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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 11/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Might and Magic III FAQ(PC game)
    FAQ/walkthrough copyright 2004 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net
    version 1.0.0
    Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. 
    However, if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by 
    name, then I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I 
    am bad about answering e-mail. Sorry.
    **** AD SPACE: **** My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762 
    Additional kvetching: mail about where to find this game will be ignored. 
    Look for the Ultimate Might and Magic Archives on eBay. If it's "out there" 
    for free, I don't want to know about it, but hey, I've done it for other 
    games, so I won't flame you back if you ask. But I'll ignore you.
    Someone made a great site that really encompasses the game here:
    It also has a cheat guide which makes the build-up process irrelevant.
        1-1. ABOUT THE GAME
        1-2. HOW TO RUN THE GAME
        1-3. OTHER RESOURCES
      2. CONTROLS
        2-2. USING THE MOUSE
        2-5. EXPERIENCE
        2-6. ARMOR CLASS TABLE
        2-7. ALL STAR SPELLS
      3. TIME, TIME, TIME
        3-1. METRICS
        3-2. TIME SAVERS
          4-2-1. CLEARING A1 + FOUNTAIN HEAD
          4-2-2. CLEARING A2
          4-2-3. CLEARING A3
          4-2-4. FOUNTAIN HEAD DUNGEON
          4-2-5. BAYWATCH AND DUNGEON AND A4
          4-2-6. B1 AREA
          4-2-7. B2 AREA
          4-2-9. ANCIENT TEMPLE OF MOO
          4-2-10. B3 AND B4
          4-2-11. SWAMP TOWN
          4-2-12. BLISTERING HEIGHTS, PART 1
          4-2-14. SWAMP TOWN CAVERN
          4-2-15. CLEARING E2
          4-2-16. ARACHNID CAVES
          4-2-17. SLITHERCULT CAVES
          4-2-18. LOOTING THE CASTLES
          4-2-20. C2/C3/D2/D3
          4-2-21. C4/D4/E4
        4-3. THE ARENA
      5. MIDDLE GAME
          5-1-1. THE FORTRESS OF FEAR
          5-1-2. THE HALLS OF INSANITY
          5-1-3. THE DARK WARRIORS' KEEP
          5-1-5. THE TOMB OF TERROR
          5-1-6. THE MAZE FROM HELL
          5-2-1. DRAGON CAVERN
            5-2-2-1. CENTRAL COMMAND
            5-2-2-2. AFT STORAGE
            5-2-2-3. FORWARD STORAGE
            5-2-2-4. MAIN CONTROL
            5-2-2-5. MAIN ENGINE
            5-2-2-6. ALPHA SECTOR
            5-2-2-7. BETA SECTOR
          5-3-1. GREYWIND
          5-3-2. GREYWIND DUNGEON
          5-3-3. BLACKWIND
          5-3-4. BLACKWIND DUNGEON
        5-4. OK, OK, ON WITH IT ALREADY
          5-4-1. THE CHEAP WAY. I WANT OUT!
          5-4-2. WHAT MORE CAN I DO?
        6-2. MAGIC CAVERN
        6-3. DRAGON CAVERN
      8. FLOW CHART
      10. WEIRD BUGS
      11. VERSIONS
      12. CREDITS
        1-1. ABOUT THE GAME
      Might and Magic III was written for the PC and SNES and is a sequel to MM2. 
    I never got around to playing it until ~15 years after completing MM2, but 
    when I did, it was worth it. There's not a lot of initial instruction, but 
    you have a lot of side quests with your ultimate goal being to find
    a) 11 orbs of ultimate power, given to one king(there are 31 total, so you 
    can give more to a king for more experience)
    b) 6 hologram sequencing cards
    c) the escape pods that lead to the setup of Might and Magic IV
      Along the way there may be keys you need to find as well as other items. 
    You'll need to make use of one of the classes you didn't see in Might and 
    Magic III, unless you get very lucky with a walk-on-water item: Rangers and 
    Druids. Rangers:Druids::Paladins:Clerics.
      MM3 has the same structure as MM2 but combats don't have as many enemies, 
    and you can see them approaching. You can also clear out certain areas for 
    good, and when you return to a dungeon your monster hacking progress will be 
    saved. Many of the same spells return, but the outside is a bit bigger(6x4 of 
    16x16 grids, not 5x4) and you have some whopping 32x32 dungeons. Again, many 
    can be totally irrelevant, and some are best explored only until you find a 
    necessary item, but they all house something very interesting.
        1-2. HOW TO RUN THE GAME
      I had trouble running this in Windows's DOS emulator, so I recommend DOSBox 
    at dosbox.sourceforge.net. That way you can also have a website in one 
    window(see 1.3) and this box in another--or, better yet, this walkthrough in 
    another window, and it is easy to flip back and forth. You may need to add 
    the line mount c c:\ to the dosbox.conf file, but it's smooth sailing after 
        1-3. OTHER RESOURCES
      Lee Beng Hai(Volume)'s guide is very good. It's on various sites on the web 
    and details everywhere you need to go.
      There's a German guide on GameFAQs. Maybe translating it will work well.
      http://www.rpgclassics.com/shrines/pc/mm3/ has information on the whole 
    game, pretty much, except for some not strictly relevant dungeons. The 
    graphics that are there work wonderfully.
      First, this guide probably will help you win MM3 on the SNES, but some of 
    the control tricks might not work. The timing bugs might be different, too.
      There are a lot of guides out there that have good insights into Might and 
    Magic III. Volume(Lee Beng Hai)'s guide outlines everything well, and the 
    shrine site at RPGClassics.com is quite well done. There's also a German 
    guide that discusses a way through. The German guide may discuss the nuts and 
    bolts of how to get through, but my minimal knowledge of German seems to 
    indicate maybe it doesn't.
      So what this guide intends to do is to show how to get a quick jump on 
    things and get through the game in the shortest possible time. It should also 
    include details on how to avoid certain monsters or skip tough combats, which 
    becomes particularly important in the Maze from Hell. There's also the 
    middle-game bit that can drag and the matter of finding the right hirelings, 
    when, and of paying them--or finding ways to use their hard work and legally 
    stiff them. Simple stuff like hiring a level 40 thief in Blistering Heights 
    to open the $200000 worth of gold chests along with chests containing Ancient 
    Artifacts, then dismissing him.
      There's also the matter of starting quickly. Getting up to level 8-10 or 
    so, which allows you to have 'cure disease' and avoid temples, is great. How 
    to avoid the temples early on? (Except for donations, which are ultimately 
    time-efficient.) How can you destroy the outposts for quick experience, or 
    build up cash to get skills?
      And then there's the endgame. Which fights are advisable? What about a 
    quick way out, snagging the bare minimum 11 power orbs and saving yourself 
    time, versus getting all 31 ultimate power orbs?
      Along the way there's the constant trick of keeping your save file backed 
    up just in case...because if you die, it's that much extra time that's tacked 
    on in the game.
      This guide also assumes that you don't use the mm3edit cheat which helps 
    your party a lot. For that, you can just pump up all your skills, get rid of 
    the character improvement parts and go searching for items. But it's fun to 
    go through the game proper.
      You can pretty much use the arrow keys to move around, with Y/N to enter a 
    room. Other commands, positioned on the keyboard from left to right, up to 
    down, are:
    S = shoot arrows
    C = cast a spell
    R = rest
    B = bash down a potential secret wall in front. If there's nothing there, you 
    go forward
    D = dismiss someone from your team
    Q = quick snapshot of party status
    M = view current auto-map
    I = inventory of time, spells, etc.
    V = view what Corak has to say
    F1-F8 = look at player
      Not much to say about many of these commands, although if you hold down S, 
    the game shoots a lot more arrows than you need to, and it gets exasperating. 
    Bash may not work at first but if you lose five times in a row it's time to 
    give it a rest. You can dismiss PC's or NPC's from your team too.
      And if you are fighting against monsters at a distance, before their names 
    appear in the upper right to replace the phone-button GUI, you can, if you 
    type quickly, cast a spell twice. I.e. while it's barreling through your 
    enemies, type C to get two shots, much as you can get two shots in.
      But the most critical command is the [tab] command. With it you can save 
    and load games. [tab]-s saves, [tab]-l loads. You can also call Mr. Wizard, 
    which is handy in tight spots and, apparently, the Maze from Hell. But in 
    this walkthrough you'll learn what to do there. The TAB menu also allows you 
    to adjust the music and the sound effects.
      The main trick you need to know with the keyboard is that you can cast two 
    spells or fire two shots while opponents fire one. While your spell is 
    landing on opponents out of melee range, type C and you will get another shot 
    for sure. Often there's some delay after the spell completes but this is a 
    good way to make sure. When facing Eliminators who can eradicate your party 
    just like THAT, it's pretty important to get this extra chance in.
      Also sometimes you'll see something ahead and run into it and it won't be 
    there. Just turn around a bunch and you'll "see" it.
        2-2. USING THE MOUSE
      I really find the mouse a bit wobbly but there's one thing it can do that 
    the keyboard can't do. Sidestepping can be very useful in several cases. The 
    first, to lessen damage from a trap. Move the mouse around and you'll notice 
    the arrow changes, too. When it is bent, that means you will turn and move. 
    When it is off to either side, that means you shuffle sideways. The 
    difference is this: if you're on a "hot" square that does damage, shuffling 
    sideways prevents damage. When coupled with etherealizing onto a hot square, 
    it means you can escape damage totally. If you click it too near the center 
    it may flip you forwards and backwards, so beware.
      Another way to use the mouse to sidestep is this: if you step forward and 
    an enemy appears and casts a spell at you, they won't do so if, from the same 
    position(yes, I'm advocating save/reload for even one move--it can make all 
    the difference when attacks are lethal) you turn to the side and shuffle in 
    the enemy's direction and then you turn to face them.
      The big one? You can save from anywhere, which means a lot less 
    backtracking. TAB-S or TAB-L. And even if you get in a fix you can't get out 
    of, you can call Mr. Wizard from the TAB menu.
      Each primary statistic a player has is given an adjective for its rating. 
    They change every 1-2 points at first but, as they get much better, the 
    adjective changes more and more rarely. Here's a list below:
    Range  |Description   |Bonus to...
    8v      very low      |-2?
    ?9-10?  low           |-1?
    11-12   average       |0
    13-14   good          |1
    15-16   very good     |2
    17-18   high          |3
    19-20   very high     |4
    21-24   awesome       |5
    25-29   super         |6
    30-34   amazing       |7
    35-39   incredible    |8
    40-49   gigantic      |9
    50-74   fantastic     |10
    75-99   astounding    |11
    100-124 astonishing   |12
    125-149 monumental    |13
    150-174 tremendous    |14
    175-199 collosal(sic) |15
    200-224 awesome       |16
    225-249 awe inspiring |17
    250     ultimate      |20
      You can poke around at your player's stats with the arrow keys and see the 
    experience til next level, how many attacks and even the maximum hit points. 
    The "bonus to" is a modifier of the original ability. For instance if you 
    have a weapon that does 3d12, super strength would give you 3d12+6. Without 
    speed bonuses your armor might be 20, but with 22 speend it is 25. You can 
    see here that when your party gets better, you may want to have a strongman 
    for personality or intelligence(for spell points) but for a while sometimes 
    placing 5 with a lesser light can help improve their spell points immensely. 
    The same goes with sharing endurance points. Although you may want your 
    knight as a "gunner" to gain a lot, especially when he needs to go down into 
    pits, eventually it's more efficient to give them to your paladin or even 
    your suffering sorcerer. At least, until you find the wellsprings of where to 
    build the stats incredibly. Everyone will get to 50 eventually with the 
    Quatloo Coins you find.
      There is some sort of formula to decide who gets what, in terms of 
    intelligence and personality and even endurance. First, by the middle game, 
    you should have gems in five digits, and there is one place where you can 
    keep reloading stats for gems traded in. It's tough to see where you'll get 
    the best return from, but note:
    --after you reach 50 points, it's much tougher to improve a visible stat. You 
    go from needing 2 to 4 to 5 to 10 to 25.
    --Archers and Paladins get points at half the clip spellcasters do. So once 
    you get them to 50, it gets you more spell points overall to donate to your 
    primary casters. But until then you may want to leave Archers/Paladins 10 
    points behind pure casters. Don't sweat the details, though.
    --The same goes for your Druid, surprisingly enough, if you have one. They 
    gain points at half the clip Clerics/Sorcerers do. Because Druids average 
    their gains for personality and intelligence, you may want to keep 
    personality and intelligence even until they hit 50. Then to optimize, 
    concentrate on just one or the other--for instance, if you have 2 stats at 
    67, it's less useful than 77 and 57. Not a huge point, but in case you're 
    --Rangers are actually last to improve since their progress is 1/4 what other 
    spellcasters' is. Still with everyone else at 50 you can bring rangers along 
    later as that is overall the most efficient thing place to spend money. But 
    once they're at 50/50, forget it.
    --If you are close to 250 in one attribute it's worth it to get there as you 
    get an extra (final) bonus once attributes get there. But no use doing any 
    --Speed is actually the only attribute you can't pump up continually. Which 
    is a shame, so try to balance out everything in the 50-range.
        2-5. EXPERIENCE
      What you need for the next level doubles until it cannot go over 1024000. 
    Here's the starting experience for each character class:
    Robbers 1000
    Clerics, Knights 1500
    Paladins, Rangers, Sorcerers, Archers 2000
      If you want to add a level, then, at the fountain where you can exchange 
    gold for experience, you need to add 1024000 per, which equates to:
    2048000 for 2 levels
    3072000 for 3 levels
    4096000 for 4 levels
    5120000 for 5 levels
      However it really is easier just to go out in the world and find special 
    items. Ancient Artifacts give an average of 233333 per item per person(500000 
    for the "right" alignment, 100000 for the "wrong," right 1/3 of the time) and 
    Orbs of Power give 1000000. Therefore if you get all the artifacts(37) and 
    orbs(31) you have a pile of levels there for the whole party, almost 40 in 
    fact. And the Maze from Hell nets you 23 levels if you clear it out.
