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"Ackk!! MY PAINTING!! Stupid thief!!"

''No computer should be without one!''

The Infocom people are good guys. They gave us a legend in the world of computing: Zork. This thing is from the 1980s, back in the day of mainframe computers. Most kids played baseball or read comics. Computers were out of the question. But about the time Zork came along, computers sprang up in offices. People used Zork to get their workers familiar with the computer. Many people just played it for fun. It's too bad that this game is now abandonware, which means that it is not commercially produced anymore. *sob* Anyway, cut the dramatics, on to the review. Please keep all your limbs inside the bus, and stand clear of the closing doors.

Gameplay: 10

This is just about the only game that makes you think beyond whether to use ice or fire spells. This game uses puzzles from a few fairy tales, and there are quite a few logic puzzles as well. Not to mention impossible mazes, trolls, and a thief. Anyway, you type in commands, and Zork describes areas to you, here's an example:


You are in the main hall of an enormous tower. Torches stick out from the wall in places, their light casting irregular shadows on the dark wall. Staircases lead up and down.

>. down

You have entered a dark place. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

>. inventory

You are now carrying:
A brass lantern
A silver dagger

>. light lantern


This is a dark cavern, filled with tables. Upon many of the tables, bottles filled with strange liquids can be seen. One bottle stands out from the rest. It is an amber colored liquid.

There you have it. Zork's amazing gameplay.

Graphics: N/A

There are none. The game describes places to you in amazing detail. Infocom knows how do do things.

Challenge: 9

All the Zork games are near-impossible. Period. They will take years to solve, if not a lifetime.

Control: 10

You type in commands, such as ''go west''. Hundreds of different phrases can be used to do the same thing. Example:

light lantern
light the lantern
turn on the lantern
turn on lantern

Zork understands about six hundred different words, all of which you'll probably have to use to finish the game.

To Buy Or Rent:

Neither. It isn't too hard to find. Do a search on your search engine. Type in Zork. It's for download in lots of places.

Resolution: 9/10

This game would get a ten/ten, except for that stupid thief... He took my sword!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/19/02, Updated 11/19/02

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