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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.1.0 | Updated: 07/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Might and Magic IV FAQ(PC) version 1.1.0
    copyright 2006 by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net.
    Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
    much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
    I just wanted to save a memory of a great game and the odd solutions any way 
    I could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
    you'd like to post it on your site.
    Oh, and I have images on GameFAQs too that you may find helpful.
    **** AD SPACE ****
    My website: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762 
        1-3. USING THIS FAQ
      2. CONTROLS
        2-2. USING THE MOUSE
        3-2. LEVELS
        3-7. LIST OF SKILLS
        4-1. VERTIGO
          4-1-1. OUTSIDE IN F3
        4-2. DWARF MINE 1
        4-3. DWARF MINE 2
        4-4. DWARF MINE 3
        4-5. DWARF MINE 4
        4-6. DWARF MINE 5
        4-7. DEEP MINE ALPHA
        4-8. DEEP MINE KAPPA
        4-9. DEEP MINE THETA
        4-10. DEEP MINE OMEGA
        4-12. RIVERCITY (ROBBERS)
        4-14. RIVERCITY (YANGS)
        4-15. NIGHTSHADOW
        4-16. ASP
        4-17. WINTERKILL
          4-17-1. FORMULA FOR SUCCESS
        4-18. CASTLE BURLOCK
          4-18-1. NEWCASTLE
          4-18-2. TWO QUESTS OUTSIDE ASP
        4-19. TEMPLE OF YAK
        4-20. TOMB OF 1000 TERRORS
          4-20-1. SHANGRI LA STOPOVER
          4-20-2. NEWCASTLE
        4-21. SOME SIDE QUESTS
          4-21-1. WITCH'S TOWER
          4-21-2. CASTLE BASENJI
          4-21-3. THE SEASONS QUEST
          4-21-4. THE GOLEM DUNGEON
        4-22. THE CAVE OF ILLUSION
        4-23. TOWER OF HIGH MAGIC
        4-24. DARZOG'S TOWER
          4-25-1. NEWCASTLE, NO, REALLY
        4-26. XEEN CLOUDS
        4-27. CASTLE XEEN
          4-27-1. FINAL BATTLE
         4-28. WHAT TO DO AFTER?
        5-1. DRAGON CAVE
        5-2. SHANGRI-LA
      7. VERSIONS
      8. CREDITS
    Well, Sheltem escaped again. You won't see him or Corak much in this episode. 
    It focuses on a fellow named Lord Xeen. He's holding the Cloudside(this game) 
    in thrall and it's up to you to dispatch him. Once you do you can rescue the 
    Darkside(Might&Magic 5) and rejoin the two worlds by hopping back and forth.
    Might and Magic IV(MM4) is a bit of a placeholder from MM3 to MM5. In terms 
    of innovations you really only have more detailed pictures and some 
    unnecessary garbled voices. It follows MM3's formula of 5 towns, a desert 
    area, a frozen area, and some forests hanging around, and a lake. But it 
    doesn't have dungeons for its towns--it makes up for this by making the first 
    two towns 32x32 instead of the usual 16x16. You can buy skills as before, but 
    here's a nuisance: visiting a vendor takes not one hour, but one day! That's 
    ok for training, but not vendors. Anyway, you need to clean up each town(you 
    get an experience bonus) so you can drink from the bonus-giving well. Then 
    you have to go to various castles--your main goal is to gain Megacredits in 
    various dungeons and then use those Megacredits to build Newcastle, where you 
    can find the Xeen Slayer Sword and defeat Lord Xeen. There are many quests of 
    the "go beat someone up" sort and the ones outside are really kitty. Often 
    the person to be beaten up is 6 squares away and you can just teleport there. 
    It's a bit like being hired as a rent-a-cop to ask a neighbor to turn down 
    that dang stereo.
    There are also some new locations--dungeons, actually. Towers are on a 16x16 
    grid but circular in shape. That means they're very very cramped. You can 
    also teleport over some traps, so that makes them a little easier. There is a 
    huge 32x32 cloud space above them, but there's not much in the clouds, except 
    for the final bit where you have a castle on top of clouds on top of a tower.
    It's the sheer imbalance of the game that damages it though. On the one hand, 
    effort is made to control your players from getting to be level-100--which is 
    part of the fun of Might and Magic! You have a maximum of 20 levels to train 
    to, and unless you work very hard you probably can't get even that. Given 
    that you can get to level 10 pretty easily and you have a well that gives a 
    bonus of 10 levels, there's very little reason to try to improve. While it 
    allows you a free hand to go exploring on quests, there aren't many quests.
    Then you have teleportals that can send you anywhere--this is convenient at 
    first, to move between the towns, as in MM3. But then it gets ridiculous. If 
    you know where to go, the game takes a very short time because you can type 
    things in and go several places in the outside world, including critical 
    But at least the game's quick, and there's no mention of outer space 
    nonsense. It'll return though in MM5, a much better game, so we'll forgive 
    and forget.
    The character classes are pretty much the same though Rangers and Druids have 
    slightly weaker spellbooks. But they are still great utility men. You also 
    can't hire NPCs, but you didn't really need them in MM3, either.
    I bought the Might and Magic collection(I-V) on eBay for $10 several years 
    ago. There are probably illegal ways to get it, but it was worth going legal 
    for me. Plus, you have two places where the game asks you for passwords: on 
    exiting your first town and entering your first castle. Page, line, word of 
    instruction book. Again I bet this PDF document is available somewhere on the 
    web, but I was just pleased enough to have a Might&Magic collection WITH 
    cluebooks AND manuals AND Swords of Xeen that I didn't worry about 
    abandonware ROMs.
    Modern computers and their DOS emulators may not play MM4 because there isn't 
    enough memory--that's a crock but the native Windows emulator is not perfect. 
    DosBox isn't either but it's a lot closer--and it can run games in a window 
    instead of full-screen! To play this marvelous invention, download from 
    dosbox.sourceforge.net. You can drag and drop the MM\XEEN.EXE executable.
        1-3. USING THIS FAQ
    This FAQ makes extensive use of my maps at GameFAQs. So be sure to check them 
    out if the words turn to slush. While Might and Magic IV has a defacto 
    automatic mapper(i.e. put a sorcerer in your party and there it is) and keeps 
    notes for you on cool locations and clues, it doesn't feature both of these 
    at once. And given the rate of PNG compression these days, it probably takes 
    less (infinitessimal) time to download the graphics than to download the text 
    and a cumbersome explanation.
    For best reading this FAQ can be open in one browser and the graphic of the 
    current area you are working on can be in another, with DOSBox open in a 
    third window.
      2. CONTROLS
    If you've played MM3 you know what this is about.
      You can pretty much use the arrow keys to move around, with Y/N to enter a 
    room. Other commands, positioned on the keyboard from left to right, up to 
    down, are:
    S = shoot arrows
    C = cast a spell
    R = rest
    B = bash down a potential secret wall in front. If there's nothing there, you 
    go forward
    D = dismiss someone from your team
    Q = quick snapshot of party status
    M = view current auto-map
    I = inventory of time, spells, etc.
    V = view what Corak has to say
    F1-F6 = look at player
      Not much to say about many of these commands, although if you hold down S, 
    the game shoots a lot more arrows than you need to, and it gets exasperating. 
    Bash may not work at first but if you lose five times in a row it's time to 
    give it a rest. You can dismiss PC's from your team too.
      And if you are fighting against monsters at a distance, before their names 
    appear in the upper right to replace the phone-button GUI, you can, if you 
    type quickly, cast a spell twice. I.e. while it's barreling through your 
    enemies, type C to get two shots, much as you can get two shots in.
      But the most critical command is the [tab] command. With it you can save 
    and load games. [tab]-s saves, [tab]-l loads. You can also call Mr. Wizard, 
    which is handy in tight spots and, apparently, the Maze from Hell. But in 
    this walkthrough you'll learn what to do there. The TAB menu also allows you 
    to adjust the music and the sound effects.
      The main trick you need to know with the keyboard is that you can cast two 
    spells or fire two shots while opponents fire one. While your spell is 
    landing on opponents out of melee range, type C and you will get another shot 
    for sure. Often there's some delay after the spell completes but this is a 
    good way to make sure. When facing Eliminators who can eradicate your party 
    just like THAT, it's pretty important to get this extra chance in.
      Also sometimes you'll see something ahead and run into it and it won't be 
    there. Just turn around a bunch and you'll "see" it.
        2-2. USING THE MOUSE
      I really find the mouse a bit wobbly but there's one thing it can do that 
    the keyboard can't do. Sidestepping can be very useful in several cases. The 
    first, to lessen damage from a trap. Move the mouse around and you'll notice 
    the arrow changes, too. When it is bent, that means you will turn and move. 
    When it is off to either side, that means you shuffle sideways. The 
    difference is this: if you're on a "hot" square that does damage, shuffling 
    sideways prevents damage. When coupled with etherealizing onto a hot square, 
    it means you can escape damage totally. If you click it too near the center 
    it may flip you forwards and backwards, so beware.
      Another way to use the mouse to sidestep is this: if you step forward and 
    an enemy appears and casts a spell at you, they won't do so if, from the same 
    position(yes, I'm advocating save/reload for even one move--it can make all 
    the difference when attacks are lethal) you turn to the side and shuffle in 
    the enemy's direction and then you turn to face them.
        2-3. SMALL CHEATS
    First, push I-[space]-[space]-F[1-6] when outside at a fountain. No time will 
    pass. This is a lot better than just straightforward drinking which can take 
    a lot of time. You can save even more time by casting "jump" a bunch.
    If a monster is near you and it is too powerful, you don't have to call Mr 
    Wizard. Instead, face away and save and reload. The monster won't know you're 
    there! Shuffle around so you're never facing it.
    Below is a list of portal destinations by sector. You may want to visit a 
    certain location for a quest, and you can compare that location to what's 
    below here. Sometimes it's closer to visit a landmark in an adjacent sector. 
