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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 08/27/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Bard's Tale 2(Apple) FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.0.1
    copyright 2007 by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net
    Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
    much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
    I just wanted to save a memory of an old game and the odd solutions any way I 
    could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
    you'd like to post it on your site.
    I have maps for the outside and the dungeons at gamefaqs.com which should be 
    used as reference as you go through this FAQ. I think the big barrier to 
    playing this game is knowing when you can level up, and I will assume through 
    most of this game that you are comfortable navigating 16x16 mazes. If you're 
    not, you probably will be.
        2-1. CONTROLS
        2-2. CREATION
        2-3. STARTING
        2-4. GOOD SPELLS
        3-1. BUILDING UP
        3-2. LEVEL 2
        3-3. LEVEL 3
        3-4. LEVEL 4
        3-5. REPRISE
      4. THE TOMBS
        4-1. TOMBS LEVEL 1
        4-2. TOMBS LEVEL 2
        4-3. TOMBS LEVEL 3
        4-4. TOMBS DEATH SNARE
        6-1. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 1
        6-2. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 2
        6-3. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 3
        6-4. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 4
        6-5. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 5
      7. MAZE OF DREAD
        7-1. MAZE OF DREAD LEVEL 1
        7-2. MAZE OF DREAD LEVEL 2
        7-3. MAZE OF DREAD LEVEL 3
      9. GREY CRYPT
        9-1. GREY CRYPT LEVEL 1
        9-2. GREY CRYPT LEVEL 2
      12. SAGE QUOTES
      13. VERSIONS
      14. CREDITS
    Bard's Tale 2 brings back great memories for me. On replay, it's not perfect, 
    but it is a lot of fun. It and Ultima IV were the two big games I'd grown to 
    love when a friend showed them to me on his Commodore 64. I spent far too 
    much of the summer playing both of them. I got good characters but had no 
    clue about the actual puzzles, which rely on tooth grinding interpretations 
    of middling poetry.
    In retrospect there are only a few things you CAN do, but I was just so 
    amazed at all BT2 could do that I figured you had to do all sorts of crazy 
    things. And ironically the part I enjoyed most, leveling up, was the most 
    tedious on replay.
    Several things made Bard's Tale 2 so cool. First, the structured class 
    change, versus Wizardry's haphazard stuff. Five spellcaster classes you could 
    weave between. The cool spell names. The bard, who had songs he could sing to 
    give his party bonuses. And the seven dungeons--each with a timed puzzle 
    called a snare, which forced you to think based on clues you'd previously 
    found in the dungeon.
    The snares became more abstract and less verbal as you went along and, oh 
    yeah, the monster names were cool too. Sadly by the end you either had to 
    cast the super-whammy spell to beat them or you had little chance. That 
    doesn't matter. The game had many mapping puzzles and items and even a 
    mysterious sage who helped you along and the occasional humor, too. (APAR 
    after rescuing the Princess, for instance.)
    BT2 was rather hard for its time and while Boris(the commodore guy) and 
    Dave(an apple guy) got exasperated with me for asking for hints, I think they 
    must have asked around, too. Boris in particular claimed use of the 
    Dreamspell but he forgot how he got into the Destiny Stone in the first 
    place! I found the words three years after solving it, from someone far more 
    annoying than Boris. I vowed I'd sit down and play the game through the right 
    way, but I got sick of things and cast the dreamspell working my guys up to 
    Archmage. I did however remember certain experience boosting tricks...and I 
    found some items I'd laughed at were quite useful.
    Then when Bard's Tale 3 and Ultima V came out a year later, my Apple friends 
    and I made fun of my Commodore friend because the games weren't on the C64 
    yet! I'd gotten good enough, too, that people were asking ME for help in 
    these games. Crazy days. Hoo boy.
    You can find Bard's Tale II at 
    ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/games/rpg/bards_tale_II/ and 
    AppleWin is easy to find on google.
    Just one thing you should beware of: save states can zap NPCs needed for the 
    first dungeon! Relying on them can also zap your inventory too even on 
    reload. This is because the game reads from disk a lot and not always from 
    the save state. So save your game the right way--remove your characters at 
    the inn then get them back.
    Note however that you can reverse this too--if you lose a lot of spell 
    points/hit points going through a level, you can save and reload to be good 
    as new.
    This file should work for the PC too except for possibly how many levels you 
    need to be invincible. The PC version also chucks out fewer monsters 
    according to Stephen Lee's guide
        2-1. CONTROLS
    JL turn left/right, I goes forward, and K kicks down a door. You can push 0-6 
    to see each character and I always got fooled thinking it'd start at 1. A 
    good way to find fights early is to push K E K E K E between two unoccupied 
    buildings. You can also hold down K to move ahead til you hit a wall. The 
    sound from hitting a wall can direct you to when to turn if you know where 
    you need to go but are in the dark.
    Most spells are pretty self explanatory. However, a few could use 
    WAST seems to work from 30' not 20' which is handy.
    APAR in the outside world sends you to a different city's guild. Be warned 
    that you should cast this before BASP.
    Cities for APAR:
    1 tangramayne(Dark Domain)
    2 ephesus(dungeon 1)
    3 philippi(dungeon 3)
    4 colosse(dungeon 7)
    5 corinth(dungeon 5)
    6 thessalonica(dungeon 4)
    The dreamspell sends you to dungeons 1-7. Whichever you choose has part X of 
    the Destiny Wand when you solve the snare.
    On the Apple monster HP are not tracked individually. Instead the damage you 
    do is compared to average HP for a monster and kill probability is based on 
    that ratio.
        2-2. CREATION
    For BT2 the tough part is getting started. I go with a paladin, hunter, bard 
    and monk long term. Your bard will be lame early on, but that is why you 
    start out with a warrior for a few levels. The first thing you want to do is 
    to know what to create races with, and what stats are most important early 
    It's best to give everyone 10+ hit points and your front line should have 15 
    dexterity and good constitution. Nothing else is terribly important. The 
    weapon you have is more important than strength.
    Human-Warrior(you'll get rid of this guy but he is a good front man and 
    useful if someone gets killed or until you get L3)
    Elf-Magician 17/18 intelligence(and don't worry about other stuff unless it's 
    really lousy. Spell points are a big concern, and these guys shouldn't be in 
    the front lines. The spellcasters will gain levels much more quickly than the 
    others because changing classes will leave them with fewer experience points 
    to the next level.)
    Elf-Magician 17/18 intelligence(see above. Put this guy in slot 5 since he 
    has healing spells, and if he dies, you're in big trouble.)
    I should mention here an obvious cheat of creating new characters, pooling 
    their gold to a main character, and deleting them. Doing this can help get 
    you cool items at the beginning of the game and it can also pay for 
    resurrections down the line.
    You can also just reboot if you mess up, but in that case be sure you've 
    saved lately.
        2-3. STARTING
    First stop, the armor store. To buy at Garth's(assuming no cheats):
    Helms for those who can
    Tower shields/bucklers
    Chain or worse with what's left
    I started with:
    Pa Tower Shield Chain Helm Gauntlets Broadsword
    Wa Tower Shield Helm Gauntlets Broadsword
    Mo Buckler Helm Leather Gloves
    Hu Gauntlets Tower Shield Helm Broadsword
    Ba Mandolin
    (If you cheat gold up, get plate and halberds and give your bard stuff too.)