      By the time you get to the upper levels of the arena, you get more 
    experience for monsters than for (1000*the fight.) And since you can cast 
    super-protective spells to get and stay there, you will be able to improve 
    your characters until gold becomes a serious problem. That, I don't know how 
    to remedy. Because there's only so much of it in the game. Bank interest 
    can't keep up with it, and if you are going to cheat to build your gold up, 
    why not do the same for your experience?
      Still experience is no substitute for attributes and it's in your interest 
    to get as many stats at 50+ as you can. Spellcasting stats are critical. And 
    sometimes you need certain battle-preparation spells to survive in certain 
    areas anyway, so experience only gets you so far.
        2-6. ARMOR CLASS TABLE
           |-3|-2|-1|+0| +1 | +2 |+3| +4 |+5|+6| +8|+ |+12|+14|+16|+20|
           |Wo|Br|Br|Gl|Iron|Silv|Am|Ebon|Qu|  |Pla|10|Eme|Sap|Dia|Obs|
           |od|as|on|as|Cora|Lapi|be|y  S|Ar|Go|Tin|Ru|ral|phi|mon|idi|
           |en|s |ze| s|Crys|Pear| r|teel|Tz|ld|Um |by|d  |re |d  |an |
    Padded |-1| 0| 1| 2|   3|   4| 5|   6| 7| 8| 10|12| 14| 16| 18| 22|=helm
    Leather| 0| 1| 2| 3|   4|   5| 6|   7| 8| 9| 10|12| 15| 17| 19| 23|
    Scale  | 1| 2| 3| 4|   5|   6| 7|   8| 9|10| 10|12| 16| 18| 20| 24|
    Ring   | 2| 3| 4| 5|   6|   7| 8|   9|10|11| 10|12| 17| 19| 21| 25|
    Chain  | 3| 4| 5| 6|   7|   8| 9|  10|11|12| 10|12| 18| 20| 22| 26|
    Splint | 4| 5| 6| 7|   8|   9|10|  11|12|13| 10|12| 19| 21| 23| 27|
    Plate-M| 5| 6| 7| 8|   9|  10|11|  12|13|14| 10|12| 20| 22| 24| 28|
    Plate-A| 7| 8| 9|10|  11|  12|13|  14|15|16| 18|20| 22| 24| 26| 30|
    ToHit  |-3|+3|+2| 0|  +1|  +2|+3|  +4|     | +6|+6| +7| +8| +9|+15|
    Dmg    |-3|-4|-2| 0|  +1|  +2|+3|  +4|     |+10|12|+15|+20|+30|+50
                        Ir=2|Si=4|  |St=6 Go=4h8d
      Note that as you get into the precious stuff(past Gold) there's relatively 
    little difference between armors.
      You actually do lose AC for items such as rings that give no default AC 
    improvement. You can have more than 1 ring but you can't have more than 1 of 
    other types of items except medals. They are divided as follows:
    If you get an obsidian (anything other than a weapon) it raises your armor 
    class 20 points and you can even get an orb to hold in one hand for your 
      As for weapons, Obsidian is so much more powerful than anything else that 
    even an Obsidian Dagger beats out, say, a Diamond Flamberge(+50 vs +30.)
        2-7. ALL STAR SPELLS
    Indispensible cleric spells:
    DEAD(which has no penalty as I can see)
    Combat prep: HEROISM
    WORD, MASS DISTORTION(for big HP monsters,) RESURRECTION(for emergencies,) 
    SUN RAY(on a group)
    Range, before combat: TURN UNDEAD, HOLY WORD(FIERY FLAIL is too weak vs. 
    Sorcerer stuff for vs. 1 opponent)
    Let's look at how the Clerical offensive spells fare. (name cost:damage)
    Flying fist 2 : 6, ratio = 3 on 1
    Fiery Flail 25 : 100, ratio = 4 on 1
    Sparks 1/lev : 1/lev, ratio = 1 on 3
    Pain 4 : 8, ratio = 2 on 3
    Turn Undead is a special case which seems to be the best, but only against 
    certain foes
    Cold ray 2/lev : 2-4/lev, ratio = 1.5 on 3
    Acid spray 9 : 15, ratio = 1.666 on 3+
    Moon ray 60 : 30, ratio = .5 on 3+(advantage: HP back)
    Mass Distortion: lose 1/2 spell points, better with bigger-HP monsters that 
    aren't magic resistant
    Holy Word: doesn't always kill undead monsters but can wound badly.
    Sun ray 150 : 200, ratio = 1.333 on 3+
    Indispensible druid spells:
    Noncombat: NATURES CURE is a good heal, less efficient than first aid(4.17 
    per SP vs 6) but it takes less. WALK ON WATER is absolutely necessary. 
    NATURES GATE can help at times(where does it lead??)
    Combat: DEADLY SWARM, PRISMATIC LIGHT(for desperate circumstances, but 
    usually pretty good esp if no spell points for Elemental storm), ELEMENTAL 
    Frost Bite 7 : 35, ratio = 5 on 1
    Deadly swarm 12 : 40, ratio = 3.333 on 3
    Acid spray 8 : 15, ratio = 1.875 on 3+
    Elemental storm 100 : 150, ratio = 1.5 on 3+
    The main weakness of druid spells is, not enough spells that do by-level 
    damage. They mainly parrot the lesser of sorcerers' and clerics' spells. 
    Swarm is good value but against biiiig monsters it's not too useful.
    Indispensible sorcerer spells:
    Noncombat: LIGHT, CREATE ROPE(no trips to the store,) JUMP, LEVITATE, (Wizard 
    Eye is nice but there's automap and directional sense,) LLOYD'S 
    BEACON(different locations for different casters,) TELEPORTAL, DUPLICATION(to 
    crank up infinite gold, in a way--if you have Obsidian Plate Armor/Amulet or 
    anything above Quartz, there is really no better item. Save to back the item 
    up in case it's destroyed. You can get infinite gems in the Arachnoid cavern-
    -and you should have the merchant-skill person sell,) ETHEREALIZE
    Combat prep: POWER SHIELD
    Combat: ENERGY BLAST(not as efficient as Implosion at higher levels but good 
    early), TOXIC CLOUD(vs low HP monsters with special powers,) DRAGON 
    BREATH(cold vs. fire creatures is great,) SUPER SHELTER(in a pinch,) 
    IMPLOSION and pretty much any level-based attack. Let's compare them.
    Incinerate 35 : 250, ratio = 7 1/7 on 1
    Implosion 100 : 1000, ratio = 10 on 1
    Toxic cloud 4 : 10, ratio = 2 1/2
    Lightning bolt 2 : 2-6, ratio = 2 on 3
    Fireball 2 : 3-7, ratio = 2 1/2 on 3
    Fantastic Freeze 15 : 40, ratio =2 2/3 on 3
    Mega Volts 40 : 150, ratio = 3 3/4 on 3
    Inferno 75 : 250, ratio = 3 1/3 on 3
    Dancing sword 3/level 6-14/level, ratio = 3 1/3 on 3
    Dragon Breath 3/level : 5, ratio = 1 2/3 on 3+
    Star Burst 200 : 500, ratio = 2 1/2 on 3+
      If you know your opponent's precise hit points then you can decide what to 
    cast but otherwise the more expensive spells tend to be better. Of course 
    more versatile ones such as Dragon Breath may be better if an enemy has a 
    specific weakness i.e. acid as otherwise fireball or lightning bolt will work 
    more efficiently.
      3. TIME, TIME, TIME
        3-1. METRICS
      One of the big problems I had when starting out was that I took a year to 
    get even decent. I had some unpleasant experiences with letting time run up 
    on me. So what takes up a lot of time and what doesn't?
    --staying in an inn takes one day. So save outside.
    --going to a temple takes a day. Getting blessed takes no time, but each 
    uncurse or heal takes an extra day as well.
    --browsing in a shop takes an hour, regardless of how many people look 
    --turning around doesn't take any time at all.
    --each round of combat takes 1 minute in or out of doors.
    --moving a square takes 1 minute indoors, 10 minutes outdoors.
    --shooting arrows takes the same time as moving. Therefore, if time is of the 
    essence you may wish to go directly into battle and forget shooting long-
    range. Especially if you're blessed by the priests.
    --casting a spell takes the same time as moving as well.
    --training at a guild takes a day per character. If a character gains 
    multiple levels, he still only takes a day to learn them. This leads to a 
    good way to get strong quick in game-time.
    --rotating takes no game-time.
    --inventory and item trading don't, either
    --1 day of food = 3 rest-ups.
    --resting takes 8 hours. It removes all protective spells.
    --the day turns light at 5 AM. Any protective spells you have at the moment 
    are removed. So when you're using protective spells(including light) to go 
    somewhere, remember to check the time to make sure they're not wasted. If 
    it's night and you have time to kill, maybe you'll want to see the guild for 
    any new spells. Take the magic mirror to other towns, even.
    --dark comes at 9 PM, and it is the same all year. The year is decimal, with 
    onesday through tensday and ten weeks in the year.
    --most shops are open during all day hours. Taverns are open 6 PM-5 AM, banks 
    9 AM-5 PM, and temples and inns are always open.
        3-2. TIME SAVERS
    --casting teleport can save time by up to 89%. Jump, 50%. Teleport is 
    actually more efficient than jump.
    --Lloyd's Beacon is a huge time saver, and paired with Town Portal, you can 
    bounce back and forth between towns/healing and a tough dungeon.
    --when stranded at night, visit a temple.
    --the big one: multiple levels for a party member at once.
      When starting off, the worst ways to lose game-time are getting poisoned or 
    diseased, using the inn to save games, and getting stuck at the wrong times 
    or even resting in the wrong areas. There are also a few things you need to 
    use as resources. You need to know where certain fountains are that help you 
    improve quickly and temporarily. Often you'll need to use them and head to 
    certain places, such as a locked box your character isn't good enough to open 
    normally. My keys are:
    --temples, where you get blessed. Having to pay more per character is better. 
    Because if you pay 7 times, you get +7 of holy bonus, blessed, heroism and 
    power shield. And you waste the same amount of time.
    --later, a pool in B1 where everyone gets +20 levels for the rest of the day
      I generally trade in the Barbarian for a Ranger(human, female, neutral to 
    balance alignments.) Early on it's best to have as many healing spells as 
    possible, and although an Archer would be optimal, there is one in Fountain 
    Head along with a Druid. I also like having Walk on Water relatively soon. 
    The one disadvantage is that your archer could, later, cast Implosion and 
    save your sorcerer the hit points.
      There's also a risky gambit of dropping a knight and barbarian for an 
    archer and a ranger/druid. If you can improve quickly and are willing to hit 
    the fountains, this is an intriguing idea. You don't lose that much in terms 
    of firepower, and although you do get nicked long-term for a few hit points, 
    it's nice to have another someone casting spells. I don't recommend it for 
    people who've never tried Might and Magic style games, though.
      The first thing to do, even before dropping the Barbarian, is to get rid of 
    his items and trade them to your Knight. You can then go to the shop, which 
    is straight forward after you leave, and buy a short bow, two cutlasses, two 
    scale armor, and cloak and gauntlets. Everyone should have leather boots, so 
    don't worry about those. Remove the barbarian, pick up the archer or ranger 
    and give her the equipment that's loose. You'll also want your four 
    spellcasters to have access to the guild.
      Here I like to create a small chart of who has what sort of items. Also 
    note the party order. It's not critical, but you want your strongest up front 
    to bash down doors. Also you'll want to note the order everyone goes in, in 
    combat. It should be like that for the rest of the game, or until someone 
    gains speed. The first eight, you can buy anywhere. The next few get found 
    along the way. It's worth noting that gloves, cloak, boots, and helms can be 
    used by all party members. Whenever you get a new or better item there may be 
    a lot of swapping to do, and this follows particularly after visiting a store 
    in a new town. Trickle down effects work nicely here.
            |Armor |Weapon|Helm|Shield|Bow |Gloves|Cloak |Boots |Ring|Belt|Other
    Paladin |      |      |    |      |    |      |      |      |    |    |
    Archer  |      |      |    | XXXX |    |      |      |      |    |    |
    Ranger  |      |      |    |      |    |      |      |      |    |    |
    Robber  |      |      |    |      |    |      |      |      |    |    |
    Cleric  |      |      |    |      |XXXX|      |      |      |    |    |
    Sorcerer|      |      |    | XXXX |XXXX|      |      |      |    |    |
    Or, if you must,
    Knight  |      |      |    |      |    |      |      |      |    |    |
    Brbarian|      |      |    |      |    |      |      |      |    |    |
    Ninja   |      |      |    |      |????|      |      |      |    |    |
    Druid   |      |      |    | ???? |????|      |      |      |    |    |
      One very nice thing about MM3 is that any character can use any item--
    except for bows, armor, and weapons. Paladins/Knights can use plate armor, 
    Ranger/Cleric can use splint, Archer/Robber can use chain, and Sorcerers can 
    use padded. But the big bonuses average out and if you give your Sorcerer an 
    obsidian item or two he may be as well protected as the other guys. By the 
    end of the game everyone had 110+ armor classes.
