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    Solution by EFuttrup

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    B O R D E R Z O N E
    Solution by Erik Futtrup (C) 1991
    The Train
    [Notice what your contact at the station is going to say to make
    contact to you]
    Get camera; drop document; take picture of document; again;
    rewind film; open camera; take color film; open window; throw
    camera through window; remove carnation; take bag then throw it
    through window; take document; open door; out; s,w; take towel;
    turn on water; wet towel; turn off water; drop film and
    carnation; put document in toilet; e,n,w; clean up blood; e,s,w;
    put towel in toilet; flush toilet; examine toilet; flush toilet;
    e,n,w; z [When the inspector enters, answer that you have not
    seen any suspect person]; z [Until you are at the station];
    e,s,w; get all; e,s; wear carnation; [walk north and south until
    a person says the right excuse]; say "Popka Izim"; give film to
    [contact person].
    The Border
    Slow; tear clothes; tie scrap around wound; ne,ne,n,ne,ne; z
    [until "...occupant of the hut walkes outside"]; open door; in;
    close door; take all; oil door; wear boots; wear parka; z [until
    the car starts]; open door; out; ne,ne,se; enter swamp; s,sw,sw;
    w,n,n,n,nw,w,nw; open door; enter shed; take binoculars; search
    tools; wear gloves; take cutter; out; n,n; watch light; z [until
    the right searchlight lights west]; run north; watch guards; e
    [so that you are in front of the middle tower]; examine fence; z
    [until guard are more than half away from you]; cut fence with
    cutter; bend fence; climb through fence; z [until guards are
    walking away from you]; n; open pen; press button; again; [two
    minutes should be enough, unless you are a very slow typist, in
    which case you should press button an extra time]; attach pen to
    nw post; z [until guards are walking away from you and they are
    more than half away from you]; close pen; up; climb brace; knock
    on door; pull leg; [oopzi dazi]; climb ladder; enter tower; [when
    the two minutes expires, something exciting should happend]
    The Assination
    sw; look at windows [notice where the open windows are]; w,n,w;
    read directory [compare the free rooms with the open windows, and
    find out where the assasin is (note the room number)];
    e,s,s,s,w,s; approach riznik [note password]; w,n,e,e,n; call
    topaz; topple cart; w; take can; put it under ladder; stand on
    it; up [until at the right floor]; open window; n; n[door F];
    n[door D]; n[door B]; drop matchbook; knock on eastern door; say
    "[password]"; hide behind door; wait [until Topaz enters]; hit
    Topaz;(****) The password from (***)

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