    You should have enough gold for this, but if not, the leather gloves and 
    chain can go. Assuming nobody gets killed, you want to continue to pump these 
    guys up. First the armor--get the AC down so if you can't flee in the first 
    round, you can do so in the second with minimal damage. Armor may be the one 
    item that gives the best AC boost, but it costs most per point. Since some 
    classes have limits on what armor you can use, buying chain first is 
    worthwhile. You usually win $150+ per fight. If you get $300, definitely go 
    in for chain. Give your warriors the best armor. Eventually the hand me downs 
    will help your party to get its best stuff. Then the weapons--halberds for 
    paladin, warrior and hunter. This ensures a hit kills an enemy. 
    If anyone gets killed in the front line, give his stuff to the bard and 
    continue. Also, to save up for weapons, have your guys stand around in the 
    sunlight and cast heal spells so they recharge SP then HP.
    Once your front four are fortified you can arm your bard and, then, your 
    mages(robes, leather gloves and staff) which is pretty cheap, but they won't 
    see much action. It's useful to have 5 guys armed eventually in case someone 
    dies, but at the start you need to cover the front line. You'll also waste a 
    bit of money selling things back when you get rid of the warrior, but it is 
    that or paying for resurrections.
    Use the guild(or any building when it's light) to recharge SP's and play bard 
    song #3 at all times for a point off your armor class. If you're feeling 
    brave, you can play bard song 3 on level 2 of the Dark Domain for an extra 
    point off. This can be handy though the song doesn't last quite as long. 
    Refill on drinks a lot early on too so the bard song is always playing. It's 
    well worth it.
    There is a chance you will run into tough monsters you can't flee from. They 
    may kill enough of your party to make you want to start again. There's no law 
    against looting your old characters(you can loot before the fact too--just 
    create and delete pals and take their gold--though this may cross the line 
    for how you want to cheat,) but picking the fights best for you should let 
    you level up pretty quickly. Also remember that once you are at level 3 you 
    should be able to win most fights with little or no chance of dying(the big 
    money drain--900 points per level) as long as you are healed.
    Which enemies to avoid: Colossus, Forest Giants, Wolves, Conjurers because 
    they summon wolves. But you can tackle 1 of pretty much any other enemy, 
    though 5+ is pushing it. Wood Sprites are very tricky as at L1 they hit your 
    party for damage, to.
    Avoid 2+ of Lizard Man, Warrior, Ogre and Wolf Man at level 1.
    Which enemies to fight: Wander Mages, Mercenaries, Rangers, Sorcerers(their 
    spells fizzle most of the time, but if they create a wall, you may have to 
    flee,) Goblins, Bug Man, Arrchers.
    Use ARFI whenever possible and take the time to recharge without having to go 
    to Roscoe's. You can just view a character to pass the time. Go to the guild 
    when it gets dark and then exit. Go to a bar when your bard's song ends to 
    Level 2 is the toughest to get because your characters can die so many ways. 
    Once you've got it, level 3 requires the same experience but your characters 
    are twice as good and can probably fend off bigger groups of enemies. So that 
    will go smoothly.
    Once you get to level 3 you can dump the warrior. For the rest of the game 
    you will need this spot for puzzle-critical NPCs. I didn't find any other 
    NPCs to be very useful. The experience lost retaining him til now is <1000. 
    That's good value for the insurance he provided. WOHL is a very good spell to 
    know if you have the money, but I'd rather get my characters in the front 
    line built up so they don't need heal spells. Gold may be a bit of a problem 
    now but even if you are sloppy and get your enemies killed, it won't be in 
    the future.
    Kick around houses a lot(you should be able to beat anyone, but be careful 
    with conjurers as Wolves can do a lot of damage) and then build up to level 
    5. This is not so bad because L4/L5 require 3000 experience points each.
    You will want L3 spells before moving to a new area, which you finally can. 
    Starflare(magician) is awesome. WAST(conjurer) is also good. You can now look 
    forward to large groups of enemies as one spell can take them out and get big 
    experience. You have the option of edging into the wilderness or going into 
    the Dark Domain, behind a house on the east edge of Tangramayne.
    The first choice recharges SP and may fight multiple groups of monsters. The 
    second is where the big prizes are, including 400000 experience for solving a 
    quest, so let's go there. In any case, just keep track of your total spell 
    points. Have at least 10 left with your conjurer for getting back--don't even 
    TRZP after a fight.
    But that's a new section, with new challenges.
    As for other trivia, here is what you need to advance a player(in 
    thousands/millions, F=fighter):
        2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12  13
    F   2   4   7  10  15  20  30  50  80 110 150 200
    C   2   4   6  10  14  19  29  50  90 120 170 230
    M   2   4   6  10  14  19  29  50  90 120 170 230
    S   7  14  25  40  60  80 100 130 170 220 300 400
    W  20  50  80 120 160 200 250 300 400 600 900 1.3
    A 100 220 400 600 800 1.1 1.4 1.8 2.2 2.6 3.0 4.0
    All levels above 13 are, as for other classes, 200k.
    Note Wizard level 7 spells are not really useful, so you may wish to skip 
    them in order to get what is in effect 300k experience points extra for the 
    same number of levels. But don't skimp on the sorcerer spells(dreamspell) or 
    the conjurer/mage as they take less than 200k anyway per level, below the 
    long term needed between levels.
        2-4. GOOD SPELLS
    Ignored spells below are(IMHO) useless spells.
    First the protective spell progress:
    C1/M1: MAFL
    C2/M2: MAFL/MACO
    With both guys switched to sorcerer...
    A2: BASP
    Now my preferred offensive spells:
    C1/M1: ARFI
    C3/M3: WAST/STFL
    C4/M4: WAST/DRBR
    C5/M5: SHSP/STFL
    S1: MIJA against individuals
    S5: MIBL preempts all other spells
    S7: the dreamspell, if you want to use it
    W7: WIZW
    A4: NILA good to target specific groups
    MAFL(C1) is okay early on but it's probably better to buy light.
    TRZP(C1) is good early on but at level 20+ your guys can survive traps 
    easily. Before that it's dedly.
    ARFI(C1) and QUFI(M1) are important to start out with. You will need 
    immediate offensive and defensive production from your mages.
    FRFO(C2) may be useful.
    MACO(C2) is incredibly handy.
    WOHL(C2) is better than QUFI in combat but as good outside.
    AREN(M2) is sort of useful if you get lost, but there are better spells 
    LERE(C3) works well until you get GRRE.
    LEVI(C3) helps avoid traps early on and lessen damage going down a portal.
    WAST(C3) is not too bad for starters as an offensive group spell.
    MYSH(M3) should be on at all times once you get it. -2 AC to all. Cast it(and 
    other spells like it) before entering Roscoe's.
    STFL(M3) is your first wide-range spell at 40'.
    FLRE(C4) works well against tougher monsters in combat. Note it cures 25/6 HP 
    per spell vs 5 for WOHL/QUFI so the other two are more efficient spell point 
    wise. This will help you not go crazy casting heal spells.
    SPTO(M4) can be good to take out annoying spellcasters in the distance, and 
    DRBR(M4) is good though only with a range of 30'.
    GRRE(C5) is super handy.
    SHSP(C5) is okay but not great for range damage.
    ANMA(M5) is useful for only a short time and probably only for the Dark Lord 
    battle. Once you get good enough, spells don't affect you.
    MALE(C6) works much better than LEVI.
    PHDO(M6) is never usable when you REALLY need it, but it is nice in a pinch.
    YMCA(M6) can replace MYSH once you get it.
    APAR(C7) is very handy if you need to leave a dungeon or are too bored to 
    navigate the wilderness. Its downside is that if you cast it outdoors, you go 
    to a guild and your protective spells disappear. Also in the upper dungeon 
    levels it is unusable.
    FLAN(C7) is not as handy as REST(M7) but better than nothing.
    INSL(C7) works better against you than enemies.