      Now that you're equipped you're ready to go outside. Yes, already. One 
    thing you can do before you go outside is to get everyone blessed. This 
    pretty much means that the enemies in A1 won't be able to damage you, and 
    it's cheap. If you are able to attack that many more enemies, then you can 
    get to the training grounds with several more levels at once, and the day you 
    spend getting blessed can be wiped out by the days you save training for 
    multiple levels. And you can just continually visit the fountain of +20 armor 
    class to waste only a few game-hours--if you're really obsessed with timing 
    and a quick jump in the game's internal sense. Eventually I maddened myself 
    with this perfection but you may feel differently.
      The big push early will be to take out enemy outposts. This gets you 
    experience and items. They don't start out being very good, but once you get 
    mountaineering and pathfinding, you can find cool items all over. And of 
    course you don't have to do everything in this order. But I did.
      After creating your party and before serious exploration you may want to 
    enroll the two hirelings in your party, step out, and have them trade 
    everything they have to your regular players. This allows for one more 
    missile weapon and a pile of nice armor. Your first goal will be to get 
    access to the Wildabar guild, which will give you all the healing spells you 
    need to avoid the temples--except for death, which is very avoidable. You're 
    just worried about healing accidents at the moment.
          4-2-1. CLEARING A1 + FOUNTAIN HEAD
      If you don't get blessed you can still take out the Goblin Warriors. Just 
    look south and east and shoot down whoever's in the picture. You shouldn't 
    need to attack anyone directly yet or use spells. Eventually you'll want to 
    go south. When the grass is on the left, face that way and fire off a few 
    more arrows. A few waves of goblins will come at you, but you should be able 
    to deal. At the caravan, destroy everything and you'll get 2500 experience 
    along with some items that are probably worthless although they have cool 
    names(wooden flamberge, etc.) Now I wound up with 3524 experience total here. 
    That is enough for 2 levels for your robber, cleric and sorcerer. You can 
    certainly go back right now.
      But I found I liked to loop back left and up. Instead of going into town 
    you can go east two and north. Then circle around the top shoreline to the 
    west. When you see trees, go into them and reach the well. If you get that, 
    you will be unhittable to the orcs. You may want to save after each won 
    fight. But once you have you can just move in close and cream the orcs. The 
    orc caravan is on the other side of the mountain, and if you destroy it, you 
    get 5000 experience. On top of the experience for the orcs you should have 
    enough to advance handily. I found I had 11000-12000 experience here, but I 
    pushed it a bit. I had enough time and cash to get to the guild and learn 
    first aid and light, which are nuisances not to have, for my paladin and 
    ranger. Then I healed up and went two spaces south of where I started the 
    game. Secret door to the west, bash it in, win the fight, get gold and an 
      The last bit is back east and north four squares. Then tend east, break 
    down the door, and gun down all the monsters there. High armor class should 
    mean it's all no problem. If you don't finish all this before the next day 
    starts, no problem. You've still got a great jump. Just go train before the 
    next day starts and get ready for your next task. Note training is free 
    healing too, for hit points anyway.
          4-2-2. CLEARING A2
      A2 is similar to A1 except that it's got a few more enemies in a wider-open 
    space. There are two ways to approach it. You should be blessed before 
    entering the area or, if you like to save game-time, you can get temporary 
    +20 armor class at that well in A1. You may want to use the portal to say 
    SEADOG and go to Baywatch, although you can also walk to A2.
      If you approach from A1, go south until you see a building to the right. 
    Enter it and destroy it. Then go west and when you see a shrine south, enter 
    and destroy it. Turn back north and go forward until you take out that 
    square. It may be tough to keep track of directions but if you have the sound 
    on you can hear how many moves you made. The total experience here is double 
    what it was before. 
      If you exit from Baywatch, the skeletons inside shouldn't do too much 
    damage. You can pick up 300 luck(getting you to Ultimate) at the fountain 
    just north of where the mirror drops you off, which seems to help a lot. Just 
    keep pitching a coin 'til it happens once and then do it again. Before 
    exiting to the west I might advise a detour to the shop(east of the inn) to 
    get a crossbow and some nice armor, then go east, south and east to pick off 
    the zombies guarding the guild while you are still "upped." Save before 
    fighting--they cause disease, which is annoying to get rid off. I've managed 
    to stretch things out by going north to the Magic Mirror area to get rid of 
    skeletons who might bother you later, then back south and east to clear out 
    more skeletons. To really get ahead you can gain access to the guild, see 
    brother Alpha, and get Pathfinder(get this first, before Mountaineer, because 
    you only need 1 person to get it if you've got a Ranger in your party. And 
    it's half as expensive. But if you can afford that too, great.)
      You didn't outright need those detours above but they'll help you out 
    later. Go outside and west until you are past something on your right. Turn 
    right and go north into the first hut and see the paragraph above.
      Now you have the option of porting back to Fountain Head. I advise this, 
    because you'll have some cash from A2 now and will want to be sure you have 
    Mountaineering. Plus you'll want one night in Baywatch to buy spells such as 
    Jump, which can save a bit of time and annoyance. Create Rope is also 
    important for Sorcerers and Archers, as is Toxic Cloud. Clerics will of 
    course want the healing spells such as Cure Wounds and First Aid, and if you 
    are playing with a ranger, get him whatever he needs. Your Cleric will want 
    protection from elements and, if you were able to push to level 5 after A1, 
    Turn Undead will shortly be extremely handy.
      A side point here--there are some zombies guarding the doors. Boost your 
    luck to 300 and hit them with whatever spells you can before they approach. 
    And Energy Blast them when they're near. They can disease you, which is 
    annoying to get rid of.
      Before moving to A3, you may also first want to take a day to explore the 
    mountains in A1, which hold 10000+ treasure and thus recoup your investment 
    pretty quickly. A3 is a bit tougher. You don't need to gain levels yet and, 
    being a time-miser, I didn't. But you do need pathfinder(Baywatch) and the 
    spell Toxic Cloud(any guild) to deal with A3's screamers at your current 
    level range.
          4-2-3. CLEARING A3
      Check the shop to see if there's a new short bow. Screamers can go down to 
    missile attacks as they have few hit points, but I've found Toxic Cloud works 
    even better, so wait at night to pick up the spell for Sorcerer and Archer. 
    The key things to locate in A3 are the screamer breeding grounds and the 
    wagon that cures insanity--otherwise the temples have a monopoly on all that. 
    The wagons are cheaper too. What I do is to follow the road from Baywatch and 
    then go along the mountain range tending west. Remember that you can see when 
    it ends in one direction because the mountain in front of you will get a bit 
    smaller. Follow it all the way to the west edge. Then turn south. Use spells 
    whenever you can, or whenever necessary. There will be a wall of three 
    screamers and here's where you may need to fire off two spells quickly. Once 
    that's done you can destroy the breeding grounds in the wagon and continue 
    going south. Follow the coastline south and you may need to go east once. 
    South a bit more and there'll be another wagon to the east at y=1. Enter it 
    and pay 10 gems. Later on if you have Lloyd's Beacon you may want to earmark 
    this spot. Because there's no real cure for insanity. Later you won't need 
    one, because stronger enemies don't do that to you.
      The next part of this area, getting to the vampire bats' den, is not too 
    bad, but if you meet screamers you may have to heal up again. You may want to 
    backtrack to heal up along the way but it's quicker to plow through and have 
    done with it. Of course you can save before each fight so no-one gets 
    damaged, but that is not real-world practical. Go east all the way, north 
    two, east and north. Destroy. Then go west and turn north when you see a 
    wagon. That's where you cure poison.
      Now the top wagon offers +10 might and endurance to your knight for 10000 
    gold, which you might as well get if you have the money(and a knight,) but 
    strangely it doesn't matter much later. If you are playing with default 
    characters your might and endurance will go over 25, and thus when you go to 
    the caverns below Swamp Town you will only get one improvement to your 
    endurance instead of two. There's some treasure in this area totalling 9500 
    gold that should help you afford this, but actually if you go in for the 2 
    million cheat you may just want to pump everyone's accuracy up to 25 in the 
    DR wagon. It's a limited time offer, and later on in the game there are 
    improvements you can pay for with gems, but they're a bit trickier.
      With all this you should have a few levels now. You could try your luck in 
    B1, or you might want to look into the dungeon downstairs to try to clear out 
    other areas. You're going to be restricted by water pretty soon, so I'll look 
    into the Fountain Head dungeon. It has some nice attribute raisers, and you 
    have a chance for some cheap experience. You'll also get to learn some basics 
    of dungeon traveling that will stay with you. Before going in I recommend you 
    have Jump and that you also have Lloyd's Beacon and have it cast for the A3 
    area by the poison cure. That lessens the risk of being poisoned and losing 
    attributes before you get to safety.
          4-2-4. FOUNTAIN HEAD DUNGEON
      The Fountain Head dungeon isn't too bad, but you may want to make several 
    passes through it nonetheless. You will likely need the "jump" spell, or you 
    will need to rest a ton. By now you should have four people with missile 
    weapons and two players of reasonable strength. Clearing it out should not be 
    too bad. First you have vampire bats, so stay back and shoot them all down. 
    There's one poisoned vat in the first room, the northeast corner--save before 
    getting it. In general you can cheat up like this before drinking poison. If 
    you drink poison, you need to watch your stats, but by the time you go in you 
    should have Lloyd's Beacon set to A3.
      The main objectives here are to kill the Rat Overlord and find the altar to 
    boost everyone's swimming. You might as well be blessed for the Rat Overlord, 
    and you'll actually want to do that first, because it's the only one of any 
    of the monsters that has a chance against you.
      Go south from the first room, jump over the pendulum, south and east. There 
    are some barrels of treasure to the south, and you will need to heal up to 
    pass through the next pendulums. Here you can save a chunk of damage if you 
    use the mouse and click the right arrow a few times. When you reach the head, 
    type RATS(we're cheating up here a bit. If you look into other parts of the 
    dungeon and collect 5 skulls and go back up, east and south, you get this 
    message.) The exit back up is to the west, and you go south at the next fork. 
    The rat overlord shouldn't be too tough. Keep your distance and fire energy 
    blasts at it with your sorcerer, and heal whomever you need to. Then retrace 
    your path back, checking all the side forks and resting whenever you need to 
      On the way back you should have the money to pay for all nonhumans getting 
    the swimming skill. You may also wish to explore the cavern to the west at 
    the first fork, as well as the cavern to the west of the pendulum. There you 
    can get two skills you don't really need, but it's fun.
      The good and bad chests are labeled in the map above.
      You can proceed to the arena after this or you can also go scope out 
          4-2-5. BAYWATCH AND DUNGEON AND A4
      I'm assuming that you have cleared out most of Baywatch, except for two 
    particularly virulent batches behind doors. First, at the top near the 
    dungeon, there's a door south. You can bust it south and start casting "turn 
    undead" a bunch. It's a ranged spell, so you should zap the monsters before 
    they get there. Before the following fights, visit the fountain in the town 
    square for some serious gold. The weapons shop may be recharged by now, too.
      On the east wall, to the south, is a bigger group of undeads. You may need 
    to rest up before taking them on. The ghoul is the big enemy there and it may 
    help if a pellcaster has lightning bold or fireball. Save your paladin's Turn 
    Undead for the ghoul. He probably doesn't have too many spell points, yet.
      Stay out of the pits until you've learned Cure Disease and Cure Poison. 
    Don't bust down the gate you can see through, either. Rather, just head to 
    the dungeon, which has some nice experience and attribute improvement for 
    you. Also, wait for nightfall to learn Levitate if you haven't. Protection 
    from Elements(Acid flavor) also helps in the cavern when you want to knock 
    down some walls behind an acid pit.
      Again, Lloyd's Beacon to A3 is very helpful here. Your players may go 
    insane without a lot of chance to heal them, and it may be nearly too late to 
    heal them if you go by foot. You may need to reconnoiter once, even if it is 
    after you've clubbed everything else.
    ======== A4 DETOUR ========
      Once you get to A3 to cure insanity, you may want to detour to take out the 
    giant spiders to the south before coming back. Even if you get poisoned along 
    the way, remember you can heal that in A3 as well. The giant spiders' layer 
    is directly south of the wagon where you cure insanity, and in fact if you 
    are crafty you can get to the mantises' lair without doing much. The trick is 
    to walk clockwise along the shoreline until you reach a mountain. Then go two 
    squares north in the mountain and destroy the mantises' lair. This may 
    require some fighting but if you're blessed it shouldn't be too bad. Cast 
    Lloyd's Beacon to return, or have the spell points saved, and then regain 
    your sanity and flush out the poison if need be.
      This detour may be a bit ambitious but it's possible to rake off a good 
    chunk of experience pretty quickly.
    ======== END DETOUR ========
      Back in the dungeon, there are a lot of secret cells here where you have 
    through walls. You also may find Sacred Silver Skulls, which are good for 
    experience and a bit of gold when you go back to Fountain Head. Brother Beta 
    is also in there, south from the northeast corner. You can always walk 
    anywhere without touching acid except where there is a secret door.
      A phantom is trapped behind various doors at the top. Save beforehand, have 
    a thief unlock the door in the north center, and cast Turn Undead as quickly 
    as possible.
          4-2-6. B1 area
      Here's where you sort of turn the corner. B2 is probably a bit easier. But 
    B1 has some nasty monsters indeed. Rest up(leveling up is optional) and 
    donate at the Baywatch temple. It costs a bit more but it's worth it, because 
    it will help you solve a later quest of donating at all temples. If you don't 
    need to now, earmark Baywatch for later.
      You'll want to come in with spells flashing and do what you can to break 
    through the Wild Fungi to the east. You'll need to enter at the right 
    point(Y=2, from A1) and then, once you passed by a giant head, go one square 
    north to continue in the forest. Then turn east. The fountain to destroy is 
    one square away, but there are a lot of enemies to zap. Hit them with 
    lightning bolts and such. The wild fungi will always hit you, so there's no 
    sense trying to build up your armor class. Just push forward and, once you 
    destroy the fountain, push into the mountain.
