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    Solution by EFuttrup

    Updated: 04/06/93 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Solution to Journey made by Erik Futtrup, Denmark
    (revised 4/6-1993), thanks to Paul David Doherty
    email: futtrup@daimi.aau.dk
    Part I
    Shop:		Buy Map
    Tavern:		Accept Minor
    Path:		Minar scout, right, Minar scout,Praxis:Examine bodies
    		proceed, scout, follow smoke
    Hut:		Tell truth, look around
    Stream:		Esher: Examine stream, find gold, find gold,
    		cast elevation at Tag
    Lake:		Proceed
    Cave:		Cast glow on staff, enter pool
    Nymphs:		Hide, in smelly cave: take torch, treasury: take 
    		amulet, proceed, put amulet in pool
                    In smelly cave: dive and get amulet, back with Minar
    River:		Cross upstream
    Mountain:	Either use glow on map or: Left,Right,Right,Left,Left,
    Part II
    Caves:		Proceed past door with rune. Be sure to go as far 
    		Forward as possible, Back, Cast Tremor
    Prison:		Cast Flare, Cast Elevation on Bergon
    Orcs:		Cast Mud
    Stairs, Left:	Cast Elevation and Wind.
    Stairs, Right:	Exit
    After Snake:	Bergon:		Return
    		Praxis:		Lightning on Stump, down, back
                    Tag:		Say: "b'ran Agrith" (in caves, you can
                    		can ask Hurth about Elves)
    Praxis Route:	Down, go around, examine walls, Esher do his job.
    By Elves:	Cast Rain
    Part III
    Around Orcs:	Gate: Read Runes (Backwards!!), Say:"Lorem"
    Past Orcs:	Cast Tremor, Cast Elevation, Procede,Cast Tremor
    To Help Bergon:	Mix Reagent & Water
    Mines:		Old Mine (Return)
    		New Mine: Examine walls, back, in, examine walls
                    Get Red Rocks
    Right:		Crude Path:	Hurth Down
    		Ornament Path:	Use Key, Use Reagent with Fire
    Part IV
    Trees:		Cast Flare
    Go Milky Way:
    Control Room (CR): Examine controls
    Pits:		Cast wind (notice symbols - differs from game to game)
    CR:		Left dial: Source, Right dial: Destination (it is a 
    		kind of teleporter).
    CR:		Teleport pick-axe from pit 2 to pit 1 using the dials.
    Pits:		First Pit : Mine rock
    CR:		Left dial : pit 1
    		Right dial: pit 3 
                    Quickly: Back, down
    Ruin:		Accept Umber
    In Cell:	Use Reagent with Fire at stones
    Out:		Cast flare to call attention
    The Others:
    Orcs:		Inventory, Use Red Rock, Run for it
    Part V
    Bird:		Mix Air and Water
    Cave:		Stay, Get Advice, Examine Sack, Mix Black Reagent
    		with Fire, Use it on Staff, leave
    Shop:		Trade telescope for gray stone
    Tavern:		Invisibility spell (notice <name> - differs from game to game)
    Inn:		Check In
    Warf:		Hire <name>'s ship
    Town:		Sleep out
    Notice:		The colours of the reagents differs from game to game, so
    		it may not be the same as in the following:
    Cell:		Mix Gray Reagent with fire, Cast Tremor, Use on Sheriff
    Ship:		Relax, Cast Elevation on Tag, Cast Wind Spell
    Demon:		Mix Yellow Coarse with Red Coarse. Add White Coarse
    Solved: 1989-10-03 (C)

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