    However, given how wide-ranging the teleport spell is, you shouldn't have to 
    worry about walking too much. Because before you have the teleport spells, 
    you'll only be strong enough to visit the towns anyway, and those are all 
    indoors(see the asterisk, (*))
    CASTLE BASENJI             A1 05,11
    WINTERKILL                 A3 04,06 *
    LAND OF THE GIANTS         A4 06,15
    DESERT OF THE SPHINX       B1 01,00
    BARBARIC MOUNTAINS         B2 07 03
    OGRE HILLS                 B3 15,14
    CAVE OF ILLUSION           B4 02,15
    DARKSTONE TOWER            B4 11,14
    TROLL FOREST               B4 09,09
    GARGOYLE RANGE             C1 13,03
    ASP                        C2 09,15 *
    JOUSTER'S SAVANNAH         C2 14,07
    RIVERCITY                  C3 11,07 *
    TOWER OF HIGH MAGIC        C4 05,15
    NEWCASTLE                  C4 11,13
    CASTLE BURLOCK             D2 08,03
    MINE 5                     D2 09,09
    DARZOG'S TOWER             D3 03,11
    FAIRY FOREST               D3 03,05
    NIGHTSHADOW                D4 13,05 *
    DRAGON LAIR                E1 13,12
    RED DWARF RANGE            E2 08,01
    MINE 3                     E2 09,01 *
    MINE 4                     E2 01,01 *
    PITCHFORK CREEK            E3 06,07
    MOUNT FIRESTONE            F1 03,02
    RED RIVER BASIN            F2 05,05
    MINE 2                     F3 07,15 *
    MINE 1                     F3 05,13 *
    VERTIGO                    F3 10,13
    EVER BLOSSOM ORCHARD       F3 05,12
    MAGIC DELTA                F3 09,06
    TOAD MEADOW                F3 07,02
    WITCH TOWER                F4 10,10
    Some locations are somewhat unofficial, but in the case of the dwarf mines 
    it's nice not to have to walk and use all those carts to get back before you 
    have Lloyd's Beacon. Shangri-La and the Dragon Cave are not immediately 
    dangerous but hard to get out of, so be sure you have Lloyd's Beacon or no 
    gems(for Mr. Wizard's help) if you want to get back.
    COUNT DU MONEY DRAGON CAVE 13,01 (a small joke and a cheat too)
    SHOWTIME (shows endgame)
    WARZONE  (lets you get into a fight)
        3-2. LEVELS
      2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024
      1.5, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, 768, 1536
      1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024
    +5 personality for all for solving Mirabeth's quest (12,3)
    +10 at Tower of High Magic L1 9,11
    +10 at Castle Basenji L1 3,9
    +10 at Castle Basenji L1 6,9
    +10 at Tower of High Magic L1 5,11
    +10 at Tower of High Magic L2 4,6
    +10 at Castle Basenji L3 12,1
    +10 at Castle Basenji L3 11,2
    +10 at Castle Basenji L1 3,13
    +10 at Castle Basenji L1 6,13
    +10 at Tower of High Magic L1 5,5
    +10 at Tower of High Magic L2 5,5
    +10 at Castle Basenji L3 14,4
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 3,4
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 5,7
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 10,26
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 3 2,1
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 3 3,1
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 3 5,1
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 3 6,1
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 11,13
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 12,1
    +3  at Cave of Illusion L2 3,14
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L3 1,14
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 1,26
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 7,26
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 9,30
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 13,30
    +10 at Castle Burlock basement 11,3
    +10 at Cave of Illusion L4 1,14
    +20 at Darzog's Tower L2 10,6
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 8,17
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 9,17
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 10,17
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 10,25
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 10,22
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 8,5
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 3,6
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L2 2,2
    +10 at Cave of Illusion L2 14,10
    +10 at Cave of Illusion L2 11,3
    +5  at Temple of Yak 19,08(if <= 20)
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 8,17
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 7,22
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 1,17
    +20 at Darzog's Tower L2 4,6
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 1,1
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 6,20
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 6,21
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 11,25
    +3  at Cave of Illusion L2 1,9
    +5  at Castle Basenji L2 7,10
    +5  at Castle Basenji L2 7,12
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L2 1,3
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L2 10,0
    +5  at Temple of Yak 14,8 (if <= 20)
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 11,13
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 11,15
    +20 at Darzog's Tower L2 9,5
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 14,13
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 4,0
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 7,22
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 8,23
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 11,23
    +3  at Cave of Illusion L2 6,13
    +5  at Castle Basenji L2 5,8
    +5  at Castle Basenji L2 7,8
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L3 4,7
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L3 10,3
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 1,24
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 7,24
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 8,7
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 8,11
    +10 at Cave of Illusion L4 13,3
    +10 at Cave of Illusion L4 1,10
    +20 at Darzog's Tower L2 5,5
    +2  at Cave of Illusion 0,11
    +2  at Cave of Illusion 15,6
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 11,20
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 10,23
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 4,1
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 5,1
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 5 7,2
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 5 6,2
    +3  at Cave of Illusion 3,5
    +5  at Cave of Illusion 4,1
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 11,5
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 15,5
    +20 at Darzog's Tower L2 5,11
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 2,6
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 2,7
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 6,6
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 10,4
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 13,4
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L3 15,3
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L3 12,2
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L3 14,5
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L3 15,11
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 24,8
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 26,8
    +20 at Darzog's Tower L2 4,10
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 9,8
    +2  at Cave of Illusion L1 5,6
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 9,20
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 1 9,21
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 4,2
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 2 4,3
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 3 2,0
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 3 3,0
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 4 8,4
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 4 8,5
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 5 5,3
    +2  at Dwarf Mine 5 8,7
    +3  at Cave of Illusion L2 6,0
    +5  at Castle Basenji L2 5,14
    +5  at Castle Basenji L2 7,14
    +5  at Cave of Illusion L3 5,8
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 16,19
    +5  at Tomb of 1000 Terrors 18,19
    Note that the best way to drink is to push I-space-space-[F1-6] as that does 
    not take a move. It's a small sly cheat to save time.
    You can't pile temporary improvements on each other. You only get the benefit 
    of the first one. For Hit and Spell points, you can continually reuse an 
    improvement until you're over your maximum(grey numbers.) The only exception 
    to this is your well in Newcastle.
    Vertigo well: heal all HP
    Rivercity well: 100 SP
    Nightshadow well: +10 levels
    Asp well: +10 HP
    Winterkill well: +50 might(bang on each gong 2N 2S twice first)
    Thanks to Caroline Spector's Might and Magic Compendium for the locations.
    A1 (4,12) +250 HP
    A1 (7,6) +50 energy resistance
    A3 (3,14) +3 armor class
    A4 (3,3)  +250 SP
    A4 (12,14) +50 cold resistance
    B3 (0,3) +50 accuracy
    B3 (15,4) +50 intelligence
    C1 (2,4) +50 endurance
    C3 (15,0) +50 magic resistance
    C3 (0,0) +50 personality
    C3 (15,10) +10 might-speed-endurance-accuracy
    D2 (3,8) +50 might
    D3 (15,4) +50 electric resistance
    D3 (8,9) +10 intellgence/personality
    E2 (3,4) +50 speed
    E2 (13,3) +50 fire resistance
    E3 (8,6) +25 magic points
    E3 (9,14) +20 electricity, fire, cold, poison
    F3 (0,1) +5 levels
    F3 (1,7) +60 luck
    F3 (7,7) +25 HP
    F3 (12,12) +5 AC
    This is a bit of a cop out but oh well.
    The necessary ones will be listed in the walkthrough as you come across them.
    The non-necessary ones are in 4-21-5.
    First, spells you can find. Megavolts is for solving a quest. Others, anyone 
    with the ability can read the spell book, which does not wear out. Ones you 
    should wait on(to save money and time) are marked with a *.
    Acid Spray: Yak 4,5 *
    Beastmaster: Witches Tower L2 4,6 *
    Clairvoyance: Witches Tower L2 5,5 *
    Cure Disease: F3 12,2 *
    Cure Poison: F3 12,8 *
    Divine Intervention: 12,8 *(if you can)
    Item to Gold: N Sphinx basemend 14,2 *
    Hypnotize: 30,3 *
    Light: Yak 6,11
    Lightning Bolt: Witches Tower L2 10,6 * (VERY worth it)
    Megavolts: C2 8,11 for Crystals of Piezoelectricity *
    Pain: Witches Tower L2 4,10 *
    Prismatic Light: Tower of High Magic L4 7,7
    Recharge: D3 12,8 if you got Skull D4 2,1
    Sleep: Witches Tower L2 5,11 *
    Sparks: Yak 18,23 *
    Star Burst: N Sphinx 2,8 *(if you can)
    Super Shelter: B3 6,3 if you destroy the B4 2,7 Troll Lair *
    Teleport: N Sphinx basement 0,15
    Toxic Cloud: Witches Tower L2 9,5 *
    In towns:
    SORCERER: Energy blast, insect spray, jump, shrapmetal, sleep, toxic cloud, 
    wizard eye
    DRUID: Cure wounds, energy blast, flying fist, insect spray, jump, pain, 
    protect elements, revitalize, shrapmetal, sleep
    CLERIC: Cure wounds, flying fist, pain, protect elements, revitalize, sparks, 
    suppress poison
    SORCERER: Clairvoyance, Day of Sorcery, fantastic freeze, finger of deatah, 
    identify monster, levitate, lloyd's beacon, time distortion
    DRUID: Clairvoyance, cure poison, frost bite, identify monster, levitate, 
    lloyd's beacon, power cure, turn undead, walk on water
    CLERIC: cure paralysis, cure poison, day of protection, fiery flail, frost 
    bite, power cure, turn undead, walk on water
    SORCERER: Clairvoyance, detect monster, fire ball, identify monster, 
    levitate, poison volley, power shield, wizard eye
    DRUID: bless, clairvoyance, cold ray, fire ball, heroism, holy bonus, 
    identify monster, levitate, nature's cure, power shield, suppress disease, 
    turn undead, wizard eye
    CLERIC: bless, cold ray, deadly swarm, heroism, holy bonus, nature's cure, 
    suppress disease, turn undead
    SORCERER: dancing sword, day of sorcery, dragon sleep, etherealize, fantastic 
    freeze, finger of death, golem stopper, incinerate
    DRUID: cure disease, cure poison
    CLERIC: create food, cure disease, cure poison, day of protection,  raise 
    dead, resurrect, stone to flesh, town portal
    SORCERER: dancing sword, day of sorcery, elemental storm, etherealize, golem 
    stopper, incinerate, inferno, poison volley, teleport
    DRUID: cure disease, cure poison
    CLERIC: create food, cure disease, cure poison, day of protection, holy word, 
    mass distortion, raise dead, resurrect
        3-7. LIST OF SKILLS
    Recommendation in parentheses.
    Vertigo 8,16 gives Cartography for 100 gold(don't need, already have)
    Vertigo 25,26 gives Pathfinder for 2500 gold(Paladin only-Ranger has it)
    Rivercity 30,3 gives Arms Master for 100 gold(all 6)
    Rivercity 30,1 gives Body Builder for 1k gold(all 6)
    Rivercity 30,30 gives Mountaineer for 5k gold(2)
    Rivercity 22,30 gives Navigator for 2k gold(1)
    Rivercity 19,23 gives Swimming for 100 gold(all who don't)
    A2 6,13 gives prayermaster for 10K gold(Cleric/Paladin)
    E3 11,12 gives Spot Secret Doors skill for 500 gold(1 person if you pass by)
    Tower of High Magic 6,8 gives Prestidigitator(archer/sorcerer)
    Castle Burlock L1 6,5 gives Linguist(later in Basenji)
    Castle Burlock L1 10,5 gives Astrologer(druid/ranger)
    You don't need Crusader if you have a Paladin.
    You can complete Might and Magic IV in under a year of game-time. In fact, 
    you can even go to the Darkside for a quick boost before tackling MM4 proper. 
