    and damage potiential. This move does quite a bit of damage and has excellent
    priority over move attacks and is easily put in combos. The one key thing
    about this move is that its been known to stop combos, even right in the
    middle of them! Use this to counter miss attacks.
    -------------- [ Siberian Suplex: 360 Degree Motion+K(close) ] --------------
    Again if you have a PSX or SNES pad this move is very easy to do. Its
    basically a double slam suplex that does just as much damage as his Spinning
    Pile Driver. This can also be put in combos and it has high priority and good
    range. Use this to counter missed attacks.
    --------------------- [ Diving Knee Drop: D+SK/FK(air) ] --------------------
    This move is an excellent arsenal to Zangief's offensive game because it
    leaves him deep enough so that he can easily combo his opponent with any of
    his special grabs. It will do good damage and it has decent priority, use
    this whenever you can.
    ---------------------- [ Siberian Splash: D+FP(air) ] -----------------------
    This move has insane priority and it does alot of damage. Use this move to
    jump in and and cross up your opponent and combo them.
    -------------------------------- [ Combos ] ---------------------------------
    Special game Notes: Zangief
    -- Zangief has 8 different grabs and throws, it all depends on how close you
       are to your opponent and what kicks and punches you use.
    -- Zangief is quite possibly the most dangerous combo character in the game,
       not only can he easily combo his throws with ease, but he can end matches
       very quickly with 2 or 3 combos.
    1. S.Jab --> Spinning Pile Driver
       This combo works easily and it does alot of damage.
    2. C.Short --> Spinning Lariat or Clothesline
    3. S.Forward --> Siberian Bear Crusher
    4. S.Short --> Siberian Suplex
       Make sure you are close to your opponent for this move to connect.
                                    Other combos
    1. J.DN.Fierce \/ C.Short --> Spinning Clothesline/Lariat
    2. J.DN.Short \/ Siberian Suplex
       Even if the opponent blocks you'll catch them everytime! This move is very
       cheap, but master it and you'll master competition!
    3. J.DN.Short \/ Spinning Pile Driver
       Like the one above, even if your opponent blocks, you'll catch 'em!
    4. J.D.Fierce \/ S.Strong, C.Roundhouse
    5. J.DN.CU.Fierce \/ S.Strong, S.Short, C.Roundhouse
    6. J.DN.CU.Fierce \/ S.Strong, S.Short --> Siberian Bear Crusher
    7. J.DN.D.Fierce \/ C.Jab, C.Jab, S.Jab --> Siberian Bear Crusher
    8. J.DN.Short \/ S.Short, S.Short --> Siberian Bear Crusher
    9. J.DN.CU.Fierce \/ C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Roundhouse
    -------------------------------- [ Tactics ] --------------------------------
    There aren't much tactics for Zangief. Avoid jumping over projectiles because
    he has a hard time going over them and he will be hit by Jab projectiles most
    of the time. Also combo in your grabs whenever possible and use your Spinning
    Clothesline to go through opponents projectiles.
    ----------------------------- [ Miscellaneous ] -----------------------------
    Well there really isn't much codes in this game besides a few of them.
    Select more than two of the same character in Group Battle Mode
    -- Go to Group Battle Mode
    -- At the message where it tells you to select a number of characters enter
       the code:
    -- L, R, L, R, L, R, R, L on your second controller
    Its exactly what the code says. Normally in group battle mode you can only
    pick 2 Guile's or 2 of anybody and no more than that. With this code the 1P
    or 2P side can have up to 8 Ryu's!!
    Change key configurations before battle and CPU controlled opponent
    -- Enter any mode
    -- Before the vs screen comes up hold select
    -- Basically hold select after you've selected your handicap in other modes
    With this code, just incase you didn't get a chance to alter your
    configurations you can change them right before battle, also you can set the
    second player side to CPU. Meaning that a CPU controlled fighter will fight
    you even if you are in versus mode!
    View Character Profiles without interruption
    -- Wait after Ryu throws his Hadouken at intro screen
    -- You should see character profiles popping up
    -- Hold down L+R
    -- Character profiles can be viewed without interruption
    Basically you must hold down the L+R buttons. If you let go that means the
    demo will ensue.
    ---------------------------- [ Character Stages ] ---------------------------
    Just incase you haven't seen this game here's a list and brief description of
    the character's stages.
    Balrog: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Here its the usual casino scene, girls in the background throws flower petals
    or something and the man in the middle of the screen cheers on the fight. Its
    a typical street way of Las Vegas.
