I cant complete the brothers quest?

  1. I have talked with the brother delta them he says to go find the brother zeta to know more about the 2 mages history to find the day the rainbow isle appears with shells to be given to althea but the quest log only appears find brother delta like i havent talked with him what i can do to resolve this?

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  1. I was surprised to discover that there is no explicit answer to this question in either FAQ posted here. Here you are.

    This is what you need to do:

    1. See Brother Alpha in Fountain Head. He gives you a Quatloo Coin and tells you to see Brother Beta.
    2. See Brother Beta in Baywatch dungeon. He gives you a Quatloo Coin and tells you to see Brother Gamma.
    3. See Brother Gamma in Wildabar. He gives you a Quatloo Coin and tells you to see Brother Delta.
    4. See Brother Delta in Wildabar dungeon. He gives you a Quatloo Coin and tells you to see Brother Zeta.
    5. See Brother Zeta in Arachnoid Cavern. He gives you a Quatloo Coin and that's the end of the quest. You'll see "Greek Brothers visited" under your awards.

    The Quatloo Coins are useful in the Slithercult Stronghold (B1 on the world map). In order to get to the Quatloo Coin slots (which boost stats), you need to solve a puzzle. Writing on the wall in the dungeon says "Say the missing brother sent you." Note that your award says "GREEK brothers visited." The first six letters of the Greek alphabet are alpha, beta, gamma, delta, EPSILON, zeta. Epsilon is not the name of one of the brothers you've visited, so the answer to the riddle "Say who sent you" is "epsilon." Now you can access the Quatloo slots. The Slithercult stronghold is not difficult, and it's a good way to get early stat boosts. There are other Quatloo coins lying around here and there. The only use for them is in the Slithercult Stronghold, so don't hold back thinking you'll need them later.

    More info (skip if you're trying to solve other puzzles on your own):

    The information the brothers are giving you tells you how to solve several other puzzles that are interdependent. What you figure out when you put the clues together and do some exploring is that:

    1. Every year, on day 99, a rainbow shell appears on the one-square island in square D4 on the overworld map -- at (10,1) I think. You need Walk on Water to get to it. Every (game) year, about day 95 or so, I go to Wildabar, walk over to the island, and rest repeatedly until I get the shell.

    2. Once you have a shell, take it to the one-square island at the very southwest corner of the world map in A4. Again, you need to be able to walk on water to do this. Althea will take it, and all of your male characters will fall in love with her. (Their status will be "In Love -1" if you look.) Resting will increase how in love they are, leading to status "in love -2," "in love -3," etc., until they get to "in love -10" (if they get that far), in which case the party's next rest will change their status briefly to "heartbroken."

    3. While they're in love, go to see Princess Trueberry, just north of Swamp Town. (She's told you before that "only love can free her from her prison," so you need to bring her love. You do that by falling in love and then visiting her.) Present your male characters to her one by one -- she'll cure them of their status ailment. When you've done this enough times, she'll give you the relic to place on the shrine of Icarus in A2, which completes another quest.

    The more male characters you have, the faster you'll complete the quest. If you don't have (m)any, it may be worthwhile to find some low-level (i.e. inexpensive) male hirelings, like the two in Fountain Head.

    You don't have to have a shell to fall in love. You can just go back and forth between Althea and Trueberry if you want to, but this is kind of annoying unless your party has one Lloyd's Beacon spell and another transportation spell (a second Lloyd's Beacon, or Town Portal, since Trueberry is pretty darn close to Swamp Town.)

    Hope that's helpful!

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