    That's in an appendix. This walkthrough assumes you've made no improvements; 
    obviously, if you get the early million experience, you have far fewer 
    management worries. The big thing to remember if you don't want to use game-
    time is that shopping takes forever. Visiting the training grounds, armory, 
    temple, or spell guild takes a day. The training ground and temple take an 
    extra day for each player character serviced, so you will want to stay away 
    from the temple and try to lump together levels gained. The second bit isn't 
    too hard, actually, if you pick and choose your fights.
    I'll try to indicate which quests are optional; sometimes I'll blow off an 
    easy optional quest as part of the walkthrough, and I'll barely tell you. But 
    (*) in the outline means a quest is optional.
        4-1. VERTIGO
    Starting off isn't too hard. The party you start with is OK but you can 
    reroll new characters to get a bunch of really good attributes. Just be sure 
    you trade all the items away before you ditch your old guys. If you want more 
    than 3 new guys, you may have to enter the tavern twice, which wastes a day 
    but oh well. At any rate it's well worth it to replace a knight with an 
    archer, and if you want a simple quick way through, that's how to go. A 
    little extra spell power can mow down enemies before they get in close. 
    Rangers don't have that much, but they have a few good spells.
    So back into Geraldine's Tavern.  At the table, trade items away from your 
    character(s) you wish to drop, enter, and create a new character. The rolls 
    are very generous and for an archer you should try to get 13+ for everything 
    bar one stat. That stat can be personality, which the archer doesn't need. I 
    would keep endurance and speed as high as possible because those can help a 
    lot early on. Also, spell point accumulation doesn't matter so much, because 
    you have a fountain that will help you get 100+ points above the natural 
    maximum, and that allows you to cast pretty much whatever.
    Before leaving, look at (28,03) and (28,07)--the back rooms--for a couple 
    items. They are random. If you really want, you can save before picking them 
    up and reload if you don't like what you get. Also, you can go west to the 
    armory. There are six boxes you can steal items from there. Missile weapons 
    are great because you can mow down weak yet speedy monsters from a distance. 
    There are also two boxes in the training rooms to the north. The items aren't 
    magic but even if you don't save-and-reload you'll probably wind up with some 
    very good armor. Miscellaneous items like wands are also good, especially if 
    they have good spells. Give the best offensive ones to your robber.
    On exiting Geraldine's you can just fire at the slime--there are other slimes 
    and doom bugs and breeder slime, but you can shoot them from a distance, and 
    they shouldn't do much damage. Just beware of your cleric getting hit as then 
    you'll have to rest, etc.
    Vertigo has a pretty simple quest. Head north along the main passage through 
    the center of town. At y=30 go west. Type "space" at the gate and have your 
    robber open it. You get 100 experience for each gate your character opens, 
    which is nice--tougher gates give more experience later.
    Fire away at the slimes--there are ones behind the door after you go west and 
    face south, so don't wait to see them. You should hear some thuds which mean 
    the slimes have been hit. --shouldn't be too hard--and walk west and turn 
    left. The storage room holds a lot of enemies and boxes. Here, instead of 
    running at the enemies, wait for them to line up with you and shoot away. If 
    one is 2 ahead and 1 left, push [space] and it will be 2 ahead. That allows 
    you one more shot.
    Now there are a lot of crates and some have monsters. Level 1 characters can 
    get through them pretty easily, but if you want to just get the experience 
    and items, hit the following chests marked $ and *:
    X  X X$$X
    X       X
    X   ! !$X
    X$  ! !$X
    XXXXX ! X
        X !!X
        X !*X
    You should probably be sure you can clear out the enemies anyway. Then you 
    can go around town and clear out the slimes behind the gates if you want.
    See mayor Gunther at 14,05 for your reward of +5000 experience. That's not a 
    lot compared to what you'll be getting, but it'll allow for a lot of 
    training. Your robber should be at level 4. Others will be at 3, or maybe 4 
    for your cleric. If you can't get the cleric to level 4, don't sweat it. It's 
    a small detail that will soon be rectified. Train everyone--that takes 7 
    game-days. But you need the extra HP for the dwarf mines. You should also 
    have gold left over for pathfinding. (25,26) and let your Paladin learn--your 
    ranger already has. Now you can explore outside forests.
    If you talk to patrons at taverns you'll learn of other cities and places, 
    and you'll learn the clues that this walkthrough short-circuited a bit. You 
    can even go to Rivercity as long as you can shoot the Insane Beggars down 
    from a distance. They'll have a lot of skills for you there--swimming in 
    Once you have about 20000 gold or so, you can buy pathfinding in the 
    NE(paladin) and the following spells from the Vertigo Guild(for whoever can 
    use them):
    Cure Wounds
    First Aid
    Energy Blast
    Toxic Cloud
    Protection from Elements(Cleric)
    It's probably best to have these spells and at least the swimming 
    skill(straight north, 1E of the Rivercity entrance) before you go exploring. 
    So now let's explore F3 and find some magic boosts that last until 5 AM.
          4-1-1. OUTSIDE IN F3
    You can find a few neat things to do here. Follow the road south and west and 
    go south at the fork. Go west at the wagon(push space and get the quest--
    it'll be easy enough later) and then south when you can. Stay back and shoot 
    down the zombie/skeleton. Use spells on the zombie, who can cause disease. 
    Have everyone drink from the fountain. +5 levels! Then you can go to the 
    healing fountain--return N, E and N but go east right after the river. Have 
    people drink until their gauges are grey. They're above maximum for their 
    augmented level.
    Now and only now can you attack the dwarf mines with impunity. Otherwise 
    there'd be a lot of shuffling to and fro clearing them out, resting, etc. 
    With super-pumped characters you can clear them in one go.
        4-2. DWARF MINE 1
    The object of the dwarf mines is to beat the Dwarf King and get out. For 
    mines 1-5, you'll find sheets of paper with 1 letter each. Put these letters 
    together and get the first location of the deep mine, where you find the 
    second mine's name, and so on up to the fourth. As you go on you'll discover 
    more traps, which may spring out at you without warning or as you search. 
    While you don't need to tackle every treasure opportunity, having about 
    30000-40000 gold or so ensures you can buy all the spells you need to 
    complete the town quests next.
    You can also bail midway through to go back and buy a bunch of spells.
    My maps show where everything is but I wanted to describe the big events 
    here. There aren't many tough monsters unless you open up the box or until 
    you get to the last mine.
    People who are extremely confident in their abilities to work with Might and 
    Magic can pass up the attribute building(at least for might=red and 
    endurance=green,) because if you go to the Temple of Yak you can power up to 
    21-25 and then return, and your permanent stats can go higher--this may be 
    chiseling in the long-range view of things, though. But if you power up here 
    first, no dice. You don't really need might/endurance boosts right away, but 
    the others afford you more spell points and better armor class.
    Now you could just take the cart and go to "MINE 2" or "OMEGA" to get on with 
    things, but I wanted to spell out what all is in here. You may want to 
    improve your characters before then.
    In the east you have some beds behind locked doors. There's also a crate. Now 
    you can first go to the west and open up the two barrels in the SW and NE of 
    the room(shoot the bats) and you will be able to open the crate at (10,8) 
    which yields a few items. Or you can just hold off, as they are not magic.
    Behind each set of doors you have a lot of single-item treasures you may not 
    need. There's a locked door in the SW at (4,3) that leads to a gold chest 
    with 2000+ gold. That is worth opening--your robber gets some experience too.
    To the north you have a poison trap and then if you head east you have:
    --3 +2 endurances on the south wall(don't break the next multiple of 5 to get 
    the full bonus at Yak, i.e. get to 15 or 20)
    --2 +2 accuracy in the east
    --2 +2 intelligence in the NW
    --2 +2 personality on the west wall
    Get your spellcasters the quick boosts. You also have a few secret doors(N 
    and E) that lead to mining opportunities. These aren't really worth it, but 
    you can mine several times for free gold at the risk of a cave-in, so save 
    first before doing anything.
        4-3. DWARF MINE 2
    3W 3N leads you outside to the Orc huts. That's the detour I'll take, because 
    it gets you some nice items and experience.
    Here I recommend another diversion which nets experience and items. Go north 
    from the main room in mine 2. That leads to an exit outside. Go west, then 
    north around the mountains and back east. Shoot at the orcs that attack you 
    from a distance. Keep pushing east. Eventually you'll see what looks like a 
    small cave on its own. Stand on it, turn so you're facing its mouth, and push 
    space. 10000 experience, some gold too...not bad. Another hut is 1W 3N. Now 
    just retreat back to dwarf mine 2.
    (end segue)
    There are secret doors to the west of the opening areatreasure on the west 
    side in the N and the north side in the S) and +2 might(2W 2S 2E) +2 
    endurance(1S of that) +2 personality(1E) and +2 intelligence(2S) which should 
    get you going OK.
    Some piles contain poisoned gold and others contain arachnoid fights you'll 
    wish to avoid. But in the south you have some side passages leading to gold 
    and a +2 luck barrel. Behind a door you have +2 speed(4,3 and 4,2) and +2 
    accuracy(4,1 and 5,1) and treasure behind that.
        4-4. DWARF MINE 3
    You can get Danger Sense 2S1E of the entry. Past the gate to the east you 
    have a trap and then a whole maze of deposits that are very rich indeed. 
    (30,14) lets you dig 3 times and (30,9) lets you dig 4 times. (29,7) and 
    (29,2) are also good.
    Behind the door to the south of the main room you have two doors to the west 
    and east--lots of treasure except in the SE. At the very south of this hall 
    you have +2 might bonuses(2/3/5/6,1) and +2 speed(2/3,0). Definitely get the 
        4-5. DWARF MINE 4
    No gold here but you have some great treasure behind the water. First 2S 1E 
    gets +2 speed and 1S gets another speed. If everyone can swim, S 5E N and 
    there is some mondo treasure there.
        4-6. DWARF MINE 5
    2 +2 accuracy in the S wall, +2 speed in the SW and NE of the main room. 
    Treasure behind the gates in the SW corner. You also have a trap that hides 
    long passageways to the east--S/W to a 3-dig and N/W to a 3-dig. 4 is behind 
    a secret door to the south. But you probably don't need gold right now.
    Skip to 4-10 if you want to(and I'm telling you, you probably do.) The 
    dungeons get very tortuous here and you can always come back and clean them 
    up later when you are stronger and just need some spare gold.
        4-7. DEEP MINE ALPHA
    Some 4-digs here. The best bet is to take the second turn left and then look 
    for secret doors. W-N-W you'll have two passages with 4-digs for ore and then 
    back and N-E-N-W and there'll be a secret door south with another 4-dig. 
    Again some Mole Rats if you open boxes, but they're a needless challenge 
    right now.
        4-8. DEEP MINE KAPPA
    This is a very convoluted place although it does have a 5-bagger in the NW. 
    Since deposits are exponentially more lucrative the more there are of them, 
    you can really cash in on them. N-E-N-W-N-W-N and you can go all the way S, E 
    for 1 4-bagger and back N all the way and N-E-N for one 4-bagger and E-S-W 
    for another.
