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                    INFIDEL Part One
     A word or two before we start: throughout the pyramid, you will
    come across a number of hieroglyphic symbols. These symbols, when
    properly translated, contain clues and hints to solving the
    various puzzles presented in the game. Since you are using this
    walkthru, I will not be translating the hieroglyphics. However,
    should you want to try your hand at it, look in the Hints
    section, where I've given approximate translations of some of the
    hieroglyphs found in the game.  Well, here you are, lying in your
    cot, trying to shake off the effects of a drug given you by your
    absconding workers. Since time is of the essence (isn't it
    always?), get up, then leave the tent and make your way due South
    to the Work Tent. Along the way, make sure you pick up the
    matches near the Fire Pit. The tin foil, which is an empty
    cigarette pack, can be safely ignored.  Now, while you're doing
    this, a plane will appear overhead. It has the navigation box
    you've been waiting for. However, since you also have this
    walkthru, you don't really need the box. So, whether or not you
    want to take it is up to you (if you do, it is used in
    conjunction with the map that comes with the game; you have to
    dig where the "X" is).  In the Work Tent is a knapsack that
    contains a rope and a canteen. Open the sack and get the canteen,
    then get the sack, which will automatically go over your
    shoulders. Return to the Fire Pit, then go due West to the Supply
    Tent. Take both the axe and the shovel, step outside, and then
    walk North, and West. This brings you to a river bank. Open the
    canteen and fill it with water.  Head East and you will be
    outside your tent again. Enter it, and break the lock on the
    trunk. Get and drop the lock, then open the trunk. Inside is some
    food, a map and an inspection sticker. Get the food and the map.
    Inside the map is a stone cube, which you will soon need to enter
    the pyramid, so make sure you take that. The map you can drop,
    and the sticker you don't need for anything, but you might want
    to read it before moving on.  Now, go outside the tent, and go
    East to the North Path. Follow the path South until you come to
    the South path. From here, go East twice. You are now at the spot
    where the pyramid is buried. Start digging until you find the top
    of the pyramid with the square hole in it. When that appears, put
    the cube in the hole, and the door to the pyramid will open. Drop
    the shovel, since you won't be needing it anymore (also the box,
    if you have it with you). Go down into the pyramid.  You stand in
    the Chamber of Ra, near an altar. Drop your sack, and get the
    rope. Tie the rope to the altar, and then throw the rope North.
    You will be climbing down that way soon. In the meantime, get the
    torch and the jar. Open the jar, which has oil inside, and dip
    the torch in it. Light a match, then light the torch. Close the
    jar, and put that and the matches in the sack. Now get the sack,
    and you're ready for your explorations.  (Note: Somewhere along
    the way, you will get hungry. When that happens, just eat the
    beef, and then drink a little water). Climb down the rope, and
    you will be in the Circular Room. Here you see a golden cluster,
    a statue and four doorways with counter-balanced doors. If you
    attempt to go down any of the passageways, you will find that a
    door will descend and prevent you from going more than about
    halfway along the corridor. So, what you need to do is find a way
    of keeping the doors up while you explore the passages.
    Fortunately, there is an easy, if tedious, way to do this.  Roll
    the statue towards one of the passageways (For example: "Roll
    statue NW"). The first time, the statue will fall, and the head
    will break off (ho hum). Get the head, then roll the statue into
    a passageway, and make sure you drop the head with the statue as
    well. Now, you can go to the opposite passageway, and pick up the
    treasure that's there. You will have to roll the statue (and
    don't forget the head!), into each of the four passages in turn,
    so that you can get all four of the jeweled clusters. To continue
    with the example, so you know exactly what has to be done, after
    rolling the statue into the NW passage, go back to the SE
    passage, and you will be able to proceed to the room that has the
    opal cluster of Neith.  As you get each cluster, drop it off in
    the Circular Room. When you have all five clusters, drop the
    sack, and put all the clusters in it. The gold one is just a
    treasure, but the other four will have a very important purpose
    later. For now, climb back up the rope into the Chamber of Ra.   
                 INFIDEL Part Two
     OK, now we're going to visit the Barge Room and its environs.