      Now you may note that there is an island 2 north and 2 east where you can 
    drink from a very nice fountain. Do so. You may also wish to set Lloyd's 
    Beacon here. This will be your new stopping point after being blessed at a 
    temple. It will take some time to get back to Fountain Head and use the magic 
    mirror to get to another one, or even to use the finesse of using the mirror 
    to Baywatch for the +300 luck and continuing on, but it's a maneuver you will 
    want to get used to in order to improve quickly.
      From here, go east 'til you hit a mountain and then north. The Oh No bugs 
    shouldn't be difficult with your attacks doubled and the temple's effects 
    still going on. You shouldn't need spells. They're easier than the Wild Fungi 
    in my opinion.
      From here you can just walk along the mountains to take care of business 
    and look for treasure, with the Oh No Bugs lair at (12,8,) or maybe you can 
    stretch out to B2. You'll want to come back here to hoard treasure, but for 
    right now the fungi give serious shocks and there's no way to avoid being 
    hit. So avoid them or come prepared with several Toxic Clouds and lots of 
    heal spells.
          4-2-7. B2 area
      The area in B2 is similar to B1--the easier enemies give more experience 
    for destroying their lair. You might want to go along the shoreline to knock 
    out the ogres, or if you're feeling really brave, you can try to shoot all 
    opposing sprites down from a distance. They curse you, though, so beware. One 
    good solution I've found is to shoot at them from across the river, or walk 
    across the river, retreat, and fire. This can take extra time, but it can be 
      On entering Wildabar you'll find a lot of melee opponents. You can get to 
    Wildabar by typing FREEMAN in the magic mirror, and you may want to visit the 
    fountain of +20 levels in the morning before so doing. You should be able to 
    deal with the ninjas, especially if you're blessed, but if not, a wave or two 
    won't hurt. Try to train up and maybe you might want to take a few trips to 
    the Arena. Of course there are new weapons here too, so keep track of that.
      Once it's all cleared up you want to go into the southern area. Here you 
    have some useful skills: Arms Master, for everybody, as well as Body Builder, 
    which adds a few hit points all around.
      After that you should be able to rest, to see your new maximums, and get 
    blessed at the Wildabar temple(3 of 5 now) and take out the rest of Wildabar. 
    Because the enemies don't give spell damage, you shouldn't have much trouble 
    running through them. Visit Brother Gamma outside the Sonic Ninja quasi-boss. 
    Brother Delta is way at the end. Ogres again shouldn't do much damage, 
    because you have the bonus to hit and to protect. You will want to save 
    before taking out the Wicked Witch in the west center, but other than that 
    it's pretty straightforward. Just pull the levers. There are also several 
    places where you can raise attributes.
          4-2-9. ANCIENT TEMPLE OF MOO
      If you have Levitate, this is a pretty straightforward smash-and-grab 
    affair. The main purpose, aside from a ton of money, is to get the Crusader 
    skill that allows you into castles. There's also a boss fight and some 
    wickedly awesome treasure. But you should be able to run through this pretty 
          4-2-10. B3 and B4
      Area B3 is tougher than it looks. From Wildabar, blessed, you'll want to 
    walk in the water along the shoreline up from B4. Then when mountains appear, 
    head over them to the west. Be sure to have a lot of Turn Undead ready to go.
      You'll want to linger around in the mountains to get an Etherealize and 
    Teleport early on, and then you may want to rest up before attacking the 
    Bugaboos. Here because there's no magic that's really effective, you can just 
    slap Power Shield on your front fighters and Heroism and maybe Blessed on the 
    others if you don't want to retrace your steps. By now your power shield, 
    etc. should be stronger than anything the temples can give. The drawback is 
    that you're out of spell points once you cast the spells.
      As in B2 and B1, the most lucrative hideout to destroy features the easier 
      If you'd like you can also tool around B4 for a while to pick up experience 
    and look in the mountains for goodies. Castle Bloodreign isn't too useful 
    yet, though.
          4-2-11. SWAMP TOWN
      From Wildabar you can find a boat in B4 that takes you to Swamp Town for 
    2000 gold or, better yet, you can type DOOMED at a magic mirror. Swamp Town 
    is a mess of secret doors and ghouls/ninjas hiding behind them. Again, having 
    an increased level will help in all this especially since Turn Undead depends 
    on the caster's level. First though you'll want to bust open the west wing's 
    shops. The weapons store here is even nicer. Even if it will eventually get 
    replaced, remember the trickle down effect of armor: if your knight gets 
    Silver items, he can trade the Iron stuff to the Paladin, who drops the 
    regular stuff off to someone who didn't have any. Then, in Burning Heights, 
    the knight gets the Steel stuff and everything repeats.
      But for Swamp Town the current objective should be to clear out the boss 
    fights, sign up for the guild, and get out. From the original area you smash 
    a door east and go north. Then cast Turn Undead for all you're worth. Clear 
    out the treasure and go back south--bash to the right. Now there are a lot of 
    tombs here along the north side that are cursed, but if you dig the right 
    ones you get a nice treat.
    (15, 15) holy bonus
    (13, 15) 200 gems
    (9, 15) 5000 gold
      If you still have energy(and if you're blessed, do heal up who you can) you 
    may want to go back south, break open a door and take out the ninjas around 
    there. There's another door to break down and then you'll find many treasures 
    lying around.
    (9, 2) cure paralysis scroll
    (9, 1) (14, 1) artifact of evil
    (11, 1) (12, 1) (14, 4) ancient jewelry
    (12, 5) heroism scroll
    (11, 3) ghost and treasure
    (14, 5) ghost
      Of these the ancient jewelry is saleable, and the artifacts of evil become 
    very important later on. In fact you can possibly roll the dice and use them 
    sooner rather than later, but for now just keep them in the inventory.
      You can go down the stairs now and open up whatever coffins you see. Don't 
    allow yourself to jump through the lightning, but go back east and gain 
    access to the spell guild. The rest of the dungeon is too treacherous for 
    now. Go back up, rest, use the temple for donations and then take the magic 
    mirror to Blistering Heights(REDHOT.) You really might want to train, or at 
    least drink from the +20 level fountain, before going there. And if you 
    haven't gotten blessed at the Swamp Town temple yet, do so. The first few 
    fights are doozies.
          4-2-12. BLISTERING HEIGHTS, PART 1
      You have a bit of a tricky row to hoe here. You can't get through 
    Blistering Heights all at once, but you really do need to cast protection 
    from elements before mixing it up. There's a statue several squares away, and 
    you'll suffer some damage getting to it. But once you're there, BAM. You can 
    take out any opponents. You'll want to go to the south where you can take on 
    various fire lizards and dragons. If your priest has cold ray, it's a big 
    help, and if your sorcerer has dragon breath(use cold,) that's good, too. 
    Just throw everything you have and open the chest that's not in a niche 
    first. Save before opening the other, which contains an obscene amount of 
      Now go west and defeat the mini-dragon and try to pick up the chests with a 
    shard each of Neutrality, Evil and Good. Your robber is getting ~30000 
    experience for opening each of these chests, and he couldn't do it without 
    the 20+ level boost.
      You can then save and go into the kennel and see how many bad guys you can 
    fight. I couldn't make it through on the first try, so I just waited 'til 
    nightfall, bought some food, went to the guild, learned some spells, and 
    recharged to level 20 and built up resistance before returning. Then I opened 
    up the chests, and I had more than enough loot for a while.
      The next step is, a bit surprisingly, the Blistering Heights cavern. You 
    can't quite win it, but you can get the important statistical boosts.
      You'll have to leave the Major Devil until last. There's nothing saying you 
    can't take everything else here out, though, and there are certain ways to 
    make this ordeal much easier. The object here is to touch six altars that 
    give you more resistance to fire, electricity, energy, poison, cold and acid. 
    These, combined with a level-boost, resistance to elements, and touching the 
    statues in Blistering Heights, will kick off your foray into the Swamp Town 
    dungeon quite nicely.
      The basic plan is to find one altar, rest, recharge, and use etherealize, 
    side-walking, clerical cold spells, and other offense to get to the next 
    area. Near the end you can even take a bit of damage.
      And near the very end you can go to the top center where you can sucker 
    some enemies to come at you all at once, pull back, and fire a few more cold 
    rays. You don't want to go too far in as that would attract a Major Demon, 
    which you can't handle yet. But if you take care of these bad guys now, it'll 
    be easier to take care of the demon later.
      But what about the passages? For each one there is a fire spirit around 
    where a block of fire stands in your way. You won't need to etherealize and 
    sidestep to get out of the way at first, since the fire hardly does any 
    damage, but as you move along you'll run out of magic. Then you'll have to 
    rest and cast the spell on your own. And since monsters are pretty much fixed 
    here, it's no shame to step across the fire on your way back and forth. Just 
    be sure to rest afterwards. The fire nearest where you entered can always be 
    jumped over. You can go to the east side and pick up more invincibility, 
    fight in the front of the top room, and then get out.
          4-2-14. SWAMP TOWN CAVERN
      There are several ways to get the whopping might you need to get through 
    this. But first you need to have the appropriate protection: after finding 
    the level-pool in B1, you will need to cast Etherealize and have the standard 
    blessing wherever you haven't done so yet. By now you should have been 
    blessed in all five temples, giving you the accomplishment of "blessed bythe 
    forces." If not, reassess whee you've been and try going on a donation spree. 
    You should have the money to try.
      After jumping through the first of the electric fields, cast protection 
    from the elements and save. Then etherealize south through the gate. Have 
    your paladin and cleric cast Turn Undead. Try not to have the sorcerer cast 
    spells until you're fighting multiple phantoms. Remember you have to save for 
    later fights. You may want to check after every fight here to see if any 
    player's age went up. If so, restore and try again. It's actually not so bad 
    especially if you have a good shield or hit bonus. Having over twice the 
    levels means over twice the attacks, too. Phantoms actually don't do much hit 
    point damage, but if they touch you the wrong way, there's some nasty aging.
      Phantoms come in waves of 1, 1, 2 and 3. Try to hold off on spells 'til the 
    last one, when there's a reaper coming at you as well. And try to leave some 
    spells, in the first loop, for the final battle with 3 phantoms in the second 
      Your first fork to take will be the right(west.) There's a huge might bonus 
    there--+20 as long as your might is below 50, and what's best is that you can 
    take it twice by hitting the space bar. Do so.
      Now with your might you can just loop around and bash through the walls you 
    had to etherealize through before. This leads to an area where you can get 
    +25 endurance for anyone under 50.
      But don't rest yet--tackle the north part while your party's still charged. 
    There are two coffins containing Ancient Artifacts of Evil behind secret 
    doors. Now that you've gotten the might bonus, it shouldn't be a problem to 
    go back and get things. You can probably just walk through the electricity 
    fields and unlock the doors as well without any damage, assuming you have the 
    bonus from Blistering Heights(west dragon,) along with the protection from 
    elements with advanced level and the permanent protection from the Blistering 
    Heights cavern.
      Once you're done with this, there are two Ancient Artifacts of Evil in the 
    north area. You can just unlock doors and bash walls easily to get to them--
    the artifacts are behind a secret door. This should edge your total up to 
      Now it's time to visit Castle Dragontooth and cash out.
          4-2-15. CLEARING E2
      Now things should be easy. You've got more might and endurance, and you may 
    not even need to bless yourself or add 20 levels, but quite frankly with the 
    upcoming payoff ahead you'd be a fool not to(it's more important than even 
    training,) and you can still add an extra 30 to your party's current 
    collective might. Face north, go up one, and teleport nine squares. Win all 
    the fights. You can now destroy one lair. Then go west. You can teleport 
    again if you'd like. Your improved might should squash the enemy.
      From here you can just cast walkwater into E1. Follow the coastline east 
    and at X=10 you can go north. There may be some evil archers, but you've got 
    too much firepower now. Enter the castle and give away the Artifacts of Evil 
    that you have for 2500000 experience for evils(knight and robber, for here.)
      In fact, you might even be able to pick up a few extra souvenirs of your 
    visit. There are ancient artifacts of Neutrality in the pits at (15, 15) and 
    (12, 12). Players with <250 hit points would not be able to survive these 
    unless they've been given a level boost--which automatically adjusts hit 
    points. My strategy here is, once the castle is clear, to create ropes for 
    everyone and let everyone except the sorcerer climb down. Then I exit the 
    castle, cast Lloyd's Beacon to a safe spot, and rest.
      You can get a few quatloo coins at (9, 14)-5, (13, 14)-4 and (7, 15)-3. 
    These will come in handy for the Slitherin Caves. There are some very, very 
    powerful random items at (12, 15)--appear to be Obsidian--but if your 
    backpacks are near to full, these are the ones you'll want to wait on.
          4-2-16. ARACHNID CAVES
      And yet I'm still not advocating training the characters who got that big 
    boost. Again, do the whole train-a-lot deal. You may not need blessing but it 
    doesn't hurt. Before stopping in the caves you may want to drop off your 
    Artifacts of Neurtaility at Bloodreign, if you got them from Dragontooth. 
    Your inventory may be getting a bit full, too.
      The arachnid caves, which are a long teleport west from Wildabar, don't 
    have many tough monsters except for when you break into a secret room. You 
    can generally tell secret rooms by incisions in the blobby structure in the 
    center. There's a room straight ahead as you enter and it houses a Toxic 
    Worm. With extra attacks it is much less of a problem, and once it's 
    dispatched you often have crystals you can touch that improve personality or 
      In fact the outer part of the maze is easily disposed of via 
      There's also an inner room that allows +10 accuracy and luck...and the 
    ability to recharge every set of crystals in the dungeon.