        4-9. DEEP MINE THETA
    Only one really important place to mine here. Go north and all the way east 
    for a 5-bagger. But there's nothing else to see here.
        4-10. DEEP MINE OMEGA
    This is the one where you get to test your party and beat up the Dwarf King.
    Move north. East, north, east, north, east, south, west, south, east, north 
    and east to a 4-way junction. Save here. Go north. There's a gas trap where 
    you open a grate and if you can't get by without severe damage, back up and 
    try again. Once past, you can go to the east and bash through secret doors. 
    Some mad dwarves and even a clan sergeant, but plow through until you see a 
    passage on the right. Maybe you can't take care of these bad guys now but you 
    can retreat, get five levels and come back.
    To win the fight with the dwarf king and two sergeants, turn left so you can 
    back up into the passage that offshoots. Then they can't cast spells from 
    distance. Use whatever spells and items you have(especially your robber.) 
    Save before opening the chest or tapping the gold vein. There's a lot to be 
    had there, but do save in case it bursts!
    Return to Vertigo and let Gunther give you 50000 experience before you go to 
    train. You're probably pushing 100k by now, which should allow for level-7 
    characters. Now to flex your muscle.
    If you've got 30000 gold, then clear the Vertigo guild of spells(except Cure 
    Poison/Disease which you'll get later, so save your cash.) If not, maybe go 
    back to the dwarf mines and just clear out all the gunk. Any excess cash can 
    be used to give some non-ranger Pathfinding or to save for Mountaineering in 
    Save before taking the mirror here. Insane Beggars are easy to beat but can 
    injure your party in ways that they can't heal with spells yet.
    You can and should get the swimming skill just south of the shore. Also 
    useful are Arms Master and Bodybuilder in the lower right corner. Again, you 
    should have the gold for all this by now. Teleport back to Vertigo and heal 
    up if need be. Don't forget membership for the guild. It's on one of the 
    islands at 25,27.
    This, your first real item quest, is a real gimme. E3 (05,14) is where you 
    can find something called the Bone Whistle. Just follow the path to the +5 
    level fountain and drink. Go 2S and then head west. There'll be an undead 
    shrine(+5000 experience to destroy) and 4 squares west you can get the Bone 
    If you're still comfortable you can head 6W 1N and rescue Celia. That way 
    when you return back west you can drop by Derek's wagon for even more of an 
    experience bonus.
    The bone whistle should be returned to the island at (9,6). But the statues 
    with the relevant spells are a bit trickier. 3E2S of it is one, then go 6N 
    for the other. Having the cure spells will get you out of all kinds of jams, 
    and you won't have to pay guilds for the privilege.
        4-12. RIVERCITY (ROBBERS)
    Again use the power-up(levels and spell points) trick at the fountain and 
    such. You'll need everything you can get for Rivercity's tougher areas. Note 
    that the teleportals allow you to move between Rivercity and Vertigo easily.
    Rivercity has a lot of places to train for attributes, and after beating each 
    enemy you may find you want to pump your characters up accordingly.
    With your souped-up characters the first thing to do is, if you have the 
    gold, to go to (30,1) and (30,3) and pick up skills there. Body Builder(1000) 
    gets everyone +1 HP/level. Arms Master helps with aim. If you still have cash 
    left over swimming at (19,23) and guild membership at (27,27) are worth it. 
    One person should get Navigator for 2000 gold at (22,30)--preferably your 
    leader-and once you've got that, buy Mountaineering for your two front men. 
    If you can't afford this now, you'll be able to after you clear the robbers.
    Then go to attack the robbers' den. It is just to the west. Clinch with the 
    robbers(or face west and move backwards) so that their deadly arrows can't 
    hurt you(they trade shots with you from a distance, but up close you get 3 
    attacks to their 1 per player, and you probably have better weapons) and 
    attack straight-out. Head east and south through the orchard. You can't 
    always move backwards due to the trees, but at the southwest doors you will 
    want to do so as there is a group of three robbers.
    Now on the other hand, robber bosses(grey guys) don't have missile weapons, 
    so fire away at them from a distance before they approach. They are rather 
    tough, but they usually hide good treasure. The first one is off to the north 
    passage and is hiding 5000 gold. Another door leads to the southwest corner, 
    behind which is your first game-specific item. At (1,3) you have Princess 
    Roxanne's Tiara. That quest is out of your reach for now. But you will get a 
    boatload of items, probably some magic.
    Here you may want to take the mirror back to Vertigo. If it's late in the day 
    you may wish to just go back to the +5 level fountain and the healing 
    fountain for a huge bonus, but if not, just heal from the Vertigo well and 
    return to Rivercity. If you like you can return and try to take out the 
    sorceresses in the NW, but that can get tricky. You may be better off just 
    hunting down a few robbers and resting up--there are some in the tavern, and 
    they are guarding rooms with good items under the beds.
    Here you may wish to make extensive use of the backup strategy, although 
    protection from elements should serve pretty well too. You don't strictly 
    need a level bonus here--if you lose hit points you can just go back to 
    Vertigo and re-heal and return where you left off. This is a good place for 
    your robber or paladin to use magic offensive items.
    In the northwest corner where the spell guild is, go south through the door 
    and south again. Now shuffle left/right(ctrl-left or ctrl-right) and back up 
    and shuffle some more and you should engage a sorceress without her shooting 
    fireballs from a distance. Kill both of them and move south again.
    In the final area there is a gate to the east and a door to the west. I 
    suggest the gate first--more Insane Beggars, which seems dumb, but you can 
    test your thief's lockpick skills here. Each chest gets 1 gem and 1 gold, but 
    the experience(2500) is nice. Then back up out of here, ctrl-right(go south) 
    and back up through a door to face three sorceresses.
    Now this is a really good fight for hitting them with everything you have. 
    Anyone who can cast shrapmetal etc. should. Barok's pendant is in the NW 
    corner of this room once you win and there are other goodies too. Return to 
    Barok at (25,20) for 80k experience. It's only enough for 1 level so you may 
    just wish to wait a bit before cashing in at training. But for now the well 
    west of the mirror gives spell points, and I suggest you stock up on them. 
    Heal up in Vertigo too.
    The great thing about the well is that you can get up to 100 spell points 
    over your natural maximum, which allows for more careless spellcasting.
    You should have 40000 gold or so, and if you do, then you'll want to take a 
    trip to the guild.
    There your paladin can get Turn Undead and Power Cure and Cure Paralysis. So 
    can your Druid. Get him Lloyd's Beacon too--Levitate and Walk on Water are 
    also good spells for an emergency. Get your archer Lloyd's Beacon and Time 
    Distortion. With Lloyd's Beacon you can set one Beacon at the Rivercity well 
    to start later excursions.
    The big payoff however is to get Day of Protection(Cleric) and Day of 
    Sorcery(Sorcerer) which will help you tremendously in all fights in the 
    future. Your cleric can buy everything except Walk on Water, and your 
    sorcerer can get Day of Protection. Clairvoyance, Finger of Death, and ID 
    Monster are pretty useless. These spells will help against the Yangs.
        4-14. RIVERCITY (YANGS)
    For the next part you probably want to have the +5 levels just in case--and 
    after you reenter Rivercity, re-cast Day of Protection/Sorcery. The Yangs do 
    lots of damage and come in droves for their boss fight. Any protection and 
    extra damage you can muster will be big.
    But the plan to win everywhere else, against single Yangs, is simple. West of 
    the training area, when you see one, cast energy blast from a distance. If 
    he's 2 away and to the side, back up and cast energy blast. When he clinches, 
    have everyone do it. After each fight, see if anyone's below max spell 
    points. If so, go back to the well. You can even jump away and fire. Every 
    door hides treasure except the NW, so this is worth it.
    There's one door housing a couple yangs(SW) but the really tricky fight is in 
    the SE past a secret door. Heal for that(if you lose the first few times, you 
    can even semi-cheat and cast enough spells to knock a character just below 
    his maximum before recharging) and make sure your Robber has a magic item 
    that can do multiple attacks, though Energy Blast isn't bad. Get your Paladin 
    something if you can too, and if you have an extra Energy Blast item, give it 
    to your Cleric. Hit the yangs with everything--constant Shrapmetal and Sparks 
    spells, unless only one is left, then Energy Blast. They should go down for 
    big experience and treasure. You may have someone knocked unconscious who 
    gets his armor broken, but don't worry about that right now.
        4-15. NIGHTSHADOW
    While the Queen Bats in Nightshadow aren't very tough(neither is getting 
    around as it's 1/4 the size of other towns,) the boss is somewhat elusive. 
    His name is Count Draco, and he casts fireballs. It's easy enough to access 
    him--at night, anyway. Turn each sundial to 9. They are at 6,10 8,11 and 
    10,10. If you have your spell points juiced up and Day of Protection/Sorcery 
    cast, you won't necessarily need extra levels from the fountain in F3 to 
    shred him. And once you kill him, you have a more convenient and powerful 
    place to level up! The well in Nightshadow gives +10 levels.
    This is one of those instances where you want to use whatever spell items you 
    have, and you may have to try a couple of times--one nasty thing about Count 
    Draco is that he can wipe out all your spell points. If you have problems 
    beating Count Draco after a few tries, you can go to Winterkill first where 
    you can cast Turn Undead on a bunch of monsters and then get the Holy Water 
    vials. One of them will take Draco down rather quickly.
    There are Gnome Vampires in other crypts, and while they are a bit tricky, 
    there's nothing wrong with killing them while waiting for night to fall, then 
    retreating to Vertigo/Rivercity to recharge hit and spell points several 
    times if necessary. +50000?? experience for freeing the city, but there's not 
    a lot else to do here except win fights in the north rooms and get nice 
    items. It's only one-fourth the size, hey!
        4-16. ASP
    This is a hack-and-slash affair. Asps look like they might poison you but 
    they just confuse you. First things first: set the balls as follows
    Blue  Red
    Red   Blue
    Head off north and to the east. The Snake Men are not tough as you can blast 
    them from a distance and your protection should work well. You can probably 
    even get away with clearing out the lucrative northeast, but it's probably 
    better to focus on killing the asps in the northwest desert section. Use 
    spells when you can, and facing north at X=13, jump. At x=15 facing north, 
    You can slide right(ctrl-right) to get to the energy generator and destroy 
    it. Go 2W and turn around and chuck a bunch of spells at the asps. Then you 
    can get the Crystal of Piezoelectricity. With +50000 experience more you are 
    really rolling.
    No matter how ragged your party is, they can drink up at the well repeatedly 
    for +100 hit points until they exceed the maximum. They may need it, too, for 
    But first, let's pick up more treasure. Exit Asp, go 3S 1W, and someone right 
    there will pay 75k experience for your troubles, and you get the Mega Volts 
    spell too!
        4-17. WINTERKILL
    Actually, before going to Winterkill, let's discuss how to go about winning 
    fights there. Magic is the only way. Preferably Turn Undead. This means 
    you'll probably have to buy everything you can from the guild in Rivercity if 
    you haven't already. But it's decidedly worth it. You'll get some other 
    nearly indispensible spells, too, including Lloyd's Beacon, some much higher-
    powered offensive ones and the critical duo Day of Protection/Sorcery. Cast 
    these before drinking at the Rivercity well.