    REST(M7) is very handy. It is a big heal spell and very efficient for its 
    SASP(M7) wipes all your gold but gets you to the Tangramayne guild. Okay if 
    there is no other way but I find 1) SCSI and 2) APAR works better.
    MIJA(S1) is handy for offense. But not just when you start out. You only do 
    2-8 damage since you were kicked down a level.
    LOTR(S1) is nice to have but if you levitate, you don't really need it.
    SESI(S3) is better than LOTR and detects stuff you want, too--ie special 
    CAEY(S4) may be okay. I don't know if it shows secret doors as GRRE does.
    DIIL(S5) is critical for fighting doppelgangers.
    MIBL(S5) is the super duper-est spell to nail enemies. It says 30' but they 
    go down at 40'.
    SOSI(S6) is SESI, permanently.
    WIMA(S7) and WIHE(S7) are great when enemies cst them.
    MAGM(S7) is not so useful but maybe worth a try.
    ****(S7) the Dreamspell. Teleports you to dungeon X if you're not in 
    combat(you choose) and casts MAMA and HEAL(130 spell point value for the 
    price of 100) and gives bonus to hit in combat. To find it, search for !*!.
    FOFO(W1) is moderately useful.
    DISP(W3) can be handy if you have to fight the wrong monsters.
    SPBI(W5) is fun to play with.
    BEDE(W6) is useful in tandem with REST.
    WIZW(W7) is a cool group spell.
    HERB(W7) is annoying against you. These guys are tough to beat and Dale 
    Haessel pointed out you can bring them along in Oscon's and chuck them.
    MEME(A1) is useful against powerful cowardly spellcasters.
    BASP(A2) is an efficient time saving protection spell.
    NILA(A4) is handy if you want to pick off some groups and disbelieve what the 
    others summon.
    HEAL(A5) is very handy if you get in a disaster.
    MAMA(A7) is very powerful but draining.
        3-1. BUILDING UP
    You aren't good enough to go to the bottom yet, so first let's level up. I 
    would advise keeping inventory clear except for necessary armor and one guy 
    who has 5 lamps. The lamps will save you spell points which are precious at 
    first. The empty spaces may help you find stuff like Mythril armor and 
    weapons, which are a bit better than what you have.
    Also, cast MYSH before visiting Roscoe's so that you have extra armor 
    enhancement. It's worth the 90 gold.
    Note you can trash all the monsters on level 1 and they don't give much 
    experience. Level 1 doesn't have many useful clues, either. So, 8N and all 
    the way east, 2N E and all the way N gets you to level 2.
    Now to the west is a long corridor with a lot of squares that have a good 
    chance of fights. You may not be able to make it all the way down at first. 
    That's okay. A good fight or two should do the trick. If there are 30 
    screamers then get your faster mage to use STFL or WAST on them, and they'll 
    go down quickly. It's not important how close to the next level you are when 
    you leave. Turn and head for the exits when your spell points are around 20. 
    You may be able to get one more fight in, but why risk it?
    You should be able to build your party up after a few trips. If you don't 
    meet enough monsters, go up and down the level 1/level 2 ladders to recharge 
    the encounter squares. Getting to L4 spells gets DRBR for a magician and FLRE 
    for the conjuror. You also may find helpful items like the Litewand(get rid 
    of lamps) and a Cold Horn(replace the mandolin as the bard's instrument and 
    it attacks a group within 10'.) If these items run low, sell them to Garth 
    and buy them back to recharge.
    Continuing to build your party to level 9 should not be too bad. GRRE and 
    SHSP are good for your Conjurer but the Magician still gets shafted. 
    Nevertheless you have enough strength to start really exploring. You should 
    be able to flee most fights, but you need a just in case buffer, and there is 
    one big fight to win below to rescue the princess. Still, flee fights as you 
    will get hit with anti-magic which will require you to re-cast some 
    protective spells. I recommend just using a Litewand/LERE when going down, or 
    fighting til you get a litewand. Don't improve your party above level 11 
    though as you may not get the bonus for saving the Princess. You'll want to 
    have a good deal of gold saved(60000) to buy spells. If not, you'll need to 
    level build after winning this quest before changing your mage classes.
        3-2. LEVEL 2
    The stairs down are just east of the stairs up(you may want to cast LEVI to 
    avoid traps in general and the damage from going to level 3,) but actually 
    there's something important to do off to the side. E* S* E* S* W to the door, 
    3S 3W S* W* S* E* S 2E N W N W* N 3E 3N E* N E to the spinner. Just move 
    forward and turn left and right. Make sure you're not looking at a dead end. 
    Then look at the direction the compass is. If it is not east, turn right 
    twice and go back in the spinner and try again.
    E*-1 3S E 2N 2E S E leads you to a Winged Creature. A pretty good fighter, so 
    put him ahead of your bard. You may wish to take him back to the inn, because 
    he will be tough to get back if you get killed. And if you bring him straight 
    down, you can recharge before continuing, and you may have to afer hitting 
    the anti magic zones. Plus you may be able to find a hole in the game 
    detecting if you deserve 400K experience.
    Now retreat so you can go down the stairs--past the anti magic square, then 
    3E 2S 4E 2N and down the portal.
        3-3. LEVEL 3
    More small mapping puzzles. You must go west, teleporting you to a center 
    room. Turn in the spinner til you face east. There'll be a door to the right. 
    Go E S 2E N E* and you will hit an anti-magic zone. S 3E N* E N*-1 W 5U and 
    head west til you have a narrow passage north. 2N E* S. "Mangar" is the 
    answer--not the sorcerer spells MIBL and MIJA, which are good, but you can't 
    use them yet.
    This opens the stairs to the next level. N 5W 2S 7W S* W S E S W and a magic 
    mouth asks for the word. The letters are in the four corners, from a clue 
    above, and if you mapped this or see the map, they spell out "PASS." If you 
    count the one way walls as being in only one corner.
        3-4. LEVEL 4
    There's a spinner under the stairs. When you see no wall to the immediate 
    left but more on the far left, you are facing east. Go that way and keep 
    spinning until there is a long wall on the left again. 2E S* E 2S E hits a 
    You are in darkness and this is tricky to map with 1-way doors, but what you 
    want is in the NE. Cast MACO if you need your bearings, then S E* 2N. Zap, to 
    a new place. 3N 2W 2N and you see a chasm. Keep going north and the beast 
    will jump over two of them. Past the next doors you have another set of 
    double doors. Just before them, play bard song 7. Break through and change 
    the bard song. Either to #3 for -4 AC bonus or #2(spellsong) so you're not 
    affected by spells. Also, cast a levitation spell before moving on because if 
    your conjurer gets it, you're stuck.
    Use all the spells you need to--DRBR for the demons, ARFI for the Dark Lord. 
    If your bard has a cold horn, use it on the Dark Lord. After winning, drop 
    the Winged Beast, which probably got killed anyway, and get the Princess. She 
    is really not very good to fight with, so avoid fights.
    A teleport is ahead. It kicks you to the NW. Then S E 2N 3W 2S. Look for the 
    view with no left wall just ahead and go that way. Stairs back up.
    The retreat should cause no major problems. 2E N W N E 2N 3W 3S 2E 2N gets 
    you back to the stairs, then 3S 4W 2N 3W to L1, and you know how to get back 
    from there. Bingo! 400000 experience! Be sure to pay for all spell levels 
    before changing classes.
    It's best to change both your guys to sorcerers. I didn't even worry about 
    going to the Tombs at first. I just built my mages up to level 13 sorcerer. 