      Below is a rough conceptual map of where the bonuses are. Brother Zeta is 
    by the first set of crystals clockwise from the start, and the Blue Unholy 
    Key is by the second set.
      As for the puzzles? Don't bother. Yeegh.
         P          P
    I                   I/linguist
             P  L   prayer master/  [paladin/cleric/druid
             I      prestidigitator [sorcerer/archer/druid
      By this time I found I had well over 5000 gems, so I had no problem 
    hoarding everything and retracing my steps. For accuracy, I don't recommend 
    balancing things out. Give it to one person. Because there is that square in 
    A3 where you can drop accuracy on your also-rans, and you have more than 
    enough money to do all this now. You may want to stop off there before 
    continuing on.
          4-2-17. SLITHERCULT CAVES
      Before starting you may want to stop off at A3 and improve everyone's 
    accuracy to 25 if it isn't there already. Again this is another area you 
    don't have to go through, especially if you've save state hacked your files, 
    but it's straightforward enough. Since it's very close to the super-might and 
    +20 level fountains, it's a great idea to start out with all that. Just have 
    a cleric cast protection from fire and then take the west passage at the 
    first four-way intersection. You can have anyone drink from the pool at the 
    spiral's end, but it might be best to get your sorcerer to. Then you can go 
    back east and clear out everything there. After going north down a long 
    hallway, go east and clean up, then west and clean up.
      To the north there's a head that wants you to respond EPSILON. That lets 
    you by into the main treasure area. Go west and root out treasure, then go 
    east and take a passage south. There are quatloo receptors here and they can 
    crank your might, endurance and accuracy up. You should have several quatloos 
    now and I prefer endurance for the most part. No one should be under 50 but 
    if anyone is close to 75, give it to them and you'll get a nice HP bonus. 
    Same with might near 75. Accuracy for folks with low scores there would be 
    nice too.
      There's a small maze near the end. Jump east, north, west, 2 north, east, 
    jump east twice, south, jump east. That leads to the final, and easy, boss 
      After finishing the Slithercult caves, go to E2 (8,8) with the Fizbin and 
    have several slots open to get some Obsidian items. It's worth it. Make sure 
    you have slots open of course--it's worth it to ditch some pretty good junk 
    for Obsidian stuff(+30 AC bonus, etc.)
          4-2-18. LOOTING THE CASTLES
      You'll want to make a lot of gold wherever you can, then deposit whenever 
    you can, and here's why. Near the end of the game you'll run out of gold to 
    pay for level advancement. You may still be itching to get to level 17 so you 
    can cast Implosion, but you do want to make sure you save money for other 
    things. So you may want to poke into the first of the dungeons and improve 
    your sorcerer if he's not to level 17. You should be putting excess money 
    away right now to build interest in the bank, and if you want to find a bit 
    right now, go back to the Blistering Heights dungeon, get your party +20 
    levels and the works in B1, and fight the major devil. There's 1000000 gold 
    behind him and secret doors to each side.
      I don't want to touch Castle Dragontooth at first, because you really need 
    the "implode" spell to get things working there, and you may have to teleport 
    directly on it(evil rangers and archers make for a tough fight just to enter 
    it.) But I think that Bloodreign is a good place to start. You'll need to 
    level up before going to any castle so that your characters are skillfull 
    enough to open locks. Then have your cleric cast protection from cold. That's 
    what sorcerers will cast once you've opened the chests. The answer to open 
    the chests is "NORTIC." I found the sorcerers went down surprisingly quickly.
      After this you can go to the south part, bash doors open, defeat the trolls 
    easily and get two of each kind of artifact not in this castle(good/evil.) 
    Your characters are probably too good for this intermediate bit before you 
    leave, but you can unlock the doors on the west and the east for minor 
    experience and decent items.
      With those two artifacts it's a good idea to get to Whiteshield. The walk 
    there isn't too tedious but several teleport spells in a row do the trick as 
    well. You can almost get to Whiteshield in the same day if you've got a lot 
    of spell power. Save outside Baywatch just in case it doesn't work out and 
    you're too lazy to go back.
      With implosion, the dark knights that chase you once you answer the 
    riddle("Smello") and get the chest's treasure are not so tough. You might be 
    able to handle one with conventional magic, but two, probably not.
      Dragontooth might be a tempting but bad place to go. Of course you probably 
    have a ton of gems, and you could go back to the Slithercult cavern to 
    improve your stats. You could even teleport to (0,8) in Whiteshield and 
    defeat a Black Knight with implosion for another artifact. But eventually, 
    you'll duel with Wizards that attack you as you escape. You'll want to save 
    nearly every step of the way and back up your save file too just in case. If 
    you run at a wizard and he blasts you, run sideways towards him and turn the 
    next time. The margin of error is thin here, but if you deal with wizards one 
    at a time you have a real chance to escape a winner.
      And then, if you haven't taken care of the pits yet, do so. The pits in 
    Dragontooth are great and all you really need to do is heal up someone who's 
    stepped in there. Make sure that this person's current hit points + total hit 
    points > 500 for the pits in Dragontooth and you will find a ton of stuff.
    (7, 15) Quatloos
    (9, 14) Quatloos
    (12, 15) Obsidian items--save and reload to get the very best if you want
    (12, 12) (15, 15) Ancient artifact of Neutrality
    (13, 14) Quatloos
    (8, 13) (11, 14) rinky dink experience. Don't bother.
      Now about those wizards--face perpendicular to them and sneak sideways.
          4-2-20. C2/C3/D2/D3
      There's a lot of slow going here as fire will always damage you, unless you 
    have Protection from Elements, and the fire dragon statue in Blistering 
    Heights won't hurt either. Many monsters here are resistant to all but magic 
    and you need to be pumped to drill through.
      Of these areas D2 is the most annoying if you're out of magic(fire stalkers 
    near untouchable even with Heroism) and C3 is the most daunting but holds the 
    most experience. Don't bother with teleporting or etherealizing. Neither 
      Here is the summary for the ground parts of these areas:
    D2 (10, 1) fire lizard hut, destroy for 100k
    C2 (11, 2) major devil hut, destroy for 500k
    C2 (15, 0) Pyramid--central command. You need to get here by way of C3, D3 
    and D2 from Blistering Heights for the shortest route: 2W 2N 3W 3S 2W 2N.
    C3 (7, 9) great hydra hut, destroy for 2 million(you can let great hydras 
    regenerate for unlimited experience but your gold will drain soon enough)
    D3 (6, 8) major demon hut, 500k
    D3 (6, 15) Blistering Heights. How you exit this town can determine which 
    sector you're in.
    D3 (8, 11) hut with resistance to the elements. It's a distraction on your 
      The sea parts of these areas are even more treacherous.
    C3: (11, 2) (2, 4) (2, 13) Kudo Crabs appear if you try to take the items. 
    These guys can break your armor and have lots of endurance. Power shield and 
    heroism carry the day. The items are usually worth it.
    D2: the NE area features the Pirate Queen. If you have a Precious Pearl of 
    Youth and Beauty she gives you 100000 gold. Otherwise she takes all your 
    gold. Her location is very random. If you stay close to the coastline you 
    should be OK though.
    (3, 14) leads to the arena.
    D3: (1, 4) (12, 3) (14, 7) are where you can find great items. Octobeasts, 
    which take a lot of damage, defend them if you try to attack. Use power 
    shield and heroism.
          4-2-21. C4/D4/E4
      Pirate treasure is real on "onesdays" here in C4 and D4.
    C4 is a pretty simple level where you can get endurance from a well, which 
    doesn't really help.
    (7, 8) (15, 15) treasure
    (5, 8) Castle Greywind
    (7, 10) +60 accuracy
    (6, 5) +60 endurance
    D4 is not too bad but unfortunately there are no huts to bust out.
    (10, 1) shell on day 99--you lose 2 days after picking it up
    (2, 4) (3, 11) (10, 11) (6, 10) chest
    (8, 11) -150 hp well
    (6, 8) Blackwind's castle
    E4 has a lot to offer, but the only resting places it has to offer are the 
    (7, 8) magic cavern
    (5, 7) barbarian hut +500k experience to destroy
    (9, 8) death locust hut +250k experience to destroy
    (6, 5) uncurse well, which is very useful.
    (5, 10) well
    (12, 10) wishing well
    (4, 12) Item in the sand. Pick it up and get attacked by a Vulture Roc. A 
    word on vulture rocs: have power shield and Heroism in effect when you dig up 
    one of these items in the sand. The items are usually worth the fights and if 
    they aren't, reload and try again. Yes, you should be saving frequently in 
    these parts.
    (10, 11) another item
    (8, 6) item, but 2 vulture rocs attack.
    (13, 6) item, but 3 vulture rocs attack. This is a very tough fight and you 
    will want to hit them with spells.
    *XXXXXX XX    XX^*
    *X   X           *
    *X   XX XX    XX *
    *X       XXXXXXX *
    *X   XX XX   XX  *
    *X   X       XX  *
    *XXXXXX XX   XXX *
    *X       XXXXXXX *
    *X   XX XX   XX  *
    *X   X       XX  *
    *XXXXXX XX   XXX *
    *X       XXXXXXX *
    *X   XX XX   XX  *
    *X   X       XX  *
    *X   XX XX   XXX *
    (9, 3) (9, 1) = +10 all stats, 1 player
    (11, 7) = chalice of resistance, 1 player +20% all
    (15, 1) = +5 levels for one character
      JOABARY = how to get in
      Major demons are your big opponents to be concerned with here. The rooms to 
    the west have evil rangers whom you can take on but the ones to the right 
    have major demons whom you need to hit quickly or they can stun you. Power 
    shield and heroism...and especially for the boss. He is in the bottom right 
    room in the hallway. The big problem here is that you have to use 
    *   XXX  XX    X *
    *    XXXXX    XX *
    *X    XXX    XXXX*
    *XX    X    XXXXX*
    * XX       XXX XX*
    *  XX           X*
    *   X  X   XXX XX*
    *X         XXX XX*
    *XX        X     *
    *XXX   X   X     *
    * XXX      XXXXXX*
    *XXX   XX-XX   bX*
    *XX   XXX XX    X*
    *X   XXX   |    X*
    *   XXXXX^XX   aX*
      OGRE = how to get in
      Prisoners at A and B. You have a door to bash down and if you're doing this 
    early on, you may want to have the +20 level bit or cast etherealize. The 
    Sonic Ninjas are a lot less annoying if you've got bless spells cast all 
    over. This is a nice pit stop early in the game to get Son of Abu, who is a 
    powerful thief with some very nice items.
      The upper bits have fire all around them and Protection from Fire for a 
    level 30 cleric should do the trick. Notice the gaps in the walls. Cast a 
    teleport spell to get in there and you will be OK. The locations:
    (15, 14-15)
    (7-8, 15)
      20000 = how to get in
      This isn't a bad one, just a big spiral. But you'll want to have raised the 
    isle of youth before starting this, since your characters may age after 
    drinking the potions in the center of the maze. So although the upper bit may 
    be the best castle to look through, this dungeon can probably be put off for 
    a while.
    * X X X X X$X X ^*
    *               X*
    *X           X  X*
    *X XXXXXXXXX X   *
    *X X       X X  X*
    *X X XX XX X XX  *
    *X X X   X X    X*
    *X X X   X X XX  *
    *X X XXXXX X X  X*
    *X X       X X   *
    *X           X  $*
    *                *
    *X X X X X X X$X *
    (15, 13) (15, 3) (13, 0) (10, 15) $--don't open any other ones or ghosts will 
    appear and they are annoying.
    In the very inner circle have the evil characters in your party drink up all 
    the brews, unless you want to turn an alignment to evil.
        4-3. THE ARENA
      I've managed to get through 15 arena fights in a day, with blessings on my 
    whole party. But everything has to be done right. It seems simple enough: 
    you're in a 16x16 room and just have to run around and zap all your enemies. 
    I really don't consider going into the arena without this protection worth a 
    second thought--at least, not early in the game.
      After mucking around I've found there's a way to furrow the ground so that 
    you can get in and out fairly quickly. First, turn west and hit a wall, then 
    turn left and hit the corner and say yes. You're dropped back in the center 
    now. The first thing to do is to rotate around and see if there are any 
    enemies to shoot down. Take care of them. Then comes the weeding back and 
      The above passage should nail most of the monsters that are after you.  It 
    allows you to see all squares, and monsters generally tend to gravitate 
    towards you when they are close. Before going to a corner for the final time, 
    take a look around to make sure you're not being followed.
      You get 1000*(# of times through the arena) experience for each win. 
    Originally this is far ahead of the total experience, but monsters' 
    experience grows exponentially. Some things to watch out for include sprites 
    and Cursed Fools--shoot them from a distance so they don't curse you. Also 
    you will, in fight 20, want "protect from elements: fire" to take care of 
    things there.
      5. MIDDLE GAME
      You only need to read 5-1 in order to get all 6 hologram sequencing cards. 
    Then you just need to complete the endgame. But the side quests in 5-2 will 
    help you to pump up a few levels.
      The necessary bits are, in fact, great ways to improve your party. You find 
    about 2 ultimate orbs in each one, 11 total--for 11000000 experience and 
    almost 11 levels. That's not counting any fights you encounter. There are 
    also statistical bonuses aplenty as well as artifacts of various alignments 
    and even some treasures that flat out increase levels. Enough to bring you to 
    the endgame on their own, really. They don't necessarily have to be done in 
    some order, but some are clearly easier than others. The numbering of the 
    cards, in fact, tips off the order it may be easiest to do things in.
      Although if you are confident in your fighters more than your magic, you 
    may want to go with the Dark Warriors' keep first.