          4-17-1. FORMULA FOR SUCCESS
    0. set Lloyd's Beacon at the Rivercity mirror portal
      * (remove this beacon once you have Town Portal)
    1. drink from the Nightshadow well for +10 levels
    1a. cast protective spells(day of sorcery/protection)
    2. drink from the Rivercity well for above-max spell points
    3. drink from the Asp well for above-max hit points
    And optional:
    4. drink from the Winterkill well after banging each gong 2x(2N, 2S) for +50 
    5. if there's another powerup you want or need, you can Lloyd's Beacon there.
      * +50 speed is best against enemies that attack quickly.
    You never have to rest with this and although your characters may be weakened 
    as a result of this, Revitalize fixes that.
    (end segue)
    You have 3 waves of undeads to kill. After you think you've killed each, save 
    the game(just in case,) bang the gong and return to the Mayor. If you bang 
    the gong and they're not all dead, they'll all reappear, so it's a good idea 
    to save, bang the gong and check with the mayor. If you didn't clear things, 
    undeads will probably attack you before you get to the mayor, but he doesn't 
    thank you until AFTER you've banged the gong. That's bureaucracy, old-school 
    style. The problem with the undead monsters is that you need magic weapons or 
    spells to damage them. I play it safe casting Turn Undead whenever I need to-
    -it probably saves having to cast heal spells later anyway. The irritating 
    thing is how they tend to go after your cleric, who you should have ready to 
    cast Turn Undead spells. So if you let them get a chance(and they do have 
    good speed) they'll get after you.
    The major obstacle to winning is locating all the enemies, and I know I 
    forgot a few in the final walkthrough here. What I do is to check all the 
    chambers at the bottom, and I don't forget the SE chamber--a secret door in 
    the northeast leads to several enemy groups. Once you get back north it 
    should be cleared. Ghosts don't appear behind doors, although they do pop up 
    behind gates. The southwest chamber should harbor three undeads, and you're 
    best off blasting them from a distance. You may run out of spell points, in 
    which case you can go back to Rivercity and return. Gems shouldn't be a 
    Spirit Bones are the first set of undeads. The undeads tend to concentrate on 
    your cleric so be sure to protect him/her. Try to get enemies in the distance 
    and cast turn-undead on them. Your cleric should have more than enough spell 
    points, but if not, retreat to Rivercity. Shuffle left/right so monsters 
    don't approach you, or wait for them to line up.
    For one undead, you may want to cast two energy blasts. For a group, Turn 
    Undead. Spirit Bones take two Turn Undead spells. So do Polter Fools. Ghost 
    Riders take three.
    You can find 3 Holy Word potions at each of (5,5) (6,3) (9,8) and (14,5). 
    Just have anyone take the potion--you get some poison damage that shouldn't 
    be too much and you can heal. You may want to use these for the final set of 
    monsters. Using them for the third and nastiest wave of monsters, when you 
    have a group of three to face, is best. Your robber can use them in combat if 
    others need to cast spells.
    The southwest has some nice treasure, and 1,12 12,12 12,9 14,7 also have 
    something useful, if you get bored of fighting undeads for a bit.
    Once you've killed the undeads, you get a whopping 500000 bonus that should 
    put your characters around 1000000 experience or so. Buy entry to the guild 
    if you haven't, but don't visit.
    Your characters can advance now but I decided to finesse just once more. 
    1024000 is the magic mark for a level and I think that it's very achievable, 
    but 1536000 is the magic mark for the next bit, where you get a level just 
    for finding certain locations. Before that, not everyone gets the full 
    experience bonus. So now's a good time to introduce yourself to the castles.
    If you have 50000 gold, follow 4-18-1 right away, or else just go to Castle 
    Burlock next. You can also use a town portal to visit the Dwarf Mines if you 
    don't quite have enough gold.
        4-18. CASTLE BURLOCK
    This is not really a bad castle and it has its fun moments, too. Shoot the 
    Fools that approach as they may render you insane if you get too close. Go to 
    the NW tower and climb up two flights of stairs and Princess Roxanne is on 
    level 3 with items and 200K experience. Climb back down. For this next part 
    you'll want to be sure to have at least 3 hours before the magic 5 AM. The 
    northeast part has stairs down, and you can follow them to the dungeon where 
    some nasty monsters hide behind grates. But if you have day 
    protection/sorcery it's all pretty trivial. Enemies go down with one blow. 
    But you may want to back up facing west to fight the dragon at (13,4). +10 
    might for one character is at (11,03) and (15,01) behind a secret door has an 
    Go back upstairs and visit the throne room. Make everyone a linguist and 
    astro(nom/log, big sic)er. This will only help your ranger/druid but I like 
    being completist about skills. Talk to the king at 8,1. There is no sixth 
    mirror but you'll have some clue what to do next.
    Now the next part will feature some heavy fighting. Again, 4 hours minimum 
    before daybreak unless you want to cast Lloyd's Beacon and deal with things 
    later--you need the level bonus and the Day of Protection/Sorcery extra 
    protection. Climb up the throneroom stairs--either one--and on level 2, go up 
    again (8,1) to level 3. Get one of the chests in the SW or SE corner. Back up 
    to fight a King's Guard, twice as tough as a Castle Guard but still the same 
    Face the side wall and back up and you'll fight the other King's Guard. Raid 
    that treasure chest and go back down two flights. There are King's Guards at 
    (7,5) and (9,5) but you can sidestep to fight them on your own terms.
    Now see, I told you so. The exit is choked with castle guards! Excellent 
    experience fodder as long as you're powered-up.Cut your way through the 
    crowd. Cast Lloyd's Beacon before you exit, if you wish.
    You also should be aware that three Kings' Guards are guarding the Master 
    Builder and Royal Advisor in the SW. But you can beat them now.
    With all this gold you can but 2 mountaineerings, 1 navigator, and whatever 
    other skills you want.
          4-18-1. NEWCASTLE
    You probably have 50000 gold by now. Use Lloyd's Beacon to return to 
    Rivercity and "NEWCASTLE" at the mirror to get to Newcastle. Pay 50000, 
    enter, and exit. Lloyd's Beacon back to Rivercity to go to Burlock, or 
    Nightshadow to go to the Temple of Yak.
          4-18-2. TWO QUESTS OUTSIDE ASP
    You're probably close to 1536000 experience now and I think a way to push 
    yourself over the mark, if you want to advance, is to solve two quests that 
    require Day of Protection/Sorcery and a bit of fighting.
    Leave Asp and go to C1 15,15. There will be some Gargoyles to fight, but you 
    can hack through them to get the Scarab of Imaging. You can Lloyd's Beacon 
    back to the Rivercity portal and go to Asp to save time on the way back. 
    Carlawna will give you 75K experience+moon ray for your efforts. Moon Ray is 
    a very nice spell. Then you can go to C1 (5,0) and tackle the Ogre Nest. Back 
    at 9,1 Nystul will give you 40000 experience and 20000 gold.
    Once that's done, train at Rivercity. You'll get a huge boost. This will 
    allow maximum gains from finding the three +1 statues in the game.
        4-19. TEMPLE OF YAK
    You probably don't have the stone to get into the Temple of Yak yet. Mirror-
    port to Nightshadow and 3S2W for the stone. The temple is 1S, then due east 
    of Nightshadow, so go 2N and east. Enter. You don't need to be powered up, 
    but because it is so close to Nightshadow you might as well. You may wish to 
    set a Lloyd's Beacon here in case your enchantment spells run their course 
    and you don't want to rest. The Temple of Yak is a cavernous place, and you 
    may want to cast Time Distortion to get back to the start quickly.
    The object in this dungeon is to get all eight megacredits, but there's some 
    good treasure and stat boosting as well. You have nonmagic items under beds 
    and skeletons inside crates and even some cursed tombs. I'll point to how to 
    get the credits first--as well as the Elixir of Restoration Mirabeth asked 
    you for when she gave you the stone of entry. Items in alcoves may contain a 
    fire trap or an Enchant Item potion(it's random.) There are also some nice 
    spells in here: acid spray(SW) and hypnotize(SE).
    4E, S and east at the turn. Bust the secret well, then at 14,11, turn the 
    switch. Turn the switch at 7,8. Bust the wall at 9,7. You can go all the way 
    south now.
    From there you can head east. Each door to the north has two King's 
    Megacredits behind it. The fights are pretty simple if you're charged and 
    protected, so just barge in--you should be able to take out the clerics with 
    missile weapons. The pools are another matter, though. If your character has 
    <=20 of the specified attribute, jump right in. He will be diseased and lose 
    two hit points whether he improves or not--small sacrifice. It's a nice way 
    to boost your party quickly. NW and NE of each pool you have megacredits. The 
    first pool has personality, the second endurance.
    Beyond the second door there's only one Yak Cleric. Beyond the third door 
    there are two Yak Clerics and a Yak Priest behind them. You can shoot the 
    clerics and turn around and back up and fire at the Yak Priest if you want. 
    The coffin is cursed so you'll need Divine Intervention to undo that. They 
    have some good items and money after you search, but the Yak Liches are a 
    tough fight. You can probably hang on a while with a cursed character(-5 luck 
    for each loss--with 0 luck meaning death) until you get divine intervention, 
    which could be very soon, so you might as well. Just balance who opens which 
    crypt--there are six of them.
    There's even a hypnotize spell past the secret wall to the east of the long 
    corridor. It's not useful, but it's neat.
    Now you can leave if you want as you have the 5 megacredits needed at 
    Burlock, or cut back up and around to the northeast--back to the room you 
    started and fiddle around in the NE passage. At the very end is a diamond 
    shaped room with two more Megacredits. You'll want to face north as you go up 
    the diagonal passage. Then open the door to the east and you can probably 
    just gun peopple down as you come across them. North and south of the altar 
    you have megacredits. The elixir of Restoration is in the very east.
    There is one more set of toggles on this path to adjust, but it is not 
    critical, merely leading to a boss fight(Yak Master) you don't need. The gold 
    and experience are nice. You can cast Time Distortion to get back to the 
    Back near the entrance the room north has a secret door in the NW and the way 
    south has two switches to turn leading to another altar and cursed tomb.
    Returning the Elixir of Restoration to Mirabeth is a great idea because she 
    will give you 250000 experience and +5 personality.
    Type "CASTLE BURLOCK" at a mirror. Visit the councillor at (2,6) and pay for 
    an upgrade. Then Lloyd's Beacon to Rivercity, type "NEWCASTLE" at the mirror 
    and enter the dungeon. You will get the Stone of 1000 Terrors for this, which 
    indicates where you may want to go next. You don't really need to explore 
    Newcastle, but if you do you may find a few items in pits and some fights 
    with Wood Golems.