    They level up pretty quickly. You need 400000 experience for the both of 
    them. Maybe it's possible to game the system by advancing them to a new class 
    and not touching your warriors and solving the quest again, but I didn't try 
    it. It might also be possible to build up levels without advancing anyone, 
    but that could get tedious after a bit. Your party's improvement is catalyzed 
    most by the new spells your mages get and the items you find, mostly from 
    fights where your mages slaughtered tough opponents, so get the mages 
        3-5. REPRISE
    I've tried various tricks to cheat up on the experience such as not advancing 
    characters before going down again. Maybe if you add different characters to 
    the party and advance the mages to their new class--after getting level 7 
    spells--you can rejig it, but it's too tricky.
    You should always have the following spells cast from now on:
    YMCA/GRRE/LOTR(or later SESI)/MACO/MALE. This will protect you against 
    damage. Later when you get level 2 archmages, they can cast BASP.
    Keep going down to level 2 and beating up enemies--play bard song 3 there for 
    a little bonus. The difference now is that you should be able to do it for 
    longer. Once you get to level 5 spells, you can use Mangar's Mind Blade(MIBL) 
    to really chop up enemies in a hurry. That makes the last few levels go more 
    quickly. You may also wish to go to the Tombs or, better yet, Dargoth's Tower 
    if you can get the Master Key--the second because of a mage trick that allows 
    you to get lots of experience at a low risk.
    Then you get to change over to new classes again. Complete the 
    conjurer/magician circuit for those who don't have the spells. This will take 
    even less time as your guys need 230000 for the whole deal and they will 
    probably pile up 10-20K in the first time down. After they advance, of 
    course, they will have more spell points and can stay down even longer. This 
    is much less risky than the Tombs and it also gives you something to do while 
    waiting for your fighters to improve.
    However you may wish to shift gears to the tombs when you get MIBL. The Tombs 
    have better items.
    I spent a bit more time building up my guys as wizards--up to level 5(L3 
    spells) so that they wouldn't be hit by spells. One weakness of changing 
    classes is despite all that advancement your back rank is vulnerable to 
    spells. This is even worse when they become Archmages and you probably have 
    better places to fight. Anyway, when you get bored of the Dark Domain, move 
    to the Tombs in Ephesus. I'll refer you to the maps for how to get there, or 
    you can cast APAR to a town when outside. Ephesus is #2.
      4. THE TOMBS
    The Tombs are conveniently located across from a Roscoe's. You'll be giving 
    this place good business. I think it's best to bang around and get a few 
    items before exploring the lower levels. This is a pretty straightforward 
    walkthrough if you have mapping skills, but if not, it can be painful. The 
    Dark Domain introduced you to the concept of spinners, but the Tombs expand 
    on that a bit.
    Note that monsters can infiltrate your party--the best bet here is to summon 
    an INOG and kill it so there are no party slots open. You'll need one to 
    complete the snare, but delay removing the dead ogre until you get there. 
    That way you don't lose experience either. Neutralizing dopplegangers lets 
    you win a lot more fights a lot more quickly. If one gets in your party, have 
    each of your guys attack the other and see who gets hit. If it's a 
    spellcaster you can MIJA him either way to reveal who's who.
    Items like shield rings, elf cloaks and bracers[6] are plentiful here. Giving 
    them to everyone may pack your inventory too much, but these items can help 
    you avoid attacks. (Note long term that you can ditch your monk's stuff as I 
    don't think L+ can really be hit.)
    You also can fight multimages on level 1. They don't give the massive 
    experience later illusion summoners do, but they'll help you get started.
        4-1. TOMBS LEVEL 1
    For a few quick fights, you can go through the east doors and MIBL your heart 
    out(you could say, do it mindlessly, haha,) go up and down the stairs and 
    keep trying. You can also turn right at the end of the hall and APAR/PHDO 
    through a row of doors to move around. You can even, before you have MIJA, 
    unload SHSP and DRBR because Roscoe's is just outside the exit. Don't get 
    stuck with <20 SP though--you could get trapped for good.
    The short way throgh level 1 is to go south and west and cast a PHDO and go 
    into the firt room on the left. The magic mouth there will kick you to the 
    next level.
    But the "proper" way is to go N then E. There's a room of spinners. Slink 
    along the top left edge, always making sure a wall is to your left. Well, you 
    could go along the bottom, but it doesn't make any difference. A one-way door 
    leads you to a teleport, which leads you to a room where you go N E through a 
    series of doors. Turn right at the darkness and go 4S. Make more light. Head 
    E E S S through rooms and bang! An anti-magic square. To the south you have 
    some Burma Shave style clues and 5W S 2E S 2E 2S 34W leads to a room with a 
    clue(S 4W S W) and a telepoter to the top(S 2W S E). The teleporter is the 
    room in the NE.
    Avoid: Will o wisps and (with 6 party members) doppelgangers
        4-2. TOMBS LEVEL 2
    Monsters to avoid: Ancient enemy, Spectre age you which is annoying but 
    getting hit isn't a big deal.
    Go N W* for a clue and the portal back to L1. Or you can go S at the door 
    instead, then 2W 4S to a tricky room. Head E 2S into the spinner and with the 
    wall on the left, go S. E* S W* gets you to a guy who sells you the Master 
    Key for 50000 gold. Buy it. You should be loaded with gold. Give your monk 
    they key and have him hold on to it.
    Retreat. You can go W S*-1 4W and work through the clues(something in the 
    center, then find a teleport 3L and repeat) or you can just E N 5E N 2E N E N 
    E N W to level 3.
        4-3. TOMBS LEVEL 3
    Monsters to avoid: Vampires(Drain)
    This is a very nasty level for finding clues. Go 2N to reach the maze of 
    clues and you have a 22x4 rectangle of a door maze that gives clues to what 
    to do in the snare. The easy way out is W 3N 2E S E 2N E. "Old" is the answer 
    to the puzzle, and you learn to ask about Fanskar. E N teleports and now 
    follow the only passage there is. With a choice between doors take the north 
    one, then N W N* E 2S E* 3S 2E 3N W 2N E 2N W 2N E N 2E S* E N* E S* E N* E 
    S* for the snare.
        4-4. TOMBS DEATH SNARE
    The snare is not difficult if you've read the clues and focus on that there 
    are only so many things to do. Make sure someone has an item space free.
    In the main room to the right, avoid the spinner in the center.
    1. have everyone drink and get poisoned (right of main room)
    2. fight the toxic giant(south of center of main room)
    2a. On some versions maybe the giant reappears. Then get the warrior and try 
    3. get the old warrior(north of room center)
    4. Put the warrior at #1. See who has the "Torch!" and give that to the 
    5. Go back to the start. You will solve the snare. The way out is in the NW 
    of the main room. Drop the old warrior and make sure you still have that 
    empty space. Get the wand segment. You may wish to give all segments to your 
    Warrior. The spells cast are only moderately useful.
    Fanskar's is in the wilderness. Turn right on exiting Tangramayne. Go north. 
    Run east detouring around a tree. You'll hit a wall. S E gets you to 
    Fanskar's. It's only one level, so it's not that bad. But you have a few more 
    mapping puzzles to deal with, and you have a fight you need to win.
    By the way, if you want to skip ahead, you can take a look at the Maze of 
    Dread which has information on fights you can win to pump characters up fast. 
    Until then, though, you may just want to work through Fanskar's. You can 
    level up a lot here, casting MIBL continually in the opening part before the 
    dark. You will cut down a lot of enemies and fights can be 10000+ a pop. So 
    you may be able to sit here and work your way up the million experience 
    points needed to get to level 7 Wizard.
    Even after defeating the snare you can come back to pump your archmages up to 
    level 5 or 7 or so. That is all you really need, to be able to cast Fanskar's 
    Night Lance(NILA) which is a good surgical offensive spell.