          5-1-1. THE FORTRESS OF FEAR
      Not a bad dungeon to go through. It's even easier if you realize you can 
    use teleport to enter the Mummy King's chamber and then get out. He's at (26-
    27, 11-12) and the card is at (27, 11.) The main thrust here is to pick up a 
    hologram sequencing card but there's a lot of character improvement available 
    as well. The one thing to note about the Mummy King? He's not affected by 
    Holy Word. You'll need swords. If you're still having trouble, work the B1 
    triad I've written up elsewhere. It works well.
      Remember 1) to have power shield, 2)to have Holy Bonus and 3) not to open 
    any chests except the ones at the very south center. Evil rangers, jousters 
    and a king jouster here are your enemies, so no magic. Protective spells work 
    well. In each side room there's a number as a clue, along with a very nice 
    improvement for a party member who touches the skeleton. At the south you 
    have two artifacts.
      If you look around you will find 16 levers and a clue about heads at a 
    corner. Levers move only if they can change a static field to an idol head or 
    vice versa. Each lever has one function: turn one of eight squares to or from 
    an electric field. Levers start out with all electric fields. Here's which 
    lever does what, as they are roughly aligned with the squares they influence:
             | head  | field
    SW square|  6,12 | 10, 9
     S square| 21, 7 | 11, 8
    SE square| 15, 2 | 12, 9
     E square| 24,30 | 21, 8
    NE square| 14,29 | 18,22
     N square| 10,29 |  7,29
    NW square|  5,21 |  2,30
     W square|  1,17 |  1,18
      So to solve the puzzle you find you need heads at the corner.  That means 
    (6, 12) and (15, 2) and (14, 29) and (5, 21). If you mess up, hopefully this 
    chart will help point out where to go to switch things around.
          5-1-2. THE HALLS OF INSANITY
      THe Halls of Insanity have enough nasty enemies that you may need to go 
    through twice. Mystic Clouds here drain your magic points if they hit you and 
    do damage, but the nice thing is, you can avoid this with Power Shield. Mini 
    Dragons get you with their fire breath. I find a simple protection from fire, 
    along with the immunity in the Blistering Heights cavern, should be enough to 
    neutralize these. However, the Evil Eyes in the rooms with the real treasure 
    are rather nasty, they turn your party insane, and they can even kill you. So 
    it is best to back out to the surface when you can to get healed at the 
    Zingaro wagon(one west, then south) and rest up and try again. You might as 
    well come in after taking the fountains from B1 but the Evil Eyes have such 
    good dexterity they'll hit you anyway.
      Thankfully the map, although it seems to wander, is actually pretty 
    straightforward. You might panic not seeing an exit around, but there's a 
    secret wall to the north, so just bash that. There are three puzzles to solve 
    at first: lions facing to the west, south and east. The answers are BLINK, 
    EYES and TEARS. These open up longer passages. Each passage has two branches.
      Once you've answered the riddles you can follow the winding passages, 
    breaking down secret doors. There are a few things to watch out for, though. 
    First--if thre is treasure in a niche, it is guarded by a teleportal back to 
    the main area. This is nice when you've been moved one-way. Second--evil eyes 
    are nasty, and the combinations of monsters(drain spell points, then 
    brutalize you and turn you insane) can really knock you out. Be sure to check 
    your characters' statistics so they don't slide to zero(RIP.)
      To the east, you have nothing critical to the game. Eventually after 
    busting walls you'll have a passage of two seeming dead ends. Both secret 
    doors. Bust to the east and there are lions that give clues and two cursed 
    chests with nothing in them, so don't bother there. Bust to the north and 
    fight a ton of mini-dragons. There are some very good items in the treasure 
    chest behind them.
      To the west, you will come to a 6x2 room that branches west and east. The 
    east has the harder figght, with three evil eyes. Here after busting the door 
    down you may wish to snake in sideways, turn forward, and start casting 
    spells to see what you can zap. Then you'll need to cast jump spells to reach 
    the chests: artifacts of evil to the left and right, and a good 5-item chest 
    to the north.
      Taking the west branch of the west passage leads to a fight with just one 
    evil eye. I recommend paying the lion here for everyone to get all skills. 
    You probably have everything you need by now, but it's fun just to pile up 
    these honors. In the upper right corner, there is a chest, but approach it 
    from the west or you'll get teleported back. Then go 1W1S and jump east toget 
    a chest with...HOLOGRAM SEQUENCING CARD 002. Teleport back now.
      The south branch has two sub-branches, west and east. The east branch is a 
    bit shorter but has 4 evil eyes to fight, so maybe you will want to go west. 
    Each final room is similar here--orb in niche(jump to it) and eyes to fight 
    and chests in the two far corners. One will have 666 gold and 666 gems and 
    the other will have 66000 gold. Why not--if only for your robber's 
    experience. Definitely save before each fight and you may have to outright 
    rest up. Note the trips here are almost one-way as you are teleported past 
    the magic fields at the beginning of the passage, but you can step on the 
    teleport squares guarding the orb to go back. And get out.
          5-1-3. THE DARK WARRIORS' KEEP
      This is the most straightforward of all the hologram dungeons. It's not too 
    tough to get to--from Baywatch, go east into the B sectors, then go south 
    just after the "please wait" and it's in B3. If you really want to save time 
    you can just teleport, but your spell points may be better spent on power 
    shields for everyone first, because all your enemies are melee, and you can 
    also give Heroism and Blessed from your cleric/paladin. There are no magic 
    enemies here. So you probably want to go to B1 for the speed, might and level 
    fountains first. You should crush your opponents.
      In fact the most deadly things here are the exploding chests. They kill 
    whoever tries to unlock them. Save before opening anything, or better yet, 
    just open what's described below.
      You should have the red warrior key from the Cyclops' den, and if you 
    really want to make quick work of things, take the door to the south, go all 
    the way to Y=0, and answer the riddle to open the room to the east. It holds 
    two Ultimate Power Orbs. There are also two Ancient Artifacts here. Open the 
    chests along the bottom and no others.
      Although this cave isn't too bad to clear out, it's worthwhile to look at 
    the skeletons. From the opening room in the north center, there are seven 
    passages behind grates. Each has a skeleton which beefs up virtues 
    impressively. Take advantage of this.
      For this one you'll want to take along two suckers, uh, brave non-magic 
    users so that they can drink from the very nasty chalices that cause you to 
    turn eradicated. Then dismiss them and don't even bother to build them a 
    monument for their bravery, even with all the gold you have. Your good party 
    members can rationalize this by shunning false idols, your neutral ones don't 
    care, and your evil ones think the idea's a blast. And you probably don't 
    want the hassle of going to a temple. So that's okay then!
      The Cathedral of Carnage is pretty linear, too. Rundown below:
      The square (28, 5) is cursed. It's the one with the talking idol. So don't 
    listen to it. There aren't many fights but it does make the rest of the trip 
    much harder.
    Moo clerics and gargoyles in big room. Kill them and the moo priests before 
    drinking the foul cups:
        Erad Ston Death
        Erad Ston Death
        (4-7-10, 14-16)
    +5 levels for Mighty Moo Juice at the very very end in the "JVC III room" 
    went to my Sorcerer.
    O M O E S  <--from
    E W v S D  <--to
      Here is the map for the puzzle that's tricky. The answer is "weeds" and you 
    get a heckload of goodies for it. The question is, what's going on? It's a 
    cryptogram of the sort you thought phazed out in MM1/MM2.
    S becomes D, E S, M W and O E. The key is MOOSE. So the answer is WEEDS. 
          5-1-5. THE TOMB OF TERROR
      The Tomb of Terror requires you to go through a lot of fights. If you don't 
    complete everything in one area, a force field will bar you from the next. 
    They start off easy and you won't need Turn Undead for the first bit, but 
    eventually you'll want to use Holy Word to zap ghosts and avoid getting aged, 
    as the reversal process is hell to go through.
      In fact you may want to visit the Arachnoid Cavern to bulk up a bit or you 
    may find yourself resting after every fight. There you can get +20 
    personality and +25 intelligence. Eventually this leads to more spell points, 
    and the more Holy Word you can cast(clerics) or Mega Volt or even 
    Implosion(sorcerers) before resting, the better off you'll be for the end 
    fights. Because you don't just want to win them, you want to win without 
    getting aged or getting anyone killed.
      Also, any chests you see? Don't open them until you've cleared EVERYTHING. 
    There's some good treasure here, but the chests curse you, and your weapons 
    are so much less effective against the undead than spells. Fortunately the 
    curses aren't cumulative so you can win easily once you start. You can also 
    teleport into rooms that aren't beyond the force field, which helps things. 
    But you can't teleport beyond force fielded areas. (?)
      There's a long corridor east at first. Thee rooms to the side feature 
    skeletons, zombies and ghouls. I was able to whip the first two without Turn 
    Undead and ghouls were enough of a nuisance that I pulled out the spells. 
    Still things aren't too bad especially when the last three rooms to the 
    north(out of eight) don't have any monsters. Then you go south and pull back 
    left, and after an easy room with skeletons, you face ghosts, phantoms and 
    reapers the rest of the way.
      Some fighting strategy is necessary here. You may want to teleport past a 
    door to get a fighting advantage, and you'll want to try your best to line 
    enemies up in a row. This means you conserve spells. And since you can 
    teleport between rooms it may be best to stand at the east edge of one and 
    teleport west six squares(east edge of the next.) It may even be worth saving 
    and reloading to find where you can teleport to line enemies up for a quick 
    knockout, to see if they move with you or not even when they can't "see" you.
      The last part is the toughest of all and I think that here, you need to 
    break open a door, turn to the side and sidestep. Then turn back forward. 
    Otherwise a lich may cast a spell at you that will kill you before you can 
    cast implosion, which turns out to be very useful near the end as well.
      Once you've cleaned up you can go back and get all the treasures. From east 
    to west rooms, you have
    1: artifact of good
    2: artifact of good
    3: Gas Trap, items
    4: Divine Intervention, items
    5: Sun Ray, items
      The orbs are off to the side below, with the sequencing card in one of the 
    side chests as well. So you should get cursed anyway--so why not loot up 
    after then? You may have to come back for some treasure, though, as you may 
    get cursed *twice*. If you know about the wells in E4 and F4, that may help 
    save some game-time.
    (12, 2) Orb--Lich pops up NW after
    (12, 6) Orb--Lich pops up SW after
    (18, 6) Koshek's tomb
    (18, 2) Neshek's tomb, card 005
    (8, 2) Mirk Cauldelle, ancient artifact of evil
    (8, 6) Ndru Cauldelle, ancient artifact of evil
    (5, 9) Deeth, ancient artifact of good
    (11, 9) ancient artifact of good
    (16, 10) tomb, gas in chest
    (18, 10) Blude's tomb, items
    (22, 10) Blayde's tomb, Divine Intervention spell
    (24, 10) Phyre's tomb, items
          5-1-6. THE MAZE FROM HELL
      There are a lot of things to beware of here. Minotaurs are hard to hit but 
    kill you on contact. Medusas throw a spell at you that turns everyone to 
    stone. But there are some great treasures if you are patient. You can cheat 
    your characters up many levels but in fact the best way to go about 
    completing this maze is to use the following spells: Power Shield and 
    Heroism. The first protects against the minotaur's death touch and the second 
    allows you to hit him significantly. You really want to be level 30+ before 
    attempting this but if you've been through the first five dungeons above that 
    should happen just from the quests you've solved.
      The only REAL object here is drinking from the fountain in the center of 
    the maze to be an Ultimate Adventurer. But you can also go and nab orbs. You 
    can teleport wherever you want here, which makes it easy to pass by 
    whirlpools, but I added a text map just in case. In fact, you have to jump by 
      Note that at 500000 per 6-member party per enemy you have a lot of 
    potential to get better very quickly.
    6 = hologram card # 6
    ! = orb
    $ = chest
    % = booby trapped chest
    ~ = whirlpool(sends you to 6, 30)
    (31, 31) 2 medusa + 3 minotaur + minotaur king
    (8, 15) (7, 25) (15, 1) great treasure
    (1, 30) (19, 19) (30, 31) (1, 1) orb
    (3, 5) (1, 0) medusa + minotaur
    (19, 19) 2 medusa
    (5, 24) (15, 5) (31, 15) (30, 3) (10, 12) (3, 14) (1, 9) (0, 26) (10, 3) 
    (7, 20) (1, 28) 2 minotaurs
    (18, 8) (31, 1) (1, 30) (17, 0) (7, 5) (15, 27) (15, 29) (15, 31) (24, 8) 
    (29, 27) (31, 21) (27, 25) (24, 29) (19, 13) minotaurs
    (26, 4) (10, 10) (7, 17) (6, 9) (11, 22) (13, 23) (17, 25) (11, 19) (14-15, 
    16) (17, 17) (13, 22) (19, 23) (21, 24) (23, 11) (27, 10) whirlpools
    (28, 5) (24, 6) (21, 17) RIP
    (4, 18) (22, 7) (3, 1) eradicate
    (1, 17) (8, 30) (11, 3) stone
      You can just plow through and teleport where you need, leaving the NE out 
    if necessary(although you can teleport onto that and cast time distortion,) 
    or you can sucker monsters into following you around if they are guarding an 
    orb. For instance the dead end orb at (19,19) may require you to wait 2R-D or 
    even go up 2R and pull back down and let the monsters follow you(sidestep and 
    backpedal to keep them in view) before teleporting over them. Watch out for 
    the 3-long corridor though as the medusas may get a hit in on you.
      At any rate you should still have a few Implosions ready...just in case. 
    They will probably be needed for the Minotaur King anyway.