    Blanka: Jungles of the Amazon, Brazil
    In the background you see tourists taking pictures of the fight. Also a brown
    shack is to the left and in the far background are the waters of the Amazon.
    Cammy: The Great Castle, England
    Here the fight takes place on a bridge that connects between the other halves
    of the castle. A gorgeous mansion can be seen below and the northern lights
    twinkle in the distance beyond the mountains.
    Chun-Li: Marketplace, China
    In this stage there are a few people riding bicycles. A chicken can be seen
    in a cage and its a pretty busy place along the central marketplace.
    Dee Jay: Jammin Reggae Fest, Jamaica
    Here its an outside restaurant, people are dancing eating, and playing music,
    all while enjoying the fight. In the far background you can see the sun about
    to set on the beautiful purple sky along the ocean waters.
    Dhalsim: Ancient Shrine, India
    In the background is a mural or a carpet of some sort worshipping a god.
    Elephants in here makes loud sounds as the fight takes place.
    E.Honda: Old Japaneese Dojo, Japan
    Here the fight takes place along the inside of an old dojo. In the back wall
    is a giant face that moves whenever someone wins a battle.
    Fei Long: Shaolin Temple, Hong Kong
    In this stage lies exotic birds and two dragons. The outer wall can be seen
    in the top left corner as they fight along side the temple.
    Guile: Aircraft base in Portland, U.S.A.
    The battle takes place infront of Guile's other friends, instead his friends
    are cheering on the fight in Guile's favor as girls squander along their
    side. In the back is a giant F-16(?) while Guile's friends sits on crates.
    Ken: Rhode Island Shores, U.S.A.
    Here the people on boats are cheering Ken on. Yachts sail by and a Capcom
    boat can be seen to the right. The fight takes place along the boardwalk of
    the New England shoes.
    M.Bison: Old Shadowlaw Shrine, Thailand
    Not sure why M.Bison would let people just sit and watch the fight as free as
    they want, but oh well. Here the people cheer the fight on as a giant bell
    sits in the middle of the stage and along side two Pagoda statues to the left
    and right.
    Ryu: Goutetsu's Dojo, Japan
    Here the fight takes place on the roof top of Goutetsu's dojo. The moon can
    be seen in the background along with clouds moving through the night sky.
    Sagat: The outskirts of Thailand, Thailand
    The fight takes place at sunset. A giant Thailaneese statue lies on the grass
    and the Old Shadowlaw Shrine can be seen in the background.
    T.Hawk: Town Square, Mexico
    In this place its very busy with many people selling and buying their goods
    and the people who watch the fight cheer on T.Hawk. The centenial house can
    be seen in the background.
    Vega: Festive Restaurant, Spain
    Here the people dine outside as they sit behind a fence and watch and enjoy
    the fight. Dancers here electrify the place with enjoyment in the middle of
    the restaurant.
    Zangief: Russian Power Plant, Russia
    The people here enjoy as they watch the fight and cheer Zangief on. A small
    bridge carrying oil drums and two people can be seen in the background watch
    the fight from above.
    --------------------------- [ Character colors ] ----------------------------
    Well this section will be brief. There are 8 colors for every character,
    here's how you aquire them:
    Jab Punch:                       Original Color
    Strong Punch:                    Champion Color
    Fierce Punch:                    Turbo Color
    Short Kick:                      New Super Color
    Forward Kick:                    New Super Color
    Roundhouse kick:                 New Super color
    Start button:                    New Super Color
    Hold any button for 2 sec.       Hidden Super color
    -- Capcom(www.capcom.com)
       For making an excellent game, and for Street Fighter 2! ^_^
    -- Gamepro(www.gamepro.com)
       For their help in some strategies found on this FAQ.
    -- Gamesages(www.gamesages.com)
       For providing the codes for this page except for the Key configuration
       code. Excellent job with the site! ^_^
    -- GameFAQs(www.gamefaqs.com)
       To CJay for his hard work and dedication to the site and for posting up
       this FAQ. ^_^
    -- James Chen(jchensor@ucla.edu)
       For his fabulous combo system that we've all come to know. ^_^
    -- Migs Rustia(www.miggy.net)
       For his clarification on the combo system.
    -- Dingo Jellybean(bellybutton21@hotmail.com)
       For typing up this FAQ. ^_^
    Time of Completion: 8 hours, 01 minutes, 44 seconds
    Dingo Jellybean (C) 1999-2000

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