    Fanskar's is a good place to hang around, as you may be able to find a 
    Conjurstaff and/or a Mage Staff after fights. These cut spell costs in half 
    and recharge spell points(including 1 per round.) Note if you have, say, 10 
    points and try to cast a 15 point spell, the conjurstaff won't work. I'd say 
    a conjurstaff is more valuable than armor because your guys in back don't get 
    attacked much.
    You have lots of fight squares before going into the darkness, then you can 
    exit and return. MIBL should still chop enemies, which are plentiful, up.
    No teleporting allowed, sadly.
    Go forward, 4E, turn right and hit the door. If you miss it, just turn right, 
    go forward and turn left and go forward. Cast GRRE to work your way to the 
    first teleport--W* N* E* S 2W S* E* N. S 2W N E and a minefield of spell 
    point drains followed by traps, so cast MALE before going on. 4N 2E 5S 2E N 
    2E S 4E 4N 3W N W 3S E N 3E 2S. Now your magic may've been cancelled, but 
    wait around here and you will regenerate spell points. Go back WNS and cast 
    the protection spells. S E* N* E S* E* 2N 2W N* E and heeeere's Fanskar. Gun 
    him down with whatever you have, then enter the snare ahead.
    Cliff's Notes version N 2E and spin til you face the door, then E.
    Detailed version white says black tells truth but a clue says white lies. 
    Another says "far right and left are hazardous" but that seems to imply, 
    based on the right answer, that it is a risk and not absolute. So when black 
    says choose the right, you had better not. Choose the left. This is one of 
    the puzzles involving more parsing of deliberately obscure poetry than 
    necessary, but the worst case is you get killed and pay easily to resurrect 
    your guys with the gold you've piled up.
    Dargoth's is in Philippi. From the entry 3N to the guild, and from the guild 
    N 3E N 3E 3S. The review board is 4N of Dargoth's, which is handy.
    Thankfully you can skip the first three levels of Dargoth's Tower with a 
    simple APAR. 6N 2E 2U. If you want the Sword of Zar for later, which may be a 
    good idea for a Grey Crypt fight, 13N 12E 1U and fight everyone there. But 
    for those of you who want to be hard core, I put in walkthroughs for the 
    first three levels.
        6-1. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 1
    North to the intersection, north(go 1 square from the spinner and turn 
    around--if facing south, flip back north, otherwise go back into the spinner) 
    and east through two intersections. Take the door before the last 
    intersection to go 3S 2W 2N 2W 3S. Then 1N to the next level.
    Monsters to avoid: Kargans level drain.
    Monsters to fight: Sorcerors, as they stay back 90' and produce illusions you 
    can disbelieve or a lot of experience. You can probably just use MIJA on the 
    rest of the enemies and advance on the sorcerors and wait around. Repeat as 
    long as you'd like.
        6-2. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 2
    From the entry, go S 18W(or hit the west wall and 3E--easier to count that 
    way). Use SCSI to make sure you're in the right place. 5S E leads you to a 
    room with light.
    N 2E 2N W N 3E 4S W S 3E S E 4S E N and now you can sidetrack to the 
    battletest if you want:
    (4N 2E 3N W S W)
    Or you can continue:
    E 2S E N 2E S hits a teleport. W* and then 3E N 4E N W
    Monsters to fight: Miracle Mages cast only illusions.
    Battletest monsters:
    The Block Jock
    Dick the Brick
    Rock n' Roller
    Monsters to avoid: Vampires level drain. Intramages cast WZWA.
        6-3. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 3
    This is a pretty straightforward level too. Go south first of all and along 
    the corridor for a cool recharge to the left. If you want, you can go to the 
    end and north into the darkness. If you want to skip to the end, search for 
    the next *. 3E N nets you a clue. Then go backwards and go north through the 
    door above. There'll be several 10x5 rooms where you find a clue and can move 
    on to the next one, eventually kicking you below the big long recharge 
    2N 6E 3N(teleport 1) 2S (4W 2N 2S 4E for clue) S 2W(Teleport 2) 2E N (2E N W 
    E S 2W for clue) 3N 3W S E(teleport 3) W N E N 5E 3N W* etc.
    * S* at end of zigzag E S W* 3S E 5S 3E N 3W and answer
    Then the stairs are E N W 2N.
    Monsters to avoid: Grey Ghosts level drain.
        6-4. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 4
    This level contains some mapping puzzles including one for a clue at the very 
    end. There is nothng in the bottom, although there is a clue E* S W*. 
    However, you need to get beyond a spinner to the east to see this clue(though 
    you don't need to see this clue with a walkthrough.) This presents a new sort 
    of mapping/map walking puzzle. It took me a while to be relatively sure of 
    how to find clue #5 and I think the solution is neat, though there is still 
    some randomness injected into it.
    Old solution: go 1 beyond and turn left/right to make sure you are still 
    facing east. If not, enter the spinner again and move forward.
    New solution: you can detect which way you're facing by if there is a trap 
    ahead, if you have SESI. Be sure you have SESI running when you start level 
    4, along with MALE. There is a trap to the west. So, you know you are facing 
    east when there is no trap.
    You can use similar logic to know when you are going back west. W* N E= and N 
    at the first turn. W* 2N E N 2E S E S gets a clue. 2E N E(note S forces you 
    to APAR out of here) N 2E N(another clue) 2E S and now a detour E N*-1 2W N W 
    S 3W N 2W and E 2S 2E S E N E* S E 4S W, then 2S E and silence and darkness.
    There is only one way through to get near the stairs where you will 
    eventually have to go on the spinners. My map has the details but basically 
    when you hit the silent spot, go 3E 2N 2E 3N E and face north. Go north and 
    spin until you see stairs near. Go that way. Now, you don't need to know 
    what's below, but I wanted to spell it out so you knew they didn't want to 
    put you through a total crapshoot. Or at least no more than usual dealing 
    with spinners.
    That is how to get to the stairs. However there are two other clue areas. A 
    single room to the right and a semi-clue to the NW. For the semi-clue 3E 2N 
    2E 3N and go north onto the spinners. Spin til you see something special, 
    then go that way. You need to just walk your way out at random.
    Similarly the room holds a key to one of the ten riddles. 3E 2N 2E S and when 
    you see a trap ahead, walk into it. Then when something special is ahead, 
    that is a teleporter. Go towards it--it's on the other side of the darkness. 
    Then move towards the trap. You may move north once so SCSI after you move. 
    Keep moving towards the trap til you are in the DR corner.
    Now we come to a bit of a random place. Make 1 safe move and see where you 
    wind up. If you are 20E of the stairs, turn back into the corner until you go 
    north. From there it is just a matter of not seeing a trap ahead and going 
    north. Then you can just keep looking for something special and going that 
    way. 2W you have the room with a clue. It is tricky to get out because of the 
    spinners, but you will eventually. Remember that you can look for traps to 
    get your bearings. There are a few of them and after a few random moves, one 
    will probably be in your sights, and you can reason from there to get back on 
    the main path.
    Monsters to avoid: Zone Dragons level drain.
        6-5. DARGOTH'S TOWER LEVEL 5
    2E 3S to leave the darkness and now you have a little puzzle to avoid 
    draining magic. There's a clue S E that drains magic, so then W N gets you 
    back, but to avoid things zigzag S 2W N 2W S 2W. The passage down leads to 
    another clue.
    Later I'm afraid you'll have to hit an anti-magic zone to do things properly. 
    S* of where you started, then W* S* W*-1 S* 3E 2N gets you another clue.
    From west of the magic point drains, go N* W*-1 S* E S W (detour to beat up 
    Dargoth 2W 2N W N S E 2S 2E) S 3E 3S W S and the quiz for the snare is 4E. 