          4-19-2. GETTING SPELLS
    Nightshadow has Nature's Cure and Cold Ray for Clerics, which are moderately 
    useful. Fire Ball is the only really useful Sorcerer spell, so don't worry 
    about this guild too much.
    Asp has (cleric) Town Portal, which is very useful for freeing up a Lloyd's 
    Beacon, and Create Food and Stone to Flesh too. Druids can't learn anything 
    here, but you can get Dancing Sword, Dragon Sleep, Etherealize, and 
    Incinerate here. Resurrect looks important but I just use Divine Intervention 
    In Winterkill Mass Distortion and Holy Word are good for Cleric/Paladin. 
    Teleport is critical for your sorcerer and archer. It can save time in 
    overground transport and can get you out of having to solve teleportation 
    puzzles in the two following Megacredit dungeons. If you have the money, you 
    might as well splurge on Elemental Storm and Inferno for your sorcerer, but 
    they drain your archer too much to be of real use.
    Anyway, you can always go to Shangri-La later and buy everything else up.	
        4-20. TOMB OF 1000 TERRORS
    The Tomb of 1000 Terrors has some nice attribute boosts but it also has some 
    damage. Damage to individuals is always 50 and damage to the whole party is 
    25--minus anything Power Shield covers. With a +21 bonus for that, it 
    shouldn't matter much. There's not much treasure here, but if you get 7 of 
    the 8 available megacredits, you have all you need to win the game. Note that 
    improving characters' attributes renders them insane, meaning you'll have to 
    go right to Shangri-La in order to rectify this, or you'll need to waste time 
    at a temple. So beware of improving right away unless you want to use the 
    Shangri-La trick.
    Note that you can also visit Castle Basenji to solve Arie's quest and then 
    visit the Northern Sphinx, get in, and get out to learn Divine Intervention 
    for free. That's stretching things a bit, but it could save money and time.
    You can portal to Newcastle which is at C4 11,13. Teleport 5W and 7S to get 
    to the Tomb of 1000 Terrors.
    With teleports, teleport 9W and then 3W S you'll have a Megacredit(if you 
    wish to walk, go north first.)  4N W for +5speed and 2E for +5 again. Then 
    you can go south and west through a gate and secret door. +5 endurance is in 
    a niche and at the hall's end you have megacredit #2.
    3E N bash through and then go for the jug straight NW. It gives you 
    endurance--jump over the axe. Then teleport 6E(endurance) 2N (accuracy) 
    6W(accuracy) 2N(might) 6E(might) 4N 2E(might) 2E(megacredit) 2E(megacredit) 
    go south, 4E(megacredit) and walk 2E. Teleport 6S, 7S and 7S for one 
    megacredit. You may be getting low on spell points here, so walk W-shuffle 
    left(the green fuzzy ground teleports you) and keep going westerly. On the 
    other side you have a chamber with 2 +5 accuracy(N and S) and a megacredit in 
    the west. The tomb guards should pose little threat.
    For the next bit, go to the center of this structure and you can jump over 
    the pendulum to the north for another megacredit. Teleport 2W and get a +5 
    intelligence boost. S 4E(jump over the pendulum) N and there's another +5. 
    Teleport 8S. This gives a +5 personality boost and N 4W S gets another. 
    Teleport 2E and you get your final megacredit. That's all of them, and you've 
    gotten almost all the attribute boosts too. You can cast Time Distortion and, 
    if you want, W-S to the pendulum(secret door ahead) and W and jump E for +5 
    luck bonuses.
          4-20-1. SHANGRI LA STOPOVER
    First, Shangri-La. Type in SHANGRI-LA at the mirror. Have everyone drink from 
    the well at (7,8) to get a free level, and then at 0,11 get membership to the 
    guild(free) which is at (0,7). There's some other cool stuff--all skills for 
    100000(0,3) but you can get Divine Intervention and Star Burst from the 
    Shangri-La guild(wait on Star Burst if you plan to visit the Northern 
    Sphinx.) These are useful in a pinch, and you can also track down any lesser 
    spells you never got around to(Cold Ray, Lightning Bolt, Fireball) too.
    Once you get Divine Intervention, CAST IT! Then your improvements from the 
    Tomb of Terror will remain for good.
          4-20-2. NEWCASTLE
    Back again to Rivercity. Portal to Burlock and cash in your credits. You get 
    a Golem Stone of Admittance, though you don't need to go to the Golem's 
    Dungeon now if you got everything. You'll need a permit to do that, and while 
    getting one isn't hard, you may have fun with a few side quests first.
    If you want to skip over, feel free to skip to section 4-22. But this next 
    section is a good experience booster.
        4-21. SOME SIDE QUESTS
          4-21-1. WITCH'S TOWER
    This is a very easy dungeon now that you've improved so greatly, so you 
    should be able to run through it quickly. You have some small treasure and 
    experience quests, and a lot of treasure gives you damages and isn't too 
    magical. Witches may curse you if you don't have protection spells up, so 
    watch it. At the top of the clouds, you can get a free level pretty easily if 
    you know where to teleport.
    Use a portal to go to WITCH TOWER. Teleport 7S. Get the Crystal Key 1W and 
    teleport 6N. 1W and you can enter the tower.
    Level 1 features a kid in the west(+5000 exp) and treasure to the south door, 
    but if you just want to get going you can take the stairs--2S 2E N, and they 
    go all the way up to the sky.
    Level 2 has a kid to rescue in the east. There's some treasure in the rags 
    but it's not magical.
    Level 3 features wicked witches and has some spells for you, too. If you 
    don't take any damage from a witch's attack, it didn't curse you. You should 
    be able to kill a witch with one blow.
    There's a kid in the center square and E and S of him are vats that give +1 
    to all attributes. See who's near the next level in a few 
    attributes(intelligence/personality get priority) and give it to him.
    You can also get spells: Clockwise from the UL(left) you have pain, sleep, 
    lightning bolt, toxic cloud, clairvoyance and beast master. So look around in 
    the SE as those spells are nice if you don't have them, but don't bother 
    Level 4 has the Alicorn. You can go 5S1E and feed a gem and say "Rosebud" or 
    you can go 4S and west(turn in the west room to nail some witches) and the 
    west nook has some treasure. 1E2N and there's a kid you get 5000 Exp and the 
    password(rosebud) for. You can also get more +1 stats all around at 4,7 and 
    4,9. It's worth it.
    The Alicorn is in the south alcove(how's that for cheesy alliteration) and 
    now you can go to the skyway above.
    If you don't have the teleport spell, cast Lloyd's Beacon(set), get the 
    teleport spell from Winterkill, and return. If you do, go 2W, teleport 9W 
    twice, go 1S and teleport 7W and go 1S. Press space to search and now 
    everyone is a Super Explorer!
    There are also some Roc Nests to demolish and such, but they don't give 
    nearly as much experience. You can also get a lot of gems, and there are also 
    lightning traps. Crusaders can get swords at certain locations, which I 
    listed on the map.
    Return the Alicorn to 9,3 for 60000 experience.
          4-21-2. CASTLE BASENJI
    Castle Basenji gives you another opportunity for a level or so of 
    improvement, though this is in the form of experience and not a straight-out 
    level. You also get good attribute improvement, too, and the entrance to the 
    Northern Sphinx. Make sure someone's a navigator first, though, or you will 
    lose a lot of time. Also, beware that wizards are faster than you, so if you 
    run at them they may get two attacks in to start, but your fire resistance 
    should help protect you, and you can shoot them down from afar before they do 
    Mirror-portal to Castle Basenji. You can teleport 3S3E to the castle as well 
    but walking gets 10K experience for easy fights.
    You should be able to gun down the werewolves from a distance. (4,1) and 
    (5,6) give very nice treasure. There's treasure at (14,15) as well. There are 
    stairs down at (14,6) and so we'll just look through the dungeons.
    Prisoners are in each cell as you go down. All scrolls are damage scrolls. 
    But the NE prisoner tells you a password. At the very bottom, if you go 
    right, there are a few more prisoners. Each gets you 10000 experience. You 
    can teleport around to save time, but your robber can also get some nice 
    experience unlocking doors. (1/14, 8/12) has prisoners and (13/14,1) does 
    Now in the NW there are scrolls that cause damage. The scrolls on the corners 
    give resistance: electricity on the bottom (3,9) and (6,9) then (3,13) and 
    (6,13) give +10 to fire. There are also wizards here that can hide behind the 
    pedestals, so watch out for them.
    On level 2 E 2S E S E and then you have personality on the top wall and 
    intellect on the bottom. Speed is on the right hand side. Watch for the 
    wizards again--they're also on the sides as you enter. You then have a long 
    passage down the west and south sides. 4N at the end gets a scroll of magic 
    resistance. S 3E 2S leads to one part of level 3. Watch for the cult leader 
    1N 2W. Magic resistance is 3N, Energy 2W and 1N3W. In the NW a chest with 20K 
    gold and 1K gems is nice too.
    Back down the stairs and 3N E and N and W. Another part of level 3 has the 
    Scroll of Insight at the center of a bunch of pedestals. The password is 
    "there wolf" if you didn't get it from the dungeon. Jump west at (7,10) to 
    avoid a trap. 2W 5N E gets you to another 20K/1K chest.
    Now exit Castle Basenji and go 2S 2E S and Arie will give you the Amulet of 
    the Northern Sphinx and 750000 experience too!
          4-21-3. THE SEASONS QUEST
    This is a roundabout quest that becomes a lot easier once you know where to 
    take a teleportal to to get there quicker. Of course you can just teleport 
    around a bunch, but I wrote down where to go so you only need 2 teleports. 
    Sometimes you can even walk or use jump. This quest nets you 150000 
    Summer Druid: Barbaric Mountains 6W 7N
      (get last flower of summer) B2 1,10
    Autumn Druid: Jouster's Savannah E 2N
      (get last leaf of autumn) C2 15,9
    Winter Druid: Winterkill, exit, 2E 6S
      (get last snowflake of winter) A3 6,1
    Spring Druid: Pitchfork Creek, 3W 7N
      (get last raindrop of spring) E3 3,14
          4-21-4. THE GOLEM DUNGEON
    It's almost a pity you can skip the golem dungeon, because it's rather 
    interesting really. You can actually teleport wherever you need to go, but 
    I'll present the orthodox way through after the quick way. The confusing 
    thing about it is that you need a teleport or Lloyd's Beacon spell to get 
    through it the unusual way. But it's easier just to teleport around.
    Portal to Darkstone Tower and then go 5S. Enter the dungeon. 3E and all the 
    way south and you can get one megacredit if you want. 2E for another and then 
    teleport 7E for the golem statue that gives you experience. The wood golems 
    on the way should not be any great obstacle. You can then teleport 9E to get 
    a 3000 gem chest.
    You can leave now, or you can go to the UL to fight some Stone Golems for 
    To get through things more as they wanted, you need to flip a lot of 
    switches. Try 1,13 1,6 1,1 9,1 9,6 9,13 to start. Then flip the switches at 
    1,26 1,23 and 1,29 in that order. Down the center aisle east from the start, 
    flip the first and second upper switches as well as all the bottom ones. That 
    will open a path to the next area where you can flip a swtch and it will send 
    you to a small golem area, and 4N another teleport will kick you to the 
    Diamond Golem area.