      Now, if everything's gone well, you've got 12 orbs, which are more than 
    enough to complete the game. If you followed my advice and gave one king all 
    8 orbs before heading to the Maze from Hell, you can give the remaining 4 
    orbs to the king you gave the other 8 to and skip to section 5-3. In fact, if 
    you want to disregard story-important stuff, you can even head to 5-4, which 
    is surprisingly anticlimactic. There's a cheap way to get through for 
    starters and a long way after that. Just beware--if you get to the Main 
    Control Room, there's no way back.
      These dungeons with orbs aren't strictly necessary to finish the game, but 
    it does seem that they help you along a good deal. You can find these clues 
    in the pyramids or even this guide, but it always felt proper for me to make 
    this detour. While it's technically possible to complete the game by just 
    seeing the A- and B-sectors, along with 3/4 of the Isle of Fire, E2, F2 and 
    F3(E1 is nice but optional,) these help flesh out the game a bit more with 
    minimal risk and loss of time on your part. And in case you missed any 
    puzzles, you can figure what's going on here.
          5-2-1. DRAGON CAVERN
      There are a few orbs in here. Four in fact. See the Dragon Cavern 
    section(6-3) for further details. They are probably the toughest ones in the 
    game to get in a fight-and-slash kind of way.
      Storage areas are hidden beneath the pyramids and are organized pretty 
    logically. You can find a whopping 15 orbs in what I call the "crib sheet" 
    areas. They're organized as follows:
     Main----Forward--Central--  Aft
    Control  Storage  Command  Storage
      You can also use teleportals to shift around from aft storage to the main 
    control room, where you can go to the Alpha and Beta storage areas. In 
    general you'll want to have Heroism here because there are many enemies such 
    as the ED-409 who are outright tough to hit, and otherwise you'll need to use 
    spells. Power-shields across the whole party can help too as can resistance 
    to electrical fields.
      The next three areas are connected by teleportals. You say PRIMARY to get 
    to the main control room, WARP for Alpha Sector and SUBLEVEL to get to Beta 
    Engine Sector.
                 Main Engine
                ^^         ^^
                vv         vv
      Alpha Sector << >>  Beta Sector
            5-2-2-1. CENTRAL COMMAND
           X    X  X
    XXXXXX X X  X  X
    X   XX X XXXXX X
    X              X
    X             XX
    X X  X X XXX   X >> Aft storage
    X X    X   X   X << Forward storage
    X X    X   X   X
      You enter Central Control from the pyramid in C4.
            5-2-2-2. AFT STORAGE
    *X+        X     *
    *XXXXXXXX XX     *
    *X+    X         *
    *X     XX XX     *
    *X     XX XXXXXXX*
    *X     X  XX  XXX*
    *XXX XXXX     X+T*
    *XXX XXXX XX  X T*
    *XX   XXX XX     *
    *XXX XXX         *
    *XXX XXXX XX     *
    -          X     *
      There are a lot of answers here to puzzle you may have missed. There are 
    also 3 orbs. Your opponents are Mystic Cloud, Ed-409 and Iron Wizards. For 
    the second you need holy bonus and power shield, which also protects you from 
    the first draining your spell points.
    (1, 12) (1, 14) (14, 8) ORBS. One is behind a locked door, one is behind a 
    bunch of enemies, and the other is behind a teleportal you can really only 
    reach from the main section. There are also other clues here. Note also that 
    (14, 8) is where you go if you say ORB MEISTER into a mirror.
    (3, 11) town portal--all codes
    (2, 10) mirror portal--all codes
    (4, 10) 645 = the first half of the sequence(no need for Grey/Blackwind then 
    (14, 13) 231
    (14, 12) YOUTH
      For Halls of Insanity:
    (14, 2) "eyes"
    (14, 3) "blink"
    (14, 4) "tears"
    (15, 7) sends you back to the main area
    (15, 8) sends you back to Fountain Head
            5-2-2-3. FORWARD STORAGE
    *XX XX XX XX XX X*
    -                - > central command
    *XX XX XX XX XX X* < main control
    *X         XXXXXX*
    *X XXXXXXXXX    +*
    *X XXX XXXXX    X*
    *X              +*
    *XXXX   XXXX    X*
    *          X    +*
    *X X XXXXX XX  +X*
    *X    +X       +X*
    *X    +X   XXXXXX*
    *X    +X         -
      Entering via the top will get you to the endgame, but entering the bottom 
    part will lead you to some pretty serious treasure. Phase heads and Iron 
    Wizards are the enemies here so as long as you have a few protective spells 
    it shouldn't be too bad.
    (9, 11) answer YOUTH when the idol asks what is lost(the guy with the skulls 
    tips you off about this)
    (15, 8) +20 intelligence
    (15, 6) +20 personality
    (15, 10) +20 might
    (14, 4) +20 luck
    (5, 1) +20 speed
    (5, 2) +20 accuracy
    (5, 3) +20 endurance
    (14, 3) +2 levels
      The package that comes with the game states that you can get this once a 
    year so you may want to explore this pyramid when you can early on. +20 speed 
    is not to be missed out on.
            5-2-2-4. MAIN CONTROL
    *XXXXXXXX        *
    *XXX    |     X  *
    *X XXX    XXXXX X*
    *   XXX   X   | X*
    *!      XXXX XX T*
    *       XXX XXX T*
    *   XXX   X   | X*
    *X XXX    XXXXX X*
    *XXX    |     X  *
    *XXXXXXXX        *
      There are some strong doors here you can't break down without 150+ might 
    but they just hide an eliminator each. Towards the left side there are a lot 
    of eliminators. If you can clear them all you get to the message at the very 
    back. But all you have to do, on entry, is go left and down and hit one of 
    the transporters, then push 6-4-5-2-3-1 and watch the endgame sequence. The 
    locks near the transporters require ~200 thievery skill to break down. But 
    there are just more fights behind them.
            5-2-2-5. MAIN ENGINE
    *    X XX1X1X1X1X*
    *   XX XX1X1X1X1X*
    *                *
    *   XX XX1X1X1X1X*
    *    X XX1X1X1X1X*
    * oX ^  Xo Xo Xo *
    *c X    X cX cX c*
    *    X XXTXTXTXTX*
    *   XX XX1X1X1X1X*
    *                *
    *   XX XX1X1X1X1X*
    *    X XX1X1X1X1X*
      You have answers to a few more puzzles here. (6,0) goes to Alpha with the 
    right password and (6,15) does likewise for Beta. (3, 10) echo and tomorrow. 
    (3, 14) mirror and chair.
      There are a few teleportal crystals here that are potentially confusing.
    ( 8, 5) to ( 9, 7) so you can get the orb at (11, 8).
      The (9, 8) crystal goes to (1, 7).
    (10, 5) to (12, 7) so you can get the orb at (15, 8).
      The (12, 8) crystal goes to (1, 7).
    (12, 5) to (15, 7) so you can get the orb at (14, 8).
      The (15, 8) crystal goes to (1, 7).
    (14, 5) to (1, 7) so you can get the orb at (8, 8).
      The (0 , 8) crystal goes to the aft storage enclosure. There's another orb 
      From the (1,7) area there is another crystal that sends you to Aft Storage, 
    where you have 2 transporters: one back to the main engine, the other back to 
    Fountain Head.
    Again, orbs at (1,8) (8,8) (11,8) (14,8)
            5-2-2-6. ALPHA SECTOR
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *                *
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *                *
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *                *
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *                *
    *     XX XX X X X*
      Most crystals--well, all of them--add 1 to your age. You'll be fighting ED-
    409s and spirit shields here so keep the powershield/heroism sharp. Plowing 
    through this reveals a few more answers you might not have gotten to other 
    puzzles in the game, as well as 3 orbs.
    (15, 1) (15, 9) (0, 14) orb
    (2, 13) Bloodreign words for basement
    (2, 9) Alpha passcode
    (2, 5) type CREATORS at Central control
    (2, 1) 20301 in Arachnoid Cavern.
            5-2-2-7. BETA SECTOR
      This is a vertical mirror of the Alpha sector, except for different clues 
    and one more orb.
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *                *
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *                *
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *                *
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *     XX XX X X X*
    *                *
    *     XX XX X X X*
    (10, 1) (14, 7) (1, 15) (1, 7) ORB
    (2, 14) Whiteshield words
    (2, 10) Dragontooth #
    (2, 6) Beta passcode
    (2, 2) ICICLE and SECRET are 2 more answers
          5-3-1. GREYWIND
      Your opponents here are screamers(use power shield,) fire 
    lizards(protection from fire) and dinosaurs. None of these should kill you 
    and anyway if the screamers do happen to hit you, see the pool at (12, 3).
      There's a very pleasing word play puzzle here. A fountain at (0, 15) tells 
    the story of an archer, Reharc. Then you learn about a ranger Regran and his 
    cleric sister(9, 5??). This ties into the puzzle at (7, 15) where the down 
    stairs are. You have to arrange (last 3 letters reversed) (1st 3 letters) to 
    get CIRCLE.
      There are also items at the holes inside the squares. They aren't anything 
    mind shattering but they're fun. (5, 10) and (5, 14) have 25k/100 gems. You 
    also have three thrones that become activated on day 50.
    (0, 10) great possessions
    (0, 12) great riches
    (0, 0) great power--this is the best of the lot. I like to let my Paladin sit 
    there if I'm able to complete this quest on day 50 or so. Later on there may 
    not be enough gold in Great Riches to increase one's levels.
      Other stuff:
    (2,2) $$
    (8,0) $$
    (0,8) 5 items
        5-3-2. GREYWIND DUNGEON
    *....$.X.. X.....*
      Amusingly the Gods of Game Restoration don't let you save in here. It 
    baffles me as to why...there are tougher places they could have done it. But 
    that's the breaks.
      There's not a lot to do in this dungeon and in fact I do encourage messing 
    up just a BIT. Basically you have a huge empty space with a small room in the 
    center. All gold is illusory but you can get a ton of experience by solving 
    the puzzle wrong, fighting a bunch of Great Hydras, and then solving the 
    puzzle. Here's what to do.
      The right way--go to 1,1 and turn the hourglass. Go to 14, 1 and turn that 
    hourglass and repeat at 14,14. Ring the gong at 1, 11. That opens up the NW 
    hourglass. Go in a circle--there are few barricades--flip all four 
    hourglasses, and ring the gong again. That's the safe way.
      But if you want to get a little extra experience, you can flub on purpose. 
    After opening the NW, flip all the hourglasses down except the NW. Then ring 
    the gong. In every solitary wall square on the map, a Great Hydra will now 
    appear. That's a total of eight. They give a lot of experience and good 
    treasure too. But you will want to have Holy Bonus and Power Shield and 
    Protection from Fire, at the very least, active. And you'll probably want to 
    be level 50+. While you can come back later you'll have to fight your way 
    through at least four of these guys to live for that moment.
        5-3-3. BLACKWIND
    *$o          o X$*
    *X X XO XX X X Xa*
    *^   o         XX*
    *X X X XX X X    *
    *        o       *
    *XXXXXX X X   XXX*
    *     X X X X X o*
    *oX aXXoX X     X*
    *   XX  X Xa XXXX*
    *  XX  XX XX    $*
    *  X  XX   XXo X *
    * XX XX     XX X *
    * X  X   $   X   *
    *  o XX     XX Xo*
    * X   XX   XX  X *
    *TX X aXX!XXv  XT*
      Castle Blackwind features a bunch of poison pools with the main monsters 
    being Piranas(sic.) Going into the pools poisons characters so you may wish 
    to get where you're going before you cure everyone. You can probably jump 
    over the pools to get where you want, though. There's a fountain that gives 
    you all spells for 2 million, which is a ripoff seeing as how you can buy 
    them individually for much cheaper(and this doesn't count any scrolls found.)
      The pattern here is OTTFFSEN and the clue is at (5,8). My scratchy notes 
    say "5 past 6, 5 past 4--think often and may be discovered"--the "often" is 
    really a clever pun. Placing 5 near 4 and 6 may make us realize that the 
    pattern is
      Therefore the last word is TEN. It's just the letters of numbers.
      There are a few places where you can find treasure which isn't mind numbing 
    but it might be cool. You can also teleport into (15, 15) to get goodies but 
    the problem is that you are next to a pool that sucks you into the arena. And 
    you can also sit on the thrones on the day of the sorcerer's wedding. I 
    forgot if it was 50 or 60.
      A Mystic Cloud guards the doors you need to pass to reach Blackwind's 
    throne and Dinosaurs appear in the SE area.
        5-3-4. BLACKWIND DUNGEON
      Amusingly the Gods of Game Restoration don't let you save in here. It 
    baffles me as to why...there are tougher places they could have done it. But 
    that's the breaks.
      This is a very tricky teleport dungeon. Thankfully some general mapping 
    heuristics take it down a few pegs right away.
    *1.Xb...X    X .^*
    *X....X.b bX a .X*
    *bcbXb..bXb  bX.b*
    * X .J.X    Xba..*
    * ...XbbbbX    X *
    *b.Xb.J.X   bX   *
    *X....X.. bXbbbbX*
    * Xb.J.X...bX....*
    * ...X...bXbbbbX.*
    * .XbbbbX ...X...*
    *X....Xb...X... X*
    * bbX.bb.XbbbbX  *
    *cXbb..X.b  Xbbbb*
    a = teleport to (13, 15)
    b = teleport to (15, 1)
    c = teleport to (14, 14)
    . = path through maze, with optional J(ump)
      This dungeon features no monsters as the main obstacles are teleportals. 
    With decent mapping skills(or this map, which was begotten from my own decent 
    mapping skills) it's a lot easier though. Since teleports bounce into others 
    it may be confusing at first. But the basic plot is to get to the SE corner, 
    then the SW, then the NW. You will want to have 1) resurrect, plus access to 
    the fountain, or 2) a hireling you can chuck quickly once he's eradicated, 
    because the NW statue eradicates a character.