    Beyond it 4E 3N W N is a pair of clues, the final ones for the snare.
    Boom! You're in the snare. This requires the answer to just one puzzle, but 
    to put the pieces together is tricky. First, be sure everyone has an 
    inventory spot open.
    Short version: From the start of the snare go 2S 2E(yes, there are spinners--
    keep the wall on the left) and now S W S E S E(the easy way through the 1-way 
    and teleport maze) and answer HAVOK then go up. Everyone gets a dagger. N to 
    the teleport. 2N and then W S W(spinners again, but have a wall to the left.) 
    Boom, snare #3 solved. You can drop the daggers now--you need one slot for 
    the wand, or you'll have to do it all over again--and go west to get the wand 
    segment #3.
    Long version: N E* W* E* etc. to get all the clues. Two of them are bad as 
    the room to the north tells you the 3rd and 5th clues are especially 
    valuable. See short version.
    To get out: N 3E and you are in a magic zone. You can cast a spell to APAR 
    down. In the worst case you can just go visit Dargoth in the UL and get your 
    butt kicked. But maybe you have a conjurstaff/mage staff by now to help 
    regenerate SP and not have to use so much.
    Monsters to avoid: Transylvans level drain.
      7. MAZE OF DREAD
    The Maze of Dread is in Thessalonica, W N 5E 2N 3E 3N W and you can guess the 
    answer to the puzzle to enter. The Maze is E 3N 5E etc of the guild. The 
    review board is in the SW as well. You'll be using it a lot.
    In some ways, the Maze of Dread is very easy. In other ways, it's impossible. 
    It's a good place to build up experience and win fights for the maximum 
    65280. You need great armor class not to get hit a ton and you need some 
    patience with encounters, too. But really, despite this being a 3-level maze, 
    you only really need to explore level 3. See my map for how to find fights 
    and even a SP recharge square(E* 2N E of the stairs.) You can also use the 
    elevator to recharge encounter squares.
    You can teleport freely between levels 1 and 2, but as for 3--forget it. That 
    ruins the challenge of the final maze.
        7-1. MAZE OF DREAD LEVEL 1
    In this level there are many fights nearby and a few clues stating different 
    colors. All but one of them are mentioned in the Sword of Zar puzzle in level 
    2. That is the one you want to tell the riddler. But other than that there is 
    a lot of wandering. To get to L2 honestly, N* 2E N 2E 3N E 4N W 3N 5E S E N E 
    N E N E S E N E S E 2S E 2N E 2N E N 2E and down.
    Otherwise you will have that trick with the Dream Mages you probably know 
    about and don't need me to tell you. But perhaps you don't know about the 
    details--you get dream mages on their own and that's an easy fight, but of 
    course dream mages + weak monsters are good too. Just avoid bog wraiths(level 
    drain) and few other monsters can hit you. Blast them with a big spell. MIJA 
    may take a while to affect enemies. 
    Monsters to avoid: Bog Wraiths level drain.
        7-2. MAZE OF DREAD LEVEL 2
    The Sword of Zar is on this level and not much else. If you didn't pass the 
    Battletest on Dargoth's L2, you may need to, but on the Apple I didn't seem 
    to have to. The Sword is a pretty good range weapon useful for picking off 
    one-man groups that annoy you. Without the teleport and from the stairs, N W* 
    2N W 2S 2W 3S E S 2W 2N W S W S W S E S W S E 2S W S 3W N E N and there's a 
    spinner, and you just have to go forward and back til you get the puzzle.
    The guy wants the color backwards, so "DER" is the right answer.
    Monsters to avoid: Bloodthieves level drain.
        7-3. MAZE OF DREAD LEVEL 3
    10W S* W 4S W 2S W* S* 2E 3S E* N*-1 2E N 3E S E 4S E N* E S* W* hits the 
    The quick way through is to go 4N 4E 3S W. "ENDURABLE" is the answer.
    The long way is to go N* and W* around the loop clockwise, then talk to the 
    mouth, then come back. This can drain HP. But eventually you'll learn the 
    value of rote actions is Endurable. Kind of disappointing, but there you go.
    Monsters to avoid: pretty much everything as many have critical hit 
    See the note at the bottom of this for a spoiler about what you need to do 
    for the snares.
    The game takes a turning here. You probably won't fight many monsters after 
    this point. So be sure to poke around previous dungeons if you want to level 
    build. The monsters simply have too many hit points to make for easy fights. 
    You'll have a few forced combats but nothing extraordinary. The snares take 
    on a different tone, too. The clues are more logical now and not riddles so 
    much. I think it works out better. I know I had more trouble with #1-4 versus 
    Many levels in Oscon's Fortress ping you around with teleports. In fact level 
    1 is the only one where you can use APAR. There's a warning about traps but I 
    never got killed by waiting near them. "Mages beware" is not strictly true 
    either--your mages just get zapped for spell points.
    Oh and you need the Item of K to enter. To get it, APAR to Thessalonica, 
    where you may already be after solving the Maze of Dread. N* W N*. APAR to 
    Corinth and Oscon's is behind a gate. I hope you still have the Master Key?
    N* E 2N E 2N E 3N W 3N to Oscon's from the entr--or N 2E from the guild, then 
    2N E etc.
    ****IMPORTANT NOTE****
    To run through Oscon's Fortress only once, you need 3 free slots for the 
    Clues in Oscon's alert you to the nature of the snare, but you can prepare 
    before you even see them.
    The quick way through is teleport 7N 3E, answer FIRE/KRILL/SILENCE then APAR 
    5N 7E. 
    The slow way is to go north through the spinner when you can. Then hit the 
    teleport, S E N, another teleport, S 2W 2N E for a clue, W 4S E S W and 
    around the horn to another teleport at the end, E 3N W 2N W 2N 2W N W and 
    make sure you leave this spinner W. W S 5W S 2W N for the puzzle. Then S 2W 
    2N. Teleport. 4S 4E N W 2N 3E 4S 3E and you find the stairs.
    Other clues are to the E/W of the spinners. One is right along the path 
    before teleport 3 on my map. From teleport 1 on my map go to the NE to locate 
    a teleport to the NE, from which you can leave to the main corridors to the 
    Monsters to fight: Brockters again cast illusory spells. But everyone has so 
    many hit points here the dreamspell is the best bet, or NILA failing that. 
    Brockters have 600+ hit points.
    Monsters to avoid: Bloodmen level drain.
    Here you have a necessary fight with a fellow called Fred the Dop. He will 
    infiltrate the party--be sure to have Bard Song 3 playing as you can just 
    MIJA him after you DIIL and it'll all be okay.
    So N* past the door, E N*(fighting Fred along the way) 2E N gets you to the 
    dark. Now E* N*-1 2W 2N 2E 3N W N 2E N E* S E N E S gets you to the puzzle 
    where you can answer "Dervak," win the fight, retreat into the darkness and 
    go W* N* 2W 3S 2W 3N 3W. The last bit is to avoid spinners.
    You can also get clues in the solitary room in the darkness and 1S of the 
    first teleport that kicks you through 6 rooms of size 7x6. Each one has a 
    clue in the right 3x4 area, and each has a teleport somewhere else, until #6. 
    You also can learn the order of these clues before solving the NE puzzle.
    S*. Well E 2S W 2S E 2S W S* works too. Here you start really losing spell 
    points to drains. E* at the bottom keeping the wall to the right. Two clues 
    in the rooms ahead on the left, but 2N E S 2E(another spinner--keep wall 
    left) 2N E 3S E* and cast GRRE to see the door on the left. You can go S from 
    there to a series of weird teleports. There's also a clue nearby, but other 
    than that, it's just pretending like there are portals all over the place and 
    there aren't. 1N W* N E and the word, from level 1, is STILL.