    Diamond Golems are extremely nasty as they break your weapons. Avoid them 
    whenever possible, with teleport or whatever. You will be able to get a few 
    megacredits after teleporting east. They are at x=30.  The teleportal is at 
    (29,9). It leads you further southeast where you can run all the way west to 
    get to the golem statue...with megacredits directly above.
    But it's a lot easier to teleport exactly where you want to go.
    Megacredits are available at 11,28 11,22 4,1 6,1 11,9 15,12 15,6 30,12 30,6 
    18,4 27,4 23,28 23,22 17,17.
          4-21-5. OTHER QUESTS
    To destroy the monsters around Darzog's Tower, have Day of Protection 
    cast(you'll need to walk on water, and they're nasty opponents) and use the 
    mirror to get there. You're at D3 3,11 to start and one appears randomly 
    after the one before it is killed. I found them at 5,11 to start and the next 
    one appears on the water close to where you were--just walk around the 
    island. You get 100 experience for this. The fisherman Merin is at C3 12,13. 
    He gives you 100000 experience and an item.
      Leave Nightshadow. Teleport 6W 9N. That gets the Wand of Faery Magic. 
    Teleport 9W 7N and go 1W. 45000 experience, 25000 gold.
      This next one is a tricky one because you can fall off the face of the 
    world. Teleport 9W then walk 3W and teleport 4S. Ligono's Skull is at D4 2,1. 
    9N 9N 9E E 5N. Recharge Item and 40000 experience.
      Teleport to Darkstone Tower. 3E 1S. The Holy Book of Elvenkind is at B4 
    14,13. Teleport 9N 2N 5E. Tito at C3 3,8 gives 60000 experience at 25000 
      Teleport to Red Dwarf Range E2 8,1. An Orc Outpost(1000 exp+3 items) is N,E 
    if you can be bothered. But teleport 9N from 9,2 to get the Ever Hot Lava 
    Rock. Portal to Ogre Hills B3 15,14 and 8S 6W at 9,6 is Halon, who gives you 
    a widget. Oh, and 150000 experience.
    Now for the more violent quests.
    Destroy Ninja Pagoda (A3, 15,  6)
      Mirror to Winterkill and S 9E 2E. Then 6N to find Kai Wu at 15,12. He gives 
    you 75000 experience and full packs of food(5 days, I got.)
    Destroy Cyclops Outpost (A4, 10,  8)
    You can either teleport to Land of the Giants and go 4E 7N or, from the Ninja 
    Pagoda, you can teleport 5W 9S 9S 2S and destroy the Cyclops Outpost at A4 
    10,8. Then you can teleport 8N and visit Glom at A3 10,0. You get 100000 
    experience and 6 good items.
    Destroy Ice Troll Lair (B4,  2,  7) AND all of the 
      From the Cyclops outpost teleport 9S 8E(or from Cave of Illusion, 8S) and 
    destroy the lair. You get 20000 experience and 5000 gold. There may be a few 
    Ice Trolls around to kill, probably N and E of you. Shoot them down. Teleport 
    4E 9N 3N for 75000 experience and the Super Shelter spell.
    Teleport 7S and 4E to destroy the Evil Archer camp(B4 10,12 20000 experience, 
    3000 gold, 50 gems) and then 7E 1N for the Evil Rangers(10000 experience, 
    1200 gold, 3 items.) Jump north and 9N 3 times to find a barbarian camp with 
    25000 experience and 3 items(C2 1,8). 9S 1S 9W 9W 7W. Again 25000 experience 
    and 3 items. (A3 8,14)
    I was getting low on teleport points here so I beaconed back to Rivercity and 
    ported to Fairy Forest. 2 jumps S and I found the Sprite Eggs. 10000 
    experience + 5 items.
    Orc outpost is at F3 12,14(in a mountain) and gives nonmagic items too.
        4-22. THE CAVE OF ILLUSION
    The object here is to get to the bottom of the cave, pull the stopper, and 
    get out. You need someone with 50 might, so be sure to either have someone 
    with that or visit the Winterkill well(bang twice on the gongs 2N and 2S of 
    it.) You can also locate skulls willing to help you out if you have someone 
    close. By my count you can have 28 might before and wind up with 50 if you're 
    This is a pretty straightforward maze with some whirlpool teleports, and if 
    you like you can find some really nice power ups.
    Mirror-portal to "cave of illusion" and walk in. 4S E 2S E S E 5S 3E 2S 2E S 
    6E N. On the first level you can trade 10 gems for 2 attribute points once 
    with each skull that's in an enclave.
    Leve 2: 3N 3W(secret door) 3S E 2S. Here you can exchange 30 gems for 3 
    points. Not quite as good a deal, but you should have enough gems to go 
    Level 3: 3S E 4S W 3S W 2S 2E 2S E. 50 gems for 5 points.
    Level 4: 3E 3N E 4N W N and trade 300 gems for the skull's High Magic Tower 
    key. Then S 3E S 2E N 2E and pull the plug. You can now leave. 200 gems for 
    10 points here. It's still worth it.
    If you want to stick around and hunt for treasure (15,0) and (8,0) on level 4 
    are no longer submerged. (8,2) on level 3, (2,1) on level 2 and (12,9) on 
    level 1 are other places to look. And you can always clear out attributes 
    later if you want to.
        4-23. TOWER OF HIGH MAGIC
    Lloyd's Beacon to a portal and type TOWER OF HIGH MAGIC. Face south and you 
    can enter. This is not a bad place although you will want to avoid the green 
    squares that drain your magic. 5,12 5,6 and 9,12 have resistance potions and 
    2E 2N gets you there. The east nook has a treasure chest that opens up some 
    flying feet, but once you win there's some nice gold. The stairs are at 9,6.
    Level 2 is more of the same. 1N and you can walk E 4N W N to get out quickly 
    or jump to the west and 2S 8N for some treasure-chest fights. There's another 
    one in the west but watch out for the traps in the center of the room. The 
    other four nooks give resistance.
    On level 3 you can jump over the green field to get to the stairs to level 4. 
    You can teleport to the south to find more treasure and power ups. Then you 
    can go back north and jump over the same green field for more treasure. Once 
    you've had your fun, take the stairs up to level 4. You can't jump from the 
    upper bit to the main bit, sadly. Beware, though, that the bottom box has a 
    fire dragon that will attack you, though the top box has a scroll of 
    implosions with no fight.
    On level 4 there are magic drains all around but if you teleport 2E then you 
    shouldn't have much problem getting the key to Darzog's place. It's 1N. You 
    can teleport some more--the other nooks have treasure too(scrolls of 
    implosion and star burst) and there are two books near the center. One 
    teaches Prismatic Light, the other the Prestidigitation skill.
    The clouds don't really offer anything here, so don't bother.
        4-24. DARZOG'S TOWER
    To avoid repeated magic drain you probably want to teleport. Just take the 
    mirror portal to Darzog's Tower and 1W. To get through quickly, teleport 2N, 
    or you can teleport 2S, follow the part and go 2N for some gold and 
    experience. There's nothing in the floor grates in the west(jump over the 
    THe second level is trickier. It's an almost-full checkerboard of teleports 
    that drain you and kick you to level 1. Save the game! The quick way through 
    is to jump W 2x then go S-E and jump east and 2N. But along the way you can 
    get some +20 bonuses. You can't even really teleport comfortably.
    The east chest has 50000 gold, the north 5000 and 500 gems.
    Long way:
    jW jW jW jE jS W jN jN jS(detour for gold: jE jN N S jS jW) jS jS jN E S jW 
    jE jE(detour for gold: jN jE E W jW jS) jE jW jW N E jE jS jN jN jN.
    Teleporting way: 2S E W 2S 6W 4N 2S jE S W 4N 2E N S 2W 6S 4E 6N and up.
    For level 3 you'll want to back up when you can. S E 2S 1W(shoot the Darzog 
    clones after unlocking the door) and back up west/fire west til everyone's 
    gone and now you have Darzog to get by. Go west to X=5 and then edge right. 
    You should be able to beat him at close range. The stairs are on the square 
    where you beat him.
    Level 4 has two secret doors. 3S 1E and press the button behind the 
    tapestry(space, space) for one. W 2N 2E N 2E 3S W and press another button. 
    3E W 2S W S 2W N 3W to go down. Turn the sound on for a small song in a bit, 
    which you get when you go 3E to rescue the guy(oh, you get a million 
    experience, too) and climb back up. E S and climb. Set a Lloyd's Beacon here 
    but use another Lloyd's Beacon to go back to Rivercity to teleportal around a 
    You're ready to return to Castle Burlock again. The Royal Advisor is at 0,3 
    via the very southwest. He gives you an Excavation Permit. At 1,5 see Emerson 
    and he will build your dungeon. Lloyd's Beacon to the Rivercity Portal. 
    Portal to Newcastle.
          4-25-1. NEWCASTLE AGAIN, NO, REALLY
    The re-spiffed Newcastle is rather nice. If you want to cheat, take the 
    stairs 2S 5E N and then go down the right side. (If you don't, go up the 
    stairs and look for the two-letter clues that wind up spelling "LABORATORY." 
    This FAQ will be waiting.) At the end you have a potion of the Gods! which 
    casts Divine Intervention. 3N E bash the wall. Take the Xeen Slayer Sword! 
    NW, SW and SE of this you have treasure. There's some really cool stuff. 
    Don't ready the Xeen Slayer Sword til the final battle, though.
    There are a few other secret doors leading to treasure--at the north of this 
    room(2 potions of the gods, treasure in the bones,) and at the east. In the 
    southeast there's another potion and then you're done. You may not need these 
    potions until MM5, but they'll be handy when you find them.
    Other stuff in Newcastle includes a training center at 11,7(NE of the inner 
    compound) and food at 4,4 and 4,5. 14,1 has "ra" 6,14 "bo" and 1,1 "la" and 
    YOUR well at 9,14 has +20 Armor Class. You can get this in addition to the 
    Day of Protection bonus though you don't really need it. There is also an 
    armory at (4,7).
    Level 2 has a bank and a healer. In the NE are some beds. They have two 
    clues: 10,8 "to" 11,6 "ry"
        4-26. XEEN CLOUDS
    If you want to make sure of things, visit:
    Winterkill for +50 might
    B3 0,3 for +50 accuracy (Cave of Illusion E 3N)
    C1 2,4 for +50 endurance(Gargoyle Range N 2W 9W)
    E2 3,4 for +50 speed(Mine 3, exit, 2E 3N)
    Heal up and then beacon back to the clouds above Darzog's. Teleport 6N 1E 1N 
    and teleport 9N. Teleport 6N and go 1W. Try your might(100 gold.) If it's 
    good enough you'll eventually win. 2N 1W and try your speed(1000.) 3W 1S 
    next--endurance(10 gems a try.) 1W 3S and Accuracy(100 gems) is the final 
    one. Teleport 7N to exchange for a Xeen doll. Then teleport 4E.