    Head along South to the landing, and continue down to the Narrow
    Hall. From there, go NE then NW, and you are in the Barge
    Chamber. You will be visiting the Barge itself in a short while;
    for the moment, go West, then North, then East, and you will be
    behind the Barge, where a hallway starts. Go all the way North
    along this hallway to the Inner Chamber. Ignore the corpse, which
    is wearing a jeweled ring. The ring is not a treasure in the game
    (no points for getting it), and is in fact a deadly trap, so it's
    best not to touch it.  From the Inner Chamber, go West to the
    Golden Room, and then South to the Golden Alcove. Pick up the
    Gold Chalice, then return to the Inner Chamber, and from there go
    East to the Silver Room, and South to the Silver Alcove. Guess
    what's here? Right, a Silver Chalice. Pick that up, and return to
    the Barge Room.  Once in the Barge Chamber, go back to the front
    of the boat, then enter it by going North. You are in the middle
    of the Barge, and there is a mast here. At the moment, it's
    somewhat stuck, but there's an easy way around that. Go East into
    the Aft Cabin, Down into the hold, then West into the West End of
    the hold.  Here the mast ends in a slot. If you look in the slot,
    you will see a piece of wood (called a "shim"), wedged in the
    slot to hold the mast in place. Get the shim and drop it (has no
    use in the game). Now return to the deck and get the beam. If you
    like, you can go West to enter the Fore Cabin to read the little
    scroll of hieroglyphics, although that isn't necessary.  Go back
    to the Chamber of Ra. From there, go East into the Cube Room,
    then West, then South. You will be in front of a panel with some
    bricks in it. Remove and drop the First, Third, and Fifth Bricks.
    When you remove the Fifth one, a secret passageway to the East
    will open. Go through it to the Turning Passage, then down to the
    bottom of the stairs.
                     INFIDEL Part Three
      Use your pick to dig the plaster away from the door, then go
    West to through the Narrow Passage until you come to the room
    with the two niches. Here's where the fun starts. Put the beam in
    the niches, then stand on it. Dig away the plaster with your axe.
    As you do so, the floor will fall away (nasty little trap,
    that!). Fortunately, since you're standing on the beam, you're
    safe.  Okay, now open the door and go West into the Antechamber.
    Since there are still a few other sneaky things to avoid, get the
    beam, then go South. This is another antechamber, with a door in
    the west wall. Of course, there is also a trap here for the
    unwary, so put the beam in the door. Now you can open the door
    safely. So, do that, and go West into the Slab Room.  (Note:
    somewhere along the line here your torch will start to sputter.
    When that happens, get the jar and the matches from your pack.
    Light a match, then turn off the torch and dip it in the oil.
    Your match will go out, but you will then have time to light
    another one so you can light the torch. After this, you can leave
    the jar and matches because you are near the end of the game and
    won't need them any more.)  Here is a slab with holes in each of
    its four corners. In fact, the placement of the holes is very
    reminiscent of the Circular Room. So, drop the pack, and take out
    the four jeweled clusters (the gold one you can leave in there).
    Now, put the clusters in the Slab as follows: Diamond in the
    First Hole; Ruby in the Second Hole; Emerald in the Third Hole;
    Opal in the Fourth Hole. As each one is inserted into its hole,
    there will be a click from the slab. Once the last cluster is in
    place, you can raise the slab.  Inside you will find a golden
    spatula and a book. Get the book. The spatula can be left in the
    slab, unless you want to read the hieroglyphics in the book (you
    need the spatula to turn the pages). In any case, you have what
    you came for, so pick up the pack and go East back to the
    Antechamber, and get the beam. Now go North twice to the
    Antechamber with the timbered door. As you may have guessed, this
    door is also trapped.  Put the beam under the timber, then break
    the seal on the door (that beam certainly comes in handy!). Now,
    open the door and go North into the Burial Chamber, then East
    into the Treasury, where the scales are. You must balance the
    scales to be exactly even with the table top in order to safely
    take the scarab. So, drop the sack, and get the two chalices. Put
    the Gold Chalice on either of the scales. Fill the silver chalice
    with water, and put it on the other scale. Now, you can get the
    scarab.  Return to the Burial Chamber. Place the book in the
    large recess and the scarab in the small recess. There will be a
    click from the statues that hold the sarcophagus cover in place.
    Now, turn the statues in the following order: Neith, Selkis,
    Isis, Nephthys.  At this point, you have your perfect score. If
    you continue the game by opening the sarcophagus, you will die;
    there is no way around that. Thus you can see that is would have
    been better, if you had treated your crue better. Perhaps you'd
    had a chance to survive and get home with the treasures. This
    ending gives a perfect meaning to the title of the game
    'Infidel', but what would you do, if someone bullied you around
    all the time? Just sit back and think about what would have been,

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