    W N 11E N(you can feel your way along the north wall in the dark) W* N W* S 
    W* N W S W.
    Monsters to avoid: Blue Ghost drains levels.
    A real mapping mess here. You can fight Oscon but it's not worth it. W* and 
    now oscon is S along the passage that winds and winds and winds, with a clue 
    for the snare that's not worth it. Oh yes, your spell points will get drained 
    well before you get to Oscon.
    Going north instead leads you to a passage. There are a lot of spinners. You 
    have two options.
    1. just plow through to the west and see if you make it to the other side, 
    holding down K.
    2. after each spinner, detect the way you went.
    It turns out 1 is really more time efficient! You have a 1/3 chance of making 
    it to the end of the hallway since there are 2 spinners. So just check your 
    direction at the end and see if you'll be going south at the next turn.
    For a mathematical proof of having a 1/3 chance, just because(it's a standard 
    problem in elementary statistics/geometric sums:)
    You can go W or E from a spinner with equal probability. Ways through =
    WW 1/4
    WEWW 1/16
    WEWEWW 1/64
    ... etc
    This is a geometric sequence that converges to 1/3= (1/4)/ (1- 1/4)
    For X spinners in general you have
    P(make it west between spinner Y and Y+1 of X)=1/2 P(Y+1) + 1/2 P(Y) and thus 
    you can establish the P(Y) are an arithmetic sequence, assuming the ends of 
    the corridor are spinner 0 and spinner X+1, so P(0)=1/(X+1) and P(Y) = 
    Y/(X+1). Seeing as how you probably wanted to plow through if you read this, 
    you probably don't want the long rigorous version of the proof. It uses 
    induction. I probably taught you more than you wanted about non-game stuff, 
    so let's move on.
    Keep bashing away til you see a door to the right. There are a few HP drains 
    but keep it simple. S* N W to light. Cast GRRE. N W* S W N 2W N 2E and now 
    you can cast SESI for this spinner to see when you see something special--in 
    this case it will be a teleport to the snare.
    The snare is a funny one and you should see quickly that it involves the game 
    of Rock Paper Scissors. 2S (2W 2S E is what the clue says but you hit a 
    teleport) 2E N E gets you Scissor. W 2S 2W S gets you Rock, since east always 
    bested west. Then Paper is N 2E 4N 4W 2S W. E 2N 2E and rearrange your party.
    Go N and you win again!
    There's no clue that conclusively shows this but there are only six 
    possibilities to shuffle around, so it is not so bad.
    S 2E 4S 2W 2S gets a piece of the wand--get it from Rock Paper or Scissor if 
    necessary then drop them. Wait to get enough spell points to cast SCSI/APAR 
    then do so and get out of this mess.
      9. GREY CRYPT
    Despite this being anti-magic you can pretty much run from any fight. The big 
    problem is needing Bard Song 7 to see where you're going. That means you are 
    in trouble if you have to flee a fight. Make sure someone has Speed Boots.
        9-1. GREY CRYPT LEVEL 1
    How to run through the rooms: N E S E N E E S E E E N E S E E N N gets you to 
    the first area. N 5E rips one teleport. Then N 8E gets you to another mazy 
    area. Through the next rooms--E N SE E N SE N N. Though you can go right to 
    the teleport--SWSE. But for the hint, 6W N to avoid hit point loss then S 6E 
    S to get back.
    W* S E* S W* 4E S and 2W has a clue about the next dungeon. 8E S W* leads to 
    a sphinx.
    WIZE ONE opens a passage to level 2.
    DEATH SWORD lets you exit.
    E* 2S 11W(cast SCSI to be sure you hit the teleport) N 8E N 3W N W* S W N W 
    2N 2W to the stairs.
        9-2. GREY CRYPT LEVEL 2
    N 5W(E N W N E for a valuable clue) ) 2S W S and clues littered around tell 
    you the snare is a fixed sequence. 4W 2S E N E S for one clue, then N W 2S 
    and a detour 2E S E* 2S and back for another. 5W 3S E S til a door is on the 
    right(a door on the left before reveals--sort of--the pattern, "as the clock 
    ticks,") take it, 4W S W 2N 2W N and play bard song 3 and go north. Fight the 
    vampire dragon--you can flee after a few rounds--and go forward again. You 
    may have to chip away with the Sword of Zar.
    W N and back to tune 7. Time for the snare, where you repeat a pattern 3 
    times. First thing to do is go E*-1 S* W* and then you'll disable the central 
    snare. Now go E*-1 5N E S and that opens up the bottom doors(W and S from the 
    center.) Go W from the center and into the center of that room. Go W* S W N 
    and now N and E of the start are opened. Go N of the center, then E, visiting 
    the room centers. Go to the mage on the right and S of the center 
    Repeat twice and you are done. I neglected the one hint about the clock 
    ticking, but I knew to start in the SW. Even without that it is pretty easy 
    to guess the sequence. You have at most 3 wrong guesses for the first, 2 for 
    the second, and 1 for the third assuming you go to all 4 rooms. Then you 
    won't miss anything the second time around. The snare gives more than enough 
    time to goof up.
    Monsters to avoid: Vampire Lord drains levels.
    Monsters to sort-of avoid: Vampire Dragon (just run from him. You can in the 
    Apple version.)
    This is a cool dungeon in that it brings together a lot of guys spells are 
    named after and it also has some wicked mapping puzzles. The snare is also 
    funny. To get here you need to remember the clues from the Tombs. You can 
    actually enter here well before the other dungeons, you can't expect to win 
    any fights without the dreamspell you learn here, and the dreamspell is the 
    only way out besides the Return Spell. Still, it's pretty climactic. The 
    Destiny Stone is in Colosse(E* 2N W 2N E 2N W* N 2W S W* of guild, which is E 
    of the entry in a marketplace) and the code words are found in the Tombs.
    Load up with torches and lamps when you want to solve the snare in earnest, 
    though learning the dreamspell and mining for cool items is also fun. You 
    probably need a conjurstaff to explore here for any appreciable amount of 
    time since you almost need the dreamspell.
    **** Spoiler stuff below.
    Here is the reasoning for the words to enter the Destiny Stone:
    1. Trachaem's task was always reversed. This is the paradox.
    2. He was told to burn, and in that paradox knew a multitude of solutions.
      (paradox means at the end of things)
    The great T had, at the end of things, to beg, with a kind word.
      (kind word that rhymes with the opposite of burn)
    3. The strange mage wants two words: What Tr. did, in answer to the paradox, 
    and what word he said at the end of things.
    The words to split the rock are FREEZE then PLEASE.
    3N 4W N W N 2W 2N 2E N 3E S* for a hint then N*. 3W 4N 2E 2N hits a 
    teleporter. S* W* N* E* S* W* N* W* and the plain is "near" kicks you to the 
    DR, a monstrously big room. If you have a nospin ring it's not terrible. 
    E 2S 3E 3S and now bite the bullet and go E past the one room, then N W. !*! 
    ZZGO !*! E 3S his a spinner BUT you can go S when you see someting special. 
    Then 2W and 2S when you see the stairs.
    There are other ways through but this gets the clues. You can also go, at the 
    end, S W 2S W S 3W for a hint that doesn't help much. Unless you're into 
    Monsters to avoid: Jack of Spades drains levels
    No hints here--there are antimagic rooms to teleport around, some pockets of 
    useless clues, and an easy way up to the next level. N E and fight 
    D'artagnon(sic) and just bombard him with a ZZGO and then attacks. Hey, 
    handy, you can HIT enemies now! W S E and you're ported to level 3.