        4-27. CASTLE XEEN
    You could go right up to Xeen but I suggest taking out the traps first. 
    That'll get you a lot of experience. N 4W N W gets you up the stairs and 
    after two walks back and forth you'll be able to take out one generator in 
    the corner. Go back down and all the way east and climb up the stairs again. 
    On each level there's an additional enemy. But you should be able to take 
    Now go up the west side. You can do the back-up-and-turn so you can shoot 
    your enemies from a distance. They also come from the sides, but I only 
    needed to fire twice to kill them. Now go into the center and take the stairs 
    up to level 2 in the NW.
    Go 4S and climb. 3N 7E 3S descend. 1N 5W climb. E S 2E N climb. S 2E 4N 
    destroy the generator. S and you can backup west to fight Xeen's pet.
          4-27-1. FINAL BATTLE
    Now have your player with the best speed ready the Xeen Slayer Sword. You 
    need to unready a shield, but you'll strike first.
    Xeen is at 5,9 and you'll want to back up into him to avoid eradication. Your 
    pumped-up first character should be able to nail him with the Xeen Slayer 
    Sword, winning the game. If you had the speed bonus, this should be easy. 
    Otherwise you may want to save/reload 'til he doesn't eradicate a player on 
    first hit.
    Search the mirror at 4,9 to see the final endgame.
         4-28. WHAT TO DO AFTER?
    Solve the quests you didn't. Go to the hardest bit of the Warzone. See about 
    Might and Magic V. Complete the stuff in section 5. You can train if you 
    want, but for MM5 you can get experience right away easily enough.
        5-1. DRAGON CAVE
    The Dragon Cave is very hard and not really practical to cover within Might 
    and Magic IV--at least the fighting bits. If you know the layout you can pick 
    off some treasures, but your best bet is to come back to it from MM5 and wipe 
    out the dragons then. Even with a +10 level boost you'll find them tough 
    customers, and besides, you can't get 150 intelligence to complete reading 
    all books until MM5. You may have to do a lot of plotting out where the 
    monsters are and running at them exactly the right way, i.e. teleport 
    somewhere, see where they are, reload and move and teleport to the right 
    place. To make matters worse there's a dragon tax you need to pay at some 
    corners, so you may need to save and restore a lot. Without the face-away-
    and-save cheat this will probably take you too long.
    The dragon king is nearly impossible if you approach him and he breathes at 
    you. He is in the northeast. But if you just want to get to the treasure, 
    move east. Teleport 8N and 6N. From 1,31 teleport 9E 5E 6E 8E. From 31,29 
    teleport 9S 3S 5W and loot and back to X=31. Then 9S to 31,7 and 7S. You can 
    probably pick off more loot then teleport to 23,1 and 9W to the final 
    treasure area.
    There are some other main areas with dragons, though you may want to avoid 
    them if you're weak. 3S and 8S of the entry, and you can teleport 4N of the 
    entryway(you can always retreat with Time Distortion.) At the bottom of the 
    NW area teleport 9E to an alcove and 9E again to the NE. 9S gets you to the 
    SE area. This has the Dragon King. But you probably want to get the treasure 
    first. Note there are books here which boost your experience if you've got 
    enough intelligence; playing through MM5 should put everyone's at 25 at 
    least, and if you drink from a fountain you can boost it to 75, but the 
    experience isn't that exorbitant. The treasure is nice, though.
        5-2. SHANGRI-LA
    Shangri-La is beyond the Dragon Cave and while you can pick up quite a few 
    levels from the fights and destroying the generators, you have to know where 
    things are in advance. You probably need resistance spells, too, and you'll 
    want to jump over the lava. You probably want to leave the trek for Might and 
    Magic V.
    It may be best to take the back door from Shangri-La to the dragon cave, but 
    in any case it is not too bad to get to Shangri-La. Finding the generators 
    can be tricky because of all the fire damage, so I recommend you have a 
    Lloyd's Beacon set at or near a healing well in town and use the other one to 
    guide yourself through the maze. Heal after every fight if need be. It's 
    worth it. If you have the +10 level bonuses and protection, you shouldn't 
    suffer too much damage, and the main hurt will come when you step on active 
    If you go backwards you can also cast Time Distort to get out of the way, 
    which is nice especially on level 2.
    For level 1 2N W 2N 2W 4S W S 2W 4N E 5N 2E 3N 3E N (teleport 6E 2N to 
    destroy the generator--heal up before this or you'll probably get your armor 
    broken. 250k experience) 3E S (now teleport 3S to get to the generator and 
    destroy it--do heal up first or you will break your armor. It gives 250K 
    exp.) 2E S 3E (if you want, go north and open the treasure in the NW--90k 
    gold, 666 gems, all others are traps) 3S W S W S jump-S jump-W jump-S S jump-
    E S
    Level 2: S W 2E W 2S W 2E W (turn all levers of course) 2S jump-S jump-S 
    jump-S W jump-S
      3W 2N W 3N E 8N 6W 5S E S E 4S W 4S
    Level 3: S E 4S W 4S W 4S 4W S 2W N 3W jump-W W S jump-E jump-N 3N 2W 3N W 3N 
    jump-N jump-N jump-E E S jump-S 3E 2N 3E 2S 2E 2S E 2S W 2S W 2S 3W 2N 3W N W 
    2N E N 2E S 2E N
    You can get a good deal of treasure and experience without fighting anyone. 
    If you choose to fight, there are some nice items. Or you can just walk 
    through and get the "Legendary [race]" bonuses.
    Portal to DESERT OF THE SPHINX. 9E 2E 8N. You'll probably need to get the +50 
    might in Winterkill so you can open the sarcophagi(56-61 might needed). These 
    also curse you -5. Straight ahead is a throne for the Prince of Thieves. Have 
    only your robber sit in that. The thrones to the west and east are bad for 
    you. To the W-S and E-S of the entry are alcoves with sarcophagi. Don't 
    forget to search the sarcophagi after you win a fight.
    A clues to the sphinx's name is at 10,21. Skip to UPPER LEVEL to see what it 
    If you mess up you are kicked to 7,6 below ground. Jump north and break the 
    door to get out. Otherwise you're just north of there, at the stairs. East 
    you have gems, W and S more gems.
    Item to Gold is at 14,2.
    Clues to the sphinx's name at 0,5 0,7 15,7 15,9 15,11
    The name is "Golux" after a character in James Thurber's The 13 Clocks, a 
    very funny book and a good short read too. It's about an unlikely advisor to 
    an unlikely hero as they seek to destroy the Duke. They win, and he is fed to 
    the Todal, which is something like a sofa with a lip and which gleeps its 
    enemies. People who do wrong are fed to the Todal for doing less evil than 
    they should have. I also recommend Mr Thurber's fake autobiography, "My Life 
    and Hard Times."
    Have dwarves sit on the throne E-N(get the gems too,) orcs on the W-N, and 
    get the starburst spell S-E-E of the stairs at the alcove at 12,8. The Gnome 
    Throne at 12,4 gives you Legendary Gnome status. Mirroring this, Divine 
    Intervention is at 2,8 and the Elf Throne at 2,4. The Human Throne is 
    directly south of the stairs at 7,2 and there are two piles of gems beside 
    Once you're done you can cast Divine Intervention to get rid of all the 
    curses, too!
    There are three places where you don't have the key, and you can't get it 
    until you solve Might and Magic V:
    Dragon Tower D1 10,5
    Darkstone Tower B3 11,0
    The Pyramid of the Southern Sphinx A2 11,9
    Dungeon of Death E3 3,4
    You must visit all three of these to reunite the worlds, but that is detailed 
    in my (blatant ad) Might and Magic V FAQ. Don't worry too much. It's, like, 
    for your own good. With MM4 maxing your characters at level 20, they'd get 
    run over like an armadillo sitting by a yellow stripe.
    Loot the armory and visit Joe's so you have some semblance of weapons. You 
    don't have to solve the quest as you won't be advancing immediately anyway. 
    Exit Vertigo. 2S 2W and enter the Pyramid. Now you have several quests that 
    can net you 900000 experience, which will make the town quests trivial. 
    First, a secret door at 21,30 to the west gives magic items--save before 
    looting to get something useful(HEY! You're already cheating. In for a 
    penny...) then rescue the prisoner at 1,16 and return to 22,27 for a reward 
    of 10000 gold and 6500 gold. (30,20) has the Cartographer's Question. Try all 
    8 possibilities if you want but SANDCASTER is the right answer.
    Now go to the SW. There are some gates north of Ellinger's Tower that may 
    kill level-1 characters so save. But go to the orchard through another gate 
    and get gold in the trees if you want. Then go south again. The middle room 
    has you open the treasure chests in order to spell PITCHFORK. Start at the 
    bottom and knight-move all over(sliding helps) and then open the center chest 
    at last. +250000 experience.
    The room to the east is a little trickier. I start in the center and spiral 
    out(E-S-2W-2N-2E) closing any previous chest that may have reopened. At the 
    end you get another gift. +50000 experience.
    That gets you quite a jump but if you are really ambitious you can buy 
    swimming at 7,19 for nonhumans. Head west along the river and search the 
    boat--this gives some great magic items. 4S 1W and you can get a 500000 
    experience bonus for saying "PALINDROME."
    Now of course you can probably explore the Castleview sewers to get even more 
    experience and cool items. If you really want to be unfair to MM4 you can 
    solve the Temple of Bark. But that gets into the MM5 game a bit, so I'll post 
    that in my MM5 FAQ. Then this section ceases to be a quick-start anyway.
    So improve at the Castleview training grounds and take the pyramid back. You 
    should be able to complete the town quests, dwarf mines, etc. rather more 
    easily now(you can explore more tunnels with gold, etc.,) though I would 
    recommend starting with the cure poison/disease quest, then Rivercity (non-
    yang) and the dwarves before moving on. Before you clear the Nightshadow 
    well(Count Draco should still be easier to beat with the extra magic weapons) 
    you'll still want to visit the +5 levels well.
    End of FAQ proper
      7. VERSIONS
    1.1.0 sent to GameFAQs 7/31/2006, picking off details
    1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 7/29/2006, complete for the bare walkthrough, but not 
    all the quests.
      8. CREDITS
    Thanks to CJayC as usual for such a great site and, though I hate to admit 
    it, the people who write for more popular games so that these old school FAQs 
    can be hosted for free.
    Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, 
    too, because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
    falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, and 
    others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message 
    board incarnation. 
    Thanks to New World for selling the MM games as a compilation.
    Thanks to the DosBox programmers for making them easier to get to play--and 
    for the speed up feature.
    Thanks to Caroline Spector for her comprehensive Might and Magic Compendium, 
    even if it breezed over MM1 and MM2.
      9. MAP ERRATA
    ??git out tha thumpin' stix
    ??winterkill exit 1R
    ??yak temple pool1=pers, get up to 20?
    ??yaklich nothing at 26,9
    ??basenji needs ladderdown

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