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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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                     W A R N I N G !!!!!!   S P O I L E R !!!!!!!!!
    For Beyond Zork from Infocom
            AREA (generalized)                      HINT/SUGGESTIONS
          ---------------------            -------------------------------------
            Beginning                       Be sure to go NW and examine the weed.
                                            read the Legend and Lore of Quendor,
                                            or ask the old woman in the magic shop
                                            about the weed.
                                            it has healing powers (see Mist)
            Warf/Sailor                     "Hello, sailor".
                                            wait. take driftwood. name it (opt.)
            Pub                             take the lantern. you'll need it.
                                            open the door. leave the rug alone
                                            until you get out of the cellar. go
                                            west into the kitchen. be sure to
                                            take the dagger (see Lighthouse).
            Kitchen                         open the door. be sure you have
                                            something to kill with, and the
                                            lantern. listen to the cook. enter
                                            the cellar.
            Cellar                          take the scroll and READ it. when
                                            the lanter goes out, type the word in
                                            the scroll to light it again. in the
                                            throne room, "search debris". there's
                                            a gold coin you can sell/trade to the
                                            old woman.  squeeze any moss you find
                                            (improves dexterity). then you can
                                            climb the stacks. "LOOK AT AMULET
                                            THROUGH BOTTLE".  if you have the
                                            transport scroll and used it BEFORE
                                            you entered the cellar, you can
                                            escape that way. or wear the amulet
                                            and say the word on the amulet. bash
                                            the cellar door in with extra power.
                                            once out, "roll the onion east". be
                                            sure to take the rug.
            Lighthouse/Cliffs               read the inscription.
                                            type "answer, lightning".
                                            Be sure to have the onion, rug and
                                            dagger from Pub/Kitchen. If you haven't
                                            done this, go NW and take the salt
                                            from the brine.  Roll the onion in
                                            the direction you want to go. put salt
                                            on the slug. rub the rug and touch the
                                            dust bunny. take/wear the ring. at the
                                            top, search debris, THEN read the
                                            chest.  cut the onion with dagger when
                                            the dorn beast attacks, then take
                                            chest and run like h***. (Maybe this is
                                            where I missed level 9. try using the
                                            annihalation stick to destroy it).
            Arcadia                         wait for the monkey grinder.  wait
                                            until the grinder deals with the
                                            nymph who won't let you go north.
                                            try to kill him (unlikely), or give
                                            the chest to him (after you opened it
                                            first). monkey grinders can't read!
                                            a weapons shop is here as well.
            Mist                            if the vapor takes anything from you,
                                            it will be in another location in the
                                            mist area.  be sure to "wield the
                                            driftwood" before the vapors appear.
                                            if you don't already have it, get the
                                            saddle from the stable (see Stable).
                                            with the pterodactyl, either set dial
                                            on the gurdy to ear and turn crank
                                            right, or point annesthesia rod at
                                            pterodactyl. take whistle,arrow. put
                                            weed (see beginning) in wound. put
                                            saddle on pterodactyl. only blow the
                                            whistle when needed (you only get 3
                                            opportunities). when you get on, fly.
            Private Way                     take horseshoe. kiss the unicorn's
                                            horn (good luck). give the chest to
                                            the unicorn. if you have the levi-
                                            tation staff, you can float the saddle
                                            out of the stall.  Or speak the word
                                            on the amulet (it's clobbering time!).
                                            an armour shop is here as well. you'll
                                            need the horseshoe, by the way, for
                                            later (see Underground).
            Gondola (cable car)             once inside, wait and listen to the
                                            speaker. when you get to a support
                                            towers, exit. then down.
            Town NW of Private Way          eat the cake you find on the street.
                                            there is a magic shop here. this is
                                            where most of your questions about
                                            certain objects can be answered ("ask
                                            woman about ...."). buy the rabbit's
                                            foot (see Underground).
            Forest                          the puppet and hellhound are very hard
                                            to kill. use something that is very
                                            good for this (stick of annihalation
                                            or the equivalent). at the boulder,
                                            answer "youth". if you have the minx
                                            (see Village), wait by an oak for the
                                            minx to find the truffle, then put the
                                            truffle in the pool. keep the truffle
                                            in you pack until needed (see Ruins)
                                            or the minx will get it.
            Bridge                          there is no way across or back. take
                                            the umbrella, open it, then jump.
                                            best to use the pterodactyl or the
                                            gating spell to get across to the
            Ruins                           have the vial from the church in the
                                            Village for the undead warrior. Have
                                            minx! Also the hourglass from the
                                            magic shop (after you give the jewel
                                            from the Jungle to the woman).  go to
                                            the arch, then enter. turn hourglass
                                            over. go south twice and wait.  when
                                            the prince is killed, put the truffle
                                            in the trench. then turn the hourglass
                                            and go north until you reach
                                            desolation.  wait. let the minx do the
                                            work for you. take/wear the
                                            helmet. go back to the arch, then
            Castle                          here is where the pterodactyl comes
                                            in. fly to the castle (you may have
                                            to find it). use the compass rose to
                                            adjust the winds (see Plains). be sure
                                            you are not on your third turn with
                                            the whistle or you will never leave.