      Despite the teleports there's an easy way throught his. First, go W 2S and 
    sidestep E--or just S E N. This kicks you to (15, 1). Here you want to move 
    south. If you turn at (15, 1) you're kicked back to (14, 14) near the start, 
    and if you go north you're bumped back to (15, 1). You can jump north but why 
    bother when there's one of the three statues you need to visit, S 2W. Pay 
    100k gold.
      From there N 3W S 2W N W and I recommend jumping west. S 2W N 2W S W. Pay 
    1000 gems. Now you can backtrack or you can just teleport--6 north then 9 
    north...or retrace to where you jumped, N W 2N 3W 2N 2E N E (jump N) N E 
    (jump N) W (jump N) 3W N W. It uses about the same spell points and a lot 
    less annoying time. The character-to-be-eradicated is still annoying, though. 
    But once you've made the sacrifice, E 2S to a teleport and N E.
        5-4-1. THE CHEAP WAY. I WANT OUT!
      This is not too tough. Make sure you have the pyramid key card but, if not, 
    take the Town Portal to Blistering Heights. Exit to the west. 2W 2N 3W 3S 2W 
    2N to the Pyramid. The west door on the north side leads to a long corridor 
    where you need to unlock doors and bash anything that looks even like a wall. 
    You'll head to the forward storage sector(first PLEASE WAIT) and then to the 
    main control room(second PLEASE WAIT from which you can't return without Mr 
    Wizard's help.) From there, turn south at the first chance. Take either of 
    the portals to the west at Y=7 or 8. Type in the sequence 6-4-5-2-3-1. Watch 
    the end bit and see how high you score.
        5-4-2. WHAT MORE CAN I DO?
      Well, at the VERY back you have a bunch of eliminators to fight through. 
    With ultimate intelligence, a level 100+ sorcerer and a few saves I managed 
    to get to the very back. There's a little message back there. It says to 
    include the secret word KTOW to register your score with the Ancients, which 
    isn't relevant now.
      As for improving your score the easiest way to do that is to find tough 
    monsters and take them out. If you keep playing at the arena it should pump 
    your experience up a lot more. Even if you don't get actual LEVELS you should 
    still get the points for the experience.
      The three monsters here are Wicked Witch, Cursed Hand and Black Knight. You 
    can invalidate the Wicked Witch's curse spells by casting a Power Shield 
    spell on everyone, and if you don't this otherwise easy dungeon becomes 
    arduous. Holy Bonus for fighters doesn't hurt either so you can hit the 
    Cursed Hands, although there are a lot of guillotines scattered around that 
    may cause a loss of hit points.
      Without Power Shield you'll have to use the sidestep action to get close to 
    the witches. There will be a lot of saving and reloading. So just use Power 
    Shield. That makes this dungeon pretty easy. If the guillotines nail you for 
    too many hit points see if you can heal before continuing. Before the final 
    fight you may want to rest up to take on the Black Knight although a few 
    Implosion spells should dispose of him easily enough.
    (12, 0) (20, 5) ancient artifact of neutrality
    (21, 8) fizbin of misfortune--head to E2 (8,8) with it if you haven't 
    (2, 24) Black Terror Key
    (9, 28) (22, 19) pearl of beauty
    (12, 14-15) ancient artifact of evil on each square.
    (12, 2) (22, 21) (7, 29) +20 magic
    (14, 13) (14, 15) (16, 13) (16, 15) +1 level
        6-2. MAGIC CAVERN
      The Magic Cavern has some nice attribute boosts and even some scrolls in 
    case a secondary/tertiary magic user doesn't have them yet, though this may 
    be a big if. You'll want to beware of purple squares which deaden light 
    spells(unmarked here, but maybe have your druid memorize light spells,) and 
    there are some liches scattered around in tombs and behind doors, to counter 
    the treasure you find generally lying around. There's not a lot of experience 
    here, but the extra speed is nice since it's relatively rare to find.
      There are a few guardians and sorcerers tooling around here and you will 
    want to have your cleric cast protection from cold. Then engage quickly.
      The Gold Master Key is also here if you choose not to rip off a hireling 
    for it. It's behind a few doors.
         XXXX   XX         XXX    XX
      i  XX     XXXX    XX        XX
    X   XX   s   XXXX  XXXXX    i  X
        XX       XXXX  XXXXXXXX    X
    XXXX XXXX XXXXXXX          X   X
    X    XX       XXXXXXX XXXX  XXXX
      s      i   XXX  XXX XXX  L  XX
    X    XX               XXX     XX
    X   XXX XXX             XX  XXXX
    XX        XXXXX XX             X
    X    XX   XXXX   XX  X      XXXX
        XXXX XXXX    XXXXX XX    XXX
       XXXX   XX    XXXXX  XXX   XXX
    X   X     XX    XXXX  XXXXX XXXX
    XX       XX    XXX   XXXXXX XXXX
    X      XXXX   X    L      GXX XX
    L  L i XXXX   XX   X   XX  XX XX
    (26, 3) GOLD MASTER KEY
    (27, 19) (29, 5) (19, 3) (3, 2) (0, 2) lich tomb
    (12, 4) lich behind door
    (19, 7) drain 50 hit points
    (2, 28) (5, 2) (9, 19) (22, 24) (28, 27) +10 intelligence--emerald pool
    (20, 5) (20, 13) (8, 17) (2, 19) (9, 27) +10 speed--emerald pool
    (13, 29) fireball
    (30, 22) dragon breath
        6-3. DRAGON CAVERN
      This is a very fun dungeon even without the 15 million+ gold you get by 
    tearing through it. There's a dragon lord here and you have a bunch of green 
    dragons(poison or acid I believe) so you may wish to visit the relevant 
    dragon in Blistering Heights, zap to Swamp Town and teleport to F1. Then cast 
    protection from acid. It doesn't hurt to be leveled up at B1 beforehand as 
      The draconi you'll meet at first aren't exactly fear inspiring. Acid pools 
    have 50 gems each too but that is small potatoes compared to what's 
    elsewhere. You'll find too much to hold even if you bring along two dead 
      Throw it all at the Dragon Lord including implosion spells. The treasure 
    behind is worth it. If you clear this, that's four orbs.
    (22, 4) (25, 4) (3, 2) (12, 1) $250K
    (10, 4) (3, 30) (26, 29) (29, 25) (24, 6) (3, 5) (10, 4) (3, 30) $50K
    (6, 10) (7, 11) $1 million--this is where DOE MEISTER at the portals goes to
    (18, 10) (19, 11) $1 million
    (2, 1) (27, 5) (13, 3) (21, 5) ORBS
    (29, 16) 5 million
    (23, 1) 5 million + items
      8. FLOW CHART
    Temple of Moo -> Crusader skills -> enter castles
    Drink might potions--------+
                               +->break A4(15, 15) glass for
    Might under Swamp Town-----+  pyramid key
    Arachnoid Cavern-----------+  Yellow Fortress Key
                               +->(Fortress of fear)-->card 001
    Sir Galant(BaywatchD 15,1)-+  No orbs
    Cyclops Cavern-------------+  Green Eyeball Key
                               +->(Halls of Insanity)-->card 002
    Darlana(BaywatchD 15,0)----+  2 orbs(NW area, fight, jump)
    Cyclops Cavern-------------+  Red Warrior Key
                               +->(Dark Warrior Keep)-->card 003
    Lone Wolf(WildabarD 0, 13)-+  2 orbs("314")
    Arachnoid Cavern-----------+  Blue Unholy Key
                               +->(Cathedral of Carnage)-->card 004
    Wartowsan(WildabarD 4,7)---+  2 orbs(JVC=password)
    Cursed Cold Cavern---------+  Black terror key-->card 005
    Son/Abu(Bloodreign-D 14,0)-+  2 orbs(lich fight)
    Magic Cavern---------------+
                               +->Gold Master key-->card 006
    The Raven(Town 5 inn)------+ (Maze from hell)
                                 4 orbs(minotaur/medusa/minotaur king)
                             (also teleport to fountain in
                             center of maze to be Ultimate Adventurer)
    solve greywind dungeon + solve blackwind dungeon = learn launch code
    (not necc. to complete game)
    11 orbs to one king--+
                         +-> blue passcard +
    Ultimate Adventurer--+   pyramid key =
                             enter main engine room
                             +greywind/blackwind key(645231)
                             = win game.
      Grid of artifacts and orbs
                         O| G| N| E
    Blistering Heights |  | 1| 1| 1
    Bloodreign         |  | 2|  | 2
    Cathedral/Carnage  | 2|  |  |
    Cursed Cold Cavern |  | 2| 2| 2
    Cyclops Cavern     |  | 2| 2|
    Dark Warriors' Keep|  |  | 2|
    Dragon Caves       | 4|  |  |
    Dragontooth        |  |  | 2|
    Fortress of Fear   |  | 2| 1|
    Halls of Insanity  | 2|  |  | 2
    Maze from Hell     | 4|  |  |
    Slithercult Caves  |  |  | 1|
    Swamp Town         |  |  |  | 2
    Swamp Town Cavern  |  |  |  | 2
    Tomb of Terror     | 2| 2|  | 2
    Whiteshield        |  |  |  | 2
    Aft Storage        | 3|  |  |
    Alpha Engine       | 4|  |  |
    Beta Engine        | 4|  |  |
    Main Engine        | 4|  |  |
    My endgame count was 11-15-11 so I will have to check.
      If actually playing through the game doesn't concern you much, then here's 
    how to go about things. First of all, you can type ORB MEISTER at the portal, 
    get an orb, and go back. Then you can type DOE MEISTER and get lots of gold. 
    This puts your game off to a great start. You'll have no problem buying 
    anything and can probably put the cash, or 1950000 of it, in the bank to get 
    obscene interest on the days you aren't training.
      From there you need to complete the Fountain Head quest. It really isn't 
    too tough even with level ~4 characters. Just heal after you pass through the 
    pendulums and rest up on the way back--and don't forget to learn the Swim 
    spell either as it is critical. Use energy blast on the Rat Overlord. With 
    Fountain Head saved you can go to the fountain and convert the 2000000 gold 
    into experience--although you may wish to calculate and give the cleric 
    1536000 and the sorcerer 2048000.
      I'd advise giving the experience to your Cleric and Sorcerer. They will be 
    able to cast whatever spells they want, by-level spells will be much more 
    powerful, and a good Protect from Elements spell will come in handy. And your 
    weakest links hit-point-wise will be buffered. Giving a robber experience 
    might help with a few locks, but there's always the artificial way of 
    drinking at the +20 level island fountain in B1 and then ripping off the 
    hirelings later, especially Son of Abu for the Pirate Ring.
      By the time you get to level 8 you should be able to clear the Temple of 
    Moo. Do so and then use the Crusader skill to enter Castle Whiteshield and 
    get 1000000 experience for everyone. This should get you to decent levels. 
      If you are able to start off without a thief and get to the Halls of 
    Insanity so everyone gets all abilities, things work out even better--here 
    you may want to start until the thief gets 200000 or so experience and then 
    dump him for an archer. First you need to go to the Baywatch dungeon to 
    rescue the NPC's and then take Sir Galant's green key from him. You can then 
    visit Moo with the archer to get the Crusader skills and crash through the 
    Halls of Insanity and give everyone all attributes. You now have pseudo-
    thieves at the cost of maybe 200000 experience. The Pirate Ring, when you go 
    to the Blood Reign basement, and such should make up for the lack of natural 
      Many of the quests aren't really necessary, and if you're at level 50 you 
    can probably just pick up all the cards and keys you need, with a stop-off in 
    Blistering Heights(REDHOT.) The 11 orbs, the minimum necessary, are along the 
    way, too, and you can just get some might potion to break the glass in A4 for 
    a pyramid key and then plow through the endgame without really seeing 
    anything much. Maybe you can establish a new minimum score along the way, 
    especially if you cheat your characters way down near the end :).
      10. WEIRD BUGS
      If you put money in the bank and go train, you won't get interest. In 
    general interest only seems to register if the day changes as you are walking 
    around. Which is a bit of a ripoff.
      You can shoot when the monsters are in melee range and the arrows go behind 
    them--you'd think it would be point blank.
      Sometimes you have to twirl around to different orientations to "see" a 
    town you want to enter.
      You can fire a spell at enemies behind a mountain and it will hit them.
      I've managed to climb a mountain in the Lava Isle area. But I could not get 
    back on.
      Not really a bug but you can map at 2b2e/2b2f to (x,y) of the current 
    sector you're in and move around. If you go into a wall you can bash your way 
    out of it.
    end of FAQ proper
      11. VERSIONS
    1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 11/29/2004. I feel like this should mostly be 
    complete, but I may play through the game and look at details that bug me. 
    Might add more text maps. Dunno how useful they are. 
    0.2.5 sent to GameFAQs 11/12/2004, with a few dungeons done not walked-
    through on Macc Maverick's site yet. Text maps coming soon. Maybe.
    0.2.0 sent to GameFAQs 11/9/2004 through the beginning(up to level 17.)
    0.1.0 sent to GameFAQs 11/8/2004, very basic stuff.
      12. CREDITS
    Thanks to GameFAQs for being, well, THERE.
    Thanks to Macc Maverick, the maintainer of the RPGClassics shrine for this 
    Thanks to Lee Beng Hai for his fine original walkthrough of the game sent to 
    GameFAQs which, along with the above link, helped me through the game. I just 
    wanted to detail things. He certainly didn't have my resources for checking 
    things or the convenience of Windows, and he gives a strong overview with 
    important details, so his work is to be commended. 
    Thanks to the DOSBox folks at DOSBox.sourceforge.net for letting me type in a 
    window and play the game at the same time.
    Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, 
    too, because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
    daremo, falsehead, RetroFreak, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, and others 
    I forgot. 

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