    Monsters to avoid: Demi Lich, Life Force, Deathadren all level drain
    Go S to 0,17. 4W S E leads you to the snare. That's the easy part. The hard 
    part is stumbling around in the dark once you lose your light. Because there 
    are no bard songs on this level and you will probably run out of 
    torches/lamps sooner or later.
    W 5N 3W N W N 2W N 3W N. You don't techncally know the answer to this puzzle 
    yet, but it is STORM FISTS. Can't answer it yet though as you need to go into 
    the darkness. Head E 2S 2W to read a poem that tells you a few important 
    clues. The answer is ZEN MASTER. Then 2E S 3E N and you need to say GALE. 
    Give the Zen Master the ring.
    You're on the east side now. Make sure you have an open space. E 2N 2E 2N E 
    "gale" then W 4S E and below is a maze you will run 7 times. It works 
    differently each time. Use sound to figure how far you've gone though SCSI 
    can help if you're lost. You can skip to the end for the answer if you want, 
    but this is a cool puzzle.
    1st time through: 4S W N 4N 3E 3N
    Back to the left, go to the mouth and answer "Storm Fists" then...E 2N 2E 2S 
    E to a new maze.
    2nd time through: 4S 6W 2N W N 2E 2S 2E 2N E 2N
    Storm fists, E 2N 2E 2S E etc.
    3rd time through: S W S E 2S W* N* 3E 2S 3E(4E is 1 way door) 3N
    4th time through: S W S 2W N E 2N. Why can't they all be this easy?
    5th time through: 4S 5N 3E N 4W N 4E 2N
    6th time through: 4S W 2N W 2S 4W N 3E 2N E 2N
    7th time through: 2S 6W 2S 2W 3N E* 2N
    Now from the start you can go W 3N W and down the loop to get a clue. Well, 
    actually, you don't need to. You can go through the maze once again and give 
    the name ARKAST and bingo, the 7th piece. Be sure you have an inventory spot 
    open--you probably do if you burned lamps. Thankfully you go back to the 
    entrance once you win.
    Monsters to avoid: Lifesucker drains levels
    The Temple of Narn is your next stop after the Corinth guild where your 
    warrior thankfully hyperspaces over(well, you could just APAR to avoid 
    inconsistencies.) If you shunted the wand segments on your warrior, get them 
    from him and give everything to one archmage. Distribute his other 
    possessions for later. From Corinth it's easy to get to the temple.
    3E 2N 2E S*. Let your archmage approach. Give him his items back and equip 
    the scepter. You may want to pump everyone up to L40(fighters at least) 
    before attacking Lagoth, or you can exploit a cheat in the code.
    Fight Lagoth Zanta. Have both mages cast ZZGO. Even if the Balder Guards 
    breathed them to death, they resuscitate. Keep casting ZZGO til all Balder 
    Guards are gone, then advance and take out Lagoth. Hooray. You win. There's a 
    note about the Castle of Candarr in the end bit, but that doesn't exist in 
      12. SAGE QUOTES
    THE TOMBS"Hidden beneath the city of Ephesus, the Tombs have been closed for 
    centuries. Seek the entrance at the Temple of Darkness, in the city's 
    FANSKAR(5500): "Fanskar is a deadly warrior-mage who tried once to claim the 
    title of Destiny Knight and failed. His castle is a well-guarded fortress, 
    located south-west of Colosse."
    DARGOTH(10000): "Dargoth is a creature more animal than man, whose tower is 
    hidden in the city of Philippi. Take care, friends, for he is death itself."
    MAZE OF DREAD(48000): "The Maze is said to be the home of the Graphnar Fist, 
    a group of elite mercenaries who kill for both gold and pleasure. The Maze 
    itself exists from ancient times. Seek it in Thessalonica."
    OSCON(120000): "In the city of Corinth is the Fortress of the mage Oscon, 
    whose strength is legendary and whose skill surpasses even Mangar's. Only an 
    item of Kazdek will gain you entrance."
    KAZDEK(5000): "Ah, yes, Kazdek. The immortal one, as he is called, he is in 
    fact a living statue. Seek him between Thessalonica and Colosse, with the 
    word of his name."
    GREY CRYPT(125000): "Take care, my friends. None has left the Grey Crypt 
    alive. Know you, however, that no magical spells will work therein."
    DESTINY STONE(230000): "A rock it is, in fact, yet much more. Ponder this, my 
    friends:  Never find and never fool, the last one drinks the poison pool, the 
    first one reads the ancient tome,the third one breaks the double dome."
    LAGOTH ZANTA(1000): "An evil genius is Lagoth, else he'd not have posed the 
    threat to the Land that he has. Yet, an enemy to be respected, I think. His 
    whereabouts are unknown, but I'd not be surprised to find him near."
    Pay 500 to ID any of the items below. (Learn this from the barkeep)
    ELF BOOTS/LUCKSHIELD: "Ah, that one makes you lucky at avoiding bad spells, 
    thrown weapons, and dragon breath."
    DEATH STARS: "A ninja weapon, they do 16-64 damage and have a range of 60 
    MAGE STAFF: "The Mage Staff regenerates spell points and boosts the AC by 2."
    THIEF DAGGER: "A thief with that has an increased chance of hiding in 
    KATO'S BRACER: "An ingenious device! If given to a monster ally, he is not 
    likely to turn on you."
    AG'S ARROWS: "Ag's arrows do 24 to 96 in damage and have a range of 90 feet."
    RING OF RETURN: "That ring does a Safety Spell when you use it. Careful of 
    BREATHRING: "That ring protects the wearer from breath attacks. Most useful!"
    WIZHELM: "Ah, that one casts a Wizard War when you use it."
    SPEEDBOOTS: "Those boots aid you in running from fights. Not a manly item..."
    ZEN ARROWS: "Zen Arrows...oh yes. They do 40-160 in damage, to a range of 70 
    DRUMS OF DEATH: "The Drums of Death cast a Deathstrike spell on an opponent."
    SONG AXE: "The Song Axe is a wonderous item which always returns to the 
    thrower, and does 64-256 hits at a range of 80 feet."
    TRICK BRICK: "That one makes a Wizardwall appear."
    ARAM'S KNIFE: "Aram's Knife? Oh yes. 128-512 points of damage, thrown at any 
    range. Not too shabby."
    ANGRA'S EYE: "The Eye does Batchspells, as needed."
    THOR'S HAMMER: "Thor's Hammer does 32 to 128 hits at a range of 70 feet, and 
    it always returns."
    SWORD OF ZAR: "The Sword is rarely spoken of, but it is said to be throwable, 
    up to 80 feet for 96-384 hits."
    NOSPIN RING: "The Nospin...oh yes. It deactivates all spinners in dungeons. A 
    handy item."
      13. VERSIONS
    1.0.0: sent to GameFAQs 8/13/2007, complete.
    1.0.1: sent to GameFAQs 8/27/2007. Added details including spells.
      14. CREDITS
    ftp.apple.asimov.net for having the disk image of this old fun game.
    Stephen S Lee for the monster lists to verify who (not) to fight and HP 
    honestgamer and odino for the chats that led to this FAQ
    Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang, current and emeritus. They know who they 
    are, and you should, too, because they get/got some SERIOUS writing done. 
    Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, Sashanan, Masters, Retro, Snow 
    Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, Brian Sulpher, AdamL, odino, JDog, 
    honestgamer and others I forgot. OK, even Hydrophant in his current not-yet-
    banned message board incarnation. I am not part of his gang, but I want him 
    to be part of mine.
    Thanks to Dale Haessel for pointing out a few holes in my walkthroughs--
    entering the Destiny Stone and what to do so you don't get trapped in Oscon's 

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