                                            hide behind the bush. take roots and
                                            eat them (strength). wait. open the
                                            statue and take the jar.
            Jungle                          if you are wearing the cloak, take it
                                            off. attack baby hungus. let mother
                                            hungus chase you (wait each turn.
                                            she's kinda slow). go up on the idol.
                                            when the mother hungus gets on the
                                            bottom of the teeter-totter, take the
                                            jewel. oops, you drop it and are
                                            dumped in the idol. if you have the
                                            lantern, light it. squeeze the moss
                                            (it can't hurt). either use the gating
                                            or transportation spells, or point
                                            the Eversion stick at idol to get out.
                                            Now that you're free, point Eversion
                                            at mother to get jewel, THEN point
                                            levitation at baby (to gain more
                                            compassion). the jewel is worth 1000
                                            zorkmids and is needed to buy the
                                            hourglass (see Ruins).
            Village                         erase the footprints of the minx.
                                            you definitely need the minx!
                                            enter the church and sit down. look
                                            under the pew. be sure you have the
                                            caterpillar (see Plains) so you can
                                            get by the christmas tree monsters.
                                            open the reliquary after you defeat
                                            the tree monsters. take white hemi-
                                            sphere. "put peg in hole" (examine
                                            black & white hemispheres).
            Mountaintop                     open mailbox.read leaflet.open parcel.
                                            in cottage, search table and take the
                                            black hemisphere. READ THE BOOK.
                                            you'll need something powerfull to get
                                            past the snow wight (annihalation or
                                            the equivalent). point the dispel
                                            wand (from north room when you first
                                            met the monkey grinder in Arcadia) at
                                            the dome, then run like H***. Before
                                            the lava cools (AND if you're wearing
                                            the ring), "inscribe glyph with burin"
                                            to ward off the monsters that weren't
                                            killed by the lava.
            Etherial Plane                  read the scroll of gating. use the
                                            phase blade to cut the outline.
                                            this will take you to the Implementors
                                            and their kin. wait. take the goblet
                                            and lick it (more luck).
            Plains                          have the hurdy-gurdy. set dial to the
                                            eye and turn crank right when you get
                                            to the scarecrow in the flourishing
                                            fields. NOTICE THE COLOR. when the
                                            butterfly appears, wait until it lands
                                            on the goblet. put butterfly in gurdy,
                                            set dial to clock, then turn crank to
                                            the LEFT. take caterpillar and save it
                                            for later (see Village). when you
                                            reach the farmhouse, go in AND STAY.
                                            wait for the tornado to pick you up
                                            and take you away (see Flowers). if
                                            you enter the house then exit, or if
                                            you wait too long to enter the house,
                                            the storm will kill you. take the
                                            clover you find as all good luck
                                            charms (including the rabbit's foot
                                            in the magic shop) are needed (see
                                            Underground). take the key you get
                                            from the mayor (see Flowers) to
                                            where the corbies are. then take the
                                            rose (useful when on the pterodactyl).
            Flowers                         exit the house. examine the flowers.
                                            wait. when the mayor offers you a
                                            key, take the key of the same color
                                            as the flourishing field scarecrow
                                            (see Plains).
            Underground                     after you have eaten the cake, drank
                                            the potion of enlightenment, and
                                            worn the helmet, you can "look into
                                            the gray sphere" (see Village) for
                                            the password to open the rock wall.
                                            you need all luck charms (rabbit's
                                            foot, clover, horseshoe, and anything
                                            else you think is a luck charm). also
                                            you'll need the jar and the best
                                            armour you can buy. go to the wall
                                            NW of the Village. say the word and
                                            open the door. once inside, take the
                                            circlet from the jar.  "blow bubble.
                                            turn mirror south". remember that
                                            angle of incidence equals angle of
                                            reflection. if light is coming from
                                            the SE and you want to go SW, you must
                                            turn mirror South for the light to
                                            reflect. strike all lucksuckers (i.e.
                                            black cat, stepladder, umbrella, etc)
                                            with luck charms. once in the treasure
                                            chamber, turn your mirror to shine on
                                            the shadow. then search treasure, take
                                            the coconut, then run/wait/whatever.
                                            you will eventually get buried, but
                                            help is on it's way .....
                                            congratulations! you made it!
    If I left anything out, and you've gotten stuck on something, please feel free
    to contact me.  I'll be more than happy to help out.
    Dave Marshburn
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